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  1. Meanwhile, a millennium before during a heated exchange between the Daemon Dragur and the Aengul Xan. Dragur: [Xan is trying to sell his Spaceship] I'm looking for something for my Archdragaar. Xan: Your son. Dragur: Yeah. You know, safe, slow ship. Good starter vehicle. His wings aren't developed yet. Xan: ... Starter ship. Dragur: That's right. Xan: Mm. I have contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you like the crashing of a thousand waves! Begone, vile Daemon! Begone from me! A starter ship!? This ship is a grand design! A transporter of gods! The Golden God! I am untethered, and my rage knows no bounds! [Dragur is bisected and scattered as several crystalline gems on Project X. He is never freed.]
  2. Rhak'Lur let out a triumphant laugh before recommencing trade with the State of Lurin.
  3. A letter is returned to Shugo Kato. "To Shugo Kato of Koyo-Kuni, I had no idea. Please pardon my ignorance on this matter and the racial insensitivity I have displayed here. In claiming Bal'ance is a demon, I have done the work of the Vikelese agitpropagandists themselves - it is a shameful crime that they have gotten away with this scandal for as long as they have done. I shall not call her by her slave name. We shall free Pingheng from them and cast down the false idol that they have used to seal her. So swears Rhak'Dom, Rhak'Dom of Lurak"
  4. As nobody ever came to rescue the damsel, she has been released - sent home. Until the next raid...
  5. I, Rhak'Dom, Twiggyslayer, implore the people of the Trade States to come and pick up Ms. Asulii. Come and fight for your honor and to regain your Elfess whom I have taken back to Lurak. You refused to fight for her in the city, and you would have her suffer the consequences of your disgusting worship of the Demon Bal'ance. Ms. Asulii is a credit to your people so I have spared her on the condition she refuses to worship the idol known as Bal'ance; but she shall not be allowed to take rest breaks and she must work from dawn until dusk to prepare cookies for the entirety of the Luraki forces until you finally rescue her. Come and save her before she develops arthritis. So says Rhak'Dom, and such is the will of the Shamans, die with dignity.
  6. Rhak’Dom is reinvigorated by the trip into the Spirit Realm and honed his warblade in preparation.
  7. Dom Doctrine It is in these times that we say that the See See See has no eyes. They claim to be companions, yet they have uprooted and destroyed most of the local nature, and killed the fauna. In Dom Doctrine, I and my clansman Grothzark Dom shall make our case for the destruction of Oooboontu, the Wretched Fortress of the Duke Who Shall Not Be Named. The Infernal being Bal’ance has called for the deforestation of the Jungle. In my visions, I see this creature imploring them to commit these dastard acts in order to help the Sloping Tree, the one that leers with damnation at all who stray near it. Emanating from this tree is a Fel presence, something I have not sensed in many years. I implore all good Uruks and Pinkies to remember, there are many bearers of false gifts like Iblees. Do not allow Bal’ance to coerce you, do not allow the pretty Twiggy women to confound your senses – they are evil, like Iblees they seek to uproot all that is good, and they must marshal all the force of three slumbering trade ports to bring an end to our movement to return this zone to nature. It is because they care not for the Spirits. I spit on the notion that any Pinkie or Twiggy outside of Lurak is a good Shaman. True Shamans would bring an end to the reign of terror of Bal'ance and his fanatics. Iblees is at work here. The Dom Doctrine shall dictate that we are to utterly kill and destroy all who continue to deforest the Jungle. They were offered peace if they merely turned away their false idol Bal’ance and returned the area to Nature. Their folly is their refusal. All who lay down their arms shall not be harmed. Any warriors who seek to fight for Bal’ance, we shall kill you in single combat. It is so, so says the Spirits, and so says the Sage Rhak’Dom.
  8. Rhak'Dom pensively stares across from the Ancient Temple at the monolithic fortress that now dwells on the edge of the great mass of water. He watched as they layered it in pollutants, the Orc looking on with disgust at the works of the Pinkies and the Twiggies. "Shamans could not possibly be behind this" he thought to himself, "What true Spiritualist would wreak such havoc on the environs? Accursed Demon Bal'ance was surely behind this." He glowered and shouldered his spear and grunted. The Orc would return this forest to its natural state. The Colonists would be repelled at all costs.
