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  1. The Free Human Technocracy Actions: After a series of Trade Deals made with Malta and the UCI, resources pour in from each of the respective nations giving them more resources to donate to certain projects. (+4 AP) With the growing concern and new found alliance, the Free Human Technocracy sends a massive amount of resources towards the construction of the Holy Kingdom of Edani's Shipyard upgrade (12 AP) A new frigate is placed under construction in an attempt to bolster the Fleet once again. (2 AP). The Technocracy fleet begins to run regular patrols through their territories Trade Partners: Han Dominion USA PAR HKE Heaptaus Holdings Grand Alliance Population 290,500 Humans, 16,250 Da'nor, 5,000 Human-Da'nor
  2. Free Human Technocracy Location: Unknown.. “You seem to have a thing for Arctic planets don’t you Sir?” Ben’s personal bodyguard would laugh to himself as the trio were bundled up, trying to lighten the mood a little bit but soon after the snowfall started again, “We should head back to the Domes..” he would look around a get in the ATV.. “Come on sir.. It won’t be safe out here for long..” As he opened the door for Ben to hop in.. “You see Trey.. This world is not meant to be comforting.. We will be sending our criminals here, as well as producing the robots we acquired from the deal we made with SATO. This right here will be our mining world. A mining outpost of sorts.” He’d cough into his hands rubbing them together trying to warm them up before pulling out his touchpad, looking at the recent intel reports on the Keerim and the southern galaxy mobilizing. “Do you think we should build up our fleet Trey?” he’d set the pad down in the set next to him looking up towards him. “W-What? Sir?” Trey would look back in the rearview mirror at him, before regaining his composure, “I mean I believe so.. The Triliation will surely need our assistance. In land and space combat..” a bump would break his concentration as he corrected himself back onto the path. “We are relative light on small ships. Which would leave us vulnerable to attacks and being overwhelmed. We need to expand our capacity of Frigates and Destroyers… As well as building corvettes to protect our shipping lanes.. But I would suggest Frigates and Destroyers take priority.” he’d smile as he saw Ben nod his head in approvement.. “Now let's get back to Viyter safely.. We have some work to do Captain..” Actions: Building two Phi-Class Frigates (4 AP) Building 200 Fighters (2 AP) Surveying the two planets for minerals such as Itoron and Xylorite (2 AP) Outfitting 200 FI Troops with Cybernetic enhancements to improve their capabilities in combat. (2 AP) Population: 280,500 Humans, 13,750 Da'nor, 3,750 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: USA Han Dominion HH Grand Alliance PAR HKE
  3. Free Human Technocracy Orion, Viyter “Click… Click… Click… God ****” Ben struggled lighting his cigarette on his balcony atop the mountains of Viyter, “This damn thing.. Won’t light..” suddenly a hand grabbed the cigarette and the lighter from his unsuspecting mouth and hands.. A laugh could soon be heard from the guest, “Here! Turn your back or cover it silly!” she’d hand him back the lit cigarette, not before inhaling it and blowing the smoke out. As she blew it out she turned and leaned over the edge of the balcony, a beautiful waterfall, poured over the mountain about a mile down. The city of Orion bustled down below and for miles and miles beyond.. “It’s growing so fast… Just look at the new power plant it is absolutely magnificent..” “Yes it is.. Hopefully, we can gather enough Xylorite from the O.X.E.E to power it for years to come..” he’d let out a deep sigh after taking a hit from the cigarette.. “This will give us enough time to increase our stockpile in oil and solar energy just incase we need too..” he’d laugh “We are also sending off another colony ship.. Two planets this time.” he’d hold the cigarette back out to her. She’d shake her head, “I am good.. One hit will keep me buzzed for sometime now.” she’d chuckle, then her face would get serious “Are you not afraid of stretching us thin? I mean, how many are you sending to each colony? Are they going to be full colonies?” she’d turn her head and look at him, her Da’nor features showing as her eyes switched back and forth and the three dots gleamed in the approaching sunset.. Ben would nod “I see your concerns.. But we won’t be..” he’d take another puff before speaking again, “One planet will be dedicated to our science and engineering department.. It will keep them safe from spies. Unlike our military complex over on Kioboos. We will actually focus development of this planet. Now for the other planet.. We plan on having that one as a mining colony and a prison world..” he’d quickly say the last part and change the topic, “Now we will also see an expansion here at home.. I plan on having a train system now.. Expanding through the world as it will eliminate unneeded consumption of oil.” he’d cough a little bit before ashing his cigarette and flicking it off the edge of the balcony.. “I also have plans for our military, but that is going to take some cooperation between government and corporation…” he’d laugh as the two walked inside.. Actions: Worldwide Train system to improve travel in the colony! (3 AP) (20 TOTAL!!!!) Colonizing two worlds in the western system with the two arctic planets (0 AP) Cybernetic research continues again this time delving deep into physical enhancements.. (5 AP) Population: 268,000 Humans, 12,500 Da'nor, 3,000 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: HH HKE Han Dominion USA Grand Alliance P.A.R.
