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  1. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy Population: 415,500 Humans, 45,500 Da'nor, 20,500 Human-Da'nor Actions: Sending the appropriate resources to the HKE to build a Heavy Cruiser (6 AP) Sending more resources to the HKE to contribute to Distantium (1 AP ) Scouting the far Western corner of the galaxy, sneaky sneaky. (1 AP) Constructing Orbital defenses above Viyter (5 AP)
  2. [Player Report] Devvy

    I agree
  3. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Free Human Technocracy Actions: With the recent terrorist attacks and casualties rising in war. Kyber Korps starts a free product line for those injured in war and the recent attacks (0AP) Scouting the Territorial Claims for rare resources (1 AP) Expanding the cybernetics program ( 5AP) Completely Project Shaaria (2AP) Recruiting more Psionics to be used for the psionic officer program. (0AP) Expanding the Psionic facility on Vanis to include an education and training facility (2 AP) Expanding business and tourist operations on Tropico (3AP) (10 total) Free Human Technocracy - 398,000 Humans, 40,000 Da'nor, 17,000 Human-Da'nor
  4. The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    France Economic: With the disbandment of the EEZ, France had seen the immediate effects of it. Strikes beginning to pop up at the slight hit to the already suffering French economy, are worrisome to De Gaulle and Napoleon V. Plans to calm their nerves start in motion. The investments from powerful British investors is immediately greeted with excitement from the French populace. The investments go into building more factories and employing those who are out of a job. (MOD) To improve urbanization, the domestic transportation committee is set up. A national railroad project is setup to connect rural areas to the Urban centers. (Mod) Domestic: Napoleon V, disgusted by the communist movement and rebellion within France. He moves for a task force to be created to help deal with future issues like this. For Domestic and Foreign affairs alike. The BCRA is official created. (Mod) Military: The French military, starts a standardized six month boot camp for new recruits. Training will be rigorous, in an attempt to professionalize the French Army. (Mod) An officer school is also established, using Intel and tactics learned from previous wars. In an attempt to keep the N.C.Os up to date and sharp on their leadership skills. Out of fear and just for the sake of preserving the French mechanized forces, new tank designs are drawn up. The De Gallue V1 tank designs would be the modernization of the French tank, the French were not going to be walked all over again. (MOD)
  5. The Shame of Versailles - OOC

    Application: In-Game Name: Skype (Required, you can PM it): It's my phone number, but one of the guys that has me on their skype can add me when accepted Nation You Wish to Play: France State of the Nation (Contact me via msg or skype for help.): I'll contact you over skype.
  6. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Free Human Technocracy Actions The continuation of Cybernetic research (5 AP) (25 AP Total) A secret expedition is set up (1 AP) (MOD) Construction of massive resorts begins on the Tropical world of Tropico (5 AP) (9 AP Business). Production of clones begins, they will be raised, educated and trained on the world of Vanis. All they will know is S.T.E.M. and warfare growing up (2 AP) Population: 378,500 Humans, 31,250 Da'nor, 13,250 Human-Da'nor (2,500 Xie incoming) Trade Partners: HKE, HE, Han Dominion, P.A.R., Star Republic of Edonia, The Grand Alliance
  7. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Free Human Technocracy Planet: Viyter Location: Unknown Time: 00:03 The wind-howled through the mountains that peaked over the city of Orion, the peaks were powder white with snow. Winter was at its peak on Viyter. The sounds of boots crunching through the snow could be heard. A lone soul could be seen walking the mountain trail, if someone was watching that is, he looked young, blonde hair and green eyes. Some of his facial features would resemble mostly his father with a sprinkle of his mother in there. The physical aspect came from his father as well, it was his personality that he got from his now deceased mother. Johnny Walker made this trip to his mother’s grave every month. He went to see her, sometimes it felt like he would get over the pain of his mother’s death but other times it just hurt way too much for him to handle. He would sit down and talk to her like she was still her, he would tell her about the girls he liked or the issues he was having with his dad. Then he told her that he was leaving, maybe for good. But he would not be back for awhile. He teared up a little. He grabbed her picture one more time and hugged it a little bit before trekking back home, the prepare his journey… ===== Actions: Colonizing the sector directly south of the Home System for the FHT. Colonizing the fresh Tropical world they discovered several years ago. (0AP) Kyber Kore, with an influx of resources and income coming in from the joining of the GTC and the stores in Janus. Decide to further develop Cybernetics for the FHT (5 AP) (20 AP