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  1. [Real Knights] The Free Order (Liber Orden)

    Denv Ov Meinae Krigg [Mood Music] I had lost everything by 1431, and was very much back in the position I had started in before I was knighted. Mirtok went missing beyond The Ice Wall. The Teutonic Order’s leadership ability and renown was vanquished at the Dreadfort by NATO. The First Empire collapsed soon after. I was homeless, and alone. Everyone I knew had scattered or gone to Aeldin with Horen V’s Imperial Exodus. I set sail in search of Aeldin but could never find it myself. Perhaps only humans can. Instead, I went soul searching for something to call home again. I stumbled upon an island. Rather, a storm dismantled my boat and I washed upon island’s shore. It was an overgrown green mass that was dotted with pink and white blossom trees. The island scaled upwards with trees as far as my eye could see. I found a path and begin following it. Growing to the island’s zenith, I found it adorned by a humble temple. A society of monks inhabited the temple, and they did not speak common. I lay down my arms, and approached with the universal hand-sign of peace. Essentially, I was a slave when they took me in. I would do the hard work and heavy lifting in exchange for bowls of rice, and on the occasion, a cup of rice wine. It was these Eastern monks whom taught me how to hone the voices in my head that had plagued me since my run-in with Halifax, and the Pink Cloud. I was a simple observer until I stayed long enough to speak with them. Using their meditation and prayer rituals as a means of learning their mystic tongue. They eventually took me into their rituals, and taught me methods to stop being a slave to the wills of other beings, and how to become the master of my own soul’s will instead. I was taught breathing techniques first. Different patterns, and from different places brought varying results. In essence, if you can control your breathing, you can control your body and nervous system. Force yourself to be calm even in the face of stress and anxiety. They taught how to communicate with the single universal soul of creation by prolonged meditation, and how take control of my mind to realise my own self-actualisation by making contact with the innermost consciousness, the unconscious. I learned that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm that is the universe created. A reflection of the one God, the creator, the tetragrammaton, the most high, Jah, Yahweh, Elohim’s path from divine inspiration all the way down to physical realisation. I explored the intangible realms beyond physical perception through meditation and prayer. Just as they did. Through disciplined meditation, and faith in One, I was able to hyperfocus my consciousness and astrally project to interact with the interdimensional forces that surround our dimension. The fact of having only one to call God called for great importance in the process. As it allowed the mind to focus on singular thoughts, and allowed all others thoughts and beings attempting to distract the astrally searching conscious to simply flow by. In hindsight, this is when I first began the Judaic praise of God, and would also be where I got the first inklings of the 10 Sefirot of God I follow now. Faith in One God allows someone to be still and solid in themselves as the river of thoughts passes by. Instead of getting caught in the tide of the flow, and inevitably corrupted by demons, rouge angels, and other otherworldly things, God protects you on your journey. This form of focused meditation achieves repeatable results, and results in building a bond between self, and what the Island Monks (who were more likely occultists) called ‘The Holy Guardian Angel’. A unique being that’s inherently connected to each unique soul, and created as a twin soul to each individual. Each one as different as we are, but designed to be our best friend, guide, and mentor. If encouraged to grow, the HGA will protect the soul it keeps as they journey through life. Perhaps, the HGA is simply the mortal mind making connection with their immortal soul. The name of my Holy Guardian Angel is for me to know, and for me to share only with people I can trust. Only when encouraged by the User being strong in their willpower, and faith in One will a strong bond form, and the wisdom and guidance that the Holy Guardian Angel advises with is invaluable. Allowing one to command from their soul. Giving one authenticity. I spent years learning with them about alkemi, astrology, and the psychology of souls. Leaving them when it was time. I had spent years crafting a boat to sail me on. With the knowledge of their ancient breathing, body, and meditative techniques, and a strengthened willpower, my boat returned me to The Princedom of Malinor, a heavily corrupted state since I had last involved myself in Aegis. A shadow of its former self when it was led by Native and Indelwehn. I returned to Anthos with the expressive purpose of changing elven history. That is how I directed my liberated soul. Shaved head. Tattoos showing for all to see. Bathed in a robe of red. Adorned in my hand a staff, I returned a man of great peace. Equipped with tongue that spoke straight from the soul of my being. Easily becoming an Ambassador with my silver tongue, I was the devil-in-disguise for all those unaware of the spiritual forces in-play. Quickly overtaking the military of Malinor, and using it, and secret agreements with influential elves to twist New Malinorian politics until its only natural conclusion was to fall on its sword. To surrender and commit national suicide at my behest. Kalameet Izalith was used as a means to achieving my goal. When he had the Conclave of Malin declare a coup, The Princedom of Malinor lay down their arms and were defeated without bloodshed as intended. With the Conclave of Malin seceding the Princedom, I focused my efforts on creating a group of non-magic individuals to use science and warfare to combat the latest threat that had emerged from another dimension. My goal was never to unify the elves, or bring about a culturally diverse elven nation. That was for the elves themselves to determine. More important were the astral demons known as Harbingers. Led by the Demon Prince Setherin. These forces were what truly needed to be fought. Now it all made sense why we were drawn to the ice wall. For they came from beyond it, and attempted to conquer the world from it. Making it all the way to the South where the Princedom of Fenn harbored them as allies. They were surprisingly easy to overcome through our faith in One, and man. Not without the cost of being forced from Anthos through another flood before we ended Demon Prince Setherin manifested in our dimension outside my garden home of Zion in the Fringe Lands (Named Zion long before the advent of the Xionist religion that I’ve had little interaction with). It was in this pivotal battle that I realised the great enemies were not just Demon Princes, but the cultists of Aenguls and Daemons that did not strictly adhere to God as well. Both types of Astral Beings, and the cults that followed them were slaves to Other beings as I had once been, and I had the knowledge to liberate some of them from their binds. Yet, there were those who could not be freed from the chains of their masters. For they couldn’t even see the chains that enslaved them. Those few could not be allowed to continue to spread their influence, and as such, I started my campaign of removing their crowns which continues to this day. [Historical Document] [Smash that rep button. To future applicants: only two have made the cut so far out of the five that applied. We're specifically looking for regular humans now as a result. Preference to Highlanders]
  2. Why are you the way you are?

  3. [Real Knights] The Free Order (Liber Orden)

    "If you can't hack it as a knight, you can't hack it as a knight. We will know who is pure, and who is not when we return from our hunt." Hint! Those who die on the hunt are the impure ones. "Purity and quality assurance is also why the first two titles are non-member titles. The Unbled and Bled are trial-runs on the path to knighthood. That said, perhaps I'll outlaw sex outside of marriage. That's what the Tetragrammaton would want of us. Advice accepted."