  4. Free Human Technocracy “Sir all preparations and research to start construction on the Xylorite Power Plant have been completed we should immediately begin construction on it. It could power everyday life on Viyter efficiently for years.” A council member spoke with clear intentions on getting the power plant passed. “It is vital to our future to get this completed within the year as well as completely a colony ship.. It can be where we expand our science and engineering capabilities.” He’d press a button to power off the screen.. “Does this work for you Ben? Also, we have intel of the Keerim poking around the Triliation territory.. It would be best if we offer them some support. As we saw what happened to our friends.” The bald man would adjust the glasses, pushing them up his short pointy nose. As he stepped to the side to go sit back in his chair.. Ben tapping his finger against the table rapidly as he attempted to think on the purposed year plan and the newly arrived issue.. “So the Keerim are back at it again? Maybe we need to think about colonizing a system near the northern parts of the galaxy.. But that is a discussion for another time..” he’d finish his last few taps and push himself up to the whiteboard in the room, grabbing a dry erase marker and he begin to draw out options on the board.. “So our priority right now is to complete the power plant, as Logan said. It will provide us efficient cheap power for generations. Our industrial capabilities are reaching a new high.” As he finished the Human-Da’nor head of engineering would cough and raise his hand. Ben would nod his head toward him, “Go ahead Kalen..” “Sir as you see we are close. Very close to reaching our target for expansion. However as you want to dedicate half of our resources to completing the power plant within the next year. Can I purpose that we follow the rest of Logan’s purposed plan..” he’d look nervously around the room this being his first time speaking up in a meeting. Ben having a somewhat confused look on his face. “Well yes we are going to follow that plan. I just wanted to establish the next few years to follow..” he'd chuckle as he drew the rest of what was to come the next few years Actions: Building the Xylorite power plant (4 AP) Building a colony ship (4AP) Reaching out to the Trialition offering their assistance with the Keerim (0 AP) Trade Partners: Grand Alliance Han Dominion USA HKE Heaptatus Holdings PAR Population: 255,750 Humans 10,000 Da’nor 2,750 Human-Da’nor
  5. Skype Name: You have it Nation Choice (by color): Turquoise Nation Government: Merchant Republic Nation leadership: Doge Alex Wolcott Lore of nation: Focused on the aspects of trading and supplying other nations with weapons and means to wage war. The Republic of Lyon has always been highly advanced in its ways of technology. It craves the idea of advancements as House Wolcott has saw it as the only way to stay ahead of the pack and keep income flowing.. Now they have saw their chance to take more land through their advanced fleet and army. They are prepared to expand themselves. Fort/City Placement (Add this via editing on the map. There's plenty of free edit sites.): Oval's = forts and the rectangle is the city Questions?:
  6. Free Human Technocracy June 17th, 2130 Orion, Viyter 11:30 AM Four men lined the stage on their knees, blindfolded and hands tied behind their back. Ben paced back and forth, he stood tall shoulders back booming with confidence. His lanky frame gilded across the stage with each step in front of the gathering crowd. In his hand he held a classic weapon, it was in pristine condition. A wooden grip, chrome finish, with an engraving on it. It was a graduation gift from his father. A .45 Colt 1911 handgun. Ben scratched his beard, and turned his back to the four men. He fixed his hat and turn it backwards, and coughed to clear his throat. “So, many of you might be wondering why these four men are up on stage here, blindfolded and why I have a handgun. These men in front of you and me are apart of the Solarian Federation. Spies for them to be specific. They betray a lot of your trust. These men friendship with you is a lie. Their identity is a lie. Everything about their life is a lie.” He’d start pacing again, now turning towards the men. He’d nod to the bodyguards to undo the blindfolds of the men as he walked back and forth placing the barrel of the 1911 on the foreheads of each man. “So today, we found out who these men were from their own government. THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT SOLD THEM OUT. They left their