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  1. “Yep. I agree One-hundred-and-TWO percent. Can’t find a single flaw in this absolutely stunning work,” Hiren drawled despite not actually reading the document, ”Clap it up for Mystery, everyone,” He clapped it up !!!
  2. I didn’t want this to turn into this. Im just pointing out how I feel about pvp. It has almost nothing to do with the orc raid from earlier. That was just what gave me the idea to write this.
  3. I really don’t know how to start this because I rarely, rarely post on the forums outside of Roleplay posts and the occasional magic application or staff app, but something’s been bothering me since the day I joined the server and I think I finally found the words to describe it in a way that makes sense. I don’t understand why people come onto a server that’s designed specifically for people that enjoy roleplaying and go raid a CRP-based city, pick a race for their character (notably humans) that are prone to fighting, then proceed to PVP the moment that they have the opportunity to. They use the excuse that ‘well edgy magic RPers and minmaxers that refuse to die make the RP take too long or impossible to win’ which may be true to some extent, but at the same time who wants to deal with sitting in a city while a group of 5 people run in on horses, MC-ly move right in your face with no emotes whatsoever, and immediately copy-paste in an emote of them trying to restrain your character within one emote or outright kill them, while you are completely defenseless because your character was sitting on a bench and having a conversation with someone. Even groups that go on raids for reasons rooted in roleplay (take orc sacrifices, for example) don’t even want to have a good CRP fight to actually get their sacrifice. You can’t expect somebody to easily throw away their character’s life and go down easy in CRP when you want to immobilize them in one emote and behead them in the next. Something that somehow makes even less sense is groups that go into cities specifically to pvp. Why the **** are you even on the server in the first place? If you don’t want to enjoy roleplay then, and I can’t speak for others but I know some people feel this way, we don’t want you here. Go on badlion or something. You’ll get just as many, if not more, clicks there. The funny thing about people that fish for PVP is they use the same techniques as above (trying to neutralize/kill your char within the first 3 emotes) but the most hilarious part is that as soon as there are ten people, they will immediately start screeching about how it’s pvp default. Some groups don’t even attack people directly, but constantly instigate conflict until somebody attacks them so that they can call pvp. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the attacker have defender default if the group was constantly causing problems? The best part is when the argument inevitably begins and the GM comes. Rather than letting the situation actually be solved, the chat will constantly be flooded with “Status frozen!” or “Ready up guys” or “Can we start timer?” Like ***** let us figure out at the very least if we’re roleplaying or not. The GM’s will often ask questions regarding what they see in the logs, and if the answer happens to favor the raiding party, they will immediately fill the entire chat with the answer that is as biased as possible in their favor. If it favor’s the defending team’s perspective, however, they won’t say a single word. Now I get that many of you are thinking “Oh, Tri is a dumb Sutican MAGE! haha he must just be a triggered retard that lost his pixels.” You’re probably right ngl, but at the same time I can’t help but be bothered by this stuff. I understand that you all get annoyed by edgy mages and **** that want to be the main protag, but at the same time there’s no way on Earth it’s bad enough to prompt behavior like yours. Some of you are so committed to pvp that you can’t put together a CRP emote other than *punches [name] in the face. Nonetheless you CRP’ers aren’t excused either. This is a completely different topic for a completely different time but I have just as many problems, if not more, with people that are poor CRPers. It doesn’t make sense for your character not to get exhausted after 2 hours of CRP, even if you’re not a mage, and not everybody can be the main protag with perfect reaction speed, agility, mobility, and strength. while also being equiped with five different weapons and a bow and arrow.
