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  1. [!] A depiction of the voidal fallout, of the twi-lit landscape, ravaged by the scars of Ando Alur. It stands a twisted version of what was, drawn intentionally as beautiful in its own wrongness. A portmanteau of themes, among what is depicted and what transpired. When the earth cried for an answer from choking walls and gluttonous expansion, this is not what she pleaded for. Never before has grass felt unfamiliar to my soles, the whispers of the wind itself a stranger to ears who have heard it for four centuries. Great cacophonous voices, one singing their delight now deliver only choking, silent, and dead peace. Once a Buzzard delighted in the scraps of ruination, but never had a bounty been so spoiled and festered of rot, un-salvageable even to carrion. Now in the wake of this destruction, rivers and oceans have fled from the home of my trust. Once the wellsprings of life, now they house unimaginable horror lurking beneath the surface. Scions of utter wrongness, heralded from the Nothingness. They are beasts, purposeless in carnage, writhing in pits of acidic ichor once known to hold the key to life itself. Oftentimes we speak of the give and take of the cycle, of life end death, but even in the chaotic peace of the natural world, sometimes there is more take than give. The Void is a beast that only knows to take, consume into its nothingness, and spit corruption in turn. Our earth has fire, it has stones, water, air. Why must we curse the elements themselves with conjuring? Why do we seek to create that which the world provides? Days in wandering, unknowing if succor or suffering was closer at hand. When life I found again, it was as if air entered my lungs for the first time since my entrance into that scarred land. A breath held, though I knew not I was holding it as chaos returned to my ears and dead peace had fallen to the background. Through my time in the wastes, I prayed not for my survival. But for the salvation of my world. [OOC] important:
  2. is there any chance the lazy folk (me) can have a copy of an instance to throw into our multimc
  3. On heavy legs, a Mali’ame very nearly crawled from the precipice of once fertile, green earth now ravaged by colorful; hex-maddening taint. Fingers stained in pricked carmine; both of trickling sanguine and carmine-red ilmyumier which embellished his dusky skin. Though now ravaged by battle, several of his markings held desire to be retouched and repaired in the wake of their damage. Folly for later. Now grass again was green, and earth brown in wet, luscious mud. Rain showered upon him, who fell to his knees and exalted the heavens in the pain of his failure. A quarry, stolen from him a second time; eviscerated and snapped away before his eyes where he once stood on success’ threshold. The final mantlepiece could have been his, and wild victory resting upon strong shoulders. Now the zealot was broken, and sick from the blight he traipsed on. A guffawing crowish laugh was heard from on high, as the Mali’ame stared atop a tree, leaves decayed. A vulture watched him and made its noises, nearly ridiculing the elf for his missteps. It boiled him, stained veins bulging in their rage. He was one to throw fits, lifting an old stone from the earth to throw at the buzzard. It was as if fortune flew on the wind, then, the sharpened rock twisting through the air to meet its mark. He threw it, he thought, in futile protest of the laughing. Yet, somehow, by the grace of creation itself, the cast stone struck the carrion bird in the head, sending it to the earth below. Desperate, the Mali’ame ran towards the creature, gouging his blade into its neck and filling an empty skin of its blood before clawing hands tore feathers and stuffed them away; in pouches, pockets, cases, quiver, anywhere a feather might go. The sounds of desperate, hungry carving would squelch through the night. A hunger crying not for a meal, but for victory, as meat was flayed from bone and carcass of bone, skull, was mounted upon wood. Sharpened ribs made a mantle that the Mali’ame donned with broken pride, as a limp took him back towards his Enclave.
  4. A flock of birds call out, fluttering wingbeats carrying feathered bodies between the crumbling windows of an auld tower. Sand-colored bricks have begun to fall and wither from the structure over years of rainfall and erosion from the gnarled roots and branches of an ancient oak forcing life through the man-hewn construction. Between the whistling of wind through the fluttering of birds, the hissing of a Mali' laying stomach-down on a table is heard. He seems in pain, as needle brings ink to flesh. Powerfully built, a dusky-skinned Mali'ame, wielding the fer'ilmyumier in palm squints his eyes over a note card that the laying kin has brought him. Dark brows furrow and knit as they read over the advertisement, and all hissing from ink and needle halts as the elf brings both hands to the sheet. The peace of an afternoon, the hums of nature, singing of birds, and whistle of the wind are all halted by the loud and abrupt question, sourced from a place of genuine unknowing; "What's a restaurant?"