fate in OUR hands today. If it were me. I would execute them right here. In front of all of you. As I do not deal to kindly with snakes.” He’d laugh to himself, as he pulled the slide back to unchamber the bullet and he’d slide the 1911 back into its holster. “I am not going to kill these men today or ever. These men were betrayed just like they betrayed you. I will send them back to their beloved, trustworthy government. Show them how mercilessly we can be. However, next time I will personally kill every found spy.” As he walked off the stage the men were blindfolded and walked off as the crowd booed and roared at the men and the mercy shown by their leader. Actions: More resources are shipped out to the HKE to finish up the carrier (4AP) A massive Xylorite power planet starts construction with the technology so graciously gained by the agreement of peace. (4 AP). (13 + 4 = 17 Total AP invested into industry). The fleet begins an upgrade with all the new technology gained. (0AP) Sending the ONI Agents back to the Snake Federation (0AP) Technology: Quantum Comms, Artificial Gravity, Xylorite Energy Technology Old & Refined, Warp Drives, Railgun/Mass Driver, Laser Mining/Weapon Technology, Mk 1 Labor Robots, Itoron-Steel Alloy, Mk II Hunter & Tank Class Combat Bots, LAS Hud System, Advanced LAS, Advanced Laser Weapons (Ares II), Base Cybernetics, Project Infallible, Deflectors, Cheap Combat droids. P) Trade Partners: USA Han Dominion Grand Alliance Heapatues Holdings Holy Kingdom of Eadni PAR Population: 245,000 Humans 9,500 Da’nor 2,250 human-Da’nor Stats: Industry (13 AP, before this turn) Agriculture (3 AP) Fleet: 2 Sigma-Class Corvettes 1 Epsilon Class Light Cruiser 1 Small Freighter
  7. Free Human Technocracy January 3rd, 2129 Orion, Viyter The council members looked out upon the city of Orion, the always bustling city was quiet and darkness consumed the city. Just as it concealed the faces of each individual member within the room. Outlines of some could be seen shaking rapidly in a nervous tick or the sound of chewing fingernails. A sniffle of some getting over their cries can be heard and a cough can be heard as some man cleared his voice to interrupt the movements before he speaks, “We need a decision.. With the USA becoming apart of the Keerim Imperium, it is inevitable that the HCF will dissolve within the next couple of hours. The Imperial Republic of Mankind is surely going to agree with us. As we have new times ahead of us. Playtime is over people. As the Destiny incident showed us the first death of Humans since Earth, the universe is still a deadly place.” The man would flip on a light, as it took away the darkness away as God did the Devil. “Now we have several matters of state to attend to.. We will not be allowing any other human colonies migrate to our colonies. Currently the only allowed colony is the Holy Kingdom of Edani who revealed themselves late last night.” He took a deep breath as he scanned across the room at the still shaken council members.. “Quantum communications will all be limited through the council and high command. We also will be investing into our naval fleet. We will be using the Edani shipyard. This will require us to put more resources into it.” He’d slid over into his chair, the grey in his beard showing from his age combined with the stress he had experienced with the loses of his citizens and close friends in the USA. The group had finally shaken their blank, shocked state. A bunch of new faces had been revealed.. Young, inexperienced, and diverse. A Da’nor women now headed the Science and Engineering Division. A Human-Da’nor male now led domestic affairs. Humans still dominated the military and colonial affairs but that did not stop the Da’nor citizens from enlisting. These new faces did not bother to argue with Ben but they would challenge his ideas at some point.. The turning point of the Technocracy was upon them… Actions: Sending resources and a construction crew to start adding on to the Eadni Shipyard (2 AP) Starting the construction of an Alpha Class Carrier in the Eadni shipyard (4 AP) Scouting the two sectors below each colony looking for a suitable planet.. (1 AP) All migration bans on alien colonies are lifted while the ones on the human colonies are enforced. (0 AP) Furthermore, any human that has already settled within Viyter must stay on the planet until properly cleared by the FPG.. (0AP) Trade Partners: PAR Kingdom of Eadn Heaptaus Holdings The Grand Alliance Imperial Republic of Mankind USA Population: 234,000 Humans, 9,000 Da’nor, 1,750 Human-Da’nor