  9. The Sage Rhak'Dom says, "Enough is enough. We shall rip apart their colonial ambitions. Yes, I shall release my words on this. But I do not rest until Ubuntu is dismantled. Trees must be regrown. Nature must return. Pinkie and Twiggy's aggression has gone on unchecked. Nature cries for just recourse!" He slammed his hand down and left his ceremonial handprint in much the same manner as Grommash would do.
  10. Reprisals "Churning, wallowing, snapping. Beneath that Sunlit Veneer was nothing but contempt and rancor. So the Sunlit Lord paid his price." Alistair sat within his hoard before his Drakeshrine resting upon his knees, his robe billowing as he saw the golden scars donning his reddened scales. "Once," he considered in quiet to himself. "We defended Mankind. Now, much has been taken from us due to our arrogance and vanity. The Pontiff of Mankind deems us Anathema." He sought to guide the Azdrazi towards victory but the unruly behavior of many of them was unlike his creed. In quiet, the Ancient Nephilim had realized that he could not ever hope to rein in so many hundreds of beings, all wrought of their Inner Flame - the powerful Dragaar's Ichor that fueled them all. This war demanded much of him. Once, he fought beside the Knights of Xan against Môrdring. However, he joined side-by-side with the Lich-Drakaar to visit damnation onto the Aengul of Order and Guardianship. Xan. The ancient battles against evil were far less difficult to consider. Iblees, the Fel Daemon, was an easy being to hate. A bestial Daemon who sought to scourge the world. Alistair discovered however that the nature of mortal beings is to scourge the world. Just as Iblees lives inside Azdromoth, so too does Iblees dwell in the hearts of the descendants of Malin, Horen, Urguan, and Krug. Had the Aenguls not betrayed Dragur, there could have been peace. But now the Heavens shall weep, and the High Hells shall weep too. The Earth and its marvelous oceans shall now be the domain of the Dragonkin. Alistair remembered now his work beside Ysivryn, An-Gho, Hiroto, and countless others. He sought to impart them knowledge of the past to guide them. Yet, inwardly, he knew that he was viewed as a relic of a bygone era. Nonetheless, the death of Xan brought him relief, as now he knew that his soul would not yet rejoin the Earth so soon. The Elder Rephaim considered the time that he and Ysivryn had hewn that Carbarum sword in the deepest fiery pits of Mulnaar, and he patted the skull-shaped pommel at his hip. He wore it always, for he followed but one way, the way of the warrior. Quietly, Al craved the thought of being human. His life felt distant, fleeting, and disconnected from his body. He lived a lie when he was adorned in the supple flesh of his polymorph; he yearned to walk free, to bask beneath the Eclipse in his True Form. Alas, Xan had robbed him of his beauty, as he looked back with disgust at the moment when the Keeper had smitten him with lightning. He could no longer remember the name of the Keeper who did it. I am not human, he considered apathetically. I shall never be human. But as there are no longer those who can safeguard these wretched beasts from Fallen Aenguls, Inferi, and the Fel Daemon, I shall take that mantle upon myself.
