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  1. Vrig’Shrogo would never know of this man, nor, ever hear of his story. However, as the news of war reached his pale and long goblin ears, he would then of those he had lost to Orenian justice. Siig’Shrogo, a goblin child of which was one day lost and ever seen again. The former Gobbgoth is not sure if he died in Oren, however, that was his favorite place to climb in. He thought of Korgahk’Gorkil who was treated no better than a beast, getting attacked by an Orenian guard before getting brutally slaughtered in the street. A small grin appears on the goblin’s face, as he simply mutters “Gib Oren
  2. Reminder that Krugmar is still also waiting for our orcish clans subforum to be brought back. It has been down since may, not like, you know... clans are a big part of how our nation functions as a whole
  3. oh yeah, time to suicide for Luara
  4. Oh my god I hate Epistile grrrr On another note, uhhhhhhhhhhh, how is ur day?
  5. hm yes I want cannons and I want guns yes long live Peter III the totally not undead yes
  6. Vrig ponders, unsure if getting sacrifices for another spirit would anger Luara, but also wishing to bring health to the ill Archon.
  7. I am respectable human being, so of course I say zee.
  8. Join my really cool goblin clan called clan Shrogo! Thx!
  9. Yeah, I really don’t like this guy. He once stole 30k coins from me. #Nolanisoverparty
  10. ”Judgin’ an entyre rayz off ub a few akzhunz, ay? Lyin’ tu. Nubdin’ unuzual frum Gazatz.” Vrig’Shrogo mutters, as he makes sure to keep his cave well defended.
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