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  1. _CorruptedSoul_

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693 -1693- All throughout the realm, couriers bearing the standards of the County of Pembrokeshire, as well as the Duchy of Curon, arrive to the various lords and ladies of the Empire to deliver a special message. Invitees His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius I and his Imperial family His Holiness, Siegmund, Pontiff of the Church of Canon Monsignor Wigbrecht Schulze His Lordship, Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembroke and his family His Grace, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord Regent of Arbor and his family Caliph Abdullah Kharadeen and his family His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Lord Chancellor and Palatine of Haenseti-Ruska and his family Her Ladyship, Valencia Mournstone, Countess of Nordengrad and her family Madame Rosemarie Stafyr of Haense and her family Monsieur Robb Landes of Barmount and his family Umar Ibn Salem of Curon and his family De Alba Family of Curon Ragnarson Family of Arbor Balisari Family of Pembrokeshire Clinton Family of Pembrokeshire De Azcona Family of Curon Talos Family of Pembrokeshire Guillen Family of Pembrokeshire De Castille Family of Curon Milner Family of Curon Lord James and Madame Klaudia do hope that all those invited are able to attend their joyous occasion of matrimony. All guests are expected to wear proper formal attire to the wedding and will also be required to show proof of invitation. Furthermore, all guests will be subject to a search by guard so that no weapons may be allowed inside the Abbey. Signed Lord James George Suffolk Madame Grand Ambassador of Curon, Klaudia Drakovic OOC Information Location: The County of Pembrokeshire. The wedding shall be held in Suffolk Abbey near the center of town. Invitees Additional: All citizens of Pembroke are invited to attend the event Date: Sunday the 9th of December 2018 Time: 1pm EST
  2. _CorruptedSoul_

    Ragnarson Writ of Disownment

    Klaudia Drakovic would receive the letter while working away in the Embassy and be somewhat relieved after reading the missive. “Good, now Harry can perhaps be at peace more and no longer worry about the troublesome woman.”
  3. _CorruptedSoul_

    The First Summit of Cyrilsburg

    ~The First Summit of Cyrilsburg~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sitting by the candle light of an early springs night, Klaudia sat peering over the documents set before her. Laying the quill in her hand down on the desk, the Grand Ambassador of Cyrilsburg would give the documents a last look over. Finally satisfied with the parchments contents, the council woman quickly set forth to sealing the many letters with a deep green wax seal. Moving to reach for her official stamp, the diplomat pushed it down within the hot wax, marking the missives with the insignia of a mighty bear. The County of Cyrilsburg does hereby cordially invite the members of the Common Civic Party of Parliament and the Curonic Voting Block to the First Summit of Cyrilsburg. A historic and monumental meeting that shall be hosted by the Curonian Council and Count Wilhelm Devereux. This gathering of fellow allies and mutual confidants is to be yet another step in the deepening of our two peoples common bond and friendship. Indeed, this conference will be that of like minded individuals who can transcend the woes and transgressions of others in order to come together and form a strong and united front. One that is willing and able to fight away those who would wish the other harm. This monumental summit will be comprised of a two part session. On the first day, any and all members of the two political parties may attend. These honored guests are invited to speak about all personal thoughts and ideas about the current political landscape of the realm. After the first session of the summit has been concluded, the second session will follow shortly there after. This session will be an exclusive event, and only those who have been formally invited by the Curonian council may attend. The Curonic council and his lordship Count Wilhelm Devereux extend their highest regards to all members of the two parties mentioned above and hope all invited guests honor us with their attendance at this most grandiose occasion. 2nd of Malin’s Welcome 1690 The Madame Grand Ambassador of Cyrilsburg Klaudia Drakovic OOC: The summit shall be held at 5:30pm EST on Sunday November 18.
  4. _CorruptedSoul_

    Panda people

    -1 Terrible Idea
  5. _CorruptedSoul_


    Minecraft name: _CorruptSoul_ RP name: Rowan Highcliff Race: Human Subrace: Highlander Age: 21 Gender: Male Discord: CorruptedSoul#2750
  6. _CorruptedSoul_


    Rowan is a hunter from the Kingdom of Norland. Just like his father, and his father's father, Rowan ended up following in the family trade of hunting for a living. Living is a place where the majority of commoners like himself hunt and forage in order to make ends meet, Rowan had always wished for something more in his life. Growing up, his father would make rare trips to the capital city and sometimes bring Rowan along. These were his favorite trips because the capital, Ruriksgrad, captivated him in every way possible. He loved to see the amazing shops and buildings that decorated the lively town. It was from these trips that he gained a sense of longing to move away from his family's small cottage in the middle of the woods. He wanted to do more with his life than just be a hunter like his father and ancestors. So, having reached the age of maturity, and having saved as much money as he could from selling the furs and meat from his hunting trips, the young man has finally made his long awaited dream come true. Moving to the Kingdom of Renatus, Rowan has finally made his dream come true, but he has little money and with only his hunting skills to rely on, things started to look pretty bleak for the Norlander. However, this changed when one day a band of the kingdoms rangers walk by him. Filled with inspiration, he decided his new goal would be to join the Renatus military, with the hopes of joining the ranks of the military's Ranger division. Finally, putting to use his skills and managing to provide form himself the life that he had always longed for. Plus, if he was skilled enough, he hopped he could even be promoted to a higher ranking position and serve closer to the King and his privy council.