  4. [Real Knights] The Free Order (Liber Orden)

    With our first application processed, I give you this. Mordskov Origins: Aegis-Asulon [Mood Music] Homecoming Mirtok had been hardened into cold steel by the horrors of Iblees. Ruthless in his meticulously crafted thoughts. A natural strategist, and proven warhammer enthusiast. He was an OrdenMarschall of Teutonic Order, and commanded the infantry at the time we crossed paths in space-time. Hochmeister Gaius Marius, and his OrdenMarschalls, Mirtok, and Samuel of the missile units travelled together. The two stood in flank behind the stoic, and highlandically sized Hochmeister who stood before me. We all stopped upon locking eyes. “Darius?” Asked Mirtok. The rest is history. I got quickly knighted by Gaius whom leaned against his zweihander, the master weapon of the Hochmeister, and key to the Order, and the Kingdom of Hanseti. I was then given my credentials, some armour and a weapon of my choosing. Then promptly given a set of work axes and sent to chop wood for the war effort. To which I did with pride. All those years of lumber trading with Laurelin paid off! I had found home when Mirtok and I found each other again. With him, he brought me true brothers-in-arms. The Azog twins, Dain Farhammer, Samuel, Sigari, Abeam… Viader. Kai. Meinae bruddav u krigg. Damn. That was long ago even by my elven measurement of time compared to a humans. (Oh, how it’s damned to watch your loved ones come and go so quickly by your measure. That’s the trade-off of being raised by humans that Halgrim didn’t tell me about. You get attached to them, but their lives last like dogs do to you humans.) Here one moment, and gone the next. With you for about a century at most…, and a good century, and few more centuries it was with all the original Sariant ob doe Teutonic-Faechken-Orden. these days were intriguing. The first international alliances were forming… Oren was for the first time fracturing. Imagine that. The first time. Now it’s a yearly cycle. Was the trend set then? When Rex Mogroka Gorkil still ruled the orcs. In truth, every Oren kingdom falls for legitimate reasons. In this case it was Hanseti whom deemed Oren unfit to rule. Ineffective in their control. Especially as the first wall between Iblees and Aegis. King Edward Sheffield gave Hochmeister Gaius Marius the crown of humanity. With it, Gaius had the sole power to command humanity, but without another thought, he physically broke the crown of humanity in-two, and gave one half to the rebels of the Pheonix, a group that became Rentus upon being offered half the crown by Gaius’ good will. Renatus immediately declared war on Hanseti. Go figure. The nice guy finishes last. Seize the day. That’s all DeNurem took away from Gaius’ diplomatic choice to cede power. I explain Gaius’ mistake on the fact that he was old, and in-fact died not months after taking the crown. I suppose that was his purpose in life achieved. Fate strikes again. Samuel was declared Hochmeister at Gaius’ deathbed, and this deeply disturbed Mirtok. Regardless we kept on serving the Teutonic Order by stemming back Iblees’ tide, but not even the whole world together could end the astral forces of Iblees who roared from the Nether. Slashing Aegis into pieces. Burning it to the ground. We used a portal to travel to Eos, a verge towards Asulon. The only true way to escape the astral manifestation of Iblees. Fast-forward a few decades after the end of Aegis, and the discovery of Asulon. The Kingdom of Hanseti ruled most of the Southern reaches of the continent. Separated from the world by a wall of mountains. The most accessible entrance through two sentinel statues that defined a pass between the mountains into the Kingdom of Hanseti which was now ruled by Hochmeister Mirtok DeNurem, my own brudda. His reign truly began with a mining accident. Operation Black Curtain Disfigured, Mirtok was pulled out of a smoking hole near Wachter Stadt in Eastern Hanseti. He had been missing weeks up to this point, and we had sent a search party to go get him. I wouldn’t lose my brother again. He last told us, “Soea’ze farra u’beu doe berg.” Before never actually returning from the mines. Yet, finally today he appeared once again. Binging with him a wisping smoke that drew from beneath the snow. The toxic pink cloud that he came with chewed at our exposed skin. It smelled sickeningly sweet. The pungent aroma burning at our bare nostrils. I wondered how Mirtok survived being smothered in the cloud for so long. Learning that his body had been shielded by his armour at the cost of being slowly fused within it by the binding properties of the Pink Cloud. It was soon revealed the cloud was made of life essence ripped from the ancient Hansetians. No longer did Mirtok’s heart beat. No longer did he need to eat. The Mirtok we all knew had died, and in his place, one we still loved. Despite being re-born as a tormented soul, half-man, half-armour, a ghoulish version of his former self. It did not at all change enough about his personality to not call him my brother, and our Hochmeister. What he endured taught us through his painful example how we could protect ourselves against the hazardous environment borne from the underground. Information that would later help me combat the threats in Mordskov. In hindsight, Mirtok’s mind was altered by the Others, beings like the Beast, that I’ve come to realise surrounded the origin of the Pink Cloud. For the record: may those who wondered now know how he lived an unusually long life, and why he never removed his armour. The pink cloud altered our perception and mindset to a more directed and disciplined one. No-doubt it had a hand in defining who we are known to this day as being. In many respects, my adult persona is formed by these perception altering experiences with otherworldly forces. The Pink Cloud’s release, and a subsequent plague that followed it caused Mirtok to enact Operation Black Curtain. Moreso to protect the newly formed Empire of Man from falling ill to the Cloud than any other reason. Which effectively sealed off Hanseti from the rest of the world. Dresden was abandoned, its landmeister Velwyn Ashford going north to join a budding group of knights known as The White Rose. Yet, Hanseti was now free from prying eyes, we were free to pursue science. We did villainous things in the name of progress and science. Crushing those who would betray our cause by hammering their heads into anvils. We coated walls with blood in the name of science. Our rivals, House Flay shouted, “Blood for coin!”, and we shouted, “Blood for science!” Veri beliae rulnv. This is when I first donned the role of Ser Lion the Horror; Modeled off a Hansetian hero of yore whom wore his helmet in the depicted fashion of a snarling lion, I forged my own black version to wear. It has since become my face. This is also when Mirtok defined himself as one of the most infamous leaders in history, and built an army that would go-unchecked until NATO at the Dreadfort. This is too when Godfrey created the First Empire of Humanity, and started the cycle of death and rebirth of multiple Empires thereafter. To this day, I wear the helmet, Mirtok is still infamous, and Godfrey is still revered. We were all inspired by whispers of grandeur that told us what to do in our dreams. Unconscious orders from the Otherworlds that acted through the initiation of the cloud. Much as the thanhium acted in Mordskov. A precusor that allowed unguarded minds to be invaded. They told Mirtok to dig deeper into Hanesti. They told me to kill for My Kings. They told Godfrey to conquer. For years Mirtok used his place as Hochmeister to command sariants