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  1. Sorcerous

    The Memoirs of a Shorewalker

    * A Shorewalker makes their rounds; debris is cleared, letters are placed, prayers are offered. * ((Updated!))
  2. Sorcerous

    The Memoirs of a Shorewalker

    * During your travels, you come across a stone cairn. It is covered in strange letters of an unknown tongue; on closer inspection, they are more like pictograms than letters. Lightning bolts. Clouds. A light house. Fire. Their meaning is unknown to you. Pulling back a loose stone reveals a compartment within, filled with letters of varying age. Each is sealed with a silver splotch of wax, upon which is etched a light house. * Link
  3. Sorcerous

    [Bug] Crash on Attempting to Open Enderchest

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, that sorted it! Thanks a lot friend! :)
  4. **MC Names of all involved** _Ohr_ **Description** Whenever I attempt to open an Enderchest, the client will freeze for about a second to a second and a half before crashing. **Date of occurance** It started about three or four weeks ago, and has been constant ever since. **In game specifications** MC Name is _Ohr_, on the persona 'Ithemar'. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Right click on an Enderchest. 2. Freeze - crash. **Expected Behavior** I should be able to open the Enderchest, see the inventory, etc. **Actual Behavior** I crash whenever I attempt to open the chest. **Additional Information** N/A **Error Message** The game crashed whilst unexpected error Error: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: net.minecraft.block.state.BlockStateContainer$StateImplementation.doesSideBlockChestOpening(Lnet/minecraft/world/IBlockAccess;Lnet/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos;Lnet/minecraft/util/EnumFacing;)Z
  5. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    I think it's just the association with it being more durable than gold, so it is assumed that it is more iron than gold. Otherwise you'd expect it to still be fairly soft. What part do you not like in particular, if anything? Is there anything I could do to improve it in your eyes? The idea is for it to be minor and fairly inoffensive, and just to provide some extra flavour for pure smiths who aren't inclined to do magic alongside their smith work. It hearkens back to Tolkiens 'lore' concept, in that elves simply saw magic as a higher understanding of the world. In the same way, this is simply very advanced smithing that creates minor supernatural effects through physical work alone. The point is really to offer an approach to smithing that is mystical, spiritual and supernatural without asking a character to delve into what might be considered eldritch or arcane. Great smiths can aspire to great things through progressing their smithing alone and becoming true masters, without having to rely upon the Void or other more arcane sources of power. And as such, this power is much less than a true magician might be able to offer, but the theme it provides is unique when compared with the again, very pseudo-scientific magic that we currently have.
  6. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    Yeah I'd agree with you there @Medvekoma, seems like the best route to take. Thanks @Karimir.
  7. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    Got you, that's probably a good idea! Aaaaaah, I thought magegold had some extra tacked on bits. I did read the gold/magegold lore recently, must have gotten the two muddled up in my head. I could've sworn I remembered regular gold having more than just anti-spook properties. That's fine then, I'll likely make it something like magegold + iron or magegold + silver. Leaning on making it magegold + silver to steer way clear of slayer steel. Don't know which you think would be better?
  8. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    Gold is known to be a particularly good metal when it comes to storing mana, and necromancers have used it to store life force for a very long time. Slayer steel may not inherit these properties simply because there isn't enough gold in it for it to inherit the more complex magical properties of gold. If Heartsteel is more parts gold than iron when compared with slayer steel, then it would also hold that it inherits more of the capacity to store supernatural energies. However, if you'd prefer, I'm happy to change the lore and make Heartsteel an alloy of gold and silver to prevent any possible confusion with slayer steel. This alloy would be different from electrum, in that electrum has trace amounts of copper amongst other things, which Heartsteel would not. Probably change the name too. I would point out that when it comes to alloys, the composition of the metal in terms of ratios really does make a very large difference in the resulting alloy.
  9. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    They have a fuel source! Heartsteel stores starlight, which is used to power the effects. Since the stars are supposedly dead aengudaemons by current lore, and aengudaemonic power has been shown to do all of the above things, then that light when woven through Starsteel (which programs that light) can achieve these effects. They are also limited in use, and require time under starlight to be able to regain their charge.
  10. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    Oh right, yeeeeeah. Gosh I should've thought of that. Well, I'll go and come up with an explanation. Probably something along the lines of there being different quantities of gold. In the same way that different carbon steels have different properties, perhaps this is more gold than slayer steel is gold. I made it such a big deal because I'm very aware of how many people have trouble with mental magic right now, and I wanted to express just how on board I was with the general consensus that mental manipulation should be controlled. Maybe I went a bit too negative, but I just wanted to show agreement with how most people are thinking. Reference the above! Runesmithing as of right now could mimic the ability to produce light from this, and a hammer with runes designed to shape metal and produce fire could likely achieve what a Starhammer can do, and quite likely runes of reinforcement could make more durable weapons and armour, etc. Runesmithing is very specifically designed to work with the elements, and wouldn't produce quite the same effects as above. Likewise, enchanting works with Void magic, and Void magic effects in terms of the elements/transmutation/illusion can't achieve exactly what this achieves. As I have noted in the post, they can do a lot more than this can - this is intended to provide something smaller, simpler, and more specific. My best example of this is the Knot of Wayfarers, which works specifically when travelling. It's much more folklore based, much more traditional fantasy than the more scientific creations of other current magics on the server. I can only say that yes, a lot of this can be achieved with other magics, but this does it in another, interesting flavourful way. If we are once more of the opinion that 'only one magic/supernatural ability should be able to do x thing', then I have no argument that can counter your own. It's just a matter of opinion really.
  11. Sorcerous

