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  1. The Ascended would stare at the dead body of her mother once a dwarf found her in the mines and brought her to the hall of the ascended in Kal'Omith, tears would quickly appear from his glowing eyes, thoughts of desolation would fill his mind, then he would kneel next to the dead body and start to cry like when he was a child, all his good moments with his mother would appear in his mind "Why?" he would clean his face and try to heal her, nothing, he soul is gone "why you? why you leave me now? this is not just, this is no fair" after a few minutes he would get up "Aeriel take care of you in the soulstream, mother, make me proud and help our matron in her duties"
  2. "Who?" Asks Wolf de Alba when he hears the news from a tavern-keeper in a distant land, he would be seated on an old chair looking the time pass and how the life advance in front of his eyes.
  3. I don't see why removing the ET or put it in pause would help, some people already enjoy participating in events, I rarely participate in them but when I do is something different than the rp every day. I would like more events following the lore and less "event magic", but remove them doesn't look like the way to fix that. I would suggest that the ET use a different mode to do events, more like LC, and they would need to get some kind of authorization so we don't see ET flying around, in vanish or just in god mode (they only would have pex during events or when they are building).
  4. The Ascended would chuckle under his helmet "Nine Sapphires Coins and a Ruby Coin" ((This should have ended yesterday :/ ))
  5. The Ascended would get up, leaving the bottle on the table and walk to the podium "Nine Sapphire Coins"
  6. The ascended would continue seated next to his table since the start of the auction, however, the waiter would come back with the bottle, the Ascended would smile at her and throw some coins as payment, then he would put the bottle on the table and focus his gaze again on the podium, he would smile once he noticed the bidding of the paladin and uncork the bottle of Vodka to after that raise it above his head "Seven Saphhires Coins and a Ruby Coin" Then he would lower the bottle and start to sip its content directly from the bottle, like if that were water.
  7. The Ascended would roll his eyes as the paladin increased the bid in only 100 minas, after finish his entire bottle of vodka he would clean his lips and yawn to then raise his right hand "Seven Sapphire Hydra Coins for the shield, lets hurry I don't have much time to waste in this kind of games" he would say searching into one of his pockets to then put a little sack of coins on the table, at the same moment a waiter would approach his table, he would ask for a bottle of jungle juice, the waiter would shake his head, so he would ask for another bottle of vodka.
  8. Recruitment Info ~ A good witch candidate character is: Female (( wot? I am feeling discriminated)) Played often and actively ((I guess I could be active)) Not connected to a deity (( really? Now I am feeling even more discriminated)) Comfortable with villainy PvP ((Mh... I could get used to run away and flirt with men)) Understanding of current witch lore ((Yes sir!.. or miss? Whatever) Depressed due an outside event ((He lost his pet the last week )) Prepared to take part in a coven (( Yep, I am currently part of a sect, I imagine it is similar)) Aware that the curse cannot be reversed (( Oh dear, are you sure? I think you could if you continue trying, never give up))
  9. The ascended would be looking at the auction from a a table near the podium, he would be wearing and old armor of the Westerlands, it would look rough and has dry blood near the two shoulder pads. However he would wait until the few minutes of the auction to raise his hand, open his mouth "Ten Sapphire Hydra Coins for both trinkets" His voice would be deep, strong and a bit muffled because of the helmet. Then he would lower his hand and take his bottle of vodka to continue sipping from it throught a hollow in his faceplate.
  10. Paleknights are like living statues of stone more than a living empty armor. Paleknights are a middle point between a Dreadknight and a soulbound golem.
  11. The Ascended would be walking through the empty streets of Veris during a dark night, only the stars and the moon illuminates the ground under his feet, he would suddenly stop in front of the tavern next to the square, a colorful parchment would steal his attention, so he would walk that place and read it, as he starts to do it, a little smile would appear on his face "I never read more truth in one parchment, it's clear that something is happening in this place and I won't rest until find out the root of the problem and the dark of this city" The Ascended would turn back and continue his patrol, walking with his right hand resting on the pommel of one his swords.
  12. Angelo would be walking through the woods of the Library of Dragur when he received the news, he would be thinking as he continues his way to Bastion, after a few minutes he would stop suddenly and ask to himself "But... they had a kiss or not?" then he would start to walk again, muttering something about the old Heial.
  13. What's the difference between 7 and 8? at least with 8 is always fair. with the old raid system, you were able to defend with 4 people against 3 attackers. Now you can only defend with 3 people if the attackers are 4. A few weeks ago we were 5 in a tavern and three raiders came, we 5 wanted to rp but the other two wanted pvp, in total we were 8 so pvp was called. I think i don't need to explain why that is silly.
  14. You need to make the number of players needed to turn a rp battle into a pvp battle higher than 8, because if not you can't defend a raid with 4 attackers without start pvp or defending with 1 person less.
  15. "i will attend" says an Ascended while he is testing people at the streets