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  1. *would ponder the news as he then announces to the affiliates of his Cartel* "We need diz brudda mayd an Anzeztah zpirit! He don' zo much tu keep we peeple thrivin agh growin, kleerly diz brudda wuz a blezzin! Long live himz naym!"
  2. Kaluz would hear the news and simply begin making a batch of blunts in Rex Zhotz name stating "The Rex be flat, long liv duh Rex!"
  3. Notorious O.R.C., Kaluz'Lur, would read of this event having provided the officiate with a sample reading and saying "Diz gon' be a hozh event indeed, me wizh duh dub a joyouz weddin!"
  4. Notorious O.R.C., Kaluz'Lur, would read this missive in Krugmar and scoffs at such governmental overstep "Dey meen tu keep me medizine at bay? Well, den a wagh will indeed rayg, agh frum duh ash'z ob diz wagh will bluum KAKTUZ GREEN"
  5. "PEAZE EEN WE TIK!" Would be yelled by Kaluz'Lur as he reads the pact
  6. Within the Lur Hall a Hobgoblin Warchief would cackle as he read the missive "Heheheh.... Duh Twiggiez muzt anzwah now"
  7. "Bruddaz be wildin' " Kaluz would exclaim upon hearing of the event.
  8. Kaluz Lur would be bopping to this most magnificent of bops.
  9. Firearms would just lead to massive groups turning any CA or ET monster into swiss cheese. There’s no character development in that, it’ll just promote power-gaming.
  10. Staff needs to make it easier to be a villain, villains create long term rp better than ET/ST and are a great boon to character development for all players.
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