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    Hiren read the letter with curiously glimmering teal orbs, peering about at his adoptive family, “Too many big words for me, but I’m getting the vibe that people are being annoying, like usual,” the child stated nodding sagely.
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    Chimera Rewrite [Alchemy Lore]

    Yes please
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    A Familiar Urge

    Yippee kayay
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    {AMA} Zachs 1000 posts AMA

    Favorite color and animal?
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    A New Chieftess

    "I actually liked Locke a fair bit, though I'd assume electing a new chief was an alright decision," Nin commented toward his Ascended Kin, most of which seeming fairly happy that the previous chieftan lost his position. "T'e foicks a 'Warhawke'?!" shouts a very confused dwarf. "Good on them," comments a tall robed figure, itching at his eyepatch.
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    [Updated] The Fasciculus Order

    "Assuming these 'demi-gods' refer to holy magii. . . Yes! Come try to kill me, everyone!" exclaimed an overconfident mali he read the note.
  7. +1 seems like a good guy based on my previous encounters with him.
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    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending]Zacho for ET

    Finally. A potential pocket ET ;) +1
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    [Denied] [Trial]Cordial's GM Application

    Give it to this man. +1
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    [✗] [Lore Submission][Arcane] Voidal Force

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to deal with the formatting issue now. As for the similarties to TK, this magic is less of manipulating objects and more of manipulating people directly through pushing and pulling. I am going for a high-risk utility magic that is most effective inlarge count brawls, with this.
  11. Over the years, descendants and other beings have slowly grown more intelligent and curious of what possibilities lie within the world. They’ve ripped substances from the void, been gifted the powers of Aengudaemon, and built artificial beings that annihilate anything within their path. The void, in particular, has caught the attention of descendants; a plane where anything could be created, and anything could be wiped from existence at its users will. It fascinated them. They could create life, teleport, hurl fireballs at one another, and much more, though despite all the studying they underwent to achieve these powers, all the research they did to attain new abilities, no one had ever questioned why some spells did what they did. Why does an Earth Evocationists ball of quartz knock you backward? Why does a hydromancer generating a wall of ice in front of you while you run stop you in your tracks? Descendants never questioned these things. Not only did they occur as a result of voidal spells, but it also occurred under mundane circumstances. Why does one come back down when they jump, or why do you fall when you accidentally step in the hole of a groundhog? Why can’t we fly, but birds can? They never ask themselves these things. None of them considered the forces that acted upon them for a long, long time, until one intelligent man on the isles called Atlas did. The man, who had not been voidally attuned beforehand, began to experiment with these forces. He’d slam doors while there was something in the doorway, and observe what happened when a ball was thrown into the air. He’d jump up and down, attempting to figure out why the world pulled him back down once he reached a certain height, and how when moving upward after a jump, the speed at which he rose decreased as he approached his peak height. The man studied these properties for a long while, until he reached the conclusion that the world held properties which attracted everything to it, and these properties could be mimicked through the void. Voidal Force OOC NOTE: This is my first magic lore, feel free to criticize it. Introduction: Voidal Force is, simply put, the evoking of either a pushing or pulling force from the void to help complete a task. This magic is one of the most difficult voidal arts to study because of how confusing it can be to comprehend forces. In order to begin learning this magic, one must conduct many experiments that test how force causes things to interact with one another, and earn a decent understanding of one’s physical attraction to the world. This magic uses a moderate amount of energy, and magii will become tired if they cast for long durations. There are two types of spells available to Voidal Forcists: Pushing, and Attracting (Or pulling) spells. Pushing spells can