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  1. Your Sprites are done



  2. Any else have the problem where they can't delete their personas?

  3. Actually, it could be for the event island as well
  4. Does anyone know where Vandorian is located?

    1. Ang


      SpaceOfAids misspelled. It's Vandoria

    2. Dr. Boom/Dr. Bewm

      Dr. Boom/Dr. Bewm

      Where is it though?

  5. Fliers are hang all over the docks "Hello all who decided to look this way, but I have a problem. Over the last 35 years I have been collecting things that I just don't need. So starting today I will be selling those things, lets get to the point. I'm selling: two diamond warhammers (sharpness 1 and +23.75%) for 500 each four stacks of dark riesen for 300 in bulk two dark oak long bows (infinty 1 and +50%) for 750 each a jagged wyvern tooth for 1000 a nexus shard for 1000 and anicent stailinod sword (+50% and sharpness one) for 1000." (ooc) msg me on the forums if you want anything :D
  6. Rarat lets out a sigh "I will be back." He proceeds to start writing on some fliers and posts them all over the docks.
  7. Rarat Delevoye walks up to the crowd and shouts "I may not have any mina but instead i will give you a flawless emrald ring, two diamond warhammer (sharpeness and +23.75%), four stacks of dark reisen, one stack of lapis, two long dark oak bow (infinty 1 and +50%), a jagged wyvern tooth, a nexus shard, and a stailinord sword (+50% and sharpeness)."
  8. Is there a magic were you can capture ghosts and make them do what you want? Is that a thing?

    1. drfate786


      Yes, its called mysticism. 

    2. Dr. Boom/Dr. Bewm
  9. I feel this is what orcs hear in their heads during a warclaim. 


    1. Moochael


      I wish I heard Freddy Mercury in my mind 24/7 tbh

    2. Smaw



  10. they never once checked this, just msg them in game
  11. last i saw was that they were pretty active
  12. join this guild! They are best! Me no grammar.
  13. thats why im looking for them, to stop something like that from happening
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