to dig at the behest of Godfrey. Until one day the Order uncovered the ancient ruins Mirtok was searching for. It was here he found plans for a machine that would render those cooked inside it to become a pure, vaporous life essence. These devices had created the Pink Cloud. In actuality, a fuel that defied the magnitudes of power then known (this is long before necromancy/blood magic was an established art). With these batteries, these life batteries. Much could be powered and created. Each battery ‘charged’ through the purging of living beings trapped within them. Usually criminals captured by the order and sent to Fickloch, the Hansetian Island Prison. The convicted were used to power the ultimate machine. A defining piece of technology. A machine Mirtok uncovered the blueprints for in a subsequent excavation of more ancient hansetian ruins. The dreaded Spire was re-discovered, and Mirtok and I set about rebuilding it. The machine was speculated to be able to wipe out capitals in single bursts of astronomical energy. Obviously wars were fought over the Spire to halt its completion. The entire dwarven army were destroyed in their ambitious naval-assault to stop Hanseti from building the machine. Lured into a minefield and wiped from the earth as they failed to navigate our tundra. To complete the Spire would give Emperor Godfrey, Mirtok’s master, complete world dominance over Asulon, and the dwarves were fair to try and stop that reality. The true extent of the Spire’s capabilities were never fully realised, but it’s speculated that Mirtok did testfire it. In theory, when activated, the Spire would release tendrils that sought out mana nodes available within the bounds of a continent. Feedbacking its findings through a series of gears that churned out coordinates through redstone machinery attached to a printing press. The coordinates were linked up with maps the Teutonic Order had drafted at the University of Hanseti of the World of Asulon. Able to essentially pinpoint the destruction of major settlements that naturally built on mana nodes. We discovered the greatest node available was attached to an arcaurum ball suspended below the cloud temple. The most central location on the continent. Once a node was honed in on, the Spire could be used. Charging itself to full potential energy using batteries supplied to it. More batteries would be required to use it on stronger nodes. At the command of the Hochmeister, it would deliver a blast of astral energy to the node and in theory cause massive destruction. To strike the heart of Asulon would cause the continent doomsday. That much was known. Once Godfrey learned of the node below the Temple, he wanted to bunker humanity in the safety of Hanseti’s mountains before firing the Spire at the Temple to (I quote The Emperor) wipe out, “The inferior races.” Little did we know the device was powerful enough to rip a hole in our dimension to one of the other dimensions unknown (most dimensions belong to Demon Princes). The first interstice between our realm and the realms of the astral heavens out of our reach was the Nether in Aegis. The second interstice created in Asulon is the only evidence that implies Mirtok test-fired the Spire. On a quiet summer eve in 1414, Asulon was destroyed by a biblical flood. It caused everyone able to react in-time to run for the boats to avoid a watery grave. Cast away from the continent by the sheer turbulence of the sea. We watched as the highest peaks of Asulon were swallowed up. Sending us to find a new home once again. It was in this transition that the Teutonic Order fell out of imperial favour, and ultimately lost its footing, as Imperial Crown-Prince, Horen V was more twisted and made chaotic by Others than Godfrey who was getting older by the day. Leaning into the Order of the White Rose, Horen used them to exact his sadistic ways which were bent on complete-world-domination. Little concerned with science. First the isles of Elysium and Kalos were landed, before we settled on the continent of Anthos. Mirtok’s Order was drawn north to a massive ice wall that separated Anthos. What lay beyond it was clouded in much mystery, and only the Teutonic Order, and Horen family members were legally permitted to go beyond the wall to research its ways. What they found beyond it were clear signs that paranormal forces from alternate dimensions were in-play. Mutated pig-men, and ungodly cities dotted the landscape north of the wall. Mirtok feared the worse of what lay north, and decided to take his finest men beyond the wall to come back with a solution to the evils beyond the wall. Forgoing his command over the civil war between Hanseti and the combined NATO forces of Blackmont, Carrion, and Chivay. This would ultimately lead to the Teutonic Order’s unhanding, for Mirtok didn’t return from the wall, and his Kingdom and Title was taken and given to Horen for safeguarding until a DeNurem heir would claim the mantle. (+1 if you'd like more. However, I'm a busy man IRL, so the next one will take about a week. Until then, quit your current group and join doe Liber Orden! :)
  5. [Real Knights] The Free Order (Liber Orden)

    An Account: Origins of Mordskov Introduction The Beast. What horrors did it bring? Most of which have yet to be seen. Some seen will never be believed. What happened in 1621… was it all a dream? More likely a nightmare. Yet, can we truly start here, in Mordskov? No, no… no, no, no, and no! It goes deeper. Further back in history. We must go back. Back to the beginning! (what you’re about to read is a secret I’ve kept for nearly 300 years)… [Mood Music] … A calm spring day hatches out of the final dregs of winter. The snow has melted. The grass sways gently in the cool breeze. Life begins to bustle once again. Trees, flowers, and vines bud. Some have burst open, and the bio-cycle continues. Exposing the realm to the true magic of Aos, the soul of the universe, that soul of God, the almighty One. That which takes the name Hesed at this time of year, and indeed a merciful one. I am born a black sheep. A great-grandson of Malin. Abandoned in the mountains by my elven kin when I’m only learning to crawl. If by purpose, or if by accident is not known. What is known is that hounds discover me in the snow. Fearsome and drooling beasts that looked stacked enough to hunt lions. Barking did they beckon their masters come. The honourable peoples of the mountains emerge to investigate their fussing. Stoic in their approach, they found a pink wriggling bean cloaked in black. The chiefs decide to let fate decide what to do with me by giving a choice. Choose the toy, and join the dead, or choose the sword, and join them instead. Doe Sonnv Ov Liber Darius I’m named. Living with the sons of Joren taught me much of human culture, and the blessings they received from God the Merciful at the conclusion of the first inter-dimensional war declared by the Demon Prince Iblees years before my time. Northerons, the precursor to Highlanders, suckle me at their own breast, and train me to survive the harsh winter tundra they live in. With them I grow to adolescence to lead a life unlike the other elves that forsook me. A Clan named Halgrim had brought me into their camp to train me to be a warrior-scholar. After recognising the elven affinity within that gives all elves a strong connection to the soul of the universe, and my personal inclinations which afforded me success among them. I became a Halgrim. Tutoring my body to be strong enough to build our stone and lumber homes, honing my reactions to be agile enough to hunt rabbits so that I may never starve, and filling my mind with understanding of the