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  1. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    You could probably reverse a dead body, yeah. Just to make it look a little less decomposed, but sure.
  2. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    (Not really emotes but, shorten it, cut out the flavour, do it over a couple of hours with other people chiming in, etc, etc. It's a taste anyway.) The sun had risen perhaps an hour ago. Sunlight poured into the room like golden syrup. It spilt over the floor. It rose in waves on the walls. The lens, glistened with the light that ran round and around its many faces, shimmering across edge after edge. He watched this with infinite fascination. He saw each flickering yellow streak as a pathway. A choice. A knot in the pattern of destiny. His eyes fluttered closed, punctuated by a long exhale. His lungs emptied themselves into the room, before his lips welcomed the air once again. The rhythm cleared his mind of clutter. Little by little he was reduced to the nothingness he sought. Light shimmered on his hands as they melted away. Slowly but surely, skin became crystal, bone became glass. The lens continued to glitter with sunlight that filtered into now spectral fingers. He felt his legs lighten, felt them melt away. Beneath the boots, beneath the robes, his footing on reality ebbed and faded to nothing. The light filtered into his heart as his skin turned to amethyst, revealing the organ within for a split second before it too, faded into that ghost-like image. His flaxen hair faded to tubes of glowing gold as the sunlight refracted through them. His eyes were reduced to dead portholes, devoid of their spark. Raising the lens, he focused his numb mind upon the task. Feeling it rise and fall, rise and fall within him. The waters on the shoreline. Seeing the- There was a tower. A township. A child marveled at the silhouette that stood in the sunlight, the eyes that peered in at the world. Then - forest. This world was filled with the sound of birds. Something huge flew overhead, crashing into the westward forest. Another sun poured through the lens, closer than he expected. Warmer. The lens was warm in his hands. Then, stepping rightward through the paths of probability, a road travelling northward. A merchant looked up from his stall, mouth agape at the figure that stood in the sunlight, before it moved on. Before the lens ripped him away. Rightward again, another road that traveled eastward. A dwarf stood over the corpse of his kinsmen. Claw marks scarred the flesh of the corpse. A wolf lay dead in the sunlight, flies writhing in every arrow wound. The dwarf saw the death-god who had come to spirit the soul of his brother away, just for a split second. Glass in the sunlight. Then- The chronomancer recoiled from the lens, flinging it across the room. A world without stars. A world, of tentacle, fang, and hate. Another apocalypse. Another world where things had taken a turn for the worse. A tear rolled down a cheek that once more became mortal. Too many unfortunate ends. Much, much too many.
  3. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Suspension requires a lengthy ritual, and thus cannot be used in combat. Freezing things in place during combat would indeed make for a poor magic. If something is found that is frozen in place, lodestones were created specifically so that anyone can unfreeze them by breaking the lodestone, which literally just requires being dropped. If people find a way to circumvent a red line, something that you are not allowed to circumvent, they should be magic blacklisted. If an addition is written that allows these things to be used in combat, it should be denied. Again, you're criticizing something that hasn't been written. I agree with you, one hundred percent, that any of these abilities used in combat would be much too much. Thus, they each take progressively more emotes to even begin casting, and require that you can move easily and carefully to draw your chronomantic marks (which were made with the express purpose of stopping people from using the magic in combat since they are so precise, disallowing any kind of roleplay loophole). If an addition is written that allows this to be used in combat, deny it.
  4. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    What's the point of a druid growing a tree? What's the point of arcane art with arcanism? What's the point of blessing someone with courage? What's the point of cursing someone to fear the colour yellow? There are many magics that have purely aesthetic, interesting mechanics in them. Chronomancy, like them, has both very aesthetic and very usable spells.
  5. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    You cannot predict events with chronomancy. At all. Under any circumstances. There are trillions of possible futures, and finding one that lines up with the present is simply impossible. Then, continuously moving that field back in time would be futile, wouldn't it? The magic is not all powerful, since there are some things that are too difficult for it to do, like continuously protecting a field against people's changes. You have, in writing that, discovered a limit to the magic, in that you can totally counteract it by exhausting the mage, or interrupting their ritual, etc, etc.
  6. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Future sight has been specifically written such that you cannot metagame with it. Finding a future that lines up exactly with the present is simply impossible. If someone does that, you just ban them for metagaming, because you cannot do it under any circumstances here. Future sight is intended as a means to see many potential futures - it's a religious or spiritual experience. Sampling the many trillions of ways the universe can turn out. Enjoying the splendour of probability, potentiality and chance.
  7. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Rewinding time is more difficult than running time forwards. The more change that is being enacted by running time backwards, the more difficult the change is to complete. Setting a field on fire and then running time backwards would be, very, very, very difficult. If you did that, you'd be completely spent. In fact, I don't think you could do it without killing yourself. You wouldn't even have enough mana to run time forwards on that field again. What's more, setting the field on fire again is a big change. That would also require a ridiculous amount of mana to accomplish. The idea is simply so impractical you'd never do it.
  8. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    we are now criticizing parts of a magic, that haven't been written. future-magic-critique - we don't even need this chronomancy stuff if we can see into the future already.
  9. Sorcerous

