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    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Tribe of The Four Lakes Peshkno stood at the mouth of the Owashtanong River, watching as canoes entered and exited the near endless river which separated the northern and southern portions of his peninsula. The ambience of where nature and civilization met harmoniously could play in his ears forever, yet as always he would eventually need to turn his ears to his tribe. Up high in the sky, Peshkno spotted a bald eagle catching a sparrow in it's beak. The eagle, a symbol of courage and limitless potential, happened to be Peshkno's namesake (for in his tongue, 'peshkno' meant 'eagle'). The duty of the eagle, to many, was to carry messages from the living to the spirits. In this sense, eagles and sacred fire held similar purposes. Where the fire sent material gifts to the spirits in the form of smoke, eagles sent messages to the spirits in the form of their echoing cry. Countless years ago, the fire had another meaning to the Algonquian tribes. In these years, Potawatomi met with the tribes of Ojibwe and Odawa in council. The three tribes would meet on Michilimackinac, or as the white men would later call it, Mackinac Island; to discuss matters of military and diplomatic importance. This meeting would come to be known as the Council of Three Fires; Odawa being the 'older brother' and 'keeper of the faith', Ojibwe being the 'middle brother' and 'keeper of trade', and Potawatomi being the 'younger brother' and 'keeper of the fire'. Actions Work goes into retrofitting old canoes with sails and into transforming them into the larger galleys which the tribe had researched. 2,000 Gold [MOD] The tribe cuts off trade with the Miami Tribe, instructing traders to instead direct their goods towards the close Potawatomi ally, the Chud. With their strange city being along Lake Michigan, they are told it will not be as difficult a journey. Potawatomi braves are instructed in amphibious combat as well as naval techniques. The braves are told to assemble themselves in groups of twenty. Braves who prove particularly adept in amphibious combat are assigned a shaman to provide assistance to the group. 1,000 Gold [MOD] Sharing a common language, the Potawatomi send emissaries to the Ojibwe and the Odawa in order to further strengthen relations and to call upon the tribes to meet once more in the Council of Three Fires. The tribes are told that they will convene upon Michilimackinac in one year's time. 1,000 Gold [MOD]
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    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Tribe of The Four Lakes The Potawatomi Chief smiled faintly as he sat in his spot at the end of the massive longhouse. The tribe's best had been invited inside for a feast, including the shaman who had innovated the Potawatomi Lake magics. Included in the Longhouse were the Chief's trusted advisors, his wives, the Mayan magic-men, and many others. Peshkno raised his staff high into the air, standing to his feet. The many decorative stones and bones on his staff rattled as he shook it violently. He spoke with triumph to the large gathering, "Esteemed Tribesmen! Mayans! In our pursuit for knowledge and spiritual guidance, we have found fruit. Indeed, our calls to Macha have been answered, and through hard work and meditation of mind, our Shamans have come to the answer!" He gestures to the Shaman as a large bowl of water is placed in front of him. The Shaman closes his eyes, muttering Proto-Algonquian rites under his breath and moving his hands over the large wooden bowl. Suddenly, the Shaman's rites become louder as his eyes open, his eyes filled with only white. The chanting continues until eventually, the gathering notices the water in the bowl begin to rise under the Shaman's fingertips. Slowly, threads of clear water rise from the bowl, winding around the elder's fingers like a corkscrew. Then, the man's eyes suddenly close and the water quickly reverses it's motion back into the bowl. After exchanging words with one another, partaking in the feast, and giving thanks to Macha, the High Chief led his company outside. There, the entire village had been gathered around the Sacred Fire, throwing offerings of value into the blazing pit for them to be passed on to the Macha and other spirits. The Sacred Fire had always been a holy site to the Potawatomi, even before they rediscovered the magics latent within the Lakes. The tribe believed that fire was the only way for souls and possessions to pass on from their plane. This particular fire had been used to cremate the dead chiefs of the tribe for untold millennia. There, the village looked to their Chief, halting their activities as Peshkno raised his staff to speak, "Good Tribe! On this day we celebrate and rejoice to our new-found wisdom. Yet, our toil shall not falter at a single accomplishment! We are to take back the lands which are ours by right, and be prosperous in the materials these lands provide us. No longer are we the scratching tree of the Lake-lands. On these days, we are it's defender!" (Depiction of the Lake Goddess, Macha) Actions The tribe sends soldiers (5k) and scouts to secure the Upper Peninsula and establish a Military settlement there. Among it's retinue, Peshkno sends his trusted translator to translate the local Algonquin dialects of any natives they find in the area. 5,000 Gold [MOD] The tribe continues it's research into the development of sea-faring instruments for catching hold of the wind and speed along a larger ship's movement. 4,000 Gold (9,000 Gold Total) [MOD] The tribe funds a gathering of Mayan minds and Potawatomi shamans for the two to teach each other of the magics of the two great cultures. To speed the process along, the Shamans will be taught Mayan as well. 1,000 Gold [MOD] Research is aided in the use and manipulation of the strange, grey metal for future use in tools and weapons. 4,000 Gold [MOD]
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    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Tribe of The Four Lakes The Chieftain was making his rounds around the village when a grizzled shaman made his way to him. His face was covered in ash and he approached Peshkno with purpose. He spoke with the grizzled, aged voice one would come to expect from the shamans, "High Chief, other shamans would rather rest and be slothful when presented with an opportunity to prove themselves. I would not. Would you hear my proposal?" Peshkno waved his hand over the shaman's head in respect of his elder. "Indeed. Tell me your name and what you intend to accomplish. I will decide whether to fund you." He nods, signalling the elder to speak. "Thank you so much, High Chief. I am Shaman Nektosha of the village, Wapun." He continues, "In my pursuit of knowledge, I have seen many things. But, the waves and shoals of Her Lakes are by far the most wondrous our world has to offer us. And as I walk across those grand fields of water, I know that there may be a day in which I could ask Macha for control of the waters which surround me. To command Her great waves!" The chieftain simply nodded as he looked over upon Lake Michigami. Canoes slowly meandered across it's surface, awakening the still surface of the lake with a faint rippling trail behind them. The lake was named Michigami by their Proto-Algonquian ancestors, meaning 'Great Water'. Ever since it stuck, as it was the first of the many lakes to be discovered by the nomadic people. He turned to Nektosha, a stoic visage shielding his gaze. "If your judgement is correct, wise elder, your tribe will be eternally grateful for your contributions." Actions The Chieftain continues to invest into magical research, deciding to invest gold into the shaman's idea of potentially being able to control the flow of water. A field which could prove useful for other potential research. 2,000 Gold [MOD] Trade is established with Ottawa and, reluctantly, with Miami. Emissaries are sent to Huron and Lenape territory in a desperate attempt to establish trade with them. 1,000 Gold [MOD] The Chieftain proposes a design for a new ship, larger and with the capacity to hold around twenty rowers and about fifty men in total. The ship would be composed of incredibly lightweight wood and, a concept recently new to the Potawatomi, sails. It became apparent to the chieftain that the current state of canoes would not be able to sustain the tribe for long. 5,000 Gold [MOD] Work is done to establish mines near the two major settlements in the lower peninsula. 5,000 Gold [MOD]
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    [Recruiting] The Coin

