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  1. Fallout: Legends FRP (RP Thread)

    The Golden Caravan Daniel Smith peaked out of the front school window, the dead landscape and pre-war scrap piece laid about before the high school. Death laid about as the sun peeked through the rain clouds. He looked back seeing his scav group preparing for a run into the city, their mission a little different. This mission would be part scouting, part recruiting and part scavenging. The others, would be constructing water pumps of the and windmills. Jackson Down’s walked through the hallway, the VP of Defense searching for Mr. Smith, before he turned the corner Daniel turned around to greet him with his stare, “What do you need Jackson?” Daniel shot out, surprising Jackson. “Sir remember before we send our men out, we need to have a group stay and armed. To protect the Headquarters.” Jackson stood there with his pencil and paper writing down a list of names. “Here, I think these people should stay. A mix of our best shots and those I think are not ready to experience combat out in the city.” He smiled as he ripped the paper out handing it to him. Daniel nodded before turning his gaze back out towards the city, “I want to start expanding our grasp. Grabbing more buildings in the city to start projecting our power as well. Expanding into the surrounding houses will allow us to expand our living quarters and resource collection operations. It will give us several layers of defense as well.” Daniel approached Jackson, preparing to shake his hand. “Risky sir, with our manpower already limited. Should we not focus on our main headquarters at first. Build up defenses here and then expand into the city. Get a few caravan’s up and running before marching around and grabbing land.” “I agree Jackson, this would be a future project. As we will be moving towards a greater purpose soon. Recruiting and gathering supplies is more important right now.” Daniel would go to shake Jackson’s hand and then prepare to meet with the scav crews. Actions: Scouting the outer neighborhoods for materials and groups inhabiting them to make contact. (10 Manpower) Building a ground water purifier (15 Manpower) Sending a party out to the opposite side of the first team, to scavenge supplies and materials and look for other merchant groups to contact. (10 Manpower) A group of 5 trained marksmen and 5 recruits are stationed to guard the HQ (5 Manpower) The remaining manpower is spent on building defenses around the perimeter of school, including a watchtower and repairing the chainlink fence (5 manpower) Resources: Food: 400 Water: 300 Fuel: 1000 Population: 90 Caps: 1000
  2. Fallout: Legends Faction FRP (OOC Thread)

    Faction Name: The Golden Caravan Company Faction Flag: (N/A) Faction Leaders: CEO: Daniel Smith VP of Defense: Jackson Down VP of Diplomacy: Bryant Bear Faction Backstory: The Golden Caravan, started off as a small store in a settlement passed in Thomasville, Georgia. It was started by Daniel Smith in his earlier days, saving up bottle caps to buy enough supplies and storefront to stay in business long enough to expand operations into an actual caravanning company. In the coming months his caps doubled and his growth was swelling. But he had to get out of his landlords grasp and start by own his own companies HQ. Three months later Daniel started a negotiation process with the man who ran and managed the market building. Which was an old high school, the perfect building to have housing, storage and even market stalls and sections for people to shop and barter. The negotations were long and hard, Daniel losing a third of his savings caps and the spending caps he had. He had to reach deeper in his pockets and spend his savings on supplies and manpower for the future. He hired on Jackson Down’s and Bryant Bear who both were investors and had their own unqiue skill sets to help grow the Golden Caravan Company to its max potential. . Race: Humans Points Spent: -10 Population (+1 Point) Pipe Bolt Action Rifle (-2 Points) Med-X (-1 Point) Windmill (-2 Points) Ground Water Purifier (-3 Points) Location: Thomasville, Georgia Skype: You have it
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore The colony ship was set, eager settlers awaiting to set foot on the brand new world that was waiting for them to colonize. This would be the first colony established by the company. The arid world bordering the far west sector of Vanis was an excellent place for the company to expand operations and provide them with an excellent testing world for future products. Actions: Colonizing the nearby sector to the west (0AP) Building a grand university on Viyter (10 AP) Johnny and the light freighter take a business trip to HE!! (2AP) Population: 540,000 Humans, 60,000 Da'nor, 30,000 Human-Da'nor
  4. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore “Sir, the new board is awaiting you.” “They can wait a few more minutes. Who accepted the positions from the council?” “Only two… Saelesh accepted, very quickly at that. Also Logan said he would return under the VP of Finance.” “Execellent. We have a new and challenging road ahead of us.” “Yes we do sir. Now can you follow me?” She’d start tapping her foot impatiently. Having to deal with Johnny and keeping him on track was obviously a trying task. Her being his lifelong secretary, which was not a long time considering he recently came into the CEO position four years ago. Johnny would shake his head from the stare at one of his books, “Yes. Sorry, you know I am hard to keep on track.” He flashed his smile towards her and she shook her head and flipped around to guide him down towards the boardroom. ========================= As Johnny walked in, he looked across the face of every new member on the board. He had a healthy smile on his face. As did all of his board members, he nodded to each one before gliding his hand down the bend of the wooden table. He placed his hand on his chair and spun it to where he could sit down. As he did, he looked out and cleared his throat. “So first order of business?” A blonde haired man with grey streaks in it would clear his voice, and adjust his glasses on his face. “Em, yes sir. You know me I am Logan Dial, now your VP of Finance. Now I suggest that we further our freighter fleets now that we are galactic franchise and more importantly a nation. We will have our supplies in high demand and the lack of freighters will hamper our ability to reach these shops with supply in time.” Logan nodded and adjusted himself in his seat. “Good point. Approved. Anything else?” Johnny’s eyes darted around the room, his smile still on. He was content with the first project would be. “No sir.” The group of people all shook their heads. “Dismissed then.” He would nod to each one of them, “Let us begin our first days on a positive trend.” =============== Actions: First year of officially switching governments: ( ½ AP x 2 years) = (7AP) Finishing out payments for the LSAA heavy defense station. (5 AP) A freighter starts construction in the brand new shipyard (2 AP) Free Human Technocracy - 500,000 Humans, 54,500 Da'nor, 28,000 Human-Da'nor
  5. The Seven Years War OOC

