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  1. “There is no escape—only pain.” -Sun Tzu I am entering indefinite hiatus immediately. This entails radio silence on discord, sudden shelving of all characters, and occasional visits to perhaps vote, claim my vault, and check up on things. The server has been unstable for the past few weeks, due to the map change, and I don’t see it evening out any time soon™. I may return for summer break. Running around for RP and standing around for emotes is not the best use of my limited downtime right now. Parmer leaves notes for individuals and groups she has engaged with, outlini
  2. Going on hibernation while the radiation disperses; might log in to vote or explore, but won't search for RP; be back in a few days

  3. Going on hiatus for a few days until things calm down

  4. Parmer picks up a dusty, trodden pamphlet. She scans it quickly, pauses, and hurries into an alley. Several times she lowers the paper, tapping her chin and staring at the busy street. A beggar wanders in. She glares, and the rough-clad fellow scurries away, jostled and cursed by the crowd. Eventually she just stands there, pamphlet forgotten. Eyes closed. "... I hope it goes well. I hope it remains... pure." She shakes her head and rushes off toward the beggar.
  5. Parmer's mask-muffled shouts echo throughout the caves of Urguan. "Come one, come all! Be first in line for this new, Haelun'or tested cure! With a single injection—" she flourishes a shiny, sharp needle— "Khorvad-19 is knocked out in a minute! It gets in the lungs, does a tremendous number on the lungs." She shakes her head sadly, and sets a glass jar on the ground. "Alas, this disinfectant is in limited stock. But another cure is being tested by the Silver City's best researchers: by bringing light into the body, through the skin or in some other way, we can kill the plague in an elven secon
  6. I might be coming back for the next map, but my previous forum posts are intensely embarrassing, and there's no delete function, so I'm formally disowning ALL of my past content! This seems like a good solution to a problem I'm sure many old players face. Oh, and I also disown my characters and roleplay. Now introducing: Shoalstone.
  7. Einhart crosses his arms while reading a poster nailed to a building's wall. "Frost witches, huh...? Never heard of 'em, but they sound... egregious? That a good word?" He fills out the application, pausing every so often to consider his choices in life. IGN: Azureth Persona name: Einhart Race: Human Age: 20 Where you hold residence: I don't have a home. Where I hold residence is with my hands, of course; why would I hold a residence with anything else?
  8. Notes have been left in several locations throughout Vailor, held to wooden structures by a dagger. "I am Vulaver Evarindor, and I'd like to either purchase a building or be given one for use as a restaurant. I and my partner Opertunity will be serving delicious food and good drinks very often ((We'll be active)). We would prefer a location in a populated city, obviously. It'd also be fine to have an independent structure just outside of one. If possible, access to a small farm outside the building would be nice. Most of these requests probably can't be filled, but I'll put
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