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  1. The Noctum Republic Wyatt looked out upon his city, people were bustling about the Springtime brought forth a new wave of energy and a bunch of new births and seeing new mothers cradle the newborns made Wyatt smile. He knew work had to be done. A new craftsmen had been brought up with the recent group of teenagers. Leatherworkers, would craft leather armor capable of being able to protect soldiers on the frontlines from some attacks but not many. The lumber camp was to be finished within the next season Wyatt had a clever solution for what could be done about the shortage in wood. But with this he would need large amounts of stone. A quarry was marked out on the outskirts of the city to be constructed. The Tempteas would not attempt to contact the snake people, they seemed dangerous from afar. They would mark down the settlement spot on a makeshift map and return to Nocte Caleum. Actions: Lumber yard keeps construction (1ap) Quarry starts construction (2ap) Leatherworkers begin to craft armor (1ap) Noctue Caelum: Stone Walls 3 Farms, 3 Silos. Food Production: 1500 Food in Storage: 2600 240 Wooden Buildings - Max Cap - 1,320 Army Pop: 275 Arms/Armor Iron Tools 400 Shields, 400 swords, 400 bows/arrows, 300 matchlock rifles. Resources: Leather.
  2. The Noctum Republic The cold winter air pierced through the streets of Nocte Caelum, most citizens were huddled by controlled fires in the street set up by the Tempteas. Those at work though, worked hard and vigorously. Titus had his military, drilling in the cold. Shouts from him could be heard as it carries on the wind, “WE NEVER KNOW THE CONDITIONS WE WILL BE FIGHTING IN. THIS WILL ONLY MAKE YOU BOYS TOUGHER. NOW MARCH!” Titus follows the last rank as they march through the streets outside the walls to drill formations and do physical training that Titus prides himself on. Wyatt smiled as he saw his Marshall pushing the men to their best ability. With the Hunters finding some extra meat, it is distributed to families before it expires because of the full food storage. In other news, the hunters who gathered leather and food are thanked personally by Wyatt. The leather would be stored for a later use. With the wood shortage becoming a real issue, the Senate would vote to start the construction of the woodcutting camp that would also be responsible for replanting and maintaining the trees near the city. (1 AP for Camp) The Bees are left alone for now, but they are monitored closely by herbalist. (1 AP) The Tempteas are sent on a scouting mission towards the north, they would be looking for any resources or colonizable areas for the Republic to capitalize on. (1 AP for movement 1 AP for scouting). http://imgur.com/a/6sfXv Noctue Caelum: Stone Walls 3 Farms, 3 Silos. Food Production: 1500 - 300 (due to winter) = 1200 total Food in Storage: 2900 (-100 from distributing meat) 240 Wooden Buildings - Max Cap - 1,320 Army Pop: 275 Arms/Armor Iron Tools 400 Shields, 400 swords, 400 bows/arrows, 300 matchlock rifles. Resources: Leather.
  3. The Noctum Republic Wyatt was pacing the wall with Logan by his side, the report of the camp was discomforting but the trail led to nowhere which was reassuring but now they knew that other people or things were out in the world and close to home. He patted Logan’s back as he looked out into the darkness surrounding the outer walls, a few torches pierced the cloud of darkness but other than that there was nothing but silence and darkness. “Logan, we need to establish a professional military. No more milita. I want to offer the position to you. But if you decline, I understand that you are loyal to the Tempestas.” he would turn to him after taking a deep breath. “You are one of the only one’s I can trust. We’ve been close since our births, but if you decline I would like your recommendation on to who I should appoint.” he stood there awaiting his answer from his closest friend. Logan would shake his head, “I cannot my friend. You know the Tempestas are loyal to the Republic. But I will recommend, an interesting choice. Young, like us. But his mind is tactical genius, needed to organize this army. Titus Wolcott.” he would assure his friend that it was the correct choice to pick him with a firm handshake. As Logan walked off, to his chambers. Wyatt split of to the council room to sit there and think. As he looked through the window he saw the meteors running through the midnight sky. He had a very weird feeling about them, but shook it off and started to write the official military doctorate. The next morning it was announced that the Republic would be instating an official military and those who were willing to volunteer should report to the council room. The line was long, around 350 were ready to join the military. Most had been young men, eager to do something. With some older-grizzled veterans sprinkled in. Around 250 volunteered. Titus began organizing his troops into groups. With the Tempestas being the elite fighting force, they would be commanded by Logan but he would be under Titus. Even though Titus saw him as an equal. The Tempestas would assist in training the new recruits and to find out their niche within the army composition this would give them a chance to see if any had potential in joining the Tempestas. Which in order to join they would be put through a rigorous training. Which was physically and mentally challenging, it was designed to see if they had the willpower and drive to push through when the situation is tough. Then they would be test on accuracy with a bow and matchlock, then several duals against the top swordsmen of the Order would follow. After passing, they would be initiated into a tight nite brotherhood. The Army composition by the end of the two month training period came down to this, 150 Shield and Swords men 50 Matchlock skirmishers 50 Archers 25 Tempestas (Matchlock and Sword men) The Army would continually recruit to hopefully reach their number of 400, but would be done slowly overtime