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  1. Suxals


    I am sorry you had to go through all that, perhaps you should try other groups within the server that take rp more seriously before quitting. But besides that i cant offer you more advice, lotc can be frustrating at times.
  2. Your mistake is expecting other players to be serious enough to rp consequences, the majority of the community is not willing to have flawed or handicapped characters, so expect nothing and you wont be disppointed. As an ET you can make them agree on certain terms to make sure they do so after your events.
  3. Overthrowing a government is not hard, make it thrive afterwards is the real challenge.
  4. The community is ****, indeed, but that is why redlines must be put in place to reduce the amount of possible detrimental actions they can cause. Mass amounts of powerful spells lower the bar of magical roleplay and turns it into commonplace with many players that have little understanding of them, which will undoubtly cause troubles for the ST to police. Being brittle is not much of a disadvantage, it just turns them into glass cannons and unless i missed something, nothing stops you from keeping them somewhere secure where they cant be directly hit. If you are in range of hitting the magegold then you can also hit the one holding the enchantment, which makes it redundant. Imho combative enchantments should be cappet at certain tier and have more downsides when using them; like temporal reduced strenght, fatigue, loss of mana, etc. As a side comment; there are a few limitations present within the lore that are not reflected at the redlines.
  5. My main issue with the magic are enchantments: Mages never seem to know how to resist the urge of profiting from them and therefore they become pretty easy to acquire at places like the Auction House. So in my humble opinion, not only there should be a cooldown for the creation of combative enchantments, but they should also be a cap of strength for them in order to don't unveil the mystery around voidal magics (T3). Some random individual should never be able to cast a T5 spell by just tapping a item, that goes against the logic of needing several irl months to properly understand a magic.
  6. I don't see why a religion post would need a lore submission, you can simply rp it and ETs could already play that last sect if they wished. If this goes through the Loremag it could create a dangerous precedent where players could fight over whose religion has more validity based on approval and at the same time give power to the ST over something that has been off their limits. Leaving all that aside; I like the writing.
  7. I dont know you, but there are unlimited ways of playing Lotc, not just the politician way, just look for something that fits you more.
  8. :' )

    1. Lionbileti


      The mad man.

    2. sergisala


      He's laughing because I just told him everything that's happened in his absence

  9. I feel like skinning today so i'll be taking 2  commissions, 2k each, hmu if interested. (Doesn't matter what you want, plated armor, chain armor, a dress etc.)

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    2. DarkElfs


      Still taking orders or already get hit by two people? 

    3. Suxals


      I can take one more, yes!

    4. DarkElfs


      I'll take that spot then! You got me on discord still or nae? 

  10. HIS EXCELLENCY, Angelo of House de Alba,Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus, Count of Astorga & Castellan of Ursidae Stronghold, signs the document.
  11. I really like it, i was actually thinking about writing something to take up all the magic slots in order to obtain benefits similar to the ones given by Celestial Prowess. Great job guys and i hope this gets reviewed soon.
  12. I saw the title of your post about the changes related to breaking windows and i thought "Oh, they finally fixed it" but how foolish i was, you actually made it 2 times worse.

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    2. Nhisha


      oml, AGREED.

    3. Zacho


      Telanir came out of the shadow realm to tell you down.

    4. Bluee


      I agree about the iron bars, they really shouldn’t be that easily broken.

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