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  1. Kay signed the document though spilling a bit of alcohol at the moment she finished and moved off.
  2. So no clue if you've gotten any help of yet but I've been around a little over... I believe two or more years now with the server. I have been off an on the activity at odd and normal hours for the server so if you'd like talk or ask any question you can hit me up on discord DarkElfs#1259 if you want it anyways.
  3. DarkElfs

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: DarkElfs)) ((Discord: You have it )) ((Timezone: est )) RP What is your name? Nickname is Kayalo and birth name is Robyn Vulnear Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I was apart of it on the land before this. Good place to gain information or share such even too. Also just easier see new faces once again and old ones atop of that. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I'm an ex master of fire magic and tranfiguration and while an ex beginner of conjuration. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I don't use magic of late other than items but I can still teach fire evocation. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Vanguard I do believe would fit an ex-mage set to be a guard What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Don't truthfully know at this moment for the time. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Whenever truthfully
  4. Never thought I'd see the day dude. I hope to see you possibly about discord though still and maybe on another game one of these times! But I hope life continues for you dude!
  5. Needing a builder! Paying good minas and able to grind all the resources just need someone that's good at building to do the work. Needing to get something of a keep/guild house constructed on an island. Willing to pay as stated. 

  6. Stilling waiting on my vault items too here. But it may just be taking a bit is all. Then again I haven’t got the papers nor anything of that sort yet. I hope your items are sorted through dude
  7. Wait, your giving old skins of yours away is that what's up??
  8. JUST if I didn't have exactly only $2 in my Paypal
  9. DarkElfs

    Kry's Art Dump

    Same as Chase. Love ya artwork. To be honest I have older pieces done by you for my delf and human character lol. Favorite pieces I ever got done headshot wise for my characters
  10. Sorry, this like super late but better now then never! You already answered the bit with the hospital and I already told ya good luck in discord but still, I hope it's going well. 1- What's been your most destructive event creature so far that may be too much? 2- Have you had any good events you remember with comebacks when all seemed to be lost of yet? 3- Cools item you yourself think is the best you've given from an event? ((Just curious after I got the horn and all))
  11. needing a Skinner! Any out there? Willing too spend a bit of $ if need be, but nothing crazy. If so hit me up on discord- DarkElfs#1259

  12. Rolien snags a missive, before moving off. the Older half-dwed reading over the paper before going pass such into off to a certain group for the time. ” Maybe tis time I can come out ahead”
  13. I like writing in the sand. . . make feel good. But, anyways hopefully this more rp set mount is liked! I like the idea of it, myself at least.
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