    ((IGN)): Vilebranches Name: Daqr al-Amun Age: 31 Chosen Role: Crook Race: Farfolk ((Do you have discord and/or willing to get it?)): Vilebranches#8810
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    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Tribe of The Four Lakes Since the day of the unification of lower Michigan and the centralization of Potawatomi power, the economy of the Four Lake Tribe has begun to falter. With most nearby potential trading partners being former enemies to Potawatomi, their nation was in an interesting predicament. It was decided by the great leader, that the only way to sustain the Four lake Tribe was to venture out across his bountiful lakes and establish trade with the nearby tribes along the Erie and Ontario lakes, towards the lands of Huron, Iroquois, and Shawnee. On top of such problems, lay the culturally important research and findings of their shamans. It was the duty of the shamans to connect with the Lake Goddess, Macha, and to advance in her teachings of the lake. It was the ultimate goal of the spiritually inclined to advance in Lake Magic. However, as of late her teachings have dwindled and the effort being put into magical advancement has all but halted. So, to keep the Potawatomi culture alive, High Chief Peshkno created a small reserve of gold to supply to local shamans who came to a fundamental break-through in magical research. But of course, the most obvious problem plaguing the newly expanded nation was the result of past grudges of it's borders. The Miami Tribe seemed to be the only centralized tribe remaining on Potawatomi's border, to the south west. It was only natural to bolster the Four Lakes' infantry reserves in case of a future invasion from the south. However, not much was invested due to the obvious lack of resources. Actions Investment into establishing trade throughout Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with the tribes along it's coasts. 5,000 Gold [MOD] [The Alamnian Tribe] A pot is set up to fund and encourage shamans to research the mystical and arcane energies of the Lakes. 5,000 Gold [MOD] Working to train 2,000 Infantrymen. 2,000 Gold [MOD]
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    The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: Tribe of the Four Lakes (Potawatomi) Ruler: High Chief Beshkno Desired Magic: Water Walking Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): Within the legends and oral histories told by Potawatomi shamans, there is one which rings true more than any other. The Lake Goddess, Macha, who came on the Far Northern winds and taught their people how to draw upon the latent energies of the Great Lakes. This Goddesses teachings created the foundation of Potawatomi culture and religion. Weekly, offerings are given to the Lake Goddess so that she may one day return home. The Potawatomi used a combination of clever diplomacy and grand warfare to unite the lower peninsula under one Chief. Chief Beshkno, a man who is claimed by shamans to be a reincarnation of Macha, used his superior might and knack for diplomacy to negotiate the surrender of the Sauk and Fox tribes without any bloodshed. Having regained his strength and bolstered his numbers; he pushed Ojibwe, Erie, and Miami alike out of the lower peninsula, seeking to prosper under the newly established borders and numbers of his nation. Skype: hepatitis_of_bees
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    1000 A.D.

