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  1. Taervyn Blackaxe would gasp upon hearing the news, he'd then go back to spit shining his new carbarum boots Erolas Ba'ikana would rub his chin in amusement "Torvin's at it again. I wonder what he did this time."
  2. Ser Elias de Castro would smirk "Perhaps its time i come out of early retirement"
  3. hey you wanna join... fam?

    1. Kukiii


      sign me tf up boyoo

  4. +1 he'd be a great addition. He always brings people together for events
  5. In Game Name: Kukiii In Character Name: Erolas Ba'ikana Nation Representing: Warhawkes
  6. Ser Elias de Castro would frown as he heard the news of his old friend "Percius.. you were a good friend of mine and you helped me in my time of need, Rest in peace old friend. Your family will always be welcomed in Asterleigh"
  7. A Declaration of Onyx On this Day, 4th of Sun’s smile, 1623 For far too long has our kin been split between many groups with no true leader to lead our kin as a whole. For far too long have the Mali’ker been left without a presence in Axios. The great fires that once burned within the spirits of the ‘Ker race have now dwindled. The ‘Ker race as a whole has been dwindling; we are not the proud race we once were. I have seen no progress or attempts to gather ourselves and become a truly united ‘Ker nation. On more than one occasion, we have tried to talk peace with the Mali’ker of the Onyx Enclave of Ker’nor, as have the Chieftains before me. For far too long, they have shut down peace talks and neglected the idea of unity. The Mali’ker of Ker’nor, have become puppets to the Mali’ame, simply pawns in their game to be used however they see fit. It was why my kin broke off long ago. To form our own free state of ‘Ker with the ideals of leading ourselves and being independent. Nonetheless, the Des’nox and Vincrute families are welcome to join the ker of Leyu’celia and prosper with us, with the exception of the ker by the name of Mithius Dalma. Also known as the race traitor, who with the help of the Orenian Empire, slaughtered many innocent ker. Mithius is hereby banished from our lands until proven otherwise. The Warhawkes have aimed for peace and unity for many years alongside many clans. We established a home for ourselves and soon after opened our gates to any and all ker to live among us, regardless of if they’re Warhawkes or not. Throughout the years we flourished, making a society of ker to live however they so wish. With the growth of the Warhawkes and Leyu’celia, we have come to have many ker and clans that reside within our town that only wish for the wellness of the Ker race. In light of these events… I, Erolas Ba’ikana hereby declare myself the Rightful Prince of the Mali’kers. With the backing of the Warhawkes and the Clans of Leyu’celia we shall make the ker race flourish once more and rise back up from the ashes. Erolas Ba’ikana, Rightful Prince of the Mali’ker kin Chieftain of the Warhawkes, Patriarch of the Ba'ikana Clan Protector of Leyu’celia & Riv’vallel , Keeper of the Blue Flames Head of the Tahorran’tuvia, Cosmic Guard of the Tahorran’okar Keeper of the Stars and the Moon, Protectorate of Bokolos Lonan Daemyr, Patriarch of the Daemyr Clan, Cosmic Guard of the Tahorran’okar Eristotle Taloha, Matriarch of the Taloha Clan Cosmic Inquisitor of the Warhawkes Arabella Rosalie Delevoye, Matriarch of the Delevoye Clan Ambassador of the Warhawkes Thalrian, Patriarch of the the Lennox Clan Head Shaman of the Warhawkes Rorek Othan, Patriarch of the Othan Clan Aherilulen Valmir, Patriarch of the Valmir Clan Vetios Redwater, Patriarch of the Redwater Clan Cetta Stormtaker Varfield, Matriarch of the Stormtaker Clan Rina Ba’ikana Devione, Matriarch of the Devione Clan
  8. Pew pew ur ded

  9. Another one

  10. IGN Name: Kukiii In Character Name: Erolas Ba'ikana Race: Dark Elf Age: 185 Nation: Warhawkes
  11. Written on the 9th of The First Seed,1621 I, Erolas Ba’ikana, hereby relieve Eridan Taloha of all Chieftain duties and step in as the new Chieftain of the Warhawkes. I solemnly swear to protect the ‘Ker kin and families of Leyu’celia until my last dying breath or until relieved of such duties. I shall uphold and protect our laws and lifestyle and see them carried out as our Chieftains Ereinion and Eraynion would have wanted. We shall continue to lead our kin down the path that the stars have revealed to us and prosper. As Chieftain, I hereby appoint the following Warhawkes that have proven themselves, to uphold certain titles and bring our people prosperity: -» Eristotle Taloha shall remain the Cosmic Inquisitor, if I am not present or if I were to perish, Eristotle will take my place. -» Kalvo Delevoye shall be appointed as the new Taskmaster of the Warhawkes. He shall be in charge of tasking new recruits and putting them to trial, as well as other tasks given by the Chieftain. -» Aleralie Giryin shall be appointed as Steward, and Head medicine woman. She will be tasked with household affairs, managing property and festivities. She will also be tasked with keeping the wellness of the tribe in general. -» Lonan Daemyr shall take the title of Cosmic Guard of the Tahorran’okar, he shall be tasked with keeping the safety of the Warhawkian tribe, and keeping a structured military. -» Arabella Delevoye shall become Ambassador of the Warhawkian Tribe. She shall be tasked with being the Diplomatic Representative of the Warhawkes and her people. -» Thalrian Shall take up the role of Head Shaman of the Warhawkian Tribe. He shall be tasked with maintaining our customs and traditions aswell as all other Shaman duties Erolas Ba’ikana, Chieftain of the Warhawkes, Patriarch of the Ba'ikana Clan Protector of Leyu’celia & Riv’vallel Head of the Tahorran’tuvia, Cosmic Guard of the Tahorran’okar Keeper of the Stars and the Moon, Protectorate of Bokolos
  12. Banneddd, nice try kiddo But good read +1
  13. Erolas would continue to sip his tea, thinking about how many innocent Warhawkes were killed by the 'ame in "defense"
  14. +1
  15. Free DPM