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  1. Three of One; A brief history of Curonia and Courland “Some of you might have forgotten, others are simply too young, but the confusion is understandable nonetheless. Due to the recent events, I have decided to write down part of our history with the intent of educating you, brethren of the realm, and in hopes of promulgating the welfare of humankind. Two centuries ago in the days of Vailor, the Duke Percival Staunton was bestowed three counties beneath his ducal seat. Centered and surrounded by forest was Curon. East, and in the Rigan mountains was Eastmark. West, and in the plains and tundra was Westmark. In Axios, the years of King Tobias, the three became duchies, beneath his royal seat. Curon became the crownlands, the title of the heir to the Kingdom, which passed eventually to Duke Karl I Devereux of Curon - founder of Curonia, whose line today remains the sole heir to the Kingdom of Courland. Held by the other children of Tobias - the Duchies of Westmark and Eastmark. House Merentel, an ancient vassal of House Devereux, and Baron of Hallowfell, resided in Eastmark. It is said that one of the progenitors of House Merentel was the Duke of Eastmark. Thus feudal law and historical precedent do bind the House of Devereux to their leal and familial vassal in Eastmark, whose right of blood and levy lay claim unto their title. Whosoever would voice doubt to the Godly and feudal rightfulness in Curonia, would therein be seen to be sowing dissent against the stability and union of mankind. We of Curonia are traditional, and we of Curonia have long memories, and time honored histories. In Curonia there are now two reunited - Eastmark, Curon. In two we find union, but we find it unfinished.” -Angelo Ferdinand de Alba, Count of Astorga & Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold.
  2. Angelo de Alba smirks, the King finally arranged a meeting at a time he is available.
  3. The County of Astorga El Condado de Astorga Introduction The County of Astorga is a multicultural settlement that promotes the advancements in science and art, built with an original style that attempts to break with the standards of our time and further evolve our culture. Built at the edges of the Kingdom of Curonia, it serves as both vanguard for the Empire and a safe haven to those that seek refuge from the constant conflicts of the most populated metropolis. The housing at Astorga is for free and all kinds of guilds are welcomed. Government Gobierno The County of Astorga is ruled by the Count and his council, following an agnatic elective succession law, in which the Count must designate one of his male relatives of House de Alba as heir to all of his titles before his death. The Council of Astorga El Consejo de Astorga El Consejo de Astorga is the most important institution within the county, it is composed of individuals that proved their trustworthiness to the Count and House de Alba, called Cosenjal/es, they are in charge of all the administrative duties that the Count can't accomplish himself and he desires to delegate. Unlike the councils of other realms, in Astorga, all the Concejales are expected to accomplish several tasks of different nature, instead of being divided into several charges. Location: Places of interest: Plazza/Square: Galleria/Commercial District: Castle: Teather: Tavern: Church: Housing: Contact the following players for more information: Suxals, EtowTheSaltyCat & Katarama.
  4. Average of players online during the week: 87.9 Nations: Sutica 5.3% Druids 2.8 [!] Haense 5.4% Llyria 2.5% [!] Ves 8.2% Fenn 5.3% Curon 3.4% Urguan 4.7% Cascadia 8.7% Haelun'or 10.0% Irrinor 5.9% T4: Orcs 1.2% [!] Aegrothond 1.3% [!] T3: Defy 0.2% [!][!][!] Athalia 0.1% [!][!][!] Guise 0.1% [!][!] Marsumar 2.8% Norland 1.0% [!] Rosenyr 2.2% Courland 1.1% [!][!][!] Vintas 2.4% Vira'ker 0.1% [!] T2: Ravensburg 0.0% [!][!][!] Robertson 0.1 [!][!][!] Courts of Mirasul 0.1% [!][!][!] Warwick Castle 1.0% Ashfeld 0.4 [!][!][!] Beet 0.0% [!][!][!] Cresonia 0.5% [!][!][!] Astorga 0.9% [!] Nakamachi 0.1% [!][!] T1: Solomon Stronghold 0.5% Nenzing 0.1% [!] Ayr 0.1% [!][!] County of Graiswald 0.0% [!][!][!] Hel 0.3% [!] Whiterock 0.1% [!][!] County of Dronen 0.8% Luxem 0.1 [!][!][!] Marian's Keep 0.1% [!][!][!] Gehenna 1.0% Kadarsi 0.0% [!][!][!] Omargrimmer 0.0% [!][!][!] [!] = Number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Success removes one strike.