world to move mountains with words. Hanseti, kags eru meinae moedor. Before my time, during Prince Iblees’ reign of terror, the Hanseti made an exodus to the alternate realm of Eos (Asulon). The remaining clansmen on Aos (Aegis) were separated, and growing weaker by the day, and eventually are overcome and assimilated by the other sons of Joren. Norsemen and Ruskans, who name themselves the Haense peoples after the merging of families. Centuries after the Hansetian exodus, I am alive. Skilled in the art of war, and diplomacy of peace, but still so much to learn. Those who did not submit to Ruska were executed or exiled. Clan Halgrim’s family home is destroyed, and the patriarch, Gadde Halgrim takes his wife, remaining sons, and an elven servant to central Aegis to escape subjugation and remain liberated. One of those is me. We take on a new name to conceal our identity. The maiden name of Gadde’s wife, DeNurem. Here we set about living in peace on our farmstead. It is here in the north that the Demon Prince Iblees emerges once more to attempt conquest over the realm of Aos. I was just coming home from collecting firewood when I saw the smoke rising. The pinging and clashing of steel on steel. Thunder and lightning cut through the air as the sky swirled to a sickening black cloud above. The war chants of an Ibleesian Overlord echoed through the woods surrounding our home north of Al’khazar. I entered the glade to see Halgrim locked in battle with the undead minions of Overlord Halifax. At my belt my longsword, in my hands a wood axe. I come to his aid, but we were getting overwhelmed by the scouting party, he looked me in the eyes. The most serious and stern look my father had ever given me, he said, “Kagsen moedor ist tuot! Kagsen brudda ist tuot! Erhael Mirtok unened farr! Farr! Tuenn’nei djido tileabeg!” I hesitated as I saw the forces draw in. Surely to overrun our home. I had to force Mirtok away. Dragging him out of our burning home and into the woods to escape. Always on the run. Home is gone. Home was long gone. We ran with tears in our eyes, looking back one last time at our father who laughed madly. Drunk off the fumes of destruction that enveloped him. Ripping his shirt off to make his final stand. True to the Hanseti name, he bellows “Soea hteaati tuo beliae kags, nei lad kags tuo beliae poesch!” The Hansetian Berserker’s last known words. Despite his heroism at the farmstead, Halifax knew better and cut-us off before we could warn the Kingdom of Oren of the impending invasion. With woodaxe, and with blade, I had to make a decision that wrenched my very being. Let Hanseti die here in these woods due to pride, or make a sacrifice to give it a chance to survive. I did as my father wanted, as his last words prescribed. Sobbing, Mirtok and I parted ways here. I had to physical throw him away from me. Admonish him for trying to stay. Giving him the rest of our family wealth that was contained in a single bag, “Lanz beu kriggbo nogleaden neu.” I did not turn around as his footsteps crunched hard through the snow. I listened until I could no longer hear them, and I didn’t hear his feet shuffle again for decades. Emblazoned by love. By the passion I have for my family, I fought as my father would want me to. I held back the tide so that Mirtok could truly escape death. Roaring all the way to the end. Halifax appeared to end my frenzy. Easily defeating me. Clutching me, and shocking me with my first visions of the Astral Realm by transporting my mind to Iblees’ Netherrealm where I saw true evil for the briefest of moments. My eyes burst with enlightenment at the sight, my mind melded between dimensions. Nothing was ever the same again. I awoke dazed and confused in the Cloud Temple of Aegis. Unsure of where I was at the time, all I knew were the skills my body could remember by muscle memory, but as I worked, I started to remember. I wondered if Mirtok made the long journey south to Al’kazar… I seemed to have made the trip somehow. I later learned that he had alerted an army, and in the fray, I was collected by Temple Monks. Mirtok was of course nowhere in sight. After half a decade searching for him, I traversed to Malinor and served Native’s Wardens where I learned what true justice meant. Throwing the convicted in a hole he could not get out of, and then firing arrows into him with your fellow wardens until the man stopped living. Yet, I was still blinded by horror I’d witnessed, and shocked by realisation of other realms besides our own. The crushing embrace of reality. The stress and anxiety of trying to find my place, and where my loyalties and interests lay left me physically cursed by Halifax over a long period of time. Eventually my light elven skin darkened into a bruised complexion to match my raven-black hair. Black, blue and purple, I looked like someone had hit me all over my body with a hammer. I hid my identity until the curse had taken full effect, and the damage of the curse was over-with. Halifax, the damned bastard made me become like that of a dark elf! THE WORST CURSE OF THEM ALL! (I actually like Khel, and Ipos.) ((Lion is not an undead, so don't think holy magic gonna work, he's just a survivor of the days before Lore Teams when you could literally do whatever you wanted.)) My mind was shattered in the early years of journey with the realms other than our own. Whilst I quietly searched for answers about the world, and a path to call my own now that everything I knew was gone. I turned to banditry, barkeeping, and trading with Ser Lancelot for lengths at a time. Until I had enough coin to buy a boat and retire from the service of the Wardens. Returning a few years later to serve Indelwehn in a peaceful role as a lumberjack. Seeking to just hunt monsters and have a bit of fun. To try and move-on from what had been revealed by Halifax’s explosive inter-dimensional curse, but you cannot escape reality, you must embrace it. (You’ll see a pattern to my behaviour if you read this all, and then re-read this all. I sure did as I wrote this line upon this form of parchment.) The horrors I had been revealed, visions of the Nether. A twisted and black castle surrounded in hellish flames. The very ground seemed soaked with blood. Stone that leaked blood. Veristonne. Inside the tower were the chambers of each Overlord. Glorified coffins. This is where their souls called home. I saw Iblees, and from that day was able to discern with certainty the difference between good and evil. Proof of the concept right in the pudding! Lo! Was I too young to understand this at the time. Instead I was a muted man, and barely spoke to anyone. Until I found The Teutonic Order. Even today, I find myself waking up from nightmares that trap me in the evil realms. Yet, more than often my mind sticks in the dreams of good realms. In these dreams are some truths universal regardless of which realm you found, and positively indicate that we are not alone. This was when I first met The Beast, and in Asulon, we witnessed the first manifestation of The Beast that would later conquer Axios. In Asulon, I am of course talking about the Pink Cloud Incident in the First Kingdom of Hanseti. (+1 if you want more)
