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  1. Full Name: Henrik Ramdir Amador House Name: Amador Status of Blood [Royalty, Nobility, Gentry, etc.]: Gentry Titles [King or Queen, Prince or Princess, Archduke or Archduchess, Duke or Duchess, Marquise or Marchioness, Margrave or Margravine, Count or Countess, Viscount or Viscountess, Baron or Baroness, Knight or Dame]: Count of Blackfen Direct Liege’s Name: Emperor Peter II Amount of Levied Men: Approx. 5. Number of Citizens inhabiting any Fiefdoms: 0 Goods produced within your Lands: Unknown The reasonable amount of Wealth or Assets you would be able to raise for Taxation: Unknown Do you, by this document, swear loyalty to the Emperor, Peter II Sigismund, and the Holy Orenian Empire until death? Do you hereby accept that treason and betrayal will be met with no clemency and that your lands shall be forfeit and repossessed by His Imperial Majesty should such action be taken?: Yes
  2. Joint-PK Post for Aylwin Blaxton & Erin Blaxton The winds off of the savannah softly whispered around Brabant Keep, the sun slowly setting over the plains towards Anhalt, with that same warm wind turning cold. Whispering into the stone walls and into the audience hall. A man dressed in black and blue, donning his famous cap, sat upon the throne. His eyes were wearily scanned about his hall, watching as his servant Juliana went by into the kitchen, finishing off her chores for the day. His body slumped in the wooden frame as he turned his head. A smile slowly slipped across his lips as he saw his wife, dressed in her simple blue dress and gazing back at him. The woman stood besides her husband with a tired smile upon her face. The dress which had clung to her once healthy frame now hung loosely from her now frail self. She stood neatly besides her husband, a handkerchief clutched between them. Erin offered a pensive glance about the halls before she turned to her husband, an affectionate gaze offered his way as she saw his smile. “My Lord Blaxton. What has you smiling this time?” she asked before quickly bringing the cloth to her mouth to shield a cough. Lord Aylwin Blaxton, 1st Viscount Brabant, chuckled lightly at the comment as he gazed over her, reaching his hand over to place the palm over handkerchief-clutching hand. “Am I not allowed to smile upon my Wife, My Lady?” he replied in a coy tone, taking that hand and placing a soft kiss upon the back of it, before looking back up to her. His thumb lightly caressing the back of her hand before releasing it, placing both hands upon the side of his chair of lumber and pushing himself up with a slight heave and huff. “You are, my love,” replied the woman as she placed herself besides her husband as he stood, and looped her arm around his for support. “Look at you, such an old man. What will we do with you?” It had become a running tease for the pair, each calling the other various shades of old. It was true, however. Erin herself had reached almost forty years, and they had not been kind to her. Aylwin was older than her still. With a guiding hand, or arm in this case, the smaller woman lead her husband along the hall, and towards the staircase. The Viscount merely grinned, tilting his head to the side to place a kiss at the top of her head as the pair began to walk upstairs, his arm resting from her shoulder to the small of her back. “The pot calling the kettle black, darling.” he darted in reply “Come on, let’s get to bed. My bones are cold tonight.” With careful steps, they climbed the stairs of the keep until they came to the main corridor, the wind dying down and leaving a flickering warmth that came from the torches on the stone walls. “That was already my intention, my love,” replied the woman as the two arrived on the landing. Erin shivered, despite the warmth of the torches. She had been feeling cold for days, and nothing seemed to warm her up. Leading them to Aylwins chambers, Erin continued to act as his walking stick as such, keeping the older man upright as they made their way along the hall. “If you continue needing support, I might have to invest in a cane for you,” Erin commented teasingly, a twinkle of childishness in her tone as she made most of their situation. A small, playful scoff came from Aylwin’s gruff and bearded face, going over to the wardrobe and preparing himself for bed. “Why invest in a cane when I have a perfectly good one right here?” he said in a satirizing fashion, before laying himself in the bed covers and placing out some of the few candles in the room. His head laid upon a soft feathered pillow, a luxury he could scarce afford in his early years, but now he could rest in with relative comfort. His eyes looked over his beautiful wife as she too finished preparing for bed. His glance interrupted by a chesty cough, covered by a swift hand to his mouth. Erin clambered into the bed besides her husband after herself changing into something more comfortable. Even bed robes, which had been made new for her fairly recently, hung far