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  1. DarkElfs

    Goldifish's Noob Skin Shop

    Still doing skins? Got a couple of female clothing I need done~
  2. DarkElfs

    LeoRabbit99's Game Moderator Application

    +1 just for the fact is he's probably got a bit to much brain power and thinks things over a lot of the time. he also doesn't pick favorites when choosing a lot of the time. I learned that of the year or so now with being a friend with him. He's also very heavy when comes rp and being realistic and all so good choice big time
  3. Any one out their doing skins for minas or actual $$? Needing a few skins done. A druidic one and  maybe a couple for my dwarven looking character

  4. DarkElfs

    Torky's FM App

    Bork +1
  5. DarkElfs

    Broken Promises

    (( A good well read but a sad one for sure. Feel sorry for your character but keep it up! ))
  6. DarkElfs


  7. DarkElfs

    Selling Druid Stuff ?

    (( We making offers on here or sending birds in the game then?
  8. DarkElfs

    Magical Licensing

    [OOC] Username: DarkElfs Discord: Alright in the discord group for fenn [RP] Name: Celeste Tathvir Gender: Female Place of Residence: Fenn -/- a tent out int he woods Race/Subrace/Culture: Snow elf -/- High elf because of bloodline Type of Magic: Voidal magic ((transfiguration and fire evo)) Why do you want to use magic in the Princedom?: To start up a shop as I'd brought up with another.
  9. DarkElfs

    * ~ The Order of Magic: Uniting Against the September Prince ~ *

    MC Name: DarkElfs RP Name: Celeste Tathvir Discord: DarkElfs#1259 Highest Magic Tier (If applicable): -Transfiguration master (tier 5) -Fire Evocation Master and teacher (Tier 5 and got a TA for it) Magic Guild (if any): I was apart of the one in the dominion but rarely leave my home of late and no clue if there entirely fully there to be honest anymore. Do you have any experience in a military?: Does this counting simple raids on things like a nest of creatures or dungeons if not then nothing much with other descendants really to be fair.
  10. DarkElfs

    My Thoughts

    Not going lie I looked over so many comments and things of the sort. An honestly leorabbit we are friends and no reason I'm going say this. But I agree with ya entirely you need evidence before fully being able to condemn your friends or state the rest are in the wrong. While also to many people pick and nip and blame everyone else or some certain people even if they never did anything. That's lotc any more for you. Ooc conflict.
  11. DarkElfs

    Holm Invasion!

    Bolon partly scream out internally "Second time! Second time this happen at holm!"
  12. DarkElfs


    RP Name: Bolon Stormtaker Occupation: Rare items collector or a merchant at others. Age: 90's Race: Delf Skills?: Collector of rare items. I do have a few items up my sleeve that could end up helpful for this type of work. OOC: MC Name: Bolon_ Discord: Darkelfs#1259 Time Zone: est ((also will be having close to four or so others post something on here as we be a group if one go the rest do))
  13. DarkElfs

    Citizenship Papers

    Citizenship: OOC NAME: Bolon_ RP NAME: Bolon Stormtaker Location of home: Next to dorin's house https://prntscr.com/kcb5a5 Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight): https://prntscr.com/kcb47s