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  1. An old Ludovar servant thumbs his spectacles as he also reveals a Three documents to accompany Hieromar the Elder's Compilations: A Marriage Certificate: A Death Certificate Letters of Ennoblement:
  2. ((OOC Information)) What is your Discord?: MarquisAlex#7294 What is your Minecraft username?: MarquisAlex What is the ideal time for you to partake? GMT - I tend to work 4/5 days a week, at which point I'm available from 10pm to Midnight.
  3. Albus Henrik Brian Amador would look upon the missive from the Koengzem and the teenager would be quick to hide it in his bedroom among the books on his shelves. He knew his Papej would not take kindly to the story of the Ragman coming back to the surface and haunt another generation. He glances at his pocket-watch - It was nearing the end of Dusk. He retires to bed, hearing the mechanism of his pocket-watch resonate in his hand. Tick Tock Tee Tick Tock Tee Tick Tock Tee
  4. The Tale of the Ragman In the middle of the tundra lands between Hanseti-Ruska and Norland, a small campfire burns among a set of overturned logs, in front of a handful of tents and a lean-to... The sun fading from the end of Dusk and the Beginning of the cold night. A Papej sits upon one of those logs, in front of the campfire, his Syns on his lap and his brow furrowing whilst the pair of spritely boys beg their Papej for a Ghost Story. Finally, their Papej relents… Once upon a time, many, many years ago, back in the reign of Koeng Marius the Good, the streets of his capital were bright and happy. But, at night, when the mist slowly rolled from the docks and onto the Houses, it was said that the evil Ragman would appear. My Aetymamej told me that he carried a bag over his hunched shoulders… …And he was looking… …Always looking to fill it. He moved through the night, from window to window, eerily searching each room. Good Children were safe, Aentymamej said, asleep and warm in their bed. They had nothing to fear. But if vy were awake past vyr bedtime, the Ragman would catch you. And when He did, She said: “He would smile wickedly” “He would point his crooked cane” “And… Poof!” In the morning, when their Papejs & Mamejs would call for the child… They were gone. The “Ragman” Sleepover event: As a result of the Ragman story being circulated around the Realm of Hoonseti-Rooska, the Children of said Realm now have a Nightmarish Entity Haunting their Dreams & Sleepovers. Therefore, at the next Sleepover event: Saturday 11th February 3pm EST Weiss Keep The Ragman will visit the Naughty Children who refuse to sleep.
  5. ᚱᛟᚲᚴ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛋᛏᛟᚾᛖ Cultural Exchange: Chess Tournament Between Hanseti-Ruska & Urguan ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛒᛟᚾᛖ ROCK AND STONE TO THE BONE 12th of the Amber Cold, in the 111th Year of the Second Age 12th of Joma Ag Umund in the Year 460th of Exalted Sigismund, As per the Renewed Iron Accord, Signed in the 110th Year of the Second Age/459th Year of Exalted Sigismund, The Grand-Kingdom of Urguan hereby Announces a Cultural Exchange Event within the Dual-Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. A Chess Tournament will be held within the Capital of the Dual-Kingdom: Karosgrad, upon the Palace Grounds. There will be a Trophy Handed out to the Winner of the Tournament, for those willing to test their mettle, whilst friendlier games available for the participation of all those who wish to come. CHESS TOURNAMENT I. The Chess Tournament will be held on two boards outside the Palace of Karosgrad. II: Competitors will be arranged into pairs to compete against each other, with the winner of each pair moving to the next round. III: The winner of the chess Tournament will be granted the honorific title of ‘Chess Grandmaster’, confirmed to them by the receiving of a Chess Grandmaster Trophy, as well as prize of mina. IV: If you are interested in competing, please reply to this announcement stating your name and your race. These will be compiled by the Grand Ambassador of Urguan for the Tournament. Other available games: I. Naughts & Crosses II: Hanseti Chess III: Bowling EVENT LOCATION & TIME The Karosgrad Palace grounds The Snow’s Maiden, In the 113th Year of the Second Age Msitza Ag Dargund, In the 462nd Year of Exalted Sigismund Signed, Her Excellency, Viorica Kortrevich, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court His Lordship, Aurik Bishop, Baron of Ostervik, Ambassador to Urguan Dagmir Grandaxe, Grand Ambassador of Urguan
  6. Hellos from a Returning Player.

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      i am a dwarf and im digging a hole

    3. Unwillingly
  7. Lord Henrik Ramdir Amador would glare as he spots the dismembered limb near a sign in the Capital of Adelburg. Striding over he takes the poster and rips it down, before ordering a subordinate: "Take the limb and have it embalmed for transport back to Santegia, then send word to these terrorists who hold my Brother-in-law. 3,500 minae and niet a penny more."
  8. My story is not my story, it is the collaboration of all our stories, like the single thread in a fine tapestry.

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