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  1. I think overall this is a better option than what was on the table before. I have several issues that we can address in pms if you’d like my input but overall I think the lore is solid. The up in the air nature of the current lore as led most witches to grow inactive (myself included) and I think this will bring people back to their characters. I don’t have a problem with the force PKs because since there is currently no consequences for death, it is a way for groups like frosties to self police. If you’ve complained about slice of life ice gf rp in the past this is a good way for witches to have the power to prevent other players from making that the culture around the lore.
  2. The Driftwood Non-Aggression Pact, 1682 On this date, 14th of the First Seed 1682, do we mark a strive forward in the name of peace and prosperity. As the Dominion of Malin, ruled fairly and justly by our esteemed Queen Renn Calithil, and the Trade Federation of Sutica, ruled by the Trade Princess Cyrene have signed an accord to further maintain and ensure a pact of non-aggression by the two nations. The following terms go into effect henceforth; I. Non-Aggression: The Dominion of Malin and the Trade Federation of Sutica shall not aggress the other signatory in any form of transgression of the other signatory’s state law. Both signatories officially recognize the sovereign borders of each realm and their sovereign rule, as well as relinquish any concurrent military footholds within these borders. Military personnel of each signatory will not occupy territories within the other signatory’s realm, and will refrain from aggressing their immediate borders. Both signatories will refrain from initiating conflict or warfare against the other signatory in any form; this is inclusive but not limited to: declaration of war, campaigning within their borders, espionage, denouncement, skulduggery, etcetera. II. Trade: The borders of either signatories shall be open to trade and secure routes by both naval and land access. Trade between both signatories shall be unrestricted non inclusive of economic law, allowing the mercantile classes of either to sell their wares freely without discrimination. The above pact is to undergo a reviewal process every 8 years, and if the approval process does not succeed within a year of starting the approval process, the pact shall be considered invalid. Signed, Her Eminence the Queen Renn Calithil; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lady of the Woodland Realms, Defender of the Loftywoods, Barrowlands, and Grove. Inheritor likewise of the Exalted Legacy of Old Normandor, Leumalin and Luminaire. Shepherd of the Elder Blood; True and Rightful Lady of the Fae, and Chosen of the Aspects Ambassador Morrigyn Selenin; Emissary to the Dominion of Malin Her Highness the Trade Princess Cyrene Riel; Crown Monarch of the Federation of Sutica and Sovereign Lady of the Drake Isles
  3. hi fellow new yorker

  4. Sorry about that! I'm on massive meds so I must have missed it. That one has been ripped to death so I doubt there's any hope for it. Thanks for souring then!
  5. I would appreciate seeing the art sourced on this post (pm me if you need help with anything, I think you have my discord). Otherwise, this lore is cohesive and easy to understand. This is a great example of long lore that doesn't seem bloated or pointless, and I can't wait to see it impacts in roleplay.
  6. Imagine people powergaming and getting away with it forever...... even if it's blatant... or the fact that death has no meaning on lotc and drives people away.... oh wait
  7. Why do you feel thulean druidism is more exclusive in it's current state than Soul Puppetry, or Strigas, or even Blood Magic itself? It's not like Cameron doesn't take students or doesn't recruit, but that is made doubly hard by the druids hunting people down for being in any way connected to his characters. If multiple people other than Cameron attain the disconnection feat (like Mitto and Eli), it wouldn't be in his pocket at all. Regular druidism can disconnect people so to me it only makes sense that this form of druidism has the same availability, to me if thulean druidism were just a feat and not associate with a circle, it would make less sense. But it is associated with the 'Shadow Circle'.
  8. Laur

    Laur's Skins

    Here's some skins I've made: https://imgur.com/a/FqmJ5 The default price is 1000 but if it's less than a full skin we can negotiate lower. (750 for no head/hair adjustments most likely) I'll have 3 slots open at any one time and will only take on more requests when I've done all 3. First come, first serve, I'd mostly like to do female skins because I can't be bothered to do armor. I'll be doing these between my already ridiculously busy animation schedule, but expect a day or so turn around (under a week, I work freelance so I know how not to be dumb). Message me on Discord please.... @Laur S'more#4957 or on the forums (discord is better though) 1. Dark_elf01 2. Open 3. Open Form: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Character Card/References (the more the better):
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