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    [✓] Ban Appeal

    Appeal approved.
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    [World Lore] [Metal] Lunarite

    Gib more metal to make cool metal things with. +1.
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    The Vigil

    (IC) Name: Aien Enralei Age: 54 Race: Mali’aheral Reason for Joining: To aid the Mali people and to ensure the unnatural are held at bay from the states of Elvendom. Saying of Oath: “Lye Lent, to overgrow, this is my tenet. I Valinar shall not steal, boast, or be bought. I Valinar shall not dishonor the code of The Vigil. Forever vigilant, my allegiance and blade stay with The Vigil. I Valinar am the shield of all that is virtuous. I Valinar am the blade of all that is righteous. For a brighter future that ALL natural-born Mali’ can cherish. Until the Silver Rusts, Until the Seas Redden I Valinar will stand and fall for the blood of all elves above all else.” (OOC) IGN: Riftblade Discord: You’ve got it
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    Avchirran ito Alderyn

    Name: Aerith Ithelanen Age: A century and something Race: Dark Elf “I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Alderyn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IGN: Riftblade Discord: You’ve got it
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    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    Vedran nods happily and orders a wonderful burger at the Hesburger.
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    [✓] [In-game Ban] The Combatant Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
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    [✓] [In-game Ban] Simba Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
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    The Battle of Caer Baddyn

    Vedran frowned as he looked down at the sword – which once belonged to the slain Lord-General of the Red Vaeyl – that rested on his lap. He murmured to himself, “Was she lying? Was she not? Why would our forefather make such beings?” His frown grew as he thought longer and longer about it.
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    Through the Autumn Woods

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vedran opened his eyes. He found himself not in the green forests within the boundaries of the Empire, but a forest that was somewhat different - albeit familiar to him. He looked to his, and looked to his right - he looked down, and he looked up. On every side of him, there were golden and orange leaved trees, as if wherever he was still was going through Fall when it instead was the Amber Cold last he remembered. Alas, the fellow’s sense of time was skewed from traveling away from the walls of Caroulstadt and to other realms, Seconds had passed, perhaps minutes had passed before Vedran realized where he was. A shiver ran down his spine as the realization hit him. It had been much time since he last traveled to this realm, for which he had no name. He knew very well what it was that lingered in these woods, and what lied past the reaches of the golden forest. He reached into the satchel that hung from his belt, grasping one of the many objects that lied within, and out from it, he pulled a feather - a feather that had an amethyst hue to it. He could’ve sworn that the feather glowed so very faintly, though perhaps it was his mind playing tricks on him. He slid the strange feather back into his satchel. He looked around once more, seeing a stream that was further up ahead. Slowly he approached the stream, passing by several similar-looking trees. As he neared the stream, Vedran felt an odd sensation - a sensation that was like a buzzing of sorts, not like that of a bee or a wasp, but that of electricity. Apprehensively he took a few steps away from the water that ran along a natural pathway of pebbles and stones, turning around soon afterward, and hurrying off in the opposite direction. He ran for what may have only been two minutes, perhaps five minutes, maybe even a dozen minutes. However long it was that the brown-haired fellow ran, eventually he came to a stop, lowering himself near the roots of one of the golden trees littered throughout the Autumn forest. He cursed under his breath, cursing himself in particular. “What is there to fear?” He quietly asked himself. “There’s nothing to fear. You’re imagining things!” He said to himself, attempting to talk himself out of his paranoia. Though it was futile, his paranoia still got the best of him, as it did every time before whenever he ventured to this unusual realm. All he could think of was the vague figure of the creature that lingered in the woods he just so happened to be in. He had no idea what the creature was, he returned to where he originally was before the beast could confront him. All he could tell was that the creature had something to do with that which laid beyond the golden forest. The same sense of dread he felt when he first saw the jagged, scarred, and floating landscape was what he felt every time he caught sight of the beast. Vedran was absolutely certain there was a connection between the two, and that it wasn’t a simple coincidence. Yet he wished that he’d thought it was a coincidence, he wished that he wasn’t absolutely sure that there was a connection, most importantly he wished he wasn’t here to begin with. Alas, that last bit was entirely his fault - and he knew it. But curiosity got the best of him, and he hoped the curiosity wouldn’t kill him as it killed the cat. It was on that thought, that he heard rustling from behind him. He froze, the fellow paralyzed by fear. He didn’t need to look over his shoulder to know what it was - the same buzzing sensation was felt, almost numbing. He steadily paced toward the tree before him, not daring to look over his shoulder. Perhaps it was by sheer luck that he managed to walk all the way to the tree, and then walk behind it. Perhaps it was because the beast bore no interest in him, for the time being at least. Vedran hid himself behind the trunk of the golden-leaved tree, reaching for the stock of the crossbow that was slung over his shoulder and rested upon his back. One gloved hand gripped the crossbow’s wooden stock, the other hand grabbed the leather-sling attached to the weapon. He pulled the crossbow up and over his head and shoulders, lowered the weapon, and rested the front end of it against the forest floor that was covered in leaves possessing various hues of yellow. He thought to himself, “Should I?” Followed up by another question, “Could I?” Finally followed up with another question, “Would I?“ He had his answer. Vedran’s right hand moved toward the crossbow’s bowstring, his index-finger curling around the tough string. He slid one of his feet into the stirrup attached to the crossbow’s front end, he then started pulling the bowstring up, locking it into place once it was pulled back far enough. The sound of rustling continued behind the tree, and a bead of sweat ran down the fellow’s forehead. He moved his right hand away from the bowstring, and moved it toward the quiver that hung from his belt, his index finger and thumb pressing against the end of a quarrel’s end. Out from the quiver he pulled the Aurum-tipped bolt, then slid it into the crossbow’s groove. He murmured a prayer to Exalted Godfrey in hopes he’d make it out of this alive. He lifted the crossbow up so the haft of the quarrel was level with his eyes, his index-finger hovered over the crossbow’s trigger. Vedran stepped out from the cover of the tree, turning to face the beast that haunted his dreams for so long. There the beast was, only a stone’s toss away from him, its blackened eyes staring straight at him. The golden arrowhead pointed at the creature’s skull, which was adorned in several horns that either curled or pointed straight toward the foliage up above. Vedran gulped. The beast dug its heels into the ground. Vedran’s index finger neared even closer to the trigger, only mere millimeters away. The beast lurched forward and toward him. Vedran pulled the trigger. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Through the Autumn Woods

