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  1. The Free Human Technocracy “You ready?” The doctor looked towards the man in the gurney as he was wheeled through a long, bright hallway. The walls were painted white which reflected the bright LED lights even more. The volunteer looked nervous, as if he didn't know what he had gotten himself into. He was warped into a completely new system blindfolded and was greeted by the icy wind against his face. His family was going to be greatly reward with itoron coins, additional rations, and the best tutors for his kids. This man was about to have his life completely changed for the better of himself and the best of the nation. Project XYZ was in full effect and the first prototype was about to be fully tested. Actions: The first prototype implant of XYZ is being tested and improvements are made to it throughout the year (5AP) Population: 185,000 Humans 1,250 Da’nor
  2. The Free Human Technocracy Cheers and more cheers as the first classes started on Viyter.. No more homeschooling and education. Now the education would be lead by professionals. Teaching important skills vital to the Technocracies survival. First education would start off with basic math, science, reading and writing skills. Then it would tailor more into speciality schools; computer sciences, engineering, agricultural, military, and other basic civilian jobs needed to keep infrastructure running. Ben would stand at the podium in front of the crowd of new students, and the people of Viyter. “Today is a new day! No longer will we neglect the education and the civilians of our sweet nation. Today is a new chapter! One where we will grow our civilization to new heights!” He’d step back, a big smile on his face as the crowd cheered and cheered.. “Today is also a new day as we welcome to the first colonist from The Grand Alliance, as they establish themselves as apart of our great nation! Any mistreatment of them, will be the same result as a hate crime. These are citizens of the Technocracy and citizens. Those charged with a hate crime will have to deal with her..” he’d point to Commodore Sal’eea, as she would grin and wave to the crowd. Ben would laugh, “You definitely do not want to do that. Now that I have spoken.. Let us open the doors! Students, class is now in session!” He’d smile and step back as he brought his hands together to clap. They had more plans to bring public events together… The next thing up was a public sports arena.. Later that day another public announcement would be made addressing the slander produced by the Terran Federation.. “The Terran Federation, the leader of the SATO alliance… Wants to call us an authoritative alliance and one that undermines the human race?” Ben would laugh and shake his head, “That is the furthest thing from the truth. He wants to state that we are going to use the powers to bully lesser members? Yet we are all equal in power in this Alliance.” he’d adjust his position in his chair, “We as a whole stand up to the injustices of the galaxy by our fellow human companions. This is not a “power grab” by anyone.” He’d clear his throat again.. “We are not subjecting ANYONE to our laws. We simply STATED what we would try and uphold in the galaxy. Whether it be by force or by peaceful democracy. The Terran Federation is making a big deal out of nothing.” He’d open his hand laying it down on the table in front of him. “They wish to cry and cry again. Especially when it comes to them being treated unfairly or when something doesn't go their way. Like a little child. These claims are not only outlandish but foolish ones to make. This ruins any reputation that was standing with the Terran Federation and members of SATO. As of now the only SATO member we will be conducting any sort of business with is Hepheastus Holdings.” He’d clear his throat for one last thing, “We do not take these actions lightly Mr. Uri, I heed you to think before you speak next time. Goodnight and God Bless.” he’d get up out of his chair as the screen cut black. Actions: Building of a Colonial Class Freighter with the HH (2AP) Project XYZ approaches a close to its first prototype. Enough resources are put into to gain this first prototype (1AP) After speaking to some troops actively testing the LAS, a moduel is put into development to improve the soldier's aim. (2AP) Sending of the LAS and laser technology to the USA and Imperium of man. They are also invited to participate in Project XYZ. (0AP) Population: Humans: 176,500 Da’nor: 250
