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  1. sandey0000

    Blood and Rain

    "Oh well" Sergei spoke out as he went on with his daily, already having presumed her dead anyways
  2. The Union of Falcon and Hammerhead The Marriage of Lord Sergei Stafyr of Hanseti-Ruska and Anneliese vas Ruthern of Vidaus, 1704. All of the vast realm of man is cordially invited to the wedding of Lord Sergei Stafyr, and Lady Anneliese vas Ruthern. It would be expected that—with the grandeur and greatness of the Houses of Stafyr and Ruthern—the union of the two aforementioned houses would be a stately spectacle for the ages. The good men and women of Haense have committed themselves to such a prospect; therefore, the solemnizing of the bond between the Lord and Lady is to be a sight of splendor and superbness which all in the realm of man are encouraged to attend. Markev is to be, in imminent days, a site of joy and mirth as the couple are bound in the sight of God. Followed by the wedding will be that of a wondrous feast. After the bond of Lord Sergei and Lady Anneliese, a splendid celebration will be held in the Krepost Palace of Markev, Haense. During this time, guests with gifts may present what they have brought to the newlyweds and also offer them blessings for their future together. The feast will include numerous traditional Haensei foods, and will continue until the couple have tired of the revelry for the evening. [Spoiler for OOC]
  3. sandey0000

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: sandey0000 Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/7c8b831e40f3e8667e5366ada33da153 How you got it: Wulfery smithed it for me. Screenshot of the Item: https://gyazo.com/2b7b57fa661b8a8bcebddc5011ab413b How you got it: I got it as a gift from someone, it is a House Stafyr Heirloom Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/91182373ea4e72d243a86c433e75e814 How you got it: I got it from a Krugsmas present Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/b5e08cf04bbe57379a1784b11e740ea2 How you got it: I got it in an event from Xarkly
  4. sandey0000

    House Stafyr

    Sergei is proud
  5. sandey0000

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    _________________________________________________________________________ The Eastern Roman Empire _________________________________________________________________________ When the word reached Basileus Alexios III that a large force of Venetians and Crusader were ever approaching the light of the Empire a rather rathfull Alexios sat on his throne, the Imperial Diadem shining on his head as he pondered. His actions may have been the cause of this but he was for sure not going to let it be his end. He stood up and marched out of the Sacred Palace towards the Hagia Sophia in which he stayed a day and a night to pray. Thus when he left and resumed his duties as basileus he gathered his advisors. A plan was laid out for a coming siege of the City. The Empire was to raise it’s troops, throughout the empire the abled bodies were mobilized. The City would stock on supplies that was needed for a siege. After days of gathering with the council it was decided that reform was necessary for the survival for the Roman Empire and so the reforms were drawn up. A reform for the Navy, An Active Megas Doux was appointed to oversee the construction of a better fleet. The 20 Ships were to be restored and fully manned and construction of new warship are commissioned. The Drilling of these vessels would commence after their restoration to be battle ready, after each new vessel it would join the training cyclus. The reinstatement of the Theme System, Throughout the Empire in every capital of a Theme 9.6k men were raised to be working on their lands and called upon when the need arises. European Side: Constantinople Adrianople Thessalonica Athens Corinth Nicopolis Scupi Aulona Asian Side: Nicomedia Nicaea Abydos Smyrna Attalei Heraclea Pontica Sinope Trapezius These cities would be assigned as the Capital of their Theme Meaning a force of 153.600 men were raised to be a active force that stood at the attention in a minute’s notice. By accepting this proposition, the participants agreed that their descendants would also serve in the military and work in a theme, thus simultaneously reducing the need for unpopular conscription as well as cheaply maintaining the military. It also allowed for the settling of conquered lands, as there was always a substantial addition made to public lands during a conquest. The troops already stationed in the capital would undergo trainings. The troops raised in the themes would undergo trainings after they got their land to get in form. Engineers would start on improving the palisade of the Theodosian walls and began improving on the tower of Galata and it’s palisade. A feast was organised in the middle of the preparations to relieve the tension that hung around the city.
  6. sandey0000

    The last of a generation

    Sergei raises his bottle of rum "May good men never falter, may he find his rest now after so long, have a good one!"
  7. sandey0000

    An Open Letter to the Duke of Adria and the Adrian People

    As Sergei was writing his manifesto inside his estate, a servant came up to him bearing a copy of this letter, when he was done reading he would "Haha"
  8. sandey0000

    Tournament of Markev

    Sergei shakes his head "Nope I won't make that time, that's too late for me!"
  9. sandey0000

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    Sergei oz Dungrimm chuckles at this
  10. What the ****, they ain't getting a tile? This really feels like rp is just going to be thrown in the garbage, let's go faction pvpserver and see which rally is best!!! **** rp! +1
  11. sandey0000

    Bjolfr Nord For Maer, 1694

    Sergei crossed his arms, then nods of approval "We can rely on this man"
  12. Haeseni Army Restructuring Penned on the 3rd of Sun’s Smile, 1694 [!] The Haeseni Army in columns [!] Long enough have we stood in our lines without organization, and with this reform we will make it so that every rank holds value. The military will be divided into bands, each band has a captain as its head. At the Captain’s side there will be a Sergeant, then beside them a Master-At-Arms, then it will be filled with Men-At-Arms and Footmen Think of this reform as a feudal system, but regulated and overseen by a single head. I, Sergei, always believed in the feudal system as the optimal system, so with this reform we will bring it back, but fine tune it more appropriately. Every captain will be expected to take care of their men, feed them, house them and most importantly train them. There will be scheduled trainings with the rest of the army. The Lord Marshal can send out the different squadrons for missions, patrols and so forth. 1 Captain 1 Sergeant 2 Master-At-Arms Captains will be expected to fill their ranks on their own. If a band gets overcrowded the Marshal has the abilities to start a new band. Lines will be organized in ranks as well, A captain will be in front and so forth. If the Marshal and Commandant are present, they will be in front. A Captain will be expected to organize their line to their fullest ability. The rank of Major shall be renamed to “Brevet” as it is a rank awarded to those vassals who bring their men to the fold. This rank is of high honor, thusly making you an honorary member of the military and its marshaled forces. Though it holds no authority it allows you to listen in and participate in the military's higher echelons. Sergei Hendrik Stafyr, Viscount of Grauspin, Baron of Thurant, Lord Marshal of the Army and Protector of His Royal Majesty's Honor “‘pon the devils we shall grant no mercy.” Robert I Bihar
  13. Sergei would squint his eyes trying to make out the words "Good, I hope they provide soldiers for the army that I can drill"