  5. Average of online players during the week: 105 Nations: Sutica 4% Druids 4% Haense 5.8% Llyria 5.8% Ves 8.5% Fenn 5% Curon 2.5% [!] Orcs 0.9% [!][!][!] Urguan 4.3% Cascadia 9% Haelun'or 7.9% Aegrothond 1.8% [!][!][!] Irrinor 5.3% T3: Defy 0% [!][!][!] Athalia 0.1% [!][!][!] Guise 1.5% [!] Marsumar 3.5% Rosenyr 2.5% Courland 0.7% [!][!] Vintas 2.7% T2: Ravensburg 0% [!][!][!] Robertson 0% [!][!][!] Courts of Mirasul 0% [!][!][!] Warwick Castle 0.7% Ashfeld 0.4% [!][!][!] Beet 0% [!][!][!] Cresonia 0.2% [!][!][!] Solomon Stronghold 0.1% [!] Astorga 0.5% [!][!] Nakamachi 0.3% [!] T1: Nenzing 0.4% Ayr 0.4% [!] County of Graiswald 0% [!][!][!] Attica 0% [!][!][!] Hel 0.6% Whiterock 0.1% [!] County of Dronen 0.6% Luxem 0% [!][!][!] Marian's Keep 0% [!][!][!] Gehenna 0.9% Kadarsi 0.1% [!][!] Omargrimmer 0.1% [!][!][!] Newhilden [!][!][!] [!] = Number of warnings at current tier, due to missed activity. Success removes one strike.
  6. El Regimiento de Los Astures The Regiment of the Astures Issued by Lord Angelo de Alba, Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus, Count of Astorga and Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold on the 7th of Sigismund's End, 1728. Introduction: The Regiment of the Astures is composed of men and women under the service of House de Alba and the County of Astorga, their purpose is to protect the lives of the people of the realm without matter their race, age or culture. The Astyrs, name given to the members of the regiment, specialize on defensive duties and counterattack techniques, being specifically effective to render their enemies innocuous. Ranks: Coronel de Los Astures: The Coronel de Los Astures is the highest authority within the regiment and serves directly to the Count of Astorga. He is accountable for all the actions of his subordinates and his duties include, but are not limited to: Ensure peace within the County of Astorga and its vassals, host one grand training every saint week, manage the ranks within the regiment and maintain diplomatic relations with the military officers of neighboring settlements. Capitán: A Capitan is someone that has proven their capabilities as leader and expertise on combat, each Capitan is in charge of their own battalion and under the guidance of the Coronel General of the regiment. They are responsible for the wellbeing of the soldiers within their battalion and the recruitment of new Reclutas. Teniente: A Teniente is an officer within a battalion, they are chosen by each Capitán and their duty is to help with the management of the battalion and recruitment. There can exist up to two Tenientes under each Capitán. Sargento: A Sargento is a soldier that served as a Cabo for a significant period of time and as consequence is assigned more responsibilities. They serve as officials when their superiors are not present. Cabo: The bulk of the regiment, Cabos are soldiers that have completed basic training and are ready to jump to the battlefield. In order to be promoted to Sargento, they need to recruit three soldiers and three years of experience within the regiment. Recluta: The lowest rank within the regiment, the Reclutas are untrained civilians who still require to show their worth and need to work hard in order to become a full-fleshed soldier of the Regimiento de Los Astures. Their basic training lasts for an entire saint week, at which point they are promoted to Cabo. How to Apply: In order to Apply for the Regiment of the Astures, you must either send a letter to Angelo de Alba (Suxals#5845) or fill the next formulary. IRP: Full name: Age: Race: Place of birth: OOC: IGN: Discord: (Pls refrain from posting anything that are not applications or applications with the intent of memeing.)
