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  1. Medical card to treat my glaucoma
    Yota gang outside the club
    Yea we pushin that Tacoma
    Pickin up some Crumble that's so fire-

    it's comparable to a supernova

    Sprinkle it on my bowl
    holy mole got me broken
    Cool down the burning feelin after smokin
    with an ice cold Arizona

    Chiefin Tangie and sippin champagne
    The remedy for my hangovah
    call it a submarine mimosa
    Hit the j, chase it, now you couch locked on the sofa

  2. Lava cash flow bloin dollahs
    Chronic fauna grown in my sauna
    Smoke you out for free, homie
    All you gotta do is holla

  3. I really like the idea! Adds kind of a more cultural feel to the chef profession. +1
  4. Not too late, till 4:28

    1. sullincollivan


      61e5cd5468.pngIts chill, I have another chance on my Dwarf

  5. "Sold! And I'll knock off a few hundred since yah seem to truly believe it's overpriced"
  6. You're welcome to play a character in our, Scandavian influenced, family, the Reyurnts! Me and Balthy are glad to help you get started
  7. Dtrik is renowned for making the Starbreaker clan great again and has provided many players with the means to have a good time roleplaying! This is the key component in being an event actor and I highly suggest giving him a chance +10
  8. Edit: ((all prices lowered slightly since posting)) Posters are hung throughout Alexandria The Reyurnt brother's rare discoveries are up for auction! Sold Starting Price: 1000 minas Starting Price: 1500 minas Starting Price: 3000 minas
  9. Sold! To the Dwed in the bear pelt!
  10. "Yah, sure thing" Pens the dwarf in response
  11. I'll sell yah the other 2 for 300 minas, pens a cave dwarf
  12. A flyer would be posted everywhere throughout Urguan and even a few in surounding cities in Axios. The Blue Beard Bazaar Presents~ An Auction of 64 Windswept Rods, the bidding begins at 1,000 minas. ~minimum bid of 1k required~ Please send notice of your offer to Vaddon Starbreaker ((sullincollivan))
  13. Great stuff Chaw, keep up the good work!
  14. The GMs just need to realize that not everything is an emergency. Sometimes it's better to sit back and allow the players to work it out, acting as simply a mediator, and reminding players not to take things oocly. Banning someone is the easy way to deal with it, but, it unfortunately often ends in false accusation. Staff need to take the initiative to help players learn how to follow the rules instead of taking the ban hammer short cut.