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    first ama: late night edition

    Who is your queen?
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    Admin Promotions

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    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    I hate this magic.
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    VIP Forum Ranks

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    VIP Forum Ranks

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    [Deific Realm] The Gilded Court

    Good stuff
  7. Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.
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    [Accepted] GaiaLoTC's Application Team Application

    +1, add them back to the team.
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    Faction Forum Section Management Form

    Done. Done. Done. Done.
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    [✗] S0m3d4y's Ban Appeal

    Due to behavior in the past along with repeated offenses, your appeal has been denied. You may re-appeal in a month.
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Birds perched up in the branches up above chirped lightly, sunshine filtered through the trees. The sound of leaves being crushed could be heard with each step the cloaked figure took. He heard rustling in the distance, halting his movements in response. One of his gloved hands quickly moved toward the quiver at his side, two fingers pressing against the end of one arrow's haft - just above its feathery fletching. Slowly he took a few steps forward, narrowing his eyes slightly as his gaze darted from one tree to another. The rustling continued, and he turned toward his left to see where the sound was coming from. What was he looking for? A stag, a stag that he was to hunt and take a trophy from. There it was, a stag simply minding its own business, eating fruits that fell from their branches only recently. He brought the arrow up, nocking it against his bow's bowstring. He murmured a faint prayer beneath his breath, bringing the longbow up and pulling back on the string. He pulled the string back to where the feathers of the arrow's fletching brushed against the right side of his face, just below his right eye. He brought the arrow up just a bit more, taking into consideration the distance between himself and the creature - the arrowhead pointing toward the a spot that was a few inches above the centermost part of the stag's side. After several seconds, he released the arrow, letting it fly forth. The arrow hurtled through the air, burying itself into the stag's side. The stag let out a bleat and stomped its feet, then turned away from the hunter, bounding away toward the direction of a stream to their south. He hurried after the stag as it fled, following the trail of blood that it left and certainly not concerned with being quiet now. After several minutes of chasing, he finally found the stag near the stream. The stag seemed confused, as though it wasn't sure as to whether or not it should cross the stream, an arrow still embedded in its side. Once more he took an arrow out from the quiver at his side, nocking it against the bowstring of his bow. He lifted the bow up slightly and drew the bowstring back to where the fletching of his arrow brushed against the side of his face once more, aiming the arrow at the empty air just above the neck of the stag. Once more he waited for several seconds to pass, then letting go of the arrow. The arrow flew forth from the longbow, sailing through the air with a whistle and straight toward the beast's throat. The broad-head arrow buried itself within the throat of the stag. Not even a second after, the stag stumbled over and fell on its side, blood pooling around it and seeping into the stream's waters. He lowered the bow, other hand moving back toward his side. His fingers wrapped around the leather-bound handle of the sheathed dagger attached to his belt, drawing it from its sheathe. He pushed his hood back, revealing pale gray skin and dark gray hair. The Dark Elf let out a small sigh as he walked toward the the stag, or what was now its corpse. He kneeled next to the corpse and set the bow down nearby, bringing the dagger up and then bringing the pommel down against the lowermost part of one of the stag's antlers. Repeatedly he struck that part of the antlers with the dagger's pommel in an attempt to break it off - as inefficient as it seemed, it would do the trick. He'd then do the same with the other antler, eventually breaking that off as well. He sheathed the dagger, staring at the corpse of the stag for a few moments, then the stream for another few moments. The howling of wolves could be heard in the distance, yet another sigh coming from the Elf. "How wonderful." Aerith said to himself, his head turned toward the direction of Caras Eldar, though the view of the city was obscured by the towering trees that loomed up above. "Suppose it's best I start heading back . . . And take its heart. Just wonderful." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Your forum appeal has been accepted, though you will be placed on content moderation for some time.
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    [Denied][I] heathenshammer's Game Moderator Application

    Sure, +1 from me.
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    A Break

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    [Accepted] New lead, new app

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    Get fit, get hydrated.

    Hey Eli, great post about how important hydration is. Just wanted to tell everyone reading this that remember to stay hydrated.
  17. Reminder that staying hydrated is very important.

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    [Accepted] [Pending][ET Builder App Thing] Gamma

    I've seen what Gamma has built in the past, I can most certainly say that she's a wonderful builder and is a must have on the event build team. +1 from me.
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    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    What is your favorite season and why?