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  1. Aiyeis would visit their grave as she had once done for their sister, Meredith. A bundle of lavender bound by loose lace in hand. For some time, she would stand there, listless. She had known that one day this day would come to pass but she did not think it so soon. Crouching, she would place the bundle atop the burial. "You will be missed, Basha Horisp." And with that, she'd shift her grip upon the dragon head of her cane, using it to steady herself as she stood, some pain flickering across her sullen features. Brushing briefly at her dress, the mali'thill would move to mount her yisar that meandered nearby. A final look was given to the area before she rode off. The old woman, once a girl, was now just a distant memory.
  2. Laurih’Valmiran Heial (Noble/Chosen Artisans) ilMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya With Knowledge and Steel Table of Contents Purpose Leadership Branches Purpose The Artisan’s Guild was established, its primary purpose is to aid in the growth of the nation, but equal to that purpose - its desire to assist Artisans with permission from the resigning royarch, Illthrak Ibarellan. As such its primary purpose is to aid in the growth of the nation, but equal to that purpose - is its desire to assist Artisans and Magi who serve the guild are there for not only themselves but the community for any sale made under the guild - its people. Artisan’s and Magi who serve the guild are there for not only themselves but the community, for any sale made under the guild - it must be reported to Aiyeis Acal’Turrii so that she can record such for future rewards. Leadership Head of Guild Aiyeis Acal’Turrii Regent Head in case of Absence Midas Von Acal’Turrii, Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii Current Heir Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii Head of Magi Lawrintithius, Aiyeis Acal’Turrii, Midas Von Acal’Turrii Head of Coin Siobhan Branches Those who wish to sell their craft through the guild should be aware of the various roles they take and may apprentice for. From Artisans to Magi, the guild is home to all crafts. Artisans A broad term to cover all bases - the guild’s main purpose is to aid all who sell the fruit of their labor. Whether that be a writer's poetry, a musician's melody, an artisan's canvas, or an architect's structure, all may come for a chance of respite with the guild. Each member - depending upon their craft(s); will be gifted a pin to wear at events to show their crafts and whether they seem apprentices. Magi As the Magi aided in the guild's formation, The 'aheral Aiyeis Acal'Turrii formed a sub-division led by Lawrintithius. Joining the Guild If any prospective artisan is seeking to join the guild, they may send word to Aiyeis Acal’Turrii by bird, or by visiting the guild hall in Celia’nor. It will be by the apple orchards.
  3. The amount of times I've been sent to god because of those pesky bushes.
  4. “Alberic is…nie no longer with us. Szam.” As the words sounded, Marceline would hear only ringing, the smile set upon her features twitching, a lump welling in her throat. It took all she had to control her expression, “That is not a very nice joke,” The woman would laugh, a pitiful laugh that would only further her spiral. “That is not something ea would joke about.” Those were the final words before she’d break, her smile falling; attempts at regaining her composure would be futile as the first sob escaped. Barely able to stand, Marceline would try to seat herself, wiping furiously at her eyes as her body shook. Her thoughts a whirlwind - all she understood at that time was that her father was gone. Memories of him, good and bad, all swirled about in her mind; no longer would she be called marshmallow. No longer did she have a shoulder she could rest her head atop. He would be missed.
  5. Aiyeis would peer at the missive in confusion, wondering how the beheaded man was sending them out before returning to the artwork she made of his demise. Foot tapping idly upon the floor as her charcoal sketched out the decapitation of Braxus Ni'Leya.
  6. "I am always on top," Muttered the cripple as she discreetly began her journey of sneaking missives in every Aevos mailbox.
  7. Laurih’Valmiran Heial (Noble/Chosen Artisans ——————— Welcome to the opening of the Artisan’s Guild in Celia’nor. Within the next few elven weeks, a guild hall will be constructed with a reading nook for our permanent residents and quarters for the apprentices. There will be a notice board in the main hall to promote their works and garner commissions. Also found in that hall would be a small tavern space used by the Celia’nor Winery and Tavern. And a few market stalls. ——————— ——————— Upon its construction - the guild will be used as a gathering square for artists to converse with like-minded virtuosos and create or strengthen bonds within a fresh community. The Artisan’s Guild aims to be a beneficial center for those in creative fields. Artists who join and are active participants will be given emblems to show they have the guild's support. There will be five separate parts of the guild: artisans, tailors, architects, writers, and musicians. Though they are split, the guild will function cohesively. More information will be provided in later missives. ——————— ——————— To establish your desire to work at this Artisan’s Guild, please get in touch with Aiyeis Acal’Turrii (EamBhaaling) or Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii (CaffeinatedCrow) via letter. Lady Aiyeis Acal’Turrii, Court Seamstress, Head of Acal’Turrii Talonnii Ac’Sullii Acal’Turrii, Apprentice of Aiyeis, heir of Acal’Turrii Her Ladyship, Renna Py'lrie, Circle of Stars, Silver Seneschal, Primary Physician of the Celia'norian Clinic and Medical Institution His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria, Evarir of the North, Descendant of The Silver Phoenix, Enforcer of the Star’s Will, Prince of Celia'nor, Illthrak Ibarellan of the Principality of Celia’nor
  8. A creature would stir, dirt and grime leaving her skeletal form as she rose to her feet, rusted armor creaking. In the absence of Aonghus, a rage would beset the woman, taking the place of grief. Her soul too twisted by foul magic to properly process the loss of the once-great knight. Any reminder of life before death now gone. Forever lost to the same false light he had brought her into when dragging her soul from the afterlife.
  9. MC NAME: Eambhaaling Name: Aiyeis Acal'Turrii Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  10. A sigh of relief would leave the scarlet haired Arthalion, much akin to her father. She was a self admitted bisexual.
  11. A rather dirty and decrepit adunian would clutch the missive close to their face, olive hues narrowed to slits. Mouthing the words, a short laugh more akin to a wheeze would leave. One hand sifting about in her pocket, pausing upon an empty and light pouch. Perhaps no letters to be penned, or drinks to be had. She had laughed too quick. Throwing her chin up towards the sky Liadain would grumble before turning on heel and striding out. Her brief city venture quickly ended.
  12. :sniff: i smell rats

  13. Though she took no glee in the death of a king the adunian would laugh at the irony. Her father was right, they long outlived the lech. Perhaps the one to take their place will usher a greater era for the Balianites. Packing her bags, the Morrigan Arthalion would make to return home to Numendil.
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