  6. Knights ov Doe Liber Orden (Knights of the Free Order) “Reatz Caese Ist Usielligen.” (Our Honour Is Loyalty). Want to slay monsters, capture beasts, command respect, get free items, and be the pinnacle of purpose in Atlas? Join doe Knights ov doe Liber Orden today. Led by an O.G. Teuton. Our Leader, The Great Ser Lion Prince Darius of Hanseti, 1401, The Black Keep, by G.H.H. A prince, a poet, and a good judgement of character, Ser Darius Lion the Horror of House DeNurem is a legendary soldier known for his fierce sense of loyalty, justice, and honour. Today, the Prince, and Father of the Liber Orden (Free Order) dons the helm, sword, and pen once more. Seeking to raise meritable apprentices and squires in the name of liberty, strength, and justice. In an effort to bring a meritocracy back to the title of Knight. The Right and Honourable Centuries ago in the realm of Hanseti. The Teutonic Order raises dozens of knights trained in service to defend Aegis from true evil and to reunite humanity to face the common threat. The Teutonic Knights, known as Sariants, are among a venerated warrior class that once dominated the Realm of Hanseti through strength, loyalty, chivalry, and courage in their fight against Iblees. Among those is the first Hochmeister, Gaius Marius, who has knighted Darius DeNurem. A warrior-elf that has accomplished mastery of weapons, labour, and diplomacy under the education of the Teutonic Order. Later, he is knighted by a new nation, and became a renowned knight of the First Empire of Humanity under Emperor Godfrey thereafter. Forged in Imperial Steel, High Pontiff Pius I anoints the Teutonic Knight as, Ser Lion The Horror, for heroic actions against a murderous assassin that brutally butchered a member of the High Pontiff’s family. The spilling of guts, and the removal of the damned’s head serves as equal punishment for equal crime. Thus becoming the first anointed Holy Knight. Darius ‘Lion’ is also the first full-elven knight in human history, and a dark elf at that. A fact he purposely keeps concealed by wearing armour and his iconic helmet. As to be known by his reputation rather than race. Making his ascent to Holy Great Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Emperor Godfrey’s Left Fist, and Court Justice of the Imperial Crown well-earned feats. As Godfrey despised dark elves specifically. Yet, the Lion, and the Imperial Dragon were counted together as close friends. To this day, Lion still honours his oath to Emperor Godfrey. What Is A Knight? A knight’s word is bond. Their oaths and vows held sacred in their hearts. Next to their love of the One True. A knight is the righteous infliction of justice on the convicted, and serves as an ambassador for honour and loyalty. They are fair, and the enforcers of God’s Universal Laws afforded to the Realm of Man. Treating each equally regardless of their title, and being unyielding in the due process of law. This does not mean knights are liberalised socialists living in a multi-cultural society that amounts to the weak and unworthy. Equality does not mean laxity. Equality means we knights execute a murderer whether they’re a King, Pontiff, elf, or a peasant. For none are above God’s Law Universal. Certainly not them, and certainly not any of us in the Liber Orden. Man’s law will not avail you in the Court of Divine Law that the Free Order adheres to. Divine Law has no jurisdiction, and has no compromise. A knight is a reflection of God, and knows well all God’s names; Crown, Wisdom, Understanding, Kindness, Severity, Beauty, Eternity, Splendour, Foundation, and Kingship. The Knight’s Code I will be who I will be. I honour the Creator. My journey begins with wisdom. I honour the Father. My wisdom becomes understanding. I honour the Mother. My understanding will know kindness. I honour the Son. Yet, my understanding will know severity. I honour the Daughter. I will let the light shine through. It is beautiful. I shall be patient and fortitutious in my endurance. I am a leader. I shall be unconscious in the pursuit of constant learning. I am an intellectual. I am the foundation in which the world is built upon. I transmit the light above into my reality below. I will be who I will be. I honour the King. A Knight’s Path Great Knight (Father) Knight Lieutenant (Administration) Knight Sergeant (Keeper) Knight (Action Man) Knight, Errant (Ambassador) Squire (Proven) Pilgrim (Knowledgeable) Student (Initiate member) Bled (Passed Practical) Unbled (Passed Theory) Our Expectations Of A Knight A knight within the Liber Orden ist ov Maria. Meaning that they are well-versed in the language of Marian. Additional to understanding the Marian Tongue, they too will know how to combat all forms of creation, and how to safeguard all forms of creation. They will be strictly law abiding individuals. They will know how to make war, and how to make peace. They will not Lord over others with their title, for a knight is a humble one. They will both be masters of the blade, and the book. They will long live, and live long. They shall always strive and prosper. How To Become A Knight To become a Sariant-Knight of the Liber Orden. All must pass the entrance exams to be considered for knighthood by The Big Boss, Prince Darius, the True Knight Authority. There is both a written, and a practical entrance exam. The written exam may be completed and returned to doe Liber Orden as a form of membership application. It can be found below this. If considered worthy, you will be invited to the household to complete the practical examination. Which consists of a quality assessment of various militaristic and civil skills each applicant possesses. They will be judged on their combat skills and level of competency. If both examinations are completed with merit, the applicant will be invited to be sworn into the Liber Orden as an initiated member. They will be assigned household duties that will prepare them for Knighthood. Duties include military, and civil service, as well as education on all matters relevant to a knight. Such as mage-fighting, strategy, leadership, diplomacy, and production. Standard Examination (Application) Want to be a true knight of the realm? Answer the following questions and reply to this post with your answers: What is a knight? (your answer) What are the duties of a knight? (your answer) What should a knight be skilled in to best serve a purpose? (your answer) What are the virtues of a knight? (your answer) What are the corruptions of a knight? (your answer) *If you'd like to join doe Liber Orden in a civilian role, we have dozens, and actually focus heavily on science RP. Send me a PM here, or in-game @ LatheBiosas. Soon we'll advertise more civilian jobs to do for The Free Order, Doe Liber Orden.
  7. Automatons, Animii

    It's been 300+ years since Aegis, and we've lost more advanced technology than we've gained. It's time to start gaining a few bits and 'bots. It's nearly the year 1700! Start accepting well-written technology advancements! Give the power to the layman!
  8. [Denied] [Actor] Warmarcher

    Briefly aware of Warmarcher. I can say from our interactions that he's capable of carrying out of the duties as an ET as he already does much of the job without PEX. If you gave him PEX, he'd be that much more effective at delivering great events.
  9. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] oncenoeda

    I view Once as my brother-in-arms when it comes to the ET. Before the Purge, he and I were partners and have worked very very hard to create an event line that has been hailed multiple times as the greatest experiences that players have ever had in recent memory.
  10. [Accepted] [ET ACTOR] Attempt number 2

    From the times I've interacted with him, I have to say, he's not toxic and completely understands the community and what vibes and enlivens with the players in-terms of what they want to see in the way of events and server-story progression. He creates an air of atmosphere when he RPs. My interaction with him is very limited and within a group skype chat and a few IG instances. These are my impressions of him from those slight interactions.
