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  1. * Albus Henrik Brian Amador * Professor of Demonology, Wizard of Blackwell Tower. 101 - 180 S.A The air was thick with soot, the sky held no stars, the background filled with Shades of the long-deceased; Shadows wandering aimlessly, only to occasionally cast a glimpse in the direction of the strangers, whispering: “You shall join our fate if you do not turn back.” “Turn around whence you came” “The Aenguls forsake us here… Leave” The Old Wizard knew such sights were to await them here: Aegis’ long-deceased and abandoned population, the aftermath of conflict between Aenguls & Demons, of Cataclysm & Catastrophe. Descendants’ Unresolved Tragedy. . . They had to come here. They could not turn back. Lest Aevos be subjected to the same fate. A strange stone edifice stood in this desolate waste, veiled by the smog and soot with only a bright Sapphire fire raging in the centre; three corpses hung loosely upon wooden stakes, tied to the poles, decapitated and contorted. The latest prizes of an unholy hunt. An obscured figure knelt to the flames. Beside them rose two Paladins of Old. God-Forsaken. “Why do you come here?” Dark Times, Dark Days. Corruption of Deific beings & Demons Unleashed. “Sol Invicta - Daughter of Order, We come under dire circumstances and we seek counsel.” Weapon drawn, A grotesque item of Blackened Crystal: The Rotting Claw of the Lion. They had found whom they sought: The Lion of the Abyss. But no counsel was granted. “You seek advice from one that your Lord damned to the ruins of Aegis, where the Isles of Sheerok have no connection... No truth.” The terrifying trio began to step forward, fanning out and flanking the doomed. Forsworn and forsaken fighters judging the gathering: their Order. On the hip of one, the head of a Herald. Another Trophy. “Order is that the weak kneel and the Strong protect those who cannot wield the sword. They understand their place and know when to be dealt with. . . I am bound here. . .Bury your blades in your necks, help the fight that renders here & I shall make you part of my legion. To stand against the tide of Mordring here in the Abyss.” What happened next was a chaotic scene. Some fought. Some fled. Most died. The Old Wizard had come, alongside his niece, abiding to one Mantra: It is better to save an innocent life than to take a guilty one. It is better for the soul. They had failed to save her, for she could not be saved. A thrall to the whims of Aenguls. So, they ran. Abyssal chain wrapped around the Old Wizard’s leg, tripping him up and landing him in the ash and soot; looking up to his kin, his student and the future hope of many, Albus shouted: “GO!” He turned about to his assailant, One of the Forsaken, Abyss-Walking Paladins of Yore. It was a Horrifying Spectre: Ethereal Chains held in a Gauntleted fist. “Vyr Battle Here is being fought on Aevos. Y’am an Old Man, Niet long for this world…” “That is True - You have had a long life. The others here are Young, they do not see your wizened brow and homely face. Die Well.” The ethereal chains began to whip up about his body, tightening about the neck of the Old Wizard, forcing him to gasp for air. Flashes of Azure mist flared from the chains, the Old Wizard attempted desperately to rid himself of those chains, but to no avail. With a secondary attempt, the flash fizzled and Albus lay in the soot once more, his gaze up to the sky. The Nausea set in first. The pain came next. Cut in twain at the waist. The Wizard of the Blackwell Tower looked up towards the Blackened Sky. He’d spent a lifetime defending against Demons, to be felled by a Demi-Aengul’s Death Knight. But, He would not join the Legion of the Lion of the Abyss. He would suffer a Fate worse than the Shades. His Soul, Collected by Sol Invicta, would be consumed within her Phylactery. He ceased to exist. Within the Confines of the Old Wizard’s Tower, A large parchment with a series of sealed letters: Here in lies, set forth, the Last Will & Testament of Albus Henrik Brian of the House of Amador. Son of Radmir of the House of Amador. Professor of Demonology, Chronologist, Voidal Wizard & Custodian of the Blackwell Tower within the Duchy