invested) Kyber Kore also begins to start a mass advertising campaign, advertising their product to those in the galactic community. The advertisement is aimed for those looking to start a new life in a fresh business market. (2 AP). (4 AP Invested in Business) Following the Kyber Kore initative, Johnny Walker introduces a new plan to expand the business and economic sectors of the Free Human Technocracy. The expansion on Viyter begins, tourist traps begin to be established, plots of land start being auctioned off for businesses to be established. (2 AP) (4 AP Invested in business) Construction of one Gamma-Class Destroyer to bolster the fleets strike capabilities. (3 AP) Trade Partners: H.E. Holy Kingdom Of Eadn Han Dominion Grand Alliance U.C.I. P.A.R. Population: 360,000 Humans, 25,000 Da’nor, 9,000 Human-Da’nor
  8. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy “Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” - Paul Tournier Viyter was turning into a bustling planet, industry was booming and business was beginning to blossom. Neon signs lit up the streets, with new businesses popping up and Kyber Kore expanding. Ben and his son Johnny Walker strolled through the midnight street, Johnny just turned 16. Johnny was turning into quite the young man, he followed after his father; with the tall, athletic frame. Then he got his mother’s blonde hair and green eyes. He also got her personality, out-going and people loving. Ben also regretted sending him out with Jim Bean, the HE lead-sales person who so inspired Johnny to become one and he dreamed of changing the nation into that of one focused on making money. “Dad! Look at this place, imagine if it was bustling with more businesses. Foreign investors and businesses! More business means a better life for all of us! Come on just give it a thought Dad!.” Johnny looked at his dad, with the sparkle of a dream in his eye. “Johnny it is impractical right now. You know the current situation of our neighbors and the southern Galaxy as a whole. We just lost two ships in combat with the Kalorian purgers. If we decide to go for a more peaceful business approach. They could walk over here and stomp us out. Right now we have to focus on our survival. Not profits.” A stern, fatherly look formed over Ben’s face as if he was trying to convince his son that the idea of a business run nation is a horrible one. “Dad but look at Hephaestus Enterprises! They are the biggest human nation after the successful merger of Aurora! The GTC is booming as well, the connection between the northern and southern galaxies is a genius idea and floods them with freighters from all over the galaxy.” Johnny obviously was not going to give up on this idea with his dad. Ben looked at his son’s face, the neon signs reflected off his oily cheeks. Johnny’s bright smile stretched ear to ear. Ben could not just destroy his only child’s dream. He let out a deep sigh, and looked down towards the sidewalk. “I’ll think about. Johnny and when I say i’ll think about it, that means it’s unlikely to happen.” He sighed again, “But I will think about it. For you.” He looked back up at his son and a big smile formed on his face as the pair walked down the streets of Orion. “Let’s grab a steak. This place his open 24/7..” The pair ducked off into a famous steakhouse on Viyter.. ====================================== Two weeks later, Ben was scrambling around his apart trying to find the package he had hidden away to surprise his son. “YES!” he let out an excited yell, “Found it, thank you lord.” he laughed as his son walked in through the door to his home office. Johnny looked nervous, like a little child who had been in trouble one too many times. “Hey d-dad what is this for?” Johnny placed a finger in his mouth and started chewing on his finger nails, a quick examination of his hands would show he does this quite a bit. Ben laughed, “No need to be nervous Johnny! Remember two weeks ago when I said that I would look into the business investment you told me to look into?” Johnny nodded his head, his eyes lighting up, he removed his fingers from his mouth. “Yeah dad what about it?” Ben would open up the package presenting him with pictures and data points of the previously scouted out habitable planet in the neighbouring sector, Johnny’s eyes lit up as he saw the pictures. “We will be colonizing this within the next year. With that, I will be putting Logan and you in charge of the planet. Logan will handle the political stance of it, and you the business. As I want it to be a trade/vacation planet. Understood?” “Yes sir..” Johnny got up from his chair and bolted down the hallway to his room, jittering with excitement. The visions of a grand tradestation starting to form, as the location was perfect as it fed into the mouth of the LC. Making it a perfect station to refuel, dock, and sell wares at. The dream was becoming a reality for young Johnny. ======================================= Actions: Building two Destroyers (6 AP) Building a Colony ship (4 AP) Finishing up the last defensive battery (2 AP) Population: 342,500 Humans, 22,000 Da'nor, 7,500 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: Han Dominion H.E. Holy Kingdom of Eadn The Grand Alliance P.A.R. U.C.I.
