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  1. Yes, I had numerous , the most recent is Gogalash. The thing is that my pc broke, so now I will return once I have a new one built :) As for the others, I believe that the orchish rp isnt for anyone. It is unique and deep. Also many people think that Blah is dificult so that is perhaps another reason.
  2. Impressive character!
  3. What was your first character and how did he/she die?
  4. Cant wait to rp together like the good old days bro.
  5. Once I have my new pc built, yes, im certain of it. Wbu, monkeh.
  6. We all return, every single time that we say "I think Im done with LOTC", we bassically lie to ourselves. For me LOTC has been in my life for a long time. Sometimes it even relaxes me, especially when i combine it with Jeremy Soule's melodies. I have so many memories and experiences (Vailor and Axios) that create some kind on nostalgia that always brings me back.
  7. Its been 6 years since I joined LOTC, feel free to ask me about my experiences.
  8. Simply NO! Even cities and villages of grand nations turn abandoned. Littering the map with empty and mostly ugly builds is a no-no.
  9. Its simple, bring NEXUS back. Vailor and Axios had nexus and flourished. The mechanic doesnt kill the RP, instead if used correctly it ensures that players are affected by it. What we have now is simply nothing compared to what we had back then.
  10. Who was your first char and what was their epilogue?
  11. Great idea! What about making some more of them, showcasing the landscape of almaris or even some of the past maps, using Jeremy Soule's melodies?
  12. Broo, Im a poodle? Thats a massive let down :(
  13. Anyone who remembers this played on the golden era of lotc #Vailorandaxiosbestmaps. Please share your experiences!
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