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    Jerome Nicéphore, Jarno Reyurnt, & Vaddon Starbreaker

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  1. Character Sheet Jerome Serge Nicéphore By Collin Sullivan Status: Alive Appearance Weight & Height: 197 lbs & 6’1” Race: Highlander Age: 51 Gender: Male Eye Color: Dark Green Body Type: Jerome Nicéphore exemplifies the iconic blacksmith; a broad shouldered, firm footed man, covered from head to toe in charcoal. In order to prevent accidental singed hair, Jerome sports a clean shaven head. Although, his facial hair seems to have been clean shaven at some point, but has long since grown into a patchy mess of stubble. Lifestyle “Childhood” (1570-1590): Jerome Serge Nicéphore was born on the 3rd of the Deep Cold, 1570 within the borders of Courland. His father was a blacksmith in the capital city, Alexandria. Jerome spent a majority of his childhood at home with his mother, who actively practiced enchanting and was most likely the inspiration for his later interest in it. As he grew into a teenager, Jerome began helping his father in the forge and learning the complexities of metallurgy. “A Father’s last wish” (ca.1590-1610): In his late 20’s, Jerome’s father passed away, leaving the family business to him. Although, without the notoriety of his father, this burden eventually overtook him and he was forced to close the forge to care for his mother. In 1602, she also died, leaving Jerome as the only living Nicéphore descendant in all of Axios. To regain his family’s respect, he sold everything he owned to purchase a small home and forge in Aven, in which he could work his steel and hone his craft, while also respecting his father’s legacy. Religion: Canonist Residence: The County of Aven
  2. [OOC Information] Username: sullincollivan Skype (pm if you’d rather it be private): collinrobot Discord (pm if you’d rather it be private): [RP Information] Name: Jerome Nicéphore Race: Highlander Age: 51 Previous experience: Years of working a forge Weapon of choice: War Hammer Profession: Legendary Blacksmith, Legendary Enchanter, Masterful Woodworker Why do you wish to serve in the Relourian Brigade?: To put my skills to work, forging the finest blades possible for the Relourian Brigade
  3. Hello all,

    After a short interim period, I'm contemplating coming back to LotC.  Is it worth my time?  Furthermore, how's the server been while I was gone?



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    2. Narthok


      I mean Ostermark is still around kind of

    3. PorkNchopS


      New groups are up and running and things are going good. Some people arent as proactive as others to get rp and thats their problem. But you are always welcome in the Daelands, the newest scottish/gaelic culture filled with weekly events and a constant flow of rp. We have a tournament in an hour if you decide quickly :3

    4. Manatee


      dude you're alive

  4. Im coming out of my hermit hole to let you all know that Hoster is a great guy and certainly deserves a shot at GM +1
  5. Medical card to treat my glaucoma
    Yota gang outside the club
    Yea we pushin that Tacoma
    Pickin up some Crumble that's so fire-

    it's comparable to a supernova

    Sprinkle it on my bowl
    holy mole got me broken
    Cool down the burning feelin after smokin
    with an ice cold Arizona

    Chiefin Tangie and sippin champagne
    The remedy for my hangovah
    call it a submarine mimosa
    Hit the j, chase it, now you couch locked on the sofa

  6. Lava cash flow bloin dollahs
    Chronic fauna grown in my sauna
    Smoke you out for free, homie
    All you gotta do is holla

  7. I really like the idea! Adds kind of a more cultural feel to the chef profession. +1
  8. Not too late, till 4:28

    1. sullincollivan


      61e5cd5468.pngIts chill, I have another chance on my Dwarf

  9. "Sold! And I'll knock off a few hundred since yah seem to truly believe it's overpriced"
  10. Dtrik is renowned for making the Starbreaker clan great again and has provided many players with the means to have a good time roleplaying! This is the key component in being an event actor and I highly suggest giving him a chance +10
  11. Edit: ((all prices lowered slightly since posting)) Posters are hung throughout Alexandria The Reyurnt brother's rare discoveries are up for auction! Sold Starting Price: 1000 minas Starting Price: 1500 minas Starting Price: 3000 minas
  12. Sold! To the Dwed in the bear pelt!
  13. "Yah, sure thing" Pens the dwarf in response
  14. I'll sell yah the other 2 for 300 minas, pens a cave dwarf