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  1. Sneaky2

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Plains of Falrus “What are these white stones?” Aulus would look confused, at the pile brought back to him by Octavia and the surveyor crew. Octavia would smile, “I am going to study them for a few months and see if the sorcerers know of these and what they come from. Won’t take me long just will require a bit of funding!” She’d wink playfully and smile bright Aulus would roll his eyes and shake his head, “I’ll see if it fits my budget Octavia. I am working on establishing a sorcerer academy, the plans are being drawn up. It should be done within two years.” He looked down towards his paper’s and looked up towards Octavia. She was awe stricken, “Whose going to be the head of this academy? Me?” As Aulus nodded, “Oh thank you so much. You know how much it means.” Aulus interrupted, “However, it will cut into your trips to the capital with me. As I need you focused here.” He’d frown a bit as he saw her face. She’d stutter a bit, before nodding and continuing “Is this because I threatened to set fire to those peasants?” She’d place her finger in her mouth as she started to bite her nail. “You know I am sorry.. That guy is a wreck! Who does that?” She’d shut up as Aulus raised his finger for her to silence. “Yes and no, you embarrassed our province with such violent threats. It is appreciated you have such passion for keeping the peace but in times of political meetings, we must keep cooler heads than those we oppose.” He’d take a step back from his papers and look up at her, “This is not the main reasoning though. My magical interest are growing more and more. The stories I hear of these trinkets and these mysterious white stones have been stuck in my head. I need someone I can trust to keep a secret, if any our found it will be us and only us that know.” His face would flash a smile, “I’ll miss the trips, but now as we grow older. It is time we act as adults and bring Falrus to its glory.” The pair would nod at each other. “Time to get to work.” AP: 27 Base-10 Horses-4 Farms-4 Foundry-4 Royal Highlands - 5 Actions: The mercantile district is given enough funding to finish its construction (7 AP) (25/25 AP) A sorcerer's academy is commissioned by the council with the hope of helping increase the magical knowledge of Falrus. (15 AP) The search of the hills continues following the same techniques (3 AP) Research led by Octavia on the mysterious white stones (2 AP) Population: 542,000
  2. Sneaky2

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Plains of Falrus The foundry roared to life after the finishing touches happened late in 940E, granted it was not much in terms of quality weapons. It was much better than a wooden clubs and stone arrow tips. The growth of Falrus was starting, Aulus would not see it’s progress be halted. Military growth would see a boost in gold funding, though his advisors wished against it. Aulus needed to be able to deal with threats and assist Aulus March in case of Korvic invasion. The Empire was in a rebuilding phase and a mix of military and economic growth was needed. Aulus and Octavia returned from their trip to the capital a short trip, but the pair enjoyed the quiet it brought for a brief moment of politics that had captured their young lives so quickly. Those who were their equals saw them in a different light, disrespecting their opinions. Simply stating inexperience and lack of understanding. Yet the same equals are stuck, bickering like children. Adding stupid titles to the council, cutting off needed foundries and upcharging because they lost. The only thing the provincial council provided to Aulus is the fact that most the other governors are old children, who cry every time something does not go their way. He would dread every month in the capital. He shook his daydream again, as he stood on the docks seeing the blightswamp trade ships roll in with the much needing lumber supply that would begin stockpiling for the future Falrus First Fleet. After the unloading took place, he shook the raggedy captain's hand and sent him on his way. Actions: AP: 27 Treasury Funds: 5 Base: 10 Foundry: 4 Breeder: 4 Farms: 4 (1AP) 1,000 Denariis are sent to the Royal Highlands, helping them fund their gem mine. A gift, that would hopefully increase future relations. (18 AP) A large sum of 20,000 Denariis is invested into building a Merchantile district. As with future plans of economic expansion start here. (6 AP) Two Cohorts of swordsmen are recruited to help further the security of Falrus. (0AP) The Light Cavalry Cohort is sent out to patrols the roads, and hunt down an bandits that might be there. The plains giving them a large advantage to track and hunt them down if spotted. (2AP) Is spent on tapping a few hills that haven’t been dug into already. Noting each one that is just a hill or empty on a map to prevent a waste of resources. 0AP A few agents are dispatched to find grave robbers, to bring them to Aulus. As this was a starting point to find the trinket market. Population: 506,000
  3. Sneaky2

