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  1. ((She Married into the Ruric family 2 days ago, I have 360 hours on my Jarl character and have put in infinitely more work in for Norland than her and all the Rurics combined, on this map at least. I was never asked or told that the Krag was being made our Nation Capital, in fact I have been telling deano that he cannot just show up and claim himself as king this whole time, along with that there are no players living there as of now and it has already been pillaged and destroyed probably by the last few occupants as they fled for the hills.))
  2. ((Why do you all care? None of you roleplayed in Norland, The Krag was 5 Rurics and a bunch of Alts that only came on for ooc rallies. Please just let us do our thing, seeing as we have been playing our Norlanders on this map longer than any of the Rurics, who you defend so honorably, but left you to be sieged by the dwarves.))
  3. ((I am not a vassal or Norland nor does it say that anywhere. I am the only remaining leadership and I am taking it a new direction with permission from all of the creators. Who even are you in game? If you know so much how come I have never seen you in our settlements?))
  4. The Kingdom of Uppsala 6th of the Deep Cold, 1599 “No longer shall we be tread on by Norland’s enemies. We are now a new Kingdom, distinguishing ourselves as separate from the Rurics and their mad bloodthirsty tactics, lies, and treachery. From this day forth, This land is Uppsala, and our capital will forever be Mjöl!” -Erik Reyurnt: addressing the people of Mjöl Uppsalian Noble Families ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ House Reyurnt Patriarch: Erik Reyurnt Formed on the virtues of strong leadership and an undying love for the All-Father, this family is the current head of Mjöl, answering only to the All-Father himself. They are also known as one of the first Norlandic families to settle in the Isles of Axios. ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ House Ofgarsson Patriarch: Dren Ofgarsson House Ofgarsson is known for their massive stature and radical loyalty to protecting the Reyurnts. Towering high above most of their kin, the Ofgarssons, generally have dark brown eyes and long braided brunette hair shaved on the sides. ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ House Aewyn Patriarch: Ix Aewyn The Aewyn family has always had a special touch with animals. They tend to make great shepherds and breeders, gaining the attention of a herd of cattle with a single deafening whistle. ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ House Boleyn Patriarch: Alfred Boleyn Upon his father’s death Alfred took on the family business, eventually moving it and himself to Mjöl, and solidifying his bloodline as that of Uppsalian from that day forth. The Boleyn company is known across the lands for its outrageously cheap prices and proudly boasts that it is the Grand King of Urguan’s main iron supplier. This is truly a family of merchants. ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ Leadership Layout ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ ⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪⸫⸪ Uppsalian Military ~Formed from the different guards of each Jarldom or huscarl, answering only to The King of Uppsala, and his council of Warmasters~ The Reynguard Current Warmaster - Leif Reyurnt Protectors of the capital and the most vigorously trained individuals in all of Axios. These shield brothers and sisters have grown a strong bond since the settling of these lands, and have protected it even before the Reyurnt family came to power. They are now tasked with protecting the King and Prince, along with anyone dwelling within the capital city of Mjol. The Offguard Current Warmaster - Dren Ofgarsson The strongest of the Reynguard are generally later admitted into the Offguard, a group of savage raiders, all well seasoned in battle. These men are not tasked with protecting the city, like the Reynguard, unless it is commanded by either the King or current patriarch of House Ofgarsson. They are rather sent out on raiding parties or bounties to collect minas and loot for their Kingdom. Uppsala’s Economy [TBA] The Upp-sagas: Volume I- Mjölvalanche
  5. Erik wonders who these men are to judge him, for he had never met either of them. He quickly brushes the thought away, remembering how well the Rurics recruited these blind followers. These must have been the same ignorant goons that failed to truly protect their leaders in the end.
  6. ((Stop acting like the krag is populated this is just land left over from a bunch of lotc players that quit, they got us into this war with the dwarves and now I am getting us out.))
  7. "You have no context, I am of equal power to Artyom, and I have not allowed him to become the King of Norland to this point so there is no crown for him to pass on to Annabel." Erik would argue "Furthermore, she is not even of Norlandic blood, nor is there anything left to rule over at The Krag. The only Norlandic settlement remaining is my Jarldom, which I have graciously opened up, to Annabel and the remaining citizens of her Husband's ruined city."
  8. The Jarldom of Mjöl (Previously known as Ostermark or Svenheld) 13th of the Amber Cold, 1599 Announcements: From this day forth, the once small frontier village called Ostermark, will be known as The Jarldom of Mjöl, led by House Reyurnt. ~-~-~-~-~-~ Jarl Erik Reyurnt, his Thanes, and loyal subjects - hereby renounce their unification with the Ruric family and the Jarldom of The Krag. ~-~-~-~-~-~ A large expansion has been implemented, full of new cheap and spacious housing, which is now being provided for any refugees from the Krag. ~-~-~-~-~-~ Upon Urguan’s siege of the Krag - Jarl Erik Reyurnt shall seize this land, along with the crown of Norland, from the ruined Ruric family. ~-~-~-~-~-~ The land shall then be given to the Grand King Bastion Ireheart, to do with as he pleases. This gift is considered valid reparations for the treaty broken by the Rurics. ~-~-~-~-~-~ And Finally, the Ruric family is permanently exiled from Norland, and should be killed on sight, if seen on Norlandic soil. ~-~-~-~-~-~ Signed, Jarl Erik Reyurnt
  9. Erik Reyurnt leans back in his throne almost knocking over his ornate terracotta water pipe, balanced on the arm rest, but catches it before it falls. "Damn, that's some good Uruk FUNK, I tell yeh what! Eath'Lur grows the finest cactus I've ever smoked, I must request a shipment at once!" he stammers, coughing on the stale smoke left in the piece. +1 Stoners unite
  10. Great work brother! So much new lore for our Jarldom recently, more for the history books. +1
  11. Masterfully written my friend, I can only take credit for the format +1!
  12. I'm sure they can handle it. Seems like they have plently of spare time on their hands to post these weak ass memes. Really though, I feel like this is just a pathetic attempt at triggering people and the staff are the last people I ever wanna see doing that.
  13. I have a decent family of 3 brothers if you want to play one of our children. We are known as the Reyurnts and we hail from Norland. Here is our family lore too Add me on skype if you're interested: collinrobot