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  1. [Trial]Kav's Beating The Dead Horse GM Application

    Your discord is wrong, add me so i can interview you. Suxals#5845
  2. [Denied][GM] I mean, I was banned but why not.

    Add me in discord for your interview, Suxals#5845.
  3. Clamour Noctis

    Thank you, I forgot to link the lore of the Light Stones, also I added that they grow every elven week and limited their size. Fixed.
  4. Clamour Noctis

    I fixed that, thank you for the input.
  5. Clamour Noctis

    Clamour Noctis Far away on the South of Atlas where the light of the sun doesn't dare to illuminate, a particular kind of tree of dark bark and white glowing leaves can be found and its name is Clamour Noctis, it illuminates the path of the travellers that are unfortunate enough to get lost in the snowy tundra and gives hope to the ghosts of the deceased. The Clamor Noctis are tight trees of dark bark, silver wood and white leaves that have the capability to absorb the light of the moon through their leaves and turn it into energy that allows it to continue living, but their leaves can only absorb a part of it, releasing small portions of light and lunar energy in the process, giving it an ethereal aesthetic and illuminating the surroundings of the tree. The lunar energy that is freed from their leaves when they decompose the light of the moon is akin to the one used by the lunar infusions of the Ascended, which can be used to enhance and create artifacts if it is channeled correctly. Also, ghosts would feel really comfortable around these trees, due to the lunar energy giving them a sensation of calm and fulfillment that they couldn't experience in any other place besides the Archaengul’s realm, tempting them to don't leave the surroundings of the tree. The wood of the Clamour Noctis has the special capability to store great amounts of holy energy, being one of the best materials to be infused with ember infusion but very limited by their lack of use in battle. The natives of the regions where they grow tell different stories regarding the origin of these fantastic trees that glow during the dark night while the moon is present. The most religious ones tell that it was a gift the creator to aid the travelers during their expeditions on the dark lands that only face the light of the sun during a few hours every year, others think that they just adapted to the best way possible to such inhospitable landscapes, finally those more experienced on the matter think that it could have some kind of relation to the Tree of Life or the Soulstream itself, but while there isn't proof of such it's clear that it has some sort of association with the Archaengul. But the truth is that the South of Atlas is very related to the Soulstream due to the fact that the moon is always visible there, which causes that when a group of mortals die there a small breach could be opened into the Archaengul’s realm, sending the souls to the soulstream and turning all the trees around it into Clamour Noctis, in a process similar to the one that is needed to create a psychopomp, which would explain all their different sizes and shapes that these trees could have. Though for some reason this hasn't happened in several decades and probably won't happen again. Redlines: -They would only grow naturally on the snowy south of Atlas, and they would be rather rare. -To create artifacts with the lunar energy that a Clamour Noctics provides you will need a substantial amount of trees and enough knowledge in ascended magic to be able to make them, also a MArt would be needed. -Any infusion made with the wood of a Clamour Noctis would store the double of holy energy than a normal ideogram. -Ghosts would feel comfortable near Clamour Noctis, wanting to remain near them. Awakened Clamour Noctis A Clamour Noctis could be infused by an Ascended with the help of a Light Stone and an special ideogram, the process would be lengthy and would change the color and composition of the leaves, giving them an amber hue and making them release small portions of golden soulfire which would be invoked with the help of the deific energy contained within the Light Stone, the ideogram and the lunar energy that is released by the tree itself. A Clamour Noctis that is infused receives the name of Awakened Clamour Noctis, and the process in which it is infused would be called Ritual of Awakening, this last one would change the way in which the tree lives, making it absorb the lunar energy instead of release it so it could be used to fuel the soulfire that would be invoked through the leaves, yet this has consequences because due to the stress that the tree needs to handle it would slowly start to die, the bark would slowly become darker and after forty years it would completely die. The soulfire that is invoked by an Awakened Clamour Noctis would be rather weak, similar to the one of a neophyte Ascended (T1) which would only irritate the tissues of beings of corrupted soul and give them an uncomfortable sensation when they are within their surroundings. Besides the effect that it would have on dark beings, this peculiar soulfire would recharge the Light Stone that was used for the “Ritual of Awakening” which would sustain its life, if such Light Stone is removed or shattered the tree would die if it is not successfully replaced within an elven week. The deific energy that is released would be more than what is needed to recharge their Light Stone, which would cause the apparition of other Light Stones under its trunk and between the roots. Redlines: -An Awakened Clamour Noctis would die after 40 years of being “awakened”. -To “awaken” a Clamour Noctis you would need to know ember infusion and own a Light Stone to energize the tree initially, after that it wouldn't need to be recharged, due to the fact that the tree would recharge it itself, however, the removal of the Light Stone at any point would imply the destruction of the Light Stone and kill the tree if another stone is not placed again within an elven week. -Each Awakened Clamour Noctis would have the possibility to generate a Light Stone under its trunk or roots every eñven week, but it depends on plenty of variables and mostly of luck. Before attempt to harvest one of these stones you will need to roll, anything below 10 out of 20 would mean that there isn't any Light Stone, while anything between 10 and 14 would mean that it is broken when you try to remove it, any number between 15 and 19 would indicate that it would be removed successfully and finally 20 out of 20 would indicate that there is two Light Stones instead of one, which ones would be appropriately subtracted. -The maximum size of the Light Stones produced by an Awakened Clamour Noctis would be similar to an average fist. -The Light Stones produced by the Awakened Clamour Noctis would only work to energize artifacts created with Ascended Magic. -The soulfire that is freed from its leaves wouldn't work to fuel any kind of artifact, due to it being so weak and just meant as an aesthetic characteristic. -Any being that is affected by soulfire would feel discomfort while standing on the surroundings of the tree, even feeling an irritation on their tissues if they touch it directly. Some extra clarifications: -A Clamour Noctis would give birth to a new sapling every elven week. The first sapling that someone plants would need LT approval, but then they would be free to self-manage their plantation as long as they respect the limit of 1 new tree per each elven week and they grow them in an area of 50 blocks around the original one. Light Stone Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/165470-✓-light-stones/
  6. [CA][Frost Witch]Vulnikru

    Ana 2.0, i will try to dont permakill this one ;)
  7. [✓] [ban appeal] gwwynevere

    You have served your time, welcome back to Lotc.
  8. The Hamlet of White Peak

    "Always is good to see the prosperity of this kind of settlements on this side of the continent, hopefully you will develop sccessfully in the coming years and avoid any kind of conflict" Ang would say while looking at the place from a hill. "Good luck."
  9. [✓] [ban appeal] gwwynevere

    I am claiming this one.
  10. I think it could work with NPCs, like the banker or auctioneer, you approach it and right click, it would show you your unread letters and allow you to send letters to others, you place one of those mail-man on each city and problem solved, i think you could also add a cooldown on it, like knowing that you received a mail but needing to wait x amount of minutes before be able to read it. But of course its easier to say it than code it... and the devs are already busy af.
  11. What happened to your ratio of -1.3 rep per post?

    1. Dunstan





      I blame server host change.

  12. @gandalfdahwhite I am sorry, you are being unbanned.
  13. The GM team is currently looking for applicants, so don't be lazy and make a Trial app today, its free.

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  14. [Denied] [Trial]xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

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  15. An Open Letter to Azoth Hawksong

    Angelo would uncork a bottle of vodka, serve a wine cup with it and start to read the letter, a few seconds later he would sip from the cup filled with the colorless substance. "Ah finally someone is callinf him out." He would chuckle, comtinuing reading the letter, once he finishes he would clasp his hands together a few times, causing loud sounds, finally he would raise the cup as high as he can. "Good job Frederick."