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    The Plains of Falrus Aulus Aquila stood their in his provinces council chambers, surrounded by three of the most influential people in Falrus. His tan face, reflected the sunlight, with his eye squinted he peered as the group was arguing over something. His gaze was lost as he heard the muffled noises from the trio’s argument. His father was someone who he barely knew but cared deeply about, it was his father. Of course he cared about him. What he did was something any father would do, spending his life to make his kids lives better than what he started out. Falrus was kind of like him in the same way, it was his kid. Aulus wanted the life of the people within it to have a better life before his time on this land was done. Falrus was neglected, mistreated. Provided a strategic staging point for the southern lands, yet the Imperial Council saw no effort to develop this vast land. “Aulus. What do you think?” His gaze broke, as it always did when he heard Octavia’s voice, his attention snapped to her like a lost puppy. Someone who he had grown up with in a sense, she was five years older than Aulus. She stood around 5’8, had raven dark hair and deep blue eyes they could capture anyone’s heart. She was a sorceress from the academy that had helped guide him through the rigorous learning experience provided to them there. She was valuable in warfare, but more valuable to them in the sense of her vast knowledge. She came with him when he got the letter of his father’s passing a few years ago, she knew he needed all the help he could get being vastly inexperienced in politics. The pair worked well together, she grounded him when he was freaking out while he provided the same but in an emotional sense of the words. She was famed in Falrus already for her repeated acts of kindness to the peasants. “Huh? Oh right. About the request to raise forces to deal with the plague of bandits that have risen.. Yes, well all things considered. We do have more important matters. That corrupt ***** that is running our regional council now is one. But growing our economy is another, I wish to bring prosperity to our lands once more. I want to expand our mercantile district more, and when we have the manpower. A port is the top of my list for construction, we could bring in iron from Aulus Hills, and wine from the vineyards. I have a letter here stating the regional council would provide funding at a later date to help fund that project. However, my trust in that is little to none.” He took a deep breath before continuing on, “Third, the construction of a navy once the port is done, our trade vessels will be vulnerable and a new raiding center for those who wish it upon us.. But for now, we will be expanding the economy and welfare of this place. As it should’ve done long before. That is it, meeting dismissed. I expect you to be on board with this. Another thing, tell your peasants to bring their trinkets and such in. Octavia and the others need to inspect them. They will get paid for their departure of the item.” Population: 486,000 AP: 25 Actions: (3 AP) A large sum of cash is used to raise 1 cohort of light cavalry. This men would be the first to see action for Falrus. Aulus plans to use these horse archers in an effective manner against the unmounted bandits. (20 AP) Is used to build a Military Foundry so the men of Falrus can be better equip in the future... (2 AP) Is set aside for those who wish to bring their trinkets into the council for the Sorcerers to inspect for magically properties. (0 AP) An edict is declared that those who are caught committing crimes, within the borders of Falrus will be sentence to working the fields. Serious offenses such as murder, banditry, or mutilation will result in public execution by crucifixion. Attempt to escape from your sentence in the field will result in lashings, and the second attempt will result in your death by crucifixion. (0AP) Aulus seeks through an agent where to find the black market trinket operation he has heard of in only whispers.
  4. Sneaky2

