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    ELDER ADDITIONS While the grunts in the clan are inexperienced cogs, it is often that if oiled enough, a grunt may ascend to the rank of Elder. Elders are the smithing hammer and wrench that fixate the cogs, churning them into gear and oiling them. To improve efficiency, the Elders of clan RAGUK are put into 3 categories: Raidbozz, Grindbozz and Gruntbozz. They are officers, ready to do their duty to KRUGMAR. RAIDBOZZ Though an infant clan, Raguks have endured many wars, many victories and on occasion defeat. Though through the cinders of the years, Clan RAGUK has reforged itself, outfitted itself with the best tools and reintroduced itself to War. Though a simple adjustment has not been enough, it has been decided that one raid every cactus week will be carried out, supplying KRUGMAR and RAGUK with plentiful plunder. But whom will forge the cogs in battle? This will be the job for the Raidbozz. They will schedule and lead Clan RAGUK in wars and battle alike. RAIDBOZZ AS OF 1648: Kuntkloberra’Raguk GRINDBOZZ Though the redskinned behemoths are ferocious in combat, they are unsurpassed in labour. Their proficiently smithed armor is frequently seen among uruks of the Warnation, and their manufactured warhammers bludgeon the foes of KRUGMAR. Though the warmachine has been dormant as of recently, and the obligation has fell silent. In order to fix this, the title of ‘Grindbozz’ has been reinstated. The Grindbozz is willed to schedule and gather the hammers and axes, the sickles and picks of Clan RAGUK. He will take this force and quarry the mines, reap the fields and produce the many components that churn KRUGMAR forth. GRINDBOZZ AS OF 1648: Zrarly’Raguk GRUNTBOZZ Without proper treatment, a machine will refuse to work, it must be oiled and cleaned. In many ways, the cogs of RAGUK require the same treatment. The machines must be trained to churn on for hours, days or months if needed. This is the task of the Gruntbozz. These loyalists to KRUGMAR will garner up Raguk grunts and introduce them to the life outside the Goi, hardening them in battle to such an extent that they would never resort to pacifism. The Gruntbozz will reforge them from cogs to their own individual machines, united with a singular goal. GRINDBOZZ AS OF 1648: Ka’nur’Raguk ANG GUND GRIIZH ((Many thanks to the Elders of Clan Raguk who have been so helpful and supportive!))
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    RAGUK BULLETIN: Meeting of 01/22

    RAGUK BULLETIN [01/20] YEARLY RAIDS As of the 23rd of the Grand harvest, 1647, clan RAGUK will conduct scheduled raids on settlements once every Cactus week. This will usually be acted out on the Grand Harvest or the First seed, when food is regularly farmed. INTRODUCTION OF THE TITLE:’Hammer of Raguk’ Each RAGUK takes pride in his work, so much as to klomp others for the right to be known as the best smith in the Clan, if not the Warnation. For this reason, and for the reason of supplying the clan with equipment for raids, a member of RAGUK would be rewarded the title of ‘Hammer of Raguk’ if they are the main supplier of the Clan’s Armor. This title will be revoked once every cactus month and bestowed to the next month’s top supplier. IN OTHER NEWS: Members of Clan Raguk are encouraged to move out in Atlas and spread their strength by either killing, enslaving or merely amuse oneself in or outside San’Kala. ANG GUND GRIISH
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    [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    Olog lore is 1 paragraph. You can just copy+paste it, a CA doesn't ensure they RP it correctly, it just assures they can rephrase a paragraph.
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  5. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): dohvi/morrisaye Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Grubgoth Wud Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): receiving a tenth warning point Character Witnesses (Name(s)): n/a Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): i posted a manifold of offensive content directed generally at leowarrior. i eventually amassed 10 warning points which i was rightfully forum banned for. i apologise to the forum mods who had to deal with my petty childishness, and to leowarrior. sorry. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  6. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): flamboyantspork Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): faeringravisher, grubgoth_wud, extremesjw Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): harassment Character Witnesses (Name(s)): um idk quite a few i guess, leowarrior14 Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): after the forum drama with leowarrior14 putting 'cancer' in a serious rp post i decided it would be a grand idea to change my ign to 'faeringravisher' which when viewed in context is obviously a reference to his erp and very wrong. i also slid ooc jabs at leowarrior14 and his character through rp posts on the lotc forums with full intent to offend this individual for a few weeks prior continuously (whereupon i received the appropriate warning points). i apologise to the fms and the gms who had to deal with my negativity. i dont expect this ban appeal to be accepted but i thought i'd post early to get the apology to leo off my chest, and for me to confess my infractions! apology to leowarrior14 Screenshots/Vids (Link) n/a
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      All appeals go through Dohvi. Contact him for your appeal. 

      Sorry for not getting back to you. I saw your request on Skype. Been caught up with holiday family stuff. 

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