    The Khmer Empire Statistics Population: 1.5 Million Military: Sparsely Armored and generally equipped with pole arms and long swords Troops: 400 War Elephants, 2000 Trained Archers, 2000 Trained Light Infantry, 9000 Peasant Levies Navy: 30-40 Ships Actions A missive is sent to Dai Viet in an attempt to get the fledgling nation to join Khmer in a joint war. Khmer promises Dai Viet the lands north of Amaravati and a pact of non-aggression following the war. The Champan diplomats are safely sent back to their country in order to tell their kings that Khmer is ready to spill blood should Champa not surrender willingly. Troops positioned along the Champan border will hold their position, drilling day and night for a possible attack. Nobles and Officers will survey the surrounding areas, recruiting men from nearby villages into the army. The Navy in the Tonle Sap is to be bolstered by building more ships. The labor in this process will be accomplished with slaves. When the project is finished, the remaining troops will be ushered onto the ships and prepared for a naval invasion of Champa.
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    1000 A.D.

    The Khmer Empire King Jayavarman V knew that his death would come soon enough. At the age of 43, it was time that he began to prepare his throne for his heir, Crown Prince Jayavarman VI. Yet his son wasn't a charismatic heir to the great empire his lineage had created. Various noble houses sought the empire for themselves and peasants, as well as slaves, around the eastern border were at constant threat of being attacked by the Champa Kingdoms. With those recent threats accounted for, the King set his sights to the rough map which decorated a wall in his living space. The nearby Mon kingdoms of Thaton, Pegu and Hariphunchai proved to be useful for future expansion and should be captured soon as to curb the rapid expansion of the Pagan Kingdom. The Champa Kingdoms were another issue entirely. With their borders as close as they are to Angkor, the rival kingdoms posed a serious threat to the continued prosperity of his empire. Not only this, but the confederacy these kingdoms created could easily threaten the centralized power of Cambodia and plant nothing short of heretical thoughts into his court. If he intended for his empire to last for millennia, the Champans would have to be snuffed out. As far as he was concerned with allies, only three potential candidates remained. It had been the Dali Kingdom and the Srivijayan Empire who had first brought Mahayana Buddhism to Cambodia and already the religion flourished among the lower class. The Dali were an outsider, generally, who could truly only spell trouble with such a powerful enemy as the Song. The Srivijayans, however, were a powerful trade empire. Without their aid, he knew he would be unable to continue being as prosperous as his empire currently is. And lastly came the outlier of Đại Việt. Having only just appeared as a power some twenty years ago, Jayavarman V was suspicious to their motives but decided to mark them down as a potential ally. He knew that the Vietnamese were at odds with the Champa Kingdoms so he hardly hesitated to open up diplomatic relations with the fledgling nation. Within the Khmer nation, the divide between followers of the Hindu faith and those of Mahayana Buddhism was all too prevalent. Jayavarnam V knew that in order to remain in power, he would have to consolidate religious practice. Actions Emissaries are sent to the neighboring states of the Srivijayan Empire and the Dali Kingdom to possibly improve trade relations and to push for a possible non-aggression pact. To the Srivijayan Empire: To the Kingdom of Dali: Diplomats are sent to Đại Việt in an attempt to open up diplomatic relations with the fledgling nation. The diplomats will deliver a chest of various spices such as star anise, coriander, and turmeric. Should they not arrive back it will be considered as a formal act of war. The construction of camps and small defensible forts is ordered along the Khmer-Champa border and an army of ten thousand is ordered to occupy the border. (One hundred war elephants, one thousand light archers, six hundred light infantry, and eight thousand peasant levies.) King Jayavarman V officially announces that the Khmer Empire recognizes both the Hindu faith and the Buddhist faith as spiritual options for every citizen of the empire, and that the King will soon announce an official leader to the Buddhist faith in Cambodia.
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    1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Application Country/Tribe: Khmer Empire Leader: Paramesvara Jayavarman V Population: 1.5 Million History: The Khmer Empire was a Buddhist state which took control of a majority of Southeast Asia. The nation was well-known for the massive temple city of Angkor which was home to more than a million people and was the most populated non-industrialized city of it's time. The Empire's influence spread across Asia and peacefully resisted the Muslims to it's South. Do you have Discord?: Yeah, I'll send it in pms
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    The Bull's Peak

