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Found 7 results

  1. To Challenge; Okarir’mali Friendly residents of The Silver City, I have reached out to the civilians attending to address the next concern; our Okarir'mali has been banished from the city and therefore discharged from his seat. In light of this, I request that you choose my candidacy as the new Okarir'mali. I will fulfill my role for the city with all my soul as I have in mind. What is an okarir'mali supposed to do? 1) - This council's position manages all the events within the city, and the tavern, and ensures the social well-being of all Mali’thill. What will I do as okarir'mali? 1) - I will host events where the current medic of our silver city will train some of our citizens in the practice of healing, as to ensure they are versed in first-aid and are able to put it into use in case of emergency. 2) - I will host interviews for a position to work in the tavern, as well as hold events in the parlour. For instance; casino night, drinking games, chess, and more. 3) - There will be a high elven tea party every elven week. 4) - Festivals will be hosted every elven month. 5) - Medical field training, as mentioned above, will be hosted once every elven week. What duties I will adhere to as Okair'mal?. 1- To host and manage events within our silver city 2 -To manage the tavern with their selected tilruir and tavern workers assisting him in this task. 3 -Too frequently host events; around 3-5 for the silver city every elven week.
  2. "Misunderstanding and ignorance births wars. They that detest conflict show wisdom in their disposition, however to permit truths to be hidden behind falsehoods or to deprive them opportunity to be free of dissent and violence is an affront to wisdom." - Malaurir Dio Astóre ito maehr elthilln annilerih ’May the silver be guided to wisdom’ 12th of Snow's Maiden, Year 113 of The Second Age BLESSED CITIZENRY OF HAELUN’OR, This is a step I’ve long deliberated, and as the cogs that have since faltered begin moving anew, it is time that the first stride is taken. Throughout the years, decades, I have watched our home evolve through many stages; I watched it thrive, crumble, and ultimately resurface into the beautiful Cihi we call home to this day. I witnessed our people beneath the thumb of violence and tyranny, and through it all persisted alongside them. For too long, did this dark period of our history last, and for too long have we fallen victim to stagnation - a congruence conceived from the very peace we fought for. The title of Sohaer has traded hands from the moment we first stepped into this very land, unable to find an adequate place of rest. The responsibility that leading our people and their council entails was never meant for a single ‘thill, and it is time the burden is once again shared between two as was meant to be. I, Luthien Maeyr’onn, announce my intention to challenge the mantle of Sohaer. And though I cannot possibly address all the possibilities, with this missive I intend to shed transparency on my most urgent intentions. To Maintain: It is the very foundation of our history that legitimizes our purity as Mali’thill, something that for long we have neglected. In the pursuit of empty progress, we have forgotten the importance of maintaining those very ideals that fuel our desire for knowledge and longevity. For the sake of betterment - of progress - we must first conserve the ground on which these pillars stand. [I] Education has from the beginning been a vital piece of our pursuit for progress. In order to maintain the integrity of Larihei’s teachings, all who seek citizenship within our silver walls - regardless of race, gender, or species - will be under obligation to attend a lecture before being granted permanent residency. During this disquisition, they will be educated in the way we function as a society; our laws, social culture and etiquette, as well as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. The purpose behind this decision lies in the idea that we cannot expect one to respect and understand - let alone adhere to - our societal standards without first being taught. This will otherwise serve as a reminder to returning Mali’thill. [II] Just as preserving our history is of utmost importance, we must not forget to ensure the present and future well-being of our citizenry. An open ear must be extended in light of their concerns, for we cannot thrive in the misery of our people. In order to address this matter, public meetings with the mandatory attendance of all members of elHeial’thilln will be held once every elven month. At present, such gatherings are few to none, and so we will strive for an organized and consistent schedule. During this assembly, the concerns of any and all citizens will be addressed and deliberated upon. Should one wish to remain anonymous in their complaints, steps will be taken so that they may be submitted privately. To Reform: In reformation lies progress. One must take that which no longer functions and mold it into something new. It would be dishonest to deny that we as a community have disregarded change when established systems were shown to malfunction. From the beginning, we have held onto discrepancies which have served as the catalyst to long neglected issues. In adapting our policies, we find ways to lead a fluent life as a