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  1. Honestly, i've seen warclaims with more people be lagless outside of 20,000 snowballs being thrown at the battle of the crossroads and the battle of the Dreadfort. Hell even the battle of Mount Augustus with all that was going on lagged very little. It was only after the implementation of Nexus that battles went to ****. Just let us go back to Iron on Iron. No nexus buffs or anything. PvPing in a slideshow isn't all that exciting.
  2. Then MJ, answer this. Why if you're going to sleep would you in your right mind not log off? It makes no sense. You of all people should know that a lot of people afk to avoid roleplay :) don't call people on stuff, when it isn't even relevant to the conversation.
  3. Republic of Turkey President Omar had his nation sit quietly by, he let the situations around him develop into something that was seemingly out of hand. But he was ready to fully take advantage of the situation. He was tapping his fingers across his desk anxiously waiting for someone to come get him. Five minutes later, a knock was heard on his door and a head popped through it. It was his military advisor. “Sir, it is time. If you would follow me.” he would swing the door open, and Omar would exit the room following to a discreet location in Ankara. What Turkey has been planning for; for so long was about to kick off. Turkey had let Iran grow into enormous power, it was time to put them and their allies down. Military Operations: Around 00:00, the Turkish Air Force would begin its attacks, a series of bombing runs and attacks throughout Northern Iraq, many of these bombing runs would be focused towards the Mosul Dam, a massive dam that was constructed during the Saddam Hussein Era in Iraq if destroyed it would cause massive chaos in Iraq. Killing upwards to 1.5 million people with its destruction. The Turkish administration had calculated the risk and deemed the operation as necessary in winning the war. (MOD YO) The 7th Corp of the 2nd Turkish Army would begin its preparation for the invasion through Northern Syria if the bombing failed. The same goes with the 9th corps of the 3rd Turkish Army they would prepare for the invansion of Northern Iraq if the bombing fails. Domestic: The Russian Ships are allowed passage through the Dardanelles but is warned that approaching them again without proper warning will result in denial and possible actions against them.
  4. Turkish Republic In the January of 2021, Erdogan had passed away, the political race wasn’t much of a race. Omar Shalabi had been a clear front runner, he was not like Erdogan in any sort. Even though he was brought through the political ranks by him. He had a sympathy for the Kurds. He wanted to make things right, this ‘oppression’ had to end. But without angering the Turkish people. With this immediately a missive is sent to the Kurds fighting against the East Iraqi forces. The deal being struck would be if they were allowed to assist them, then Turkey would be help them take back their land that was not within the Turkish border. (MOD YO) With this happening funding to the border defense construction is cut on the Northern border of Turkey, the funding is put into the military mobilization and towards the domestic plans again. If the deal by the Kurds was accepted than fifty F-16s would begin a series of bombing/strafing runs on armour columns, supply convoys, and Iraqi infantry fortifications. Establishing air superiority was key in the success of fighting for the Kurds’ freedom. Following these strikes, two divisions that have been protecting the border would begin to march into Iraq, to reinforce the Kurds at Mosul. (Will add more tactics when responded to hard to do so rn)
  5. Turkish Republic The people were angry with Erdogan, rightfully so. He was about to violate something the Turkish people valued as sacred. Neutrality in the Middle East. Erdogan ordered a camera crew so he could give a speech to clarify the situation. “The recent mobilization of troops is a precautionary measure as if the militia were to gain control and then possibly spill over into our great country. The construction of the current border defenses will continue as a deterrent to those who would try to threaten people of Turkey.” he pauses and takes a deep breath, “I will answer the pleas of the nations that have asked us to stop, our mobilization towards the border. But we will not take the threats from Russia so lightly.” He adjust his papers to address a different topic. “In the next few years before I step down from my position as president, I will be introducing a series of economic reforms to help stimulate the growth of our economy. I have already introduced some, but they were ignored by the outrage produced by the people. Growth in key in becoming a flourishing economy. One we have not had for sometime now. We will grow. We will not become dependent on other nations anymore. We will thrive! LONG LIVE TURKEY!” He steps away and the camera crew cuts out to a local new station. The same construction starts on the northern borders of Turkey, this would be more of a military defensive line. Bunkers, fixed artillery placements, fighters and bombers are stationed in a nearby military airfield. On the Dardanelles and coast, missile solos, and coastal batteries begin construction. The Turks would be prepared for any invasion or attack. The NAP with Israel is accepted, it is also asked if Turkey may buy Iron Domes from it. They promise to not try and replicate the technology without the expressed permission of Israel. In the country side, Erdogan looks to increase the renewable energy output to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and oil. He looks into the construction of solar farms and wind turbine farms. Solar farms seem to be the most expensive but would pay themselves off faster than the Turbine farms. He looks to an up and comer in politics to help decide this. Omar Shalabi, a young man who has promise in politics.
  6. Turkish Republic President Erdogan looked towards the t.v. screen and new reels of the current conflict in Iraq had been replaying over and over again, the Middle East had fallen into conflict again. He shook his head. He knew what was soon to follow. A video message is sent to the Iraqi Warlord, it is Erdogan the statement is clear “Cease and Desist or hell will rain upon you.” The country was going to prepare for the worst to come, Turkish engineers start constructing defensive strong points on the border to the Iran, Iraq and Syria. The border would be now be a heavily armed and secured. Some civilian airports are converted over to military airfields, and military bases are constructed with mobile artillery and tank divisions placed in nearby converted hangers and car depots to be ready at anytime. A plan begins to be drawn up for the time being, on how to handle the Iraqi situation. The air force beings to put its pilots through fighting simulations and the military starts to prep it’s troops for intervention. Back on the domestic side of things, many people look to Erdogan looks for economic growth and prosperity to help escape the harsh times to come. A plan is set into action, several policies are taken to help stimulate innovation. Tax on the middle class and lower class is reduced, while small business will receive tax breaks. Any big business looking to outsource their jobs will receive a heavy tax and those that look to keep their jobs in Turkey will get tax breaks as well. This is to encourage that jobs goes to the Turkish first.
  7. when are we going to start this up?
  8. Nation Application Skype Name [PM if needed]: you have it Nation Choice: Turkey Character/Party name: Errodgan Where does Japan stand?: Bring muh Empire back Have you played a modern nation frp before?: maybe Will you be able to post regularly?: yes