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  1. [!] Simple piece of parchment make its way from bolon back to the lich [!] Give a time and place sir/miss and I'll meet up with you then. -Signed~Bolon-
  2. [!] Posters of a simple yet oddly important item be put up all around massive cities stating it was up for trade. [!] I'm going be simple I've gotten two offers so far only one appealing so far. So here I am offering it to the others so state any item they may trade that be even value to this relic. https://gyazo.com/640d97d240474224c91e8f081d244d6a [!] Simple item description and sketch be done to show off the item up for trade [!] Not accepting minas for this only relics or items of about the same worth of this item. -Signed~Bolon-
  3. Sweet dude~ I like my really girly dark elven character sketched please~ https://gyazo.com/b7409b79703ef0651a3ee68bd2298fb5
  4. Still doing sketches for free? just got ask lol
  5. OOC name: Dark_elf01 Portrait format: (Chibi, Head to shoulder, Head to waist, full body) Head to waist, please Colour format: (Sketch, colour without shading, colour with shading) Color with shading XD Add-ons: (Background/additional characters [Be sure to copy the format below for any additional characters in your request.]) His right arm is of steel and has two jewels at the base top near his shoulder. A rapier can usually be seen at his side in a scabbard. Full price: (I will also be double-checking this) 500 minas (i may be wrong on pricing if I am just saying something but I'm also wanting to throw out that I am trying throw in some extra minas since this art is so good :3) Character name: Bolon Character age: 21 (quite young XD) Character gender: Male (but looks quite close to being a female) Character race: Dark Elven Body and facial description: (Hair length, colour, style, eye colour, body build, scars, skin colour etc) Clothing: 6'3 tall and hair quite long as it goes to his shoulders though he usually puts most of it in a pony tail and his hair is a very light blue color that oh most white. His eyes are a crimson red color and his skin color is well a black color too. Then his body build is quite skinny to a point like most elven kind thought he'd be about normal in the area of late. He'd have no scares at all he tries to keep that from ever happening most of the time. Then style guessing this might go with this anyways his eyes usually have a very calm look to them some can even call something that an emotionless person at times can have or even an overly romantic person may have when he or she is overly in love at times. Pose: (Any particular poses? Referral of pose will help immensely) Pretty much a simple one where facing whoever looking at it while also he'd be lifting his left hand to his face where may cover his lower face where he'll be smelling the flower that I ask for. XD Additional items: (weapons, holding items, etc) A red poppy in his left hand if not too much to ask Referral art: (Other pieces of artwork of your character or already existing artwork that resembles your character's appearance) I do not have any only a picture of the skin. https://gyazo.com/b7409b79703ef0651a3ee68bd2298fb5 Screenshot of pay: (Send it to either my Athanas or Elvira persona) https://gyazo.com/69e524052537c0b55a6a800b7b39e531
  6. Seven-hundred minas. 'The Dark elf state once again.'
  7. No clue how much go for something like this but I'll start it off with Five-hundred minas then. "A Dark elf yell simple out loud"
  8. six-hundred for the shield and one thousand and two hundred for the amulet. "the dark elf state quite loud but in a calm and happy voice"
  9. "Hmm, don't care for the sword no more but the amulet do so eight-hundred Mina's" the dark elf would yell once again
  10. Five-hundred for the amulet And Six-hundred for the sword! A Random dark elf yell while continuing to stare at the items for sale
  11. Does from reading this just makes me think of golems lol but then again I played one but with these, they seem to have the ability to develop more it seems paired to the normal Golem really. So I like it and I hope I can play one of them one of these days! +1 Good Job!
  12. I got no magic yet! I'm definitely getting in contact! [!] A dark elf screech from his tower out of nowhere after reading one the tomes [!]
  13. Forum Name: DarkElfs MCName: Dark_elf01 Animated or Still: Animated Race: Dark Elven Gender: Male Skin: Is it Complicated: I don't believe it is :3
  14. MCname: Darkelfs Rp name: Pilcon Character Age: 303 Character Race: Dwarf (forest dwarf) A reason for applying?: Does start my testing with the clerics of Tahariae, so I thought this bring in a better chance me to fight the tainted in this realm. Prior Training: Not much with fighting, still needing some work there. Though use a whip a lot for combat that or literally a wrought iron knife it's heavy as can be but when it hits the thing will hurt for sure. Though still working and training with the clerics haven't been to point of connecting but hopefully be down the line. Anyways may Tahariae guide ya. Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: Killed few animals here and there to eat but mainly eat me herbs though, an I've killed a demigryph once but sold all the things I got from it though.
  15. Why tf have you not followed me?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Because we're all chaotic evil 

    2. DarkElfs


      Because ya to ugly lol jk, i don't follow unless they're important... XD