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  1. End of map loot hoards Guess I'll share a few items with this post xP some the newer I guess items I have collected so far in hand with my collection
  2. [Ma] Fire Evo!

    MC Name: Dark_elf01 Character's Name: Robyn Vulnear Character's Age: 22 Character's Race: Human What magic(s) will you be learning?: Fire Evo Teacher's MC Name: Nafari Teacher's RP Name: Thalanil 'Raven' Avern Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an active trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  3. [✓][MST- Editor] Torkoal_Tom

    +1 (when out of school I'll actually post something smart maybe after the +1)
  4. Introducing the Vault!

    @501warhead Quick question what about player signed rp items? I tried putting this and this in there and they just won't go I get the diamond but the sword though why is that?
  5. [GM] Justice for raiders

    Last I checked you need 10 people all together which forced pvp so I mean it only needs be a 4vs5 to make it rp fighting really when comes to default stuff if some one calls rp fighting really but this is a rp server always be ready for rp fights there always a chance for it mainly while pvp is needed once and awhile but most are going call rp on a rp server while there only a few big groups that'll accept pvp even but anyways how I see it and this may only be my view is with how the rules are it's meant to make it hard for a raiders so not a crazy amount of raiding happening really while also causing people think and choose more on there area of raiding next. But this is my view and probably only time I'll post on this well post here. An also rp items certain ones can be very impossible to place so they can be worth more than any gear you can grand for as rp items certain ones anyways can come from events of the sort making them impossible at times to remake or find. Anyways I'm done I'm going back to writing/typings (Sorry for the bad grammar using a tiny phone while im out on the road to type this out)
  6. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    It probably be better idea to be true though they should get something to make them worth playing more or less like faster swimming or something like that lol but I me of you find some one willing wright something on this to post/make the lore for it then do it there probably quite a few people like myself that'd like very much something like that to be true
  7. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    Hmm... How would one become a Nephilim? Would the outcome be different depending on the race? Last I checked you need another one of them that are of that race to make you in too one but very much hard get made in one to be completely true. But ya all info I got on it as I've watched some one for quite awhile and they still haven't even got quite a lead at all on it to be complete true
  8. The Tailor

    Minecraft username: dark_elf01 Character race (N/A if not applicable to the skin): human (base skin in the link with the photo) Type of skin you're after (Armour/Clothing/Other): Clothing LINK to possible artwork to base skin off of: Intended use for skin (Personal/ Guild/ Event/ Other): personal Offered price: willing to do 1,500 minas or offer up possible a rp item out of my collection it will either be LT signed or MT signed item just matters what I can offer which when I get home tommorow I'll get some screen shots of the items if that is something you'd rather than minas just pm what you'd rather if need be.
  9. Buying Unique Weapons/Armors & Materials

    so, in words they do take trades then even if it be for a special weapon for another yes? Because I've been wanting to possible trade one my very much rare weaponry my father before me had collected out of a fort near the westerlands that the undead had once owned before. Wonder what could get for putting this up for trade? "A small half-elven woman would state out loud while looking over one of the said parchments on a random board. she'd then wonder off begin thinking over the spear she was half-tempted to possible offer up for trade."
  10. Olog backpack boi hello I have a base skin for my olog who called 'Rango the Dog' he's in need of a large orcish styled backpack and some armor for his arms and chest area to be built on at this moment nothing to like compact as that'd can be to op just simple armor made for an orcish styled rugged armor and knapsack and side pouch for him. Willing to pay 1,000 minas for this if worth anything still at the moment The people that want to try do this just let me know and I'll give you the bare skin I've been using for the olog
  11. Fall of the Enchantry

    Holy ****! "Screeched a large man on hearing it land as he was a long distance from it but still somehow heard it! (betting it that event broadcast I'm guessing!) "
  12. Uilliam's Art Market

    Character stuff: height: 5'3 Weight: 193 pounds Big chest leaving it at that. This at her side or in hand with a sharpening stone is able to do so. Name: Robyn Vulnear Skin: Personality (so I can draw them and fit their character!): Bitchie at most of the time but those only people she knows full on in person if she knew you she at times can be shy. IGN: Dark_elf01 Your actual order thing (duh): COLOR+SHADING (2 of these too!) Timezone (so I know when to contact you!): Est Skype: You got it Character stuff: Weight: 183 Height: 4'7 Flat chested and ram horns an green shirt and red scarf the rest kind, however, works for you to draw it. Though one of them got to have that dynamite stick in hand! Name: Ricket Skin: Personality (so I can draw them and fit their character!): hyper and very much happy IGN: Dark_elf01 Your actual order thing (duh): COLOR+SHADING (2 of em!) Timezone (so I know when to contact you!): Est Skype: You got me
  13. [Skin request] Paying for a skin to be done~

    I'll pm you the skin but probably only the head you're going be able to use off of it though sadly enough though as the clothing complete different.
  14. [Skin request] Paying for a skin to be done~

    @zyquis best picture i could get for the clothing which i can send you also the base skin so can kind of just pop the head in there if you'd like
  15. [Skin request] Paying for a skin to be done~

    @zyquis Your skins look good but sadly I've already had this skin made. . . by an old friend but I'm still needing a skin made for a human girl I have as her base skin good she just needing better clothing at the moment if you'd like me to send the info on that if your willing do it.