  11. Thank you to oncenoeda, Zyquis, LithiumSedai, and my brudda Gangass for the support. I wholesomely agree with your comments! (The following is The Lion outlying his beliefs for this position) It's my intention to aid this new Director using my managerial experience gained in real life work experiences to counsel and aid them so that we can help avoid negativity garnered around the ET's decisions from here on out. I seek to aid SquirtGun before I denounce them (despite the fact that I would've loved adequate warning of the purge in advanced). We need to consider McGregor's X and Y theory additional to Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs to consider the Server Environment and a managerial structure/style conducive to the community's actual modus operandi so they feel the staff actually cares about them. To show that the staff puts other's desires before their own. I'm working in management and business. From that, I've learned each company is as different as the individuals within them. We want to promote love and compassion, jolly cooperation within an environment like lotc rather than draconian law. We need fair and understanding leaders. Not tyrant kings with all the knowledge and none of the understanding.
  12. This is a re-application due to the ET Purge ordered by SquirtGun. I've taken my previously accepted application and adapted it accordingly. That app can be found here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166163-accepted-pendingactor-the-lion/ Current Username: LatheBiosas Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): GhostRoast#0874 Timezone(s) you mainly play: GMT What group/nation do you consider to be your main? None, I'm a beast of no nation. That mains an ET character rather than anything else. However, I'm currently involved with the Mordskov playerbase (multiple players from multiple groups/nations). I was about to start with some Alras Privateer Guild, but this sudden purge has put that on a temporary hold. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166229-steel-company-2-11/ Historically I've played an elf named The Lion, a DeNurem chappy born in Aegis. When the ET was in its early stages, I was taken on directly by the Lead at the time completely centered around the innovative idea of 'long-term acting'. A new concept at the time, and a response to the M.O. that the current ET acting team was taking where they'd make one-day, or very short lasting Event Characters. It was my proposal to the Admin of the ET at the time to use my existing character as a means to spark long-term events (such as the sacking of Malinor and upheaval of the Elven structure which ultimately led to some of their most active periods as a racial nation). I'm not motivated by minas, land, or other forms of material loot. For me, for the Lion, it's all about seeing the players better than they are. Rising them up to see their RP potential. The Lion is not that complex a character from my perspective. A bonafide knight through and through. He's been a knight since Gaius Marius raised him to status in Aegis. Fixing him in a position of having a strong code of conduct. Albeit a morally ambiguous and seemingly ever changing code, it has always remained the same; annihilate he who casts the first stone. Through patience or cold steel. He's calculative in his strategy, constantly finding connections between patterns, and willing to tank his reputation in-order to achieve his goals. Yet, offset by having almost none of the same long-term calculation when it's in-the-moment. By any means, thy will be done. Alignment wise, he's lawful-neutral leaning on chaotic depending on which side of the hammer you're on. Ready to splatter a follower of Aeriel with the same tenacity he would a follower of Iblees. With the off-chance that he'll brain a child for disrespecting his often unpredictable code. The desire to be treated with the same energy he puts out often leads to the chaos being unleashed when the needs are not met. Making him Lawful. Although appearing to be not much more than a walking instrument of death and horror, Lion quite enjoys the more refined, scholarly and aristoratic side of life. Learned when Emperor Godfrey raised him to Baron-status all those centuries ago in Asulon. A scholar and a sword. By book and blade. He is the Follower of the Son. Witness. I'm not going to change how I RP The Lion for the ET. I will say straight up off-the-cusp, I've nothing to personally gain (in or out of RP) from being risen to ET-hood once more and playing my character at the same time. I've balanced it in the past quite well. Humans simply because I believe their average RP standard to be higher than that of the other major races. (These are my opinions. Don't crucify me because you don't agree) High Elves for similar reasons, their RP standard has historically been high. These are important concepts because it makes reasoning in events that much more fluid. That said, I actually focused a lot on the Orcs in my previous tenure. Attacking them with legendary beasts and creating Spirit RP for their shaman-base. Now as we talk about it, I started near the end of my previous tenure to get involved with the more Fairytale feeling RP of Halfing Events. I also enjoy the Frostbeards when I do events for them. My real talent is playing monsters, mythical creatures and benevolent demons. Exacting them on any random town I happen to be flying over when surveying for a place to flavour already occurring RP. Honestly, just give me a direction/script, throw me in the pool, and I will swim with it. I'm willing to learn a group's lore even if I'll never use it beyond the event they're involved in. Have you held a staff position before? I've held the position of Actor/Builder for the Event Team during the Anthos chronicle. Went inactive to focus on school. Additionally, I've held the position of Builder for the Event Team during the Athera chronicle. Went inactive to focus on school. You may see a pattern. Yet, I think this time around, I won't suffer from inactivity because I've already got other Team Members in-mind to work with so all our loads are easier to maintain. This would be a contrast to the previous times I've been ET because in those cases, I worked lone wolf. If you consider real life a server of its own, I currently work for a Wine Estate where I organise and host REAL LIFE EVENTS additional to sales-data management duties. I work directly for our Brand Manager as his assistant and study business. The job is very much in the realm of acting as well when you host a tasting night. You've seconds to assess your crowd and how you should approach them. It changes per event, but the general mode of operation remains the same. Do you currently hold a staff position? Apparently not. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? No. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? Yes, I got drunk and was banned in like June for using a non-vanilla client. In that intoxicated state I couldn't be bothered to mine vanilla or something? To be honest, I have no memory of it beyond logging in the next day to a 30-day banned message. It was very out of the ordinary, I served my time, and life has moved on since. I'm not trying to ruin the experience of others. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) I am all about making long-term events that involve already existing characters and locations so that they're fully immersive. (I like to create event regions that provide RP/Events almost daily). These are mainly dark fantasy events, but incorporate quest and dungeon aspects as well. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. Player Interaction- The reason the antag eventline failed in my opinion was due to the fact that the handlers almost wanted nothing to do with regular players. Their folly, not mine. I don't see the point of hosting an event where the player is just reading your RP for an hour. An ET should not be the central focus of an event, they should just be flavour on the side and ambiance. Narrators and environmental ambiance. Means for the players to get themselves from A to B. Dynamism- This is huge because I think events are lacking in choices a lot of the time. I think that with a solid plan, you can get the players from A to B AND allow them to do it in anyway they see fit. A Clear Script- Incorporating all the above, it's paramount to have a script so your events to tail. You devise the scene and a start goal and an end goal. The rest is up to the dynamics of the event. For example, you could build a canyon and mandate that three enemies will 'spawn' briefed with how they'll RP with the Players. How the interaction plays out will be different every time, but the Players will always get from A to B without it feeling force-scripted. They should come out feeling excited, wanting more, like they really spent their time enjoyably. There's nothing worse than wasting 2 hours of someone's life and not delivering satisfaction at the end result. