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  1. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Kingdom of Portugal Treasury: 27,000 Ducats Income: 11,000 Ducats Trade Partners: Venice, Aragon, Castile, Ottomans ================================ As the reports each came in on the expeditions King John’s happiness grew, the two successes greatly outweighed the one failure. Yet he wouldn’t give up on that expedition. His advisors had suggested that he look for explorers to recruit and lead the expedition. He would give the New World crews a year break. While the African coast expedition, would be set to take off again this year. (-3,000 Ducats) Colonization. Not a new term to the Portuguese. However, they had never done it on this scale before. A mission would be held to colonize the Cape Verde islands. The colony would be accompanied by 4,000 Infantry and 1,000 Cavalry. (-5,000 Ducats) Another colonization mission begins preparations. This one would be launched in a year or two. (-3,000 Ducats, Skype) One hundred brave men volunteer to stay with the Mayans to learn their culture and language while teaching them portuguese. This would last for a year before they went and settled with the colony that would be established south of the Mayan border the following year. Exploration continues down the African coast. (-5,000 Ducats) King John sanctions a research to begin enhancing the Portuguese hulls to be more durable for long range expeditions and in combat. (-11,000 Ducats +20% Tech Investment = 13,200 Ducats) A Military Alliance with Venice is announced. The deal also comes with basing rights for Venice in Porto. ===== Treasury: 0 Income: 10,850 Military: 50,000 Infantry 7,000 Cavalry Navy: 40 Caravels 9 Carracks 6 Galleons
  2. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore The recent acceptance of becoming a Subject State of the Grand Alliance came as a relief to Johnny and the board. It gave them some breathing room and released the pressure from the Kalronians at their back. However it wasn't without its drawbacks, Kyber Kore would be leaving the Dominion of Man. Declining any other offer to join a federation and they would be leaving the human lead coalition against the Axis. Cybernetic research was at the top of Kyber Kore’s list of priorities. Kevin Thomas was a man who saw the vision that Johnny held for Cybernetics and donated a large chunk to help fund the university's construction. The new university would be located on the freshly established colony of Nova. Actions: AP: 16 RP: 1 Bonuses: S.T.E.M. Paradise: Allows construction of a university that produces one research point. (Limit one per CS) Expansion mentality Kevin Thomas University of Cybernetic Development begins construction on the new colony of Nova. (-10 AP) A large chunk of the Kyber Kore Itoron stockpiles is placed up for sale across the galactic market. (0AP) (Encounter) Construction of a colony ship (-3 AP) Mining operations on Viyter begin their expansion deeper into the planet and in different less inhabited areas of the planet. (-3 AP) (25/25 Industry Investment) Research: Research continues on Cybernetics at Viyter University. (1 RP) Population: 660,500 Humans, 78,000 Da’nor, 38,000 Human Da’nor
  3. The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Kingdom of Portugal King John II had a smug look on his face as he heard the news from Christopher Columbus’ expedition, the news of ‘magic’ however changed his facial expression to mysterious and his eyes lit up with any idea. He motioned for his guards to move the commoners out of the Throne room. Another was sent to gather the council, as work must be done. Actions: Three Expeditions are formed, recruiting begins for each one of them. One would follow the coast of Africa, following the maps they previously have. Another is using the Castilian map of the Caribbean this time they would travel more western. Another is sent west, this time launching from the Azores. (-15,000) (55,000 Ducats) Trade with Castile, Aragon, and surprising the Ottomans is accepted. (+3,000 Income) The Portuguese Expeditionary Force is formed by King John II (-24,000 Ducats) (31,000 Ducats) 20,000 Infantry 2,000 Cavalry Four mines are constructed, as these expeditions would be expensive and income had to be generated. (-10,000 Ducats) (21,000 Ducats) Backroom nonsense? (-5,000 Ducats) (16,000 Ducats) Treasury: 16,000 Ducats Income: 10,000Ducats Trade Partners: Castile, Venice, Ottomans
  4. The Age of Mysteries [OOC]

    Nation: Portugal Ruler: King Manuel I Army: Points 4: 30,000 Infantry 5,000 Cavalry Navy: 40 Caravels 10 Carracks 6 Galleons Desired technology from investment: Basic knowledge of Airship technology Short background on the nation (more details for North American tribes): Portugal was a proud nation, an isolated nation from the rest of Europe. The people of Portugal are a proud people, who have dominated the trading scene. With news of magic coming from the Americas. King Manuel I had his new greedy eyes set towards the new world and its untold riches. Manuel was ready to pay any amount of gold it took to spread the dominance of the Portuguese. Skype: you have it