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    *rubs hands together*
  10. Sorcerous

    [Dark Art] [MA] DaddiesGummies

    we rising real fast bois (yes) spoke to caleb some time ago, got the go ahead to have four students (after the cap reduction) since this particular magic really needs five users to get going
  11. Sorcerous

    [DA] [MA] the edge lives on

    the whole rising thing is going pretty good thanks for asking (yes)
  12. Sorcerous


    Somewhere, a mali'ker offers his hands to the sky in prayer, tears still staining his cheeks. A single feather rests on his lap, bright and full of colour even in the darkness of the night. "Your honour lives on in me, brother, and I shall not see it stained. Hail Varikas, protector of the Isilioleth blood, hail the Peacock Knight, whose shadow we shall walk in forever more. Praise be unto the ancestors - may you take him into your halls with love and welcome him with a feast befitting of such a soul."
  13. Sorcerous

    The Isilioleth

    ((All seems to be working for me, so er, refresh? Not sure, might just be on your end. EDIT: Turns out there was some interesting link things that needed to be attended to. Should be good now. Thanks for that.
  14. Sorcerous

    The Isilioleth

    ‘And lo, in the youthful dark of the world when Shadow roamed unchecked, And Starlight flickered in the chill dark without a home to return to, When Soul and Sense whereas yet roiling in the unformed deep of the ocean, When the waters flowed in innocence, and the earth did not yet war against the waves, There came the Beginning, where all things found their place.' Isilioleth culture’s founding belief is that the Soul has many senses that are unused or untempered by our lives. The most obvious Five manifest regularly and present the world in a stunted, unformed manner that misses much of the deeper nature of life. Prolific use of alchemy in the development of hallucinogenic concoctions and a great appreciation for the symbology of colour are core parts of any clan members life. Tattoos, paintings, patterns, textiles and shrines bright with a hundred colours are all components of a clan members appreciation for their traditional artistry. Homes are gaudy places filled with warmth and the thick scent of spices, gathering places glow with fire and stink of good food, good drink and good people. Life is a stage to paint one's character upon. It is most enjoyed when one gives oneself unto it uncompromisingly and takes pleasure in the myriad sensations of the journey. Love is good for its joy, hate for its power, mercy for its nobility. The Isilioleth band together to appreciate the happiness and the sorrow of the journey and do not shy away from all that entails. They give their brothers a home to return to, a shoulder to cry upon and a voice to console their deepest worries. The long life of an elf can be hard, but they hope to revel in its wonder whilst they can. The Recent History of the Isilioleth When the putrid aura of Orgon had swept into every aspect of the world around them, the Isilioleth knew that only destruction and decay would await those that remained on the doomed continent of Vailor. With this is mind, they made haste toward the boat that the clan had prepared for such instances; for an element made most clear in the clan is one of preparedness, whether it be for life or death. As the gathering of Mali’ker scrambled for their escape, the creatures of rot and destruction began to emerge from the fetid swamps around them, striking the slower of the Isilioleth that were lagging at the back of the crowd. Alas, with little time to spare the clan had no choice but to press on against the swathe of disease and entrapment that sought to ensnare them in their rotting fingers. As the enormous portal at the Docks opened up on the horizon, the Isilioleth knew that they would have to leave as soon as they could; and such little time they had, that they were forced to prematurely depart from the docks, leaving behind a number of Mali’ker that fought to the bitter end against Orgon’s army. Indeed, it appeared as though only the youngest and most agile of the family had made it onboard, as well as a few lingering creatures that had found their way through patches of decayed wood. As the clan fought against the remainder of these beasts, they made their way through the Spirit Realm that presented itself, absorbing the experience with adrenaline fuelled awareness. Yet in their attempt to understand the strange world they found around them, they failed to notice the point at which they emerged in Axios, crashing into a nearby coast and scattering the survivors who woke at different times of the day; if indeed they woke at all. It appeared the Isilioleth were not as prepared for the unknown as they had thought, a notion that would plague them in their desperate search to find one another. Clan Roster Zaniil Isilioleth - Smawton Gillionel Isilioleth - Aelesh Vedros Isilioleth - Tidemanno Tedyn Isilioleth - Wrynn Kalahaz Isilioleth - LuxusFerox Xeno Isilioleth - ImCookiie Varikas Isilioleth - Zarsies Serevik Isilioleth - Bebbz Arveia Isilioleth - Darksainthood Application IGN: Discord: We will arrange a time to RP, where things will be taken from there.
  15. Sorcerous

    The Banner of Isilioleth

    An Isilioleth grins from amongst the small crowd, pipe in hand as he marches across the waterfront with his brethren about him. Peering at the banner as his cousin lodges it in the earth, he offers Zaniil a bow of the head. "There's much to be done, so much yet to do! Long live the Isilioleth, and may the Spirits ever lay blessings upon our blood."