  8. Free Human Technocracy actions: dedicating a section Viyter to a memorial of the corvette and moon base loses. (1ap) expanding industrial capabilities (3ap) (8total) Building a new corvette (1ap)
  9. Free Human Technocracy With the completion of the small freighter and the training of the Free Initiative Reactionary force. It was time for them to start focusing on a more domestic aspect. The colony itself needed to be able to produce and sustain a certain level of industry and agriculture so it could become self dependent. The citizen’s also needed to be more focused on as well. Outside of minor military things like training and deploying troops to other friendly colonies to assist in operations. The council would cease production of military ships for the time being.. The focus would be on domestic industry and intergalactic trading, the council wanted to make Viyter a sustainable city for the near future to come. Actions: Sending 500 Free Initiative Reactionary soldiers to the moon of Imperial Republic of Mankind. (0 AP) Expanding the industrial district of Viyter (2 AP) Expanding the farms of Viyter (2 AP) Production of Itoron bullets for the military of the Technocracy (1 AP) Population: 213,000 Humans 7,000 Da’nor 1,000 Human-Da’nor
  10. The Free Human Technocracy With the SATO having war declared by the Triple Alliance on them, had the Council worried once again.. Their orbital defenses were two Surface to Orbit Railgun cannons and they were not much of an existing threat to the known enemy ships. Noctum-1, one of the two moons above the planet of Viyter was a perfect candidate for an orbital defense base. The plan was for two or more orbital defense cannons and a hanger base full of fighters and bombers ready to scramble. Biodomes would be constructed to hold infantry, also ready to take up emplacements and fire and enemy ships as they enter orbit.. This project however would be resource intensive considering the scale of the process. To do so effectively however freighters would be needed to transport materials back and forth between the colony and moon.. Then they would later be repurposed for trading amongst the galaxy. In other news, the council also agrees on promoting the Da’nor citizens that work in the science and engineering fields to step forward with any technological ideas this is to promote unity in the community between the two races and also to present the Technocracy with any ideas that may have not come to the Human scientist barely scratching the surface of the technological advancement. The council, including Ben would hope this innovative would pay off. On the icy planet of the Kiobos, the Free Initiative Reactionary Company was activated for training their mission was to assist the Imperium of Man with raiding the moonbase. They would be utilizing the brand new addition of the LAS and some if not all had undergone cybernetic transformation of some sort. These would be the heavy hitters of the Technocracy.. They would train with ballistic weaponry and the Aries 1 laser rifle. Soon the FIR would be working with upgrading bullets tipped in itoron metal.. From what the USA has told the Council about these itoron bullets they truly pack a bunch and will up the efficiency and deadliness of the forces of the Technocracy. Actions: Training of the FIR with the recently researched and produced technology to assist in the future operation of the Imperium of Man. (1 AP) Building a small freighter to help assist in the construction of the moon base. As well as to transport troops around to fellow colonies. (2 AP) Some scientist are sent to assist the Imperium of Man in their rail-rifle research (1 AP) The council agrees to start expanding the industry of the colony on Viyter, new factories begin construction, this would be in hopes to speed up production and alleviate some strain on fellow allies industry. (1 AP). Population: 204,500 Humans 5,750 Da’nor 500 Human-Da’nor Technology: LAS mk2 Cybernetic research Itoron Hulls Warp Drive Basic Railgun technology Basic Laser technology Power Armor Quantum Communications
  11. Free Human Technocracy With the surprise attack on the USA, the colony is on high-alert. The massive railgun emplacements that have been inactive for so long come online, they are constantly scanning the sky.. The production of the light cruiser is hurried up and finished to immediately assist the USA.. The coding of advanced targeting program of the logic assistance system enters into its final production stages with more resources being pumped into it.. Actions: Finishing of the light cruiser and sending it back to the colony to be manned and prepared for operations (2ap) More resources are poured into the Advanced targeting system of the LAS (3AP) A transmission is sent to the Grand Alliance asking if they would train the Technocracies naval officers and soldiers in the art of space warfare (0ap) Two Sigma-Class corvettes travel to the USA's colony to prepare for combat with the Keerium.. (0ap) Populations: 197,500 humans 1,500 Da'nor 250 Human-Da'nor
