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  1. RAK RAGUK Clan Raguk “Lûp-Leyd, Lûp-Gazigazh, Lûp-Gentharuz” The unbroken of Clan Raguk, a notoriously merciless band of behemoth, hardy uruks, and their equally fearsome larger olog counterparts. Their hide is stained with a deep red hue, much akin to the blood that smears their palms, or the molten blood-steel that comprises their weaponry. The bloodlust and militaristic prowess that naturally sears through their bulging veins grants them a bloody reputation that rivals the other clans. History | Bârzuga History of Leadership Decades ago, the Raguk company was alone feared for its plentiful population. The redskin’s encampment stretched over the horizon and filled the vast expanse of yellowish desolation - a tide of red. A tide of 2000 figures, crimson like the blood that smeared their digits following a day of hard toiling. Back then, they were referred to as the vanguard, and correctly so. They were the driving cogs of the Wagh Uzg; who bore an unimaginably incredible military prowess. The cogs never faltered, or grinded to a halt - a continuously operating and well oiled machine, no doubt, forged from two clans: that of Glogol, a clan notorious for trading in a human cargo; and that of Garr a group of fearless warriors. A Raguk Brigade For a multitude of years the Raguk - or the ‘unbroken’ - stood stalwart and firm, like a suit of the finest plate. They never buckled… that was until the day Malgunuz disappeared. As quickly as the clan founder vanished, so too did the Raguk warriors. Many migrated to other clans, bolstering their numbers, therefore dwarfing the once mighty troupe. The wargoth who followed Malgunuz was a lazy drunkard, caring more for whoring, drinking and slaving than clan ideals. His reign therefore lasted briefly, and his advisor - Dhurburz - tugged the reins from him. Dhurburz’ lead was lengthy but unfortunately boasted little fruit. He was known for his strength and wroth but had little experience of leading a clan - he was merely the advisor to the ignorant wargoth of prior times. Kharak, a young man then, defeated the aged, grizzled orc in hand-to-hand combat, thus seizing power from him. REX Kharak’Raguk Kharak prevailed; a little too much, though. His success was like a raging wildfire. He began as a mere grunt, akin to every uruk, but he climbed the ranks at an unimaginable pace. He shoved aside competition for wargoth like they were insects, and garnered a sizeable group of redskins. The young ork had tugged the clan from beneath the tide, to open air. Many who left those years prior flocked back like sheep to a shepherd. He soon after ascended to Domimus and acted as interim ruler in the absence of the Rex, and eventually officially climbed to the pinnacle of orcish hierarchy - Rexdom. His lust for domination was overwhelming. It drove him to contriving a plague of the earth which would consume all those he deemed unfit. Alas, his attempt failed, and it led to the subsequent cessation of Vailor. The world was in tatters, and much alike to the other populations, the orcs were too. Many had perished to the merciless pestilence. The orcish moral was too ruined. No one stood to the task of Raguk leader. But from the shadows, Malgunuz arrived, seemingly out of nowhere. He spoke tales of how the Sky gods had prosecuted him for past perversion of their laws, and tightly constrained him to a floating cell. He too climbed the steps to Rexdom. Malgunuz, whilst Rex, handed Turkurz the position of wargoth. He was a young Raguk - not in regards to age, but in regards to his acquaintance with leadership. It wasn't long until Malgunuz disappeared once more, this instance assumed to be in Stargush’Stroh. The orcish race was forced into the outermost region of Tahn following the Oren-Orc war- a region of barren, sediment laden plains. Upon a plot gifted to the uruks by the dwarves is where they dwell. Turkurz retained the title of Wargoth. Kuntklobbera assumed Wargoth but retained the position for a short duration. An odd infection refined him to a stooping husk that was incapable of doing things for himself. Turkurz therefore attained Wargothdom once more. Drokon, the mad Rex, killed Turkurz within his own thrown room. Aukha followed thereafter. Her reign lasted no longer than Turkurz’, and she to succumbed to Drokon’s madness, this time at the hands of Kulgarok’Dom - a peon to Drokons nonsensical Rexdom. The alliance of Braduk and Raguk, and the formation of Braguk. “Welcome your brethren, for they are more than a friendly disparity… they are one with ourselves! They shall fall in line with us as equals…” Said he, Maugoth Kuntklobbera, “We are green and they are red. They are the large and mighty, and we are the Vanguard. They are the Rhino and we are the