    Ugluk is the third son of Gorkil. His name was once shouted across the desert with unyielding ferocity. Now his name is all but forgotten. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stargush'Stro It didn't take long for Skörkon and Falum'Lur to stumble upon the magnificent beast. The bull towered over them like the silhouette of a statue to some divine bovine god. It's almost dreamlike form stretched it's neck to the grass, grazing upon the yellow needles which shot out of the savanna's soil. The scene was picturesque in it's brilliance, with vivid yellows and oranges covering the area in a permanent sunset. Skörkon stopped in his tracks for just a moment to gaze upon the majestic creature. However, the bull spotted them and began to sprint away. It's cloven feet thundered across the savanna. Falum, however, kept sprinting after the imposing creature. "Keep up, brother. These spirits are tricky to follow!" Skörkon's massive legs sprinted after Falum, hitting the ground like hollowed logs. The two chase after the bull, their forms blurred and drifting as they run. It goes without saying that the laws which normally apply in Atlas no longer apply in the realm of spirits. As the two chased the bull, their surroundings quickly changed. From an expansive savanna, to an endless desert, to a shifting canyon and finally to the highest peak among the clouds. Falum stopped as the bull sprinted off of the cliff, dissipating into a heavy trail of smoke. "This place looks familiar.. He is near." "Where do we go from here?" Falum pointed to a nearby opening among the rocks. A faint white glow emanated from the darkness of the cave. As they entered, the smooth, red stone warped into the coarse sandstone of the desert. The cave was kept intact by several massive sandstone pillars. The walls were covered in unintelligible hieroglyphs and an imposing throne sat at the end of the chamber. A faint white silhouette of an orc floated in front of one of the walls, staring intently at the hieroglyphs. "Drokon. It's been some time." Drokon's form shifted away from the wall, his eyes fixed on Skörkon. The spirit floated across the chamber without shape towards the young orcs. "I must thank you for bringing Skörkon here, old friend. I did not expect anyone to visit me here." "It is not a problem. I must concentrate or I may pass out. Skörkon, ask what you wished to ask." Skörkon closed his eyes, attempting to recall what it was he intended to ask. He then raised his gaze to Drokon's shadowy figure, who had since drifted towards him. "I wish I could have met you in better times, Drokon. My father said many great things about you. But in truth, I lay without purpose. My father's clan is all but dead and I do not know what to do." The spirit placed it's hand upon Skorkon's scarred shoulder. A faint outline of the bull skull which once resonated from the scars on his skin all that remained. "Ugluk has been dwindling for a long time, my brother. Do what you think is right for the clan, but I disbanded the clan after I was the last of my kind." "But what is right? Am I to just allow the world to forget my ancestors, my clan? I just do not know. There are some who should be forgotten, like Moreg. But those who did not fail and preserved Ugluk have me and the future generation to rely on." Drokon floated away, his spectral hand stroking his chin. He loomed there some time, contemplating Skörkon's words. The young orc's eyes drifted to the sandstone flooring. "Not everyone is to be remembered forever, Skörkon. That's why it's easier to speak with me than with Lur or Gorkil, or even Pok. It's the Tale you pass on which keeps you close to the Mortal realm. It is the legacy you wish to leave." Drokon drew nearer to the young Ugluk once more, stony-eyed and tired. Skörkon pushed his face up to meet him, staring the aged spirit fiercely "Then that is what I shall start with. I will make my name remembered. I will start with ensuring that the names of the clans and legacies that are still around are remembered." "Do what you must and live a long and prosperous life, brother. My time may be over but you are still to reach your prime." Drokon loomed over to his sandstone throne, placing a hand on it's arm. Falum spoke up, his usual wearisome appearance seeming even more withered and frail. "Our time is up. We must leave."
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    GobTek PMC.