    Star Forging [Artificing]

    Star Forging The light of the stars fills the heavens each night. Thousands of eyes gaze up at them in wonder, and thousands more are given hope by the glittering candle flames that ward away absolute darkness. The image of the stars has inspired many a descendant to undertake great deeds, becoming paragons of virtue and justice. Through tireless work, a certain smith has discovered how one might tame the divine light of the heavens and build from it a variety of charms and strange spells. Star Forging relies on the use of two precious alloys named ‘Starsteel’ and ‘Heartsilver’ respectively. Heartsilver is forged from arcarum and silver, and acts as the heart of all Star Forged relics. The glittering cores forged from this alloy accept and store starlight from the heavens whilst left beneath the sky on a starlit night. One night is normally enough to completely fill a core. All star forged relics require starlight to function. If a gemstone is inlaid into a core, it can slightly increase the amount of starlight it can store. Diamonds are generally considered the best gem for this. Starsteel can be pulled into thin wires that act as conduits for starlight to pass through. By twisting these wires into complex knots, Starsmiths can create a variety of supernatural effects. In summary, if the Heartsilver core is the hard drive on which the program is stored, the Starsteel wires describe the program itself. Star Forged relics come in two different varieties. Wards are relatively large medallions, created from a core practically encased in Starsteel wires. These items provide passive effects that can protect the user from a variety of misfortunes. Knots are more complex creations that are woven into larger pieces of equipment or clothing. These are known to possess immediate and useful effects that can be commanded by the wielder. It should be noted that this distinction is informal, and some Knots can possess Ward-like capabilities, and vice versa. The only true distinction is found in the fact that Wards are made from cores encased in knotted Starsteel wires, and Knots are made from items given cores and Knots to provide them with special properties. All Wards and Knots can run out of light if put under serious stress, and either way, will need to be recharged with starlight at least once an IC year. Ward Against Darkness - should the light level drop particularly low, the medallion will begin emitting a bright light that illuminates the space up to fifty feet around the wearer. High level versions of this Ward cause terror in ghosts/shades/daeva/spectral entities, and can lessen the impact of supernatural darkness slightly. Ward Against Cold - should the wearer begin to shiver with cold, the medallion will shroud them in a veil of warm, fire-like light that warms them and protects them from further cold. High level versions of this Ward allow the wearer to ignite nearby fuel sources and cause images to appear in flames. Ward Against Fear - should the wearer begin to feel fear, the medallion will begin to glow and fill the eyes of the caster with silvery sparks. This will dull whatever fear they may be feeling and prevent that fear from growing any further. High level versions of this Ward can help in forming mental wards, and protect all those who touch the wearer. Ward Against Fatigue - should the wearer begin to tire from physical strain, the medallion will fill their veins with a subtle, silvery glow. This light will prevent the fatigue from growing and will slowly reduce whatever fatigue might currently be felt. High level versions of this Ward can lessen the need for sleep, food and water. Ward Against Forgetfulness - the wearer will be capable of recalling even distant memories. When the medallion is in use, the users hair will glow subtly with starlight, causing their hair to move subtly as if a breeze was blowing past them. High level versions of this Ward can prevent the loss of memories through supernatural or physical means, and can allow the wearer to show memories to others by touching their forehead. Knot of Regrowth - should the item into which this Knot is woven be left in starlight, the item will begin to fill with light that pours out of the Knot and mends any damage that might have been done to the item. High level versions of this Knot will increase the speed at which the item can repair itself, and will even allow starlight to improve upon the durability of the item beyond what might have been present when it was first forged. Knot of Endurance - items forged with this knot are resistant to general wear and tear, and are slightly stronger than normal, capable of withstanding more significant trauma. High level versions of this Knot are even more durable and stronger still. Knot of Sympathy - should the wearer touch the item to the forehead of a willing individual, they would be able to at first dull, and then cause a memory to fade entirely from the target. This memory is stored instead in the mind of the wearer. High level versions of this Knot can accept more varied, complex and troublesome memories. This is intended to be used to take on unwanted or painful memories - the target MUST be willing. Knot of Wayfarers - changes depending upon the item into which the Knot is woven. Boots - the wearer finds that they have particularly sure footing when travelling in precarious country. Cowl/hood/helmet - the wearer finds