  5. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore The times were becoming troubling and dark, the world was diving deep into darkness once again. The war was taking its toll, three human nations now became vassal states. Kyber Kore would continue business as usual. Actions: Three frigates start construction (6 AP) Expanding the industry on Viyter (2 AP) (22/25) Research: Research into contiunes into the medical side of cybernetics and nanomachines being used to mend wounds inflicted onto a person. (1 RP) Population: Free Human Technocracy - 612,750 Humans, 70,000 Da'nor, 35,500 Human-Da'nor
  6. 1000 A.D. (OOC)

    Country/Tribe: Marca Hispanica (March of Spain) Leader: Ramon Borrell II Population: 500K History: The Franks created the Marca Hispanica by conquering former north-eastern territory of the Visigothic kingdom of Hispania, which had been conquered by the Muslims. The death of Charlemagne (814) was followed by a scene of open revolt and Carolingian setbacks around the Pyrenees. After defeat in Pancorbo, Pamplona, led by the native Basque lord Eneko Arista, detached (817) and Aragón ensued (820). The named Catalan counties - territories used by the Moors to enter and overrun Septimania in 719 - became in fact, a natural extension of the March of Gothia ruled by Catalans and Toulousains under the Carolingian Empire. Do you have Discord? yes Sneaky#5922
  7. The Vassorum Trade Federation The streets bustled with people’s voices, yelling and shouting their wares were up for sale or some new magical item that some had thought worth the coin. Oberon was not one of those people, the man stood 6’3, he was skinny but muscular and his silver hair ran long as it was tied back in a braid as the rest fell behind his head with two strands falling in front of his ear. His piercing emerald colored eyes scanned the market from his position on the walls. As he darted back and forth between people attempting to find who he was looking for, the two other trio members. Oberon was a man of precision, all of his market operations were down to the point and carried out with perfect technique. His minions and company had become very feared in the market center. Oberon was the only trio member who interfered with the market. He saw a positive reaction from his people, as they were happy with making more coin. But believed he should take a hands off approach much like the others. His eyes had found their target, a human male who was stumbling his way out of a tavern. The man stood at 5’10, short dark hair, brown eyes, he was built for his stature with broad shoulders and strong arms. Though a tiny gut did appear from his excessive drinking habit. Oberon scoffed in disgust at Damon, his counterpart was drinking his life away slowly. He had been a disaster since his brother was killed, in the early days of Vassorum. Oberon was bound to set him back on the path of righteousness. Then came Glaghon, the dwarf was decorated in his heavy armor, and Warhammer slung over his back. He and three of his bodyguards marched down the street towards Oberon on the wall. Glahgon shouted towards the elf, “Ye called for me?” Oberon removed his hood and nodded towards the dwarf. As he and his company moved towards the gate. As he reached the bottom he met eyes with his men holding up the now passed out Damon and then moved them towards Glahgon, “Yes, reports of ‘star’ falling and crashing into our countryside. If it is what I have heard of from legends. Then we will want to hurry.” His face was serious, as he motioned for his guards to put Damon on the back of the cart. “Let's move.” Oberon raised his hood over his head, as he mounted his horse. The trio and their companies headed into the countryside. ========= Before this Glahgon, had been in a meeting discussing the possible expansion of the navy to increase the trade power and protection ability of the Vassorum Navy. They had come to an agreed upon price of 10 Galleys and 5 Caravels. (-15,000 Gold) After Oberon’s return from his mission to Katholikos, a trade deal has been struck between the two nations. Warehouses and docking rights have been granted to Vassorum in return for schematics and sale of a new plant for the Federation. Tobacco. With that, the first sales of Tobacco begin in Veii. The company sent by Katholikos is carefully monitored by agents of the Federation. The plant will be slowly released into the market. The “Star of Glory” as the tales call it, is sectioned off and secured by military officials of Vassorum, the family that discovered it in their land is given a choice of what they wish to be compensated with. Experimentation