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    Say You'll Remember Me

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    Peace out!

    COME BAAACK 😭😭😭💗
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    Seeking High Elf RPer

    She will be ugly too, don’t forget that part.
  5. Nhisha

    Gown Skinner Needed!

    ❤️ Hi Guys!, thanks for taking the time to look over this, lol!. So basicallyyy I am in desperate need of someone who knows how to do Minecraft Gowns as I am simply /awful/ at them and most things. I already have a pic to work off of, I have the face and hair (obvi) and it really is just the gown to go. A price will be chosen (by you) on discord!, just shoot a PM to nhishybhishy#8800. Please, don’t feel shy, I’m desperate! - Love, Nhisha.
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    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    bye xx
  7. Best it has ever been, period.
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    AMA because its 1:37AM and Im depressed

    Why are you called Unwillingly? were u forced to become a LOTC-Goon or something?
  9. DID YOU JUST CALL ANGELINA JOLIE A COCAINE ADDICT?!?! Whatever atleast mine doesn’t look like an Elf who just got exiled from RuPaul x + *cocaine, hun. *cocaine.
  10. Nhisha

    How to Serve the Canonist Church

    Application IC Name: Edyth Age: 23 Race: Human (Heartlander) Serive: (Nun, Monk, Clergymen, layman, etc) Nun Where do you wish to serve: Anywhere in need of my services! OOC MC Name: Nhisha Discord Name: nhishybhishy#8800
  11. Nhisha

    Enough is enough.

    he has neck rolls but other than that he looks p healthy to me sis. 💗💗💗
  12. Just wanted to say a big well done to the people who wrote this, it must have taken ages. ❤️
  13. Nhisha


    Nhishah's journey started in a camp outside the city of San'Kala. The goblin learned basic combat as most goblins would have, she scurried along with whatever life threw at her. She wasn't raised by parents, whoever once took care of her went away as soon as she could walk. Taking what anyone else had underneath their noses, food was the only thing she needed to survive - as well as the rusty dagger she kept in a torn leather sheathe. Taking part in whatever the goblins did, whether that be attacks or thieves coming for them - she would fight alongside as she knew nothing else from her life. No friends, nobody. Nhishah is a loner but she strives for more, she is greedy. She will always want more. Nothing significant happens in her life as she hardly feels emotions. Her memory rather foggy, hardly remembering her past. Unusually - most would care for it being a blur but this goblin didn't. She just strived to survive and finding something for herself.. she still is.