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  1. “ALL BRUDDAZ HAYL KRUG!!!!” *Kaluz’Lur would exclaim*
  2. “Hozh” *would be all Kaluz’Lur would blah*
  3. *The Zhinigoth, Kaluz’Lur, would look upon the advertisement and smile with pride thru his gold-tipped snagle-tusks and would exclaim with a rasp* “WAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH”
  4. LoTC burnout is real, remember to take a break every now and then my dudes.

    1. Tigergiri


      YES! Please remember to take breaks, go one walks say hi to your friends puppy-dog eyeing you to go out! Eat food, hydrate and stay happy! Because at the end of day its a game!

  5. Being the good guys is a struggle

    1. _Jandy_


      die the hero.

    2. Corporatocracy


      shut up noob.


      noob. -_-

  6. *Kaluz’Lur would hear of this from his trade contacts and cringe*

  8. *Upon hearing of the event thru his trade contacts as Zhinigoth of Mau’Madur, Kaluz’Lur would proceed to cackle after tearing into a porkchop and sipping some ale*
  9. *Kaluz’Lur, Zhinigoth of Mau’Madur, would sharpen his weapons hoping he’ll be chosen to assist in the slaughter whilst muttering thru his snaggle tusks to a znaga* “Dem Pinkee bruddaz gruk how tu be znagagoffz, iv dey be duin’ mor uv diz outzyd uv wagh, den dey’d be welthee’r dan mi kan gruk.”
  10. *Kaluz’Lur would ponder with bloodshot eyes before muttering thru his snagle tusks* “Dey gon’ mizz duh hozhezt bitz uv Grubzgivin’...”
  11. Peace out my dude, have a good one.
  12. *Having heard of this announcement thru his trade contacts as the Zhinigoth of Mau’Madur, Kaluz’Lur would deeply inhale his cactus green before the ‘Momo Croc’ of Mau’Madur and would say thru his snagle tusks* “Ah, eet peep da brudda be krakin’ he wip on dem zloth pinkeez, bub’hozh.”
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