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  1. Probably should change the material darkspawn are weak to , into something that isn't an open source material like aurum. Probably should revise how aurum works, make it still effective to darkspawn but not in such small quantities that a cut on the hand outs them immediately, then add more varied ways to identify darkspawn that isn't reliant on an open source material that never runs out.
  2. MC Name: CombatRP RP Name: Roy D'Avre Persona ID: 86819 Persona is freshly made due to account issues. Currently working with @Llirto resolve it.
  3. not quite. As quoted directly from the acuity potion lore: The potion itself does not allow your body to move faster than it is meant to, it merely heightens the senses. seeing an attack coming does not necessarily mean you can dodge it, while for the magic: Allows the user to do a bit more than the potion, along with not having the draw back of being overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises. I'm aware of its other spell counterparts doing similar things but I do agree that it feels like its overstepping regarding the inherent voidal weakness that mages have as a drawback. Perhaps if the spell worked in a different manner that didnt boost the mage's body to preform superhuman feats? Aside from that the rest of the magic seems fine, I want lightning evo back :(
  4. [!] A notice has been posted within Ravenswood, addressed towards all members of the lounge. Notice: Urgent Expedition Alert - Tarraskan Beetle Invasion at the Digsite To: All Members of the Hunters Lounge From: Roy. I'm writing this notice with a sense of urgency, our archeology team has encountered an active hive of Tarraskan Beetles dangerously close to the dig site, stopping our team from doing their jobs. These beetles ain't your garden-variety insects. They're large, organized, and shockingly humanoid. They've swarmed the digsite, causing significant damage and locking down access. This task requires immediate action. I’m sending in a small group of hunters to head into the digsite, eliminate these Tarraskan Beetles, and, if possible, find a way to keep these bugs out permanently. I would suggest a group no larger than five, but move at your discretion. Objective: Clear the Archeological Dig Site of Tarraskan Beetles and explore ways to keep them from coming back. Gear: Bring standard cave diving gear, lanterns are preferable. If I see anyone bringing a whip or some other kooky item I’m feeding you to the beetles myself. Safety Guidelines: Be advised, these Tarraskan Beetles move as a group and will quickly swarm your team if left unchecked. Ensure you have your protective gear and exercise caution when engaging large groups. Blunt weaponry is advised for melee combatants, avoid the use of fire or any explosives to prevent further damage to the dig site. For those that wish to join the team being sent in, feel free to contact me directly. Roy.
  5. The Hunters Lounge is an organization dedicated to the dual pursuits of hunting and research. Consisting of skilled hunters, scholars, and craftsmen, their mission revolves around maintaining the natural balance of the realm. They selectively hunt aggressive or unbalanced creatures to ensure the preservation of the Realm's delicate ecosystem. Ethical hunting, conservation, and knowledge sharing are at the core of their values. ETHICAL CODE The Hunters Lounge operates with a commitment to maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem. To achieve this, they have adopted a strict code that governs their hunting practices. The code dictates that The Hunters Lounge only hunts and captures the more aggressive creatures that pose a significant threat to the natural balance of the realm through actions such as over-hunting or those that hunt simply for sport. The Hunters' Lounge Code of Ethics was established in response to the historic overhunting that once endangered many of the realm's creatures. In the early days, some hunters had zealously pursued even the most benign creatures, upsetting the balance of the ecosystem. Realizing the consequences of such reckless behavior, the founders of the Hunters' Lounge vowed to practice their craft in a more responsible manner. Under the ethical code, the Hunters Lounge engages in selective hunts that focus exclusively on creatures whose behaviors have become imbalanced or overly aggressive. These creatures may include predatory beasts, rogue spirits, or magical entities that have strayed from their natural roles in the ecosystem. Before undertaking a hunt, the Lounge members conduct thorough research and assessments to determine whether the target creature genuinely poses a threat to the ecosystem's equilibrium. They observe