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  1. OOC Username: _LegendaryLegend Discord: Legendary Legend#4872 RP Name: Desimir Zytiaear Age: ~70 Race: Mali’aheral Place of Residence: None Department: The Keepers of Scientia- Keeper The Professors of Academia- Student The Researchers of Incognita- Discipuli Other Organizations: The Enchantry Mage’s Guild Library of Dragur Holm Academy
  2. Scion ((OOC)) MC Name: _LegendaryLegend Discord:Legendary Legend#4872 Timezone:EST IC Name: Ryldfene Valor Race: High Elf/ Wood Elf Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): None. Age: 45 Can you fight?: Yes, I can fancy a sword. Do you know magic?: I hope one day to be able to, this is my current personal pursuit. Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: I tinker and invent.
  3. Updoot! -Edited Format -Edited Relations ~Added: - Heial - Geneviene - Ravondir - Eliza - Dael'ran - Nynaeve - Dewlox Let me know if I forgot anyone!
  4. There we are! Formatting issue has finnaly been resolved. Oddly I just readjust the spacing in google docs. Didn't think this sort of thing woul be my first update but its a major enough change in my book, so.. Updoot!
  5. Well Ryld was given this armor ooc & ic by other who bear the same uniform so you'll have to take it up with them: @Malgonious *shrug* And please this is not the appropriate place to discuss thing so rather pm))
  6. Its doing the same thing in a new topic.... wtf are you talking about? O.o
  7. ((Yeah, I have /no/ idea what's going on with the formatting and how to fix it. Any recommendations?))
  8. Ryldfene Valor (By Thriaemis at Devianart.com ) Basic Infomation Character's Full Name: Ryldfene Xorlarrin Valor Reason or meaning of name: Seeker of Light Nicknames: ~Ryld ~Ryl Physical Appearance Gender: Male Race: Mali'amealheral (Half Wood Elf and High Elf) Age: 36+ years of age How old does he/she appear: 27 years of age Weight: 156 lb Height: 6'4" Body type: Mesomorph Body build: He has a tone and well proportioned body with slightly broad shoulders, though his muscles lack in much depth due to his elven heritage. Shape of face: Simi- diamond and square Eye color: Grey Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: None Skin tone: Touch of tan Distinguishing marks: N/A Predominant features: N/A Hair color: Brown Type of hair: Straight Hairstyle: Long hair that nearly touches his shoulders. His hair curls slightly with the length of the hair. There is a ponytail tied in the back of his head. Voice: Proper British Accent Overall attractiveness: Fairly attractive Physical disabilities: None. Outfit: Jewelry or accessories: None Personality Mood character is most often in: Passive, if a bit optimistic. Sense of humor: Sophisticated Character's greatest joy in life: Touring himself around a grand library of vast books Character's greatest fear: Common fears, nothing really extravagant What single event would most throw this character's life into complete turmoil?: Becoming physically or mentally handicap in any way Character is most at ease when: Reading a good or favorite book(s) in a relaxed environment Most ill at ease when: In the presence of violent situations Enraged when: ~Those he cares about are threatened ~Witnessing the suffering of others, especially if they are innocent or treated unjustly Depressed or sad when: ~Occurrence of death, especially to someone close to him Priorities: ~Meeting and forming relationships with others ~Becoming stronger and fit to be better at meeting physical demands Life philosophy: Pragmatism Alignment: Neutral good If granted one wish, it would be: To learn the arcane arts Character's soft spot: Baby animals, and Infants Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Yes Animal lover?: Yes Good Traits: ~Very intelligent/wise/logical ~Diplomat ~Strong-Willed ~Diligent Neutral Traits: ~Disciplined/Patient ~Creative ~Optimistic/Philosophical ~Observant Bad Traits ~Unlikely to change his opinion on a set view ~Pacifist/Soft-hearted ~Smart alack ~Speaks bluntly Regrets: He has nothing to 'regret' because there is nothing to regret. He understands that even if the past was full of hurt and consequences you should look back and appreciate it because it made him into the person he is currently. Biggest accomplishment: None, yet... Minor accomplishment: None, yet... Goals Completed Goals: ~ Expand upon combat skills. [ ✘ ] ~Expand knowledge in the supernatural. [ ✘ ] ~Own a house.[ ✘ ] ~ Expand knowledge in alchemy. [ ✘ ] ~Learn how to ride a horse. [ ✘ ] ~Own a pet. [ ✘ ] ~ Successfully cook something. [ ✘ ] ~Get married. [ ✘ ] ~Start a family [ ✘ ] ~ Obtain a library and read to no end. [ ✘ ] ~Learn the magical arts [ ✘ ] How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Full dedication and passion Drives and motivations: Self -enlightenment and peace Present Current location: N/A Currently living with: Alone Pets: None Religion: N/A Occupation: ~ Scholar ~Tactician ~Philosopher ~Mediator ~Adviser Finances: High/Middle- Class Relations Hate Great Dislike Dislike Unsure Neutral Like Befriend Trust Love Phlatonically Love ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Father (aka Dewlox) " What can I say, Father? I can't thank you enough for being there when I needed you and raising me to the man you see before you today. " Mister Dael'ran " You've known be longer and better than anyone, and I appreciate our great friendship throughout the years. You are like a brother to me. I only wish as we find our places in the world, that our friendship will remain never-changing." Mister Heial " I've heard your a man of great experiences and knowledge that of which I'd love to learn about if we are ever given the time to learn more about each other." Miss Nyn " From what I've seen you are a good friend an person at heart. I do wish bad things would cease to come your way but then again I do not. As I see you you have two choices when it does come: to let destroy you or to let it strengthen you. Bad things happen to good people because it is they that are capable of handling it." Mister Ravondir "A trusty adviser and friend, both of which I am thankful for." Miss Genevieve " I tried to pull you out of the hole you've created for yourself. I'm afraid I have given up hope now, since you continue to pull in the opposite direction, for fear you will pull me down in same the hole with you. " Miss Eliza "I assumed your were different than the others, though I see now I was a fool for believing it so. " Everyone else "Simply put, I trust most people as far as I can throw them. Considering the most I've ever invested my strength in is a big book and a sword, I cannot even lift them to toss." Family Mother: Astria (Ah-stra- ya) Xolarrin Father: Halken (Hal-kin) Xolarrin Dewlox Valor (Adoptive Siblings: Arriana (Half -sister) Spouse: None Children: None Favorites Colors: Burnt Orange Gold White Least favorite color: Black Red Music: Flute Food & Beverages ~Bread roll, Cooked crab legs, fried fish, and Roast Beef ~Tea and water Literature: ~History, Mathematics (Calculus), Science Mode of transportation: By Foot Most prized possession: The cloak Ravondir made him Habits Hobbies: Reading, cooking, conducting experiments Plays a musical instrument?: Lute, harp, and flute How he/she would spend a rainy day: Sleep and read Spending habits: Spends his money wisely Smokes: No, not yet anyways... Drinks: No Other drugs: None Usual body posture: Relaxed with a straight back Mannerisms: Bowing/ kissing the hand ( ladies only) during meet and greets, folding his hand behind himself
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