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  1. I personally do not like the Dragur Library being at the Cloud Temple. By it being there, it further removes the library from the roleplaying player base, due to the Cloud Temple really not being a hub for much roleplay (Not that the Dragur library was either, but still...). Much of the roleplay is out there in the world, beyond the cloud temple, where I think the Dragur Library should be too like it was back in Axios, where it actually had some life to it by players running it completely themselves. Sure the library would have to be involved with outside threats and encounters along with the rest but that to me is much more enjoyable than the library being cast aside, barely visible, and empty at the cloud temple overseen by rarely present monks.
  2. A certain elf would effortlessly parkour on the rooftops of a city, as the night settled in the sky. He found himself on top of the highest building there and settled his thin frame down against the roof as a soft sigh escaped his mouth. “Perhaps the voices will vanish and I’ll be able to sleep at night, when this is all finally over... and Grief meets the same fate as Mother...”. His violet eyes gazed upon the streams of purple mana dancing throughout the sky being channeled from the voidal tears.
  3. I have to say that this rewrite is very much clear and detailed to the point of describing the features and abilities of necromancy so that its easy to understand. The red-lines are also very well drawn out. This focuses down the art towards characteristics and capabilities that are appropriate to the theme of this magic while also still allowing the user room for a bit of imagination.
  4. The sound of footsteps would stop before a mess of these posters on the ground on a random road in Arcas. A pulse of a violet glow briefly illuminated across the markings of the figure’s arm,cheek, and eyes. One of the posters suddenly rose in the air by an unseen force to the eye level of a blonde elf. His purple eyes quickly scanned over the parchment through the long strands of hair dangling in front of his expressionless face. He muttered to himself after a sigh, “ I cant believe I fell victim to your manipulation... The atrocities you force me to commit... all while chanting it was in the name of my ‘Mother’... ” A dismissive ‘Psh’ would leave his mouth before suddenly he shot a hand up to cradle his head. He grimaced in pain and gritted his teeth, looking away for a moment. His mind seemed to have physically attacked him as the poster shook and quivered in the air. He would be in that state for a moment before he recovered himself. He took a couple of deep breathes, “ I wont allow anyone else to suffer... Heed me. This charade of yours upon our realm will end soon enough... ” With that, the poster would instantaneously catch on fire and burn to ash as it fell to the ground, slowly catching fire to the rest of the piles of posters it fell on. The elf slid his hands in his pockets and continued on his way.
  5. Ngl, I thought this was a medieval fantasy server...
  6. OOC Username: _LegendaryLegend Discord: Legendary Legend#4872 RP Name: Desimir Zytiaear Age: ~70 Race: Mali’aheral Place of Residence: None Department: The Keepers of Scientia- Keeper The Professors of Academia- Student The Researchers of Incognita- Discipuli Other Organizations: The Enchantry Mage’s Guild Library of Dragur Holm Academy
  7. Geat guide. This kinda roleplay is something that is most enjoyable to expereicne if done right. I love the push for this being that I dont see this type of roleplay getting attension.
  8. Scion ((OOC)) MC Name: _LegendaryLegend Discord:Legendary Legend#4872 Timezone:EST IC Name: Ryldfene Valor Race: High Elf/ Wood Elf Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): None. Age: 45 Can you fight?: Yes, I can fancy a sword. Do you know magic?: I hope one day to be able to, this is my current personal pursuit. Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: I tinker and invent.
  9. Updoot! -Edited Format -Edited Relations ~Added: - Heial - Geneviene - Ravondir - Eliza - Dael'ran - Nynaeve - Dewlox Let me know if I forgot anyone!
  10. There we are! Formatting issue has finnaly been resolved. Oddly I just readjust the spacing in google docs. Didn't think this sort of thing woul be my first update but its a major enough change in my book, so.. Updoot!
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