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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    Stay out of my swamp
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Kyber Kore Wilson DeMont looked out from his office HQ towards the Trizendaium mining operations that were begin to expand each and every week. The bright orange crystals proved to be challenging for him as they had cost him more than a dozen mining droids and miners. Yet, he had enjoyed it and the properties that it possessed. How volatile the substance inside it was, the fiery it produced when set off. But those did not compare to the beauty he saw in the explosions. He marveled in the flames at and the destruction it caused. The building shook from a recent explosion that broke his gaze, he smiled a bit because he knew what had caused the explosion. He rushed down to his office to meet a crew that was constructed for the soul purpose of responding to these and helping potential casualties. A burly man with a deep red beard stood there waiting for Wilson’s arrival. He shook his head and step aside swinging the door open to their armored civilian disguised car. “Ready sir? This is a report that it is the biggest one yet. Three dead, and eight more wounded.” He looked back through his driver window. Wilson nodded, holding back his smile as the screen rolled up. He let it go, as his excitement was beginning to overtake him. ======== Back on the Viyter, a new announcement is launched from Johnny’s office. “It is a sad day for many any my office and I, as I have to announce the retirement of Saelaesh. The Head of our foreign relations department and someone who has helped lead our nation to a better future. She helped establish our psionic branch in the military and has healed many throughout her life spent within our borders. She will be moving to a new chapter in her life. Which we have agreed to keep between ourselves. I wish to thank her, as we all should. We will now be led by a promising and bright Da’nor in our diplomatic relations. Drexon will continue to do a fantastic job for us and build off the success that Saelaesh had started. ======== AP: Population: 4 Territory & Expansion: 10 Mining: 9 Industry: 4 (62/75) Trade: 2 Business: 8 (40/80) One Turn: 10 AP (Cybernetic Purchases) Total: 47 With the sudden end to the Keerim/LC war, the defensive focus of Kyber Kore would subside and the business side would start to see a restoration. They still had contracts to fulfil with the LC and now the Skellar. They would fill those. (10 AP) Cybernetic research continues on the steps of extending the lifespan of people with augmentations. (25 AP) Forms of advertisement are sent to each nation in the galaxy. Offering cybernetics for war veterans that need them. (1 AP) A DeMont Research Institution is established, after a large sum of funds is donated by Wilson DeMont (10 AP) Surveying more of the Da’nor and Human-Da’nor populus for Psionics wishing to serve within the Psionic Divison of Kyber Kore. (1 AP) Research: The study of weaponizing Triz is started at the two major universities. Then it will be transfered over to the DeMont RI (2 RP) Population: 903,000 Humans, 126,000 Da’nor, 56,700 Human-Da’nor, 2,615 Terraskelorians, 263 Novans, 263 Terrakelorians-Da’nor
  3. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The County of Haven Aragorn, took the news of the Altmer invasion with stride. His nation was not prepared to take on such an extreme threat, but he also did not see them as such a thing that needed to be poked. He would start to prepare his men, and new things would begin to pop up. Tactics and organization would start to sweep over the Haven military. Actions: The port within Haven would start construction. The fit more ships, and soon to fit the official Haven Navy. (10/10 AP into Economics) A wagon begins its trip towards Kvatch, guarded by 500 Light Infantry, 250 Heavy Infantry. (2 AP) A Ranger school is established. Hoping to gather the elite of the elite into the Haven army. (1 AP) The county to the West was something that Aragorn had his eyes set on, he dispatched a unit to sweep the area and clear it of any potential threats and also search for anything of note. 1,000 Light Infantry 250 Heavy Infantry and 500 Light Cav are dispatched. (MOD 0 AP) The Thieves guild is dispatched another letter to accept their deal of expanded operations. The group in Southport stays still and is asked for a report back. (0 AP MOD) ===== Population: 66,000 Bosmer Military: 6,000 Light Infantry 500 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry AP: Base: 6 Trade: 3 Economic: 1 Saw Mill: 3 (2 Turns remaining)
  4. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Argentinian Empire Wilson was pleased with the Colombians willingness to work with the Empire on forming the first South American Space Program. One that would be a huge historic accomplishment for both nations. On top of attracting corporate businesses, that have created an influx of jobs throughout the Empire and providing a massive boon to the economy. The future was looking bright for the Empire. A dipolmat is dispatched to India, looking for a trade deal and more importantly a joint space program. The Indian industry would be a great boon for supplies to be imported. With the budget now in surplus, Wilson commissions two economy projects. Fusion power plants, something of the future that could power the entire Empire. Without endangering its natural resources. (Mod) The other is renovating the cities, slowly but surly Wilson wanted to remove the slums. He would start in Argentina and then move to the other countries. (Mod) Projects: Start of a Space Program (1 Page) New infantry armor and hud interface (2 pages) Infantry assistance AI (5 pages)
