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  1. "Much as I love the goth atmosphere, I will ******* murder EVERYONE responsible!" Came the reply of a very pissed off elf.
  2. Are you sure we're on the same page? The nomenclature of swords are often vague, wide, and differ. I think you're thinking about greatswords or zweihanders. The average longsword is only three pounds, and can vary wildly in size and shape as stated here: Even beyond realism. What tactical advantages do "longswords" have over the rapier and bastard/hand and a half sword (another name for one-handed longswords) that would require "two handed longswords" be specifically restricted from use by mages in crp?
  3. A longsword and a rapier weigh almost the same. Both can be used in one hand. I don't really see the logic in saying a rapier is usable, while a longsword isn't, despite them weighing the same on the idea that "They can be used two handed". A rapier can be held in two hands as well, you can use anything with two hands. It's arbitrary and doesn't really offer any better balance imo. A Spear weighs between 3-6 pounds, a longsword is typically 3 pounds. A longsword CAN be used in two hands but is not required to be. I've edited the post to be more clear for these concerns however I think many have confused the longsword with it's cousin, the greatsword. A longsword, hand and a half sword, bastard sword, arming sword, etc. are all typically in the 1.5kg/3lbs weight range, and are not separated by such weight- nor are they any more or less effective than each-other in combat. They look like they should weight differently- but a Rapier has much more mass added to the hilt to balance it's long thin blade and give it a more effective guard, resulting in it's overall weight being the same as a longsword- if not arguably heavier in some cases at 2kg/4 pounds total. Note that these are all still capable of being used in one hand, thus falling under the current lore for mages as "usable". If you would like to see changes to voidal lore to actually alter what a mage can and cannot use, I would be happy to help with that- however this submission is specifically a clarification, not a change. So I cannot restrict or unrestrict mages beyond what they're currently allowed in the somewhat vague connection lore. I'm merely making it clear that yes, a mage can effectively use a weapon if it can be wielded in one hand, and no, a weapon that needs two hands is not effective for a mage, regardless of realism or personal preference. I would suggest a change to voidal poisoning entirely to be submitted with something like this: BEFORE AFTER PURPOSE Mages can currently use any kind of "one handed weapon" and this is far too vague and contradictory, and does not take into account the weight or power of the materials used in the weapon's creation. This change allows mages to use most weapons they could arguably use before, but specifically prevents a mage from using the tools effective against armor so as to allow martial characters the ability to shine in battle while preventing mages physically defeating a prepared martial without the Scion feat.
  4. Voidal Poisoning Armaments Redline Clarification/Addition: BEFORE AFTER PURPOSE Voidal poisoning needs more specific clarification, this red line about what is and isn’t possible for a mage to use in combat and still be effective should help.
  5. A elf had flicked the blood of a slain Veletzian off her blade, the fool had spent too long aiming his crossbow to notice the lithe figure sliding a masterwork blade through his daemonsteel armor and into his heart in the heat of combat. Her shattered silver eyes crossing the battlefield, until those mirrors reflected a familiar blue. A blade of undeniable value and renown, she knew the enemy, and she saw his target, the king whom was mowing down the enemy forces. The woman took after the man charging the leader, and her shoulder met his side, pushing him off course with her allies, keeping him from his prize. However the fog of war soon came, as Veletzians rescued their Ferryman ally- right as her emerald blade came for his throat. She hunted the man until his retreat down a well, watching his flight from the battle. She chose not to follow the snakes into their den, and instead to lay claim to their objective- the keep. "How fitting that the rats flee into the sewer, next time however, I will not allow any to escape." The woman affirmed, as she left to burn the corpses and leave them with their last rites- spotting the forms of many a ferryman fall from the wall- including some who had personally made themselves her enemy... "Choosing to be a villain really hasn't worked out for many of you has it? May your souls find peace beyond the veil... Though I doubt it."
  6. A pale elf cleaned her blade, having cremated the last corpse of the slain, each being given a short bow and solemn prayer to no god in particular. Many had died in this fight, and all of the dead deserved their last rites, no matter what side of the war they were on.
  7. A doll made of ash porcelain, the bone ash used to make it still coating it's surface, is left on the bark. The doll depicts a woman with the head of a wolf, laying in eternal rest upon the branches. The creator leaving no other hints of their identity before they left, except the enormous paw prints in the sand.
  8. "Attempting to slander a gift of GOD and call it iblees worship is truly a heinous sin. One cannot speak for GOD, such is heresy. All souls hold a connection to the void, Deus Vult."
  9. Yes, that's already done with darkstalker fire. The lore explicitly states this. It's fine balance wise.
  10. A Elf looks over the missive, and facepalms at the sheer absurdity of the situation. "So the story being told is.. That a fifth of the possible fighting force was taken for a 'surprise' raid, through enemy territory, whereupon they left behind at least five hundred men, so they could do a solo surprise raid... At midday? That was leaked to the enemy? Thus allowing thousands upon thousands of fully armored men to pop out at a moments notice and instantly route them?" she scoffs "Either the Azdrazi and Bandits have developed the ability to see the future and conjure fully armored troops from thin air, or this was a tactical blunder to be remembered for ages."
  11. I don't believe this changes the number of emotes required, it just clarifies when the spell is cast and what emotes are charging/forming emotes. For example, previously where it said "[1 connnect] and [3 to form]" that's 4 total emotes, spell being launched on the forth. Changing the spell to [1 connect] and [2 to form] and [1 to cast] is still 4 emotes requires, with the spell launching on the 4th- it's just uniform with all other magic and spells.
  12. Should be like Darkstalker fire, need a special metal for it to not explode into shrapnel in a wound.
  13. Louve nearly had a heart attack before noting the actual gossip attached to the name, replying in exhaustion "The White Rose, as they liked to call themselves among countless other aliases for their supremacist movement, are a bunch of worthless cowards and using their name so carelessly speaks greatly to the ignorance of this author."
  14. A dark clothed elf stands before the announcement, smirking in pride and knowing "Was there ever any doubt?"
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