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  1. Ser Elias de Castro would read the letter, smirking and turning to his brother afterward "Gonzalo (@LittleCorni), it seems our good friends in Mordskov are having a tournament, We shall join the festivities!"
  2. The person below this status is an npc

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  3. Good man with good family values. His events are always fun to attend and participate in +1
  4. Username: Kukiii Character Name: Ser Elias de Castro Race: Heartlander Age: 27
  5. Ser Elias de Castro Would furrow his brows as he read, he'd then ball up the letter and throw it out "Who is this man and what rivalry does he speak of?"
  6. Erolas Baikana would sigh deeply, shaking his head "Do not speak of my kin as if we are not at peace, Ganzo."
  7. -OOC- Minecraft Name: Kukiii Skype (Preferred, not required): you have it Teamspeak (Necessary, mic not required): yes Nexus Professions: anything you need Will this be your main?: yeah, i guess -IC- Name: Hakon Grimlee Race: Human Age: 21 Where do you live?: Norland Past service to the Ashguard or it's many iterations:
  8. Ser Elias de Castro would sign [Kukiii]
  9. +1 i'd play one
  10. really nice and level headed person! cheshire can get alot of stuff done when she puts her mind to it and is a really reliable person. i think she'd be a good addition to the team. can have my +1 any day
  11. basket head

    1. Kukiii



    2. cakeivore
  12. Elias would read the letter "hmm.. it seems Uther has finally decided to buckle down, interesting. Im glad for him" he'd then peer down at his own armour "I should probably get something more fitting for the wedding"
  13. Ser Elias de Castro would smile as he welcomed his brother Gonzalo back home with open arms "It's as if Oliver is the reincarnation of King Tobias! GOD bless this man"
  14. #FreeHavoc