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  1. panda_bear

    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    Eric would smile as he gets the news “slavers deserve to die, glad he fell. He slaved my family, and made me broke”
  2. panda_bear

    Meat is Back on the Menu: Two Slaves

    Eric would walk up. raising his hand and shouting “200 for the human noble ”
  3. panda_bear

    Atlas Epilogue

    holy ****... the vaeyl event line is by far, the best event line ive seen on lotc. sad to see it end but good work on it. good post also
  4. panda_bear

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    I see the picture for the post is the map of the new map, I know I could go and grab it from another old post that is lost in the forums or... you could be awsome and grab it for me???
  5. panda_bear

    Transition Mishap

    No no, I mean before the event, like two days and all
  6. panda_bear

    Quick Vaeyl PSA

    It was not xarkly’s fault he didn’t do this event the devs did, if xarkly did it would be a lot better
  7. panda_bear

    The Bear's March

    Uhhh that’s a horse
  8. panda_bear

    Transition Mishap

    Ive been hearing from staff they they have tried to contact xarkly on what he needs and when it will be held but they didnt get a response
  9. panda_bear

    Transition Mishap

    First massive thing Ive done besides a war claim and i have to say the plot was alright but the way they did it disappointed me a lot.
  10. panda_bear

    Update Regarding Map Transition

    WAIT so are we ganna rp crossing or no? And what times are events
  11. panda_bear

    Cities of Atlas

    Hey guys as you know atlas is ending in one day, so I would like to share some of the screenshots I took of just a few of Atlas cities, keep in mind they are not all the cities but just a few! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TG9rzHhsvb_KZlEqf2dBTyHBheiRCZ2sKho3SyT1A3k/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to use any of the screenshots here if you would like! Ps i would like to thank sheczar for the pembroke screenshots, and Ankan for the high elf screenshots!!
  12. panda_bear

    Best Atlas Screenshots Thread

    Hello, i spent all morning gathering pics of my personal favored citys! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p2Tn-SDsNoLNKg9PyvO_kZNYEWtfSth4K81u8btQ7uQ/edit?usp=sharing
  13. panda_bear

    Please Delete My Account

    bro, i had to wait 2 WEEKs, like comon dude, you can do better that 15 hours
  14. panda_bear

    Please Delete My Account