  11. One certain thing: death knells for mankind. A man’s life is worth every sacrifice I have made. Life is fleeting. Duty is Eternal. EST. ON THE 9TH OF THE AMBER COLD, YEAR 1 OF THE THIRD AGE. The Ordo Nephilim claims descent from the monastic orders of Ancient Aegis, particularly the Band of Greyscale Knights in service to the Radiant One, and the Order of Nephilim that battled Iblees from the ancient fortress of Tor Azdraeth. The primary mission of the organization is to resist Fallen Aenguls, Undead, Inferi, and other monstrosities. There are two ranks in the Ordo Nephilim, the Rephaim and the Greyscale Knights. There are three Rephaim, the Elders of the Nephilim who are responsible for recruiting disciplined and experienced Nephilim from the three major cultures of the Azdrazi. Nephilim are each assigned a major settlement to protect to the best of their ability. Intended to act as a diplomatic bridge between the Mortal Races and the Dragonkin, only the most well-liked and capable of the Azdrazi are given trials to join the Ordo Nephilim as a Greyscale Knight. In Ancient Aegis, many knightly chapters existed revering the Dragonkin as earthly symbols of virtue; but before long this Age of Enlightenment would come to an end. The Nephilim are said to have been another similar order, a rite by which ancient humans bonded with the eternal essence of the Archdragaar becoming land-bound Draconic creatures themselves. Within their fortress, Tor Azdraeth, the Nephilim undertook fierce trials and sought to defend the lands of Men, but upon being beset by a horde of Malin’s soldiers, the Ancient Nephilim were vanquished and sealed in stone by the Dragaar Taynei’Hiylu. Over the ages, many of them would crumble to ash, their souls joining the brick and mortar of Tor Azdraeth crying for release. The souls of Nephilim do not leave the earth it is said, and so they remained on earth, howling for resuscitation and vengeance. An agent of an unknown Daemon, the being known only as Irel’an would lead a mission to free the Archdrakaar from the clutches of his prison. Free at last, Azdromoth wakened his ancient creations Alistair and Eresar from stone, and Alistair was given a simple task– repopulate, rejuvenate, and create a new Order of Nephilim. Erasar was entrusted with a secret mission of his own as well. The Archdrakaar cautioned his faithful servants not to fall prey to the Order of the Golden Lance. Xan, the Aengul of Order and Guardianship, desired to extinguish the Dragonkin from existence due to an ancient feud with the Dragaar Gudour. And so Alistair sought his challenge. He wielded his blessed blade, the Immaculate Blade, and offered the Paladins his Inner Flame. A few of them would accept Azdromoth’s bounty, they were immolated in the Rite of Transference, becoming the first Nephilim to emerge in a thousand years. A brief spat ensued between the Order of the Golden Lance and Alistair and his Azdrazi, named after the Black Titan whose ichor flowed within their veins. Peace would come to be accepted between the newfangled Azdrazi and the Holy Orders, as now they turned their eye to the Westerlands, where the wicked forces of Mordring were festering. Together they marched and sought to bring Mordring’s invasion to an end, slaying many Ashwraiths and Undead in the process. However, the Order of the Golden Lance under the direction of their Keepers would come to spurn their holy pact. Herun Athna, Prophet of Xan, would decree that the Azdrazi were to be hunted by the will of their Aengul. The fighting between the Azdrazi and the Paladins ended and a bitter feud ensued for hundreds of years. All the while, Azdromoth began plotting the downfall of Xan from his great castle at Tor Azdraeth, which was constantly assailed by Druids. In response to the betrayal of the Paladins, the Azdrazi would grow fiercely cult-like and conservative, greatly distrusting outsiders. More reliant than ever on the Archdrakaar for survival, the Azdrazi would enter a Dark Age where reactionary tendencies and fearful rhetoric would result in the desire to subjugate the Paladins once and for all. Infighting dominated the Azdrazi, with new leaders rising and falling, before at last in the present day there emerged three primary cultural leaders named An-Gho, Ysivryn, and Ut’Torvioth. Forming a compact to at last put aside infighting once and for all and carry out the imperative of the Archdrakaar to ensure the survival of all Nephilim, the three cultural groups would come together to enact Azdromoth’s planned “Apotheosis”, the final climactic battle between the Azdrazi and Paladins where Azdromoth would attempt to surmount and mantle Xan. Once Xan was killed and the Eclipse blanketed the world; it became clear that though Azdromoth had successfully usurped and devoured the Aengul of Order and Guardianship, there now stood once again very few defenders to stand against the creatures of chaos who he held at bay. Creatures such as Inferi, Voidal Horrors, and other devious monstrosities would surely run amok if not stopped. The three Nephilim named Alistair, Hvin, and Ahnakriel would converge and agree to form an elite order to do as much, recruiting the most courageous and disciplined of the Dragonkin to serve as members of the Ordo Nephilim, so that at last the Nephilim might return to their original purpose, the destruction of all creatures in service to the Fallen Daemon. Thus, Al, Hvin, and Ahnakriel would become the first of the Rephaim, the oath-bound Elders who maintain a strict oath derived from The Knight’s Code of Chivalry. The Dragonkin in the Ordo Nephilim has the following goals and responsibilities. Service is rendered regardless of the legal status of Nephilim within legal domains. It is the mission of the Nephilim to render the Descendant Races aid provided that they are not Iblees Cultists or servants of the Dragaar Taynei’Hiylu. To defend the Descendant Races against agents of the Fel Daemon, Iblees, and his Lieutenants. To improve relations between the Descendant Races and sentient Dragonkin species like the Nephilim and Dragaar. Furthermore, to act as a medium between Mankind and Dragons, as was done in the days of yore, and to strive to rebuild that relationship. To resist Fallen Aenguls responsible for widespread terror and world ending events as it pertains to the work of Gazardiael, the Aengul of New Beginnings. Furthermore, to oppose Aenguls and Daemons who seek to dethrone Azdromoth. To contribute to libraries and foster education throughout the land. Wisdom must be shared with the Descendant Races. However, empathetic approaches to knowledge are essential, it is against the creeds of the Rephaim to denounce religions that are not rooted in Ibleesism and Xionism. To capture and put Taynei’Hiylu on trial for the scourging of Tor Azdraeth and the indiscriminate slaughter of the Ancient Nephilim. Druids who renounce Taynei’Hiylu and devote themselves solely to Aspects or Mani are spared from the hunt for Taynei'Hiylu.