  3. Free Human Technocracy.. An icy-piercing wind blew through the bridge connecting black site Gamma’s entrance to the central living center of the newly-established outpost.. It was cold, very cold on the world of Kiobos. It’s climate was extremely different than that of Viyter the homeworld of the Technocracy, but the colonist of the new planet were happy and excited. The military and research focus gave a mysterious feel to it. Shrouded in a cloudy of icy darkness.. The facilities were already hard to locate. When ice storms were in full swing, it became impossible from scanning the surface.. This made it the perfect place to hold the FHTC’s research facilities… The perfect place to continue project XYZ… Back on Viyter people were overjoyed with the news of discovering Alien life and to find out they weren't the last humans alive… The Da’nor commodore Sal’eea, is extended an invitation to stay as long as she liked to learn all about the FHTC’s culture and how life is lived. She would be staying in the Governor's mansion with Ben.. Actions: Project XYZ continues (3AP) With no formal center of education, the council had decided to build a state of the art institute of education for all ages now that the population was growing. (2AP) Trading of the LAS and Itoron Hull knowledge for Artificial Gravity generators from the United States of Atricus (0AP) Trading of Itoron for Xyorlite with the United Terran Federation (0 AP) Population: 169,000 ;)
  4. Free Human Technocracy “An Arctic World you say? What’s the wildlife situation?” Ben would ask obviously weighing the decision to switch colonization efforts from scientific to militarization. Just so he could please them and keep a military rebellion out of his hair as of now. Considering he knows what some of the mercenary groups were planning. “It is only dominated by planets sir.. No wildlife and very little forest..” one of the scientist would reply “This planet would be suitable for a military outpost and colony..” he’d suggest another option as well.. “We could use this as a prison site as well.. for the most extreme criminals. It could also be used as a black site. For research purposes..” he’d step back letting Ben think on the suggestions.. “You're right. We are going to change courses.. Still gather scientist and engineers but get the mercenary groups on this ship. They are headed off in a month's time..” he’d place his hand on the table, “that is final.” He’d peer out into the crowd around the table “Any objections?” His glare growing more and more fierce as he moved his eyes around the room. The group consensus shook their head “no” and some didn't even answer.. Ben’s absolute power was growing and it was becoming known to the colony but it hadn’t mattered as no one objected him. No one feared him but in fact they admired him. A kid grew into a man before their very own eyes and he had lead them into a place of prosperity.. He had their trust on lockdown and could do no wrong by the people.. The Sigma Class Corvette gleamed next to the colony ship, it featured a cold fusion drive along with a warp drive for interstellar travel. They were armed with a 1x high-velocity rail-gun for ship-to-ship combat, 1x 55mm Vulcan Cannons on the underbelly of the ship, along with multiple point-defense system scattered throughout. It was primarily used to patrol local systems, protect shipping lanes and as a anti-fighter/bomber ship when engaged in fleet to fleet combat. Actions: The colony would take off towards the Arctic world, they would be establishing a mainly military operated colony. Setting up in the few green zones of the planet.. (0AP) Ben would take his main three scientist and engineers to his hidden room. To discuss two new projects that they would be working on. One was code named XYZ and the other was codenamed Health. XYZ would be highly classified and only those of the council and those working on it would know of what it was. (2AP) (I will PM you details Zero) Operation Health however would be well known, it was an attempt at using the the Itoron metal to form a stronger more dense hull to increase the ships the survivability in combat. (2AP) Population: 159,500 Technology: Quantum Comms, LAS, Warp Drive Level 2 Shipyard
  5. The Free Human Technocracy Colonization was finally closing in and a sense of excitement was in the air as the colony was close to accomplishing colonization and becoming a full fledged independent nation. But for that to come to fruition they also needed fleet power. While fleet power was something obtained over time Ben wanted to have a sizeable fleet that would be prepared for anything. On top of finishing the Colony Ship, Ben orders for two corvettes to start construction.. The council was not so concerned with colonizing this system but they wanted to check and make sure they weren’t limiting their options to only ocean worlds from the nearby systems. So a pilot and a scientist are loaded onto the scout craft and launched into the neighboring system to the west of theirs. Actions: Finishing the colony ship (1ap) Two corvettes start construction (2ap) Scouting the system to the west of the FHT (1ap) Viyter: Populations: 151,000 Shipyard level II Itoron mines Technology: Warp drive Quantum Comms LAS
