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  1. SUBPOENA [!] The following document would be submitted to the Solicitor-General by hand on 7th of the Tobias’ Bounty, 1742. [!] As this was Summons was delivered to the Solicitor-General a copy would be mailed to the Defendant. @frill Karl Sigismund Marna House of Marna DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; Margarita Pruvia House of Pruvia ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: LEX HARACCENE - Civil Laws of the Holy Orenian Empire. – TABLE VI - On Patrimony Obligatory Heirs of the non-Imperial and Gentry The obligatory heirs are the male children and male descendants with respect to their parents and male ascendants. In the absence of the above, parents and ascendants regarding their male children and male descendants. YOURS HUMBLY, Karl Sigismund Marna [[Fish#5175]]
  2. The Ruberlands Company est. 1738 Introduction: The Ruberlands Company is a vessel to enlist additional security to the common and noble folk alike. The Company recruits able combatants, commoner or noble the Company hires their soldiers based on merit rather than lineage. Additional benefits of joining the Company shall be the provision of armor, sword, food, shelter and a contract of employment. The Company ensures that all of its employees will reap the benefits of their work. Ranking of the Company: Kapitany - The Kapitany are the Captains of the Company are those who hold complete authority over the Zoldak. They are in charge of forming and finalizing contracts for the Company. Also Kapitany are responsible to conduct promotion ceremonies for Kutya. Hadnagy - A Hadnagy is the officer of the Company, they have shown to be reliable and able to persevere through their service. The Hadnagy is responsible for helping the Kapitany find contracts, to help Zoldak recruit and to enforce the Kapitany rulings throughout the Company. Also charged with making sure those of the Kutya rank and employees get their cut of a contract. Zoldak - A Zoldak of the Company are those who make up the core and bulk of the Company’s workers. They are charged with recruitment. Kutya - The kutya, or "dogs" in common speech are the lowest rank of enlisted combatants of the Company. Often referred to as the "Dogs of War". Application: RP Name: RP Gender: RP Age: RP Race: RP Past Experiences: OOC IGN: OOC Discord: -For more info- Fish#5175 on discord or CommissarFish in game Patu#4556 on discord or Anderssn in game
  3. The Province of Rubern Peak Times of Rubern 12PM until roughly 10PM EST Population Density of Rubern Vast majority of the Province is humans with the occasional elf here and there. Description of Rubern Beyond the mundane city life and the simple rural gatherings men and women have flocked here, be they the Reiters of Old or neighboring Heartlanders and Highlanders seeking opportunities based on merit, not blood. Adept are we at our crafts and cruder arts, but unto you provide an invitation to learn them - or make fair coin supplementing our efforts with your own. His Highness Rickard Heinrik Barbanov-Alimar welcomes you to his city, should you be bold enough to live free. Folks that can help you in Rubern Prince of Rubern: Rickard Heinrick Barbanov-Alimar (Khan#1650) Princess of Rubern: Ester of Curonia (Koanda#1275) Lord Commander of the Black Army: Brutus (Patu#4556) Bailiff of Rubern: Commodus Owyn (Fish#5175) Directions to Rubern Coordinates to Rubern are: X: -130 | Y: 56 | Z: -1565 (If you are bad at reading coordinates follow the path north out of Cloud Temple and go all the north without making a turn.) (If you have any other questions about Rubern, feel free to contact Fish#5175 or the people listed above!)
  4. Registry Form Name: Sigeric Branch: Freysson Line of Descent: younger brother of Alvar
  5. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: FishDotCom DISCORD: Fish#5175 TIMEZONE: EST ={ RP }= NAME: Owyn de Ravensbourg AGE: 38 RACE: Heartlander NOTABLE SKILLS: Archery and swordsman
  6. Name: Guthred Race: Heartlander Gender: Male Intent on joining (Temporary/Full time): Fulltime If temporary, how long do you intend to stay?: full time If full time, do you agree to taking on all aspects of the monastic life? I do. Do you agree to follow the rules of the Monastery? Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction. I agree.
