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  1. An aged Shrogo would wake up from a madcap trip, a smile revealing his wretched, stained teeth. "Wagh! Wagh! LUARA commandz it!" The goblin scurried off, trying to find a suitable rodent to offer up as sacrifice.
  2. Nightblade, former apprentice and current rival of Shade Shadowblade catches the bird in a quick, well preformed motion. "Heh. More like deadfeather" The assassin mutters, consuming the bird with the quickness of a cobra. He throws the note into a nearby fireplace, before sending his own hateful letter for the one and only Shade Shadowblade.
  3. A certain pale, malnourished goblin wakes up from his most recent mushroom trip, his eyes still dizzy from what to a non-addict would be considered an overdose. He pukes up a mix of caterpillar and mushrooms, before screeching "LOP LUARA!" at the top of his lungs. The visions were proven to be true; it was time to return home.
  4. Nice backstory for the feat, clear and concise, didn't have to read an entire essay to understand how it functioned. Overall, good **** boom (and divine of course 🙂), +1.
  5. Good post, can't wait to grow some of this on my Shrogo. +1!
  6. "Diz peepz to be odd, nub? Fur kreaturz wid long lyvez, da twiggiez zeem to hab furgottin' ZENTURIEZ of orks kapturin' agh ranzomin' gitz off. Muzt hab zhort attention zpans. Diz gotta be pondered further." Comments a small goblin upon laying his eyes on the missive. "Perhapz diz be konnekted to Aztran 'imzelf? He kud veri well be zkahin' der braynz."
  7. "Intereztin'..." a pale goblin comments upon hearing the news. "Luara will bring dem glori, Mi kan feel it."
  8. Reminder that Krugmar is still also waiting for our orcish clans subforum to be brought back. 🙂 It has been down since may, not like, you know... clans are a big part of how our nation functions as a whole
  9. oh yeah, time to suicide for Luara 😎
  10. Oh my god I hate Epistile grrrr On another note, uhhhhhhhhhhh, how is ur day? 😄
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