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  1. DarkElfs

    Ruibrium, Valinen's Event Team Actor application

    Don’t got say much. Simply +1 now
  2. DarkElfs

    [Bounty] Druid of the Wonkawoods

    Celeste glance over the bounty in thought from a tavern while crossing her legs. "Hmm, I don't have enough friends to do this sadly with or I'd go and just burn down whatever I can. . . Been dying to burn anything that's living without getting in trouble for it." She'd sigh before tossing the paper off to the side "I'm bored..."
  3. DarkElfs

    The Academic Union

    OOC Username: DarkElfs Discord: DarkElfs#1259 RP Name: Rolien vulnear Age: 50 something I believe now Race: Human (dwed mix) Place of Residence: Empire of man, and curon Department: The Researchers of Incognita Other Guilds: None other at the moment.
  4. DarkElfs

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    IGName: Celeste Tathvir User: DarkElfs Refrences: https://prntscr.com/lbmrr3 https://prntscr.com/lbmsuw What you want: Dress/no head. 2 skins I'm wanting there! 3rd skin! Refrences: https://prntscr.com/lbmz77 What you want: Armor/no head kind of? Special notes: Alex style, please! 1600 minas altogether I believe. discord- DarkElfs#1259
  5. DarkElfs

    County Of Cyrilsburg

    "finally lads and lasses!" Rolien state while bellowing out a rather loud chuckle as he'd look out from the taverns windows
  6. DarkElfs

    RancidHound's Event Team Actor application

    +1 your one of the good ets that make honestly interesting events back in the days when ya still was one!
  7. DarkElfs

    [Fox Mani] Sonnos, Prince of Foxes

    I like this but that may just be because the fox is my totem but still I like it. An it wasnt that bad of a read honestly. Good job
  8. DarkElfs

    A Familiar Urge

    "the Trials be hard as can be lads... and hungry to great at other times." Rolien state while cleaning about the tavern he owned with his lover. "feels heavenly though on feastin. . . never can get enough when it starts at times." He'd sigh before continuing at work. Once every so often stopping to poke at circular scars about his body from area's worms and maggots had partly broken into his skin so long ao during his 'lesson' ((Good read dude! Wish I rply could have seen it but still this kind of what goes through Rolen's mind after his own ordeal he got stuck with))
  9. DarkElfs

    Maybe free character art???

    If you need a dark elven druid that usually carries a small baby fox with em or a human/dwarven character that's usually either shirtless or in overly tight or baggy clothing that has usually a horse size Demigrph following how that's wearing an over sized leather vest with a chain attached to it and his belt well ya there I guess. Rolien just a bit eh haha. Anyways if you want use bolon my dark elven druid with only one eye that's runic or Rolien my human/dwarven character that works the curon bar then go for it! If need more info just ask. I got no real artwork for rolien but I got a small bit for bolon.
  10. DarkElfs

    The Queen of Glynn

    (( pretty good! Keep it up
  11. DarkElfs

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    "2,500 coin for the petal" ker state once more while shaking his head "barely having to pay any coin at all it seems for this so far.
  12. DarkElfs

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    "2,200 coin for the petal" ker state once again yawning a bit
  13. DarkElfs

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    "1,500 on the petal." The ker state while yawning
  14. DarkElfs

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    "1,200 for the magical petal. An 300 on the halfling candy and then I guess 500 on the bloody ******* emerald necklace." The one eye'd Ker simply state as he'd wait for each item he wanted to come up as he idly stand by an waiting to see if any other would try to out bid him as he'd tap against the large bag of minas to his side.
  15. DarkElfs

    (Closed for now) Ivory's Skin Shop!

    IGN: DarkElf Discord: DarkElf#1259 Race: Highlander Gender: Male Skin Details (Facial Features, Clothing type/colours etc.) Steve type. This for a muscler huntsman that is usually always working or running around. He's been pointed as a personal body guard of late and needing some leather armor for em. Just needing the clothing in words with the fur and all if possible. Reference Images: (I'll send over discord as I'm on my phone and it's pretty horrid