community. Rather than ignoring hurdles, we shall address them as they beckon for our attention. [I] During my tenure in the council, I observed many ways with which we could improve; ways in which we could strive for a more efficient conclave, one that works with clarity and in collaboration with the Mali’thill that form its very structure. A change that I find imperative, is nothing other than the redesign of our council, something long overdue. Addressing each fragment of its skeleton, I seek to condense, redistribute and redefine each role that composes its anatomy. By clarifying and reassigning responsibilities, we will procure a composition that will harmoniously function. In the process, it is my intention to extend more opportunities to the common citizenry, so that they may involve themselves in the pursuit of progress. [II] There have been times, even recently, where a lack of clarity within our Silver Laws has been the cause of toil. Not only our laws, but the very policies that comprise our government. By dissecting each article, each constitution and system, I seek to expand upon and make additions to the legislations that protect us, and in addition define what their violation entails. In flexibility, we will find the possibilities of addressing what deters us from the adherence to progress and health. To Progress: Progress is one of the two legs on which our ideals stand, never has it failed us, only the way we interpret and choose to pursue it. This is where we have failed; for long we have looked only to a superficial idea of progress, and in the process have neglected a bigger picture. At last, we must finally take a glimpse past our hunger for only knowledge and utilize our tools to forge a legacy, a strong, reliable structure that will ensure the longevity of our society. To seek true progress and see to its success, we must not account only for the present, but most importantly the future and what it might presuppose. [I] It is imperative that we no longer ignore the urgent need to clarify and establish our relations with foreign nations. Holding grudges, regardless of how warranted, will only weigh down any attempts to move past the margins that bind us. Henceforth, Haelun’or will seek to establish its neutrality and resolve long unidentified bonds. With urgency, we will officialize alliances and at all costs refrain ourselves from being involved with adventitious conflict, lest it entails a collective threat. [II] In maintaining collaboration and order within elHeial’thilln, will we find productivity and thus subsequent progress. As a collective, we will not stop seeking ways to improve and move forward without the regression we have often faced in recent years. I seek to create a community that is perpetually evolving, offering a bounty of opportunities to those that seek them. It is here that I choose to conclude my missive. Having offered a glimpse into my mind and the most pressing foundations, all that is left is to await as time unfolds the steps to its conclusion. To my opponents and those that may come in the future, I look forward to our debate. Signed, Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  3. An Official Statement From The Eternal Library It has been brought to our attention that, during the unfortunate events that have transpired over the course of the previous day, the Eternal Library has not escaped unharmed, and that a rogue band of intruders have sought to vandalise our most blessed sanctuary of progress. On that front, Mali’thill, rest assured that the vandalism has been cleansed, for no foulness can withstand the simple power of soap and water. Nonetheless, this should be a propitious moment to remind that, regardless of allegiances and feuds, the tomes of the Eternal Library deserve not to be harmed. They are not mine, nor the Head Librarian’s, nor anyone else’s but the Motherland’s. The thousands of books in the Library’s keeping are nothing else but the fruits of centuries, and embody the collective knowledge of generations, many of whom have long since passed into antiquity. It should be reminded too, that the Eternal Library should not be prized by Mali’thill only, for among the countless tomes housed therein, one can find the wisdom of all races that inhabit this World, the voices of all the Descendants. For many mortals, the Eternal Library is their only natural key to immortality, for long after they have passed, the opinions inscribed and the knowledge shared will still echo in the minds of people yet unborn, who should have the honour to find enrichment in the ancient halls of the Eternal Institutions. A fool of the highest order is the one that believes, even for an instant, that ideas shared in books can be imprisoned at our whims, or that they abide by the laws we construct. The Eternal Library represents something greater than all of us, and has reached this stage only after centuries of careful considerations, of generous donations from writers who decided to forever inscribe their names in the annals of the immortals. The books need no liberators. The Eternal Library needs no successor, for the Eternal Library is ETERNAL. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. [!] This statement would, of course, be made public, to those inhabiting the Motherland, and to those outside of it, by way of couriers well paid for such service.