  9. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy ((IGNORE THE LIGHTSABER JUST A COOL PICTURE!)) A women standing around 5’10, with flowing blonde hair, sat down in a swivel chair to speak to Ben. “We tried our best sir. As far as we could tell there were no other psionics user in the room.” Saelesh spoke with a calmness in her voice, “We knew there was no shot at us acquiring Aurora. You knew this as well. But if anything our presence prevented any use of psionic abilities to be used on the Auroran chancellor.” “I know, I know. We have another issue at hand now. These “Colonial Militia” are looking for a new home it looks like. Barely escaping the Kalorian’s fury.” A concerned look would form over Ben’s face. “These are our fellow humans and offering our home is the only thing to do. I want you to lead the mission for this again. Now that you have experience with these things. I will join you. But I want you to lead in the conference. I am potentially looking at stepping down, and I am scared of Johnny Walker’s maturity to lead. This is why I wish to help groom you until I see him fit to lead.” Ben would smile towards Saelesh, reassuring her that this is no joke. “I have always admired your work-ethic and your desire to do whatever it takes for the nation to succeed.” Caught off-guard completely, Saelesh has trouble gathering her words, “S-sir. I am completely at a loss of words…” her head would fall down, “I am so thankful for this.. I would never have guessed this.” still shocked she just stared at him.. Ben would laugh seeing her expression, “It is no big deal. My son however will not be so pleased. But I will explain the situation to him. Where he understands my concerns with it..” he’d pat Saelesh on the shoulder, “Get some rest friend. We have a long year ahead of us..” he’d open the door to the hallway before heading out leaving Saelesh in the room by herself to ponder her own thoughts. Actions: Finishing up the Clone Facility. (2 AP) Building of defenses on Viyter, namely the Karass Super Cannon. (4 AP) Starting the research into Project Bug (5 AP) Secret stuff (1 AP) Population: 327,500 Humans, 20,000 Da'nor, 7,000 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: Han Dominion HKE Hepataus Enterprises Grand Alliance U.C.I. P.A.R.
  10. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    “Ben, let me tell you. This firstborn. Chaal… She was way more attractive than the Commodore for the Grand Alliance you had stay with you.” Blaine would laugh to himself setting down his morning coffee, before kicking his legs up and putting them on the board room table.. “Oh knock it off Blaine. So I am guessing that is what the Han were protecting from SATO. Must of been the only reason the Ka’cezh started their crusade as well.” Ben scratched his chin for a moment before grabbing his pen to write down some notes. “What caused the lightbulb to go off?” Blaine would grin. “We need to help out. I am planning the effective ways of growing our navy enough to actually pack a punch. Something you should be doing as well Admiral…” Ben would jab back as he hid his smile behind his bowed head. “Make sure the troops are ready to join in on the offensive. They are going to need to be ready for it. Might have to recall Wilson. But we will leave it be for now.” Blaine would lower his feet off the desk, “Yes sir… I am ready to get back out their and fight. These bugs need to be crushed.” “Also Blaine.” Ben would look up from his writing, “We need to figure out the abilities of each psionic Da’nor and Hybrid that volunteered. So we can properly use them.” He’d go back to writing his notes down. “One last thing. The facilities for our clones will be completed soon. Hopefully we will no longer be required to use our own…” he’d look up at Blaine seeing him nod. “You're dismissed buddy..” he’d place his head down once more and continue writing. ====== An intern would bust through the door, holding her data pad with a “Breaking News” flash across it, “Sir have a look at this…” she'd slide the pad over to him. “Hmmm Aurora is petitioning to join a new colony eh?” He'd continue watching the news clip, “They obviously will not join us. We are too far and we used to be former enemies because of our respective alliances. But we can advocate for another. As we want to see our technocratic brothers thrive in the galaxy…” he’d slide the pad back to her, “Get me a camera and help me record this message for them.” === “Hello fellow humans and technocrats.. You probably believe that we are here to petition you to join us. As we have a similar governments. Even if we have been at odds before in the past. Let us put that aside. However, we are not here to do that. We are here that you join another nation. A fellow nation and a fellow friend of ours Hephaestus Enterprises. They will protect your best interests and provide the strength you so desire in a union. As a leader it pains me to pass on an opportunity to potentially strengthen my nation. But I see it best for humans to stick in a pack where you can so thrive. Thank you, may science guide you forward. Ben Watson.” He’d shut off the camera. ==== Actions: Continuation of the clone factory construction (4 AP) Building of four Phi-Class Frigates (8 AP). The Psionically gifted, begin to train and meditate to see where they will be put in the ranks of the Technocracy. (0AP) The military begins to mobilize helping in a full scale crusade against Corrupters. (0AP) Population: 315,000 Humans, 18,000 Da’nor, 6,000 Human-Da’nor
