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  1. MarquisAlex

    [Complete]Santegian Prince for Sale!

    Lord Henrik Ramdir Amador would glare as he spots the dismembered limb near a sign in the Capital of Adelburg. Striding over he takes the poster and rips it down, before ordering a subordinate: "Take the limb and have it embalmed for transport back to Santegia, then send word to these terrorists who hold my Brother-in-law. 3,500 minae and niet a penny more."
  2. My story is not my story, it is the collaboration of all our stories, like the single thread in a fine tapestry.

  3. Minecraft Name: MarquisAlex Ban Reason: X-Raying Individuals Involved: GM - @Wrynn Event Details: I used an X-Ray Resource Pack to collect coal from the public mines at Cloud Temple over the last two days. I was using the coal to smelt stone for constructing Brabant, my new holding in Pruvia. I had been told previously that players were allowed to use mods, so I didn't believe an x-ray client for coal would be bannable. Wrynn caught me using the X-Ray client and I confessed openly that I had been using it, expressing the same opinion. He showed me the rules to clarify and I offered to delete the x-ray resource pack on the spot. He refused, stating that a punishment needed to be given. I asked if I could be given leniancy for being open about the misunderstanding. I was refused again, as bans are set timers. I am now banned for 30 days. Why should you be unbanned?: This is my first offence on the server, I have never caused any other offence. I have been a dedicated and loyal member of the community and I have never caused any OOC issue or given any staff member a hard time. I have several people who would vouch for this dedication to the community. I see the argument placed forward by the GM Wrynn. I am not challenging his judgement and would accept the 30 day ban. I'm Sorry. This appeal is an appeal for leniancy. Additional Comments: I have since removed the resource pack from my client, I hope this image is proof enough.
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    [Denied][contributor] game man

    +1 from me
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    [✓] Land Charter

    Willem Van Loden (MarquisAlex) signs the charter with a muddy, toddler's hand print.