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  1. *Zarok’Ogr would have this letter read to him by rather malnourished Snaga, upon hearing the word feast his Olog mind would spark with excitement as he eloquently exclaims* ”MaaNii GRUUUBB!!!”
  2. The server longs for the return of OMAR

  3. RP Name:: Zarok’Ogr MC Username: EndCallCaesar Discord: EndCallCaesar#3203 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Mau’Madur/Krugmar Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure and exploring the old lands I used to RP in. Been on the server since 2012. What Skills Can You Bring?: I am an Olog Wargoth, I possess immense strength and fortitude as well as Wargoth status among my fellow Ologs. As a CA Player I can definitely assist the group with several tasks.
  4. About time, and make sure there is a WT for all races and a sub WT for that. It’ll be easy to find people who care; Although these oughta be people you vet thru the FM and APP teams. If they’re solid peeps they’ll understand.
  5. The hype I have for Clan Ogr is immense, hope y’all unfortunate enough to not be an Orc are prepared. 

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    2. Braxis


      Makes me wish they add the Ogres to Warhammer Total War already 

    3. EndCallCaesar


      @Braxis it’ll be a dlc eventually I’m sure.

    4. Braxis



  6. Zarok’Ogr would feast upon a failed Snaga and exclaim with pride ”WEEeeEe HaAV BlARgH!”
  7. EndCallCaesar

    Clan Ogr

    Origin: On a fateful evening, an Olog whom had ingested various hallucinogenic substances, received a vision of a double-tailed scorpion leading them up a mountain side toward a plateau to what can only be described as an enormous gaping maw with various teeth that went downward into darkness, its voice would resound with a guttural boom that would shock the Olog. The sight of such a magnificent being inspired this Olog, known as the ‘Butcha’, to seek out their fellow Ologs and proclaim the glory of what they could only describe as… “DA BIG MOUFF.” Unity: After this assembly of Ologs, one among them, having bested the lot of them in a Klomp, donned the title of Tyrant, acting as Wargoth for this new clan they named, “Ogr.” After feasting for 6 days and 6 nights, the Tyrant set about coercing several Uruks into spreading a message by word of mouth to all Ologs of the land, that they would be welcome among the ranks of Clan Ogr should they seek grub and battle. Furthermore, that Clan Ogr seeks to venerate the spirits of Hunger and Bloodlust, and that any Shaman who’d praise such spirits would be welcome to visit and engage with the Clan. Ranks: Tyrant- The Wargoth of Clan Ogr. Responsible for its administration and objectives. Waghcheef- Second in command, can pick up responsibilities of the Tyrant should they not be present. Butcha’- The spiritual leader of the clan, responsible for contacting Shamans for assistance and explaining the spirits of the Clan to other Ogr’s. Ogr- An Olog of Clan Ogr. Purpose: To bring Ologs together, regardless of Clan. To encourage cooperation with other Clans. To work with Shamans for spiritual experiences. To breed among one another to expand the Olog subrace.
  8. My guy, you’re the bees knees man, the cats pajamas, a dudes dude. Have a happy New Year man!
  9. *Kaluz’Lur would go to remind the jealous Gorkils who are forgetting that Mau’Madur has the right under Krugmar’s laws, after the re-unification, to handle it’s own diplomacy. But then refrains, knowing they shall soon realize their errors.*
  10. A Mushob, Razkil’Shrogo, would grin enthusiastically and rejoice, downing a handful of Madkaps in celebration.
  11. EndCallCaesar


    Nub sure how mi am tu feel abowt diz
  12. *Kaluz’Lur would clear his throat before a group of Uruks as he stands atop a table in Mau’Madur, he would extend his hands to his sides and exclaims thru his gold tipped snagle-tusks* “BRUDDAZ, MI PEEP LAT, MI WALK WIT LAT, AGH MI BLAH WIT LAT. AZ LAT BE HAVIN’ DON’ WIT MI. MI NAYM BE KALUZ UV DUH KLAN LUR, ZHINIGOTH UV WE GOI. AZ DUH KOWNZIL ELEKZHUNZ BE UPON WE, MI ASK LAT TU GRUK AGH REMEMBAH DUH BRUDDA WHO BE BRING’N WE GOI ZUPLYZ, MINA, AGH KONEKZHUNZ AKROZZ ARKAZ. MI TANK LAT BRUDDAZ FOR DIZ TRUZT, AGH MI PROMIZE TU MAYNTAYN EET.” *Would step off the table and nods to the crowd, some cheer, some jeer, and some remain stoic as Kaluz would walk off to his blargh, a determined look upon his brow*
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