Myrzym. They are the envisionment of the fabled Baderkuk and we are the envisionment of Malgunuz, but no more. We are singular! Braguk! Rak Braguk! Sigûrz-slai Rak Braguk! The symphonious guttural chants of the amassed Uruk flared up like a youthful conflagration fed on wild fuel. Sonorously, the chants of ‘Braguk’ and ‘Angh Gund Grish’ and ‘Gaash nagraufom’ echoed throughout the desert that day - a prideful clangor that cemented the inauguration.” - Raguk Chronciler, Imp’Raguk Kuntklobberas attempt at succession Gurak’Yar- in the eyes of Kuntklobbera’Raguk -was a scourge on the urukish kin, a marring of the race and all that was honorable. He was deemed by the Raguk, Braduk, Laks and a small cotorie of outsiders to be unworthy as a leader. Coursing his veins was the blood of Kha, he dabbled in the dark magic, and he had a lover in the Dom clan. All of these reasons- whether truth or no -coerced the redskins in raising arms and fighting. They amassed before the Rex and his dwarven allies at a feast, armed stoically and toting weapons of every ilk. The challenged him with words as sharp as swords… but when this became useless they fought. Sword clashed with sword, and axe with armour, until the victors emerged: the Rex and his dwarven companions. Klobbera found himself escaping, but the sand ran red with Raguk blood. The Harrying of Lur Droplets slapped water, the clangour of which resounded throughout the cave akin to some ilk of funerary bell that Death himself was striking. It resounded and lingered, the ominous presence of the sound groping at the cautiousness of all: a band of uruks, blindly accompanying a guide of blue light. He was the so-dubbed ‘Zur’ suspected of being a servant of some spirit or other, whom had somehow lost himself within the mortal plain. And though unkeen to follow, the uruks did henceforth, past a scummy lake, hugged with sordid matter- an algae of a deep hue that seemed to mock the them with its rich sheen. Although the atmosphere was less than pleasant, all was still and unmarred by any unpleasantries. But just as they assumed all was well, a stirring in the water afront them became ostensible for ripples spliced through the blue- or rather, brown. The water seemed to slice and stir and rise and fall and splash until lo and behold! A great beast threw its form forth the depths, sending amiss an acidic spray. It roared and yelled, it’s eyes snapping open. They burned alike to a twain of conflagrations, full and aflame, and were poised on the amassed greenskins. The creature was disrelished, for these tusked beings had disturbed its domain. The unwonted creatures slammed its craning neck forth, dragging it across the bank. The appendage collided with the Uruks and some tumbled and fell into the acidic water, the pain that the fluid entailed making them writhe and convulse in agony. Amongst the maelstrom, Chek’Lur- the esteemed hunter and Wargoth of Clan Lur shoved Kuntklobbera, the Maugoth of the Vanguard and practiced warrior into the murky depths, for he was maddened by an argument they had engaged in earlier. The Maugoth cascaded into the shallow outskirt of the lake, and he too began yelling as the water seeped through the joints in his plate. He was dragged aside by his kinsmen, a spark of wroth igniting itself in his mind… a grudge that would end in one of the two’s death. Chek approached the mighty red Wargoth the very next day, a look of forgiveness in his eye. He breathed in fleetingly, grimacing as he said his sorrys. The merciless Maugoth was having none of it. He ordered the Lur to bend the knee… and the weakling olbiged: Chek’Lur, the ‘strong’ Wargoth, fell to his knee afront another ork. Both amused and enraged the wrothful Kuntklobbera spat his profanities and declared war on the Lur clan... Culture and Traditions | Culav The Blazing Fist of Leyd, Hammer of Gentharuz and Kruuk of Gazigazh. The Redskinned Raguk are a fervent machine - one that never grinds nor falters; one that continues in the toiling that his treasured so dearly by the cotorie, no matter what harsh existence may throw in its direction. They are the unbroken - orks that worship work and discipline above all else but the spirits. Discipline Discipline and the respect for ones superiors is a revered notion and tightly enforced within the Raguk. Speaking out against the Maugoth, or merely contradicting him, could warrant a prompt strike or a lashing, or even removal of the tongue should the ‘goth see it fit. (Though this has never occured.) Elders, and the Mautor are to be respected akin to the Maugoth. The Maugoth himself is to be adressed as ‘Goth’ (Akgoth - ‘yes lord’. Nargoth, ‘no lord’) Music The Raguk find respite in singing during their vigorous toiling, to alleviate aches that may be ailing them, or simply to retain a