  12. (Much love to you man, I wish there’s more we could have done on here together. Always happy to speak to you or hang out. You’re a real one, anything I can do for you, just let me know.)
  13. I am a bitter jaded old **** but player conduct during this event has been so good and compelling that I feel absolutely bloomer peace and love, great rp on both ends of the aisle, keep this ball rolling
  14. Alistair remained wounded in his lair, licking his wounds so to speak. Yet, as Hvin continues their sacred mission, he finds that his faith is restored. Their shared premonition came to be. The serpent coiled about the cuff of the lion, injecting venom. The serpent that went on to devour its own tail... Death to give way to new life. Asioth Ascendant.
  15. “Where light casts; a shadow trails in wake. Where lives passed; borders there do break. Where death lasts; the fury of a drake. Where souls fast; atone for our mistake. Where dead sing; ashen will be done. Where birth brings; the dark is to none. Where spiders sting; webs will be spun. Where smog rings; Radiant, the Black Sun.” A murky shape passed over the ship bearing a party of Paladins and their accomplices led by Nimue and Farah. The Wraithdrake Satar, a bestial dragon of yore once beholden to the word of the Drakaar-Lich Mordring. Emancipated by Azdromoth, both himself and Elden – the Twin Wraiths who stalwartly defended the Gate of the Abyss, were now leal servants of the Archdrakaar. It passed so fast overhead that only the warbled shrieks of the air could be heard, powerful gales tossing after as cannonballs were launched for the ship. Doused with water, the Paladins were cast adrift as the great beast smashed their ship to bits. Satar is said to have looked over those assembled on the beach with disdain, the Wraithdrake’s many rows of fanged teeth glinting a gnarly hue of yellow, not unlike the gold of a dragon’s hoard. “And ‘lo, behold, the final reckoning for our King of Kings.” The venerable host of Paladins moved to shore and split into two groups. It is here that Farah would find her due composure, and slay the wrathful Wraithdrake in combat after it was brought low by several light spears. The roar of thunder was audible as several arrows pierced the creature’s eyes. Covered in dragon’s flame, a powerful relic allowed Farah to continue, as she slew Satar with her reverent thunder. Burned from head-to-toe and on the cusp of death, the Paladin moved with the help of her divine patron, bringing Satar’s years of servitude to an end. Nimue used the Banner to tear open the walls of Tor’Azdraeth, blowing a hole into the Citadel of the Ancient Nephilim. It is then that the Paladin finished her directive of purging the portal using the shared powers of all those present, rendering the portal inert – it brimmed with golden energy, offering them a portal to rejoin the Sunforger’s Host, alongside the greatest champions the Paladins could muster. The Sage of Khamees, Jack, and Alicjo of Veritas. Among them were many Centurions, restored Paladins brought back and resurrected to slay the Archdrakaar once and for all. Alas, whatever Age of Fire had now come to pass, the Wraithdrakes Elden and Satar would not bear witness. FIN, Satar and Elden, servants of the Drakaar-Lich Mordring, struck down in tumultuous service to the Archdrakaar Ascendant.
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