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  1. ~` The Cartagena Trading Company `~ The Cartagena Trading Company presents the Cartagena lottery! As it is a rather brand new concept, the company decided to reward the lucky winner 100 minas. Feel free to pass by the shop and buy some tickets, at Lubba 10. The results will be anounced in three saint days (24/2 3:30pm est). The lucky number that wins it all will be decided by the spining wheel, good luck to everyone! ATTENTION! There are 30 tickets for sale. In order to recieve the prize, the participant must hold the ticket he or she bought
  2. ~` Dracontian Law `~ Legislation & Common Law The laws below are valid only for the scope of the Barony of Cartagena. Table of contents. I. Altering of Dracontian Law. II. Public Order. III. Canonist Citizens. IV. Crimes Against the Barony. V. Hunting, Poaching and Smuggling. VI. Dark Arts and foul worship. VII. Rights of Descendants. VIII. Crimes against the individual. IX. Punishments. Title I. Altering of Dracontian Law. The altering of the Dracontian Law should
  3. "Zeto e Kartahena" Dionisius would say with a smile on his fat, wide, yet cute face.
  4. ~` The Cartagena Trading Company `~ The Cartagena Trading Company is having its grand opening for the duration of three saint days, offering amazing discounts on all goods! From weapons and armors to building materials and even sweets and toys. Visit us at Lubba 10 in Sutica and purchase some of our general goods! We also accept orders! ((OOC from 21:00pm eest 12/02 untill 21:00pm eest 15/02)) Signed by the manager, Dionisius Dracontas
  5. Otho smiled at Holy Ser Nicolas and said "I wonder if the seven skies can handle your mustache, my friend"
  6. ~` Killing of clergymen in Karosgrad 359ES `~ End of Diet of Karosgrad The voting of those present had been concluded and so the votes of those absent clerics, would be given in time, presenting the official conclusion of the Diet. Episcopus Otho had already witnesed his teacher's betrayal, as Cardinal Benedict Jorenus voted no confidence in Owyn III. It was not totally unexpected, Otho did warn Alfred the day before, of those that would possibly betray the church. Cardinal Benedict was very eager to have father Basil ordained, having aproached poor Otho and
  7. Episcopus Otho of Valwyck would laugh and say to his fellow Canonists "Praying to St Emma, while being a schismatic isnt going to work now is it? It appears that the new unrecognised yet by the church Koeng, for he has not recieved a coronation, has called for a supposed Diet. Whoever denies the High Pontif's legitimacy is a schismatic and NOT a true Canonist! His ascension to the position of the Vicar of God, was blessed by the Godani Himself! Yet we have secular unrecognised leaders question it! Shame to them all!"
  8. ~` The Diocese of Valwyck `~ .` 358 ES `. To all the Canonists that belong in the Diocese of Valwyck, I the Right Reverend, Episcopus Otho of Valwyck urge you all, true sons and daughters of the Godani, to answer the calls of crusade, from the Vicar of God himself! Let the enemies of the TRUE faith cower and tremble before the might of the flock of the GODANI! In times such as these, one can see who is a true believer and who pretends to be. GODANI BLESS YOU ALL! GODANI VULT!!! Signed, Episcopus Otho Valwyck.
  9. Episcopus Otho Valwick would cry out "GODANI VULT!"
  10. Episcopus Otho of Valwyck would shake his head repeatedly at the mention of pride. "We seem to have issues with pride at the Magraviate of Greyspine, I must seek the lady of House Ruthern and place her back on the right path! That is none else than the path of VIRTUE."
  11. ~` The Diocese of Valwyck `~ ~ 357 ES ~ Due to recent changes, as are stated in TERTIUS BULLA AUREA ALBAROSA - 1804, 357 ES. It is the right reverend's, Bishop Otho of Valwyck's duty to inform his flock, past and new, of the present scope of the Diocese of Valwyck. The once grand Diocese is now half of its former scope, as its decided by the Vicar of the Godani. Those that remain under the guidance of the clergy of Valwyck are the landed nobles and commoners that reside in the following territories: Duchy of Valwyck County of Otistadt Baron
  12. Bishop Otho of Valwyck would say to himself, after reading the last article of the newspaper "Show others our way? I hope they do not mean to spread the heathenous culture of Haelun'or, thus corrupting our Canonist society. There is no need for any debate, the Godani is REAL and the faith of the Canon is the one TRUE faith."
  13. Bishop Otho of Valwyck would pray for the Koeng's rapid recovery.
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