    GobTek PMC. ‘Progress before Morals’ Research and Development GobTek offers one of the finest goblinoid work-forces on Axios and promises quality assurance on any and all goods purchased from our RnD Department. If you ever have problems with our products, simply contact our legal department and they will gladly send your money back, free of charge! We here at GobTek pride ourselves in excellent customer service, so should you ever have a problem, don’t be afraid to send a bird our way! Current projects in RnD include but are not limited to; Cow-to-Speech Analyzers, Hyper-Thanhic Explosives, ‘The Thunder Lute’, and Finding out what purpose Elves have on Axios. Our elite team of highly-trained goblin tinkers are working day-in and day-out to ensure your products are made to perfection. (Expect word from our legal department within 15 to 20 years should you attempt contact. Gobtek PMC. does not promise refunds for dysfunctional or malfunctional products.) Corporate Protection To protect GobTek assets and ensure the general well-being of our customers, GobTek would like to announce that we now employ guards and contractors within our ranks! GobTek offers their services to you at little expense to you. After all, can you really put a price on peace of mind? Indeed, for only one hundred minas a cactus day you and those close to you can enjoy all that life has to offer completely fear free. Our patented bodyguards may even offer discounts from time to time, so be sure to hire them while they’re available! Just as with our products, we want you to feel safe with our Hired-Protection agents keeping you alive, so should you have any problems with our agents, simply send word to our legal department. Register Now! Are you in desperate need of honest cash? Do you live in constant squalor because you’re unable to pay your human/elven/dwarven taxes? Are you simply looking to jumpstart a career in engineering or private contracting? Do you simply want to join GobTek? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then GobTek would love to invite you into our welcoming family! We employ people of all races and walks of life in our company, and we would be honoured to employ someone such as yourself. Simply fill out the registration info below and our legal department will decide whether you’re GobTek material or not. Application Name: Age: Race: Notable Skills: Place of Residence: ((OOC Information)) Username: Professions: Discord ID:
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    [Bounty]Rex-Slayer Dungoth

    "Dere am nubthin' which wuld zatizfi mi more den tu peep diz ting ded..." Moreg says, peering down at the paper and giving his bull a friendly patting. "GLORI OR FLAT!"
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    Iron Bull Slaver Guild

    Moreg scratches his chin, reading over the notice and halting upon reading the lesser race list. "But... Ologz are dezcendants and are orcz. Ologz are not znagaz!"
  14. Application Skype: hepatitis_of_bees Selected Tile: Bruma Leader Name: Mazat Glorka Race: Orsimer Leader Details: Mazat is an Orc of highest standing within the tribal hierarchy of his people. He gained his significance by efficiently uniting the Orcish tribes of the Jerall Mountains and conquering the weakened city of Bruma. Having conquered the Imperial peoples, Mazat quickly took advantage of the past locals of Bruma by enslaving them and using them effectively as cannon-fodder and work-horses. Since, Mazat has allowed only the most prime Nords and Imperials to prove their worth and become respected citizens of Bruma. *Faction: The Jerallian High Chiefdom. The Chiefdom rose quickly after the past Orcish leaders all mysteriously died. Seeing Mazat as the correct leader to bring the Orcish people into the political field, most hesitantly Orcs agreed to follow him as High Chief. Mazat decided that the only way to provide a home to his people was to conquer the nearby city of Bruma. The orcs prepared armor and weapons for months for the siege and mined vast amount of silver and iron for gear. As the party approached the gates they didn't expect to find the city nearly undefended and in anarchy. The High Chiefdom quickly conquered the city, restoring order and enslaving the local populace of Bruma. Faction Flag: *Racial Composition: 70% Orsimer, 20% Imperial, 10% Nord
  15. Not to make this a popularity contest or anything, but Gallic would make a pretty nice addition to the ET, imho. +1
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    The Creature Index [2017]