too loosely for her now. The woman laid her head besides Aylwins, taking a moment's comfort to recall the first meeting with him that she could remember. She recalled how she sat besides Aylwin on a stone step within Karlsburg, watching as Johan, her former husband, conversed with a young Kovachev girl, and how that girl had been bickering with Floris van Loden. She recalled how she had been speaking quietly to Aylwin, and recalled how wonderful it had been to have a friend. Now, Erin laid besides him, married to him. How she loved him. “If being your cane meant that I could be besides you every day then I shall be just that for you,” the sickly woman commented before coughing into her handkerchief again. With that, she closed her eyes, relishing in the comfort besides the man she loved. With a light tug, the covers were thrown over the pair by Aylwin’s arm, wrapping his arms around her like a koala might to a tree. He leans his head over to place a soft kiss on her lips, in a moment of opportunity, as she turned to meet his gaze. “To be with you everyday is a blessing, my dearest Erin.” he whispered to her before resting his head back onto the pillow. His eyes closed as he saw the familiar histories of his life; a party in the snows of Laurenstadt, a happy reunion in the streets of Aleksandria & a beautiful marriage in the stone chapel of St Owyn at Schloss Hochspitze. “Goodnight, Sweetheart” On the 2nd of Sun's Smile, in the Year of our Lord 1617, Lord Aylwin Blaxton & his Wife, Erin Blaxton, died peacefully in their bed chambers at Brabant Keep. A Funeral will be held at Anhalt within the next few days. All of the Memoirs of Aylwin Blaxton are now published for public knowledge. A post will go up, acting as a Table of Contents to the Memoirs. Future Editions will still be posted as they are discovered. Thank you.
  3. CITIZENS OF THE PRINCIPALITY, When in the course of Human events a people lose their Liege-Lord, a decent respect requires that there be an ample opportunity given for the people to grieve their loss, whilst the Lords of the Principality's Privy Council meet to discuss the continuation of the feudal system. In the most fortunate of these circumstances, the Lords of the Privy Council would heed the Last Will & Testament of the former Liege-Lord, wherein the Rightful Heir will sit in the Serene Prince's Throne. In this case, the Privy Council duly recognises the rightful heir of the Serene Prince's Seat at Hochspitze as His Grace, Robert Frederick Horen-Preussen, the Duke of Dorahy; True-born son of His Serene Highness, Ser Frederick Augustus, Prince of Pruvia, Duke of Ostland, Count of Eastwatch and Baron of Schloss Hochspitze, Shield of Mardon, Knight Commander of the Ioannian Order and Knight Paramount of the Kingdom of Mardon. However, due to the designs of our LORD & GOD, His Grace, Robert Frederick Horen-Pruessen, is currently at too tender an age to rule. It is, therefore, the Law of the Principality for the Privy Council to recommend and designate a Lord Regent, to act in the Serene Prince's stead, until he come of age. In the year of our Lord, 1616, a Declaration of Regency was passed, signed by the Joint-Regent of Pruvia: Ser Emil Var Yaevyr, Executor of the Principality of Pruvia, who did knowingly and willing fail to call the Privy Council of Pruvia. In doing so, the said Executor, failed in his duties to inform the Privy Council of the Death of the Serene Prince Frederick Augustus & thus named His Majesty the King Stephen I of Hanseti and Ruska, the Ever Loyal Subject of His Imperial Majesty, Grand Prince of the Raev, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and the Greymarsh, Count of Karikhov, Ayr, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Baron of Vsenk and Rothswald, Lord of St. Karlsburg and Protector of the Highlanders, as Regent of Pruvia in the name of His Grace, Robert Frederick Horen-Preussen, the Duke of Dorahy & that of the Privy Council. With that same decent respect that comes with the grievances of our time, as well as the aforementioned grievance named above, the Privy Council of Pruvia is impelled to declare a Denunciation of the Declaration of Regency, passed in the year 1616. We, therefore, the Privy Council of the Principality of Pruvia, after voting a majority on the said issue of this denunciation, also humbly entreat His Royal Majesty, Peter Sigismund of House Horen, Forever August, King of Mardon and the Westerlands, Duke of Blackmarsh and Marna, Count of Lorath, Cantal, Baron of Gravel Hold and Vineland, to actively seek a redress of our grievances with that of His Grace Robert Frederick & His Majesty the King Stephen I of Hanseti and Ruska. IN NOMINE DEI, The Right Honorable, Aylwin Blaxton, Chancellor of the Privy Council of Pruivia, Viscount of Brabant. The Most Noble, Augustus von Anhalt, Margrave of Anhalt, Burgrave of Edelstein, and Baron of Schloss Edlingham. Maester Aldred of Brisengamen, Maester of Hochspitze. Blundermore Patrick Wind-Raker, Court Wizard of Hochspitze.
