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  1. Tári-Sílûrîs, once Orelia, Scholar of Acre, felt the tension in her brow grow as she read and reread the missive. She glanced back towards her husband. @MalchediaelVult "Nay, I believe they do mean to invoke his name. A strange relation to bear openly, to be sure. I didn't believe there were any still living who remembered that name fondly. . ." A heavy sigh left her thin frame as she shook her head. "I suppose the real question now is, do we attend?"
  2. "Let us rise anew from the ashes." Tári-Orelia utters as she gazes upon the smoldering ruins of the Scholarium.
  3. Orelia stood solemnly in the darkened hours of the night, her gaze carrying out from the small cottage she had once called her Scholarium. From the window, she saw the silhouette of Castle Vilain. How mighty it once stood. She had no way of knowing that it was the final resting place of young Odille, but somehow in the back of her mind she knew that a good soul rested there. There would always be a Vilain to guard those halls, even long after they had all passed.
  4. Tári-Orelia, gazes into the plains of the Barrowlands with satisfaction. She could see them. The magnificent beasts. She knew they were doing God's work.
  5. The Royal Prohibition of Hadrian Casimir It has come to the attention of the Crown of the Barrowlands, that the Prince of Balian, known as Hadrian Casimir, has directly slighted and insulted the honor of one of the Crown Princesses of the Barrowlands. Leaving his Father’s side during a diplomatic mission, he propositioned her and insulted her honor and virtue. Not only did the Prince seek such relations without permission from her Royal Highness, nor her Father, he did so knowing that he has a fiance, the Lady Andromeda Ester of the noble house of Basrid. Among the many foul words he levied at the Fair Princess, he in particular mentioned that, “it’s only Adultery when it’s after marriage”. A statement most foul, befitting only of a true lecher. It can only be assumed that the Prince of Balian, Hadrian Casimir had perhaps, in a moment of madness, mistook the godly and pious country of the Barrowlands as Orenia of yore. Upon bringing this information to King Alexander I of Balian, an understanding was gained. Thus, the King of the Barrowlands issues this decree. From henceforth: The Prince of Balian, Hadrian Casimir, shall be prohibited from entering any lands owned or to be owned by the Crown of the Barrowlands, or any name they might hold in the future. Should this ban be violated, Hadrian Casimir shall, in accordance with the law of the Barrowlands, be apprehended as a hostage, and, if it is found that further attempts to elicit sinful behavior from the denizens of the Barrowlands were made, he shall be stoned to death for the crime of adultery, also in accordance with the law of this land. His Royal Majesty by the Grace of GOD, Tar-Uriel, King and Protector of the Adunians, Lord of the Barrowlands, Chieftain of the Faithful Harren’hil, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm Her Royal Majesty, Tári-Orelia, Queen of Barrowton, Lady of the Barrowlands, Scholar of the Sun
  6. Can we get one last Dynamap update for the road :)

  7. Orelia surveys the brickwork as she wanders the undercroft. How peculiar, the mortar appears fresh on one portion... And then, right before her, a single chip breaks free from the stonework. All of a sudden, the sound of a strangely elf-like gas leak seeped from the hole. With a frown she promptly slathered some nearby fresh mortar onto the opening. Thank goodness Barrowton had a few canaries down here... Clearly gas was quite the problem.
  8. Orelia reclined in her home, having missed the ordeal. Her brow furrowed. "Do all Barclays float? I suppose I float.. But well.. Hrm.." She continued to ponder what her future husband could have meant by this method of testing for the rest of the morning.
  9. Orelia the Scholar was lost in thought, sat quietly in the home she and her future husband had been given in Minitz. A deep sigh left her lips, her hand wiping against her brow to purge sweat that wasn't there. She had warned him. Everything, she had predicted. The war, the price he would pay, even the rise of evil in his host. As she sat, she pondered. . . Why hadn't he listened? Back when he could have prevented any of the strife that had been sown. . .
  10. Orelia, the Scholar of Acre, receives news of her people's folly from her campsite in the midst of the Northern woods. After a Saint's day of isolation to visit ancestral lands, word has finally arrived. She clutches the babe swaddled to her chest close as she finally learns what has occurred in the time she had left. Unknowable emotions flickered across her visage. "What I loved is gone." She utters simply, and turns her gaze to the stars as she wonders what to do next.