    applying for Bravia if that is still around
  6. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy “Has it finally happened?” “Yes, your father has passed away.” The doctor looked towards Johnny Walker and placed his hand on Johnny’s shoulder. “It was peaceful. I did everything I could.” Johnny pushed the doctor’s hand off him in a fit of rage. “Obviously not enough to save him.” His stare turned dark and icy, as he switched his stare from the window that overlooked Viyter back towards the doctor. “Failure. Both of us. Stagnated by the lack of competition in our very nation. Lack of development on my part and lack of a doctor to compete against on your part.” Johnny’s demeanor had changed quite a bit from hopeful and bright to grim and dark. “Get out. Call for Saelesh as well.” Johnny through his arm straight and pointed towards the door, his tone was cold. “You’re not going to be working for me anymore. Pack your things, I will have a team help you move.” The doctor nodded as he hurried out of the room, following a quick entrance by Saelesh. Her age was starting to show now, it had been ten years since she joined the Technocracy and has been essential to them. Also her and Ben were extremely close in fact that they saw each other as brother and sister. It was only right for Johnny to call her in to see his father. Johnny looked at her, the cold expression finally broke into a flood of tears. As he was crying she hurried over to take him into her arms. While crying he was speaking to Saelesh, somewhat muffled, “Kyber Kore is taking over. I am not going to let this happen to any other person. We have outgrown the authoritative nature of our nation. I failed. We all failed, to keep the one person who cared for all alive.” he pushed back from Saelesh, and looked her in her ever changing eyes. “I want you to have my back on this. I want you to head our protection forces. I will be instating a specific division in the military for psionics. However, I want you to oversee every aspect. Your days as an agent are done.” He stepped back from her to give her time to adjust to the news. “Johnny.. Are you sure? I would be put in a difficult role.” letting out a deep sigh, she’d look towards Ben’s lifeless body, a tear rolling down her cheek before she reached up to wipe it away. “The funeral, I assume you are holding one. I will prepare security immediately sir. I hope it is grand for him.” She smiled as the two hugged one last time and then departed. Actions: Paying LSAA (5 AP) Kinetic weapons research (1 AP) Finishing up construction of the colony ship (2 AP) Scouting the T.C. for habitable planets (2 AP) Building a grand sports facility where everyone can compete in old Earth sports such as soccer or football (3 AP) (11 AP) Breaking of silence to announce the death of Ben, and the changing of direction and takeover of government by Kyber Kore. (0 AP, switching over to Oligarchy) EVERY NATION IS INVITED TO ATTEND BEN’S FUNERAL (0 AP) Population: 480,000 Humans, 52,000 Da’nor, 25,500 Human-Da’nor
  7. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    The French Republic Domestic The French power industry was still proving to be one of the best in the world. Exports continued to European countries. The expansion on the power industry continued. (3 AP) Military Project Napoleon continues (2 AP) Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky! GDP 1,090,000,000,000 Growth: 40 Billion Trade Partners: Germany U.K. Lebanon Portugal
  8. OOC: Minecraft Username: ___Sneaky___ Timezone:CST How active you can be (semi/always/neither): Semi Why are you interested in joining: Something I am used to RP'ing. IC: Name: Damien Brunswick Age: 25 Race: Human Gender: Male Noble or Common Lineage: Noble (Not exactly a huge noble lineage though. Haven't been since the Fringe.) Experience and Knowledge of Canonist dogma (None/Semi/Fluent): None Religious Affiliation (Atheist/Canonist/Xionist): Canonist Willingness to serve for life upon taking oaths of entry into the Order (None/Complete/Semi): Complete
  9. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    The French Republic “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcom X Domestic The southern housing committee was a huge success the first year, the rate of homeless decreased. Macron’s approval rate was skyrocketing during his second term, he was all but happy to see his projects and allocation of resources paying off. Already one of the top renewable energy producers and exports in Europe, Macron looks to expand on that effort by building several new solar farms. Opening up the job market even more for construction work and staffers of each facility. (2 AP) (10/10 Investment) International The formation of the Russian Empire is immediately denounced. Any invasion into Eastern Europe would be an act of war. A large shipment of cars and equipment is sent to the Congo. As a gift to N’golo. Engineers and some immigrant workers are sent over to Mexico to assist in the construction of the first few batches of Rafael fighters. With increasing tensions in the Middle East, France offers to mediate talks between all parties involved. (Canada, Egypt, UK, Israel, Syria. Whoever else.) France stays quiet on guaranteeing Wroclaw. Military Selling anti-tank and anti-air weapon systems to Belarus (+1 AP Hellifaiz approved) French military advisors are sent to oversee the German army and its future endeavours. Project Napoleon continues work (6 AP) French Investments/Stats GDP: 1.05 Trillion Growth: 30 Billion +10Billion (next turn I am assuming.) Investment AP (10/10) Trade Partners: U.K. Germany Portugal Lebanon