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Province of choice: Plains of Farlus (8) Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Aulus Villus Aquila, was a young boy when the Emperor decided to split his lands into several provinces. His father came from a line of horse breeders that had them in quite the position to do more than okay for themselves. His father sold a majority of their horses off to the Empire and her armies which is what garned him his wealth. Before it was known his father had become the governor of the Plains for his service, loyalty and knowledge of the plains at its people. Aulus had been sent off with the local sorceries for his education as his father thought it would bring him further in life than his lack of one could bring him. His magic abilities were none, or so he thought for now he would be stuck in the books of literature and mathematics were his father wanted him for one day he would take over. Which would come sooner than expected. 14 years later when Aulus was getting ready to celebrate his name day, of 19 years old he received the news of his father’s passing and his naming as the governor to Farlus, it confused Aulus as his father hadn’t contacted him since he was sent away. However, his task at hand was larger than he expected with the growing discount that was rising within Farlus. Now just shortly after his naming as governor, Aulus had begun to transform Farlus back into the respected farmland it once was. With several goals in mind which required the might of his military and the knowledge of his scholars and sorcerers. The task of transforming the Farlus into one of the more powerful provinces in the Empire would be a challenging one but the young governor had his chance at history and he hungered for it. Your Provincial Culture: Falrus is a land where wealth is a measured by land and political which usually went hand in hand. Next those of high religious rankings, many of the peasants within Falrus followed the faith of Altaire fanatically, as it gave them the escape from their miserable grain filled lives. However, there was slowly a shifting power balance that was coming from the young Governor's actions. Political Influence Rankings that would be common knowledge to those who held the slighest ideal of Falrus would look somewhat like this. 1. Governor Aulus 2. Septitus Salonius Marsus (Largest land owner in Falrus) 3. Octavia Scato (Head Sorceresses) 4. Flavius Festinius Igennus (Head of the Church of Altaire) Massive farms and ranches for breeding horses dominanted the landscape of Falrus, formerly operated by slaves the need for farm hands soon rose after the death of many during the Nightmare Era. Many slaves who were owned were either freed by decree or stuck around out of the need for a job. Not as common as to what it used to be, it is no surprise to those who walk the streets to see a man accompanied by a few slaves. Those in the military of Falrus all come different sides of the spectrum, those who could afford horses mainly the nobles made up a bulk of the cavalry and those who could not, made up the infantry and were assigned their military status based on their standing political status. A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Falrus Chariots (Heavy Chariot) This Chariots are famed from the craftsmen that are plentiful within the capital. Beautiful crafted, sturdy machines of war. Equip with blades on the wheels to cut through the unsuspecting infantry that try to run away from them when they hear the rumbles of the wheels barreling down at them. Manned by a specialist class of troops, only those capable of taming these machine are trusted with them. Political class be damned, these men were legends within the Falrus army.
  5. Sneaky2

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Kingdom of Leon With the ongoing build up of tension between the Kingdom and The Empire, a military build up continues and an unusual alliance is made down in the mediterranean. The Kingdom of Leon seamingly is preparing for its doom. The evil that laid to its east would soon see, the Leonese was something that would not be taken so lightly. Recruitment of a new forces that had slowly been put together, had finally seen fruition. Men native to the Iberia. Those who were considered the elite of the elite. Would see their action soon enough. Actions: Recruiting two units of Almughavars (10 AP) Inquisition?? (2 AP) Engineers, and workers alike are commissioned for a fun little project (4 AP) Population: 912,000 Research: Medium Calavry (8/30 RP)
  6. Sneaky2

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    The Kingdom of Leon King Garcia I surveyed his court with an intense look in his eyes. A war was brewing with the tyrant rulers to his east. His wife the queen sat next to him. His four kids had been sent off to their respective tutors. He sat their pondering his future, the plans and the impending fighting that was about to ensue. His diplomat from Venice marched into the silent room, with a grin on his face. “I have secured our trade relations of the Venetians. With the sale of the isle to them as well.” He’d signal for the crew of men to bring in the large bags of gold from the land purchase. “I think you will be pleased my King.” He’d bow and nod before heading out of the courtroom. AP: 20 Sale to Venice: 4 AP (One turn only) Capital: 4 AP Base: 4 AP Cities: 2 AP Trade: 4 AP Resources: 1 AP Population: 1 AP Actions: Recruiting two units light infantry for future preparation (6 AP) Recruiting two more units of Medium infantry (8 AP) Investments are put back into Leon to develop its economy (6 AP) (6/25 Business) Research: Research continues into medium Cavalry (6/30 RP) Population: 856,000
  7. Sneaky2

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    Kingdom of Leon AP: 11 Base-4 Captial-4 Cities-2 Population- 1 Actions: A full military expansion is put into action with a paranoid feel to it. (0AP) Recruitment of one Medium infantry unit. (4 AP) Two bowman units are recruited as well. (4 AP) Light Infantry recruitment (3 AP) Two diplomats are dispatched to the Italian nations. Each going for different things. (0AP) Population: 800,000
  8. Sneaky2

    Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

    Discord: you have it Nation: Kingdom of Leon AP SYSTEM YESSSSSS
  9. Sneaky2

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Viyter Actions: Cybernetic production (46 AP) Colonizing the Ribalite sector (0AP) Research: Using the swarmers missile tech to combine it with the newly found Triz tech to make a deadly combination. (3 RP)
  10. Sneaky2

