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  1. As tradition states per Lur tradtion, when a kub reaches the age of nine. They must face the trial of age, to be hunted by their own clan’s wolves. To seal the bond between the young kub, and their new pup. Sunday, May 3rd. At 3 PM EST. A trial of age will be held in Krugmar, to test the young kub Nakita’Lur, daughter Of Ugrad’Lur and Skalp’Raguk. A Festival along with a hunt will be held afterwards. Lots of food and drink will be served. All of Krugmar’s allies are welcomed to join! [!] A photo of the family
  2. bookstar

    Krugmar Showcase

    This is the homeland high video for the orcs of Krugmar. It was fun having everybody involved and produce a fun video showing the might of the Orcs. A big thanks to @Qizu and @MinaGobbler for helping me direct all the bois!
  3. A group of wolves would howl in the distance. The pack readies itself with their alpha, Noka would walkout in the middle of the goi with warpaint over her face and arms. Her plated armor would clink as she looks to those rallied with her. She raises her waraxe and lets out a mighty “WAGHHHHH”
  4. Rex Noka’Lur would read over the letter, petting the top of her wolf’s head while so. She would crumble up the letter and toss it to the small pups. ”Itz tik fur diz tu ztop” She mutters to herself. She would whistle for her owl and would reply to the dwarf. Utak, mi iz requzting a meting wit lat tu dizcuze da cituation betwen our dub people, mi would lik fur thiz tu bi handled peacfule. Zu mi invitez lat tu meet mi at da temple uf da monkz. Pleaze replie tu zet a tik fur uz tu meet” Noka ties the message onto the bird’s leg and sends it off. hoping that peace would soon come.
  5. Was an amazing rex! and i have large shoes to fill
  6. bookstar

    The End

    ((I remember when the idea of Mau’Madur cane up. The orc where going through a ruff spot, qizu and I wanted to have a place where some of our close orc player could have a place to rp in peace and not worry about other drama. So we made Mau’Madur after the war with Oren. It was a lot of fun to see our small community grow into a bigger group involving everyone that was near with us. Mau’Madur was the place made me discover my love for running events and bring joy to the community. And I want to say that Mau’Madur helped push krugmar into a good direction and I’m happy to return to a joint orc community.)) Noka’Lur glances around the swamp lands of her old home she grins to herself of fond memories flood her mind. From raising the walls to trying Ugrad strange drink even dealing with the pest of the Pygmy dragons. Every memory held dear in the fe-uruks mind. The orcess would gather her Lur wolf pack and start to settle into the new krugmar city hoping that the memories would keep rolling.
  7. bookstar

    The Union of Mates

    Noka wonders why her mate only seems to show up here.
  8. bookstar

    The Union of Mates

    The Union of Mates ________________________ A Photo of The Two Orcs ________________________ As the dusk settles onto the plains of the krugmar city, Ugrad’lur would start to get nervous. He would start to fidget with an item that he held in his satchel. This had to work out, his one shot to finding happiness. The time has come, time to find the Rex. Ugrad would be standing on near the edge of the small river that runs around the city, when Skalp’Raguk would stumble upon the troubled uruk. Ugrad would look over to the rex with a small grin on his face, “Fullow mi” he blahs before running off. Ugrad would climb the tallest tower of the city as the sun began to sink below the horizon. Skalp would come huffing up the stairs, not knowing how Ugrad was able to climb all those stairs so quickly. Ugrad would continue his little game of chase with Skalp. When in the end they end up on a small balcony to watch the sun. Ugrad would then begin to start some small talk, but Skalp would begin to sense something was off. Ugrad would cut the small talk and get to his point. He would explain that he had feelings for Skalp ever since the time that they klomped over the decision if Mau’Mader should become vassels with Krugmar. And asked Skalp to become his lifemate. Skalp would think for a moment, the silence would start to make Ugrad worry when Skalp replies. Skalp and Ugrad would chuckle among themselves for a moment, when Ugrad would sly say. ________________________________________ A photo of the happy couple ________________________________________
  9. bookstar

    The Hunt Begins

  10. bookstar

    Lur Wolf Lore

    In orginal lur lore. the Lur clan all come from Lur himself. Yes we dont always do dirtect parents, some would be a grandfather who was from the lur clan, but the person will still have the blood of lur running in his veins. The wolves are able to sense those who have Lur blood and thus the bond is made from that. There is many stories of real wolves who have taken in human children and raised them as their own. https://timeline.com/dina-sanichar-feral-children-ea9f5f3a80b2 https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/aug/28/how-to-be-human-the-man-who-was-raised-by-wolves Heres two for some quick reading. Falum’Lur was raised by a Lur wolf, so these wolves have a keener sense of those who are in need of “proper raising” in their mind. why kill something so young when they can raise them in the way of the wolf. Lur was the one who first tamed the Lur wolves and a bond was made to last generations. also may i point back to my first response. When the lore games first happened i was worried about the rp reason why my character’s soul bonded creature would just sit there and do nothing if i didnt summit the lore. The reason is not for better combat abilities, but for a more realistic reaction that the wolf would give if put in dangerous situations why accompanied with their orc.
  11. Noka would shake her head as she begins to remember that she was in fact there for the battle of Oren at Krugmar. Anyways she would continue to go about her wargoth duties.
  12. *A large black Lur wolf and fe-uruk would be spotted putting up posters around Irrinor, Krugmar, and many other cities of the like. If someone cared to stop and read them, it would read.* This account was transcribed for those who cannot read orcish blah. I (i.e. Noka’Lur) was traversing our ally nation of Irrinor with fellow clan member Akila’Lur. We had been selling wares to any ally willing to listen, when we came across a group of Kha. Akila took this chance to flaunt his kha pelt that he commonly wore. The Kha’s grew angry about this and demanded that we handed the pelt over and that he wore the pelt of an innocent murdered Kha. Akila explained this was not the case he had taken the pelt from a Kha who had attempted to rob him in the past. Suddenly a kha drew his weapon on us and threated us. Akila and I both sensed that it wasn’t going to be handled peacefully so I had my weapon drawn and Akila was summoning his wind shamanism. Akila was able to blast one of the kha’s away, yet before more violence could ensue, Akila offered a fair deal. He would gladly part with the pelt for a sum of mina, which a Kha did agree to. Akila gave them a price and the kha reached for his minas when suddenly I was meet with a face full of claws. The Kha dishonorably betrayed this deal made specifically to avoid further violence. Akila released another burst of wind to blast us back a few feet before his shoulder was meet with an arrow by an unknown archer. Our curse of bloodlust was ignited in this assault, and thus our memories grow clouded after this face. I heard some shouts from a stranger trying to dissolve the situations as both me and Akila where being attacked, yet the attack continued. An order was then shouted to kill the kha that was attacking us. As the fight slid to the hands of the wood elves, I moved myself and Akila to the nearby clinic to adhere to our wounds. A knowledgeable medic aided us and tended to our wounds, likely saving our Shaman’s life. There we both received proper care and treatment, which afterwards we returned to Krugmar to recuperate from the attack. Our brief stay in Irrinor was met with dishonorable hostility from a group unwilling to listen to reason. We pray our allies have dealt with this act, yet we also extend our thanks for handling the situation following our departure. This massive is meant to add truth to the skewed stories that have encircled our ally since this irksome encounter. *At the bottom of the post a little scribble of what seems to be the Lur clan logo*
  13. Noka begins to wonder where Shakul went, she gives a small shrug and goes back to her work.
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