  12. Free Human Technocracy Melissa was walking down the street from her university after a late night of studying, when suddenly an advertisement video played in the window. The glow of the T.V. reflected of her skin as she stood there in awe of what she was seeing… She could only dream of this kind of engineering and technological advancement in her lifetime. Another thought popped into her head, “Dad!” a ring of excitement played in her head as she clutched her fist and her facial expression turned from disappointed university student to excited little girl! She grabbed a flier from the shop door, the letters gleamed of the page. (Advertisement below) Kyber Kore Industries “Have you ever dreamed of being enhanced? Ever dream of living a different life? Lost a limb or just wanting to experience a new life. Well Kyber Kore Industries has just the right solution for you… We are now introducing the a new advancement in Human technology… Cybernetic advancements.. Ranging from all types of solutions.. From a mechanical arm and legs to in the future enhancing one’s physical capabilities.. We are the answer to your every need! We will be doing a giveaway! If you have this flyer you have been lucky enough to gain a spot in our new amputee replacement program! Only twenty five have been selected! Please Contact us to schedule the replacement! We wish you the best of luck!” The Advertisement ends with contact information… The Epsilon class cruiser Designed as the first Light Cruiser for the Free Human Technocracy The Epsilon Class is a feat of engineering in of itself. With a crew of 1000 as well as a complement of 200 Technocracy Marines the Epsilon class was designed to deal with the growing threats emerging in the galaxy, The ship is powered by 10 cold fusion reactors and the hull is made of Itoron alloy. Included in the ship is the Logic Assistance System much like all HCF warships this system allows the crewmembers to interface with the ship and each other with the heads up display. The Ship also features a small hanger consisting of several shuttlecraft and 4 F-92C’s on lend lease from the United States. The ship features two separate point defense systems each covering 360 degrees of the ship on their own with one being of Laser and one being of m136 25mm cannon rounds. The ship also features multiple dual railgun turrets and six 120mm cannons mounted on the sides of the ship. Mounted horizontally along the side are the missile batteries carrying 200 missiles of various type on each side of the ship. Actions: Production of the new Cybernetic enhancements (1 AP) Contiuned research on the LAS Advanced targeting system (1 AP) Production of a light cruiser at the the USA’s shipyard (3 AP) Population: 189,000 Humans 1,500 Da’nor 250 Human Da’nor
  13. The Free Human Technocracy “You ready?” The doctor looked towards the man in the gurney as he was wheeled through a long, bright hallway. The walls were painted white which reflected the bright LED lights even more. The volunteer looked nervous, as if he didn't know what he had gotten himself into. He was warped into a completely new system blindfolded and was greeted by the icy wind against his face. His family was going to be greatly reward with itoron coins, additional rations, and the best tutors for his kids. This man was about to have his life completely changed for the better of himself and the best of the nation. Project XYZ was in full effect and the first prototype was about to be fully tested. Actions: The first prototype implant of XYZ is being tested and improvements are made to it throughout the year (5AP) Population: 185,000 Humans 1,250 Da’nor