  5. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Argentinian Empire With the expansion into the space program going as planned with the respective projects, Emperor Messi begins to look at outside sources to help bring the education level of the surrounding countries up to a more than respectable level. He sends out request to Canada, India, The American Empire, and China if they would like to assist by bringing over professors and masters of education to put their current professors through a reformation so they can better teach the public. Canada's gift of a few rocket scientist would be greatly awarded in the future for their generosity. Wilson would soon begin to bring his country to the glory it deserved. Following in the footsteps of Marci, the economy would begin to gain some investments. Renewable energy farms were planned, with tax benefits to those corporations with those companies within the Empires borders. Another business decision is made to bring in more jobs, offering tax right offs and cuts to companies who moved their headquarters to the Empire. This was a risky move, but its potential could really pay off. (MOD) With the Space Program on the way, Wilson extends an offer to countries in South, and Central America on top of Caribbean nations to join in on the project. With the more funding required the better. (MOD) A Naval expansion and modernization plan was soon to be drawn out. An update was much needed. Projects: Start up of the Space program (2 Pages) Modernized Infantry armor with hud Integration (3 Pages) Infantry AI to go with the HUD (6 Pages)
  6. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Argentinian Empire Wilson Messi had long believed in a South America which did not consist of corruption and weak states. By the time he was elected in his mid-20s his political sway was reaching an all-time high. His web of connection laid deeper than any politician before him. Which helped him take sole control over Agrentinian without little to no resistance. Five years later came the Fall of Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay with a massive blitzkrieg catching South America off guard there was nothing the other states could do in time to stop the Argentinian military before forcing them to surrender. The campaign had really hurt Argentina militarily but had truly put them a step in the right direction. Now, Emperor Wilson Messi begins to look towards the future. He was satisfied with what land his nation held. Though the resources of Brazil untapped would provide extremely valuable. He put off the thought. Sending through his budget towards his office of finance for approval. Actions: Argentinian Space Program! (Mod) An infantry HUD and armor starts research (Mod) Assistant AI for the Unit HUD (Mod)
  7. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The County of Haven Aragorn had looked down from his moved swiftly through the new roads of Haven, he was fresh on the tracks of a pair of bandits would recently killed three merchants. Him and his youngest son were on the move, closing in he could see his son's nerves begin to tick up. Only the age of 15 he began to worry if this would be to much for him. To take his first life. He pushed the thought deep in the back of his mind and refocused on the task at hand. As the were rounding the bend where the reported siting of the bandits were. They soon darted off into the forest, the smell of smoke filled the pair's noses. He signaled for his son to begin his climb into the tree tops, as he would stick to the lower branches and then to the forest floor. Once they were close enough. The smell of smoke and blood was getting stronger in the nose of Aragorn. The stench disgusted him, the combo of the two would've made him puke if he had not experienced this before during his time as an Imperial agent. About thirty yards away laid the bandits, indulging in their loot. Drunken and blooded. Aragorn dropped from his lowest branch and begin moving around to a better shot. The group seemed to have been here for sometime, the forest around them had been cleared to the extent of begin able to set up a camp. As Aragorn, moved around he heard the screams of man coming from the camp, he peaked his head up above the brush quickly drawing an arrow his heart was racing as he scanned the area for his son. He released his arrow, striking a a bandit in lower thigh. Then drew another before moving to another spot. Scouting out the surrounding camp, he then heard another scream. Coming from a different man this time. As he peaked this time, he saw the last bandit looking through the tree tops. Panicked at his friends deaths. The man began darting for the forest, as Aragorn released his arrow he saw another flying in from up above. They both struck at the same time, one in the neck and one in the lower back. Dead on sight. He mumbled a few words under his breath, before breaking through the clearing, he shouldered his bow before bringing out his iron short sword. He whistled for his son to come from the tree tops, as he observed the scene. Four