rhythm. The guttural tones of miners and smiths rings out from their halls, and homes, and drift up from the interminable mineshafts at all hours of the day, accompanied by the clangor of pick striking rock, or hammer striking anvil - instruments of the Raguk. Chants and songs alike are sung by the fearsome redskinned brutes, before battle or during times of dormancy. Within battle, the sword, and krruk and axe are the common accompaniment to their fearsome warsongs, which thereafter granted Raguk warriors epithet of ‘The Red Choir. Waghpaint Warpaint is a key feature in orcish society, often signifying the uruks prior achievements or status - the peculiar orks of Raguk are no different. They boast paints of varying colours and shape, albeit a triad prosper moreso than other adopted styles. An orc with the ‘bloody face’ rendered upon his forehead. 0 The open hand: its name describes its form, a palm with every digit uncurled. Generally, it is painted or tattooed upon the skin in white, in bone or quartz dust. 0 The bloody face: a simple paint, however a more fear-inducing individual. Orks with ‘the bloody face’ rendered upon their forehead bear it to signify their feverous bloodlust, AND ability to suppress it. 0 The hammer: an etching embedded beneath the hide deluging the shoulder. It resembles an eccentrically decorated smithing hammer with the face of an ork chiselled upon its side. Dar Ob Griish An air of curiosity swept over the ashen Orc, Gijaak, as he stepped into the library of the Angathgûl. As he squinted in the dimly lit space, he looked to the tomes and scriptures of old littered across the floor. It seemed there was little space on the shelves for new additions, and so they had been strewn about in carelessness. As Gijaak stepped cautiously over the books, he made his way to the Smithing section, setting his steel cane up against the shelf as he reached upward. For a moment he paused, running his fingers along the books as he searched, humming in contemplation. As his eyes fixed on a book in particular, his eyebrows rose in surprise as he drew it from the shelf. He proceeded to carry it over to a nearby table, blowing the dust from the cover on the way there. As he wiped the remaining dust from the cover, he noticed a crimson blotch of blood stained on the leather surface. As he went to open the tome, it creaked and groaned with old age as it presented its knowledge. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152403-d%C3%A2r-ob-griish/#comment-1439898 Boneweaving Ailed with the loss of their mounts- their kindred -the Uruks of yore devised a rite of afterlife for the beasts whom had fallen whilst at their side: to yoke the bones of their companions together with wire, append it with brilliant white metals and don it on the field of battle; to blind their opponents with the greatness of their beastly accompaniments, even in their state of rest. The custom was almost lost to the interminable advancement of time, and was especially thinned when the orkish populance was close to definite eradication. But above all it was held singularly by the Raguk, and they held it dear, to honour their dead companions; the beasts they viewed as equals to themselves: the myrzym. “The knowledge of this rite must once more be free to the prying curiosity of uruks, to allow them honour their beasts!” Decreed the Raguk moot; and so, they allowed this knowledge to be taught: to roam without resistance within the minds of the adroit men and women of Krugmar so that they too can honour their dead. Spirituality Like most Orcs, the Raguks hold fast to their belief in the Spirits and their interaction in the mortal plane. The Raguk allow all spirits to be worshipped, but chief amongst their most revered are: Leyd, the spirit of Dominance; Gazigash, the spirit of blood and bones and Gentharuz, the spirit of hard labour. Many clans engage in ancestor worship. Raguk too possess similar customs, and cherish ancestors of their own: Grubgoth Wud’Fud-Raguk, and Rex Kharak’Raguk are but two of the red horde who reached enlightenment of Greater Ancestral spirits. When a Raguk dies their material remains are cremated on a pyre and scattered, although certain figures who attained legendary status amongst the clan in life have been known to have their burned bones placed in large stone urns and interred in elaborate tombs Mounts |Shaûkz The desolate plain of Vailor bore no fruit for the Raguk; they had been allotted no mount, for each current were within the grasp of other clans: the braduk had their thick-skinned compatriots; and the Lur had their agile wolves - perfect beasts for hunting, but the Raguk remained without the company of a beastly companion. It is said the Wargoth of yore averted his interests from scouring the barren plain to otherworldly