to help the economy adapt to the lower surplus of a labor force. With the rowboat being completed, the engineers tasked with making the boat look to solve its issue of being flipped during rough currents. They decide to dedicate more wood to a new building technique, which during construction the planks are laid overlapping each other creating a broad wood to wood join, and they would be brought together by iron rivets. (1 AP and wood) A scouting team is sent out to find resources around the area, mostly they are looking for something that could be seen as valuable to someone else or used to their advantage. (2 AP) A party of hunters is formed, to help keep the republic in a surplus during the winter. They would also use the fur and leather gathered from hunting to form a leather armor and to create fur coats for warmth. (1 AP) Nocte Caelum Population 1,200 Military Population: 275 400 Iron swords and Shields 400 Bows and Arrows 300 Matchlock rifles Food: 2500
  4. The Noctum Republic “Sir the farm, that you had the land cleared for is completed and ready to be farmed.” A senator filled him in as he walked into the council chambers. “Another thing sir, is that the engineers are making headways with device that will allow us to traverse the water. But they need wood to make their prototype to see if it actually works. Our dilemma is that our limited supply of wood might not be well spent of something that might not even work.” Wyatt stopped and looked up towards the older senator and sighed deeply before he spoke, “We’ve had a long time dealing with limited resources. All that seems to be around us is coastline and no sign of trees or mountains.” he started pacing, and then scratched his patchy blonde beard. “I see your point. With the expected population to grow, we might need the wood for housing. Or even if we decide to make another settlement, they would need proper defenses.” he just shook his head and made his final decision. “The device is going to take priority. We have no clue the possibilities this could open up for us. It could provide us a new way of scouting and a new way to get food outside of farming. Just you old men must be patience. Trust me in this decision it will pay off for us.” He smiled and extend his hand to grip the senator’s. “May the eternal flame burn inside you.” Wyatt would walk back out of the Senators chambers. Further north, where Logan and his scouting party were after discovering the recent findings of a camp. They decide to further investigate the campsite remains to search for any clues on who or what was here and where they were headed. Logan knew this could mean danger, but he believed he had his men best prepared for a fight if it came to that. Mod Friendly Section!! Boat research continues now with wood be devoted towards the research (2 AP and Wood) Scouting party investigating the campsite and searching for it’s inhabitants. (2AP 1 for looking for clues and 1 for tracking/movement). Nocte Caleum Stone Walls Population - 1200 Food Stores - 2300 Food Production - 1500 (3 Farms) Max Storage - 3000 Iron Swords/Shields - 400 300 Matchlock rifles Bow/Arrows set - 400 Iron Tools Limited Lumber and stone.
  5. Think it should atleast wait until the other ones die out zero. I mean no offense, you tend to either 'get busy' or disinterested extremely fast. Also having three frps running at the same time is just asking for them all to die
  6. The Noctum Republic A man by the name of Wyatt Jackson stood in the middle of the council room as the council members gave the man a standing ovation on him being elected as the first overseer of the Republic. Wyatt was above average height at 6’ and he had a very fit body for that of a politician. He was very athletic, but the thing that separated him was from the other candidates was his smarts and his charisma. He had a way of attending to everyone’s needs, whether it be the wealthier citizens or the less fortunate ones. This led to a sweeping revolution to elect the young man to the position. As the Republic is in desperate need of a leader with immense potential. Wyatt’s first order of business was to find a resource abundant area, that their heaven was lacking. He tasked his close friend, Logan Smith to lead the scouting expedition. He would take 25 scouts each armed with matchlock and a sword. These men would be hand-picked by Logan, as this would become the first elite unit of Noctum’s army. ===== Mod Action section (Hurrying for the Mod Post so i do not keep people waiting) Scouting group heads directly north. (1 AP and just scouting the three tiles directly north). Construction of another farm is started, as Wyatt expects people to start repopulating in the newly formed city. (2AP) Wyatt has his top engineers and seamen working on a device that is capable of exploring deeper into the ocean (1 AP)
  7. editted my app
  8. APPLICATION Faction/Leader Name: The Noctum Republic Skype Name (Optional): Just add me from the Modern frp chat Race Name: Human Race Description: The basic origin of all of those created, Humans are nothing special besides for their special nack at uniting together against a common enemy. But that is not always the case. But the Human race has an average height of about 5'9 to 5'10 for males and females range from 5'5 to 5'6. Their hair color is usually blonde, brown, or black. Their eye color ranges from all sorts on the color spectrum. Flag (Optional): With First post Religion/Beliefs (Optional): With first post Short Faction Backstory: The Noctum Republic was founded by a nomadic group of humans, who were united under a single banner in hopes to improve the life and growth of the Human race. The former clan leaders had decided that the people would chose on who would be apart of the council that would lead the republic. Which would be headed by a single man elected by the majority of the council. This was to ensure that the progressiveness of the nation would not stall if the council could not agree on the direction of which the republic should take.