  6. The Saga Initiative Ben clapped his hands together, while whispering under his breath “It’s showtime”. He pointed his fingers to the cameraman and producer signaling the start of the broadcast. “Hi.. Most of you know me as Governor Watson. Today, I am just Ben Watson. At 0800 hours, we achieved FTL capabilities that allow us to jump from one system to the next. What we were suppose to be able to achieve when we left Earth our scientist and engineers finally reached what our predecessors failed to do. This now has us past the definition of ‘initiative’ and we’d be considered that of a technocracy. Furthermore, right now we believe we are all that is left of the Human race. As of now we will now be known as the Free Human Technocracy. This reform is nothing different and what the plan would have led us to establish.” Ben would lean back in his chair taking a deep breath, swiping on his pad to his next section of his speech. “Before continuing on. I would to tell y’all that we have recently found two other colonizable planets in a neighboring galaxy. We will be gathering volunteers up to 15,000 to set out and establish an outpost on one of these planets. We ask for anyone with experience in marine biology to please step forward as you will be briefed on the way there.” Ben would take another deep breath, “This is an exciting time for our future. We are growing and expanding the human race as we know it. We will be making history again. As we will be the first humans to have two colonies simultaneously working together. It almost brings a tear to my eye how far we have come after all we have experienced. May God Bless you all.” Ben would stare into the camera, as it cut off. The room would explode with clapping and people chattering about what Ben announced. He had kept it quiet for over a year now after his scientist brought him the data from the scout ship. Now it was all about preparations. They had prepared for this, and the colonies production the next few years would show it. The Free Human Technocracy The council room was silent, as Ben was picking the new governor of the future colony. “This will wait. Until the colony is preparing to launch. So I can gain a better read on how y’all would lead.” He gets up out of his chair walking out of the council room to a bunch of disgruntled mumbles and sighs from the councilors. As he headed out of the room he was being chased down by an office aide with a message for him. It was from the Office of Public Administrations, there seemed to be an overflow of people willing to volunteer to the colonize the new system. The Blackwater private military group, was the first to sign up along with a group of ten marine biologist and a few engineers with their construction crews. Ben smiled seeing the enthusasim but each person would be required to go through a certain amount of training for the oceanic planets. Viyter: Population: 145,500 Notable Locations: Energy farm City of Orion Iotorn Mine Shipyard LEVEL 2 Resources/Tech: Iotorn LAS Warp Drive Actions: Work continues on the Quantum Comms (3 AP). With the Abundance of resources that have been collected over the years, the first steps to growing was to spend these resources. A colony ship, dubbed the Needler Class, is of similar design to the one that brought the Technocracy here to begin with, but instead it is outfitted with the new warp drive instead of the jump drive. (3 AP)
  7. The Saga Initiative The council gathered around the monitor as experimental-warp drive scout ship was entering orbit and began firing up its warp drive. After the jump was made, the council wouldn’t know much because their comms have not reached FTL level capabilities yet. The only way it would be known is if the pilot returned after he hit the nearest system. This happened to be next on the Initiative’s to do list. Quantum communication systems, which would now be the full focus. Especially with the LAS being finished and prepped for production for the military. In just a few seconds of activating the warp drive the ship disappeared, and popped out at the designated coordinates to the system to the north of the planet Viyter. The mission was just to gather preliminary scans of the system and then return before running out of fuel. With the information gathered the Council would decide for the next course of action. Action: Launching of scout ship towards the northern system (first tile north of me I guess?) and getting preliminary scans of the system. (1 AP) Working of Quantum communication (3 AP) Viyter: Population: 139,500
