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  1. They made a great decision bringing Z3 on the App Team. I hope they can make that good decision again and make him a GM. +1
  2. Deathnote, Soul Eater, and Full Metal Alchemist.
  3. Vaddon watches silently, as his brother sharpens his axe, and tests the weight of his bowstring.
  4. Marijuana Bronson



  5. Heavy -1 due to the horrific bandit roleplay executed by you. I would never suggest making someone, who bandits in a cowboy skin, a GM.
  6. Tark Treebeard strolls into the Dwarven City, new and unseen by his eyes, and is met by his good friend Mafraedon Starbreaker. They catch up for a bit in the tavern and Maf informs him of the current events. Tark immediately stands up and rushes from the room toward the Grand King's Hall. Approaching Bastion, he states "Ah believe oi could speak fer t'e Treebeards of Axios, aldo' we may not be recognized as a clan an'ehmore, oI woul' still like tah say tha' I stand fer peace in Urguan. And oI em sure tha' an'eh other Treebeard will say tha same."
  7. Thank you all so much, you're all great role players and that's why your experiences with me have been positive.
  8. Very creative for an Australian. And I know for a fact that he will put the utmost effort into whatever events he is a part of. +1
  9. I like that you have two first names. That's unique and cool!
  10. Lmao, I didn't report the last goodbye or even reply. I am but a simple scapegoat.
  11. MC name: sullincollivan What group are you from: The Jarldom of Mjol What can you do to help new players: I will teach them to roleplay and assign their skills. Along with that, I have a large plot for my settlement with plenty of housing to give out for free and no taxation. I would also provide them with any needed supplies and work in exchange for minas. Everything I do in roleplay and oocly is ultimately to benefit those around me, and provide them with a place to thrive and prosper.
  12. Means a lot Turkurz, Tark's brother from another mother.
  13. MC Name: sullincollivan Skype Name: collinrobot Timezone: PST Age: 18 Do you have Discord? (you need to): Yup, Collin#0607 Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: Absolutely, I understood what was needed perfectly when I applied to LotC and was accepted on my first attempt. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I find myself wasting a lot of time when I am just on LotC and grinding my skills. I wanna become more productive in a positive way. The best option I saw in front of me was the Application team, I think I can benefit both myself and the server through my service. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I think providing new players with a seasoned LotC ambassador fitting their preferred background for their character, possibly before the new player even begins the application process, would be massively beneficial. This will help new players make a character that means more to them than an obscure background with outdated lore they gathered from the Wiki. I personally ran into this issue when I made a forest dwarf and was never told that they disappeared in Vailor. When I arrived in Kal’ Nikaer I was met with hate and negativity that was RPly granted but as a new player I had no clue what was going on. Luckily, the thing which kept me playing LotC was a friendly player named RinRaguk, who took me in and taught me how to use the commands and roleplay a dwarf correctly. I am aware the AT is working on this sort of a thing right now, which I did apply for, but I would like to help with it any way I can. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: As I said in my previous answer, I think having someone that knows their stuff help the new applicant create a character that is fitting for the current social setting of the server. For the time being, I will do my best to make sure the person is ready to join the server with a character that they will enjoy playing, along with making sure they know enough lore and the rules of the server. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: I am in community college in California and working at a golf course. I try my best to be a genuinely kind and compassionate human being, though I may not be religious, this compassion is certainly driven by the teachings of Buddhism that I’ve picked up throughout my life. I am what you might call a stereotypical stoner teenager who just wants to spend his time doing more for a community he cares about and less time being unproductive. Tell me a joke: Q: How do you get a one-armed stoner out of a tree? A: Wave.
  14. What's on your mind?-


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