the creature's behavior, track its movements, and consult the extensive records within their grand library. The Hunters Lounge actively monitors and safeguards the populations of rare and endangered creatures within the realm. They work diligently to protect these species from exploitation and habitat destruction, ensuring their survival for future generations. As part of its mission, the Hunters Lounge educates the general public about the importance of respecting and preserving local wildlife. They promote responsible coexistence and advocate for sustainable practices that protect both the creatures and the realm itself. NEUTRALITY A Safe Haven: The Hunters Lounge's grand lodge serves as a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the chaos of the world. It is a place where hunters from all walks of life, regardless of their allegiances or backgrounds, can gather in peace. A Code of Neutrality: Members of the Hunters Lounge adhere to a strict code of neutrality. They vow not to take sides in ongoing conflicts, remaining committed solely to the preservation of the realm's natural balance. This code extends to their interactions with both Magical and dark creatures. While they may hunt and research creatures from all corners of the mystical realm, they do so without bias or prejudice. Guardians of Knowledge: In their pursuit of neutrality, the Hunters Lounge has amassed a vast library of knowledge about creatures, artifacts, and magic. This knowledge is freely shared with anyone who seeks it, regardless of their affiliation. It serves as a valuable resource for scholars, diplomats, and adventurers alike, contributing to the realm's overall stability. EQUIPMENT & THE ART OF CRAFTING The Hunters Lounge's interest in crafting weapons and artifacts is a deeply ingrained aspect of their mission and culture, and it serves as a testament to their dedication to the art of hunting and monster research. This fascination with crafting extends beyond mere functionality; it represents a profound respect for the creatures they hunt, a commitment to innovation, and a desire to maintain the delicate balance of nature. The Origins of Craftsmanship: The roots of the Hunters Lounge's interest in crafting weapons and artifacts can be traced back to the organization's earliest days. As the group evolved from a small gathering of skilled hunters and scholars, they recognized the need for specialized tools to face the diverse array of creatures out in the wilderness. A Respectful Approach: Central to the Hunters Lounge's approach to crafting is their deep respect for the creatures they hunt. They understand that these beings are a vital part of the ecosystem. As such, when crafting weapons and artifacts, they ensure that every part of a creature is put to noble use. This includes the responsible use of materials, such as the hides, bones, to craft items that honor the creature's life. A Legacy of Craftsmanship: Members who excel in crafting within the Hunters Lounge often become revered artisans and smiths. Their crafted items are displayed with pride within the Lodge, and their legacy is one of both hunting prowess and masterful craftsmanship. These items serve as reminders of the Hunters Lounge's commitment to understanding, respecting, and preserving the local wildlife while ensuring the realm's continued harmony and security. THE TRIALS The Calling: Upon expressing a desire to join the Hunters Lounge as well as finding a willing mentor from one of the current members , the initiate is given a small, ornate token engraved with the group's emblemβ€” The candidate must wear this token at all times as a sign of their intent. The Ravens Trial: At the first challenge, the candidate must demonstrate their knowledge of the local wildlife through their habits and weaknesses. They are tasked to write a book regarding a creature of their choice which is later presented by current members of the lounge for evaluation, once passed the presented book will be sent to all libraries The Lounge is in charge of. Shadow Walkers Trial: The candidate is given the task of navigating an area inhabited by elusive creatures without alerting or disturbing them. They are judged on their ability to move silently and blend seamlessly with the natural world. This includes their knowledge in crafting suitable camouflage for the terrain they are assigned to. The Trial of the Fang: The Mentor will choose a creature for the Candidate to hunt, one that directly confronts the Candidate's weaknesses, such as their inability to fight ranged opponents or their lack of preparation for larger foes. The Trial of The Forge: Following the Trial of The Fang, candidates are given the remains of a creature they've hunted. Their task is to craft a functional