  8. Sage Initiative A man swiftly walked through the hall of the central control tower of the Initiative, he was tapping his fingers in an upbeat nervous pace as he walked closer to the council chambers. He was delivering news where he knew Ben wouldn’t be happy at this sudden change. As he approached the door he stopped himself and took several deep breaths before knocking on the door and stepping in, “Excuse me sir.. I have to give you a message, Dr. Needler is stepping down. Immediately. She said something about getting extremely sick, and the need for her to find herself and that working would end up killing her quicker.. I am sorry sir, she gave me who she believes who should be her predecessor. Much like Lucas did. That remind me, they have finished the first prototype of the warp drive, and it should be ready for testing as well after we outfit a ship with it.” He would let out a deep breath and a sigh of relief, he was obviously nervous about the upcoming reaction. Ben took a deep breath as he tapped the side of his leg, and then clinched his fist as he took in the news. “She really just dropped out of thin air like that? Did not even have the courtesy to let us know herself? Shame. Let me see this list.” As he grabbed the intern’s pad he inspected the list, “THESE are her candidates? One qualified guy is on here. He’s actually worked on these projects before. Looks like Heath Kennedy is the new head of our science department. Anyone disagree?” He looks around the room as no one nods there head in disagreement. “Tell him. Then let’s get started on this Targeting System and then let us explore this vast system we have testing our new Warp Drive prototype.” Ben would set down his pad and get up out of his seat, “Ladies and gentlemen the new era is about to begin.” He would smirk and then walk out of the meeting room. Actions: Building a scout ship retrofitted with the warp drive (1 AP) Placing additional resources into finishing up the advanced targeting system. (3 AP) Viyter: Population: 133,000
  9. The Saga Initiative “Colin this is such a waste of resources? Why would you suggest railguns as infantry rifles? It is expensive and it isn't even practical it’d be better served on our space fleet and tanks.” Admiral Springer would shout across the war room. “You did not even consult us on this on. The targeting computer is a genius idea though. It’ll greatly improve our troops survivability in combat and increase our hit rate in naval combat.” The Admiral would pull back. “I say we place our resources into expanding our space fleet and into these targeting computers.” He’d nod and sit back into his seat Colin would nod, and then stand up as he places his hands on the edge of the round wooden desk to push himself up, “I see your concerns admiral, I believed it best as we could use these rail-rifles as anti-tank weapons. But as I see the concern I believe it best we move on. We are going to reallocate resources into defense platforms after we finish both of our jump drive research and ATS projects.” Colin would cough for a few seconds before catching his breath and press a button to get to the next slide. “After this. We are going to be initiating a program to grow our space fleet by six ships. 4 frigates and 2 cruisers which we already have production capabilities for both. This will be resource intensive, but right we are operating at a surplus and can afford to do so. We will also look into expanding our mining operation onto Noctum-1. This will help preserve our world’s resources but allow us to expand the amount we gain. If anyone else sees a problem with this you are free to speak your mind.” Colin would sit down, glaring from one person to the next. “Colin enough with the aggression. I get you’re out to prove to people you belong here but enough.” A smaller women would speak out of the crowd, she stood about 5’6 but she was built. It was obvious what she had done for a living. She would stand up again, peering out to everyone in the room, “We cannot be fighting among each other if we want to grow. We need a centralized plan, which you finally presented Colin from your precious perch that Ben granted you. Finally this is something us that are more military minded can get behind. My reactionary force would love to test out the ATS in our fight simulations. If the beloved council and governor will allow it.” She’d roll her eyes after finishing the last sentence, and chuckle a little bit. “Now what do you say Colin? You going to let Ben control you? Or are you just going to give us an answer?” She’d glare at him as she leaned back in her chair. “Ellie and you tell me not to be aggressive? You’re hatred for Ben is just unwarranted he’s done nothing wrong for the initiative. But i’ll allow your force to test out the ATS first. If you betray this trust. You know what will happen.” Colin would glare back at her, a scowl was on his face as Ellie just chuckled and nodded as she swiveled her chair around leaving with her personal guard force. Military forces on Viyter were made of three groups, Mercenaries which included Ellie’s forces and other smaller groups the Initiative leaders back on Earth thought would be necessary. The IPG which was run by Zach who was