  4. OTHERWORLDLY THREATS to PURITY Mali’thill of Haelun’or and beyond, this missive goes out to all our kin in hopes that they may give their support to our great nation in helping us root out a problem that has plagued our people for generations on end: The Dark Arts and the wretched impures that have a stranglehold upon our people The count in the many. Necromancers, Frost Witches, Vampires and the Inferi. All of these dark things have time and time again, threatened our pure and glorious nation with the threat of being subservient and slaves to the vile creatures that lurk beyond our eyes. They walk among us, disused in our pure and near divine forms, pretending to be of us, but prey on our mortal coils and feast on our greatest flaw, blindness to what surrounds us. I now make this missive to remove the vail from your eyes, to open you up to the truth of why Haelun’or is at great threat of collapsing and becoming a dreaded necropolis of slavery and despotism to the things that would see us bend the knee to their dark ways. NECROMANCERS It should go without saying that the act of raising the dead is a sin beyond measure. To end the peaceful slumber of the dead and violate their spirits by forcing the corpses of the deceased to be slaves to their dark whims. To this end, Haelun’or should take measures to stop the rise of necromantic cults within our walls. Corpses should be burned ceremonially and dumped into acid pits to starve the dark mages of their source of power. Alliances should be made with groups who are skilled in hunting these heretics of the ‘thill down, and purges must be done to cull their numbers if they rest within our city. Already a horrid fungus has begun to grow in our sewers, and it’s smell of rotting flesh is clearly the signs of necromancers at work, doing their best to cause the downfall of the greatest nation upon Almaris and turn us into their undead slaves and abominations of the dark FROST WITCHES These vile women of our once ‘thill blood have sold their souls and essence for the vain attempt of power. Wishing no more then to enslave the men of our city and convert the pure and innocent maidens of our lands into their wicked numbers, these icy, cold hearted feminst gone astray shall be our undoing if we do not act fast. Hunts for their vile kind should be had, and no corner of our great lands should go unscoward until they have all meet the fate of traitors: burnt upon the pyro of righteous vengeous for the blood and lives ruined and destroyed by their deeds of evil VAMPYRES Creatures of the night that lurk in the shadows. Cults of blood and magic that scorn the very earth with their touch. A strangeness about these creatures and their willingness to canablize their fellows makes them dangerous enough, it is also their ability to drain the mali’thill of their purest blood to sustain them. Let it then be known that the light of day shall strike true against these night horrors. Our blades and words ring true in song as we play the last ballet they will ever hear: the sound of steel grinding deep into their black hearts, their blood turning against them as they spill outwards, slowly to rot as we step into the future without them holding us back. INFERI These otherworldly demons are the pinnacle of destruction and madness. Born from the hatred of the name of our greatest enemy whom cursed us with the inability to have many children, the daemons of the Inferi ever wait in hiding, their dark cults looking to undermine our establishments to bring about a new age of destruction and servitude to the most impure of all impure things. Strengthening our culture and our own resolve must be had. Rooting out these cultists and sending them to a swift death is the only answer to safeguard our way of life. Never forget the crimes of the Inferi Criseis. Never forget the blood they split of our kin. We shall make ourselves pure by silencing these heretics and sending them to their foul masters by flame and sword. Let them burn in their hells as we ascended to greatness to stand beside our great masters beyond our world. We the children of Larihei and of Malin shall rise above them and become whole CONCLUSION As you have read this missive, may it remind you of the treats we face. Our city is not just a stack of being overrun by the empires of the world, but it is also at risk of being enslaved by those worse than a simple half breed or a mali’thill made impure by their own selfish acts. We must be at a constant vigil to challenge these otherworldly beasts and monsters to keep our people safe. Our families will never be safe until we at least, free ourselves from our tormentors that lurk under our noses Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya
