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  1. ♛ Elfs Raid ♛

    +1 left handed
  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. Killer Queen

      Killer Queen


  3. mi hermano o7

    1. Asylum.
    2. Dewlox™


      Come back already you ****.

  4. Insanity.

    1. Asylum.
    2. Space



  5. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    +1 daddy
  6. [Denied][GM]Pork Goes Blue 2?

    +1 got me banned
  7. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    I completely support this man. He has proven himself to be a nice and caring person on multiple occasion. +1
  8. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    Ayy no 1.9 +1
  9. FM August Update Log

    I appealed my warning points, its been up for 5 days no one checked it yet :/
  10. I didn't mean to single you out on your comment I just needed an example because I'll be talking to people then they'll talk about how pvp is just spam clicking. I live in thailand and have a constant 300+ ping. Honestly theres not much of a difference in delay time when im on a server with 60 ping and 300 the only big differences is the bow(0.5-1.0 second delay). Minecraft isnt really a latency intensed game.
  11. Theres more to pvp than clicks per second, This shows how ignorant people can be. In most pvp videos posted during warclaims,raids,warzones etc. You can see theres strategedy, coordination, team work and a trust between team mates. As for single 1v1 combat we don't run up and jitter click, theres a combination of movement and timing to master.
  12. I'm not, I'm saying they're equal one shouldn't be villianized.
  13. PVP is as much of an art as RP is. You shouldn't critizise how people choose to play.