  11. Janus' City [Sub-FRP to Onwards]

    The Copper Roses The glow of a bright neon sign lit up the surrounding dark street of the newly acquired territory. The sign read “KYBER KORE CYBERNETICS & MORE” Wilson was not very worried about the local security forces bothering him or his businesses as long as they followed the regulations within the city center.. Wilson walked through the street admiring the beauty of his new sign, the bustling street behind him with cars and motorcycles zooming down it. On the side he could see some of the Sergeants and newly ‘hired’ help were moving in boxes of supplies and new equipment into the shop before a loud “SMASH” is heard in the store followed by yelling and what sounds like a scuffle, Wilson rolled his eyes and walked into the store. Two big brutes could be seen swinging wild punches at each other, one had tattoos running all throughout his arm and visible body, he was bald headed and he was very big. Unlike the other brute who was shredded, he had no tattoos and had a uptight buzz cut. Wilson approached the two throwing haymakers at each other, “Hey cut this ****. We aren’t paying you for this.” The big, fat one turned towards Wilson and spit, “Fook off mate, you ain’t nothing.” The Seregants and those who knew Wilson turned to each other and whispering could be heard as he took off his coat, revealing his cybernetic arms and the augmentations that he has had done to him from the major moon base operation that had left him near death. He unsheathed his knife and grabbed the fatter man by the arm, catching him mid-punch. “What the fook?” the man would look to swing back but the strength of Wilson and his metal arm stopped him cold and Wilson took this turn to slam his head against a nearby table and then slammed his hand on the table. Soon following the knife he had we be slammed into the man’s hand and his scream filled the store… “You listen here punk. As your boss. You respect and listen to me. The people here are hardworking. You and this muscle head are disrupting that hard work. That gear you both smashed just cost you a paycheck. You complain about it. I’ll have both of you killed. Now do you understand?” He’d twist the knife inside the man’s hand another quick scream could be heard. “Yes sir..” he shook his head, tears filling his eyes in pain. He ripped the knife out of the man’s hand, “Someone clean him up. Now you.” his eyes would stare down the other one. “Clean this up. If I hear the slightest thing from you. I will personally gut you.” Wilson cleaned off his knife, before sheathing it and putting his coat back on.. Actions: Scouting the surrounding areas and gather intel within them to attempt to find out which gangs/businesses control them or the head of security in that region (Mod) Wilson picks his two closets and most trustworthy friends and associates to attempt to infiltrate the FSF. (MOD) The official opening of Kyber Kore franchises is established as a cover for the business. (0 IP) Smuggling in of drugs, mostly cocaine and prescription drugs. (4 IP)
  12. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy “What do you mean he denied you?” “Well Dad, that he means he said no and turned us away.” a few of the council members in the room could be heard chuckling at Johnny Walker’s sassy reply. Ben shook his head, “No dumbass, why did he turn you away. Did you present any and all evidence that we had presented to him?” an irritated look overcame Ben’s facial expressions, obviously annoyed with his son’s comments. “Yes.. But hey showed us all the times he’s fought them and his wounds from fighting them.. However he said the Protorians and Kalorians, and Gavinus should help deal with them and he refused to listen that they were at war… He told us all was lost and they were a constant and endless wave.” J.W. sighed “He was not very fond of us either it seemed..” he’d look at his father, “I tried my best for you dad. But the last Elder race would not have it..” he hung his head and headed for the door.. Ben grabbed J.W. and gave him a hug before he walked out of the door.. “I am proud of you son. We are not doomed yet. We will make it through this together.” he rubbed his head and sent him out of the door. “Now. Let us fortify our positions on this. The technology gained from the Holy Kingdom, is going to allow us to produce soldiers without the cost of our own civilians. We will no longer require them to sign up after the first batch of Vanis regulars is completed.. Furthermore, we