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  1. Immolated

    Somewhere, a mali'ker offers his hands to the sky in prayer, tears still staining his cheeks. A single feather rests on his lap, bright and full of colour even in the darkness of the night. "Your honour lives on in me, brother, and I shall not see it stained. Hail Varikas, protector of the Isilioleth blood, hail the Peacock Knight, whose shadow we shall walk in forever more. Praise be unto the ancestors - may you take him into your halls with love and welcome him with a feast befitting of such a soul."
  2. The Isilioleth

    ((All seems to be working for me, so er, refresh? Not sure, might just be on your end. EDIT: Turns out there was some interesting link things that needed to be attended to. Should be good now. Thanks for that.
  3. The Isilioleth

    ‘And lo, in the youthful dark of the world when Shadow roamed unchecked, And Starlight flickered in the chill dark without a home to return to, When Soul and Sense whereas yet roiling in the unformed deep of the ocean, When the waters flowed in innocence, and the earth did not yet war against the waves, There came the Beginning, where all things found their place.' Isilioleth culture’s founding belief is that the Soul has many senses that are unused or untempered by our lives. The most obvious Five manifest regularly and present the world in a stunted, unformed manner that misses much of the deeper nature of life. Prolific use of alchemy in the development of hallucinogenic concoctions and a great appreciation for the symbology of colour are core parts of any clan members life. Tattoos, paintings, patterns, textiles and shrines bright with a hundred colours are all components of a clan members appreciation for their traditional artistry. Homes are gaudy places filled with warmth and the thick scent of spices, gathering places glow with fire and stink of good food, good drink and good people. Life is a stage to paint one's character upon. It is most enjoyed when one gives oneself unto it uncompromisingly and takes pleasure in the myriad sensations of the journey. Love is good for its joy, hate for its power, mercy for its nobility. The Isilioleth band together to appreciate the happiness and the sorrow of the journey and do not shy away from all that entails. They give their brothers a home to return to, a shoulder to cry upon and a voice to console their deepest worries. The long life of an elf can be hard, but they hope to revel in its wonder whilst they can. The Recent History of the Isilioleth When the putrid aura of Orgon had swept into every aspect of the world around them, the Isilioleth knew that only destruction and decay would await those that remained on the doomed continent of Vailor. With this is mind, they made haste toward the boat that the clan had prepared for such instances; for an element made most clear in the clan is one of preparedness, whether it be for life or death. As the gathering of Mali’ker scrambled for their escape, the creatures of rot and destruction began to emerge from the fetid swamps around them, striking the slower of the Isilioleth that were lagging at the back of the crowd. Alas, with little time to spare the clan had no choice but to press on against the swathe of disease and entrapment that sought to ensnare them in their rotting fingers. As the enormous portal at the Docks opened up on the horizon, the Isilioleth knew that they would have to leave as soon as they could; and such little time they had, that they were forced to prematurely depart from the docks, leaving behind a number of Mali’ker that fought to the bitter end against Orgon’s army. Indeed, it appeared as though only the youngest and most agile of the family had made it onboard, as well as a few lingering creatures that had found their way through patches of decayed wood. As the clan fought against the remainder of these beasts, they made their way through the Spirit Realm that presented itself, absorbing the experience with adrenaline fuelled awareness. Yet in their attempt to understand the strange world they found around them, they failed to notice the point at which they emerged in Axios, crashing into a nearby coast and scattering the survivors who woke at different times of the day; if indeed they woke at all. It appeared the Isilioleth were not as prepared for the unknown as they had thought, a notion that would plague them in their desperate search to find one another. Clan Roster Zaniil Isilioleth - Smawton Gillionel Isilioleth - Aelesh Vedros Isilioleth - Tidemanno Tedyn Isilioleth - Wrynn Kalahaz Isilioleth - LuxusFerox Xeno Isilioleth - ImCookiie Varikas Isilioleth - Zarsies Serevik Isilioleth - Bebbz Arveia Isilioleth - Darksainthood Application IGN: Discord: We will arrange a time to RP, where things will be taken from there.
  4. The Banner of Isilioleth

    An Isilioleth grins from amongst the small crowd, pipe in hand as he marches across the waterfront with his brethren about him. Peering at the banner as his cousin lodges it in the earth, he offers Zaniil a bow of the head. "There's much to be done, so much yet to do! Long live the Isilioleth, and may the Spirits ever lay blessings upon our blood."
  5. [Dark] [SA] Alwin

    Rathian shivers.
  6. [Dark] [SA] Alwin

    We continue with the whole, rising thing. (yes)
  7. [Updated] A Cycle of Rebirth

    I have in fact read the lore and seen all of those things. If they are so vague that they could be one way or the other, why not make them actually vague, as opposed to 'vague enough that we don't know for sure IC but we have a piece of lore OOC that confirms it'? There are many stories of people being the reincarnated something or someone IRL with various vague memories. Why do you need a piece of lore to confirm that your vague memories are in fact, real? Why not just, roleplay with them? It's your character and you can do whatever you want with them, including give them various vague memories. Maybe they are in fact memories from a past life. Maybe they are simply memories from their childhood, muddled up. No one will ever know, and we don't need a piece of lore to confirm it; or, importantly, to deny it. There is no reason to have a piece of lore that confirms what you or a character believes. Simply believe it, and act like it is true, and people will be free to agree with you or disagree with you, and none shall be the wiser for it. Same thing goes for the interactions with the Ascended; if the 'blemish' is so vague, the Ascended could simply choose to roleplay it as being present. Equally, they could choose to disagree and say 'no, I don't agree with my fellow Ascended's opinion'. They don't need a piece of lore to confirm this for them, they can simply roleplay it. Not everything has to be confirmed to be roleplayed, that's the beauty of not having all the facts. Mystery is a wonderful thing, and we need more of it. It's what makes the real world so incredible. Wiping it out in our fantasy setting will kill the fantasy.
  8. [Updated] A Cycle of Rebirth

