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  1. Mwari Ishe, Chieftess of the Abahambi, former Duchess and Queen of Elysium, has been spending her days in the desert in peace and contentment. Each day she thinks of her children as she walks the edge of the dry grasslands, the edge of her territory. Seeing a proud cheetah, she wonders how her darling Aja-Oya Leika is doing, if she’s married, if she has children, perhaps grandchildren. Continuing that thought, Mwari wonders if she may be a great grandmother. With a smile and a shake of her head she continues on her way to the waterhole, basket upon her head. Mwari Delilah Ishe de Astrea will perhaps never know of the fate of her daughter, or even of her other now deceased children. She continues to live her life happily. Ignorance is bliss. Antimonite, ex servant, has heard the news of the Monarch’s passing, of his old friends death. Distraught, he falls into a deep despair on par with the loss of his own mother and sister. Truly, Leika was his sister. No matter how far and how long it has been since he saw her and her husband, his dearest friend and sworn brother, still the sorvian holds them in his construct heart as the most important people in his life. He considers seeing Ehrendil finally at least to pay his respects but a deep deep shame prevails. How could he return at such a time, after abandoning his oath to protect Leika? With resignation, Antimonite returns to his literal hole in the wall home to once again go into isolation. An isolation permeated with self hatred, self pity, guilt, grief, and worse. What a great way to spend an eternal life.
  2. Danika Ireheart, formerly Goldhand, despite being a far throw from the usual fighting group of her kin, finds word of this new grudge. Reading it half-heartedly as she sews a dress for a patron, the dwarf stops to sigh. “Oh, gods…” She sets her work aside to pray before her home’s shrine - For her kin’s protection, for innocent orcish people’s safety, and for her own. Kuku ‘da Red Menace’ Masamune, formerly Raguk, sets to sharpening her weapons and dusting off her old armour. She gives her son a pep talk and gifts him her best battle axe. Her goal in these times is to protect herself and her family, no matter what.
  3. Danika Ireheart hears news of her clanmate's passing through gossip and, still within this conversation, would simply reply with: "Dayum." Soon the topic moves on and the dwarven women would chat about teas for hangovers.
  4. Doctor Kuku ‘da Red Menace’ Raguk, formerly Merku Hawksong, daughter of Urza Hawksong, walks through the Iron City of Krugmar with a young orcish boy by her side. Her adopted son, a green hued boy; a stark contrast to the crimson skin of his mother, holds her large hand tightly as they make way to their home. Kuku hasn’t been herself lately. The trauma of believing her own mother abandoned her for her early life had caused her to lash out so harshly at her adoptive mother they no longer spoke. But, this did bring the woman to think of her real mother. They hadn’t spoken in a while, she should send her a letter, Kuku thought. She wouldn’t know, as she was hurriedly getting her child comfortable so she may start her letter, that it would never reach its intended recipient. If after months of no reply, Kuku would simply fall into a despair like no other at the thought even her own mother no longer wanted her.
  5. (OOC) MC Name: Satyrdays (OOC) Discord: Satyrdays#0269 Name: Dayenna Zohar Maenaea Race: Mali'ker Profession: Bard and luthier Skill Level: Amateur Why you would like to work at the Clinic? (Alternatively: What draws you to medicine?): I have always had a natural affinity for hearing out the woes of others so as to relieve their stress, and I have been doing so for the friends I have found within Nor'Asath so far. I believe it would help those in this community if I were to help through professional methods and learn to be a real therapist.
  6. Kuku da Red Menace glances over at Masuo when he starts speaking to himself again. She is confused. With a single shake of her head she resumes cooking.
  7. Tasted good though Pip Asimulum-Withfoot the Chicken Druid, better known as the Chicken Man or Keeper of Chickens, is dead. Whoop-tee-do. He was nearing the end of his life, was going blind, his hair was going white, and he hasn't seen his family for ages. He's led a shit life. Got kidnapped as a baby, raised in slavery as a deaf kid, and escaped covered in scars and without a voice to the druids. Got raised there, got a family, was kinda communally raised. Fun times. Became a druid? Awesome. Met the love of his life and married him? The best. But his time had come... and a dwarf decided to strangle him. Oops. Around his dead body now is a morgue in Urguan, who knows if it'll be delivered to his family or the Grove. At least the guy is dead, even if it was brutal and took way too long. this is the worst pk post i've ever written and i've been playing this guy for 88 weeks tops
  8. Dayenna Maenaea, a young 'ker who was the one to break out an enslaved 'ker boy with the help of a kind 'aheral, wouldn't be able to find out about this brilliant news. She and her new friend had been brought to the 'kers of the Stygian Hollow and spoke of their experience to their leader, thus bringing the treatment of child dark elves to light. If Dayenna was to find out of this, she would definately rejoice and hug her new friend, the ex tea child.
  9. If whenever this news was brought to Kuku da Red Menace there would be a snort of confusion at the news of two of the three lesbians dying so close to one another, which soon made way for deep contemplation on the 20 minas which she used to buy Naexi as a snaga. Out of her buying hundreds of dolls to collect and tossing money at friends, her buying Naexi was definitely the worst business investment of her life.
  10. Duchess Mwari ‘Delilah’ Ishe de Astrea of Elysium, mother of the bride, spends her time away from the limelight of politics to sew for her beloved eldest daughter her wedding shroud and other such imperative items in a traditional wedding. Even if they are not to go by Abahambi rites, they will wear the essentials of it if it’s the last thing Mwari does! That or bring a copious amount of drugs to the after party for a group enlightenment.
  11. Kuku ‘da Red Menace’ Raguk, Huntsgoth of the Iron Uzg and old friend of the Sarosa family, heard of the loss from the fog of rumour. She hadn’t spoken to that lot in a long time, and only now she hears of them? Of her sister’s death by wolves of all things? The Huntress spared no moment before she gathered all she had which remained of Songs, of the bits and pieces she collected from her abandoned home, to perform her own funeral. All herbs, mushrooms, clothing, and jewellery found was buried alongside prayers for safe travel to Stargush. The days following would be preparation to find her old friends to properly pay her respects to those who remained.
  12. Kuku da Red Menace glances at Masuo as he reads the parchment, the fe-uruk's expression contorted with confusion as he begins to talk to himself about something or other. She casts her gaze away awkwardly and goes back to cleaning her tavern. Jun Kaishike, the ward of Zi Shu and training bodyguard of the Wen family, doesn't read the missive as he is practically illiterate and doesn't know what a Chancellor is. He is having fun cutting bamboo with his new sword and petting his dog.
  13. As news spread to the formidable Iron Uzg, a certain Huntsgoth let out a laugh and cried “Rulg zkah dat twiggeh zkaher iz flat!” And she turned then to look upon a letter she had received from friends and only smiled more, “Datz wub lat git fer tryna flat mi niece.”
  14. Kuku'Raguk, the former owner of Naexi, would smile wide upon receiving the letter as she was in the thick jungles of the lands of Krugmar. Before opening it, though, she would send her labrys battle axe down upon the neck of a great alligator which she had hunted. Once it was done wriggling the letter would finally be read and the Raguk would laugh a little at that which was inside of it. "Mi ex-znaga invitez mi tuu 'er weddin'? Mi bettah get mi bezt outfit out fer diz!" With that, she shoves the letter in her bag before hurling the hulking figure of the lizard over her shoulder to return to the city.
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