  7. Charter Changes / Update All of these changes will begin to take place immediately and warnings will start to be delivered at this Saturday's activity post. (13th of July) Activity Requirements Every Charter and Nation is required to meet a minimum quota of activity weekly, which varies depending on their tier. In case they fail to meet their quota once it will be indicated by a "[!]" next to the name of their region when the Arcas Activity Data post is updated. Each week that a charter or nation fails to meet the required activity it will be logged and taken into consideration at the end of the month. The team will then decide what to do, based on how many weeks they missed their activity quotas, their particular circumstances, etc. Each charter or nation will have to be considered on a case by case basis for both whether they face removal/downgrading and how long they have to correct their activity before that takes place. Nations will not be effected by this until the month of August. Charters will be especially scrutinised over the next two weeks, meaning if a charter fails to meet these activity quotas by the 27th, they will be downgraded or flat out removed depending on circumstances. Starting the month of August both nations and charters will follow the paragraph above this one. Minimum Activity Quota: T1 Charters : 0.3% T2 Charters : 0.6% T3 Charters : 1.2% T4 Charters : 2% Nations : 3% Questions and concerns Any questions or concerns may be directed to the list below. *Subject to change* @mra8ur93ss @Silverstatik @Suxals
  8. I feel like skinning today so i'll be taking 2  commissions, 2k each, hmu if interested. (Doesn't matter what you want, plated armor, chain armor, a dress etc.)

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  9. HIS EXCELLENCY, Angelo of House de Alba,Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus, Count of Astorga & Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold, signs the document.
  10. Royal Chivalric Order of Ursus Issued and declared by His Royal Majesty Pierce I of House Devereux on 10th of Snow's Maiden, 1721 Introduction: The Order of Ursus was born from the ashes of the Principality of Curon at Bear Mountain and became a stepping stone for all the glory that came afterward. Its founding father and first Grand Knight, Wilhelm Devereux rests in the Seven Skies along with the Original First Knights, but the Order of Ursus managed to survive thanks to the examples and Virtues that they left as their legacy to us all. Following its humble origins, the requirements to become a Knight or Dame of the Royal Chivalric Order of Ursus are not related to the social status of the aspirants, but instead directly tied with the merits they have accomplished and the service they have provided to the Kingdom of Curonia and the Royal Family. The members of the Order of the Ursus are the most worthy men and women of the kingdom, free of corruption, and committed to the Crown and the Virtues. Oath: “I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body, fire my blood. I have clashed with a hundred blades. Despite my loss, as well as pain. Battled descendant and abomination all for Curonic revival. I combat my Lord’s resents, for that is my path. Enemies, beware, the Ursurian Wrath. With these words, embedded in me, I swear my loyalty to the Devereux tree. I, [Name], hereby pledge my allegiance to Curon and Lord Devereux. I shall follow the Ursurian code, until my final days. That is my oath, in the name of God.” Hierarchy: ~ Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus ~ The Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus is the highest authority within the Order and exclusively serves the King and the Royal Family. The duty of the Grand Knight is to maintain the stability of the Kingdom of Curonia and its Virtues by administering the Order of Ursus, which includes but is not limited to selecting, training and sorting the elite of the Curonic Military to eventually recognize them through the process of Knighthood. Faculties: The Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus is part of the Privy Council of Avalain. He has the authority to command, knight, promote and demote members of the Order of Ursus, as well as the duty to act as judge and ambassador of the Kingdom of Curonia. Style: His/Her Excellency (Name) - Ser/Dame (Name) Current Grand Knight: His Excellency Angelo Ferdinand de Alba ~ First Knight/Dame ~ The elite of the Order of Ursus, First Knights/Dames are individuals who have served as Bear Knights to the Kingdom of Curonia for a significant period of time and are examples of Chivalry and Virtue for the citizens of the Kingdom. The rank is named after the original Knights of the Order of Ursus, the First Knights. Faculties: The