  10. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    France Domestic The French railway project was coming along nicely and the selling of French caribbean islands was an immediate boost to the project, 50 Million of the money paid by the USA was poured into the project. The money is used to subsidize the railroad for faster, quality construction would equal a nice bonus to all of those who contribute it. Hoping this tactic would speed up the construction process a good amount without damaging the integrity of it. (Mod) Military The a recruitment campaign is run, attempting to draw in 150,000 more men. (MOD) The rest of the money received by the United States is pumped into a new Anti-tank rifle. (Mod) Research still continues on modernizing the French battle tank.
  11. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy The Technocracy remains quiet in the galactic community Actions: With the resources received from the Affiliation, more resources are poured into the kinetic weapons research. (12 AP). Payment continues to the LSAA (6 AP) Upgrading to SL3 (6 AP) Building a colony ship (2 AP) Population: Free Human Technocracy - 453,500 Humans, 50,000 Da'nor, 24,000 Human-Da'nor
  12. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    The Republic of France Domestic With the highway and railway projects completed, more work in the French homeland still had some work to do. The French education system in the math department was already at an elite level through the world ranks, however Macron seeked to increase the standard for all other educational fields. (2 AP) In southern France, a new housing construction committee is formed. This committee would be used to modernize the underdeveloped housing that plagues France. With migration at an all-time high, this was an extremely important project (2AP) (4/10 Investment AP - 8/10 after this turn.) Military Project Napoleon (1 AP) The Italy build up on the French-Italian border was quiet concerning to Marcon and the French populus as a whole, and in a response. 20k troops are stationed in the French Alps. The fleet consisting of 6 Submarines, 5 Frigates, and 2 Destroyers are moved to base in Corsica International Nothing of note. Investments/GDP GDP: 1,020,000,000,000 Growth: $30,000,000,000 Investment AP (8/10) Project Napoleon (1AP) Trade Partners: Germany Great Britain Lebanon Portugal
  13. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    The Republic of France On the French-Catalonia border stood President Macron, he stared off into the distance into the young nation atop the Pyrenees that separated the two. This was an annual trip for Macron, he liked to admire the beauty that France had to offer. “Beautiful. Isn’t it?” He turned his head towards one of his secret service agents that were hanging back, a bright smile on his face. Before he turned back to continue his gaze. “Yes Sir, it is. We have to leave soon sir. You are needed back in Paris.” “Yes. Of course, the country calls.” Economic The AFITF (French Transportation Agency) is given mass amounts of funding to revamp national highways and roadways. To modernize a somewhat outdated system. It is an attempt to stabilize the infrastructure of France. (2 AP) Another ⅖ is spent towards expanding the high-speed railway system, this would go to extend the high-speed railways into southern France. The Railway would stem from Tours to connect Montlucon, Bordeaux, Lourdes, and Montpellier to Paris and Marseille. (2 AP) Domestic The increasing national sentiment of independence and secession from mainland France was a growing concern among the President and his cabinet. With this, President Marcon introduces a nationalism campaign. Promoting unity in France. (1 AP) International Spain is told to cease and desist all military actions within Catalonia or military intervention will be used. The trade deal with Portugal is accepted. Military French forces begin mobilizing and preparing for possible intervention in Catalonia. Preparing for what might be a rapid deployment situation. Covert Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’ll pm you, Pok.) Establishing a military base and presence within Lebanon in the countryside of Halba. Nation Statistics: Investment: (5/10) GDP: $1,000,000,000,000 Growth: +$30,000,000,000 Trade Partners: Portugal, Germany, Lebanon, and Great Britain
  14. Nightfall 2: Modern Nations FRP OOC Thread

    China is locked with the USA and India. We could use some more European nations if you're interested.
  15. Nightfall 2: Modern Nations FRP OOC Thread

    Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): France, Leader Name: Emmanuel Macron Background, ensure it fits with game Background: France was a peaceful nation affected by many terrorist attacks on their mainland, calling for a great deal of change in their foreign policy. When the succession of Catalonia was starting, France was the first to advocate for the nations peaceful succession. However they did not believe that it would lead to their own secessionist movements. Looking for change, President Emmanuel Macron was on the forefront attempting to return France to its former glory.. Do you Praise Pok: PRAISE POK!