would begin alchemist, engineers and smiths would be recruited to see the properties of the metal and what it could be used for. Diplomats are sent out to the neighboring nations. To reach out and establish relations and trade with them. In addition to that, Oberon donates several thousand coins to improving upon and expanding farms throughout Vassorum, a stockpile was essential to long-term survival. Plus, the surplus could be shipped and sold to foreign nations. (-5,000 Coins) Per deal struck with Blackmarrow, the Veii Press Company will begin printing out and distributing advertising filers across the north. The filers would be advertising Blackmarrow's services. (+1,000 Gold) (Distributing Blackmarrow service filers to neighboring northern nations and nations trading with Vassorum .) The Trio decides on a small fort being built at a crossroad point in the nation. It'll function as a central security point on the eastern front. (-20,000 Gold) Treasury: 21,000 Navy 7 Caravals (5 Under construction) 12 Galleys (10 Under construction) Army: 100 Units of Pikemen 100 Units of Crossbowmen Population: 1,000,000 Capital: Veii
  8. Dawn of a New Era OOC (Fantasy Nation-builder RP)

    State Name: Vassorum Trade Federation Government System: Trade Federation History: The city of Veii has always stood tall, a great trade nation whose economy boomed and walls gleamed off the sun. Veii was the proud capital of Vassorum, it was split into three districts with a central neutral market district that drove the economy and competitive drive of nation. The sectors surround a port which leads directly into the market plaza of Veii. The Vassorum Trade Federation was formed after many years of extremely bloody wars between three races on the peninsula. Three young princes of the races had enough of the bloodshed and pity turf wars. The Vassorum pact was signed. All three princes assuming control of the territory as a whole while they appointed those to manage the sectors of the city. Culture: The culture of Vassorum is a melting pot, with a majority human pop by a slim margin at 36%, Elves at 34% and Dwarves at 30%. Each races contributes to something special while all contribute to growing the wealth of Vassorum. The central ruling families are very laissez-faire, the nation being extremely merit based. You earn what you earn. Especially when it comes to education and mercantilism. The religion of Vassorum varies from race to race, even subraces follow different sects. It is widely left alone by the government. With only one banned practice within the city. All death magic and worship is strictly forbidden. Economy: 6 The large market emphasis, the competitive nature and location of Vassorum leads to the injection of gold into the economy from outside. Those less fortunate in Veii have plenty of options. Service in the navy or army. Also the harvesting and process of resources, some of these lead to deviants however and divert to the pirate lifestyle. Education: 6 Education is also the second biggest part of Federation. Education drove discovery and knowledge and knowledge is power. Knowledge is power, with this drive by the citizens of Vassorum have lead to many discoveries by them. The compass and crossbow being the two biggest accomplishments by them. A little magic is rumored to be flowing around the country though, however now it is a closely kept secret. Size: 2 Due to the mass amounts of bloodshed and death so recently. Vassorum is small in a sense, but makes up for it with its centralization and wealth. Military: 3 (Army: 2 Navy: 4) 100 Units of Pikemen 100 Units of Crossbows Navy: 7 Caravels 12 Galleys Loyalty: 3 Due to the secretive nature of the government and recent uniting of the races the citizens of Vassorum are very wary of their counterparts and government but are hopeful things will live and continue. Key figure 1: Oberon Aendaer (4/6/4) Aged: 4 Key Figure 2: Marshall Glaghon Amberblade (5/2/2) Aged: 4 Key Figure 3: Damon Luck (1/1/1) Aged: 7 Word mentioned necessary somewhere in the above post: Poland
  9. Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    The Golden Caravan Supplies were rapidly dwindling, scavenging was barely working. Food and water production were just starting, but no surplus meant a lack of opportunity to stockpiling. It was becoming more and more prevalent that Daniel and his company needed to up the production and find an outside source to trade with. Actions: With one ground water purifier working, more water pumps needed to be produced so more clean water could make its way into the waste and into the colonies supplies. (20 Manpower) More food is planted, the members of the company working fast. (15 Manpower.) Scavenging continues, this time the men travel deeper into the city. Hitting the police station namely. (5 Manpower.) Guard duty continues. (5 Manpower) Resources: 255 Food 150 Water 1000 Fuel 1000 Caps
