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  1. Certainly better : )
  2. Format is a bit meh, but it seems balanced and i like the part about searching the dragon balls around the world.
  3. Suxals

    Adrian Magic Licenses and Policies

    The Count of Astorga shakes his head several times as he reads the notice."Voidal magics are the worst of them all, the void is always expectating to devour the magnum opus of the Creator himself and it corrupts the body and soul of those that practise it..."
  4. Suxals

    Call to Summons [Vassal Agreement]

    I, Lord Angelo Ferdinand of House de Alba, Count of Astorga, swear fealty to Curonia, House Devereux , and the Ducal Throne of Curon. I shall serve as a loyal vassal to the patriarch of House Devereux and Duke of Curon, from this moment until death. My house shall be bound to House Devereux as its vassal for all of posterity. My sword is his to command. My house is his to protect, and my banners are his to summon. I shall uphold the Virtues of Curonia, and live beneath the eternal guidance of our Paragons and the light of our God. The Green Tide Rises, for we stand as one. Ave Curonia .
  5. Suxals

    Charter System [Your View]

    -I think you should expand on what "dependency" implies since it is mentioned as something important. -When a charter reaches nation activity and applies for nation status, do they need to pay for their tile? How much? -What happens if there are 2 charters within 1 tile and 1 one of them become a nation? -Will the activity checks continue after the 2 months of probation?
  6. Suxals

    Curon Freedom Festival

    Angelo shakes his head a few times as he tries to understand why he banned grapefruit if then he would encourage the usage of drugs.
  7. Suxals

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    Sure, why not. +1
  8. Suxals

    The Cursus Honorum

    "New bird, who dis?" Asked a ginger man.
  9. Suxals

    Where did the direction go?

    @Telanir I actually read it and i agree with the most of it, in my experience during my tenure in the staff i experienced a lot of the things that you advise to avoid (like do 30 modreqs per day for 20 days and then needing 2 months to recover), so i believe that your document could help not only higher ups but the entire staff, good work.
  10. Suxals

    my thots

    Definitely 1 hit kills need to go regardless of how many emotes you use, that's simply bad and doesn't provide any rp to the target of them since you haven't interacted with them during a good amount of emotes. Imo mages should be able to use their 5 magic slots as they wish without restrictions besides some magics taking more slots than others, so if schools further lock away stuff then i will be against it. I made a feedback post about the same announcement if you would like to check it out, however i didn't bring up the part related to combat. Ps: might want to ping flamboyant.
  11. Okay so... i read @FlamboyantNewEra 's announcement and thought about comment my thoughts about it, however since the post was locked i will do it here instead, i invite you all to express what you think of it and discuss the points that i bring up. LT Direction 2019 So lets begin I don't agree, whether or not magics provide something to the majority of the community isn't strictly related to the lore itself but to the rp that is created with it, you can write lore for the best creature that Lotc ever had, but if only 5 players play it and they do it secretly it won't provide roleplay to the majority, only for those 5 players, while something as basic as a fae creature could get a community based around them and perhaps even a settlement of their own, creating unique roleplay for the entire server. So in my opinion the playerbases and what they do with their characters is more important than the lore itself as long as it provides them something unique around what they can build a good story. However the LT shouldn't punish players if they wish to be secretive with their magics, sometimes that is just a consequence of roleplay or they prefer that kind of characters. Agreed, however combat is a really good way of creating roleplay, so it shouldn't be completely removed. Can't agree on this, aesthetics are really nice and creatures shouldn't be something to harvest magical materials/loot, that's actually something bad that promotes people to do events with a mmorpg mentality, only caring about what they can get instead of enjoying of the rp. And actually i believe that there aren't enough creatures for an universe like Lotc’s, but some creatures shouldn't be able to be acquired through events anymore since they were meant specifically for former maps. That's something that really needs to be addressed, once the tech that we have is defined people will know what they can or can't do. A bit more of tech could be interesting, however too much of anything is bad. As for medicine… i think people should be able to roleplay more or less modern medicine, not 21th century one, but at least know how to treat patients without remove their teeth trying to cure their madness… especially since heal with things like alchemy is fairly easy and in the most of the cases it only requires to drink a potion. Sounds good, will there be limits on the amount of people playing the high tier creatures? I believe the most interesting part of Lotc is the diversity of magics and creatures, so i can't do nothing but disagree with the idea of the removal of a big chunk of them, however if what you are looking is to improve them then i'm fine with it. I would like to hear more about the merging and different schools of magics, but at first sight it makes me thing that it could lead to simplify stuff too much and make it less interesting, but that's just based on what my mind believes it could be. Lovely. But also wouldn't be better to put lore submissions, lore with pending fixes and lore in activity trial under the lore subforum? Rn all of them are under the application forum and just makes it more messy and hard to navigate through them. (will fix formatting later, on my phone rn)
  12. Suxals

    Where did the direction go?

    Care to make it public? Personally I wouldn't mind to read it and perhaps it could bring the administration closer to the community.
  13. Suxals

    Where did the direction go?

    Very interesting, perhaps 7.0 could be the perfect time for that kind of initiative having in mind all the old players that it will most likely enthuse.
  14. Suxals

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    Well, imo PKs due to age should be totally enforceable and you shouldn't be able change the age of your character at will, only when created (but even this could be cheated by just creating a new persona) However by looking at the whole thingy of the curses it is a bit unjust, bloodlust is mostly used as an excuse to fight, the lust of dwarves... i think i don't even need to explain it, Elves have lots of children regardless of the /sterility/. But at the same time i believe that it gives natural development and change for humans, something that doesn't happen with the most of the other races. (For example i know elven characters that are exactly like when i met them for first time 2 years ago...)
  15. Suxals

    LoTC's aging system

    Of course, and i really dislike it, but this topic is about the speed of agging and not about the age limits or if characters should or shouldn't be PKed. (Also apparently you can just buy race changes with crowns and Boom!!!, your 70 years human is a now a teen-looking elf)