    Ugluk Bulls An Ugluk Bull decorated in ceremonial armor. { Credit to ‘BelleDeese’ at www.wallpaperup.com } Habitat: The massive domesticated bulls of the Ugluk clan were once rarely found in deserts of sparse vegetation and rarer still in grassy savannahs. Currently, Ugluk bulls are only sighted in the possession of Ugluk warriors. Wild Ugluk bulls have long since been hunted to extinction. Size: These bulls have been selectively bred over the generations, ultimately, for their size and strength. On average, an Ugluk bull can grow to 9-10 feet tall and 17-18 feet in length. Ugluk bulls are usually built like a tank, capable of carrying several full-sized orcs across the desert with little to no trouble. Diet: Curiously, Ugluk bulls are omnivores with sharp incisors as well as molars for grinding up plant matter. While wild Ugluk bulls would primarily be found grazing upon scarce vegetation and only rarely hunting for game, the orcish clan historically forces their bulls to consume descendant flesh in order to heighten the bloodlust and rage of their bulls. This practice has gone relatively stale in recent times in favor of the flesh of wild game. Temperament: Wild bulls, while territorial, did not have the propensity to charge after things unprovoked and would rather run from a fight they could not win. This trait was ultimately its downfall as Orcish hunters took its timid nature as a sign of weakness. Domesticated Ugluk bulls, however, are some of the most aggressive of the orcish mounts. Often times, an Ugluk bull without its rider will become uncontrollably enraged by the slightest provocation. This enraged nature is caused by both its upbringing and its diet, and often times results in major damages to property and self. Brief summary of the creature: The bulls of the Ugluk Clan are humongous bulls primarily built for mass-transportation, transporting large amounts of goods over long distances, and over-all ferocity. Their thick bones and large muscles allow them to hold large amounts of heavy goods over extended periods of time and travel across the desert with ease due to their high stamina and flexible diet. These bulls have a bloodlust only comparable to some of the most savage orcs and their Uruk counterparts show this off as a badge of honour. Characteristic: Domesticated Ugluk Bulls have a tendency to unprovokedly erupt into uncontrollable bouts of rage and it is this behaviour in which an Ugluk show their strength and stamina. An untamed Bull will be mounted by an initiate of the clan and slowly wear the bull out until it is unable to resist, where the uruk then proclaims their ascent into the clan. More often than not, Ugluk bulls will bond with those who choose to mount them during these trials. Origin: Ugluk bulls originated from the deserts and savannahs of Aegis. Early orcs bred the bulls to be as ferocious as possibly as the tamed them and integrated them into orcish society for their strength and size. Weaknesses: While these bulls have immense strength and stamina, Ugluk bulls lack the speed necessary to be a viable warmount and can easily be outran by mounts such as Lur wolves or Gorkil boars. Due to this, domesticated bulls are usually not keen on running away. LM Approval Required: No, Bred by the Ugluk Clan or what’s left of it. If playable, what are redlines? Acts as an RP mount for members of the Ugluk clan. The mount would mechanically be the same as a horse, and RPly being much slower than most other Orc mounts.
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    The Spiritual Mandate

    Application: Name of Spirit and Aspect: Freygoth, Spirit of the Wild Blessing: Dangerous game which might once have attacked you upon seeing you, might think twice about trying to eat you. Daily Worship(How you choose to worship daily): Atleast three hours a day must be spent meditating in the Wilds.
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    [Complete][Selling] [Auction] 'Horns' and 'Arcadia'

    A particularly broke orc bellows out from the crowd. "Dub 'undred agh zum vury hozh greenz fer duh Zult!"
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    Adventurers' Guild

    ADVENTURERS' GUILD APPLICATION FORM What is your character name: Mor What is your MC username: VileBranches What is your skype: hepatitis_of_bees Of what race (RP): Orc What is you profession(s): Hosh Hunter and Leatherworker How familiar are you with the world(LOTC): I know Orc-y stuff. Would you like a custom skin: Nay Any questions: Nay
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    [Denied]Smawton's Trial GM Application

    One of the most mature people I've had the pleasure of meeting on the server. Top notch dood. +1
  21. Vilebranch

    [Denied] 2samspan's Application Team App

    My man, Sam, Gets a biased +1 from me. Good when dealing with new players.
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    MC Name: Vilebranches Role play Name: Moreg Skype: You have it Timezone: EST Orc or Slave (If slave what race?): Orc How much do you love Krug?: Is my love for Krug being questioned?