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  1. Anthony303

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    Hiren shrugged indifferently.
  2. Anthony303

    Sung about Sutica

    The particular elf that gave him a brief tour offers a few claps of applause!
  3. Anthony303

    The Reaper's Claim [PK]

    “Weird,” commented a random elf as the news somehow reached him.
  4. Anthony303

    Payment of Past Crimes [PK]

    A fallen member of Aeriel’s chosen expels a soft sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. “And here I thought you could be redeemed,” he mused, vibrantly glowing teal irises suddenly being inundated by a dense green aura. The Demi-Ascended stepped into his sleeping-quarters, unlocking a large storage box and lifting its lid to reveal a set of aged chain armor. Piece by piece, he equipped the armor, standing upright with a soft huff, stretching his arms out above his head and releasing an exhausted yawn afterward, “I suppose the lack of corruption appearing here was merely a brief era,” the Soulstream-bound Holy mage utters, sparks of green lightning manifesting into existence with small pops and cackles around his thin frame, “Into the deserts I go. . .” With that, Nin began offward, a distinct sadness present in the way he walked, and a frown plastered on his visage as he ventured to the of darkest parts of Aeriel’s realm to annihilate his closest friend. This particular man’s child, and Richard’s step-son, lays curled up in the corner of his bedroom in Sutica, whimpering softly as a letter arrives bearing the word of what happened to Richard. He cried for what seemed like hours, losing a close bond that could never be regained. Hiren was distraught. Even when no more tears were coming out of his aquamarine eyes, his shoulders shook and he sniffled repeatedly, “**** **** ****!” the elf hissed, leather-clad hands furling up into tight balls, “WHY?!” His sadness and agitated mumbling quickly grew into irritable shouts and frustration. Hiren drew a hand up into the air, before slamming it into the aged wooden floorboards of the house that used to belong to Richard, a low creak emanating from them. “WHY?!“ he screamed once more, throwing his head back against the wall behind himself, hands trembling and legs tense. The monstrously tall mali sprung to his feet, deciding that some things had to change.
  5. Jon is an alright guy but is still young and should focus on 1 staff position at a time (and that’s coming from somebody who is about his age). Not ready to be a GM.
  6. Anthony303

