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  1. A letter arrives at a small encampment in the wilderness, the recipient letting out a small chuckle as he reads its contents.
  2. Its that time of the year again boys and girls. Hopefully you had a good one, as is tradition I'll be having my Current prices on discount for the next few days, from today (12/26) till January 3. If interested feel free to join my COMMISSIONS DISCORD For reference here are the discounted prices: Some of you already probably know me and my art style but for those that don't here are some recent art pieces I made.
  3. A small group of like minded individuals who gathered for the purpose of using their talents to help refine the art of hunting. Whether it be through master craft gadgetry , finding the most effective way to hunt a target, up to the advancement of fields such as alchemy for the sole purpose of improving their efficiency on the field. Little is known about the lounge’s history, its members more inclined to be left to their own devices , unbothered unless needed by the lounge. What was once a ragtag group of hot blooded youths eventually settled into an organized information network. Aside from sharing knowledge, the members of the lounge are fond of collecting and trading rare items and trophies from their previous hunts. Although the location of their headquarters is only known to the members themselves, smaller branches of the lounge have popped up over the years, most recently the Ando Alur branch, led by one of the lounge’s members. The easiest way to identify a member of the lounge is a large gold coin with an Adfectio Stone imbedded at its center. The lounge's symbol surrounding it. What makes up the bulk of its roster, the book keepers are more inclined towards the back end work. Whether it be the creation of gadgets, potions , and the like or the encoding of the information gathered in a hunt. Although most bookkeepers prefer to stay away from the conflict , there are the outliers which prefer to be on the field themselves, side by side with the hunters to collect information first hand. Oftentimes, these more adventurous book keepers are those possessing a connection to the void, being able to stay at the backline while still able to help their comrades at the front. Below is the current list of lore named under the Hunters Lounge: [The Hunters Alchemy] [Elden beast Lore WIP] OOC purpose: The group's main focus is lore writing, specifically in the field of hunting and creature lore. Occasionally joining event lines when given the opportunity. Joining / Rules: The group has very little restrictions, its only rule being that members act as their own entity, as to not drag the lounge into any large conflict or political strife. Similar to its lax ruleset, joining it is similarly less strict, those simply interested in writing lore and having people to bounce ideas off of are welcome to join the group. For those more interested in the RP side of the group may follow usual RP procedures and well... find out in RP ;)
  4. The Elden beasts are strange creatures that grow stronger over time, oftentimes creatures reach the peak of their strength in adulthood, but for Elden beasts it's different. These elderly creatures would often be smarter and stronger than their adult counterparts , in some cases even gaining new traits or abilities that further distinguish themselves from their younger kin. ONE STAR TWO STAR A single well prepared hunter is able to hunt this creature. Mostly a danger to civilians A small party of 2-3 well prepared hunters can handle it.This creature can be a threat to small towns. THREE STAR FOUR STAR A larger group, preferably 4 and up, with specialized equipment is needed to hunt the creature. A large party of specialized hunters is required along with equipment specifically made to hunt said creature. 7-10 Hunters are recommended. FIVE STAR A major force is required to even contest this monstrosity. Meticulous planning is required and many lives will possibly be lost. These creatures can easily trample a large city into ruins overnight. DANGER LEVEL : 2 STAR HISTORY: The maw is a distant relative of the mimic, although it has a roughly similar ability to imitate its target, The Maw takes the form of the organic life prevalent in its surroundings. Along with its imperfect form, the creature cannot change its color, remaining a sickly white regardless of what form it takes. Although able to take the form of birds, this does not give The maw the ability of flight, only able to stay low to the ground, using its pseudo wings as limbs. The maw has no eyes, using its extremely strong sense of smell to find its prey. Often found in areas such as rain forests, it may also migrate towards colder climates when in search of food. Oftentimes using the trunk of large hollow trees as its home. Its most distinct feature is the ever-present grinning sharp predator-like teeth scattered around its body, all able to individually attack nearby prey. These mouths move around the creature's body freely, allowing it to attack in all sorts of ways. Each mouth is able to pierce through common steel armor with its powerful bite. Most adult Maws grow up to the size of a regular cow, often taking the form of local predators such as wolves or bears. They tend to live a solitary life, only going out of their way to look for others of their kind to mate. What The Maw has in attack power it lacks in defense, it has no hide nor scales to protect it from common weapons, its flesh, like any other creatures is easy to pierce. A prepared group of hunters with long ranged weapons can easily take care of a single Maw. WEAKNESS: The Maw’s weakness depends on the form it takes, in most cases piercing its head will kill it instantly, in the off chance that it survives then repeatedly pierce its body until you hit its heart. You can instantly identify a dead Maw as its body deflates and forms a small mound of flesh, unable to maintain its copied form after death. In exchange for its incredible sense of smell, the Maw is vulnerable to intense scents, preparing multiple sources of smell around the intended area of battle will greatly confuse the beast and leave it vulnerable. Beware of collateral damage as the beast will focus on destroying the source of the intense smell. ATTACK PATTERNS Common Attacks: The Maw's most used attack is of course its bite, it will quickly leap towards its target, smothering it with its large body to allow its multiple mouths to feast on its victim. A well placed spear will easily stop the creature from targeting you with this attack. Uncommon Attacks: When cornered by opponents keeping their distance, the maw does something quite unique: using its strange transforming