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  1. Looking to become a dedicant of the druii!! I’ve done a lot of the reading and I need someone to help me begin my trials. Msg me here or preferably on discord! Starlight#7122

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Showlocke


       Have for couple of days. Looking to see if one is *willing* to come online, because there are none.

    3. z3m0s


      I’d say get in the Irrinor discord and try and find a seed you like, work on it from there, you’ll at least have a line of communication on when they’re getting on. As for the actual druid nation grove, not sure about them.

    4. Winterblessing


      Feel free to reach out to me on discord at Lumii#0001 and I can try to help you out! ?

  2. Just Joined the server for the first time in a long time. Im stuck underground in a bed? can anyone help me?

  3. Just a reminder about the Sutica theatre auditions! Come one come all!

    1. Showlocke
    2. Icarnus


      Is this happening in the Sutican Arena?

    3. Showlocke


      No I built a Theatre in sutica specifically for acting. This is been going on for weeks and will continue to go on.

  4. This is absolutely splendid. My first audition and it's spectacular. Please by all means feel free to join. This is quite the performance.

  5. ALRIGHT Update on the Sutica Theatre. I am in need of five actors for the very first theatre in Sutica. However, I will leave auditions open indefinitely to be a part of the theatre. If you choose to participate, you will be paid based on the amount of tickets sold.

    1. Showlocke


      If you decide you want to audition, send me a message on the forums. Or find me in game. To audition you have to preform a scene from a show/play/movie/videogame. (Granted you can just copy and paste it. This really isn't that difficult its just copying a script since its already RP) What you WILL be judged for is how well you can act out the scene with the emote tools you have.

    2. Showlocke
  6. Sutica Theatre auditions! Current Signups: 0.

    1. Showlocke
    2. Kim


      k-keep trying... maybe you'll find someone

  7. Sutica theatre auditions!

  8. Actor auditions! I'm extending the time to next week. Saturday and sunday.

  9. Just a reminder that I am opening auditions to be a role for the Sutica theatre. The post is on my profile. You don't have to be in Sutica to apply~


  10. Whoops here you go so you can see the link.

  11. AUDITIONS FOR THE SUTICAN THEATRE will be held at 12pm cst this friday. Please message me on the forums if you would like to be a part of it. You dont have to be a Sutican to participate. All applications (Just pm me saying you

  12. So, can magic be like.. an extension of yourself? I ask this for two reasons. Can you for example, coat yourself in earth evocation magic like gloves to beat someone? And also, can you scatter little pebbles of ___ evocation everywhere, and if someone steps on it can you feel it? To like detect when someone is coming.


  13. Question about lore: Are we allowed to make our characters have backstories that are from different continents/islands? Obviously there would be immigrants here and there. So would it be acceptable to say that one of my characters is from ____ city of ___Continent?

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    2. oblivionsbane


      ^ You should do that, but be a liar IC.

    3. Showlocke


      Nah I just mean like, one of my characters lost his family in his village when a valley flooded. I want it to be of a seperate continent for personal reasons that Ive already come up with etc for something seperate. Its not like, HE HAD ALL THE BABES AND ALSO IS THE DUKE OF PERU. No he was dirt poor and lost his family in a flood.

    4. oblivionsbane


      As long as he follows all lore such as race restrictions, curses, ect, you should be fine

  14. I just want to play on the server again. Is that too much to ask?

    1. TeaLulu


      It sounds like staff is having legitimate technical difficulties in unbanning you. While I think its unfortunate and very poor that they haven't communicated that with you directly (assuming they havent aside from Wrynn's post on your earlier status update), I don't at all think it is intentional.

    2. Showlocke


      No I know it isn't. I'm still upset about this :p

    3. TheBannedOne


      You should be allowed to play on Lord of the Craft

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