men, three dead. One shot in the shoulder and eye pinning him to a cart. The other had an arrow stuck center mass, he had been sitting down. Which was the first to go. The one who tried to run who was killed by him and his son's arrow. Which followed suit which left one remaining. The one with the arrow suck into his inner thigh. When he rounded the corner, his son had plunged his dagger deep into the man's eye and he had a wicked grin to him. Aragorn had not seen the evil in such a child in a long time.. He shook his head simply, "That is not our way, I needed him alive. You have disappointed me son. Your bloodlust has gained control of you. Which is something that is special and dangerous." His son, stormed off, not allowing for his father to say another word. He was fuming.. Actions: Economic improvements continue, with the roads begin completed. Aragorn had his eldest son look over the construction of a marketplace. (5 AP) (10/10 Economic investment) The guard that had been completed served multiple task, and two would begin to move towards their first. They were given money out of the coffers to help complete their task. (1 AP) With the dissolution of the Green Pact, Aragorn saw it fit to begin a small lumber and saw mill. To make them less dependent on outside trade. (3 AP) One of the Haven Chosen is dispatched with a letter, to find the Thieves guild and offer refugee to them within Aragorn's lands. Within other begin dispersed throughout the lands offering Bosmer marksmen for the battle against the Dunnmer (0 AP) An act is passed throughout the County of Haven, which is the protection act for all merchants to be protected throughout Haven. Any harmed will be hunted until death. Aragorn sets aside 1,000 light infantry to carry out the task. (0 AP) Population: 58,000 Bosmer Economic Report Base: 6 Trade: 3 Total: 9 Investment Report: Economic: (10/10) Haven Chosen: 4 AP Military: 6,000 Light Infantry 500 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Infantry Dynasty Report: Aragorn Bluerun (M, 38) Arden Bluerun (F, 39) Falnir Bluerun (M, 18) Entnir Bluerun (M, 15)
  8. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Pok is coming back tonight, to handle the ongoing wars. My bad, my work has been killing me of late.
  9. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The County of Haven AP: 9 Base: 6 Trade: 3 Aragon ordered for new roads to be constructed throughout Haven's county (7 AP) Aragon would begin recruiting for his elite guard, with extreme vetting from him and his council. Reaching into dark corners of the world. (3 AP). Aragon sends out a message to the surrounding provinces detailing an alliance sealed by marriage with their daughters marrying his sons. Population: 50k Wood Elves Army: 6k Light Infantry 500 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Navy: Cogs: 2
  10. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Mod Response India The Blockade of Singapore is acknowledged by all surrounding nations, however many displeased with an interruption with their trade. They do not dare mess with the Indian Navy. The bombs in Singapore continue to fall, however the city would not fall so easily. AA emplacements, fighters are launched. Countering the bombers that are targeting government buildings and infrastructure. Civilian buildings essentially being left unguarded by the government crumble. Skyscrapers collapsing into the streets killing dozens in each fall. The city was turning more and more into a warzone, and the Singaporeans pleaded for their government to stop the invasion of Mozasmgscar. France The Royal Family of Spain would accept the offer from the French. ((Skype w/ Me and Dirty)) The political parties that resististed the Anarchist movements were easy to find. Easy enough, they could fill a whole government with those that matched the French ideals. The military officials however, would need to start from scratch, as many feared for their lives and fled to the neighboring Portugal and found solitude there. In Europe, the space industries do accept the offers from the French. Offering to join together in this. South American space companies are a different story, they deny it saying many of them already have contracts with the South American countries and a breach of contract would be bad for business. The manned mission to the moon would take a awhile ((5 Pages)) Russia would take the offer to ponder it, as they did with their American allies. Japan The islands are simply just not conquered. ((I NEED SPECIFICS)) The Koreans and Thailand would accept the offer Korea would give up Machrica to the Russians attempting to avoid future conflict. The Mech’s are a new concept, Japanese scientist and Engineers eager to take it ((10 Pages)) ===== ((I am dropping another event post later, I need Dirty/LPT to respond before I can finish out the War stuff in africa and I will drop the Mexican cartel war later as well.))
  11. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Nah, I dropped it. I'll pick a nation here in a few weeks. Tyras is accepted. -Tyras you have the remaining projects Green Highway/High speed railway construction from Germany down through Italy (3 Pages) An AI to go along with your AA/Artillery Hybrid that has been completed. (3 Pages) 300 MBTs (2 Pages) Defensive line on the French/German border (1 Page) The following have been completed -AA/Artillery Hybrid platform -3 Nuclear Submarines.