    The Salt Rider's Host

    “Kill. . . Them,” A demonic voice hissed within the mind of young Hiren, compelling him, driving him, forcing him, to attack the nearest person to him. An uncharacteristic act for small elf, who usually had always possessed a rather peaceful and tranquil soul. He hadn’t known it then, the effect it would have. It was simply a puddle wasn’t it? Just a puddle. That’s why he went in it, wasn’t it? Or was he made to? Why is everything so uncertain? Even that question is. It was the haunting of Sutica. The Haunting of the Salt Rider, the Rider on the Sea, the owner of the eyes. Those eyes, they had to be destroyed, or so Elvira thought when she squished them between her fingers to break their bewitchment. It was not long after until the owner of them wanted them back. And without them, he lashed out. One hand, then another, then another. It crawled out of the puddle. One of many puddles mysteriously appearing in Sutica. It had done this before, it had already attacked. It struggled this time though, for it lacked its horse. Where was its horse? And so the Salt Rider called for help... “Kill. . . Them,” A demonic voice hissed within the mind of young Hiren, compelling him, driving him, forcing him, to attack the nearest person to him. An uncharacteristic act for small elf, who usually had always possessed a rather peaceful and tranquil soul. Though this…. this command. . . It was different. Hiren’s conscience was begging for him to stop, but nonetheless his body jerked uncontrollably toward the nearest person-- His father. He lunged forth, fist reeled backward in a tight ball in preparation for a punch, though this time, thankfully, he was stopped by those gathered around his adoptive parent, Rickard. This would be the first of many times Hiren was possessed and manipulated into attacking others by the being known as the Salt Rider. . He had chosen Hiren as his host. . . Despite the Salt Rider’s presence being very much alive within Hiren for a few weeks after the first total-possession, the child did not witness him directly outside of being plagued at least twice weekly by horrific nightmares. He struggled to get any rest, and was on-edge as a result. It wasn’t long, however, before Hiren lost total control of his body once more. Soon enough, as Hiren was walking into Sutica’s tavern to greet a few friends of his, a voice began to echo within his mind, “The puddle. . . Behind you. . . The Puddle. . . Behind you.” It repeated and, once again, Hiren found himself completely unable to just push-off the growing temptation. He turned around, as if in a trance, and, sure enough, saw a small puddle manifesting on the stone pavement of the city square. Hiren wouldn’t be able to explain why or what he did, but when he wandered over to the puddle, as if in a trance, and stepped into it, his surroundings completely changed. The elf found himself in a small cave, completely filled with water. Salt water. One could see little, but it did not feel like your eyes were underwater, save for the sting of the salt. One could not breathe, yet they lived. One could hear only muffled, save for the drowned screams of the… the skulls littering the water cave… the dead skulls. One could not smell, for they were in water, yet they were overwhelmed by the smell of rot. The surroundings completely dark aside from a pitch black light which stood in the corner. In the cavern were a few people known as Kaus, Theodora, and “The Gardener”. Each and every one of them was in combat with a grey figure who stood on the other side of the cave: The Salt Rider. The monster, mounted on a rotting horse, glanced at Hiren as he arrived, and simply nodded. That same urge grew within Hiren, and it said the same phrase that it had before, “Kill. . . Them. . .” It spoke slowly. Hiren’s pupils began to dilate, soon taking over his eyes fully and leaving his eye sockets filled with nothing but a black void. He gazed over at the nearest person, Kaus, and uncontrollably slammed his fist in his face, merely acting as a puppet to the Salt Rider’s will. Thankfully for the child, however, the trio of brave combatants in the cavern were able to fend off the Salt Rider, breaking the Salt Spirit’s control of Hiren, at least for them time being. Though-- They were not safe yet. The bewitched water turned on them;, inundating the entirety of the area with unbreathable water. Theo, Kaus, and “The Gardener,” were each protected by a runic air bubble, but Hiren was completely exposed to the water. Yet, he could breathe. It seemed that even in his absence, even with all the horrifying things that he’d done to Hiren, the Salt Rider protected his companion’s Host. Then, as usual, Hiren was met with a voice inside of his head, a second being living within him. It directed him toward the light in the corner, and, per usual, Hiren moved over to it. He swished a hand around at the light and found that it was completely intangible. His hand went directly through it. The others gathered, however, were unable to reach in the light like Hiren, and were simply blocked out whenever they drew to close, “I will. . . Drag us through,” the elf spoke quietly, nodding to his comrades. They each grabbed onto his leg, and Hiren dove into the dim light, and they were, oddly enough, spat out back into reality through the puddle that Hiren had originally stepped in to enter the realm, though something about Hiren in particular had changed. Having previously discovered an ability with the being inside him, it was not as unusual as it could be, yet still a surprise. Being subject to the Ghost Rider’s control whilst in his realm had granted Hiren various new boons, or so he thought. He found that he could now breathe while in water, healed incredibly quickly while covered in salt water, and could wet his hands at will, though not manipulate the water he summoned. But at what cost? One he did not know: That this power is not the blessing of the Rider, but the growth of control within him. With the development of his new feats, Hiren was tortured more and more by terrifying, restless nightmares, driving him into depression by sleep-deprivation. While he was warded off temporarily, the Salt Rider’s curse was still very much present, and he would return soon enough. ((These are not lore-based boons. Just a few minor things that Hiren gets as a result of the Event and it will not be abused. They are Flambo-approved, don’t worry.)) Also Thanks to Tato for the fun events 😄
  7. Anthony303

    [✗] Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    I only read the first three paragraphs of what u said bc I’m in the car and too lazy to continue on my phone but it’s evident that you’re unaware that ascended were repurposed. We know longer are meant to solely destroy corruption, but rather preserve people’s souls, so the new rewrite shouldn’t feel entirely “Ascended” (as you described it), because we’re completey different now. Regarding what u said about the inactivity, I can agree, but many of our members have moved on from lotc, not just pk their ascended. In regards to what u said about disconnection: you are completey incorrect. In my experience playing an ascended, minor, subconscious bends to the tenets and mistakes are often excused but blatant and severe mishaps such as what occurred with you and many others will result in disconnection. They’re rules, and if you can’t follow them then you will get dc’d . edit- sorry, forgot to quote you and don’t know how to fix it on mobile but I was talking to @Jondead
  8. Anthony303


    Hiren read the letter with curiously glimmering teal orbs, peering about at his adoptive family, “Too many big words for me, but I’m getting the vibe that people are being annoying, like usual,” the child stated nodding sagely.
  9. Anthony303

    Chimera Rewrite [Alchemy Lore]

    Yes please
  10. Anthony303

    {AMA} Zachs 1000 posts AMA

    Favorite color and animal?
  11. Anthony303

    A New Chieftess

    "I actually liked Locke a fair bit, though I'd assume electing a new chief was an alright decision," Nin commented toward his Ascended Kin, most of which seeming fairly happy that the previous chieftan lost his position. "T'e foicks a 'Warhawke'?!" shouts a very confused dwarf. "Good on them," comments a tall robed figure, itching at his eyepatch.
  12. Anthony303

    [Updated] The Fasciculus Order

    "Assuming these 'demi-gods' refer to holy magii. . . Yes! Come try to kill me, everyone!" exclaimed an overconfident mali he read the note.
  13. +1 seems like a good guy based on my previous encounters with him.