appointed by Ben and the Council, which was the elite of the elite of the elite, they were given the top of the line gear and training. Finally was the standardized military, run by Colin. This was the biggest group of the three but had the least amount of experience with the troops on the ground. However, Colin had a group of trusted commanders and officers to lead the inexperienced when it came to it. Unfortunately he knew he’d be relying on Ellie and the other mercs more than he wanted too. Thus why he had to keep some of them happy. Granting them new tech was something that could be seen as risky but rewarding in the end. Actions: Continue the research on the Jump Drive (2 AP) (3AP Previously spent) Advanced Targeting System continues development within the labs, and early model field testing begins with Free Initiative Reactionary Group. (2 AP) Viyter: Population: 127,500 IPG: 500 National Initiative Military: 10,000 Free Initiative Reactionary Group: 3,000 Hawk Protection Agency: 1,500 Blackwater Contractors: 2,000 Buildings: Mines w/ Itoron Mineral Oil Fields Solar Farm Space Scout/Fighter Factory Medium Ship Factory (Corvette/Frigate)
  10. The Saga Initiative “Status report?” “Sir, all facilities are operational. We have hit oil, and the solar panels are charging up the generators and reserves.” “Good, Damien. Now send those reports to Orion and let’s get this place started.” Colin would pat Damien on his back and nudge him back to the central offices of what some were calling Energy Village, the solar farm was a site to see. It was massive. The oil wells were all around, it reminded Colin of what he saw in pictures from the old world. Now that this project was finished Colin would be getting his wishes the Initiative would be getting new high-end military technology. Back in Orion.. Lucas would be walking into meeting room for the yearly report meeting between the council members. He pushed open the door to the council group already sitting there waiting for him, Ben would cough and shake his head as he glared towards Lucas, “Sorry I am late sir.. I was busy finalizing the reports from Energy Village..” Lucas would set up his data pad and pull up the reports showing the output and the surplus that they would gain from this. He would look down at his pad and switch it off, “And finally Ben, Aubrey, Logan, and Jared. I will be stepping down in the next few years after I finish on research for the FTL drive.” Lucas would nod to Ben, as Ben would nod back giving him the go ahead, “This leads us into the next thing, we will be researching three projects which will have our full resources put into it. We will be developing a rail-gun rifle for our infantry, an advanced targeting program that can be used in our infantry's HUD and our space fleet, and finally the Warp drive. If we want to expand we believe these three things are very vital to us surviving out here.” Lucas would step back and nod to the group and motioning to Ben. Ben would push back on the table and move his seat back, “Thank you Lucas. It’ll be sad to see you go. But I understand. Everyone is dismissed. Let’s get to work.” Ben would sit down and go back to his Pad. He had a list of candidates already picked out for everyone because he knew eventually he’d be replacing them.. Actions: Advancing targeting computer program starts development, it’s to be used in the space fleet and the infantry’s H.U.D (1 AP) Starting on the development of a rail-gun rifle for infantry which would first be used as an anti-tank material rifle until a more compatible advanced railgun rifle is developed. (1 AP) The Scientist and Engineers break out the old warp drive to keep studying it trying to figure out a way to travel around space faster. (2 AP) Population: 122,000
  11. The Saga Initiative Dr. Needler scrolled through the after action report of the drones finding crude oil sources in the desert continent, she slide up on her touch pad and it transferred to a bigger screen in the meeting room. “As you see here there are crude oil points throughout the northern continent. This continent could be a key destination for our next city and outpost. It provides us with a place to drill for oil and have a place to establish energy farms. Renewable energy resources are what are going to keep this planet for as long as possible. We need to become self-sustaining before we can go expanding into the great beyond.” Aubrey would take a deep breath, exhaling as she stepped to the side as Ben stood up clapping as did the other council members in the room. Ben went to pat Aubrey on the back and shake her hand as he went to take over the room, Ben was now 26. He looked way more mature, he looked aged though making sure 116,000 people stay alive was taxing on the young kid. He knew this council wouldn’t be together much longer as Aubrey was entering her late fifties and Lucas was entering his