of Brabant. I name as the executor of my Will: Ser Sterling Percy of the House of Whitewood-Blaxton, Duke of Brabant and Lord of Lotusgrad. An Accounting of my Actions, to be published to those who wish to read it: Throughout my life, I have sought out the evil that stowed-away within the Amadorian Flagship from Asulon, detailed within the Diary of Daniel Amador. The Demon that had killed my ancestors and our Great Founder, before the emaciated survivors of my House landed on Anthos, bringing along that Demon of Misfortune and Misery. I swore, on the relics of my ancestors gathered by Nataliya Amador, that I would defend my House and all Descendent-Kind from the evils of Demons. Through my exploits, after a lifetime of study and research, I was ultimately able to defend the Duchy of Brabant from an Armoured Infernal Hellhound. In that great battle, when I lost my dearest Papej, I had summoned a great tornado and felt at the peak of my powers. However, if you are reading this now, then I have been felled during a desperate expedition to the Abyss to save Aevos from the Darkness that is Here. I have borne witness to the Aengul Xan, uncharacteristically enraged at his followers & who will descend upon Aevos, bringing about a new conflict between the Aenguls and the Demons. Azdromoth, Arch-Drakaar and Leader of the Azdrazi, Wars with the Order of the Golden Lion to the detriment of all Descendent-Kind. His Holiness, Pontiff Caius Primus, makes Crusade against Hexicanum & Gashadokuro. Darkspawn plague the Northern Kingdom of Ravenmire where King Bo I Rostova, disowned of Amador, fights to defend his people. Ser Sterling Whitewood-Blaxton leads the Silver Crusade against the tides of Moz Strimoza's Hellspawn. Descendent-Kind must Unite. Unite, or surely, you will fall and Aevos shall suffer the fate of Aegis before it. I leave but one hope to Descendent-Kind, the girl who was denounced by the Sons of Horen & whomst has borne great pain for Redemption, fighting still for all. Professor Albus Henrik Brian Amador, on the 9th day of The First Seed in the 180th Year of the Second Age. A Series of Letters that I would wish delivered to their respective parties: To Ailure of the Order of the Golden Lion: To His Holiness, Pontiff Caius Primus: To His Royal Highness, King Ivan VIII of Haense: To His Royal Highness, Bo I Rostova, King of Ravenmire: To His Grace, Ser Sterling Whitewood-Blaxton, Duke of Brabant: To The Right Honourable Henrik Amador, Vikomit of Zveslund: To Faeryel & Sarah Artenin, The Grand Magister of Hohkmat & Vizier of Fire: To Lord Karl of Falkner & Mirasul of Val'taelu: To Katherina Sophia: To Vindyr Di Ixolar: OOC:
  2. EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present NOD PEPEL, ASERE PODNIMAT’SYA From Ashes, We Rise — THE FALL OF THE PHOENIX - The Funeral of Nataliya Mariya Amador, Baroness of Mondstadt - Issued on the 9th day of Tov ag Yermey in the 486th Year of Exalted Sigismund. VA EDLERVIK, Let it be known that Her Ladyship, Nataliya Mariya Amador, The Phoenix of Amador, Baroness of Mondstadt and Kastellan of Immigration of Haeseni-Ruska, has this day passed on to the Seven Skies. She died of natural causes following complications after her most recent pregnancy and childbirth. The child, though small, seems likely to survive the tragedy and shall be named Theodosya as the late Baroness wished, and be granted the second name Nataliya after the Baroness. As is customary for the House of Amador, the House will enter a state of mourning until such time as her Funeral is concluded. Her Funeral will take place on Jula ag Piov, in the 487th Year of Exalted Sigismund at the Evarardian Basilica in the City of Valdev. We welcome all who wish to pay their final respects to our Late Bossiras. Her Coffin with be sanctified by a Priest of the Church, before being buried in the Ground of the Basilica, beneath the same tree as her recently fallen kin, Ser Karl Ruslan Amador. The Impact of the late Bossiras to the House of Amador can not be understated. Thanks to the efforts of herself, her mother, Olessya Amador, and her faithful sister Liridona Amador, the House of Amador stands today among the most spectacular families in the Dual Kongzem. She