  5. "First they erect a false Vale, now they crop up with poorly written drivel. To quote a friend of mine, 'These words flow like stone and bricks'. Imperial Mali'ame is the greatest oxymoron I have ever read. If any Mali', Wild Elven or not, submits themselves to this ritual they may as well clip their own ears." An elf stained red with carmine-hued ilmyumier regards the Rite's posting with suspicion and disdain. Rather than follow through with his instinct to tear this treatise to shreds, he holds onto the paper and meditates upon his own rage. "This is hardly to note that they know so little of their Mali roots that they steal Father Circle rites and claim them as Mali'ame, hastily and poorly switching our our divine Aspects for a dead Valah pomp. Such poorly informed mali'ame which are deluded into standing at the side of false-hair toting Mali'valah." Grits and groans leave the Mali'ame, who continued carving ink into his skin with a needle of bone, adding more sanguine markings to the already-littered body. "This is not a tradition of the Mali'ame. It is a tradition of the The Father Circle, the Vale of Nevaehlen, and those who live there. Shameful that these creatures have such selective knowledge that they know so little of our existence- enough to create their false Vale- but are enough aware to steal our rites."
  6. [!] A particularly ilmyumier-stained Mali'ame tacks an addendum to the large, personal treatise on the art.
  7. elnarnsae’ame ilmyumier (Tattoos of the Wild Faith) As mali, we are blessed with the ability to experience centuries of history first hand, rather than be party to the realm of dusty tomes. And as ancient beings, the history we experience forms into stories which, either literally or metaphorically, mark and scar us. I believe that we should honor the skin, as mali. Some, like the blessed elves, believe that we should be maintained in the image of purity. I believe to honor the skin is to turn the mali form itself into art. Tell the story of your life's history, belief, and duty through the expression of shape and color in the art of Elven ilmyumier. Here I detail my process, tools, and the designs I have created for my own expression of my faith for the benefit of our people, the mali who employ the ilmyumier and follow our Wild Faith and Aspects. iller'ilmyumier (Application of Tattoos) To bestow, and have bestowed ilmyumier is a sacred process, one that should be sought to be carried out by a trusted and trained individual. It is for this reason that I have a certain disposition towards the notion of a tattoo parlor, where markings of the skin are applied as a cold transaction of business. One giving ilmyumier should do so in exchange for nothing. If you find an exchange is necessary, I believe a friendly and thankful gift is appropriate; typically equal to the amount of supplies spent on the ilmyumier you received. As any sacred practice, the application of ilmyumier should be treated as a ritual. To sit through the process, especially for large pieces, is a test of endurance and respect should be given in equal parts to the artist and recipient as they undergo a process which I believe in itself to be holy. Customarily, a prayer is said by the artist to Sha'maidan, calling upon Her strength and endurance as the recipient readies to bear the burden of pain. In turn, the mali getting tattooed will speak a prayer to Kwakwani to guide their artistic hand. As such, it is typically appropriate for an ilmyumier artist to have a token in the image of both Demidogs, or tools carved to depict them among the artist mali's equipment. fer'ilmyumier (Tools of the Trade) An example of fer'ilmyumier and the accompanied rod. (center) To use this tool, the needling ends of it are dipped generously within the ink, while the back of the instrument is repeatedly, rapidly, gently tapped with the rod as it makes quick impressions and inks the flesh. The process of using this tool is bloody, but effective. These tools are commonly hewn in the images of Kwakwani (left) and Sha'Maidan (right). Several of these tools, each with differently-sized needling heads, are often found in a kit. Many variations of these tools include a simple wooden rod with the honed needling points sticking from it at a right angle. These typically have little embellishment, and are used in training until an ilmyumier artist comes into their own. The art of ilmyumier uses an array of different tools and supplies required for the application, each with a unique use and function. These tools may alter the level of detail at which you work, or make the process itself pass quicker. All methods, unfortunately, carry the sacred pain of application, but there are certain methods that assuage some of that burden at the request of the recipient, or the compassion of the artist. A normal set of tools includes a single thin needle, common amongst all tattoo artist. In my own practice, this