  10. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore With the impending war with the galactic Axis on the horizon. Johnny saw it fit to start expanding the fleet and production capacity of Corporation. Outfitted with all the up-to-date weapons tech the fleet was not as barebones as it once was. AP: 11 (-10 AP from federation switch) Base: 4 Colonies: 4 Population: 2 Trade: 4 National mentality: 3 H.E. Payment (4AP one turn only) Actions: Building Six corvettes in the Viyter shipyards (6AP) Cybernetic research continues, the new technology could provide vital with casualties and maintaining manpower (5ap) Research Points: 1 Production: Universities: 1RP The first projects and learning experiences begin as students who help progress and produce a breakthrough in the cybernetic research begins. (1RP) Population: 576,500 Humans, 66,000 Da’nor, 33,000 Human-Da’nor
  11. Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    The Golden Caravan Daniel repeated his same morning routine of staring out the front of the school entrance every morning where his board members could find him ever so easily. It had been a long time since he had taken over the company and grown them from a small trading post to a medium sized one poised to explode and conquer the surrounding area. His father had this dream and he would follow suit. However he now had to take violent solutions into encounters he wished he could deal with democratically but this group could not be tamed. He pushed open through the glass door and walked around front lawn of Thomasville High school. He walked to the fence that surrounded the front lawn, and rested his arm against the watchtower. His eyes rested upon the distant neighborhood that was across the street from the school. He smiled as his men prepared to scavenge and expand their operations over there. Housing and energy operations would be housed over there with watchtowers spread throughout to detect a potential threat from a distance.. Actions Construction of 2 windmills one in the front lawn and one in the back of the school. (20 Manpower) A team is tasked with filling the football field with tato crops. (15 manpower) Equipping the same defensive force and putting them into training and defending at night. (5 manpower) Scout team Takeoff is equipped with bolt action pipe rifles and all ten things of scrap armor before they are sent off to the east to scavenge for water and food. Again looking for local factions and trading post. (5 manpower) Resources: Food: 310 Water: 210 Fuel: 1000 Caps: 1000 Stimpaks: 20 Med-x 40 Bolt-action Pipe rifle: x45 Pipe Rifles: x10 Scrap armor: x10 Population: 90
  12. Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    The Golden Caravan Daniel Smith peaked out of the front school window, the dead landscape and pre-war scrap piece laid about before the high school. Death laid about as the sun peeked through the rain clouds. He looked back seeing his scav group preparing for a run into the city, their mission a little different. This mission would be part scouting, part recruiting and part scavenging. The others, would be constructing water pumps of the and windmills. Jackson Down’s walked through the hallway, the VP of Defense searching for Mr. Smith, before he turned the corner Daniel turned around to greet him with his stare, “What do you need Jackson?” Daniel shot out, surprising Jackson. “Sir remember before we send our men out, we need to have a group stay and armed. To protect the Headquarters.” Jackson stood there with his pencil and paper writing down a list of names. “Here, I think these people should stay. A mix of our best shots and those I think are not ready to experience combat out in the city.” He smiled as he ripped the paper out handing it to him. Daniel nodded before turning his gaze back out towards the city, “I want to start expanding our grasp. Grabbing more buildings in the city to start projecting our power as well. Expanding into the surrounding houses will allow us to expand our living quarters and resource collection operations. It will give us several layers of defense as well.” Daniel approached Jackson, preparing to shake his hand. “Risky sir, with our manpower already limited. Should we not focus on our main headquarters at first. Build up defenses here and then expand into the city. Get a few caravan’s up and running before marching around and grabbing land.” “I agree Jackson, this would be a future project. As we will be moving towards a greater purpose soon. Recruiting and gathering supplies is more important right now.” Daniel would go to shake Jackson’s hand and then prepare to meet with the scav crews. Actions: Scouting the outer neighborhoods for materials and groups inhabiting them to make contact. (10 Manpower) Building a ground water purifier (15 Manpower) Sending a party out to the opposite side of the first team, to scavenge supplies and materials and look for other merchant groups to contact. (10 Manpower) A group of 5 trained marksmen and 5 recruits are stationed to guard the HQ (5 Manpower) The remaining manpower is spent on building defenses around the perimeter of school, including a watchtower and repairing the chainlink fence (5 manpower) Resources: Food: 400 Water: 300 Fuel: 1000 Population: 90 Caps: 1000
