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  1. DarkElfs


    Same as some I got no clue who you are I joined last map myself. But same still WB! I do hope if you end up back you find something worth it to have an easy way to waste time xD
  2. DarkElfs

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    I enjoyed the read to be honest. Loving the idea of the bloody berserker and the bloody rogue to. Can't wait see them around if this ends up accepted. Kind hope it does. I just hope it doesn't continue end up as it has been with it only being attached to a small/mid sized group only.
  3. DarkElfs

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Either I'm stupid and not looking right or just wasn't added in yet but anyways I'd like commission so here's my discord since that'd probably be easier lol DarkElfs#1259
  4. DarkElfs

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    I wouldn't mind a spot. But how should we make the commission then? Doesn't quite show how you'd like such be done. As I'd like my hou-zi to be drawn lol
  5. DarkElfs

    Open for commissions on skins and art

    Ok, before the i go I try to possibly spend cash um will you make clothing and edit it to fit another skin? Because I be needing some new clothing for my hou-zi for certain timings.
  6. DarkElfs

    -= Dangerous Roads. =-

    The priestess wake up later that day at a frozen like room, only rub at her sore neck for a moment, her memory fuzzy as all hell as she'd look about a bit puzzled before moving off to her old base of operation to change clothing once again and her form all together.
  7. DarkElfs

    The Night

    Robyn listen while near the red witch a partly dull but happy look to her as she'd nod her head." Relaxing enough it makes me want go lay before the fire place with something to snack upon." she'd nod her head while going lick her lips after stating such quietly out loud.
  8. DarkElfs

    Goodbye ~ Fly high, fly far

    Take the time off you need be it pretty much forever or not. I had do the same for awhile but I'm not massively in any big groups to be fair. But I hope you enjoy life and everything you do from now on. I myself didn't have a lot of rp with you but what I had with you was still quite fun and interesting at times
  9. Hello, OK with my hou-zi ca up and all. If it's accepted then yay if not then time try again but I was wondering if some one could help me with getting a skin made. Willing pay with minas or if need be actually usd $$ probably like $5 or something in that area if it's THAT good. But needing two skins made a younger version and a older version for later down the line if possibly. Pm if interested in doing such for me!

  10. DarkElfs


    I'd rather to be honest see something like this come out really. I only make minas any more is because I help with random things that people pay me for or I get it from making enchanted magical items of late really
  11. DarkElfs


    I believe I have everything even though hard get much info on the religion but I did my best from what I could read for the time being.
  12. DarkElfs


    I believe I have the races of the hou-zi were needs be but on the religion how are people post read that? The main bit were the info at is a white lettering with a white background...
  13. DarkElfs

    A Guide To Hou-Zi Religions

    So hard read the actual religion with the letters being white yikes.