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  1. we cookin 😂

  2. Lol.. what was the point of making a raid rules discord then? 🐒🤣🤣

    1. B7W4


      I think that was for Wolfkite's rules that he never finished until after he saw Narthok's rules, then he posted them in a pathetic attempt to undermine Narthok to spite him for taking his job or something. Overall his rules were exactly the same as the current system though.

  3. congratulations, you played yourself 

  4. if u raid me im going to make an angry post! u better watch urself!!!!

    1. Mosue


      grrr raiders grr

    2. Stargush


      Kukiii I don't appreciate you stealing my in-game pixels. Don't do it again or i'm taking it to the forums

    3. gone_fishin


      careful they're not afraid to contact the gm's.............

  5. Undercutting Zhulik, selling Horens. 2 for 5 on males. 3 dollars per female. Mint condition. 

  6. King Achilius I of House Horen would write his signature down on the document, confirming the alliance!
  7. no sudden moves, guy.

  8. Shout out to the lava bucket. #MVP

  9. 6.0? More like 6.No

  10. mainsend? More like fullsend

  11. mi hermano o7

    1. Asylum.
    2. Dewlox


      Come back already you ****.

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