will be enlisting our Da’nor and Human-Da’nor citizens who are psionically gifted. This are invaluable as operatives and commanders in battle. Any questions or concerns?” he’d wait a few minutes, “None? Alright good let us get started then.” Actions: Recruiting those with psionic capabilities to begin training for certain roles in the military. (0AP) Finishing the HKE shipyard (6 AP) On Vanis, a clone production facility starts construction (2 AP). Also on Vanis, a facility for the psionically gifted is built. Luxury and comfortable living as well as a state of the art training facility. (2AP) Population: 304,500 Humans, 17,250 Da'nor, 5,250 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: UCI HKE Han Dominon Grand Alliance H Enterprises PAR
  13. Janus' City [Sub-FRP to Onwards]

    The Copper Roses “Wilson, I didn't think i’d see you back so soon..” A tall, slender women silhouette filled the doorway of the office. As she stepped forward into the light, a long scar ran down the side of her face and her Da’nor features could be seen. “A missed having someone competent around.. These recruits are just idiots. Random street thugs cannot get the job done.” Wilson would stand up, the sound of his replaced legs could be heard as he glided across the room and placed his hand on the glass of the office window and looked up towards the skyline. “Hush. We have much work to do with these thugs. They are our hidden muscle. No one can know who we truly work for.” his voice came off cold and harsh The women took a step back, and before letting a sigh out. She pulled out a touchpad and gave it to Wilson, “Here is what you asked for dickhead. The people are in position to expand our operations. The Skyscraper is going to have to wait. We might have to set up some assassinations to assist in that though. The security forces out here are easily bribed as well..” “Good. Now leave please. I have some other business to attend too.” Actions: Work begins on acquiring a new piece of turf for the gang’s operations to expand. (2 AP) Smuggling in some drugs, to begin the expansion of the white collar drug industry. (2 AP)
  14. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Free Human Technocracy Actions: After a series of Trade Deals made with Malta and the UCI, resources pour in from each of the respective nations giving them more resources to donate to certain projects. (+4 AP) With the growing concern and new found alliance, the Free Human Technocracy sends a massive amount of resources towards the construction of the Holy Kingdom of Edani's Shipyard upgrade (12 AP) A new frigate is placed under construction in an attempt to bolster the Fleet once again. (2 AP). The Technocracy fleet begins to run regular patrols through their territories Trade Partners: Han Dominion USA PAR HKE Heaptaus Holdings Grand Alliance Population 290,500 Humans, 16,250 Da'nor, 5,000 Human-Da'nor
  15. Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Free Human Technocracy Location: Unknown.. “You seem to have a thing for Arctic planets don’t you Sir?” Ben’s personal bodyguard would laugh to himself as the trio were bundled up, trying to lighten the mood a little bit but soon after the snowfall started again, “We should head back to the Domes..” he would look around a get in the ATV.. “Come on sir.. It won’t be safe out here for long..” As he opened the door for Ben to hop in.. “You see Trey.. This world is not meant to be comforting.. We will be sending our criminals here, as well as producing the robots we acquired from the deal we made with SATO. This right here will be our mining world. A mining outpost of sorts.” He’d cough into his hands rubbing them together trying to warm them up before pulling out his touchpad, looking at the recent intel reports on the Keerim and the southern galaxy mobilizing. “Do you think we should build up our fleet Trey?” he’d set the pad down in the set next to him looking up towards him. “W-What? Sir?” Trey would look back in the rearview mirror at him, before regaining his composure, “I mean I believe so.. The Triliation will surely need our assistance. In land and space combat..” a bump would break his concentration as he corrected himself back onto the path. “We are relative light on small ships. Which would leave us vulnerable to attacks and being overwhelmed. We need to expand our capacity of Frigates and Destroyers… As well as building corvettes to protect our shipping lanes.. But I would suggest Frigates and Destroyers take priority.” he’d smile as he saw Ben nod his head in approvement.. “Now let's get back to Viyter safely.. We have some work to do Captain..” Actions: Building two Phi-Class Frigates (4 AP) Building 200 Fighters (2 AP) Surveying the two planets for minerals such as Itoron and Xylorite (2 AP) Outfitting 200 FI Troops with Cybernetic enhancements to improve their capabilities in combat. (2 AP) Population: 280,500 Humans, 13,750 Da'nor, 3,750 Human-Da'nor Trade Partners: USA Han Dominion HH Grand Alliance PAR HKE