that their vision is no longer impaired by lashing rain, lightning strikes or otherwise. The wearer can see clearly no matter the weather. Cloak/coat - the wearer finds that they can walk easily through even troublesome winds, and do not tire as quickly from having to contend with a squall. Starhammers are intriguing star forged creations that are bound to the soul of a smith. When wielded, they are able to burn with a silver flame that heats and allows the wielder to influence metal with their will. As they strike a particular piece of metal, their thoughts will be able to direct and mold the metal in a very subtle, slow way. This can increase the quality of smithed items, providing extra durability, sharpness, etc. Just as other star forged items must be left beneath starlight to recharge, these hammers must also be allowed to bathe in celestial light to maintain their powers. Starhearts are star forged items with meteorite-steel hearts encased in the usual Heartsilver. They are somewhere between half a meter and a meter in diameter, and appear as glowing orbs that warm the area around them with a gentle light. Spending time near one of these hearts will lull a soul into a thoughtful but keenly aware trance. Each of their thoughts will be clear and easy to comprehend, and a soul will find that negative thoughts and emotions seem to trouble them less. Whilst the trance-like state can only be achieved whilst near one of these hearts, the suppression of negative emotions can become semi-permanent so long as a soul regularly spends time near a Starheart. Starhearts also ward away ghosts and other spectral entities who dislike bright light. Finally, Starhearts can recharge star forged items day or night, though do so no quicker than the stars above. This light can also be woven into an item as it is being forged should the Starheart be nearby, filling it as it is made. Redlines: These items do not protect the wearer as well as more complex magic could. Always bear in mind that whilst their stores of starlight are quite large, and they can last a long time when put under relatively little stress, they can very easily expend all their light if they are used to contend with a powerful threat. Wards that protect against mental effects will crumble relatively quickly against sustained mental magic or illusory magic, wards against cold will quickly break against magically inflicted cold, etc, etc. These are not intended to provide immunity to any serious attack. They are meant to provide subtle, interesting effects when travelling, dealing with other characters in social roleplay, etc. With reference to the above two - be reasonable. These items are not particularly powerful. They are intended for PASSIVE use. If you want powerful combat items look elsewhere. If you try to steal peoples memories with the Knot of Empathy by tricking them or something, you’re scum. DO NOT. I don’t care what reasoning you have. Thus, when you attempt to use this Knot, you must make the target OOC’ly aware of EXACTLY what is going to happen. If you don’t, you get blacklisted. The Ward Against Fatigue will not protect a descendant from significant physical stress, like open combat, lifting very heavy objects and sprinting. It will only protect against low-level, prolonged fatigue, like general farm work, walking, horse-riding and the like. Acting as if the Ward prevents all physical fatigue is incorrect. The Ward Against Fear only helps in forming a mental barrier. It does not magically protect you from mental magic like a transfiguration ward would, it simply gives the wearer a little help when forming their barrier. This barrier is no stronger than a regular mental barrier. All this Ward does, is help someone who might be less than well practiced form a barrier. They must already know how to do this by themselves. The Ward Against Cold is comparable to household magic in its capacity to light fuel sources. It cannot do so in open combat, nor can it be used to light living creatures. The Ward may only be used to light bonfires, hearth-fires, torches, readily cut logs - items that are obviously meant to be burnt. Starhammers cannot be used to manipulate metal in combat, as the process is too slow. The ward against spectral entities, for both the Starheart and the Ward Against Darkness, only causes fear, unease and perhaps a little mental or physical pain - nothing more than a dull ache. They will not forbade an entity from entering a particular area, nor will these entities be immediately pointed out by the light cast by the item. Attempting to identify a spectral entity through one of these items is considered metagaming. A Heartsilver core can easily expend all of its charge in a day of use. These cores will require charging under starlight at least once an IC year if not used at all, and can need charging once a night if in constant use. Star Forging requires a Feat MA to be practised, and thus must be taught. Star Forging is still basically, just smithing. A smith should already be somewhat experienced before they begin learning this. In addition to the above, since this skill is really just a skill and has no complex magical component, characters of 10 or older may learn the art, rather than just the normal 16. Characters that begin learning at 10 will progress very slowly until they reach age 16. (This one is entirely up for discussion. I’m honestly just interested in letting young smith