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  1. Owyn de Joannes flashes a toothy grin to his fellow goats, "The reign of the Pontiff has come to an end, now we celebrate."
  2. Name: Owyn de Joannes Residence: Little Ves Lane 2 ((MC Name)): EmeryOP ((Discord)): emery#9748 ((Timezone)): CST
  3. Your full name: Owyn be Joannes Your age: 18 Place of Address: Little Ves Lane 2 ((emery#9748)) ((EmeryOP))
  4. Your full name: Owyn de Joannes Your age: 10 Place of Address: Little Ves 2 ((Discord username and ID, ex: Discord#0000: )) emery#9748 ((Your MC Username: )) EmeryOP
  5. IGN: EmeryOP DISCORD: emery#9748 ------ NAME: Joseph Henry d'Emyth AGE: 12 CHOSEN BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Politics, Society and Law CHOSEN MAJOR/S: Criminal and Civil Law ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Selm Street 5 DO YOU REQUIRE A DORMITORY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?: Yes DO YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP? (Each case for subsidised tuition will be looked at independently): Yes
  6. Henrik grins widely, proud of his hard working comrades that day.
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