  5. The Rise of Savagery Dear readers, if you have been keeping yourself up to date on current situations you already know the heinous actions done by Elvenesse. There however are numerous things yet to be unveiled. While their deeds of corrupting pure ‘thill and assassination attempts have been documented. We have yet to inform you, dear readers, of what is truly heinous. The nation that has been a discussion point for me over these times, and of even our blessed State. Elvenesse, the realm of Savages. This may seem to be a bold claim, but I assure you it is very true. As of the day I am writing this missive, a llir to all Zelios has fallen to back luck of sorts. Tree limbs nearly falling on him, chairs spontaneously becoming unorderly. This was the work of the druids, of course in cohorts with Elvenesse. Take this as another warning to be wary of the Savages and nature corruptors. The Savage’s actions go even further beyond that, from my sources I have found many vile acts committed by these barbarians. They slay and cut open the contents of animals, making those ‘aheral they’ve corrupted to the deed with their bare hands! If that does not sound like Savagery to you then I do not know what will convince you, dear reader. Perhaps the again mention of children soldiers being sent to MURDER our beloved Sohaer would spark insight. They are not above doing anything to corrupt nor harm our way of life. Should anyone come into close relation to one of these Savages remember you can attempt to cleanse yourself. The Path of Purity is your right as a ‘thill! If you return to the Silver State to save yourself from the Savages please I implore you to attempt to regain your purity. Remember if you truly wish to repent for your misdeeds the Path can and will save you! Signed, Fayneth Glynro Long Live the Legion!
  6. Dear Oren Manufacturing Facilities, I have damaged my Lumarium Occulos Thricoard. I am In need of a replacement device to direct three beams of Lunar light to be focused into the correct frequency of solar light. Ensure that the Focusing Occulosis glass Lens is focusing downwards and that the glass is made with Aquamarine mineral dust. The deflection Arrays are to be made from silver and to sit at a 90 degree angle. Please try to oil the Pins, Knobs and Swivels to prevent rusting. The device should be able to fit into one's pocket, please don't bring some obtuse structure. It will be rejected at the gate. Feel free to keep the design for reproduction. A secondary copy will be kept in the Haelun'or Library records. Deliver to the front desk of the Haelun'or city gates. Present my family sigil upon entry to drop off the package for inspection. Unless already permitted. Do not enter the city. That is unless you wish to risk a puncturing from the archers atop our grand walls. The package is to be delivered to any member of the Celia'thilln family. P.S. Ensure that you bathe properly before arriving at the gate on threat of the guards dousing other vagrants with water from the murder holes.
  7. [!] Artist’s depiction of the grand feast during the Feast of the Wolf FEAST OF THE SERPENT The Feast of the Serpent is a tradition held every 3 years ((a month in real time)) celebrated with drinking, feasting, and a great hunt to remember the founding of Blazengard and the Wandering Flames. The great hunt is an event which begins the feast. Affiliates can participate in the hunting of large beasts in groups up to two. Those who bring back a beast will be rewarded, but the one who brings the largest beast will get bragging rights as “Lord of the Hunt” or “Lords of the Hunt” during the festivities. The beasts will then be taken to the chef and prepared for a grand feast which takes place soon after. Other games such as archery, apple dunking, pumpkin carving, and the hay maze. To end the day we have our Krugsmas outfit competition, which is judged by the mayor, sovereign and a mystery judge. The competition will be judged on style, effort, and overall WoW factor. Contact Tainted_Ace#4526 if you want to enter. 9:30am Speech given by Ban Estrosa commencing the first annual Feast of the serpent. 10:00am The Great hunt begins, bring your own gear, and have fun!! 11:00am Apple dunking contest. 11:30am The Great Feast, come and enjoy the wonderful bounty. 12:00pm Corn maze trials, try and beat it in under 6min 1:00pm Outfit competition, judged by the mayor, sovereign, and a special guest 2:00pm Pumpkin carving then walk around town and enjoy the firework show! ((ooc))If interested in getting further details please don't hesitate to join our discord https://discord.gg/YfNrQwEshD or message me on discord @ Tainted_Ace#4526, The Festival will be held on December 28th, 2020 from 9am to 2pm Est.
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