battled during the end-times of Almaris against the Mori’quesse;, she served the Dual Kongzem faithfully and loyally as Kastellan of Immigration. She leaves behind her Husband, Four Sons and Two Daughters, her Sisters, Mother, Father and all the rest of her surviving kinsmen. We Honour the Bossiras that reignited the flame of the House and returned the House to the Nobility within the Dual Kongzem of Hanseti-Ruska. Let it also be known, as per the wishes of the Late Bossiras, that Professor Albus Amador, the Chronologist of the House of Amador and Son of Radmir Amador, shall act as Regent, until the eldest son of the Bossiras, Henrik Edvard Amador, now known as Henrik III, comes of age. We request time to Mourn the loss of so much in such a short blink of time. FROM ASHES, WE RISE. IV JOVEO MAAN, Professor, Albus Amador, Regent & Chronologist of the House of Amador
  3. ᛏᚱᛁᚨᛚ ᛟᚠ ᚱᚺᚢᚾ The Resignation of the Grand Ambassador of Urguan, Dagmir Grandaxe ᛏᛁᛗᛖ ᚠᛟᚱ ᚢᚾᛁᛏᚤ Dwedmar of Urguan, Fellow Diplomats & Emissaries, I serve notice to you all. Today, on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, in the 126th Year of the Second Age, I, Dagmir of the Clan of Grandaxe, handed in my formal resignation as the Grand Ambassador of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, passing the symbol of my office, the Ornate Cane of the Grand Ambassador to His Majesty, the Grand King of Urguan, Agnar of the Clan of Grandaxe. I offered this resignation to His Majesty out of a desire for rest and recuperation after striving for peace and tranquillity over the course of two-decades, an achievement in modern diplomacy and a crowning jewel for His Majesty’s reign, it has been my privilege and honour to serve in His Majesty’s Government to cultivate & maintain diplomatic relations around Almaris. It has allowed the Dwedmar an era in which to grant their beardlings a happy and constructive childhood untainted by the stains of unhappiness that War and Bloodshed have wrought on Dwed lives. To my diplomatic contemporaries across Almaris, it has been a pleasure to work with you all in our individual and greater capacities, as diplomats, emissaries & Realms of the Continent. I wish to convey personal thanks to all, with special mention to His Royal Highness, King Georg I of the Dual Koengzem of Hanseti-Ruska, as well as his faithful subjects: His Grace, the Duke Aleksandr var Ruthern of Vidaus & Miss Ilaria Amador, Emissary to Urguan. I also apologise to all foreign diplomatic bodies that you now need to re-establish your contacts and continue prosperous relations with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Until such a time as a replacement is made and the Cane passed on, I recommend your correspondence be addressed to His Majesty, the Grand King. I shall maintain my office as an acting Magistrate of the High Courts of Urguan, until such time as it is no longer required of me to maintain the position at the wish of the High Justicar, Thromdrick Irongut, or His Majesty, the Grand King of Urguan. Until then, I shall tend to my personal wellbeing, physically & spiritually, as a Subject of His Majesty and Citizen of the Grand Kingdom. May the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, under the Serene Reign of His Majesty, remain steadfast in its commitments towards Unity among all of the Dwedmar. May the Legion remain stalwart in the face of perils, both foreign and domestic, under the firm command of Duroun Ireheart. May the Religious Sects of Urguan strive for peaceful coexistence and cooperation, under their respective leaders. May Ogradhad Guide us all. Narvok oz Agnar! - Narvok oz Urguan! Signed, Dagmir Grandaxe, Former Grand Ambassador of Urguan, Acting Magistrate of the High Court of Urguan.
  4. An old Ludovar servant thumbs his spectacles as he also reveals a Three documents to accompany Hieromar the Elder's Compilations: A Marriage Certificate: A Death Certificate Letters of Ennoblement:
  5. ((OOC Information)) What is your Discord?: MarquisAlex#7294 What is your Minecraft username?: MarquisAlex What is the ideal time for you to partake? GMT - I tend to work 4/5 days a week, at which point I'm available from 10pm to Midnight.
