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  1. Sergei sat on the wall overlooking the landscape of Reza, the one where the killer's traces ended. His pipe in his mouth as he blamed himself that a queen was murdered on his watch
  2. House Sarwyck Family is hope, Protect it always *Alestar’s return* After his father’s passing, Alestar returned from Braavos. Where he was a red priest, in service to R’hollr. Once back in Riverspring his family greeted him warmly, as he was to take up the mantle of Lord of Riverspring. And so he would begin integrating into Vandal culture once more, yet not denouncing his faith. The following day he resumed the duties as Lord, and he set out to make Riverspring a grand city once more. Alestar would go on to sit down and begin writing a letter, in this letter it states: “Greetings, Lords and Ladies of the Westerlands. I am recently ascended the position as Lord of Riverspring and i am in need of a wife. Those who seem to have a suitable female, i would like to meet. Signed Lord Alestar of house Sarwyck” The letter is send to every noble of the Westerlands, The North, The Riverlands and The Reach. As soon as Tywin Lannister raised his banners, Alestar was among the first one to rally to his call, he would be following the army ever since as a part of it. *Alestar Sarwyck in Combat Gear* ___________________________________________________________________________________ [ Actions ] Alestar and the Army of Riverspring are in Tywin’s army The town of Riverspring is to be expended, the farms outside are to be expanded to fit more people The Ravens are send out Gawen Sarwyck is placed as overseer of the new additions to Riverspring
  3. Sergei widens his eyes as he reads the news, knowing it states in the Imperial Law Codex that this is not allowed and that it is a felony, punishment would be death by hanging or beheading. But since it is his Overlord he holds his tongue.
  4. _________________________________________________________________________ The Eastern Roman Empire When the news reached the Varangians and Alexios IV about the massive successes in the holy land their morale would boost up. Back at home Alexios III would send out word to all men of the empire that are part of the Theme system to rise up ((pm which ones)) After their mobilisation heavy training sessions began, they were rallied in their Theme capital, 4.6k men. Alexios III rode out to meet with one of them, giving an inspirational speech. _________________________________________________________________________ [Actions] Mobilising of troops (PM) The drilling of said mobilised troops The encouregement of traders The Varangians just following the Battle Plan Supply lines will be set up (pm) Defensive constructions are worked upon (pm) Covert ops (pm) I read i can do cool new research so i want to do that (mod tell me turn how much)
  5. Sergei just lowered his head as he heard the news.
  6. Sergei is glad someone is thankful for his hard work
  7. Sergei would go on to sharpen his sword "Let's ******* go" He spoke out as a courtier tells him the news
  8. I, Sergei Hendrik Stafyr, do announce: That Valarie Stafyr-Grimm is declared dead, She has not been seen since Atlas and even then, it was eight years since we last saw her then, she was not on the Haeseni ships. Signed, Lord Sergei Stafyr Viscount of Grauspin and Baron of Thurant Lord Marshal of Haense and protector of his majesty’s honour
  9. Convince me why you should be my wingwoman, have you any references that I can check or something? How guaranteed am I to succeed with you as my wingwoman?
  10. sandey0000

    Atlas Epilogue

    Karl watches as the lands grew farther out of sight, his chest still wrapped in bandages. He shook his head "A means to an end" He muttered to himself as he went back inside the cabin to write is his journey down
  11. As Karl sat down next to a makeshift fire, warming his hands. Even though he could not feel the cold, the warmth was welcome. The news of the wall closing traveled fast, a few descendent stragglers would join Karl and converse with him. After their departure he would put his metal hand over his heart "Peace and Fire Serris. Your sacrifice shall be remembered" Karl would stomp out the fire and set off for his final confrontation with his arch nemeses, his final quest.
  12. _________________________________________________________________________ The Eastern Roman Empire _________________________________________________________________________ Throughout the Empire the Purple banner is hung again, to reaffirm the Phoenix being on the rise. Along the walls of Constantinople the soldiers watched ever vigilant to the rebel crusaders.. The Farmlands seemed to filled with men and their families, working on their lands waiting for the call to arms. The Empire was ever expanding its Theme works, trying to fill up the lands with young men and their families. An actual map is made to show the Theme System and the additional men are requested to fill its place. A few weeks went by as heavy negotiations took place between the Romans and the Crusaders, but in the end an agreement was made and the fears of a siege was gone. The city started to distribute food again and a caravan of supplies was sent to the crusaders to aid them. Per agreement Alexios IV was hailed back into the city, and Alexios III hosted a grand feast in honour of his heir, and with that trying to restore relations between the two. At the feast Alexios announced to the world Alexios IV was to be his heir. A Fair is held inside the city to celebrate the victory of no war! [Actions] Continuing the Theme Works An agreement is reached with the Crusaders and Venice, lifting the threat of a siege so City life could go back to Normal A feast is held in honour of Alexios IV The Drilling of the Varangian Guard A fair is held in Constantinople Trade offers are sent to, Hungary, Sicily, Kiev, Novgorod, France, England, Cilicia, Jerusalem and Venice. To Genoa, Pisa, Austria, and the Pope.
  13. "Oh well" Sergei spoke out as he went on with his daily, already having presumed her dead anyways
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