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: DOOM SLAYER "Day by day. Night by night. We go on our wayward paths. Attempting to reach our desires. Completely oblivious to the stirrings below. Deep down, in the firey pits of the underworld are rivers of lava. Burning stone and nightmares of corrupted creation. Down in the depths is The Nether, Iblees' hellish realm." The storyteller takes a pause. Drawing in smoke through a long-stemmed pipe. The smoke briefly clouds him from the tavern's patrons listening to him. "As our mortal days go on, the drums of war are constantly marching across the vast realm below. Waiting for Emergence Day. When they may invade our Mortal Realm once again... in my day, we tried to stem the invasion. Champions were chosen from each nation. Sent on a suicide mission to invade the Nether before it invaded Us. Their purpose was to cut off Iblees' connection to our Realm, but they ultimately failed. Tricked into propelling the Doom of Aegis." He lets the moment sink in to the listeners. "On their own volition, a few brave souls have signed-up to invade the Nether before it invaded us. The Doom Slayers they're called..." The scene fades to black. The Doom Slayer Event Scenario would be based around Dungeon-Questing in the Nether. With the end goal of clearing dungeons to uncover additional dungeons that would scale in difficulty depedant on the group partaking. Only serious players would dare attempt it as going to the Nether can be easily botched, leading to permanent death (in most cases). Dungeons would be created for players to navigate, monsters would be orchestrated to antagonise them, and powerful loot would be awarded to the few that make it to the Treasure Rooms of the Nether Keeps. Basic event structure would involve the creation of a portal hub that could only be accessed by players accompanied by an ET. Once in, it would be a combination of PvE, world, and Actor interaction to traverse the maze-like dungeons that will slowly upscale in difficulty as they're cleared. These dungeons would be built by ET to reflect the ambiance of hell. The ET actors involved would get a brief on the creatures/characters they'd be playing BEFORE the event is launched. Creating that basic script will not only give the means to an enjoyable event, but also give the means for regular players to get involved with the Event-Hosting side of things. People like feeling part of the server and I think it'd be a great way to survey and assess the next generation of ET. The Event would eventually come to an end when enough dungeons were cleared to spawn the Final Boss, some sort of Iblean Avatar that would attempt to seal the players in the Nether. Creating grounds for future events stemming from the actions carried out in the Boss-interactions. This is my homage to the radical Aegis-era dungeon Aemon And Daemon, that go me into LotC. THE GAMBLER Like a ghost in the wind. The Gambler drifted into town. Taking the guise a Fortune Teller from the Farlands. He entered the saloon and sat down, but he never ordered a drink. Instead inviting unsuspecting players to his game of Black Jack. Much to the chagrin of the staff members. Once seated, he locked them into the demonic gamble. Shape-shifting those who busted. Rewarding those who won the pot. The town watched in a mixture of shock and awe as the game progressed. As The Gambler raised the stakes. Only three seated now with the demon. One chanced it, "I can't take it anymore!" He hollered as he bolted from the table. Caving in on himself as he was transformed into a penguin. Two left. They continued to play this devil's game. Reaching the conclusion. Defeating the house. In extended laughter, The Gambler shook. Rising from his chair. Anointing the winner with a celestial lucky charm that gave them the ability to succeed against tough odds. As the Gambler left the saloon. The towns people remained static in fear. Instead of damning the whole town, those who lost were re-manifested. Screaming back into humanoid form from the cute animal forms they had bee transformed into for losing. And just like that... he drifted out of town. Like a ghost in the wind. This is a classic one-off Event Character I've used in the past. A high-stakes demonic gambler that makes players play party games with seemingly deadly and comedic consequences. Awarding the winner with whatever loot I can get a hold of at the time. I'd like to see items that modify rolls with things like the lucky charm mentioned above, but that's pushing the bounds of what I'm attempting to achieve in the first place. I don't believe this necessarily requires any specific lore to work, but if I had to specify, I'd say Zoal the Gambler is an avatar of an unspecified bachelor Daemon. These events are for giving players access to the more passive side of LotC: Party games. I mean, it's not even necessary that The Gambler is supernatural, but I think that's what ups the ante and intrigues players. Everyone likes a bit of mysterious magic man. THE GAUNTLET Hands down the best thing this server has achieved in my opinion. I'd see to the construction and return of the LotC Gauntlet; first envisioned by Shiftnative and later re-visited in Anthos. A weekly event that would follow suit in original format: A challenge of skill in which players jump, climb and attempt to traverse the puzzles of the gauntlet. Usually the ground is lava. Players turn their gear in to a personal lockbox before entering. A bank service on-site so those who fail the challenge don't lose their existing minas. I'd create an admission fee of around 15-30 minas for the first go and 5 minas for additional attempts. Their gear returned when they give up. The minas generated from the Gauntlet would go directly into my team's coffers to be distributed amongst the rest of the ET to be used as rewards in unrelated events. That is basically it for this one. Short and sweet. Player entertainment on a scheduled program each week. Based off the original Aegis Gauntlet. With the added bonus of having enthusiastic commentary provided by the Actors involved with managing it that day. Players may partake or spectate. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? Honestly, so that I don't get shutdown by the GM Team every single time I want to aid an existing ET for not being on the ET. I already achieve many of the means of an ET Actor regardless of title. I've sacrificed my region to be an event region. However, that title of ET is extremely necessary to take the RP Eventlines currently being worked on from 5 to 10. I was already one. My reasons haven't changed. Even if I'm not accepted, I'll continue to entice and provide the means for players to achieve their RP fancy. That said; it will remain very needlessly difficult to traverse the path without being on the ET. Which is why I seek to join once more. I want to help the other members of the ET in their events in a more legitimized standing when it comes to modreq'ing to assist the ET current. What strengths would you bring to the team? I know a lot of lore, but there's so much, I'm always learning more. Willing to learn more. I understand how people work. It's my career in real-life to find demographics and cater accordingly. Taking myself out of what I think and articulating myself to their preferences in life. For example, I enjoy red wine and detest white wine, but I can drink white wine and understand why someone else would enjoy it. It's all about letting go of your own opinions when it comes to the moment of customer interaction. Other than that, I muse with people. Help build ideas and give inspiration to new events and lore. I'd be better at aiding someone in doing their own event than doing an event of my sole-creation. I thrive on collaboration with other players (I tend to avoid most staff members save the ones that actually RP). Making me better in a team I can work with than I ever will be alone. What are your weaknesses? My time management could be better. Meaning, I do better jobs when I actually put in the time. This is the difference between a 70/100 on a test where I didn't give it enough time to make it a 90/100 score. I hate beuracracy and "office politics". I hate inept/naive leaders. I do not hold back my opinion and many take my constructive criticism personally. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? Couple of hours a week. It's a volunteer job, not a paid one. You cannot expect this environment to align accordingly to a corporate mandate. What style do you prefer to build in? (Low fantasy, High fantasy, dungeons, creatures, terrain, etc.) Any style requested, but personally, I mainly build in dark and high fantasy for dungeons, creatures and small terrain jobs. Are you comfortable using world edit commands? Yes. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list (Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy) Terrain example. I build this for a halfling event when I was a builder previously in Athera. This was all hand made. No WorldEdit involved. It eventually saw a Giant's Castle put on it that I also built and I left it to the halfling ET to do Jack and Bean Stalk type events in. High Fantasy. This is a wizard tower that I made as requested by the GM Kalameet at the time. It was for his character. Dungeon/Creature? I guess this counts as a dungeon. Basically this is a Cathedral I've been working on with oncenoeda for the Event Line in Mordksov. It's seen a lot of changes and improvements upon what's pictured here, but I don't the PEX to access it for screenshots anymore due to the purge. I REALLY WANT TO FINISH THIS ROOM. THAT ORGAN IS LUSTING TO BE COMPLETE. Explain what you feel results in a quality build. Love and time. My blood, swear and tears. The attention to detail. Innovative use of the blocks and items. If you build doesn't give an ambiance/atmosphere overall reflective of the RP around it, you've failed to do your job. Why do you wish to become an ET Builder Member? So that I can create stages for RP to happen without worrying about needing to modreq or wait on anyone else's time when I have precious amounts to dedicate to this server.