  11. Orelia plops down onto one of the soft couches decorating her Library in the lands of Acre. She peels her leathers from herself, taking a long breath after her foray in the woods. It was only a matter of time. She took a moment to relax, before turning to read the missives received while she had been on her trek through the domain of the Demon. Her head bobbed as she scanned over the recounting of the meeting. "Ah, so Chloe was made Minister. A surprising yet joyous turn of events. I'll have to return soon." She mused idly to herself, taking a nearby rag to wipe sweat and grime from her brow.
  12. Upon ever being asked what Orelia thought of her family's business, she would always respond the same: "I'm actually a big Baerte of Acre fan, but I suppose the Darkwood Smiths are second best."
  13. S t a r s t e e l

  14. FROM SAND TO STONE Across the Grand Duchy of Balian, a missive is spread. Penned by Orelia the Scholar, in preparation for her campaign. The papers describe the policies of the Scholaris Naturae, along with the goals of her term and vision for the future of the Duchy. It is a fundamental truth, that for the future of a people, foundations must be constructed. Firm and strong. Built by the powerful to cradle the weak. To elicit peace and prosperity in which their children may live. It is no surprise then, that Balian faces adversity unknown. Demons encroach upon Almaris, men take beastly forms, nations rise and fall, and the diplomacy table grows only more tense. But those are issues that face all nations. Balian in particular has no end of troubles itself. Built upon unsteady sand and drought-ridden dirt, forged of refugees and found families. A village of Nobles and Commoners, made all the more difficult by the Peasant’s triumph in Acre. I could list on and on the reasoning of why the foundations of this land are unsuited for the life we wish to sustain. I take no pride in titles. This may come as a surprise, considering I am running as a Noble candidate. It is not that I look down upon such things, rather that I see others as more important. I ask you, what benefits the city? The people? What can be done, not to improve superficial ideals, but the very ground we stand upon. These are things that I have considered quite carefully. As I am facing the Demon of Dobrov, I face the issues that plague this land with similar fervor. When the Beasts come to end our reign, they will find a strong Balian. Suffering not from the petty squabbles of similar nations, but from success. In light of this goal, I present to you, the goals and policies of my campaign: The establishment of a full overhaul of the trade performed in the City, the goal being that each Noble Family within the city would be required to take a full trade under their jurisdiction. These would include Agriculture, Arms, Carpentry, Textiles, and other artisan disciplines. They will not be wrestling these trades from the common folk, instead overseeing them and proposing ways to uplift and encourage the growth of their given trade. In tandem with the previous goal, Nobility should no longer be forced to rely on petty means to increase or decrease their standing. Service above all. In taking over different aspects of Trade, they might prove their worth, while also gaining more agency over their own rise. So too would we reward military service, the eradication of beasts, and the procurement of foreign goods. By establishing better marked disciplines within the city, more jobs may be opened for the common folk. It is the duty of the Nobility to establish such employment opportunities, and to care for the citizens under their jurisdiction. Finally, the preparation for years to come. Under my direct guidance, the establishment of a guild or office directly suited and meant for the destruction of Beasts, and all manner of vermin which seek to cause unrest to the citizens of Balian. This would be done in partnership with the Lectors and other Adventuring agencies across Almaris, should they accept. This will not be in opposition to the Army, rather any military or civilian personnel may join with the office in order to learn how to defend the city from harm in the event of an invasion from monstrous forces. Though not all that I aim to accomplish, these main goals provide a lens through which to view myself. I would have you all know me for who I am. I am a Scholar. An enemy to the dark. A friend to the people. Through knowledge do we rise. I encourage any and all, who wish to discuss my views, or to simply treaty with my mind, to seek me out within the city. Or of course, to send a bird prompting a meeting. FROM SAND TO STONE, HAMMERED FIRM, Orelia Irina Darkwood, Scholaris Naturae
  15. SURNAME: Darkwood FIRST NAME: Orelia ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Hogius 4 FACTION(NOBILITY OR COMMONER): Nobility YEAR OF BIRTH: 59 SA Are you registered and eligible to vote? Yes ((MC NAME)): Sseva_
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