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  1. A Banned player goes for GM?

    good, reasonable man. deserves a shot +1
  2. Claiming our Birthright

    Ghoragk'Lur would let out a huff "Iv mi peep diz gijaak, mi will flat him liyk da kokroachh lat iz. Mi will zhow him wub id really meanz ta bi a ork uv krugmarr" he'd state, throwing his greatcleaver over his shoulder and setting out in search.
  3. Axios Screenshot Album

    Good times man
  4. [Accepted] [Pending][ET Builder App.] HortonHeardAWho

    +1 good builder
  5. Opening Season! The 15 of The Grand Harvest, 1645 was marked as the opening day for the Warhawkian pastime of Stickball! The day was sunny and the weather was perfect for a tournament. Plenty of Mali’ker, Mali’fenn and Uruks gathered around to watch the Khel’seth Sleepy Ocelots go against the Khel’seth Blue Feathers! [Opening day in the Khel’seth park] The Teams! The Sleepy Ocelots - sponsored by Khel’seths Sleepy Ocelot tavern, lead by our very own Arabella Delevoye! The Blue Feathers - sponsored by Khel’seths ‘Hawke forge, lead by Prince Erolas Ba’ikana! The Recap! The game opened with the Blue Feathers’ very own Tajo “The Bald” Lur batting against the Sleepy Ocelots heavy arm pitcher, Arabella Delevoye! A fiery swing of the ball to home plate would be met by the brute strength of Tajo, opening up the first run of the game with a home run! The crowd roared as Tajo circled the bases, giving way to his team. The following few batters of the Blue Feathers would be struck down heavily by Arabella, backed by the plentiful chanting of the Sleepy Ocelots as they taunted the other team! “Striiike ouuuut! Switch sides!” Embyr would yell as she sat at home plate, playing umpire for both sides. After switching sides, Tajo would take the lead as head pitcher of the Blue Feathers. Up to the plate first for the Sleepy Ocelots was Thornir. One, two, and three strikeouts! The poor snow elf would be struck out by Tajo’s killer curveball! Up next would be Elinor, hitting the ball into play and sending it toward second base. Tavynu would chase after the ball, not being able to catch it in time, she’d pick it up and send it back to the mound as Elinor secured first base! Next up to bat would be Arabella! Tajo’Lur would wind the ball up and send it flying over home plate, only to be met with a strong swing by Arabella, sending it flying past the outfield and giving the Sleepy Ocelots a homerun and 2 runs! [John Kowacz stepping up to the plate as Arabella Delevoye readies herself to pitch!] The Blue Feathers would rack in the last few outs and the game would switch once more! Up to bat was John Kowacz - the man would be sporting heavy armor (not quite the best for such a game but prepared nonetheless!), Arabella would send a speedy fastball his way, only to be met with John’s own swing, sending it flying in between first and second. He’d secure his position at first base. Up next would be Khel’seth’s own steward Smano, securing his position at first as John moved to second. This time it would be Erolas Ba’ikana’s turn. Readying his bat as Arabella winded up another pitch! He’d make contact but as fast as he did Arabella would catch the ball, sending him out of the game and back to the bench! The Blue Feathers come close to bringing another run in but get shut down by the Sleepy Ocelots, closing off the second inning and moving into the last. [John Kowacz securing second base after Smano sends the ball flying over to the outfield] At this point the game would be heated! Smack talk between both teams would begin flying about. With Tajo snapping at the defeat of his killer curveball and flaming the umpire for being bias, he’d storm out mid game, leaving Erolas Ba’ikana to pick up the slack and step up as pitcher for the Blue Feathers. The competition would continue as they tried to keep the Sleepy Ocelots from scoring anymore points. Erolas Ba’ikana’s fastball would prove rather troublesome as he struck the first player in the line up out. Second to the plate would be the Weed Druid Riv’su, securing his place on first base after going neck and neck with Erolas’ pitches. Erolas’ fast ball would then strike out the rest, causing the end of the inning and end of the game! [The Sleepy Ocelots posing for a picture after winning] The crowd roared as the Sleepy Ocelots win the opening season tournament of Khel’seth, beating the Blue Feathers by 2 to 1. They’d take to sliming the losing team as they cheered on. Thus concluding opening season here in Bokolo Park, Khel’seth.. That’s it for the time being! Tune in next time for the next game of Stickball!...
  6. House de Castro Reformation

    Ser Hektor de Castro would remember all the heads of the Tosali's that were placed on pikes against the walls of Asterleigh when he was a boy. "He cannot claim patriarch of the house while my eldest brother Emanuel is away, even less without calling for a meeting and speaking to us. Not to mention hes betrayed the house on more than one occasion. He has no support from me or my brothers" Hektor would exclaim to his family, letting out a deep sigh.
  7. A Passing of The Torch

    Prince Erolas Ba'ikana nods in approval as he hangs a new portrait of the event in his home

    SIGN UP SHEET FOR THE ONE v ONE MELEE Name: Akilius Age: 16 Nationality/Faction: Renatus Race: Human Title: None
  9. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote:MC Name: KukiiiRP Name: Taervyn Blackaxe, son of Torvin(Place an X beside the candidate name)Hamnil Frostbeard:Torvin “The Dragon” Blackaxe: X
  10. Lock's FM Application

    i think he deserves a shot. +1
  11. 6.0? More like 6.No

  12. ♛ Elfs Raid ♛

    snowmen bringing snow to the banana elves circa 1640
  13. -=Sutica Raid=-

    p o w e r f u l