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  1. Clovis Farlander would have frowned when he overheard the despicable conversation while the ceremony was going on. He would shake his head, as he gripped the handle of his cane. “Such conversation should not be held while in this moment of joy for their fellow man” he would murmur. The young man would keep his eyes forward on the couple at the altar. His frown fading back into a smile as he would remember all was not horrid in the world after all.
  2. FULL NAME: Garret Emmet Palmer AGE: 50 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist ((MC name)): Ztrog ((Time zone)): EST
  3. Garret Palmer would nod after reading the declaration. “It’s good to see the army taking charge in this situation, I will prepare for the coming battle.” The Protector General of Kaedrin would proclaim, getting his bastard sword ready for war.
  4. Clovis Farlander would shake his head as he read the missive. "Why must they resort to such barbarity." The high diplomatic chief would say with a sigh.
  5. You know the correct choice
  6. Ztrog

    ¡To the SEA!

    Finn Bucker would nod with a grin on his face. “I look forward to seeing new faces on the ship, getting boring seeing only the Malones all day” he would laugh.
  7. The Historical Society For long as sentient beings have walked on the world there has been history. And this history must be protected and preserved for future generations. By order of the Sovereign of the Depths, Arthur Sterling may he live long. The Historical Society is now formed to protect our history! History can often be desecrated by those who wish to forget what has taken place in history. As sentient beings living in this world, it must be our job to preserve anything and everything about the history of the world we are living in. So that is where we come in, the founders of The Historical Society came together in agreement in the protection of history itself. Acting as a council of like-minded intellectuals they would form our society with one goal in mind, preserve history at any cost. Our goal is to go out and collect items of history from the past of many around the world. To then bring these relics, pieces of writing, and art back to our library of knowledge. Where we shall teach these ancient artifacts with the proper care that is deserved. While teaching many of the histories that lie behind each piece and what it stands for, what many have forgotten. Now for the roles of the Historical Society will be the following. Archaeologist: An archaeologist will go out into the field, going into the darkest depths. Searching through the tomes of the dead, scouting into dead civilizations themselves. Their jobs are to research and bring back artifacts they find while working along with research historians. Research Historian: A research historian’s job will be to gather up knowledge and data from various sources throughout the world to analyze to find other historical objects in the world. And to even find future archaeological sites to discover even more artifacts. Military Historian: Military historian's work is to gather data and information from ancient wars, battles, and past events with the conflict of past wars. While putting the pieces together of these historical events of militant groups and the such to formulate a history on the art of war. Archive Historian: An archive historian is responsible for recording and compiling data that is gathered at the library of the society. Then to put the information into one large collection for visitors and fellow researchers of the library. Curator: A curator's job is to maintain the artifacts, displays, and collections within the library of the Historian Society. They are also responsible for helping to educate the general public about the history within the library of the society. Now, this is an open invitation to all those who wish to become a member of the Historian Society and help preserve the knowledge of old and history itself. Send a bird (pm) to one of the founders of the society. Signed: Arthur Sterling, Sovereign of the Depths, Sovereign of Talon's Grotto Signed: Lilaccia Sterling, Princess of the Fathoms, Princess of Talon's Grotto Signed: Professor Fredrick Joseph Carmen Ellise Julianes Giorno Tesla Silvester Pierre Commodus Montoya Ford Newton Speedwagon XVI, founding member, and Head Archaeologist [OOC] For more information pm myself Ztrog#0623 or Arthur Sterling at RealPeopleGames#2925 on discord
  8. The young man marching in the ranks of the army did not stand out, the sound of the clacking and clicking of steel plate was drowned out in the heavy downpour of rain. The sky was dark as the legion of men marched onward towards the battle that awaited them. The young man would look among his fellow soldiers, many older and more experienced than him. A hand would land on his shoulder, his gaze now averted behind him. An older soldier would smiled at him as they kept on marching through the mud. “Garret, you have fought bravely for our home you make me proud. Your mother would have be so happy to see what a strong and brave young man you have become.” Garret returned the smile to the older soldier. “Thank you father I try my best, but I’m going to do my best to fight even better.” he spoke with a grin. His father patted his shoulder, returning his eyes back in front of him. The formation of the legion held as the soldier has come to a halt, now facing the enemy. “ATTACK!” The orders of their commanding officer pierced through the sound of heavy rain fall like a dagger into flesh. Garret ran forward, falling into formation with his squadron of five fellow soldiers. They proceeded to engage the enemy, the sounds of steel hitting steel, the sound of men yelling and shouting thundered across the entire battlefield. Garret ran forward fast as his plate armor would allow him, bastard sword in hand. His squad entered the deadly dance of death many would enter within times of war. In flashes of steel Garret locked blades with the enemy. After clashing blades after mere moments the interaction would be over, only for it to begin once again as the game of war often was played. Garret now eager to seek glory, sprinted ahead of the rest of his squad to search for stragglers. “Garret don’t run off, you’ll get yourself killed!” his father’s words were drowned out over the sound of battle, like a wave crashing down in the tide. The hot headed soldier ran onward, his sabatons pounding into the mud and blood of the battlefield. He halted, before him a group of enemy soldiers had mobilized on him. Without hesitation they started their offensive on the young man, he parried and blocked several blows. Some attacks glancing off the plate of his armor, the heavy blade in his hand started to waver in his hand from his exhaustion of the onslaught. A faster soldier then jumped at Garret, in an upwards motion the steel of a short sword caught the vision of his right eye as it got a fast, clean slash on him. He yelled in pain, dropping his sword and falling to his knees holding his hand to his eye. He could feel the warm feeling of blood drip past the chinks in his gauntlet as it dribbled down his arm. His attacker raised his sword making a lunge to finish off the injured soldier. “No!” The familiar voice of his father rang out. Garret would look up in horror, his father has jumped in front of his attack, their blade sinking past his light armor into his flesh. “F-father!” Garret would cry out watching his father fall to the ground. The rest of his squad quickly rushed in afterward engaging the enemy. Garret crawled over and held up his father the best he could. Blood and tears streamed down his cheeks as he looked down at him. “D-dad please stay with me, t-there has to be a medic around here somewhere.” he choked out as he held his father's hand. His father coughed up blood and made a weak smile, reaching up and patted Garret’s cheek. “Garret know that I will always love yo..” he trailed off, his injury too great, his hand would go limp in Garret’s grasp. “No! Dad speak to me, Dad!” He cried, holding his father close as he began to sob, blood and tears staining his cheeks. “It’s my fault, all my fault!” he would yell, the only answer he received was the sound of heavy downpour and the sound of ceaseless battle.
  9. "Most excellent! I shall make preparations to get started on my new duties soon as possible!" Clovis Farlander would exclaim after hearing the news of his new position.
  10. Clovis Farlander would rest a hand on his chest upon hearing the news. ”May the Duke find peace in the Seven Skies, I only wish I would have had the chance to speak to him once more. He may have made mistakes, but he was a great man in the end”
  11. Bidding Format: Skin #:3 Bid Amount: 1300 Previous Bidder: @JakeThedog
  12. Bidding Format: Skin #:3 Bid Amount: 1200 Previous Bidder: @JakeThedog
  13. Bidding Format: Skin #:3 Bid Amount: 1000 Previous Bidder: @JakeThedog
  14. Bidding Format: Skin #:3 Bid Amount: 950 Previous Bidder: @JakeThedog
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