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  1. CornPhlake

    Clan Lak

    Praise Laklul Luara
  2. ”Wub? Blahz nubdin’ abowt legalizin’ zhroomiez in diz. Wen will da Rex blah wiff da wargoffz abowt diz?” Vrig’Shrogo says upon recieving the missive, before also saying, ”Nub rezponze on bannin’ wurzhip ub Aztran either.”
  3. CornPhlake

    How do you say Z

    I am respectable human being, so of course I say zee.
  4. hou-zi better tho
  5. Join my really cool goblin clan called clan Shrogo! Thx!
  6. ”Lop Luara!” Vrig says happily from his cave, hoping that this will be the Rex to legalize Shroomies.
  7. Yeah, I really don’t like this guy. He once stole 30k coins from me. #Nolanisoverparty
  8. Vrig’Shrogo would recall the first memory he had of Skalp. He had met the former Rex on his first trip to the city. They sat down in the tavern, and himself, Skalp, Fiil, and an orc he hasn’t seen in years, had some grog. As he remembered this memory, a smile creeped up on his face. He would then recall when he and skalp had extinguished those fires that plagued many of the shrines around the goi.He then remembered his final memory of Skalp, entering the dwarven city, denied an honorable death on the surface. The goblin would make his way towards the statue outside of the goi, staring up at it. He would then look towards the ground. With a sigh, he would place a small mushroom by the statue, shaded by the large figure. ”Rulg fur everidin’, Zkalp. Lat iz wiff Luara now.”
  9. ”Judgin’ an entyre rayz off ub a few akzhunz, ay? Lyin’ tu. Nubdin’ unuzual frum Gazatz.” Vrig’Shrogo mutters, as he makes sure to keep his cave well defended.
  10. [!] Outside of the Krugmar library, a small note would be posted onto the wall. A Warning To My Kin A few cactus hours ago, I had the displeasure of seeing the atrocities of the guard force of Helena. Me and a decent amount of my brothers and sisters from Krugmar, along with a ‘Ker and a stranger from Sutica, decided to visit the city. This was after we were rudely denied entrance to the Silver State, for not having enough ‘prestige’.Very quickly, we decided to go to the tavern. We had a good time, and had the pleasure of having a very lovely bartender. We were very respectful, and paid for everything we had bought. However, one of my bruddas, Korgahk’Gorkil, got a bit too drunk. He had bought many drinks, not only for himself, but for the rest of us as well. After getting drunk, he went up to the bell by the bar, ringing it to get service after he had previously been ignored. However, a guardsmen from Helena, for whatever reason, decided that he was going to punch Korgahk in the side. This didn’t have much of an effect physically, however, it had pissed off the very drunk orc, and he went to defend himself from this pinkeh that had decided to assault him. Very quickly, he defeated the human, falling onto him. However, instead of killing him, he spared him, rolling over onto the floor. At this point, many more guards had come to the tavern, wanting to see what had been going on. They came in, all of them yelling orders, all of them seemingly hell bent on causing trouble. Instead of stopping the fight, they instead drew their weapons, attacking my brudda. However, another one of the soldiers started yelling that all ‘greenskins’ needed to line up on the wall. However, we had all simply sat, not getting involved in the fight. Then, someone, a kub mind you, decided to call them out for this blatant racism. Instead of ignoring the kub, or even moving him out of the way, one of the guards started to assault him, even breaking his nose. At this point, mind you, the man who had my brudda fall on him was already escorted out, and all that was left was a drunk Uruk hitting his head into a wall. Instead of trying to help him, or even just watching to make sure he didn’t get into more trouble, they attacked him, wacking him over and over again. It got to the point that the Uruk tried to run, however they pinned him down. At this point, they were still racially attacking us, telling us to get to the wall or they would attack, and possibly kill us too. After they pinned this very large Uruk down, instead of simply cuffing and putting him into jail, their captain demanded that they ‘put the beast down’. And that is exactly what they did. Instead of going to jail, or getting a fair trial, they murdered him in cold blood, sending a crossbow bolt straight through his head. After seeing this, I ran like hell, not wanting to have the same fate. I end this with a statement. This is not a demand to Oren, or even something meant to make you see Oren in a bad light. It is a warning to my kin, to the sons and daughters of Krug. Oren is not safe for us. Despite Peter III signing the treaty of Krugmar, these guards have denied the peace, treating us no different than wild beasts. Many of us, including myself, do not hold Korgahk’Gorkil in a high opinion. However, this does not change the fact that they treat us more akin to cattle than descendants. This is not the first time they have done this, and it will not be the last. Helena is not a safe place for our kin, and these brutal guardsmen have shown that. Vrig’Shrogo
  11. In his cave, Vrig crouches down, inspecting a mushroom. ”Zkalp did nubdin’, but yet ‘e iz bein’ givin’ in Korgahk’z playz? Mi will nub ztand fur diz! Zkaher haz brohken da kohdz, agh muzt be punizhed!” The Gobbgoth declares, before taking the mushroom out of the ground, quickly eating it, attempting to see what Luara thought about this.
  12. CornPhlake


    Otho stands next to Rufus, stating, with a massive grin on his face “Yes, yes! It all makes sense now! The children, it is the children!” As he says this, he puts the final pin into his board. This board has multiple events on it, including the Dwarf-Orc honor war, the Massacre of 1764, and the trip to Athera. “This is the last part of the puzzle..” He mutters, before starting to frantically twitch.
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