fifties. Their replacements would have to be chosen soon.. But for now that couldn’t worry Ben, “Lucas, I need you to gather your best engineers. One’s that fit into this job description. Colin I need you to gather about 1,000 men for a protection detail. Make sure they are equipped with protective gear both of you. As it is hot up there. We will be sending transports full of supplies back and forth daily. I need one of you to supervise this endeavor for the next year or so until I can find a suitable regional governor. So if either of you want to volunteer, it would save me the trouble of picking.” He would glance between the two, meeting their gaze with each glance. As Colin would stand up, “I’ll do it sir. As I believe I would be the best for it. No offense Lucas, I believe Ben could best use you here.” Colin would nod to Ben and then turn to Lucas extending his hand for a handshake. Lucas would take his hand nodding back to him. Ben would nod, “Alright the matter is settled, get your teams together. The transports ship out in two days time. Should give you both plenty of time. Meeting dismissed. Remember men this is vital to our future.” He would nod to everyone in the room, as they got up and headed out. Later in the Afternoon, Colin would pull Ben aside. “Sir, I have the men that are with me. I just wanted to make sure you understood my concerns on how I believe we should focus on a military some. As I know you are concerned with visitors that may be hostile it will be vital for us to be able to react properly.” Ben would nod to him, “I promise, after this current thing is finished we will focus heavily on military. If you have ideas let me know now so I can get Aubrey and Lucas working on them.” he stepped back nodding to Colin, “Yes sir. First we need to focus on infantry as our backbone. I know we have the Frigate factory up. But this will help us achieve a lot more. Advanced HUD, better protection hearing of that new materials resilience, new weaponry, and possibly exosuits down the road.” (Future design of Initiative soldiers). Actions: Finishing up of the two railgun AA platforms. (1 AP) Establishing Oil refineries and a solar farm in the northern continent of Viyter. (3 AP) Viyter Stats: Population: 116,500
  12. The Saga Initiative “Wait, it didn’t even scratch the drill? This thing just became ten times more valuable.. It’s been stockpile still correct?” The assistant nodded as the man turned his back looking out his office window, “Good, very good. This is going to do our economy wonders now, and it’ll save us from using other materials that are so brittle and bring down the cost of replacement.. Call a meeting with Ben, Lucas, and Dr. Needler.” The assistant nodded, and headed out of the room typing furiously on his pad. The man salivating at the recent news of the new minerals drills and picks success was the Chief Economic advisor Logan Dial. He stood about 5’9 and had shaggy dirty blonde hair, he wore glasses with decent sized frames and first glance many would consider him a nerd just off that. But Logan was built, he made it a habit to constantly workout and he also had a knack for making musical beats in his spare time. He and Ben had been college roommates, he knew why Logan had been selected because he was an economics genius. So they were both young leaders in a brand-new world. Having Logan around had been really relaxing to Ben as now he felt like he was not alone. A buzz would ring throughout the office’s of the four, they all pressed the phone button and the conference call had started. Logan was the first to speak, he cleared his throat “Do not be mad at me but I wanted to discuss the recent findings I was told about of the new mineral. Once we made drills out of it, the drills were not even scratched. Do you know how strong this mineral is? Do we know what this means for us? Economic dominance, the replacement of /STEEL/ that is YUGE!” as Logan finished he could hear the three laughing. Ben would chime in, still laughing a little bit. “Yes Logan we know how strong it is, but that is new. We will look into replacing all of the steel drills with this new mineral, need some sort of name for it though. We are also looking into building a frigate class spaceship. We know how that could be a bit of a drain on resources, but with the discovery of this material and its effectiveness in the mines. Do you think that would allow us freedom to construct these ships?” Ben would kick back in his seat, as he heard Lucas chime in. “This invest would allow us to increase operations across this galaxy. Allowing us to discover new and valuable resources. Maybe even other colonies.. As we did hear another signal in the area but it disappeared within seconds. The risk/rewar…” Ben would cut in angrily. “WHY.. Why would you leave this information from me Lucas? You know how dangerous that could be? We aren’t in friendly