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  1. Daniel has decided he’d rather his sister spend all her money than himself.
  2. “You believe this man to be too ambitious, yet we see the imperial army completing its fourth or fifth transition into new leadership. Obviously something is not working and perhaps the Crownlands should broaden their array of troops to more than an army being forced into only a crowded metropolitan Helena.” Daniel states firmly, happily residing in his humble estate outside the capital, sipping on a fine wine.
  3. i don’t want to say people are stealing my concepts, but people are stealing my concepts
  4. Daniel scribbles three faint letters after this phrase, marking “AIS”.
  5. “Her handwriting is horrible!” Daniel exclaims.
  6. You’re a great guy, Julius! We’ve made many enjoyable memories and many more to come
  7. Capace


    Tybis shakes his head as he attempts to hold back a laugh, “Oh, dear Godric, you speak of weak men as if you are not one yourself. You are the follower of your Renatian ‘allies’ though you’ll never admit to being a puppet under their command. Your troops do not win your battles and the remainder of Arcas knows it to be true. While your Renatian friends have strengths, you yourself do not. You are a disgrace to your ancestors.”
  8. Tybis tosses a Morsgradian soldier’s severed head against the wall, “Canonist men threatening the life of a Canonist child? Disgusting.”
  9. Tybis lets out a deep sigh as he tips his head, resting his hand on his forehead. “These events are beginning to be too predictable. Ruberni, Morsgradian, and Renatians will have a force of their own, awaiting this ransom. Orenians will show up with a force of their own. Everyone will draw their swords and clash steel until one side is victorious. In the meantime, someone will be attempting to break the prisoner out of their cell.” He turns heels as he walks the other way, barely managing to hold back laughter.
  10. Capace

    For the Reivers

    By banning the Reivers they’ve been forced to get a life before the rest of us. Who are the real losers in this situation?
  11. “Looks like they stroked their ego once too many.” Tybis states as he plants his blade in an unnamed Morsgradian guard.
  12. “Fight us with your own soldiers, Godric. Not your Renatian puppets.” Tybis says as he drives his blade through Jeremiah Oran.
  13. Tybis de Ruyter chuckles as he reads over the journal entry. “Ahh yes...The Gustavian Zoning Initiative claims its first, and certainly not its last.”
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