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  1. where have you been


    still at Massive?



    bunemma here. took me ages to finally pony up and message you on here. tried having someone else message you on discord, then I tried joining the lotc discord, which still isn’t working because y’know, gotta authenticate my account. hopped onto lotc, had to do /auth for some reason, didn’t work, hopped onto my alt, wandering soul, no one knew anything about my problems, couldn’t message in the discord, new player discord isn’t working. long story short, been trying to add you on discord. Bunemma#9308 . miss you, dude. 



  3. when are we finishing that show. . .

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  4. [!] Missives are pinned around Atlas, mainly in taverns and small shops, should the owners be so kind. The pamphlet reads as below: Tailor’s Guild of Atlas The Tailor’s Guild of Atlas is now recruiting! If you’re somewhat good with a needle and thread, good at creating outfit concepts, or anything else we might find useful, come find us at the Needle and Thread Tailoring Co. in Sutica. We pride ourselves with creating fine articles of clothing, suitable for all to wear! We will provide ample workspace, as well as a storefront to sell your creations. Guild Roster and Ranks Master Tailor These tailors have worked long and hard to hone their skills, creating some of the finest pieces in all of Atlas. They are able to take on apprentices, teaching them their skills and ways. Aerenna Sintel (Bunemma) Vassago (_Sug) Raelynn (Demigryph) Tailor Tailors have also worked hard, but not as long as master tailors. They are able to take on apprentices as well, guiding the new generations of tailors. Wynn (_draak) Apprentice Apprentices have proven their skills with a needle and thread, earning them a spot with a tailor or master tailor. They are gradually improving and honing their skills, determined to create fine articles of clothing. Recruit Recruits have been indoctrinated into the guild, providing them with a place to work. They have yet to be taken on as an apprentice, and are taught the basics of creating and mending. Recruitment To be recruited, you must contact a master tailor either by bird or in person for an interview. (Bunemma, _Sug or Demigryph) [OOC Note] Essentially, if you'd like some help making skins, or would like to learn how, come on down! If you have some skills, or none, we'd be glad to accept you!
  5. Needle & Thread Tailoring CO. Owned and operated by Vassago & Aerenna The Needle and Tread Tailors are open for business in the main square of Sutica, adjacent to the Forge and Clinic. If you wish to commission an outfit from our shop, you must venture to Sutica and speak with either of the tailors for a fitting and design session. When you arrive, seek Vassago or Aerenna for an appointment. Examples of our work shall be provided below for both your viewing and a reference for styles. VASSAGO’S WORK: AERENNA’S WORK:
  6. if i owe you a skin please pm me on discord, em#9308 just so i can organize what needs to be done.

  7. hi there. i'm emma and i like to make skins. what i don't like, however, is shading them. if you are interested in shading skins for me, and receiving a payment that i don't know yet, please contact me either here or on discord (em#9308) with examples of your shading. . . . thank you for taking the time to read this.
  8. kenora dinner jacket. . . also CUTE
  9. hi im back <3

  10. hey guys welcome to my status update


    p.s. blago is cute

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      r u two dating

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