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  1. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    Lucas is a pretty chill and reasonable guy. Ive seen him do good and help people out plenty of times. +1
  2. No u

    1. Dewlox™


      I'll smack yo ass back to Courland!

    2. Kukiii


      facts 👌💯💯

  3. You're black.

  4. #Freeee Sanderrr

  5. The Dead Reside Under the Mountain

    Prince Erolas Ba'ikana would read the document and send a response soon after. "The Warhawke Chiefdom shall support you in getting rid of this undead menace, There is no room for the likes of the undead amongst the living" -Signed, Erolas Ba'ikana, Chieftain of the Warhawkes & Prince of the Mali'ker kin.
  6. Daily reminder to check your headlight fluid :)

    1. Humanistic
    2. rukio


      Daily reminder to air up your tires and clean your bike chain.

  7. A Writ of Condemnation

    Ser Elias de Castro would smirk "Perhaps its time i come out of early retirement"
  8. hey you wanna join... fam?

    1. Kukiii


      sign me tf up boyoo

  9. +1 he'd be a great addition. He always brings people together for events
  10. Pew pew ur ded

  11. Ah'Silym

    Banneddd, nice try kiddo But good read +1
  12. Sander's attempt at WT