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  1. Honestly, someone tell me how to delete all the old posts from when I was twelve.

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    2. Waibiao


      I’d say just delete the account and make a new one ?

    3. Glammy


      I long for death

    4. rukio


      Just ask a mod to help you go through and delete stuff.

      Also you can delete old status updates, you know this yeah?


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    2. Gusano


      but im not online

    3. Glammy


      get online you fabulous person

    4. Gusano


      but i also have to do quality high elven roleplay today :((

  3. We're all mad here, Right?

    1. yagrilcheshire



    2. Glammy



    3. yagrilcheshire



  4. To whoever I was roleplaying with, I need to be off the server for a while, feel free to send me a fourms message if you want to finish our roleplay.

  5. I'm sorry whoever I was roleplaying with, but I had to go! Even though the minecraft server crashed.

  6. Nekky bb. I see that your profile picture is a Tyrion gif. You are beloved even more now.

  7. Wtf is up with the server, lord.

  8. Application Format RP Name: Eeon [Insert Last name here] MC name: GlammyLovesYou IRP Age: 38 Who would you be inside the family tree? (Ex: Aiden's Brother / or someone else) : I'm okay with whatever, I'm not sure what roles are available in the family. Description of char: Eeon is 2'8 feet tall. He has dark brown hair, and different colored eyes [One Blue, One Brown]. He wears a green shirt, with red trim and brown work pants.
  9. “Come see me dance! Hey, what can it hurt? It’s just a dance, to the rhythm of the Tambourine!” ~Lyna~ Basic Information [Lee-nah] Nicknames: Lyn, Ly, Ly-Ly Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Human [Far Folk] Status: Low Status Description Height: 5’5 Weight: 157 pounds Body Description: Curvy; Wide hips. Slightly chubby. Very beautiful. Eyes: Emerald Green Hair: Black Skin: Semi-Dark skin, Light Tan Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Good health Sexuality: Bisexual [Male Preference] Personality Traits: [Negative] Skeptical of men- “Too many men with only one thing on their minds.” [Negative] Impulsive- “Think? Why would I think, instead of just doing?” [Negative] Easily Hurt- “People are just mean. Nothing is different with me.” (It mostly depends on their actions.) [Negative] Ignorant- “Pardon my ignorance, but what is….” (Not too bad, as long as you actually teach her) [Negative] Commitment Issues- “M-Marriage? No. I’m too young. I’m not ready.” [Negative] Impressionable- “Ohhh. You see it that way? Well, I guess I do too.” [Neutral] Talkative- “Oh? Talk too much? Nah, but did I ever tell you about…” [Neutral] Peaceful- “Violence is hardly ever the answer.] [Good] Positive- “It’s gonna get better! I can feel it.” [Good] Open minded- “Hmm, Okay. I accept that.” [Good] Cheerful- “Self explanatory, no?” [Good] Diligent- “I’ll keep working, best I can!” [Good] Trustworthy- “I won’t tell anyone.” [Good] Self Loving- “I am beautiful, just the way I am.” [Good] Resourceful- “We could use this… and this..” Inventory: Lyna keeps very few on her, as she has very few. Tambourine [Prize Possession, kept at her right hip.] Medium Leather Satchel [Clothes kept inside, Usually hidden somewhere where she can find it, but people don’t take it.] Simple Small Dagger [Kept in satchel with her clothes. She uses it VERY RARELY, and only would if she positively had to.] Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Allegiance/Nation/Home: In Lyna’s words, “My only allegiance are myself, my people, my family, and my cause.” Job/Class: Street Performer [Dancer] Skill(s): Dancing [Talent; VERY good at it.] Singing [Talent; Good at.] Tailory [Good at; Makes her own clothes.] Cooking [Okay at; Basic knowledge.] Fighting [Not good at; Can only use her dagger, and only does so in needed situations] Reading [Terrible at; Cannot read. Lyna can only read her name.] Writing [Terrible at; Cannot write. Lyna can only write her name.] [Terrible] Art: Theme Song(s): [The whole female part, is her theme]
  10. Nah, not really a blessing. Just the way I worded it, I guess I could change it. But Cersei views it as she is blessed to be different.
  11. I have the best aids.




    Lemon aids


    1. Alatus


      Good thing Tein got himself some sheepskin protection

  12. “So you think only a woman, can truly love a man? You buy me the dress, I’ll be more woman than a man like you can stand.” -Jordan Gai’la- Basic Information: Jordan has quite a cheerful attitude and look Nicknames: Jordi Age: 53 Gender: Male [Often mistaken for a female.] Race: High-Elven Description Jordan is small, with soft pointed features. Jordan is seen as feminine. Height: 5’4 Weight: 89 pounds Body Type: Delicate, petite build. Very thin. Eyes: a dark shade of aquamarine Hair: silvery ash-blonde, reaches down to his first rib. Skin: pale ivory Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: in good health Sexuality: Homosexual Mental state: Mentally healthy, Minor Narcissistic behavior “You’ve got to dance like there’s no body watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s no body listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.” Personality traits: [Negative] Impatient- Jordan doesn’t know how to wait. [Negative] Low attention span- OH what’s that?! [Negative] Driven by Desires- if jordan really wants something, his actions may be driven by said thing. [Negative] Narcissistic- Only to a minor degree, but still there. It’s obvious if you get to know him. [Neutral] Suspicious of behavior- Jordan has learned to be suspicious for his own life. [Positive] Social- even though jordan has a lot to say about people, he is still social. [Positive] Kind- Jordan is genuine with his kindness to people [Positive] Affectionate- To those he loves, Jordan is affectionate with the way he treats them. [Positive] Intelligent- self explanatory. [Positive] Personal Problem solver- Jordan is smart with what he says, and what he does. He is very careful, and prevents problems for himself and those he cares about. [Positive] Accepting/Open Minded- Jordan accepts most things. “I am not a fighter, So I rise my mind as a weapon.” Alignment: neutral good Deity: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: Haelon’or “I’m not perfect, and I don’t live to be, But before you start pointing fingers, Make sure your hands are clean Skill(s): [Very skilled at] Tailory [skilled at] Harp [skilled at] singing [good at] cooking [good at] painting [Very unskilled at] fighting [unskilled at] dance
  13. Exactly! Irl, she's one inch shorter, but we have different body types. So I was mildly confused.
  14. Pfff, I have issues with figuring out how heavy REAL people are. I'm gonna have her be 132 instead~
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