  4. The Marriage of Aylwin Blaxton & Erin Lockley Redacted Artist, Aylwin Blaxton and Erin Lockley (1st of The Amber Cold, 1616). The sound of chatter echoed around the woodlands of Hochspitze as friends and loved ones gathered within the castle to witness the union between loved ones. Inside the hall, the groom, Aylwin Blaxton stood patiently waiting for his bride. Dressed in his typical blue outfit, with his now signature hat, he waited with a smile upon his face. With everyone taking their seats on the command of the priest, the bride was then signalled to enter. Down the aisle walked Erin Lockley, dressed in a teal coloured, flowing gown that trailed slightly behind her as she made her descent. Her smile matched Aylwins as she met him at the altar and as she arrived by his side, he took her hand in his. The priest greeted the couple with a wide grin, and began reading aloud the vows they were to repeat. Phrase by phrase the couple exchanged promises of eternal love and honesty to one another, their smiles never faltering once. When all was said and done, simple token rings were exchanged as the priest signalled them to kiss. As they did, they sealed their bond, and turned to their families. Aylwins brother, Vandar, Erins brother and her son, Willem cheered as the priest dismissed the couple, and willed them to a happy marriage. On this day, the 1st of The Amber Cold, 1616... Let it be known that Aylwin Blaxton, Chancellor of Hochspitze, 1st Viscount Brabant and notable diplomat, has this day wed Erin Lockley, landowner and merchant. May this marriage be blessed by GOD, May it bring happiness. Ave.
  5. The Marriage of Ayldan Blaxton & Alyssa Adelheid Amador Redacted Artist, Ayldan Blaxton & Aylssa Adelheid Amador at Hochspitze (1st of The Amber Cold, 1616). The Bells of Hochspitze rang over the Principality of Pruvia, (14) Nobles & Gentry attended beneath a High-Noon Sun. (12) Inside the Chapel of St Owyn stood a former Pariah, (12) In the Black and Blue of House Blaxton. (7) Perched beneath the Alter, with a Priest holding the scripture, (14) He turned his singular gaze towards the one he'd adore. (12) She was a gorgeous sight, a remarkable picture, (12) In the White & Blue of House Amador. (7) Her hand placed on the arm of her Brother, Count Owyn, (12) as she cautiously stepped down the Aisle. (7) Peering to her left, onto that of her Blood-Kin, (12) Who smiled at her Grace & Style. (7) With her hand being passed, and a soft look in the eye, (12) There they stood beneath GOD's Omniscient Sight. (10) Speaking holy vows in a hall of stone to amplify, (12) Stained glass windows let in a Soft Light (10) With the Holy Vows now said and the deed be done, (12) they turned to each other and embraced. (11) A hand on his shoulder, A hand on her back, (11) They kissed & hearts have raced. (7) On this day, the 1st of the Amber Cold, 1616... Let it be known that Ayldan Blaxton, Heir to the Viscounty of Brabant, Has Wed Alyssa Adelheid Amador in Holy Matrimony. May this bond unite the Houses of Amador & Blaxton in Blood, May this Marriage be blessed in the sight of GOD, May their lives be happy hereafter. Ave.