apprentices have a go at this and make some Wards as they progress under whoever their smith master might be. If the community/LT would really prefer that it remain up at 16 thanks to being kinda semi-magical, I’m totally on-board with that and can understand why.) Afterword: This is intended to provide some simple, non-combat focus, heavily roleplay focused smithing roleplay. Yes, it is somewhat supernatural, but the intent is to recreate some of the folklore smith-vibe. Becoming a smith so great that your works have some supernatural properties. Whilst on LOTC that might be magic, the actual roleplay that has to be done is purely smithing focused. There’s no waving your hands, no incantations, just a little extra sparkle on top of your smithing roleplay and some fun, flavourful charms. On the topic of progression, there’s nothing super strict in regards to when you’d be capable of smithing the ‘higher level’ stuff. Your teacher would just have to decide when you were ready to move on, which would all be based on the amount of smithing roleplay you’ve done, the quality of that roleplay, etc. At the slowest, I suppose the standard 3 - 4 months is reasonable. I’m very open to suggestions, feedback, etc, so feel free to PM me or leave a post for me to take a gander at. All of this is designed to help fill the smithing niche that people have been interested in whilst also providing a little fantasy flair, so anything that fits into that general guideline in terms of additions is welcomed. It is also worth noting that this is the fastest I have ever written a piece of lore. Others have taken me weeks, even months. This idea just kind of stewed in my head and then I wrote it down, today. Thus I may well have missed something (though my helper tells me I haven’t), so if you come across something that seems to have an obvious problem, let me know. I guarantee it was unintentional. On the plus side, this is the shortest and most concise piece of lore I’ve written! Hurray! No 8000 word long walls of text! And as always, thank you for reading!
  12. (Boy Fishing - Wynn Bullock, 1958) There he stood as he always did, on the one pillar of an unfinished pier, a little damp from the short swim, hands clamped about his fishing rod. A light breeze blew in from the sea. When the Sun shined down on him, it was refreshing. When it hid behind a cloud, it chilled his bones and made him shiver. A tug on the rod alerted him to his catch. He lifted the rod easily from the water, revealing a tiny fish too little to muster any real resistance. He anticipated the last few squirms as he unlaced it from the delicate hook, cradling it in his hand before dropping it into a basket by his side. Silver scales glimmered within beside red, steel blue, black and any number of other colours. Sutican waters were certainly blessed with a wonderful supply of fish. Enough to keep a boy of eight entertained when the streets hummed with the buzz of lazy conversation. He wondered what it would feel like to be caught. To be wandering merrily through life, only to be tempted by that one jewel, that one word, that one promise of meaning and pleasure in a world of grey mundanity. His question was answered as he looked up over his shoulder at the trees that swayed on the shoreline, the walls that stood motionless, the clouds rolling over the tops of those walls, the bird flying across the cloud-filled sea. Each caught in another. Always caught in another. Was he caught? All these years, had he unknowingly been the victim of some great deception? He was watched. To be kept safe, of course. He was taught, he wanted to be taught. To be shown how to live, of course. His father and brother showed him all the love in the world whilst he grew. Were they caring for a crop? When he was done with his growing, would he have some vital part to play? Would he be caught and told what his life was to be, how he was to carry out the rest of his days in duty? He knew the importance of duty. His companion always rattled on about the nature of law and order. How those things were at the core of the world. How without law the Sun would have fallen into the sea long ago, and each and every soul would have boiled alive in the apocalypse that followed. It was all very much like clockwork, he thought, as he caught another larger fish that fought him more vigorously for control of its’ life. Every gear had a duty to play its’ part, lest the whole mechanism collapsed in on itself in a shower of brass. But, was he clockwork? Did he want to be clockwork? Perhaps, if there was a choice, he could be something else. A brass leaf left to blow away on the wind, leaving the clock it was meant to complete far behind. He would be hated. Reviled even, for turning his nose up at the years of work spent to cultivate him. He knew he was more fortunate than many other children. He may have lost a parent, but many had lost both and much, much more than both. Would he be insulting those unfortunate souls who had been snuffed out before they could burst into warm, blazing flames? Perhaps he would. But the free souls he had met, the mercenaries who had rumbled through with their incredible stories, the travelling salesmen brimming with worldly knowledge, the tinkers and storytellers, songstresses and hunters; all had a certain air about them. They didn’t care what people said about them, nor really did they care what words tumbled from their own lips. They were free to