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  1. The community is ****, indeed, but that is why redlines must be put in place to reduce the amount of possible detrimental actions they can cause. Mass amounts of powerful spells lower the bar of magical roleplay and turns it into commonplace with many players that have little understanding of them, which will undoubtly cause troubles for the ST to police. Being brittle is not much of a disadvantage, it just turns them into glass cannons and unless i missed something, nothing stops you from keeping them somewhere secure where they cant be directly hit. If you are in range of hitting the magegold then you can also hit the one holding the enchantment, which makes it redundant. Imho combative enchantments should be cappet at certain tier and have more downsides when using them; like temporal reduced strenght, fatigue, loss of mana, etc. As a side comment; there are a few limitations present within the lore that are not reflected at the redlines.
  2. My main issue with the magic are enchantments: Mages never seem to know how to resist the urge of profiting from them and therefore they become pretty easy to acquire at places like the Auction House. So in my humble opinion, not only there should be a cooldown for the creation of combative enchantments, but they should also be a cap of strength for them in order to don't unveil the mystery around voidal magics (T3). Some random individual should never be able to cast a T5 spell by just tapping a item, that goes against the logic of needing several irl months to properly understand a magic.
  3. I agree with NanMan. They are better in almost every aspect than the descendants with no downsides to balance them. Also, what kind of rp can they provide that others races cannot? What is their purpose?
  4. I don't see why a religion post would need a lore submission, you can simply rp it and ETs could already play that last sect if they wished. If this goes through the Loremag it could create a dangerous precedent where players could fight over whose religion has more validity based on approval and at the same time give power to the ST over something that has been off their limits. Leaving all that aside; I like the writing.
  5. I dont know you, but there are unlimited ways of playing Lotc, not just the politician way, just look for something that fits you more.
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  8. Three of One; A brief history of Curonia and Courland “Some of you might have forgotten, others are simply too young, but the confusion is understandable nonetheless. Due to the recent events, I have decided to write down part of our history with the intent of educating you, brethren of the realm, and in hopes of promulgating the welfare of humankind. Two centuries ago in the days of Vailor, the Duke Percival Staunton was bestowed three counties beneath his ducal seat. Centered and surrounded by forest was Curon. East, and in the Rigan mountains was Eastmark. West, and in the plains and tundra was Westmark. In Axios, the years of King Tobias, the three became duchies, beneath his royal seat. Curon became the crownlands, the title of the heir to the Kingdom, which passed eventually to Duke Karl I Devereux of Curon - founder of Curonia, whose line today remains the sole heir to the Kingdom of Courland. Held by the other children of Tobias - the Duchies of Westmark and Eastmark. House Merentel, an ancient vassal of House Devereux, and Baron of Hallowfell, resided in Eastmark. It is said that one of the progenitors of House Merentel was the Duke of Eastmark. Thus feudal law and historical precedent do bind the House of Devereux to their leal and familial vassal in Eastmark, whose right of blood and levy lay claim unto their title. Whosoever would voice doubt to the Godly and feudal rightfulness in Curonia, would therein be seen to be sowing dissent against the stability and union of mankind. We of Curonia are traditional, and we of Curonia have long memories, and time honored histories. In Curonia there are now two reunited - Eastmark, Curon. In two we find union, but we find it unfinished.” -Angelo Ferdinand de Alba, Count of Astorga & Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold.
  9. Angelo de Alba smirks, the King finally arranged a meeting at a time he is available.
  10. The County of Astorga El Condado de Astorga Introduction The County of Astorga is a multicultural settlement that promotes the advancements in science and art, built with an original style that attempts to break with the standards of our time and further evolve our culture. Built at the edges of the Kingdom of Curonia, it serves as both vanguard for the Empire and a safe haven to those that seek refuge from the constant conflicts of the most populated metropolis. The housing at Astorga is for free and all kinds of guilds are welcomed. Government Gobierno The County of Astorga is ruled by the Count and his council, following an agnatic elective succession law, in which the Count must designate one of his male relatives of House de Alba as heir to all of his titles before his death. The Council of Astorga El Consejo de Astorga El Consejo de Astorga is the most important institution within the county, it is composed of individuals that proved their trustworthiness to the Count and House de Alba, called Cosenjal/es, they are in charge of all the administrative duties that the Count can't accomplish himself and he desires to delegate. Unlike the councils of other realms, in Astorga, all the Concejales are expected to accomplish several tasks of different nature, instead of being divided into several charges. Location: Places of interest: Plazza/Square: Galleria/Commercial District: Castle: Teather: Tavern: Church: Housing: Contact the following players for more information: Suxals, EtowTheSaltyCat & Katarama.
  11. Average of players online during the week: 87.9 Nations: Sutica 5.3% Druids 2.8 [!] Haense 5.4% Llyria 2.5% [!] Ves 8.2% Fenn 5.3% Curon 3.4% Urguan 4.7% Cascadia 8.7% Haelun'or 10.0% Irrinor 5.9% T4: Orcs 1.2% [!] Aegrothond 1.3% [!] T3: Defy 0.2% [!][!][!] Athalia 0.1% [!][!][!] Guise 0.1% [!][!] Marsumar 2.8% Norland 1.0% [!] Rosenyr 2.2% Courland 1.1% [!][!][!] Vintas 2.4% Vira'ker 0.1% [!] T2: Ravensburg 0.0% [!][!][!] Robertson 0.1 [!][!][!] Courts of Mirasul 0.1% [!][!][!] Warwick Castle 1.0% Ashfeld 0.4 [!][!][!] Beet 0.0% [!][!][!] Cresonia 0.5% [!][!][!] Astorga 0.9% [!] Nakamachi 0.1% [!][!] T1: Solomon Stronghold 0.5% Nenzing 0.1% [!] Ayr 0.1% [!][!] County of Graiswald 0.0% [!][!][!] Hel 0.3% [!] Whiterock 0.1% [!][!] County of Dronen 0.8% Luxem 0.1 [!][!][!] Marian's Keep 0.1% [!][!][!] Gehenna 1.0% Kadarsi 0.0% [!][!][!] Omargrimmer 0.0% [!][!][!] [!] = Number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Success removes one strike.
  12. Average of online players during the week: 105 Nations: Sutica 4% Druids 4% Haense 5.8% Llyria 5.8% Ves 8.5% Fenn 5% Curon 2.5% [!] Orcs 0.9% [!][!][!] Urguan 4.3% Cascadia 9% Haelun'or 7.9% Aegrothond 1.8% [!][!][!] Irrinor 5.3% T3: Defy 0% [!][!][!] Athalia 0.1% [!][!][!] Guise 1.5% [!] Marsumar 3.5% Rosenyr 2.5% Courland 0.7% [!][!] Vintas 2.7% T2: Ravensburg 0% [!][!][!] Robertson 0% [!][!][!] Courts of Mirasul 0% [!][!][!] Warwick Castle 0.7% Ashfeld 0.4% [!][!][!] Beet 0% [!][!][!] Cresonia 0.2% [!][!][!] Solomon Stronghold 0.1% [!] Astorga 0.5% [!][!] Nakamachi 0.3% [!] T1: Nenzing 0.4% Ayr 0.4% [!] County of Graiswald 0% [!][!][!] Attica 0% [!][!][!] Hel 0.6% Whiterock 0.1% [!] County of Dronen 0.6% Luxem 0% [!][!][!] Marian's Keep 0% [!][!][!] Gehenna 0.9% Kadarsi 0.1% [!][!] Omargrimmer 0.1% [!][!][!] Newhilden [!][!][!] [!] = Number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Success removes one strike.
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