  7. APPLICATION MC Name: fishywasupxxx Persona Name: (willing to pick a name or make one) Persona Age: 5 Persona Gender: male Slot #: 2a Discord: Fishy#5175
  8. The County of Ravensburg Peak Times in Ravensburg The peak hours of Ravensburg tend to vary by day, but on average it tends to be on from 12pm-6:30pm EST. Most of our players tend to be either in EST or CST time zones. (we are hoping to get a few members from Europe or other timezones, to diversify our settlement) Populace Density The vast majority of the populace of the County is human, with the acception of a few elves here and there. Description of Ravensburg The County of Ravensburg is ruled by the de Ravensbourg family. It has plenty of jobs and room for people to live in. The current Count of Ravensburg has opened up his County to all those who wish to work and live in prosperity. Some jobs in Ravensburg include, the military, the tavern, and stewardry. List of players willing to Assist Count - Doggedwasupxxx - James de Ravensbourg Chancellor - Aiden0023 - Zaor Toroth Marshal - Fishywasupxxx - Caius Certus Magistrate - TangoIsPointless - Ser John Steward - SoulDealer8 - Marta Bolivar Directions to Ravensburg You will need to head south towards Sutica, once you have reached the second bridge after leaving the Cloud Temple, make a sharp left and follow the road all the way down. Once you have done that, you have reached Ravensburg, enjoy your stay! Important Information! If you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to add and message Fishy#5175, SoulDealer#3405 or TangoIsPointless#3486!
  9. 8th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1720 To His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey III, Following a long time in solitude and in deep thought, I have made a difficult decision; one I hope my young brother will follow suit with. I, Owyn de Ravensbourg of House Marna, brother of James de Ravensbourg of House Marna, son of the late Jacob Horen-Marna swear fealty to his Imperial Majesty Godfrey III, of House Horen, in perpetuity. A note to my young brother James, I wish not for our good relations to be sullied because of this decision. The past violence and bloodshed of the conflict between Imperium Renatum and Oren was where we were led astray, if we are to do the right thing, the differences with the Empire should be solved civilly –– not with the bloodshed of innocent lives and hiding in the shadows. Signed, Owyn de Ravensbourg of House Marna
  10. Kompaniya Moskoviya ☦ Founded 2nd of The Deep Cold, 1717 Introduction: The Kompaniya Moskoviya was formed and founded in the Year 1717 by the Romanovich Family and is currently lead by two of its Head-Founders Dragoslav Romanovich and Konstantin Romanovich. The Kompaniya Moskoviya was formed to set a defense upon all Raev people and their values with in Arcas. Ranks: Komandir The Komandir is the official Leader with in the Company. They hold absolute authority and their word is always final. Their job is to conduct trainings, handle contracts, distribute pay, and keep morale up. Leytenant The Leytenant(s) come in sets of two. They are the second highest rank with in the Company. They are the aide-de-camp. Leytenant(s) are responsible for logistics of the company, recruiting, boosting morale, and helping the Komandir. Serzhant Strong folk who have proven themselves on the field of battle and veterans of the company. Good role models for the Soldaty. They help the Leytenant(s) with recruiting, keeping Soldaty in line, holding the line. Soldat The rank of Soldat is one worn with pride. They know how to follow commands, they hold the lines as the bulk of the Company’s troops, and come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some of the Soldaty are experienced warriors and some or not, but all train to better themselves in the art of combat. [!] Soldaty of Kompaniya Muskoviya in a skirmish against enemies c. 1716 Application RP Name: RP Age: RP Race: RP Ethnicity (Raevir, Haenseti, etc.): Previous military experience: Reason for joining: OOC: IGN: Discord: (or msg Fishy#5175 on Discord for info!) ☦
  11. Edward Devereux reads the invitation seeing Curon is invited. “I must go to this.” He smiles and prepares for the Ball.
  12. Name: Lucien Race: Heartlander Gender: Male Former Affiliations: none Former Titles: none Sect wishing to join: militant ((OOC)) MC Name: MisterFishy Discord: (you have it) Timezone: EST
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