item or equipment from these materials. This trial assesses their resourcefulness and understanding of the creature's significance while promoting responsible use of harvested materials. The crafted item is presented to the existing members for evaluation, symbolizing the candidate's respect for the creatures they hunt and their ability to utilize every part of the creature responsibly. The Trial of Perseverance: The final challenge involves navigating a dense maze, filled with monsters and traps. The candidate must rely on their wits, problem-solving skills, and determination to reach the center of the maze. SPECIALIZED RANKS Specialized ranks within The Hunters Lounge given to members who excel at certain fields. -THE FANGS- Within the esteemed ranks of the Hunters Lounge, there exists a group of highly specialized hunters known as the "Fangs". These elite members are called upon when the most perilous and formidable creatures threaten the realm. The Fangs are renowned for their unparalleled combat skills, bravery, and unyielding determination to face the most challenging and dangerous hunts. The Duties of the Fangs: The Fangs undertake the most daunting and high-stakes missions within the Hunters Lounge. Their responsibilities include: Facing Herculean foes: The primary role of a Fang is to confront legendary and immensely powerful creatures that pose an existential threat to the realm. These creatures can be ancient dragons, colossal titans, or malevolent entities that have returned from the darkest depths of the realm Specialized Combat Training: Fangs undergo rigorous combat training to master a wide range of weaponry and battle tactics. They are experts in various forms of combat, from archery and swordsmanship to a variety of magic that allows Fangs to adapt to any situation they face Emergency Response: When a dire threat emerges, the Fangs are called upon with urgency. Always prepared to respond swiftly to any situation that requires their attention. The Balance of the Hunters' Lounge: While the Fangs specialize in combat, they recognize the vital role played by other members of the Hunters' Lounge, such as the Ravens for research, the Crafters for equipment, and the Diplomats for negotiations. Together, they form a balanced and formidable force dedicated to maintaining the balance of the realm. -THE RAVENS- In the esteemed ranks of the Hunters Lounge, a specialized group known as the "Ravens" has emerged, their unique role emphasizing research, record-keeping, and the preservation of knowledge. While their fellow hunters embark on daring quests and face dangerous creatures, the Ravens toil tirelessly in the background, ensuring that the organization's legacy endures through meticulous documentation. Duties of the Ravens: The Ravens take on multifaceted responsibilities within the Hunters Lounge, all centered around knowledge preservation and scholarly pursuits Research and Documentation: The primary role of a Raven is to conduct in-depth research on the local wildlife, cataloging their behaviors, habitats, magical properties, and vulnerabilities. They painstakingly compile this information into vast archives, forming an extensive database that can be accessed by all members. Library Curators: The Ravens oversee the grand library within the Hunters Lounge's Lodge, which contains a wealth of ancient tomes, scrolls, and manuscripts. They are responsible for maintaining and expanding this repository of knowledge, ensuring it remains a valuable resource for hunters and scholars alike. Mapmaking and Cartography: Accurate maps are essential for hunters. Ravens excel in the art of mapmaking, detailing the realms, territories, and known creature habitats within their mystical world. Records of Past Hunts: Ravens diligently record the history of the Hunters Lounge, chronicling past hunts, legendary creatures encountered, and the lessons learned from each expedition. This historical record serves as a guide for future generations of hunters. Artifact and Relic Preservation: They safeguard and study artifacts and relics acquired during hunts. These artifacts often hold clues about creatures and ancient civilizations, making them valuable additions to the Hunters Lounge's knowledge base. The connection between Ravens and Hunters: While the Ravens focus primarily on research and documentation, they maintain a symbiotic relationship with their fellow hunters. The knowledge they gather helps hunters prepare for encounters with creatures, giving them an edge in the field. In return, the hunters provide valuable field data that contributes to the Ravens' research. -PEACE WEAVERS- Within the ranks of the Hunters Lounge, there exists a specialized group known as "Peace Weavers." These exceptional hunters are