    If IC, no one knows you're the reincarnated character... Why not just, believe that they're reincarnated? Your beliefs about your character do not HAVE to be validated by lore. Just choose to believe whatever you want, no one can stop you; and if someone chooses not to believe you well hey. LOTC is a malleable lore setting, we don't need apps made specifically to force people to agree that your character is reincarnated cause the staff said so. And the comparison with magic doesn't work, since you get very real abilities that actively affect other peoples characters.
  9. Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    Some part of me is actually kind of offended that people call the creature soup 'high fantasy'. 'High fantasy' does NOT mean 'surreal and as far from mundane as possible'. If anyone has ever watched/read LOTR, the grand daddy of modern high fantasy, they'll know that most people live boring, mundane lives. Saying we have all these creatures because of the genre is false. No good high fantasy writer would add so many of these to their setting without forethought, if at all. The current state of our creatures is purely due to the fact that we have so many writers at the table. Some good, some poor, all blind to each others work.
  10. Magic in Combat - Ideas

    Magic in fiction has played an important role as a story telling device for... thousands of years. It exists to give spiritual/religious insight into the path of the hero, whether that be through prophecy, through simple, philosophical guidance (in the guise of 'the wise old druid/wizard'), or through a miracle. It exists to present a 'deus ex machina', representing divine favour or simply the favour of Fate. Aeneas (the hero of the 'Aeneid', an epic written by Virgil who was an ancient Roman writer) is saved by his mother Venus, after she gifts him divine water which heals what would be otherwise mortal wounds. Arthur pulls the sword from the stone thanks to the wiles of Fate. Magic exists as a metaphor, a demonstration of a culture's beliefs in the strange laws that command the world. This does not work on LOTC; LOTC does not exist as an important cultural tale (in the same way at least), LOTC is not made with a single vision in mind and because of the nature of roleplay, the above things just don't work. Having a character saved by the wiles of the world feels bad after you've just spent three hours trying to get them dead. Especially since the 'wiles of the world' would inevitably be some kind of human decision. Prophecy/foresight simply do not function because a) roleplay is chaotic and b), if we tried to implement something like that it'd be metagaming. Thus, what magic can do as compared with other settings is VERY limited. Power, range, utility; everything is limited by our desire for fair play. Magic has to work in the present. It has to produce some obviously useful effect with obvious applications that cannot get so out of control that they damage roleplay. Evocation is a primary example of simple, obviously useful magic; it just so happens that being so obviously and immediately useful draws it towards combat. My first thought was that perhaps making combat magic take on a support role would work. Buffs, defenses, shields... and then it dawned on me that the same problems would arise. Without an RPG, numbers and dice style combat system, it is simply not possible to make these effects work in a satisfyingly consistent way. Arguments would inevitably develop over how x effect should operate. Enchantment and the creation of magical substances (transfig, alchemy, etc.), goes the same way. Thus. Thus, er. Yeah. I have no real conclusion. Magic exists as a plot device in stories with easily understood backbones under the control of single writers who know what they want to happen. The chaos of LOTC is the polar opposite of traditional fantasy fiction/folklore/myth. The gravitas of magic as a demonstration of the forces of the universe at work simply will not manifest on LOTC, the chaos of such a changeable story will always lessen such an impact. I have no answer to this. Magic does not work as a tool/weapon. Magic might work as an ineffective story telling device in the hands of staff; but probably not given, everything. The huge changes to people's view of roleplay and their view of how the story of LOTC should be told seem insurmountable. To get magic working to its full capacity as a plot device rather than a tool, we would need some serious consideration and discussion.
  11. [MA][Dark Art] Blood for the Blood God...

    We rise. (yes)
  12. The Void, A Summation

    As much as I agree this lore is well written, I think that it is... too much. There is no need for a 'real canon', so long as you and I can agree on how magic functions and how it can be used. How and why it achieves x effect is unimportant for story-telling purposes. Saying that, I can already hear the reply coming; 'the rules are useful for story telling'. That I will concede to, they are indeed a very useful bonus. But for me the more important thing is making sure that everyone can tell the story they want to tell, with the rules they want to have their character follow. Creating an empirical truth forces all characters to play by a common set of beliefs, and that just dulls the fun. The real world is as vibrant as it is, because of the many, many things we just don't know about it. Leave the world of LOTC the same. Let the unknowns be and let their influence give life to whatever stories people want to tell with the world, with their own, personal LOTC mythos. Like the Void, LOTC is a canvas to paint whatever you would like to and have other people share in your masterpiece.
  13. more in the way of virtue, 'purity of spirit', like nobility and stuff, not purity/cleansing in the same way as tah
  14. [✓] Comanderbly's ban appeal

    Accepted; your five days are well and truly up. Welcome back, make sure to keep your behavior in check from now on, and enjoy your stay.
  15. MC Name: Sorcerous_ Character's Name: Rathian Carcimor Character's Age: 123 Character's Race: High Elf Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/168853-ma-rathians-awakened-blood-magic/?tab=comments#comment-1594618 What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Awakened Blood Magic Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Awakened Blood Magic is the use of pure genus to bring about powers directly from the blood runes of Malghourn, now written with a new script as devised by the first Awakened Blood Mage, Rathian Carcimor. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Wrote the lore for the magic. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.