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  1. (may get in contacts la *largo begin read over the letter before nod few times rubbing his chin* May try get hold see if possible get few farm items an if have any Thamic ice boxes for sell to be nice get some for the fresher food before try move all over an officially open now then.
  2. Application: Minecraft Username: DarkElfs Character Name: Rango The Dog Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Olog Type of Skin made: Does need new clothing if would friend sense I'm horrid in the work. Reference Pictures/Description: be photo below of my skin with out my horrid work on it. Now then Gauntlets on his arms be one main thing. Then i hop for you set something up with dog collar on his neck of your design an then something with clothing. I myself not creative but my olog lives with dark elfs so if like possible go off there clothing idea's but make work kind of for an olog that's 9'3 tall. High-Quality Meme: Got none! (I still hop this still up anyways if not up for ask for skin work be done does please say something. An also heck good skins! I wish i had your skills!)
  3. (Well sorry for bad work on this post but new it an horrid with grammar an did my best. Well anyways there application if any one like make one to work here.)
  4. (Were the butlers come in I hop....)
  5. "Largo give thumbs up" 'op ya no' liein because we needin workas or well maids an Bu'lers teh *Largo state pull up piece paper* be addin also a applica'ion deal in few dehs le' ya all now know t'en teh
  6. "May or may no' *Roper Shrug* More less up teh meh friend tha' owns teh spo' really." *Roper state back to the man*
  7. "Note be handed out any one take from simple woman in a simple maid Outfit" 'Maid Cafe' Hello to all around this lands! I Largo Roper an Nami Dalivous have open a maid Cafe in Metza Lorraine. We will be beginning hire people at this moment an if think you either be good maid or butler for place please come by an visit. We also be hiring Brew some time soon to make simple drinks for the shop. "OOC" Ok now then that got the rp ish deal out way people XD. Like i said We be hiring lease 1 or 2 brewers and down line a lumberjack to gather some fruits for the Cafe. Now then guess add few photos also so may see what cafe look like also. Now then cafe simple thing does like a bar but with food also which we have all cooks an farmers that be need for it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11dUdyLxJhQntndFQG8Kds9wO0jVGO8Voed8FXyKBj5M/edit?usp=sharing Also we are looking buy lease chest full of cactus at reasonable price an (No clue if spelling ice box name right but if not some please say so in the comments) Thanamic ice box, also Apples an lemons to. *Application* Name- Age- Race- Gender- What be Appling to do for the cafe- *ooc* Mc name- Skills- Skype (optional but main way communicat with group for now) -
  8. APPLICATION: OOC: Username: Darkelfs Skype: (You can PM it to me.) ---------- IC: Character Name: Tango the Dog Character Age: 33 Character Race: olog Gender: male What can you bring to the Warhawkes? Me as a meat shielf in rp events. Also pet of Ranzar/ (**** for got hostels other name there) What skills are you trained in?: Spiked gauntlets! An Clubs. (Ventern Lumerbjack) Do you have ancestry within the Warhawkes?: Nope If you were to be lost in a place you couldn't recognize, how would you find your way back?: Snif out my freind/master
  9. Haven't know him for long but heck good ever time I've seen him So Pump him up in the FM position if ask me! ;3
  10. Guess I'll bid 300 for teh Oak s'ave migh' come in 'andy one they days really "yells Largo"
  11. Not even going try do tha' **** bidden wi'h ya! Tha' does annoying to me! "man scream before walk to corning sitting down and pulling out book to begin reading"
  12. "Simple note be left on the tavern own by the group for manager to read" Oi sense it seem this still thin I was wonderin sense go' no one runnin your all tavern in Courland would possible come to deal in with small me and few friend? If this sand like it be ok idea wi'h ya please does msg me good sir. Sense ya like me idea whic' brin ya ged amoun' people teh ya places t'ere. -Signed- Largo Roper
  13. 400! For teh spear! This something i kind want here sorry say! "Rognvald scream"
  14. Guess start off with the spear for ya with ya now the 300 start bin! "Rognvald scream twirling his figures while doing so"
  15. Oi though said 20 or more sorry! Ok deh 600 for teh sword teh! "man shrug after yelling, while smiling"