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  1. RP Name:: Bolon MC Username: DarkElfs Discord: DarkElfs#1259 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Mix but mainly Sutica. Why Do You Wish To Come?: Rare chance to visit a land close to forgotten. Who wouldn’t wish to come and see what may lay under the ruins of such past life of us descendants? What Skills Can You Bring?: Uh, druid and a good meat shield. Willing be first scout into dangerous lands when needed or to punch and or shield as needed. Also got the cigs for those in need.
  2. {!} No answer was given truly in response unless another passer by decided to add onto the question oddly enough.
  3. {!} rough scrolls be pinned up about different notice boards {!} ”The time has come I give up the life of an archer. With such being said I’ve brought upon myself to offer up my priced longbow up for trade. I do not look for coin in this trade but I look too find rather useful and unique material or uncommon items to be added into my own collection in return.” {!} A detailed sketch of an oddly designed longbow at the lower part of the parchment {!} https://gyazo.com/feaa159171ce1ba00dcf891e1beff7a1 {ooc} In the case of Blood magic being removed I do have screenshots of the two materials used for the longbow encase of such being reverted back to original since I had done a lazy way of crazy with this item sadly to say. I’ll be giving such over to whoever offers a better trade at the end. This be left up till this coming weekend on 1 / 4 / 20
  4. IGN (MC Username): DarkElfs Discord: DarkElfs#1259 Likes: Signed items (crossbows, bows, arrows and things of the sort), hunting trophies, relics, an other items of that sort. Dislikes: basic mc materials, trinkets and food items. Things that’d be mainly worthless I just don’t want.
  5. A ker let out a whistle, soon went to getting his small amount of items together. It was time for a new life.
  6. Any good armor skinners out there? Got some cash and need a half-plate piece made soon as possible.

    1. Mojo


      Any good armor skinners out there? Got some cash and need a half-plate piece made soon as possible.

  7. Nice backstory actually. Got throw a plus 1 to ya. No clue if this is and actual area or just something to use as why your character is here but nice
  8. (( this like a more Japanese styled dwarven clan or I just read to far into the photos? Lol ))
  9. Kayalo grumble on looking over the clothing before moving off “nothin dat works vor a lass da like ta vight like always.”
  10. Wow, the village is looking nice. Didn’t even know another Japanese styles group was made again even less you count hou-zi anyways
  11. So no clue if you've gotten any help of yet but I've been around a little over... I believe two or more years now with the server. I have been off an on the activity at odd and normal hours for the server so if you'd like talk or ask any question you can hit me up on discord DarkElfs#1259 if you want it anyways.
  12. DarkElfs

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: DarkElfs)) ((Discord: You have it )) ((Timezone: est )) RP What is your name? Nickname is Kayalo and birth name is Robyn Vulnear Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I was apart of it on the land before this. Good place to gain information or share such even too. Also just easier see new faces once again and old ones atop of that. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I'm an ex master of fire magic and tranfiguration and while an ex beginner of conjuration. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I don't use magic of late other than items but I can still teach fire evocation. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Vanguard I do believe would fit an ex-mage set to be a guard What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Don't truthfully know at this moment for the time. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Whenever truthfully
  13. Never thought I'd see the day dude. I hope to see you possibly about discord though still and maybe on another game one of these times! But I hope life continues for you dude!
  14. Needing a builder! Paying good minas and able to grind all the resources just need someone that's good at building to do the work. Needing to get something of a keep/guild house constructed on an island. Willing to pay as stated. 

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