  13. Fallout: Legends Faction FRP (OOC Thread)

    Faction Name: The Golden Caravan Company Faction Flag: (N/A) Faction Leaders: CEO: Daniel Smith VP of Defense: Jackson Down VP of Diplomacy: Bryant Bear Faction Backstory: The Golden Caravan, started off as a small store in a settlement passed in Thomasville, Georgia. It was started by Daniel Smith in his earlier days, saving up bottle caps to buy enough supplies and storefront to stay in business long enough to expand operations into an actual caravanning company. In the coming months his caps doubled and his growth was swelling. But he had to get out of his landlords grasp and start by own his own companies HQ. Three months later Daniel started a negotiation process with the man who ran and managed the market building. Which was an old high school, the perfect building to have housing, storage and even market stalls and sections for people to shop and barter. The negotations were long and hard, Daniel losing a third of his savings caps and the spending caps he had. He had to reach deeper in his pockets and spend his savings on supplies and manpower for the future. He hired on Jackson Down’s and Bryant Bear who both were investors and had their own unqiue skill sets to help grow the Golden Caravan Company to its max potential. . Race: Humans Points Spent: -10 Population (+1 Point) Pipe Bolt Action Rifle (-2 Points) Med-X (-1 Point) Windmill (-2 Points) Ground Water Purifier (-3 Points) Location: Thomasville, Georgia Skype: You have it
  14. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore The colony ship was set, eager settlers awaiting to set foot on the brand new world that was waiting for them to colonize. This would be the first colony established by the company. The arid world bordering the far west sector of Vanis was an excellent place for the company to expand operations and provide them with an excellent testing world for future products. Actions: Colonizing the nearby sector to the west (0AP) Building a grand university on Viyter (10 AP) Johnny and the light freighter take a business trip to HE!! (2AP) Population: 540,000 Humans, 60,000 Da'nor, 30,000 Human-Da'nor
  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore “Sir, the new board is awaiting you.” “They can wait a few more minutes. Who accepted the positions from the council?” “Only two… Saelesh accepted, very quickly at that. Also Logan said he would return under the VP of Finance.” “Execellent. We have a new and challenging road ahead of us.” “Yes we do sir. Now can you follow me?” She’d start tapping her foot impatiently. Having to deal with Johnny and keeping him on track was obviously a trying task. Her being his lifelong secretary, which was not a long time considering he recently came into the CEO position four years ago. Johnny would shake his head from the stare at one of his books, “Yes. Sorry, you know I am hard to keep on track.” He flashed his smile towards her and she shook her head and flipped around to guide him down towards the boardroom. ========================= As Johnny walked in, he looked across the face of every new member on the board. He had a healthy smile on his face. As did all of his board members, he nodded to each one before gliding his hand down the bend of the wooden table. He placed his hand on his chair and spun it to where he could sit down. As he did, he looked out and cleared his throat. “So first order of business?” A blonde haired man with grey streaks in it would clear his voice, and adjust his glasses on his face. “Em, yes sir. You know me I am Logan Dial, now your VP of Finance. Now I suggest that we further our freighter fleets now that we are galactic franchise and more importantly a nation. We will have our supplies in high demand and the lack of freighters will hamper our ability to reach these shops with supply in time.” Logan nodded and adjusted himself in his seat. “Good point. Approved. Anything else?” Johnny’s eyes darted around the room, his smile still on. He was content with the first project would be. “No sir.” The group of people all shook their heads. “Dismissed then.” He would nod to each one of them, “Let us begin our first days on a positive trend.” =============== Actions: First year of officially switching governments: ( ½ AP x 2 years) = (7AP) Finishing out payments for the LSAA heavy defense station. (5 AP) A freighter starts construction in the brand new shipyard (2 AP) Free Human Technocracy - 500,000 Humans, 54,500 Da'nor, 28,000 Human-Da'nor