  6. My story is not my story, it is the collaboration of all our stories, like the single thread in a fine tapestry.

  7. Minecraft Name: MarquisAlex Ban Reason: X-Raying Individuals Involved: GM - @Wrynn Event Details: I used an X-Ray Resource Pack to collect coal from the public mines at Cloud Temple over the last two days. I was using the coal to smelt stone for constructing Brabant, my new holding in Pruvia. I had been told previously that players were allowed to use mods, so I didn't believe an x-ray client for coal would be bannable. Wrynn caught me using the X-Ray client and I confessed openly that I had been using it, expressing the same opinion. He showed me the rules to clarify and I offered to delete the x-ray resource pack on the spot. He refused, stating that a punishment needed to be given. I asked if I could be given leniancy for being open about the misunderstanding. I was refused again, as bans are set timers. I am now banned for 30 days. Why should you be unbanned?: This is my first offence on the server, I have never caused any other offence. I have been a dedicated and loyal member of the community and I have never caused any OOC issue or given any staff member a hard time. I have several people who would vouch for this dedication to the community. I see the argument placed forward by the GM Wrynn. I am not challenging his judgement and would accept the 30 day ban. I'm Sorry. This appeal is an appeal for leniancy. Additional Comments: I have since removed the resource pack from my client, I hope this image is proof enough.
  8. +1 from me
  9. Willem Van Loden (MarquisAlex) signs the charter with a muddy, toddler's hand print.
  10. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft account name?: MarquisAlex What timezone are you in?: GMT How old are you?: 23 Are you aware the online content on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: "Cyber-bullying", through repeated harassment or any other means will not be tolerated. Those partaking in or promoting such will be severely punished. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): Nope, all clear. :) How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: From friends of mine: Disheartened and Bromaden. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yes, twice. Please note, your TP to Oren is Broken and lands you in a insta-kill land. Please fix. Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial of your application! What is roleplaying?: Roleplaying is the task of taking on a personality that is not your own in a Role-playing Game, often for enjoyment or learning. What is metagaming?: Taking OOC information and using it IC. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: "Jake swings his sword, cutting Bob's arm off!" - using an emote to force a situation upon a person. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: Aylwin Blaxton Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Human Character’s age: 21 Biography: Aylwin was born within the Barony of Mondstadt to his father and mother during the times of the Oren Empire. His father was a merchant, who would often travel to Johannsburg to sell furs and other wares to the Imperials, whilst his mother worked as a farmer in the lands belonging to the Baron. With the destruction of the Empire when he was 18, Aylwin was sent off to Karlsburg, to begin his education in the classics and politics. He aspired to be among the men that aided and advised King Marius, a man whom he admired as a child. He spent most of his time learning these trades from the church in Karlsburg, which provided for his education from his father's purse. At the Age of 21, Aylwin is now fully capable of taking the reins of his own destiny, but it came at the price of his parents who died at the hands of raiders, whom he suspected came from the Courlands. As such, Aylwin has a hatred for the Courlands and believes them to be nothing more than upstarts and bandits in a wasteland. Nonetheless, Aylwin is now poised to meet the Young Baron of Mondstadt and offer his services for the good of the Haense, will this go well for him? Personality Traits: Erudite, Diplomatic & Humble, but also cunning, chaste and greedy. Ambitions: To be a diplomat/advisor to the court of Haense. Strengths/Talents: Talking, persuading and fishing. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Could use training in the sword & bow, hard to be decietful. Appearance: Alywin has a bushy brown beard, wearing warm furs with a simple iron belt. He's 6ft tall, with dark brown eyes and curly brown hair. Skin: http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/northern-lord/