  4. I most enjoy the magic RP’ers who let their character define their magic rather than magic define their character. Sadly, most people can’t find anything to do on the server other than magic and so their character’s only personality trait becomes “Yeah, I do magic.” It should feel like a good amount of flavor or spice added to your char, not an entire ******* tomato sauce. I’m also a fan of big emotes, though I know many people do not enjoy seeing massive chatwalls on their screen. However, as long as the information in the emote isn’t completely extraneous, I think a bulky dose of imagery is enjoyable to read and interact with. I also am bothered by people that constantly roleplay their magic to its maximum potential. And I don’t mean using t5 spells the majority of the time, that’s fine. The problem is when the person has their character know and fully understand every nook and cranny of their magic after just a few irl months of learning, even sometimes knowing spells that they haven’t actually been taught IRP. Not only is the void supposed to be a mysterious thing (This might not apply to holy/dark magic), but it’s also not a bad thing if you’re char RPly doesn’t know a few spells that they potentially have at their disposal. If anything, it makes you respectable for not being a complete minmaxer. Also, do fun things with it that don’t apply to combat scenarios. Edit: As I’m rereading this I’m thinking of so many other things that bother me but I don’t feel like elaborating on all of them so I’ll give a little bit of attention to each. When in combat, please for the love of God don’t try to be the emain protagonist because your character knows magic. If you are a t5 mage, you should have no more value than a skilled knight. Mages that minmax and don’t purposely give their characters much needed drawbacks that can not only contribute to their character’s, well, character, as a whole, but also make them more realistic. For example, my mage char is pretty good at mojo, but he’s also a complete wimp and I often purposely emote his spells backfiring because it makes him seem like a more real person, rather than a Minecraft-Combat-Robot that performs to the best of his potential in every single scenario ever. Regarding magic as a typical, mundane thing bothers me. It’s supposed to be cool and mystical
  5. Hiren shakes his head with great terror at finding out that this would not be a doubles tournament. He doesn’t sign up.
  6. A particular elf who knew the document was complete bullshit blinked a few times, then pumped his fist with a, “Hoo-rah!” at the fact that his name was not mentioned anyway, “Look at this, Myst!”
  7. Anthony303

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: TheTri )) ((Discord: TheTri#2830)) ((Timezone: EST )) RP What is your name? Hiren Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To work on a few projects of mine and help make the next generation of mages be not-idiots. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I know a lot about the void. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? Confidential. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Any What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Any When is the best time to contact you for an interview? I’m standing in front of an interviewer as I write this.
  8. [!] An aged parchment rests upon the notice boards of several nations, evidently having been there for a long while, untouched, because few are brave enough to face the monster below. Wanted: The Heads of a Cavern Devil Threat Level: Difficult Suggested party number: 6-8 skilled hunters. Description of beast: Cavern devils are purple monstrosities exhibiting the traits of hydras, cats, and the like. They are known for having both thick hide and scales to protect them, and are only made more formidable by their average length of about 10 feet. They are most often found in rather hazardous caves, for their long claws are fully capable of gripping ridges in the rock as to scale walls. Each head of the Cavern Devil displays a different trait. Some are known to spray Acid from glands in their mouths, while others simply have a pair of horns which stabs their enemies; the full extent of these creatures is unknown. Their strength is formidable, and they are extremely dangerous, however one weakness that a skilled huntsman could exploit is their lack of coordination. Cavern Devils are easy to confuse and trick because of their multi-head structure, and while they are fairly clever/elusive themselves, it is common for them to fall into a well-prepared trap because their eyes are not fully adapted to dark cavern environments. Location: Most deep caves house at least one of these specimens. We will meet at the Cloud Temple to discuss the bounty beforehand. Rewards: 3200 minas to split among the party and any parts of the creature other than their heads. - John Tojak (Contact me @ TheTri#2830 if interested <3. First come first serve.)
  9. [!] A letter is stapled to the notice boards of various nations and smaller settlements depicting the details of a bounty. It is signed Bartholomew Yunkevich. Wanted: 2 or more mushroom men. Threat Level: Easy Suggested party number: 2-3 combatants. Description of beast: Mushroom Men are small creatures with descendant-resembling limbs and small, stubby bodies rarely exceeding three feet in height. They are not dangerous outside of the fact that they have mushrooms on their heads which emit spores that have varying affects when exposed to people. They are intelligent creatures capable of speaking and coordinating with one another in groups of 5 or 6. Location: The Marshes east of Sutica. We will meet at the Cloud Temple beforehand to discuss the bounty. Rewards: 500 mina and any body parts belonging to the specimens other than the top of their mushrooms. They are needed by the bounty collector. In my old age I am no longer capable of capturing these little buggers on my own to cook my famed Mushroom-Man Stew. Any who are interested in doing it I ask to please contact me A.S.A.P. (Contact me @ TheTri#2830 if interested <3)
  10. Hiren is extremely confused but wears the mask thing anyway.
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