  14. The Free Human Technocracy Cheers and more cheers as the first classes started on Viyter.. No more homeschooling and education. Now the education would be lead by professionals. Teaching important skills vital to the Technocracies survival. First education would start off with basic math, science, reading and writing skills. Then it would tailor more into speciality schools; computer sciences, engineering, agricultural, military, and other basic civilian jobs needed to keep infrastructure running. Ben would stand at the podium in front of the crowd of new students, and the people of Viyter. “Today is a new day! No longer will we neglect the education and the civilians of our sweet nation. Today is a new chapter! One where we will grow our civilization to new heights!” He’d step back, a big smile on his face as the crowd cheered and cheered.. “Today is also a new day as we welcome to the first colonist from The Grand Alliance, as they establish themselves as apart of our great nation! Any mistreatment of them, will be the same result as a hate crime. These are citizens of the Technocracy and citizens. Those charged with a hate crime will have to deal with her..” he’d point to Commodore Sal’eea, as she would grin and wave to the crowd. Ben would laugh, “You definitely do not want to do that. Now that I have spoken.. Let us open the doors! Students, class is now in session!” He’d smile and step back as he brought his hands together to clap. They had more plans to bring public events together… The next thing up was a public sports arena.. Later that day another public announcement would be made addressing the slander produced by the Terran Federation.. “The Terran Federation, the leader of the SATO alliance… Wants to call us an authoritative alliance and one that undermines the human race?” Ben would laugh and shake his head, “That is the furthest thing from the truth. He wants to state that we are going to use the powers to bully lesser members? Yet we are all equal in power in this Alliance.” he’d adjust his position in his chair, “We as a whole stand up to the injustices of the galaxy by our fellow human companions. This is not a “power grab” by anyone.” He’d clear his throat again.. “We are not subjecting ANYONE to our laws. We simply STATED what we would try and uphold in the galaxy. Whether it be by force or by peaceful democracy. The Terran Federation is making a big deal out of nothing.” He’d open his hand laying it down on the table in front of him. “They wish to cry and cry again. Especially when it comes to them being treated unfairly or when something doesn't go their way. Like a little child. These claims are not only outlandish but foolish ones to make. This ruins any reputation that was standing with the Terran Federation and members of SATO. As of now the only SATO member we will be conducting any sort of business with is Hepheastus Holdings.” He’d clear his throat for one last thing, “We do not take these actions lightly Mr. Uri, I heed you to think before you speak next time. Goodnight and God Bless.” he’d get up out of his chair as the screen cut black. Actions: Building of a Colonial Class Freighter with the HH (2AP) Project XYZ approaches a close to its first prototype. Enough resources are put into to gain this first prototype (1AP) After speaking to some troops actively testing the LAS, a moduel is put into development to improve the soldier's aim. (2AP) Sending of the LAS and laser technology to the USA and Imperium of man. They are also invited to participate in Project XYZ. (0AP) Population: Humans: 176,500 Da’nor: 250
  15. Free Human Technocracy.. An icy-piercing wind blew through the bridge connecting black site Gamma’s entrance to the central living center of the newly-established outpost.. It was cold, very cold on the world of Kiobos. It’s climate was extremely different than that of Viyter the homeworld of the Technocracy, but the colonist of the new planet were happy and excited. The military and research focus gave a mysterious feel to it. Shrouded in a cloudy of icy darkness.. The facilities were already hard to locate. When ice storms were in full swing, it became impossible from scanning the surface.. This made it the perfect place to hold the FHTC’s research facilities… The perfect place to continue project XYZ… Back on Viyter people were overjoyed with the news of discovering Alien life and to find out they weren't the last humans alive… The Da’nor commodore Sal’eea, is extended an invitation to stay as long as she liked to learn all about the FHTC’s culture and how life is lived. She would be staying in the Governor's mansion with Ben.. Actions: Project XYZ continues (3AP) With no formal center of education, the council had decided to build a state of the art institute of education for all ages now that the population was growing. (2AP) Trading of the LAS and Itoron Hull knowledge for Artificial Gravity generators from the United States of Atricus (0AP) Trading of Itoron for Xyorlite with the United Terran Federation (0 AP) Population: 169,000 ;)