  9. nice spawn tavern meme! Top Kek!
  10. Republic of Turkey President Omar and his cabinet celebrated the successful strike against the Mosul Dam and the flooding that caused disarray among the Iranian Alliance. Some people were shocked by the flooding but the general consensus was excitement. He knew blood shed was quickly coming from this and if they wanted blood it would be had. Military Operations: 50,000 military reserves are activated, to act as the military police and domestic security force. They are to receive a quick four months training and be deployed into heavy Kurdish populations as a precaution to retaliation attempts by the Kurds. This was an attempt to discourage any attempts at an attack in the homeland. The 7th and 9th Corps are mobilized to the border of Iraq and Iran respectively, this is where they would set up and prepare an already heavily defended defensive line. With the Syrian Warlords recalling their forces, Syria was no longer a threat to Turkey or so Omar had believed. Turkey had made it's move. Blood was coming and when it did, it will not stop. Other Military: Turkish Navy and about 10,000 marines begin training off the coast of Cyprus with Turkey's puppet government forces! Political: President Omar laughed aloud when he heard from his intelligence agencies that Russia had launched an invasion into Kazakhstan. He condemned the Russian Republic for being hypocritical. India and France are both sent trade pacts. Research: The Tai-Fx fifth generation fighter plan is put back on schedule and should be finished.
  11. I have a few spare dollars, I can donate. Once i get my paycheck in tomorrow. I'll donate. I know what youre going through, I had a similar situation happen within my family.
  12. Then MJ, answer this. Why if you're going to sleep would you in your right mind not log off? It makes no sense. You of all people should know that a lot of people afk to avoid roleplay :) don't call people on stuff, when it isn't even relevant to the conversation.
  13. Republic of Turkey President Omar had his nation sit quietly by, he let the situations around him develop into something that was seemingly out of hand. But he was ready to fully take advantage of the situation. He was tapping his fingers across his desk anxiously waiting for someone to come get him. Five minutes later, a knock was heard on his door and a head popped through it. It was his military advisor. “Sir, it is time. If you would follow me.” he would swing the door open, and Omar would exit the room following to a discreet location in Ankara. What Turkey has been planning for; for so long was about to kick off. Turkey had let Iran grow into enormous power, it was time to put them and their allies down. Military Operations: Around 00:00, the Turkish Air Force would begin its attacks, a series of bombing runs and attacks throughout Northern Iraq, many of these bombing runs would be focused towards the Mosul Dam, a massive dam that was constructed during the Saddam Hussein Era in Iraq if destroyed it would cause massive chaos in Iraq. Killing upwards to 1.5 million people with its destruction. The Turkish administration had calculated the risk and deemed the operation as necessary in winning the war. (MOD YO) The 7th Corp of the 2nd Turkish Army would begin its preparation for the invasion through Northern Syria if the bombing failed. The same goes with the 9th corps of the 3rd Turkish Army they would prepare for the invansion of Northern Iraq if the bombing fails. Domestic: The Russian Ships are allowed passage through the Dardanelles but is warned that approaching them again without proper warning will result in denial and possible actions against them.
  14. Turkish Republic In the January of 2021, Erdogan had passed away, the political race wasn’t much of a race. Omar Shalabi had been a clear front runner, he was not like Erdogan in any sort. Even though he was brought through the political ranks by him. He had a sympathy for the Kurds. He wanted to make things right, this ‘oppression’ had to end. But without angering the Turkish people. With this immediately a missive is sent to the Kurds fighting against the East Iraqi forces. The deal being struck would be if they were allowed to assist them, then Turkey would be help them take back their land that was not within the Turkish border. (MOD YO) With this happening funding to the border defense construction is cut on the Northern border of Turkey, the funding is put into the military mobilization and towards the domestic plans again. If the deal by the Kurds was accepted than fifty F-16s would begin a series of bombing/strafing runs on armour columns, supply convoys, and Iraqi infantry fortifications. Establishing air superiority was key in the success of fighting for the Kurds’ freedom. Following these strikes, two divisions that have been protecting the border would begin to march into Iraq, to reinforce the Kurds at Mosul. (Will add more tactics when responded to hard to do so rn)