space anymore, we do not know what is out there or what is awaiting to take advantage of us. We need to be prepared for this if it shows up and it is hostile. Now these ships are vital. As well as anti-air defenses. Stuff capable of doing damage to ships like the ones we are building.” Ben would sit back in his chair taking a deep breath, “I am sorry Lucas for snapping, but I do not want another incident like this happening again. Understood?” As Ben sat back down he could hear Lucas speaking again. “Yes sir, I am truly sorry.. I was not thinking. I agree, I have access to rail gun schematics from back on Earth sir. That would work wonders as it is a high velocity projectile weapon capable of reaching extreme distances at high accuracy. It would truly help our defenses. I can get started on constructing some right away if need be.” Lucas would be behind the phone biting his nails as it was a nervous habit of his. “Good good.. Aubrey, do you have anything to chime in? How did the scans of that moon go?” Ben asked curiously. “It was nothing special, it's a tundra essentially nothing spectacular in terms of resources just the basic few that came up on our scans. If we need to, we can transport a team up there to get a better survey but I do not think it is necessary. It could be used as a military base, which could be valuable but might give a wrong impression.” Aubrey would sit back allowing Ben to make the final decision. “Right now, a military base here is all we need. But defenses is important and a military base on that moon will be a priority as it could also serve as a prime port for our ships and prime location for a construction zone for upcoming space construction.” He would clear his throat, “This is our plan of action now. We will look to expand past the stars soon enough. But I want our military and people to be well prepared. This is understood by all?” The group saying yes could be heard, “Good then let us all get to work, if you have anything of use. Inform me immediately. All of you are dismissed.” Ben would end the call and step from his chair peering out among the city from his house among the mountains. As he peered down upon the construction and bustling city of Orion he smiled as he was finally relaxed. Actions: Two AA Rail Gun emplacements begin construction this would take a little bit though, as the immediate construction was not as important as some other things. (1 AP) The finishing touches are placed on the Frigate construction yard (2 AP). Drones are launched throughout the world of Viyter, they would be surveying for oil in the ground, across the sea, or in the desert continents in the north and the south. (1AP) Population: 111,500
  13. The Saga Initiative “3….2…..1… and we have TAKE OFF!” A cheer could be heard within the command center of flight center. The initiatives first steps towards expanding its reach. The Thrope class scouting ship, it was designed by Chief Engineer Lucas Thrope. It is a multi-purpose scouting ship capable of holding its own in a fight while being able to scout and scan moons and planets with the ability to launch drones for scouting purposes as well. Armed with twin-linked Vulcan mini guns for combat and planetary scanning devices and drones. Ben and Lucas also had spoken on other designs stemming from this ship. Adaptability is something the pair wanted within the Saga’s navy. They had plans for a new ship coming as well. But they had to focus on other things currently. Back Council room, Ben walks in with a grin on his face. Exciting news and the plans for the future were booming in his ear and as he looked on his SI Pad he couldn’t stop from smiling. “Well well, do I have good news for y’all. We have successful launch of the scout ship and successful news on the mineral we found in the mines. The material is extremely resilient, it deflects regular ammunition and is only dented by a single armor piercing bullet. Explosive testing had destroyed the plate but it was only an one inch plate. The material however is extremely heavy, it’s heavier than lead. I want opinions how how this should be used. Should we put it towards armor plating on our ships, tanks, and soldiers? Or should we put it towards civilian uses?” Ben paused for a moment allowing the group to vote, the group voted unanimously in favor of the military side for the material as they saw it hard to not favor it as it would give them an extreme advantage. Actions: Scouting the nearby moon of Noctum-1. (1 AP) Mining of the mineral to build a surplus. (1 AP) Building of a new factory that can produce bigger ships. Equipped with machines and minerals to equip the new mineral armor plating. (2 AP). Orion: Population: 108,500
