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  1. Sarah didn't even bother to finish the letter, frustration building as She folded it rather messily and stuck it into her pocket. The woman shut her eyes tight, muttering softly. "Ivan, what did you do this time.."
  2. Isla took a moment to read over the missive a few more times. "Realleh? Who en ter right mind tells someun teh don't belong cause ef ter skin." The old woman couldn't help but scoff. "Someun as some explainin teh do, tryen teh start ah conflict. Ahm ah farfolk an proud of et." She crumpled the piece of parchment into a tight ball. "Ye go, Rutledge."
  3. Sarah doesn't understand but smiles as she reads the word "victory".
  4. "I only hope she can now rest in peace.." Aldith murmurs
  5. [!] A paper has been tacked around the golden city, a short piece of writing following the title, "For her and for man". I will avenge that mother dear, Charging forwards without fear Today we stand, United all Bringing demons to their fall Swift we move, our blades are drawn We shall fight until the dawn These monsters hide from truth and light But life is our GOD given right Fear of these creatures shall not stand They've dared to doubt he strength of man For the Queen, for all of us, let us fight
  6. Sadness is a common one but anger fills my mind Aldith grips the hilt of her dagger tightly, as if it might snap in two. As the news sunk in, she grit her teeth. She couldn't have failed, no.. It filled her mind with rage, as if her own sight might run red with bloodlust. "I'll kill them.." She murmured "I'll kill them for this.."
  7. Aldith began to run as fast as he feet could carry her in the direction of Fenn
  8. “And I am the CEO of sex”, said the strange Uilaben, who definitely exists
  9. Aldith bounces with excitement as she reads. "Festivals are always real fun! I hope I can make it."
  10. MC-Name: Angeliqz Character-Name: Fiyem'sapf Ashwood Age: 26 Race: Mali'ker Hometown: Vira'ker Goals: To better myself through skill and dedication. Requested Role: Scout Discord: Angelics#6474
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    <3 I hope you get accepted my dude
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    Ismen has spent the majority of her life in the same place, however many travelers have passed through her residence in Rosenyr. At the age of four, a traveling bard passed through, dazzling the young child with their talents and skills. Ismen fell in love with the art of music, in fact, she wanted nothing more than to learn for herself how to create such beautiful melodies. Each time a musician would pass through, she would beg them to learn their trade, however she was often refused. At the age of eight, her mother died giving birth to her younger sister. She took this hard, spending a year without speaking, silently praying to the creator to protect her family. In her mind she could think of nothing but protecting her family, in the best way she could think of. After the year passed, she discovered blue orchids growing around her home, and took this as a sign of protection. The older Ismen grew, the more she wanted desperately to learn the trade. She found herself with a knack for poetry, which soon became a longing to write music. Most of her poems held grievance within them, missing no one more than her mother. She wanted to find success in the world, and give her family something to be proud of. When Ismen had finally reached the age of 18, tragedy struck. A fire in the middle of a storm, Ismen lost both her father and younger sister in the flames. If she had been inside, she would not have survived. Though before such a tragedy had left her distraught, this only fueled her need to make something of herself. Her only weapons a pen and paper, Ismen now plans to travel to Carolustadt, hoping that maybe she can find a teacher.
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