do as they pleased and that was what truly mattered in the grand scheme of things. To be free, you had to be strong. His older brother knew that. He knew that to survive in the world was a constant dance so complex and deadly that to miss a step was to fail. To miss the one arrow that slew the beast before it bit down on your throat. To say the one wrong word, to the one guard with the right temperament, in the right position, to see you sat in jail for the rest of your days before they lopped your head off before a crowd of waiting spectators. Making an example, they said. Of what, the child did not know. Perhaps it was that gustering, blustering will that set you free to fly on the breeze. Was duty so important to the world? So important, that it would kill, maim or otherwise punish those who defied it? The brutality of the world was startling, making him squint with pain both literal and metaphorical as he caught his finger on the hook. The fish that had fought him was bigger, nastier. Some small catfish with ugly bug-eyes and dark, gnarled skin that had obviously seen hundreds of battles. Skin as tough as armour. Eyes like copper telescopes that shone dimly in the blackened face above huge, pouting lips. The fish quivered once, twice, before he threw it back into the water. He saw the tail split the surface for a moment as it dove back into the deep, taking shelter in the shadows below. Fellow fighters had to look out for one another, after all. And his brother looked out for him. He wanted him to be free. The rod fell back against his shoulder as he crossed his legs, staring into the ripples that bounced off the pillar upon which he sat. What should he be? The age old question that made freedom seem terrifying. He might be free to do what he wants, but be trapped by his own indecision and lack of understanding. No amount of strength gave you purpose in the world. And purpose was a rare and valuable commodity. You could not mine it. Nor discover it in tomes. Nor in people. They might prompt it to rise to the surface, but purpose must always come from within. And if it wasn’t already dormant within you, you would never have it. That thought was scariest of all to a child that knew next to nothing about himself. He knew that people inspired little in him. Wonderful though people were, he heard their words always at a distance. The pressure they brought with them seemed to dull what they had to say. The feeling of their silent inspection, their prying eyes that saw his soul in ways he could not. He was convinced that they noted his inadequacies, counted his merits, catalogued and counted all that there was to know about him. It was not the judgement that frightened him. It was the simple fact that he could be judged. That what to him seemed an infinite mind of dreams and strange thoughts could be quantified. He was ‘Ithemar’. A single word, a name that could describe everything about him. Was that all he was? Surely there could be no purpose in something so shallow. No matter how boundless he thought he was if he could be contained in but one name, one face, one age, time and place, then how could he possibly have passion hidden within him? He knew his father had many names. The name of his birth laid upon him by his father. The name he chose to take for himself, the title that he found as he had lived out his many years. The syllables that had come to him through work, dedication and patience. Those with power seemed to have many names. His father went where he wished, under whatever name he needed. The title that most fit him at that moment, that most expressed who he was when his heart beat that one, particular beat. The name of the rhythm he danced to. Should he have names for himself? More than one name. More than one mind, even. Should he be more than Ithemar? To take control of his own name seemed to him the most reasonable thing to do. How then, would he do it? He supposed he would have to learn, as he always did, from his father and his brother. Questions were powerful tools. They could break down walls, open doors and lock others. Keys to all places, questions seemed to him. He loved questions, as all children did. He could ask questions about questions; why? How? When? You could question the answer of your question, question the meaning of a question, question the purpose of questioning itself. How marvelous questions were. What question then, would he ask his father? Which of an infinite number of keys would he put to the door his father represented? Where in fact, did he want to go? Past making a new name for himself, what did he want that name to be? And, if he had wanted, he could have kept asking questions. But the Sun was setting now. A day of fishing and thinking, over once again. He hugged the fishing rod that lay against his shoulder, looked down at the basket of caught fish that rested beside him. He revelled in the sea-smell that wafted in off the waves. He admired the way grass gave way to sand, sand to rock, rock to water. He watched green grass, white cloud, blue water all dim to grey and black. The world once again started to dream as bird’s returned to nests and foxes to dens and badgers to burrows. The dream was perfect and unbroken. It waited for all souls to return to it. To give up their questions, and to be caught in the solace of sleep. Freedom came to those who could resist sleep, and dream with their eyes wide open.
  13. Sorcerous

