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Found 3 results

  1. The Rise of Savagery Dear readers, if you have been keeping yourself up to date on current situations you already know the heinous actions done by Elvenesse. There however are numerous things yet to be unveiled. While their deeds of corrupting pure ‘thill and assassination attempts have been documented. We have yet to inform you, dear readers, of what is truly heinous. The nation that has been a discussion point for me over these times, and of even our blessed State. Elvenesse, the realm of Savages. This may seem to be a bold claim, but I assure you it is very true.
  2. Dear Oren Manufacturing Facilities, I have damaged my Lumarium Occulos Thricoard. I am In need of a replacement device to direct three beams of Lunar light to be focused into the correct frequency of solar light. Ensure that the Focusing Occulosis glass Lens is focusing downwards and that the glass is made with Aquamarine mineral dust. The deflection Arrays are to be made from silver and to sit at a 90 degree angle. Please try to oil the Pins, Knobs and Swivels to prevent rusting. The device should be able to fit into one's pocket, please don't bring some obtuse
  3. [!] Artist’s depiction of the grand feast during the Feast of the Wolf FEAST OF THE SERPENT The Feast of the Serpent is a tradition held every 3 years ((a month in real time)) celebrated with drinking, feasting, and a great hunt to remember the founding of Blazengard and the Wandering Flames. The great hunt is an event which begins the feast. Affiliates can participate in the hunting of large beasts in groups up to two. Those who bring back a beast will be rewarded, but the one who brings the largest beast will get bragging rights as “Lord of the Hunt” or “Lords of the
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