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  1. I really like it, i was actually thinking about writing something to take up all the magic slots in order to obtain benefits similar to the ones given by Celestial Prowess. Great job guys and i hope this gets reviewed soon.
  2. Angelo sees a shooting star that traverses through the dark sky, unaware of the fate of his former companion. (I will miss Bluder, but I guess eventually all good things come to an end and at least he had a grand finale.)
  3. I saw the title of your post about the changes related to breaking windows and i thought "Oh, they finally fixed it" but how foolish i was, you actually made it 2 times worse.

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    2. Nhisha


      oml, AGREED.

    3. Zacho


      Telanir came out of the shadow realm to tell you down.

    4. Bluee


      I agree about the iron bars, they really shouldn’t be that easily broken.

  4. Format is a bit meh, but it seems balanced and i like the part about searching the dragon balls around the world.
  5. I, Lord Angelo Ferdinand of House de Alba, Count of Astorga, swear fealty to Curonia, House Devereux , and the Ducal Throne of Curon. I shall serve as a loyal vassal to the patriarch of House Devereux and Duke of Curon, from this moment until death. My house shall be bound to House Devereux as its vassal for all of posterity. My sword is his to command. My house is his to protect, and my banners are his to summon. I shall uphold the Virtues of Curonia, and live beneath the eternal guidance of our Paragons and the light of our God. The Green Tide Rises, for we stand as one. Ave Curonia .
  6. "New bird, who dis?" Asked a ginger man.
  7. Of course, and i really dislike it, but this topic is about the speed of agging and not about the age limits or if characters should or shouldn't be PKed. (Also apparently you can just buy race changes with crowns and Boom!!!, your 70 years human is a now a teen-looking elf)
  8. No, 1 week 1 year is good for childrens. Anyways rn you can change the age of your characters at your will or don't even show it, hell even the Lore Team said that they can't enforce PKs on people due to age.
  9. Clearly the staff lacks of the funds to record more than 2 cities... sad. Merry Christmas Lotc.
  10. I saw "Ebrietaes" in the title and was ready to scream, but thankfully it isn't what i expected haha. Now in regards to the lore: Yes, the lore lacks of a bit of further description but the redlines seem good. I don't remember Mysticism lore very well so idk how this would fit with the rest, however i like it. (Maybe the 3 emote stun of the Wailing is too strong)
  11. I will start answering the last two questions first. Soulfire: The concept of magic fire is currently used by a really lot of magics and is very unoriginal, also the LT asked us to move away from targeting dark creatures and modified it so soulfire could burn everybody. With both of these things in mind we decided to move away from it and use a different type of energy. Strict tenets: They limited the Ascended too much and didn't give room for dynamic development (for example the political tenet) Disconnection: The last system that we had for disconnection was awful and super abused, basically you could infuse a black ember into a weapon, give that weapon to someone else and that person disconnect an Ascended with it. Regeneration: Immortality + Super Regeneration is simply too OP and made us act fearless knowing that whatever happened to us would have little impact to our characters and also took away the possibility of healing our own wounds. Infusions: Too many infusions were created and sold, which wouldn't have been an issue if players would roleplay it properly and get them recharged often, but that wasn't the case. Master Sage: Someone being a "T6" Ascended is not good and nobody should habe such privilege. Plus this created some sort of forced centralization around them. Hallowed grounds: Only 1 could exist at any time which lead to it being able to be harbored by a few Ascended and limit the rest of the Ascended to be stuck at T3 since they can't undergo the ritual of Stoking which must take place into it. Soulfire braziers: all the lower tiers of it are almost useless and even the most powerful only limits the corruption of souls into a radious, limiting the rp of other players. Soulmending: A too easy way to heal someone, and many times abused by just taking the wounds of others and just going AFK or logging out while the wounds heal. Also a lot of drama just made a big part of us just stop using the magic for some time and instead start to work on a rewrite. - Well, the removal of everything that i listed above this along with more freedom tenet wise is a good start i believe (like now Ascended being able to get into politics) - Ascended won't need to be forced into one single order and instead will be allowed to be on their own or create their own groups if they wish so without constant threats of disconnection. - Disconnection will only be a thing if they break tenets, which would also handicap them if they don't look for redemption and undergo the Trial of the Damned. - A really lot of new spells to support other players with none of them being purely offensive. - Handicapped regeneration and partial sterility to balance immortality. Also this rewrite will bring a lot of fresh air to the playerbase and many will start to play their characters once more while also new players will integrate into it. Rn with the current lore? The purpose is the same as always, fight the dark, avoid souls getting corrupted etc. But that lost meaning and importance with the passage of time and it became boring to play. With the rewrite the purpose of the Ascended will be ensure the welfare of the descendants and their souls, making sure that they are mature enough at the moment that they pass into to the afterlife. The way of doing so is not scripted in the lore and is open to the different points of view of the different Ascended and their rp, but by no means we plan to be protagonistic, just fulfill our purpose in the daily basis with small things that together produce meaningful rp and fun for other players. (Purpose doesn't necesarily makes a magic good or bad, is what you do with it what creates good rp for others) I hope my answers helped you to understand it better : ) On a side note to those concerned by the community and potential powergaming: If the lore is accepted i am totally down to work alongside the LT to ensure the proper use of the magic, and if you think that someone powergames i ask you all to report them so they can be explained what they are doing wrong. And in regards to toxicity and bad behavior you can always message me and i will try to do my best to solve such.
  12. I do see your point now. With this rewrite, the fact that someone has a warped or corrupted soul wouldn't directly turn an individual into a target of an Ascended as long as they don't mess with souls and corrupt the souls of others, which the Ascended should try to avoid. However, there is nothing stopping us from killing them, as the tenets only limit us in regards to descendants. Also i would like to point to this tenet: 4: Do not dare to assist in the wrongful corrupting of a mortal’s soul, as it defies the natural order of souls and condemns the mortal to further suffering in both this realm and the next. Do not stand idle in hesitation or fear, and do all you can to save the soul. Know this, however, for punishment shall be bestowed upon those who bear the clear intentions of permitting the soul being corrupted. An Ascended must not allow a mortal soul to be corrupted by any form of darkened and unnatural magic that damns the soul to eternal suffering. This applies to any form of magic that damns a soul to suffer within the Desert of the Damned, such as becoming undead, a shade, a frost witch, etc By allowing this to happen with a clear understanding that such is corrupting a soul, the Ascended will be seen as an Accessory (a person who assists in the commission of the corruption but is not the one to do such corruption by their own hands) and will be disconnected for permitting such. An Ascended will not be disconnected for failing to prevent a soul being corrupted if the Ascended truly did aim to stop the corruption but were killed or stopped. Failures should never result in punishment, only a lesson to be learnt to prevent the next corruption.
  13. The only case when Ascended can harm descendants is in self-defense or defense of others near them, defining evil became something harder with the passage of time, since none is purely evil anymore, but however, it is interesting to roleplay due to the different points of view of each character. (Also the LT asked for moving away from being focused on fighting dark arts)
  14. Feel free to do so, any constructive criticism is welcomed o7.
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