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  1. James Hanson

    The Marnan Elections of 1647

    THE VOTER Name: Brand Denhardt Address/Property: Order of Saint Lucien Barracks Nationality: Waldenian Party: Republican FOR THE POSITION OF THE MAYOR OF SENNTISTEN [ ] Aran Talraen [ ] Alexandre Ashford d’Aryn [x] Godwyn Crast [ ] Abstain FOR ACTIONS UPON UNLISTED STRUCTURES UPON MARNAN TERRITORY [x] Force these structures into vassalization [ ] Assimilate these settlements peacefully [ ] Destroy and displace said settlements [ ] Leave these settlements be [ ] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF MAGIC WITHIN MARNA [ ] Yes [ ] No [x] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF CACTUS GREEN WITHIN MARNA [ ] Yes [ ] No [x] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF GAMBLING WITHIN MARNA [ ] Yes [ ] No [x] Abstain FOR THE LEGALIZATION OF SLAVERY (NONHUMANS) WITHIN MARNA [x] Yes [ ] No [ ] Abstain
  2. James Hanson

    Ban Appeal GeneralStang838

    Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Generalstang838 Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Combat Logging Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Myself and two other individuals. Sorry I don't know Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) I got killed in rp and they wanted me to d40 and I was under the influence at the time the and I logged Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) Its my first offence ever in this community, and I probably would of never done it if I was not under the influence. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable)