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  1. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=last+goodbye+lotr&view=detail&mid=1D76EA199550E8EDA2C81D76EA199550E8EDA2C8&FORM=VIRE [!] Eric would sit himself atop his bed, humming to himself as he looks out the window. The night would have been full of laughter like curon nights were always, until he heard a sound hitting the window behind him. He turns himself around and notices a dead messenger pigeon with a note attached to its feet. Eric would open the window and take the note from off the bird's foot and what catches his eye first is the official seal of curon on the letter. To Erics surprise inside the note be an official call to arms. Eric would have been sent on a mission Like always Eric would obey his king and begin gathering his armour and supplies for the trip. The next day Eric would set off on horseback and wouldn't be seen for awhile. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned to months, before one day the sound of hooves could be heard on the path leading into curon. It would be the very horse Eric set off on his mission on. But one thing would be different, atop the horse would not be Eric's body, but instead it would be his corpse, laying lifeless atop the animal. The armour Eric wore would have about a dozen holes and slashes. The brave knight that served his kingdom for so many years, and who was loyal for so many wars, was dead…. Usually the nights of curon would usually be filled with noises, laughter coming from the tavern, crickets chirping from the park, the sound of boots hitting the stone paths. But this night was different. The tavern would be silent, the crickets wouldn’t make a noise, the roads would be empty. On Montagne lane stood Eric’s house, a single candle lit on his desk. It too would be silent, the bed where someone once slept, would be empty. On Eric’s desk would be a stack of papers, a journal that was not finished, and never would be. Next to Eric’s journal would be a small leather book, the book would be opened to the first page. “Curon is a bear, a bear that has grown, from a cub struggling to stand up, to a brave and respected boar. This bear stands strong, stronger than everything that attempts to bring it down. It thrives in a world full of different cultures, full of different nations and races trying to survive. “ “I write this in advance for I have no idea when the end is to come. I write this peacefully of my own will. I write this as my little story, for whoever finds this notebook, and for whoever they shall show it to. I came to curon when it was only a tent camp, I watched it grow just like the bear cub. I stood by it with many others and guided it on its path. I fought many battles alongside this bear. I stood by it until my end. . .” “To those I hold dear, I wish for you to not remember how I die or my death itself, I wish for you to remember the times we spent. Times we spent whether it be good or bad. I wish for you to remember me not for what I did in my life, but for who I was and who I became during it. “ [!] The writing next would be written in an unusual style. It seems each letter is tilted to the right. The last sentence would appear to be pressed deep into the notebook’s pages, much darker than the text above. To the steward that finds this book, please show it to the people I knew. Please show it to them so that it may fill them with a slight bit of happiness. Tell them that my job is done and that there will be no goodbyes, because goodbyes mean going away and going away means forgetting. [!] Below the text would depict a sketch of a polar bear cub. (ooc Thank you everyone who helped me with Eric, this was a fun character to play) PS I know I said boar, look up the term for adult bear
  2. Your wrong, arberang watclaim was redone after a hacker
  3. “Ave curon!” Eric said as he mutterd, helping the wounded recover from the lost battle
  4. Eric’s depression slowly kickstart in as one of the last atlas curon people leaves curon for good
  5. Eric would stare at the grave made for will, his old king. but he was more to him than that, he was a friend, he made what eric is now today and helped it start, and because of that eric stood there in silence, speaking nothing but the occasional prayer. After a long time of staring at the grave eric turned his back, a single tear rolled down his face as he turned back, removing his helm as he bowed his head. Then placing it back on his head as he walked off, remembering how great the king was.
  6. “What an eventful time for curon “Eric said as he sat down in the barracks of the royal army, before sighing as he said to himself “ave curon”
  7. It’s the idea, no matter what your going to have people doing bad stuff with whatever, people did it with mpm even but it was still a great mod?
  8. username: l0rdp4anda persona that you recived the paper notification on: i didnt get a paper, i got my vault back with some items but some were not there, i got no paper saying items were removed
  9. lol. I think this is a good idea really. You know how voice rp is somthing but vr rp?!? That’s the next level
  10. “Ave curon, long live the empire!” Eric would shout
  11. Eric would walk up. raising his hand and shouting “200 for the human noble ”
  12. panda_bear

    Atlas Epilogue

    holy ****... the vaeyl event line is by far, the best event line ive seen on lotc. sad to see it end but good work on it. good post also
  13. panda_bear

    Quick Vaeyl PSA

    It was not xarkly’s fault he didn’t do this event the devs did, if xarkly did it would be a lot better
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