  14. The Saga Initiative “God it even wore down the diamond-edged saw? Grab that little piece of the mineral and let's start testing it. We need to figure out what an break it. Obviously we now have found a material stronger than diamond which is amazing in it's own right.” Doctor Needler was amazed that barely anything worked against this material. She tried everything, Lasers, steel and even diamond edge tools barely worked. Aubrey looked at the material and was amazed by its composition. It was harder than any material on Earth and this was so exciting to her. The applications that could be used for this was absolutely ridiculous. New picks, new drill tips, new armor plating for troops and vehicles. They just needed a way to get more of it. Aubrey and Ben both agreed how this was the Initiatives new priority. Back in Orion, the static radio heard is new. It isn't from anyone on the initiative either. Engineers scramble to boost the signal but it is to no avail. It is only static and louder static. Thorpe attempts to clarify the static by adjusting the frequency and then adding a signal booster to it. Then they would attempt adjust it until they got an understandable broadcast, and then they would try and communicate with them. With the factory ready to produce the scouts ships and the launch pad ready, production begins immediately on one scout ship. Ben believed they needed to find what else was out in their system before expanding their reach. Actions: Extensive research continues on the new material (2 AP) Attempting to raises the clarity and range on the Comm Systems to contact that signal (1AP) Construction of one scout ship and preparation for launch. (1AP) Orion: Population: 104,500 Military: 15,000
  15. The Saga Initiative June 28th, 2108 “HEY! YOU TWO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT!” A middle-aged women stood there looking across the lab at two young scientist fighting each other, she directed two of her protection force to go break it up and bring them over here. As the were grabbed they were brought over to her, the two men stood around 6 feet tall which was giant to the 5’2 doctor. She reached up and slapped both of them on the back of the head, “You two idiots. I get this is frustrating but keep your head on straight, we can’t get through this without each other. You know who I am, i’ll respect everyone until you do stupid crap like that while on my time.” She looked at the two glaring into their saddened eyes, “Look. The council has agreed for us to move on from the project for now as it’s ineffective. We are going to be moving onto this new element that was discovered in the mine, and we are going to be working on developing new types of spaceships. It’s going to be the new navy.” She looked at them both now smiling and they both smiled back. This scientist Dr. Aubrey Needler, was somewhat old for the initiative’s standards but she was extremely valuable to their efforts. She was an expert in astrophysics and quantum physics. She was what many considered a freak with smarts. She was a one of a kind scientist and someone who was invaluable in the eyes of Ben and the others, which made her the top of the list for the IPG. She was extremely active in the field and always wanted to be hands on more than in the lab. It made her liked by a lot of the IPG and the leaders of the council. She was rarely a drain on resources, but that was about to change and Ben was ready to grant that change. She hoped in the all-terrain land rover with Ben and Zach along with two IPG agents. They were followed by two other vehicles, one was a transport truck carrying soldiers and scientist and the other was a supply truck carrying mining laser, electromagnets, and other things to test the property of the mineral. They would perform basic geologic mineral test at first to determine it’s properties and then go deeper in depth with it’s testing. Trying to determine a use for it, weather it is used for ship building material, new form of protective strong metal, or used for weapons. This was exciting to all, it was the first steps to new discoverers that could lead to some many breakthroughs as well. Back at Orion.. Chief Engineer Lucas Thrope was standing next to a plot of land that was filled with construction workers and machines moving materials around to build up a factory. Men lifted up steel beams with the Exo-suits they had. This was a factory for the construction of scouting ships for the local planets and moons nearby. It was going to be a breakthrough for The Initiative having multiple colonies or bases throughout the system. It was exciting and scary to think about. Actions and Stats Building a factory/ship construction yard for scouting ships (2 AP) Researching the new element found within the mining system (1 AP) Building a new launching pad for ships to take off into the atmosphere from (1 AP) Orion Population: 102,500 Civilians: 90,000 Military: 12,500 Mining Network Under construction: Scout Ship Factory Launch Pad Research: Researching the new element found within the mining network.