entrusted with the crucial responsibility of fostering peace, mediating conflicts, and building alliances between the the wild life and other realms. The peace weavers' role within the Hunters Lounge was born out of the realization that conflicts between the wild life, as well as between different realms, often had dire consequences for the natural balance. To address these challenges, the Peace Weavers emerged as a unique group, embodying the values of diplomacy, empathy, and cooperation. The Duties of the Peace Weavers: The Diplomats undertake a range of responsibilities, all aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence and resolving conflicts: Negotiation and Mediation: Peace Weavers are skilled negotiators and mediators. When asked they may step in to resolve disputes between creatures, tribes, or realms by facilitating discussions and finding common ground. Cultural Understanding: They immerse themselves in the cultures and customs of various groups, creatures ,and realms, deepening their understanding of the intricacies that often lead to misunderstandings and disputes. Conflict Prevention: Peace Weavers work proactively to identify potential conflicts and tensions, striving to address issues before they escalate into crises. They establish channels of communication and trust between different communities. Alliance Building: In addition to conflict resolution, Diplomats actively seek to build alliances between creatures and realms that share common interests, such as the preservation of their natural habitats or the defense against external threats. Knowledge Exchange: They serve as ambassadors, fostering the exchange of knowledge and resources between local wildlife and other realms. This exchange can include valuable information about creatures, magical artifacts, and solutions to mystical challenges. The Diplomatic Approach: Diplomats are known for their patience, empathy, and exceptional communication skills. They approach conflicts with the mindset of finding win-win solutions that benefit all parties involved. They respect the autonomy of each creature and realm while seeking compromises that protect the natural balance.
  6. Wtf its been 10 years last april... I need to touch grass

  7. Started testing this with the new creatures in the bestiary, modified a bit in a few places like having a basic form of the DnD damage dices for weapon types, will give an update after I try it out a bit more.
  8. A low effort attempt at being edgy- a tactic often used to stir OOC feelings from the other player to taunt a reaction in RP. Pretty standard OOC terrorist tactics. lets move on from this 2014 bs lol
  9. Can we Dye leather armor again for the sake of RP items or is it perma deadge?
  10. When do I get my significant lore item..? Jokes aside, i think this has been the first Vault-ing that hasnt had some sort of major fuckup. good job!
  11. Just some cool pictures I found










    Plz post more funny pictures you have

  12. Name (Common) Roy’s Bread Background/Description An alchemical creation meant to be a temporary portable and filling meal for hunters on the go… β€œRoy always said he was a baker, I thought he was joking” Recipe Base: Aqua Vitae Flour ,Yeast ,Salt ,Water. (Basic Bread- Recipe can be expanded depending on what type of bread you make) N/A | Vigour - x2 N/A | Rigidity - x2 N/A | Life - x1 Creation Prepare freshly made bread dough. This can vary depending on what type of bread and if the alchemist wants to add more flavor into the product. Prepare each symbol in its powdered form, pouring one portion of equal parts powdered Vigour and Rigidity symbols with aqua vitae, mixing until homogeneous. Wait for it to settle and repeat with the rest of the powdered symbols, now including the life symbol into the mixture. Mix until the consistency of paste, then knead it into the freshly made bread dough. Bake the resulting mixture and a brittle but dense cracker like substance will be the result. Effects One β€˜loaf’ of β€˜Roy’s Bread’ can keep a grown man full for an entire day. Although due to its nature it does not provide proper nutrients and must not be relied on as a main food source for an extended period of time. Redlines -Cannot be used to β€˜over feed’ someone and cause harm to them -Cannot be used as a main food source for more than three days due to its lack of nutrition. -Does not require ST signing.
  13. Just my opinion but the lore piece seems a very unoptimized, lots of extremely vague spell descriptions and generally seems Unfun to RP against. Meteor seems to have listed out alot of my issues on the magic on his comment so I'll not repeat it. Wishing you the best of luck for the future lore posts.
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