body it quickly extends a part of its body like a projectile, one of its mouths attached to the extension to try and catch its opponent off guard, reaching up to five (5) meters in length. Although fast, it does not pack much power and a solid vanguard with a shield will stop it in its tracks. The attack also leaves the extension The Maw sent out vulnerable to be cut off, causing serious injury to the creature. MATERIALS Maw flesh (Preserved) - Used as a material for potion making. ELDEN FORM:YES ELDER DANGER LEVEL: 3 STAR Elden Maws can grow up to the size of elephants, in most cases it sheds its copied visage and transforms into a more convenient form, oftentimes forming multiple limbs and large opposable thumbs, giving it the ability to uproot nearby trees and use it as a weapon. It’s multiple movable mouths is replaced by one large Maw, still able to move around its body freely but now large enough to swallow a descendant whole.As dangerous as its physical capabilities are, an Elden Maw's greatest weapon is its new found intelligence , able to discern threats and is aware of its weaknesses. These elderly creatures use their multiple limbs to block incoming attacks aimed for their vital points and have a clear grasp of their surroundings, using it to their advantage in combat. ELDEN FORM: Common Attacks: Elden Maws prefer to use their new opposable thumbs to uproot and use trees as massive clubs, when using a weapon Elden Maws have longer range but becomes vulnerable once an enemy sticks close to it where it cannot use its newfound weapon. Once within range (3-4 Meters) [3-4 blocks] the Elden Maw will try to grab its targets with its multiple hands, crushing its victim before quickly tossing it into their large mouth Uncommon Attacks: The Elden maw curls up into a large ball, using its large and flexible body to roll and bounce around the area, quickly positioning its singular maw to devour its target once it connects with this attack, although most of its victims are simply crushed by its monstrous body. ELDEN ATTACK PATTERN ELDEN MATERIALS Elden Tooth -Elden maws have extremely durable teeth, more durable than steel each tooth is as thick as a grown man's thigh. Given to a proper blacksmith it can be fashioned into a proper weapon or refined into material usable for the creation of armor. Elden Maw Flesh (Preserved) -Used as a material for potion Making. “You think it sounds silly for such a big thing to turn into a ball and bounce around, but I bet your mind would change once a house sized ball of death is speeding towards you faster than a horse.” -Roy D’Avre REDLINES: -Only its non Elden form is playable by non ST -Elden form Maws are ST only -Cannot be tamed under any circumstances -Cannot be communicated with by druids -Only up to 3 units of usable Flesh can be harvested from The Maw DANGER LEVEL : 3 STAR [Bristling Boar Lore] Written by Squakhawk Elden Bristling Boars are larger and far more aggressive compared to their younger counterparts. Able to grow to the size of a fully grown elephant, these monstrous creatures tend to frequent the wide open fields of the savannas, using its ability which is unique to its Elden counterparts to its full advantage. HISTORY: WEAKNESS: Like their younger counterparts the Elden bristling boar retains its poor eyesight, and due to its larger frame would also have a narrow field of view, making it easy to sneak up on such a large and destructive creature. Also due to its massive size, its legs would become its greatest weakness, disabling its ability to move would make the hunts marginally easier. Common Attack: An Elden Bristling boar's most common form of attack would obviously be their charge, using their massive size and powerful legs to ram into enemies and turn them into paste. It can travel up to ten (10) meters in a blink of an eye, even a small graze from the large beast would leave most men mortally wounded due to its massive bristles. Uncommon Attack: Its most unique form of attack is exclusive to its Elden form, the large beast would tense its body up, holding still for a moment (1 Emote) as it lowers its head , forming a perfect dome of bristles using its entire body. After a few seconds the numerous bristles covering the monsters back would shoot out, within the ten (10) meter range the powerful bristles the length of a full grown man's arm could pierce through steel and critically wound their target, those unarmored would find a fatal hole shot right through their body. The bristles take a few minutes (5 turns) to fully regrow . One must never fight an Elden bristling boar out in the open , always draw it into a prepared area for fighting with plenty of cover, preferably large boulders or thick tree trunks. ATTACK PATTERN: Elden Bristles -Roughly has the durability of steel, these strangely formed bristles are excellent materials for Ballista bolts or cut up into smaller pieces for a quiver of arrows. Due to its uniquely hollow shape it is an excellent carrier for poisons and is the hunter lounge's favored material for projectiles. Bristle Boar Leather -Very good material for creating gear for beginner hunters. Durable once properly treated and has a lot of yield from one Elden Bristling Boar. Bristle Boar Mucus -Used in Hunter's Alchemy. ELDEN MATERIAL: “In the unfortunate event that you are impaled, feel free to use your dying breaths as a human shield for the greater good of the team.I'll be sure to console yer wives properly” -Captain Ray moments before being impaled REDLINES: -Only playable by ST -Cannot be tamed under any circumstances -Follows non Elden Bristling Boar Redlines. OOC NOTES: Probably going to post this in MISC writing or something , see how the format is received. planning to add on at least two more creatures before actually submitting...Google sheets is weird. This is my first time both making creature lore and using this format so criticism is welcome.
  5. Go to my ST app and talk about how I never RP

  6. Feels like its specifically meant to fight mages and the like- regardless I'm always up for some new material lore and a lot of work has been put into this, hopefully ST give it a shot. +1
  7. Personally I've always seen it as "RP is RP" , probably a somewhat insensitive point of view but I've never really seen a problem with slight inaccuracies except for situations where its clearly being incorrectly roleplayed or is done to mock or make fun of said illnesses.
  8. Crazy how it's been more than 8 years since I've "officially" joined LotC. Can't believe I've been cringe for so long

  9. Gizzy is main protagonist, price is main antag, and pugsy is the likable anti-hero side character you really like but only showed up in like 2 episodes
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