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  1. Zarok’Ogr “The Tyrant” would be oblivious to the APRIL FOOL’S meme. He would proceed to frown whilst hearing this news from an enslaved Scribe. Zarok would then say to the nearest Olog with zero context ”Me gIT dEM GRUBz!!!”
  2. Staff needs to make it easier to be a villain, villains create long term rp better than ET/ST and are a great boon to character development for all players.
  3. Zarok’Ogr would begin rampaging in a near by forest, destroying trees and killing wild animals for sometime before falling to his knees, tears rolling down his face from his bloodshot eyes as he chews on some animal-cartilage and twigs.
  4. Zarok’Ogr duh Tyrant would blink a moment upon hearing the news recited to him by a human snaga and says with excitement ”WER AGH WEN DUH CAYK?!”
  5. The Tyrant of Clan Ogr, Zarok’Ogr, would walk among the ashes of the various shrines of Krugmar, and would place 2 thick fingers in them before rubbing the ash beneath each eye and while roaring, would say “ZPIRITZ, ZAROK GON’ EET SKAH’R!!!”
  6. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** **Description** My game keeps crashing shortly after I log in **Date of occurance** Everytime I log in within 5-30 seconds **In game specifications** EndCallCaesar/Zorak’Ogr **Steps to Reproduce** Just logging in **Expected Behavior** not crashing **Actual Behavior** crashing **Error Message** https://gyazo.com/f3f7da27963f15f91145dfdcd98dcdc6
  7. Kaluz’Lur would say “Eet wuld peep duh high-twiggeez be makin’ duh hozh dezizhunz. Any azh who be praktizin’ dat dark mojo need be flatted.” As he sharpened his blade, preparing for the conflict to come.
  8. *Zarok’Ogr would have this letter read to him by rather malnourished Snaga, upon hearing the word feast his Olog mind would spark with excitement as he eloquently exclaims* ”MaaNii GRUUUBB!!!”
  9. The server longs for the return of OMAR

  10. RP Name:: Zarok’Ogr MC Username: EndCallCaesar Discord: EndCallCaesar#3203 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Mau’Madur/Krugmar Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure and exploring the old lands I used to RP in. Been on the server since 2012. What Skills Can You Bring?: I am an Olog Wargoth, I possess immense strength and fortitude as well as Wargoth status among my fellow Ologs. As a CA Player I can definitely assist the group with several tasks.
  11. About time, and make sure there is a WT for all races and a sub WT for that. It’ll be easy to find people who care; Although these oughta be people you vet thru the FM and APP teams. If they’re solid peeps they’ll understand.
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