First Knights/Dames have the right to participate in the decisions of the Order of Ursus and the ability to choose their own pages/squires. Their authority within the military of Curonia by default is equivalent to that of a Captain. First Knights can request the creation of fiefs to the Grand Knight and are eligible for ranks of nobility. Style: Ser (Name) / Dame (Name) Requirements: The requirements to become a First Knight are ten years of service as Bear Knight, adopt and swear to represent at least 3 virtues and be selected by either the Grand Knight or the King of Curonia. ~ Bear Knight/Dame ~ Bear Knights/Dames are soldiers of the Kingdom of Curonia who have devoted their lives to follow the code of Chivalry and the Ten Virtues. They are chosen by the Grand Knight to enforce the law within the borders of the kingdom and protect the Royal Family with their life. They serve the Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus and the Royal Family, bypassing any previous vows and contracts with the vassals of the Kingdom of Curonia. Faculties: Bear Knights/Dames are allowed to enforce the law within the Kingdom of Curon and their authority by default within the military is equivalent to that of a captain Lieutenant. The family of a Bear Knight is considered gentry. Style: Ser/Dame (Name) Requirements: Spend at least 4 years under the service of a Knight as a Squire or serve as a Bachelor Knight/Bachelorette Dame for at least 4 years. ~ Banneret Knight/Dame~ Barenneret Knights/Dames are soldiers at the service of a Landed Vassal who they directly represent in battle by carrying their banner and leading their troops. Each Landed Vassal of the Kingdom of Curonia is allowed have under their service only one Banneret Knight/Dame at any given time, who might be chosen by the patriarch of each Noble House in accordance with the Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus. It is a temporal rank that can be removed at will by the patriarch of the noble house, the Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus or the King of Curonia. Faculties: Banneret Knights/Dames are allowed to enforce the law of the Kingdom of Curonia within the lands of their liege lord and the city of Avalain. Their authority within the military of the Kingdom of Curonia is equivalent to that of an Ensign. Style: Ser/Dame (Name) ~ Bachelor Knight /Bachelorette Dame ~ Bachelor Knight and Bachelorette Dame are the lowest ranks of Knighthood that an individual can achieve within the Kingdom of Curonia. They are under the service of a Vassal of the Kingdom of Curonia and their authority is limited to the land of their Liege Lord. The number of Bachelor Knights / Bachelorette Dames that every Landed Vassal is allowed to have under their control is determined by the King of Curonia along with the Council of Avalain and the Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus. Faculties: Bachelor Knights / Bachelorette Dames are allowed to enforce the law within the land of their Liege Lord and the city of Avalian. Their authority within the Military of Curonia is equivalent to that of an Ensign. Style: (None) Requirements: Be chosen by a Landed Vassal or the King of the Kingdom of Curonia. Honorific Titles: ~Royal Banneret Knight of House Devereux~ The title of Royal Banneret Knight of House Devereux is given to the second oldest male in the line of succession of the Kingdom of Curonia after they reach the age of 18 years. The faculties granted by this title are equivalent to those of a First Knight. ~Castellan Knight~ A Castellan Knight is a Knight who has been granted the possibility of administering a fief owned by the crown. Their duty is to maintain a garrison within its walls in order to protect it and make use of the resources that it offers to produce goods required by the Order of Ursus or the Royal Army of Curonia. The faculties granted to Castellan Knights are equivalent to those of a Bear Knight. Requirements: Be a Knight and be granted a fief by the Crown of Curonia / Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus. Squireship: A Squire is a young soldier chosen to serve to a Knight. They help them with their daily assignments and in exchange, they receive essential knowledge for their formation as future Knights. The minimum age to become a squire is fourteen years. After a minimum of 4 years of service under a Knight, a Squire becomes eligible to become one themselves. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Pierce I of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden HIS EXCELLENCY, Angelo of House de Alba, Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus, Count of Astorga & Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold.
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