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  1. Suxals

    Taking What is Ours

    (( It pretty much looks like a rp topic to me )) Angelo looks at the notice with a raised brow, scratching the side of his head. "There is something wrong with the heraldic achievement... like if it would be a bad quality copy" He makes a little pause, showing an expression of thought "The lad just signed his own death sentence"
  2. Suxals


    "Et zeemz layk ah pinkye wrut et... wah dah fok" Says Bluweil'Lak
  3. Suxals

    Rule Proposal

    Make it so people needs to join within the first 30 mins after combat starts... so it would also promote faster fights... instead of very slow fights due to people waiting for others to pop up. 30 minutes is a rather moderate time having in mind that rp fights usually take over one hour.
  4. Suxals

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    After Aegis the purpose of the Ascended became save souls from being altered through dark magic and attempt to find a way to restore those already altered to their previous state, and also protect the descendants from those that wish to annihilate them like world antags. But due to the rigidity of both loreholders and LT cure creatures of altered soul wasn't possible, so our rp focused on trying to defend descendants from such individuals and their soulless minions, which the LT is trying to avoid rn. At the start of this lore is pretty clear that the Ascended as they were before won't exist anymore and a totally new kind of Ascended will replace them, basically leaving behind the deific fire to move towards Astra which is holy water/ice of sorts. Tbh i was in favor of changing the name of the magic to leave behind all the hate and resentment that some people still holds towards it, having in mind that the abilities are totally different and the playerbase is a rather fresh one... but the majority preferred to keep it. Now once i explained that; The new purpose of the Ascended is ensure that all souls reach an adult age before they pass on the soulstream, as such is beneficial to Aeriel, which implies help those in need so they are able to develop correctly (so they don't die young, their souls are not corrupted etc). The magic itself will be orientated towards utility and support instead of solely fighting, in my opinion the main purpose of any magic should be generate a kind of rp different than what can offer any other magic, and i think that this rewrite will do so once finished. We are open to feedback if you think that something could be different or if you wish to contribute with ideas.
  5. Suxals


    My alt is already called Courland.
  6. Suxals

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    see ya in 1 month or 2.
  7. Suxals

    Avchirran ito Gladewynn

  8. Alcalde of Cyrilsburg Curonic peoples for many years within history have always been steeped in local politics, from the first mayoral elections in 1654. Throughout the years people have chosen who will represent them best. The time has come for this once again to begin, men ofCyrilsburg will stand for the people, give their voice for the people of the county. Will you stand before the council for the people of the lands? Do you have what it takes to give the people what they need? Can you be the first alcalde of the newly built city? Within five saints days those who feel they can represent the people of the county will stand before the people, in the square and give a speech. Ooc Information: Speeches Time: 5pm est Date: Friday 2nd November. Location:Cyrilsburg A copy of your speech should be posted on the forums or sent to KosherZombie, PunifiedZombie or ThunderZombie . To sign up for alcalde, please comment below with the following In Character Information: Name - Current residence - Age - Out of character information Ign: Discord:
  9. Why not, the staff needs people to state the facts straight and give some common sense.
  10. Suxals

    ooc chat

    Uh... i left the ooc channel over 1 year ago, you should do the same, actually i wouldn't mind if it gets nuked.
  11. Suxals


    (( Just beautiful.
  12. Suxals

    Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    Don't wanna be that guy, but you missed two jerks there, i only count 8.
  13. Suxals

    A Public Writ of Disownment

    “House of what???” Asks Angelo to his fellow Curonians before start to laugh.
  14. Suxals

    Need To See the Light

    Clearly Lotc is not what you came looking for, how you can develop you character and write lore is clearly limited by common rules and how the community expects them to be, i would advise you trying to find an activity that could help you to explore your creativity instead of improving your issues as Lotc seems to be doing. I would really like to believe that you didn't make this to get attention and you really wish to improve your mental health, so don't disappoint me boyo. I didn't get to meet you, but good luck with whatever you do.