be evoked in two different ways. The first way is to evoke idle energy into this plane, then release it at something an instant to accomplish a task, and the other is to gradually evoke force upon something. Most attraction spells are used when a Forcist sets a focus point on one or more people or objects and draw it to another focus point. Focus points are basically where a magii is evoking force. However, there is one pushing spell which utilizes a Focus point. Once a spell begins, the Focus point can not be moved. Spells: EACH SPELL LISTED BELOW CAN BE USED BY MULTIPLE FORCISTS AT ONCE TO INCREASE THE SPELL’S POWER. A SPELL WITH 2 FORCISTS WORKING TOGETHER WILL HAVE 2 TIMES IT’S USUAL STRENGTH, EACH SPELL WITH 3 FORCISTS WILL HAVE 3 TIMES ITS BASE STRENGTH, ETC. Imploding Spell: The imploding spell is used when a Voidal Forcist evokes a pushing force onto an object from all angles, essentially intending to crush the object. The required emotes to cast an imploding spell are dependent on the object being crushed. For reference, glass can be crushed in about 3 emotes whereas a steel canteen can be crushed in about 5. - Nothing that is not hollow can be crushed - You cannot crush anything larger than a large workout ball - The spell cannot be used on people Pushing Spell: The Pushing Spell, as stated in the name, is a mage exerting a pushing force from one direction on a person or object. This is not to be confused with how a telekinetic can throw and manipulate objects. If one attempted to use a pushing spell on a glass cup to launch it across a room, for example, the mug would simply shatter upon impact with the spell. Nothing heavier than a cinder block will move when hit with the pushing spell. It is very difficult to aim an object at somebody but can be used on a person directly. If used on an unsuspecting person, you can likely knock them down with this spell. At its maximum power, think of using this spell as an orc punching or slapping something, many objects will simply break when it hits them. - 2-4 emotes for a pushing spell (The strength of the spell varies depending on the amount of emotes. A 2 emote push will do very little whereas a four emote push can knock one down) - The max distance an object can be launched is 10 blocks. Using /roll is recommended to determine this spell’s accuracy. World Push: World Push is one of the formidable spells available to a Voidal Forcist. With this spell, one can push everything within a 3x3 meter area downward with up to three times the strength of gravity, almost definitely knocking them down. Keep in mind this spell takes six emotes to reach its full strength, and does not occur immediately. Emote 1: The mage connects Emote 2: Everybody within a 3x3 meter radius feel a very light push upon their shoulders, nothing too noteworthy. Emote 3: The push begins increasing in power, anybody within would likely realise something was wrong. Emote 4: The spell suddenly ramps up in power, the push downward upon the planet being increased to about 1.5 times it’s typical strength. Anybody within the spell would be considerably slower and begin to struggle standing. Emote 5: The force continues ruthlessly pushing down on its targets, skyrocketing to two times Typical strength. Many people would likely fall. Emote 6: The spell finally increases to three times gravity. Anybody stuck within would surely be on the floor and have little to no way to escape. This spell is very taxing on its user. It can be casted one time before they are completely depleted of mana and exhaustion must be emoted accordingly throughout their spell. Crippling Push: Using this spell, one focuses on a specific point called the focus point. Nothing visible will occur at this area, though something is indeed happening within the void. The mage will slowly build up their spell, and, when they see fit, cause a push to suddenly shoot forth in every direction from the focus point. Everybody within a 5x5 meter area would feel the push, and those closest to the focus point would likely be knocked off of there feet and sent flying a few feet away from the point! - 7 emotes minimum to cast. - Heavy exhaustion must be emoted! This is the most tiring spell in a voidal forcists arsenal Object-based Attraction: Object based attraction utilizes a focus point, similarly to the Crippling Push technique, except the focus point is set on an object. People caught within a 3x3 meter area of the object to which the focus point assigned will feel a slight tug toward it, slightly slowing their movement away from the focus point. They will probably be forced to push against the attraction to the object, but will surely be able to overpower it and escape the spell with moderate ease. The focus point can not be set on a person or moving object and the object must be attached to the ground. - 2 emotes