  6. Albus Henrik Brian Amador would look upon the missive from the Koengzem and the teenager would be quick to hide it in his bedroom among the books on his shelves. He knew his Papej would not take kindly to the story of the Ragman coming back to the surface and haunt another generation. He glances at his pocket-watch - It was nearing the end of Dusk. He retires to bed, hearing the mechanism of his pocket-watch resonate in his hand. Tick Tock Tee Tick Tock Tee Tick Tock Tee
  7. The Tale of the Ragman In the middle of the tundra lands between Hanseti-Ruska and Norland, a small campfire burns among a set of overturned logs, in front of a handful of tents and a lean-to... The sun fading from the end of Dusk and the Beginning of the cold night. A Papej sits upon one of those logs, in front of the campfire, his Syns on his lap and his brow furrowing whilst the pair of spritely boys beg their Papej for a Ghost Story. Finally, their Papej relents… Once upon a time, many, many years ago, back in the reign of Koeng Marius the Good, the streets of his capital were bright and happy. But, at night, when the mist slowly rolled from the docks and onto the Houses, it was said that the evil Ragman would appear. My Aetymamej told me that he carried a bag over his hunched shoulders… …And he was looking… …Always looking to fill it. He moved through the night, from window to window, eerily searching each room. Good Children were safe, Aentymamej said, asleep and warm in their bed. They had nothing to fear. But if vy were awake past vyr bedtime, the Ragman would catch you. And when He did, She said: “He would smile wickedly” “He would point his crooked cane” “And… Poof!” In the morning, when their Papejs & Mamejs would call for the child… They were gone. The “Ragman” Sleepover event: As a result of the Ragman story being circulated around the Realm of Hoonseti-Rooska, the Children of said Realm now have a Nightmarish Entity Haunting their Dreams & Sleepovers. Therefore, at the next Sleepover event: Saturday 11th February 3pm EST Weiss Keep The Ragman will visit the Naughty Children who refuse to sleep.
  8. ᚱᛟᚲᚴ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛋᛏᛟᚾᛖ Cultural Exchange: Chess Tournament Between Hanseti-Ruska & Urguan ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛒᛟᚾᛖ ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE 12th of the Amber Cold, in the 111th Year of the Second Age 12th of Joma Ag Umund in the Year 460th of Exalted Sigismund, As per the Renewed Iron Accord, Signed in the 110th Year of the Second Age/459th Year of Exalted Sigismund, The Grand-Kingdom of Urguan hereby Announces a Cultural Exchange Event within the Dual-Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. A Chess Tournament will be held within the Capital of the Dual-Kingdom: Karosgrad, upon the Palace Grounds. There will be a Trophy Handed out to the Winner of the Tournament, for those willing to test their mettle, whilst friendlier games available for the participation of all those who wish to come. CHESS TOURNAMENT I. The Chess Tournament will be held on two boards outside the Palace of Karosgrad. II: Competitors will be arranged into pairs to compete against each other, with the winner of each pair moving to the next round. III: The winner of the chess Tournament will be granted the honorific title of ‘Chess Grandmaster’, confirmed to them by the receiving of a Chess Grandmaster Trophy, as well as prize of mina. IV: If you are interested in competing, please reply to this announcement stating your name and your race. These will be compiled by the Grand Ambassador of Urguan for the Tournament. Other available games: I. Naughts & Crosses II: Hanseti Chess III: Bowling EVENT LOCATION & TIME The Karosgrad Palace grounds The Snow’s Maiden, In the 113th Year of the Second Age Msitza Ag Dargund, In the 462nd Year of Exalted Sigismund Signed, Her Excellency, Viorica Kortrevich, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court His Lordship, Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik, Ambassador to Urguan Dagmir Grandaxe, Grand Ambassador of Urguan
  9. Hellos from a Returning Player.

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  10. Lord Henrik Ramdir Amador would glare as he spots the dismembered limb near a sign in the Capital of Adelburg. Striding over he takes the poster and rips it down, before ordering a subordinate: "Take the limb and have it embalmed for transport back to Santegia, then send word to these terrorists who hold my Brother-in-law. 3,500 minae and niet a penny more."
  11. My story is not my story, it is the collaboration of all our stories, like the single thread in a fine tapestry.

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