  13. exploration by sea

    The Lion sits upon the crest of Tahn Island. Facing south. Having a vast vantage point over the entire Southern landmass from as far as the eye could stretch East to West. The Grand Master notices at this great height, the zenith of the world, just how ominous the island appears. Most of a thanhic winter wasteland created by The Thanhic Great Fires from Emperor Philip's weapon of mass destruction in 1590. The island is scarred with stone structures. No lights nor life to be seen in many of these settlements. Yet, the ocean looks calm. Unchanging. A clear day. Grand Master Lion brings his telescope to face the horizon line to see how far out he could see with it out of curiosity. Coming to scan it from ear to ear of water's face. Stopping. Fixed on an object. Something very far away. Land. Having no boats as an asset himself to investigate the anomaly, he begins to search for means to contract someone that does... (i'm interested in aiding with both building and roleplaying the island.)
  14. Steel Company; 2-11

    Steel Company; 2-11 The School Of The Scroll The Deep Cold, 1633 "Tour with me, Inductee." The Grand Master offers his arm to Candra whom has a broken leg. She carefully stands. Immediately slipping from her chair to her feet and as instructed takes his arm. From their position in the Mess Hall there were many Outlanders here. Xion folk it seems. An oddity. An anomaly of activity. One stands from his position. An elven X.O.G. that was loyal to his Kingdom. Having stated a judicial case to the Father of 2-11 to be the judge of. The loyal soldier stands up from his seated position at the table and excuses himself as he sees Lion has stopped listening to the case and intends to pace about the household, "I will be off, actually. Van'Ayla. Four Lords guide you." Candra’s let down tone quickly chimes up by the end as he exercises the manners of a true 2-11, "Oh- safe travels, be safe." The Grand Master notes this as he walks on, blessing the steadfast guard before he goes, "As thou wilt, Osildur." Turning back to Candra, "Have you seen the Record Hall, child?" He speaks calmly despite the mechanical whirring of a filter-device. Sealed under his faceplate for the use of protection against the thanhium dust in the air. It distorts his voice to sound like that of an iron rattle. Candra excitedly announces, "No I haven’t!" The Father laughs and comments, "So much joy! I feel it too, Inductee." Having walked forward as they spoke. Into the Record Hall with Candra pacing with him. She says in wonder as her eyes draw across the hall, "This is magnificent..." The Lion gives a signature single nod of acknowledgement and tries to explain, "Flink asked for it. God delivered… Yet, It's not yet finished. God’s good architect is still adding more details. Candra accepts that and lists her eyes to and fro, "I rather like it.." The two walking through the wall-to-wall room of books. On the left half is a restricted section.The right half public records for those with access to the chamber. The two reach the top of a staircase after some time. Lion ask the Inductee, "Perhaps you're more of a Scholar than a Soldier?" She responds quickly, with passion in her tone, "Yessir, I am in the order of the pen- or I would like to think I am.. I am not good with a blade- but I may study for hours and uphold knowledge." Grand Master continues on his point with contemplative tone, "Aye..." He turns to Candra. The decision final. He bellows a 2-11 litany, "By Scroll or Sword, I ask if you would like to be risen from your lowly status as an inductee to that of a member of this Family. The Steel Company; 2-11?" Candra explodes with faith, "Of course I would, Sire! I would be honored!" She bellowed back with loud pride, her chest swelling as she put on a face of determination. Grand Master Lion responds to her exuberance with a promise, "Thy will be done!" He stops supporting her with his arm. Leaving the medic with the broken leg to stand on her own two feet. Plainly stating, "Bend-d-knee. Create your vow to The Family. Make it your own. Align it with your motivation and desire to uphold the Cause." At once she carefully slumps upon her left knee. Broken tibia throbbing as she huffs in pain. Laying a hand upon knee, she bowed her head. Grand Master Lion raises the religious hammer made of steel over her head. Its face carved with all manner of religious scripture and Godly symbols. A relic from his service to the High Pontiff during The First Empire. Holding one handed, the memento steady over the Inductee. Looking like a priest who was holding the good book over a devout. "Candra. To what will you promise The Family of 2-11 and all that we stand for?" She almost doesn’t need to think when she promises, "I, Candra Kerron, pledge to devote myself to that of the 2-11 Company. To the best of my ability whether it be medicine, swordsmanship, or companion. I will fulfil my duty for our shared mission and cause. I will not lose my heart in desperate times. I will keep respect and honor to the 2-11's name, and I shall live, die, and live again." The Lion smiles. An expression hidden by the forged metal mask worn by the Father 2-11. A knight of the Mortal Realm. He repeats the litany, "I live, I die, I live again!" Raising his hammer straight up. "Rise now, Scholar Kerron of the 2-11." Candra carefully stands back up with a wince. Her leg hurting her further as she tilted her chin upward in confidence. At that, Grand Master Lion tours on. "You have begun to walk the Path Of The Righteous." And so on that day, she saw light. Entering the family. Growing God's cause. By book and blade. Thy will be done... (+1 For the Cult of the V8... haven't updated in a long time, but I assure you, it's because the guild has taken all my time. So much RP to be had! It's reasonable to not take anymore members on. Focus on those we have. If you're interested in joining; show me what you got in terms of RP skill. Roll-players and powergamers that don't RP basic exhaustion and emotion without good reason are poo. No drama-queens.)
  15. [Kloning] [SA] Ser Lion

    It exactly follows in the format's questioning order. I don't think removing the RP is necessary for the point of the application to drive home. That said, I've put an unflavored version of the format into a spoiler at the end. Consider that my "real application" if you must.