to cast - Can be sustained for up to 8 emotes. Self-Based Attraction With this spell, you set a focus point on a nearby person or object and evoke a pulling force toward yourself on them. The pull will begin weak, but as you continue to strengthen your spell the person or object will begin to quite literally be dragged toward you. - 6 Emotes to reach full strength Emote 1: Connection Emote 2: The person who has the focus point set on them will begin to feel a slight tug toward you Emote 3: The tug strengthens slightly. They’d likely begin to have to resist the pull Emote 4: The person now feels as if a young adolescent is trying to yank them toward you. Fatigue must be emoted at this stage. Emote 5: The pull intensifies further, the person would likely begin inching toward you Emote 6: The person now feels as if they are being dragged toward you This spell uses a moderate amount of mana and exhaustion must be emoted. Object-to-Object Attraction This spell is similar to Self-Based attraction except with this spell, two objects are being drawn to each other rather than an object or person to yourself. This spell uses less mana than Self-Based Attraction, but the emote guidelines are the same. At one point the objects will be dragged toward each other. - 6 emotes - Two people cannot be drawn toward each other, but their armor, for example, can - The effectiveness of the pull depends on the weight of the object - Liquids cannot be pulled Chain push The Chain Push spell is a pushing spell in which one can launch up to three pushes with the strength of a punch at a person or object in quick succession. Each push must be charged before they’re casted. - 4 emotes to cast Speed Running By expelling a slight forward force upon themselves, one can slightly increase their running speed. - Two emotes to cast Tiering: T1: At this stage, the beginning magii should begin studying the void and connecting to the void and experimenting with Pushing and pulling forces. They will likely only hold connections for moments at a time, and will be very exhausted after each attempt. T2: At this stage, the Voidal Forcist can begin to generate weak pushes and practice using the imploding spell. They can not connect to the void for long amounts of time. T3: At T3 they can create stronger pushes, about enough to make somebody stumble backward, and can shatter glass bottles with the imploding spell. They can begin to attempt weak World Push spells (People would only feel a light push on their shoulders at T3 with this spell), and will be very exhausted afterward. They can also begin using Object-Based attraction weak forms of Self-based Attraction, and weak object-to-object attraction spells. Speed Running is now usable T4: T4 Forcists have mastered Imploding spells and can evoke strong enough pushes to knock one over. They can use each Attraction spell with moderate ease and can begin using Chain Pushes as well as look into and use weak forms Crippling Push. T5: At this point the magii has mastered each of their spells and can use them more efficiently. At this point you will be fully attuned with your magic and can begin studying and creating your own spells. The only limit is your imagination. Advantages of Voidal Force - Offers strong utility in combat - Can control crowds if given the time - Strong in brawls Disadvantages of Voidal Force - Not effective in a one on one situation or any fight where the magii is alone - Takes a long time in combat to be effective - Has fairly easily escapable spells - Stronger spells use a lot of mana - It is easy to injure your allies in brawls with this spell. One must know the right time to use it. RED LINES: - Fatigue must be emoted - You cannot cast where you cannot see - People cannot be attracted to each other. People can only be drawn to yourself because it requires to much concentration to manipulate two people into moving toward each other at once - Spells cannot exceed the maximum area of affect - Exhaustion must be emoted as you cast and you must give hints that you are casting spells that people might not be able to see. For example, when emoting crippling push add that your character’s breathing is staggered or that they’re sweating profusely. - Nothing heavier than a cinder block can be moved with the Pushing Spell, however, people can be knocked over at higher tiers if they are not expecting to be hit with the spell - No substances that are not hollow can be crushed with the imploding spell. - Crippling push, and World Push require a lot of mana and can be casted a maximum of one time before the mage cannot cast further. - Crippling Push, and World Push require one’s complete concentration when being casted. You cannot be running, dodging, or injured while casting it.
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    [✗] [Creature] The Grandiose Toad

