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  1. A certain cloaked errant of rouge beats his chestplate in violent tune.
  2. In a darkened room sat the rouge cloaked errant, visor fixated onto the incense burner in front of him as it shrouded the cramped space with cedar smelling smog. In idle contemplation he reside, imagery of a number of friends and allies fleeting through his mind as he regarded the news in silence. After some time spent in the mental absence of meditation, the tinman aspired to a simple conclusion. "They wish for bloodshed."
  3. my second favourite gay wrote this +1 good ****
  4. I miss you crackhead

  5. “Instead, stay dead.” An angry human clad in a Haensetian greathelm of yore and crimson gambeson suggested.
  6. imagine being this angry about minecraft events, yikes

  7. happy holitime gamer goys and gals

  8. atronachs right here for those interested https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Arcane_Familiars
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