is used for thin details and outlines, as well as filling in sharp corners within my designs. However, the majority of my work is with a tool I call the fer'ilmyumier. Wooden rods with an angled and pointed handle, at the end of which is a series of sharp points. This piece is often made of honed flint, or stone. Making this out of wood leads to wear, and a flimsy, broken tool from the moisture of ink. As one might expect, the tool used by every artist of tattoos is ink, whose stains come from any number of sources. For the most common, black ink, one can typically make these out of ash or charcoal depending on the darkness they like. More colorful inks I source from nature, either from berries with bright, pigmented juices and flesh, or from the petals of flowers. An interesting, subtle art to using ink made from the pigments of petals is the implementation of Tiva into one's craft; making inks from particular flowers to convey a message known typically only to the artist and recipient. As with anything, caution is recommended when using berries or flowers to mark the flesh. Nature is vicious, angry, and you may end up marking your skin in poison. Finally, the knife. This is rarely used in practice safe for particular applications of ink, and scarification. Scarification is an honorable variation of ilmyumier, each story it represents carries with it the spirit of endurance. Nearly every design to be featured can be done with scars instead of inks, and I encourage those willing, especially those of the Ichor Way, to immortalize their patrons in pain. Ilmyumyer Designs of the Wild Faith While ilmyumier can denote standing, seed, and clan, my greatly favorited way of using it is through the expression of my faith in representing not only the Aspects, but the Demigods of the Wild Faith. These are designs I have created honoring them, and I encourage those reading to find inspiration in my designs and the motifs used for each one. Each design represented is easily done with scars, as well, for those desiring. Valmir'ilmyumier Rites Most anyone can apply ink to the flesh. But Elven ilmyumier is more than tattoos alone; they are a honed and sacred practice which carries weight, and fosters a connection between those that would create it, and the others that would receive it. To set one's self down this path is easy, and begins only with the desire to not only put markings on skin, but to create the designs yourself. Many of the old markings are lost, but new traditions can be forged, as they should be. Once the desire is cemented, the artist will have another valmir'ilmyumier mark their dominant hand in the markings of the craft while they both recite a joint prayer, to their choice of the Mother and Father, or to Kwakwani and Sha'Maidan. After the rite of application is complete, the newly arisen valmir'ilmyumier allows their markings to heal before they begin constructing their sacred kit, hand carving fer'ilmyumier in the image of their preference, typically of the Mani they venerate. The mark of a valmir'ilmyumier is done on the dominant, working hand, in the preferred/favorite color of the artist. Typically only one color is done, but as the mali'ame are a colorful people, several vibrant pigments are hardly out of the question. Stylistically, the mark can change, but the staining of fingertips and fading lines along the knuckled to the wrist remain mainstays of the mark. Above depicts the author's own mark, featured on his left working hand. - Gilliaen Alhanavir [!] All depictions of tattoos, and tools are drawn by me.
  8. -- Temporarily Closed until I finish this batch! Shouldn't be too long! -- (Everyone who sent in a request already is fine!)
  9. [!] A small flyer posted in the middle of nowhere, sketch of several bobbins and needles upon it, as well as men and women in different outfits. Heya! You need an outfit? We can make outfits! Need a fancy cloak? We can make fancy cloaks, kinda! We can tailor clothes for any occasion, whether you need to look dapper or dandy. Just keep in mind this shite takes a bit to complete, especially if all you dolts are piling up requests for gold-embroidered underwear and the like! Ha! Full outfits can vary, the lowest I charge for 'em being 50 minas, and the highest I go being 100! If you really need armor, I can probably talk to a smith.. but I'll sew the tabard, so don't even worry about it. Contact Cadogan aep Llanweir for all your hemming and stitching needs! Orcs and Mali'ker welcome! [!] Among the sketches are various references to his work, this man is really thorough! https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/brandles/ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want a skin, post your request (Preferably with references) here or add me on Discord at Brandy#5649 ((Also if this thread doesn't belong in this subforum, please tell me!))
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