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    KSC Actions: New developments coming in led to a rush in military contracts attempting to be filled. With 4 Destroyers being built (12 AP) This construction would bring the navy to a 9 Corvettes 3 Frigates 4 Destroyers More business investments on new Arkansas (20AP) (80/80) (160 Total) The new colony ship would set off into the stars. (0AP, will get a map up soon.) Building a trade station to accommodate some trade deals that have been neglected in the past (10AP) Operation Homeless man (2AP) Research: Research contiunes into fusion reactors (5 RP) (21/20 RP) (National Idea) Deflector technology (1 RP) (1/20 RP) Population: 1,170,000 Humans
  11. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    County of Haven: Expanding the defenses of Haven (7 AP) Economic Expansion (10AP) The army is set on high alert, regular patrols are sent out with a crefew being inacted across the nation (0AP) A message is sent out to the surrounding counties, offering upgraded weapons and armor for their militaries for cheap. (0AP) Food stockpiling beings. (0AP) Population: 94,000 Bosmer
  12. Sneaky2

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Kiber Star Confederacy The opening up of communications brought a great boon to the confederacy. Bringing in additional resources, and business. The wealth of the nation was beginning to grow larger and larger. Damien's prior experience on Earth had led to the nation getting a head start, which would continue. More money would be poured back into the surrounding territories. Within the next year, they were expecting the income of the nation to increase by 30%. Statistics: Population: 1,070,000 AP: 40 Industry: 0 Business: 106 AP Agriculture: 0 AP Universities: 3 (6 RP) Actions: The recent large sum of money gained from opening communications within the galaxy is poured back into the territory of New Arkansas. (34 AP) (60/80 AP) A new colonial freighter is commissioned in the shipyard (3 AP) Additional with the growing amount of colonies, three corvettes are constructed. ( 3 AP) Research: National Idea: "Legacy of Kiber" - 50% RP boost to Reactors, Shields, Engines, FTL Drives The Fusion reactors continues to see development. (9RP) (6RP+ 3RP = 9RP)
  13. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    County of Haven Actions: AP: 17 Heavy infantry recruitment begins (6AP) A new forge is constructed to fit the demands of the military and Valenwood (2AP) A large search party is sent out to find the Akvarii (0AP) A new training regiment is established. To make the Army of haven more disciplined. (7AP) Upgrading the defenses of Haven (2AP)
  14. Sneaky2

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Kiber Star Confederation Damien looked across the map of his so called “confederation” and admired it, his companies and border members ruled over the individual planets and territories claimed by the nation as a whole. Business surged within the borders of the confederation with each planet producing different things and trading with one another. However, one thing was lacking. Protection from whatever may lay beyond the borders of their protected space. Business investments would be key to stimulating the economy enough, while shipyards and ship production would be the driving force. Yet, another idea had popped into his head. A military contractor, space battles would be essential to winning long wars. The navy gets the gravy, as they said back on Earth. Humans had to make it off the planet, even groups that's absolutely hated each other had to be. Dollar signs were flashing in his head already. He started to clap in his towering room above the bustling city landscape which laid New Dallas. Damien moved to his data board, and moved around some piece. Shipping lanes, fleet movements and logistics. “Hunter. It's time.” “Call up to the station, and tell them to open communications. Broadcast who we are, and what is for sale. We are looking for trade relations and potential deals.” Stats: Population: 1,000,000 Humans Mentality: Expansion Government Type: Oligarchy Business: 80 AP (8 AP) Agriculture: 0 AP Industry: 0 AP Trade Partners: Ronin Bhutan Hell ((Yeah I'll figure out his name soon)) Redon Remnants Edonia Covenant Military: 0 Navy: Corvettes: 7 Frigate: 1 AP: Base: 4 Colony: 6 Mentality: 4 Population: 3 Business: 8 Mines: 1 Total: 26 AP Actions: Funds, internal growth would stimulate the fleet expansion. This would happen on New Arkansas (26 AP) (26/80 AP) Research: To fund the upgrades to be done to the fleet over the next few years with tech and such. An upgrade to new fusion is commissioned. (6 RP)
  15. Sneaky2

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Viyter Actions: Sending the resources aside for the USA to come and build the defensive ring above Viyter (22AP) A colony ship is built (3 AP) Cybernetic Research for military applications continues (20 AP) Freedom at last! Human refugees from all over would be welcomed onto Viyter. Datrax and the Grand Alliance are both contacted about a potential contract for producing and outfitting the remaining veterans and those injured in the war with cybernetics. (Mod plz Czar!) Research: Weaponized Triz research is spread through the three universities (3 RP)