    wtf bro
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    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

    A fellow donning a crow mask wanders through the forests, searching under every rock, pebble, root, and bush he comes across for a spooky creature.
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    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Two of the Drake’s Scales por favor.
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    [Denied] Pog's Forum Moderation Application

    Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.
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    [Denied] J33xt101's Forum Moderator Application

    Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.
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    Treshure's Wiki Team Application

    Heck yeah, +1.
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    The Military of Gladewynn

    (IC) Name: Aerith Ithelanen Age: A hundred-something. Race: Mali I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Gladewynn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: Doriftu Discord: Rift#8931
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    Best of luck with the military. o7
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    Boruto's Lore Master Application

    Excellent roleplayer, his writing is great. +1 from me.
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    Shattered Hills

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Where am I?” Thought the brown-haired youth as he opened his eyes. Before him was a vast forest filled with grand trees sporting yellow, orange, and green leaves and beams of sunlight passing through gaps in the forest’s canopy. “The Loftywoods?” He murmured to himself, taking a few steps forward as he looked at one tree and another. He’d never been to the Loftywoods, nor had he ever ventured to a forest where he could only assume the pointy-eared folks lived, so it was a guess for him. All he remembered prior to somehow appearing in this foreign forest was that he sat down on his bunk, his head aching annoyingly after he’d read some strange book. “Maybe it has to do with me not being able to read all that well?” Once more the youth thought, mumbling to himself about how his father should’ve taught him how to read. Alas, his father had difficulty reading as well. So the fellow stopped thinking about his lack of an education and started thinking about where he was once again. He walked up to one tree and tapped it a few times with his knuckles. “Seems like a regular tree.” He said to himself, tapping the tree a few more times just to be sure. It certainly was a regular, plain tree from what he could tell. He heard chirping from up above, and so he looked up. On the branches of one of the yellow-leaved trees was a small bird which had the most vibrant feathers, feathers that were lilac, lavender, and violet. It was the most lovely bird the fellow had seen, yet something seemed off about it - something that seemed insignificant yet so abnormal. Vedran tilted his head to the left, squinting at the purple feathered bird. The bird’s eyes looked as if they were glowing. The youth brought both his hands up and rubbed his eyes, the bird no longer was there. “Strange. Maybe I’m dreaming? Eh, probably a dream.” He murmured to himself as he took a few steps away from the tree. The fellow then heard something strange. It sounded like a crackling fire pit - No, it sounded like crashing waves - It wasn’t that either, what was it? He slowly turned around to, curious as to what the source of the sound was. What he saw was something he couldn’t even have dreamt of. Before him now was a cliff face with jagged stone jutting outward all across its surface. The stone had a dark purple hue to it, glowing veins that flowed across the face of the cliff emitted a subtle amethyst-hued light, sparks here and there as well. Shattered fragments of rock and stone were floating in the air, idly and slowly revolving. Geysers of luminescent light shot out from the cracked ground in front of the cliff face. The place resonated with an inexplicable power, and the very feeling made the youth nauseous - he felt as though he could vomit at any moment. Whatever it was, he didn’t like it a single bit. Vedran took several steps away from the cliff face, he turned away from the unnatural formation and ran further into the forest. He ran until he no longer had any breath, he was scared and confused from what he had seen. He stopped at a creek to catch his breath, he sat down and pressed his back against a nearby tree, struggling for air. There he sat for what seemed to be several minutes, resting the back of his head against the tree’s trunk and looking up at the multi-colored canopy of the quiet forest. He looked to his left, then to his right - where he saw a purple feather on the ground. He was hesitant for a few seconds, though he then plucked the feather off the ground and slid it into his bag. The youth heard rustling somewhere across the stream. Slowly he came to a stand, his back still pressed against the tree. “A deer?” He said to himself, squinting at the vague figure of the creature that he saw. As the creature’s figure became clearer, he thought it was a horse, but it couldn’t have been a horse. A terrible sense of fear struck him, he closed his eyes and started praying to all the Saints he knew. Something seemed strange, no longer did he hear the swaying of leaves and branches, the stream’s water rocking over rocks, and the rustling on the other side of the creek. He opened his eyes and found himself where he was before - on his bunk. “By Owyn!” He exclaimed, pressing his hands against his face. He rubbed his eyes to make sure if he truly was back in his room on the ship. He lowered both his hands, staring blankly at the wooden wall ahead of him for some time. His gaze fell down on the bag at his side and reached into it. He pulled out the same purple feather that he plucked off the forest’s ground. He stared at the feather for a few seconds. Vedran then screamed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    Heck yeah, +1
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    gab’s lm app!

    Yeah sure, +1
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    [Denied] Cornivore's Forum Moderator Application

    Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.