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  1. We shall figh' on t'hills... We shall figh' on t'dungeons... We shall figh' in t'fields and in t'lanes... We shall figh' in Honeh-hilll! We shall nevah surrendeh!
  2. [!] A notice is pinned to the board in the centre of town, a Honeyhill Fire red stamp is at the top. The text reads the following: Honeyhill, The Honeyhill Fire department will be having a meeting soon, I hope to see all those who have already volunteered there. It will take place in the Honeyhill Fire Department. We will have a brief and some basic training. If you are not volunteered, but wish to be a part of our team- then you may also come along. See you soon, Fire-Chief Eldon Trill Jr. OOC: Friday 21st January @ 2PM EST/7PM GMT Contact rushork#7231 on discord for more info.
  3. Current Roster: Eldon Trill Jr - Fire Chief Esto Guadalupe Buckfort - Volunteer Hort Hogfoot - Volunteer Chester Fern Huckleberry - Volunteer (updated as per new members)
  4. "Good t'ing he had such ah good lawyer." he says about himself, proudly.
  5. [!] A letter was posted to all inhabitants of Honeyhill. A red and gold insignia is stamped at the top. "Dear Burrow-owner of Honeyhill, As newly elected Fire-Chief it is my duty to ensure your safety in your burrow. This letter is to inform you that I will be making a visit to your burrow to locate and take note of any possible fire-hazards, and to teach you precautions and fire-safety during my visit. In addition, applications for the Honeyhill Fire department is open. Benefits of volunteering include a uniform, a button pin, free training and the privilege of protecting Honeyhill. See you soon, Fire-Chief Eldon Trill." (APPLICATIONS FOR THE FIRE DEPT CAN BE FOUND HERE, MESSAGE rushork#7231 ON DISCORD FOR MORE INFO!)
  6. Name: Eldon Trill Jr Reason for needin' an allotment: Planting some veg, I want to make a Trill family dish! Do you swear to tend to your garden properly?: Aye!
  7. Username: rushork Character Name: Eldon Trill Jr Nomination: Eldon Trill Jr "A grea' chance fer me t'protec' t'e ci'izens o'Honeh-hill! Am no stranger t'fires..." Eldon would say, tending to the flame at his forge then fitting a wheel to the iron struts of a wheel-barrow.
  8. "'ey I-iris, Arugula won' com fer us in Honeh hill, r-righ'?? R-RIGH'"?
  9. "Good ridd'nce! May 'e come back 'n respect our ruhls." Eldon said, hammering at the forge. "Got t'feel bad fer t'kid t'ough... t'ink he has somt'in wrong in 'es 'ead."
  10. last 2 days in Honeyhill: 1st day - running around picking flowers and playing games 2nd day - INVESTIGATING MURDER AND LIZARDS THAT LIVE IN OUR WALLS 10/10
  11. The Trill Family The Trills are an unorthodox lineage of Halflings, and can be found in the furthest reaches of the world. Dating back only one generation and 100 odd years, they do not have a rich and long culture as other families may do. A Trill is a fun loving somewhat-adventurous Halfling, and they're coming to Honeyhill! Trill Tendencies A Trill differs from Halfling to Halfling, but generally have inherited a natural proficiency for tasks around the forge from Eldon Trill Sr and Gimron Silvervein's tight friendship. A Trill is easy spooked, Knox-O-Ween is the scariest time to be a Trill... as they usually hate being sneaked up on. The Trill's in Honeyhill have started to make a reputation as blacksmiths and because of this they have been quickly recognized. Some first generation Trills take after their father, being adventurers and flirtatious vagabonds, whilst others have found comfort in settling down. Trill Appearance Since first generation Trills spread over different relationships, the descendants of Eldon Trill Sr can be quite different. Generally they all have a shade of light brown curly hair, green eyes and fair skin- but do not count on this to identify a Trill. Similarly, the other physical genetics like height will be different among all Trill's- but they are usually a medium height for a Halfling. Past and Present Trill's Eldon Trill Sr (Played) - Presumed Dead Eldon Trill Jr (Played) - Alive Rosaline 'Rose' Trill (Played) - Alive Elyse Trill (Played) - Alive https://www.familyecho.com/?p=IK9S5&c=6bnc855r8a&f=586570045266598812 Contact If you wish to join the Trill Family, contact rushork#7231 on discord.
  12. The Trill Forge The Trill Forge in Honeyhill has become recently quite active after the new arrival of Eldon Trill Jr. The halfling can often been found blacksmithing away throughout all times of the day and has stuck the following flyer on the noticeboard: Friends of Honeyhill! I have spent the last weeks regaining my knowledge of blacksmithing from what my Uncle taught me as a child, and think I finally have the hang of it again. If you have any bits and bobs you need smithed, put a letter in my postbox at 8 Lakeside Lane or come find me and I will see what I can do. Till then, Eldon Trill Jr The halfling has been seen to have made a reinforced shovel, which he brought to the investigation of the barn today- it seems to be decently well made... although there is definitely room for improvement.
  13. I hope Halflings With Attitude will perform Duality by Slipknox again!
  14. I'm crying so hard right now, it's been a real journey to get to this position. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to compete with the most amazing skinners of LoTC and I'm so glad that we could all be here for the ride. I'd like to thank my parents for never giving up, my friends in Renatus for keeping me company on the long hard nights of skinning and finally Omar for creating this amazing opportunity. Thank you, and goodnight.
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