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  1. sandey0000

    Velian Election of 1694

    Username: Character Name: Character Announcement of Candidacy: "I Marcus Flavius, hereby announce my candidacy for the seat of Decurio, I have been here from the beginnings and I want to see this colony prosper. With more influx of good Velian citizens and a initiation of Non-Velians in our auxilria. To integrate them in our society. Also I would like to fill the forum with more and more people!"
  2. sandey0000

    RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    This guy deserves a solid +1
  3. sandey0000

    Book First

    "Is there a too long didn't didn't read part?" Sergei says next to Rhys, also wondering how the hell he writes so fast
  4. sandey0000

    A Velian Festival!

    Marcus Flavius hopes he can attend
  5. sandey0000

    Writ of Abdication, 1693

    Karl Amador mutters something about the county of Mondstadt
  6. sandey0000

    A Ludovar for Parliament

    Sergei nods in approval
  7. sandey0000

    A feast for victory

    Sergei nods of approval "It is good that those pagan dogs aren't infesting the true Baruch keep anymore."
  8. sandey0000


    Sergei yawns
  9. Even though we have a feud he would make a fine gm, that is if he puts more effort into gmship than haense 😢😢 +1
  10. sandey0000

    [Denied][I] bickando, Haelunor's Game Moderator Application

    Vetren player, knows what he is doing so +1
  11. sandey0000

    [Denied]wolfkite1's Game Moderator (Contributor) Application

    +1 Wolfkite is always so nice to me and he would be nice to others if he is accepted
  12. sandey0000

    Demon's End, 1691

    Sergei nods in approval of the victory
  13. sandey0000

    The Festival of Saint Tobias: Seasonal Calendar

    Sergei reads it all over "Oh No, people ice skating on the czena? Great there goes my peace and quietness"
  14. sandey0000

    Give the Order

    Karl is unsure if he's dead or not