thespians - the spirits. And it is also said that they provided. The urukish leader returned from the plain of lifelessness with a fresh born creature walking lamely in its infancy. It appeared like an elephant, but strode with heightened grandeur within its gait in comparison to its counterparts, and seemed - though ever so slightly - larger. A proud creature it was born, and a proud creature it remained. The myrzym are, conveyed straightforwardly, bred for conflict. Their tall stature safeguards the rider from high swinging blows and their thick hide protects them from strikes of lower course. Their tusks are as sharp as razors, and viciously boast a knack for impaling oncoming traffic. Though their purpose remain generally within combat, they possess cultural importance to the Raguk. They are a clear representation of the spirit's ability, and are thus respected as much as the wargoth of the clan. Myrzym appear often adorned in a collection of awe-instating jewellery: typically formed from precious materials, and a product of Raguk smithing. Fine velvets and silks are usually draped across their bulky frames, and painstakingly conceived paints cover their leathery hide. In the event that a myrzym is slain in an offensive altercation, the owner is expected to mourn the loss of their companion. The remains are traditionally crafted into ceremonial armour which is donned for 15 days and 15 nights. Thereafter, the uruk is expected to tame a further myrzym. Laws and Proceedings| Maarubh Clan Laws The clan comes above all else. Cessation of a brothers life except in times of clan-feuding is strictly proscribed. Mating with those outside of the orcish race is forbidden. Duplicity is not to ensue. Foolishness is not tolerated. Disrespect is not tolerated. Shoddy craftsmanship is not tolerated. Respect the hammer and anvil. Punishment Extent of clan condemnation determines severity of punishment. The offender is tied to a felled log and set adrift upon the vast blue expanse to die of famine, or exposure to the elements. Castration and branding. Extent of deceit determines severity of punishment. Lashing. Lashing or partial removal of tongue for lesser disrespect. Entire removal of tongue for severe disrespect. Poorly formed item is destroyed and the creator is lashed lightly. Clan Artefacts | Rak Turkurz’ The final bottle of Wud’s piss grog: An ale previously brewed proudly by the knuckleheaded Grubgoth Wud’Raguk. Since his death, the bottle within the current Wargoths possession is thought to be the last. The horn of Raguk: A war horn constructed from the tusk of the traiterous uruk ‘Kilug’ who challenged Malgunuz and threatened the lives of the elders, but subsequently failed in his attempt and succumbed to Malgunuz’ blade. Mar’zuuk: An incredibly powerful bow once wielded by the almighty Kharak’Raguk the World Destroyer. Fiut-h’hundred: An axe wielded by Kuntklobbera’Raguk that is imbued with the abilities of Leyd- a patron spirit to the Raguk “Angh Gund Grizh”
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  3. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): dohvi/morrisaye Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Grubgoth Wud Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): receiving a tenth warning point Character Witnesses (Name(s)): n/a Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): i posted a manifold of offensive content directed generally at leowarrior. i eventually amassed 10 warning points which i was rightfully forum banned for. i apologise to the forum mods who had to deal with my petty childishness, and to leowarrior. sorry. Screenshots/Vids (Link):
  4. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): flamboyantspork Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): faeringravisher, grubgoth_wud, extremesjw Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): harassment Character Witnesses (Name(s)): um idk quite a few i guess, leowarrior14 Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): after the forum drama with leowarrior14 putting 'cancer' in a serious rp post i decided it would be a grand idea to change my ign to 'faeringravisher' which when viewed in context is obviously a reference to his erp and very wrong. i also slid ooc jabs at leowarrior14 and his character through rp posts on the lotc forums with full intent to offend this individual for a few weeks prior continuously (whereupon i received the appropriate warning points). i apologise to the fms and the gms who had to deal with my negativity. i dont expect this ban appeal to be accepted but i thought i'd post early to get the apology to leo off my chest, and for me to confess my infractions! apology to leowarrior14 Screenshots/Vids (Link) n/a
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