    EDIT: Added the ability to create paste to its features. I decided the Toad was rather useless in combat without it, considering it can only jump around.
  13. The Grandiose Toad Description The grandiose toad is essentially a massive toad reaching up to 13 feet in height with the ability to speak telepathically. They feature a pale green underbelly and a smooth orange-red back decorated with large navy blue blotches. The legendary creature can be found in thick forests of Tahn, though they are unbelievably rare. When approached, the toad will likely act dismissive towards you, and has a high chance of attacking you if you irritate it, though if you prove to be a peaceful, yet strong person, it will treat you as a friend and accept you as a comrade. They have the ability to jump up to 100 feet into the air, and feature a thick slime coat that can cause severe rashes. The rashes can be cured by being soaked in water for long periods of time, healed through magic, or by having specific alchemical brews applied to them. Origins The first Grandiose Toad, known as the king toad, was created by the deity Cerridwen to preserve and protect amphibians. The reason why is unknown to mortals, though it is likely because amphibeans play an important role in nature's cycle, but it is difficult for them to survive the early stages of their lives. Tadpoles, for example are preyed on by many species and are not seen commonly. Cerridwen also granted this toad telepathy in order to communicate with mortals and tell them of his duty. The King Toad settled in a cave within the druid grove accompanied by various species of frogs, toads, salamanders, and many other amphibious creatures. This first toad lived on for many years until a group of about a dozen mali (None of which were druids) went out to hunt the toad on a bounty quest. These elves were told that the toad had killed many druids, but one particular ‘ame realized that the King’s purpose was simply to protect it’s comrades, which proved the hunter who set the bounty a liar. That wood elf told this to the grandiose toad, and he agreed to switch locations to deceive the man who set the bounty and fake the toad’s death, as long as the group spread four of his eggs throughout axios to expand it's race. He gave them one additional egg to offer to the bounty setter, to show that they had killed the toad, though he still lived on peacefully. The other four eggs were spread throughout the isles by a group of two wood elves and two high elves. Two of the eggs were left on Tahn, and each of the other isles were left with one each. The eggs left on Ceru and Asul would eventually crossbreed with other toads, though the ones left on Tahn would interbreed with each other and produce more grandiose toads. The toads of this new generation inherit the King’s features, and are meant to carry out his will. Lifespan Each Grandiose Toad can live up to 500 years, though subreeds on Ceru and Asul would likely have shortened life spans and don’t inherit the size or telepathy of pure grandiose toads. Diet The Grandiose toad feeds similarly to most other toads, this being insects and other sorts of bugs, though they also feed on fish and some small birds. Bodily Features This creature features large, horizontal pupils, similar to that of a goat, which allow for nearly 300 degree vision and as stated before, a slime coat that can cause rashes. They also have an extensive tongue that can stretch up to 5 feet to catch prey. In addition to this, the toads have glands in their mouths that produce an odd milk-like substance, created through the chiton of the bugs they eat. When mixed with water, the substance forms a sticky paste that the toad can use against it's enemies by shifting it towards the tip of its' tongue, then extending it toward the foe. If stuck to something around them, somebody's movement will be slowed immensly in that particular area of their body Locations Grandiose toads can be found in the thick oak forests of Tahn, though quite rare. The best chance of finding them are in the dominion, where two of the eggs were planted to interbreed with each other. Taming The Grandiose toad is technically an untamable species, though it will become a somewhat loyal comrade of yours if it is in debt to you for whatever reason. Keep in mind that it will not consistently come to your aid when needed, and will put its mission to protect amphibians over your personal needs. Cons > The Grandiose toad offers lackluster support in combat aside from it's remarkable mobility and paste. > The Toad cannot venture through extremely cold or hot climates > The Toad cannot eat mortals with a single gulp, as if they were flies. > The Toad will not follow exact orders in combat under most circumstances, as it is independent and technically untamable. > Unless jumping, the toads are rather slow > Paste can not be created often (Every 8 emotes, and the toad most have water in it's mouth); however the toad can be performing other actions whilst waiting to use its' paste again. > The Toad is somewhat easily distracted and doesn't have much energy; it exhausts very quickly OOC: The initial king toad was featured in an event led by Dtrik, and there were four eggs spread through Axios, so it would be logical for their race to flourish. My job in writing this lore was simply to come up with a reason for their creation and tell the story of the event.