    Arcane Incantations

    From what I've gathered, it's a purely aesthetic, totally optional addition to your magic. An extra flair with no practical benefit. You're not forced to use it, and using it offers nothing but style points. Thus why this should be a roleplay post.
  14. Sorcerous

    [✗] Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    You could probably reverse a dead body, yeah. Just to make it look a little less decomposed, but sure.
  15. Sorcerous

    [✗] Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    (Not really emotes but, shorten it, cut out the flavour, do it over a couple of hours with other people chiming in, etc, etc. It's a taste anyway.) The sun had risen perhaps an hour ago. Sunlight poured into the room like golden syrup. It spilt over the floor. It rose in waves on the walls. The lens, glistened with the light that ran round and around its many faces, shimmering across edge after edge. He watched this with infinite fascination. He saw each flickering yellow streak as a pathway. A choice. A knot in the pattern of destiny. His eyes fluttered closed, punctuated by a long exhale. His lungs emptied themselves into the room, before his lips welcomed the air once again. The rhythm cleared his mind of clutter. Little by little he was reduced to the nothingness he sought. Light shimmered on his hands as they melted away. Slowly but surely, skin became crystal, bone became glass. The lens continued to glitter with sunlight that filtered into now spectral fingers. He felt his legs lighten, felt them melt away. Beneath the boots, beneath the robes, his footing on reality ebbed and faded to nothing. The light filtered into his heart as his skin turned to amethyst, revealing the organ within for a split second before it too, faded into that ghost-like image. His flaxen hair faded to tubes of glowing gold as the sunlight refracted through them. His eyes were reduced to dead portholes, devoid of their spark. Raising the lens, he focused his numb mind upon the task. Feeling it rise and fall, rise and fall within him. The waters on the shoreline. Seeing the- There was a tower. A township. A child marveled at the silhouette that stood in the sunlight, the eyes that peered in at the world. Then - forest. This world was filled with the sound of birds. Something huge flew overhead, crashing into the westward forest. Another sun poured through the lens, closer than he expected. Warmer. The lens was warm in his hands. Then, stepping rightward through the paths of probability, a road travelling northward. A merchant looked up from his stall, mouth agape at the figure that stood in the sunlight, before it moved on. Before the lens ripped him away. Rightward again, another road that traveled eastward. A dwarf stood over the corpse of his kinsmen. Claw marks scarred the flesh of the corpse. A wolf lay dead in the sunlight, flies writhing in every arrow wound. The dwarf saw the death-god who had come to spirit the soul of his brother away, just for a split second. Glass in the sunlight. Then- The chronomancer recoiled from the lens, flinging it across the room. A world without stars. A world, of tentacle, fang, and hate. Another apocalypse. Another world where things had taken a turn for the worse. A tear rolled down a cheek that once more became mortal. Too many unfortunate ends. Much, much too many.