  12. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    ((With Pok leaving for Mexico for a week I will be handling Mod Duties. I shall still post as Germany but no major projects/moves will be made by me.)) Mozamgscar - Russia acknowledges the message, with industrial investments still coming into the developing nation - The secret police force is recruited - 2/3 parties make it across into Rhodesia, one turning back after running into a few patrols. Not blowing their cover however Canada - The defenses begin construction (1 Page) -The Tzar warns that these actions will lead to consequences if continued. American Empire -With the sudden change in heart in an alliance with their long standing allies in the Canadians, some groups in the nation are upset. Nothing major, for now. - 7th Gen fighters start research (7 pages) -DARPA project also gains funding (3 pages)
  13. Sneaky2

    Tamriel Imperialus (OOC)

    Map Location: Valenwood ((Nunez said he’d help you out with my location)) ((Sorry this took me forever.)) Nation/Tribe: The County of Haven ((Southern coast of Valenwood)) Capital City: Haven Leader: Aragorn Bluerun Brief Nation History: After the Fall, many died around Aragorn and some of his followers. He was one of the best archers in all of Valenwood and he lived his life previous to the Fall in the shadows which kept him away from those infected by the flu that claimed so many of his friends and family. It also darkened his life. He became more ruthless in his actions. During the fall he returned to his home city of Haven, to see it in disarray. He would not allow this to be the case for much longer, him and his followers quickly seized power from the count as he had been hiding away and not doing much. Killing him and his family in the middle of the night, Aragorn had gained control of the city with his contacts in the military assisting in this. He had one goal in mind, and that was to bring the Bosmer to respectable glory and not let them be walked over again. Skype Username: Nunez has it. (It’s my phone number)  Do you have a general idea of the lore?: Yeah somewhat.
  14. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Germany "BREAKING NEWS..." "Wilson Merkel releases an offical statement on the French invansion of Spain, we will take you live to his press conference." The German man looked very stressed, with the recent news of the French forces moving into Spain and the Russian mobilizing for what looked like a mass invasion of Eastern Europe the peace of Europe was starting to become a thin line of hope. "Today, I received troubling news from my intelligence committee. The French have decided to invade a state in poor disarray in a blatant attempted at a land grab. We ask the French withdraw troops from their borders or the German forces will take action. We will not stand for imperialism to reappear in Europe, and for the peace that has stood for so long be shattered. Withdraw now. Or be forced." Wilson stood up from his seat. Infuriated at the French simply betraying the fact of upholding peace in Europe. Germany agrees to the non aggression pact with Russia. Though if they expand to close to the borders of Germany it will be broken. Germany also offers Italy a full military alliance. With the offers of free trade and them expanding their new Green highway into and throughout Italy. (Mod) The German military begins mobilizing, towards the French border. Preparing to be act if their demands are not met. Great Britian is invited to denounce the French. 300 MBT are ordered for construction Defenses between the French and German also are commissioned for construction ===== Projects: AA/Artiliery hybrid (1 Page) AI (4 Pages) Green Highway (4 Pages) Completed Projects: 3 Nuclear Submarines
  15. Sneaky2

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Germany Wilson kicked back in his office chair, flipping through the channels aimlessly to find something that might hold his boredom for more than a few moments. The German vs Brazil national team games were on, Germany was thrashing them to a sound score 7-1 at halftime. Some new reality TV shows were popping up left and right, which Wilson scoffed at. If he could he would ban them from being able to air. Then he came across a news station which headlined “Is Sweden attempting to take control of the Baltic?” He pressed his thumb as quickly as possible to turn up the news station. After the headline it flashed to a red haired, green eyed news anchor who Wilson had seen several times within his conferences, “Hello, my name is Annie Muller. Today, we have distributing reports of the Sweden government attempting to take control of the Baltic Sea.” She paused for a few moments, and continued to read for her digital script. “Once thought to be a peaceful and happy island. The residents of Gotland are now in for a surprise as their government has began fortifying the island.” She stopped talking and ended with a smile before her co-anchor began to speak. “This is believed to be in a response…” he cut the TV off as his Head of Foreign Relations stormed through his doors. “Sir, I guess the Swedes are back pedaling with their aggressive militarization of Gotland and are looking for us to sign a non-aggression pact.” He had a confused look on his face as Wilson was laughing extremely hard. “You're kidding right? They attempt to unionize Scandinavia and seize control of the Baltic and when it all comes crashing down they reverse course and seek a non-aggression pact with us?” He continued to laugh at the proposal, “For the sake of keeping the peace. I will agree to such a thing. The military offer is off the table though.” Wilson would wave his Foreign Relations guy to delivery the news to Sweden. === A new Anti Air/Artillery hybrid platform starts research (Mod?) Along with the Kaiser Platform, an AI begins its early stages with it as well. Looking to increase efficiency and eliminate human error from their targeting parameters. (Mod) Three submarines begin construction. Fund raising groups begin a campaign in order to fund a future “Greener Germany” project which involves massive highways, and high speed railways that allow for less pollution and resource expenditures.