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  1. [!] Within the Agora of the Karinah’siol, as busy Mali’aheral scurry about, upon a pedestal of marble, bathing in the light of the Sun, sits the Okarir’san basking in the glorious rays of light. In his left hands sits an exquisite rose, occasionally drawn to his nose to savour the pungent perfume. Clearing his throat, he draws the attention of all. “Mali’thill, Our Silver Republic has weathered storms most severe, and each time emerged stronger and wisened by the experience and progress brought about through Her loyal citizens. It is those citizens, you, the people, that safeguard our Blessed Republic. Our democracy is but an intangible abstraction that cannot move itself without you, the people. With that in mind, the time has come for a most serious announcement. The provisional government entrusted with the safeguarding of the people of Larihei, first during the troubled attempted coup of the Kinslayer, is nearing the end of its purpose. As such, it is announced that there are TWO council positions currently vacant that shall be subjected through the democratic process that guides our State forward. First, empty lies the office of the Okarir’maehr, the guarantee of the collective knowledge gathered by generations of Descendants since the conception of the Silver State itself. Among the duties of the Okarir’maehr as secured by our Constitution are reminded: to serve as chief Librarian of the Eternal Library, as chief professor of the Eternal College, and oversees the magical and intellectual development of Haelun’or. Lastly, but no less important, is the empty seat of the Okarir’hiylun, that which maintains the collective health of the children of Larihei, without which maehr’sae hiylun’ehya would not be complete. Our Constitution entrusts to the Okarir’hiylun the following: administration of the Silver Clinic and the Silver Laboratories, and oversees the development of the medical and scientific arts in the neverending pursuit of progress. DEMOCRACY calls unto you, dear citizens of the Republic, to fulfil your civic duty, and to nominate yourselves or your acquaintances, to toil for the progress of our Nation, should you consider yourselves, or have knowledge of others, who are capable and fit to serve any of the aforementioned sacred positions in our, YOUR, government. Nominations are to be performed as per protocol. Transcripts will be delivered to the current Council, and to a Maheral, should one be elected in the meantime, to be entered as an electable candidate. For a nomination to be valid, you must present a short speech, demonstrating how you fulfil the prerequisites to serve, preferably accompanied by a brief outline of your desired administration of the office in question. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya!”
  2. The Okarir'san, in a rare moment of public appearance, dons a lugubrious smile upon his visage as he reads through the paper in the Square. "Such dogmatic fury, guised as purity protection, from someone who has been absent from all public discourse regarding this issue." he remarks with miserable cynicism "And as expected, this missive does not address the topic at hand with any argument, but instead resorts to chains of unrelated issues, and to attacks towards the opposing side." he shook his head a couple of times, his eyes downcast "This is a prime example of the cannonistization of Mali'aheral culture; reminiscing more of the delirious priests that put more trust in a decrepit piece of paper written two thousand years ago by an equally deranged wizard that claims to have seen the birth of the Universe, than into the modern tools of science and progress." he then reaches for the bridge of his nose with his right hand, and his smile turns sardonic "Poor Ms. An'asul is the moderate view, and yet somehow she is the one to end up getting accused of impurity."
  3. "An intriguing moderate view. It is truly heartwarming that the debate sparked so much interest within the populace! Though, I'd still prefer it being fully decriminalized; saves one from paperwork." comments the Okarir'san while enjoying a sweet cup of tea, relishing in the chaos his radical proposal has unleashed upon the charming Haelun'orian society.
  4. "UAAEEEHH!" shouts enthusiastically a councilor of Haelun'or in butchered Blah pronunciation, ready once more to defend his Blessed democracy against reactionary tyranny.
  5. "Satire writes itself these days." commented the Okarir'san of Haelun'or from his residence, enjoying an exquisite cup of warm chocolate on a particularly snowy day "Ivarielle states that Karinah'siol is rightful Celia'nor land in the east, and then in the same sentence she demands that land to be handed over to the Kingdom of Oren." said he, then ceasing and enjoying his drink, as if that simple remark was enough to get his point across.
  6. elparir’thilln issue no. 4 printed by the Silver Printing Press 3rd of the Sun’s Smile, 78 S. A pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… THE UNION OF HAELUN’OR AND IRON’UZG The entire political arena of Almaris has been shaken now more than ever, by the historic unification of the nations of Haelun’or and Krugmar, on the 11th of the First Seed, 75 of the Second Age. Thenceforth the two nations are to act, globally, as one, binding their forces into one superstate known as “The Horde”. To some of the inhabitants of the Silver State, the news has come as a surprise, however this union is the culmination of decades of diplomatic efforts, primarily conducted by the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. The unionship entails the merging of the two states, of extensive cultural exchanges and academical collaborations, as well as a complete military cooperation. As per agreement, the Silver Island will also see upon it the construction of shrines, dedicated to the Spiritualist religion of the brave Uruk people. Politically, the Silver Government will function as normal, and the laws of the Haelun’orian people will hold as usual, Karinah’siol functioning as a citystate within The Horde. This pact is designed to hold for twenty years, afterwards needing reaffirmation every eight years. It is also affirmed, that any of the two nations may secede from the union, should they so desire. The High Elven delegation, led by the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, hailed this historic moment as a guarantee of peace and protection, sorely needed by the Mali’aheral people, still recovering from the bloody turmoil of the past decades. Many people within Haelun’orian society optimistically foresee that the impending dread of further war upon the Silver People will dissipate, and the Silver Council will properly begin to draw towards inward perfection, towards the healing of the Motherland. “I love Haelun’or! I love Iron’uezheg! I love the Horde! WAAEUGH!” declared an enthusiastic citizen of Haelun’or for our paper, celebrating future prospects from inside the Night Owl Parlour. pg. 2 THE RETIREMENT OF THE MAHERAL Late into the evening, on the 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 75 of the Second Age, a missive from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya announced his retirement to the High Elven people. The now Malaurir Ni’leya’s initial plans of retirement were undone when the future of the Mali’thill people was threatened with extermination, with the invasion of Ivarielle and her mass-murdering mercenaries. Assuming the mantle of cultural leader in a time of crisis, the Malaurir vowed to stir the Silver State out of impending doom, restore democratic institutions and see the invaders driven out of the Silver Island. Seeing himself successful in all the initial tasks, with the ‘fennic forces routed and a democratic Silver Government instituted, the missive reaffirmed the desire of Braxus Ni’leya to retire to more peaceful and private affairs. The Maheral did not name a successor via missive, meaning that, in due time, the ancient Malauriran shall convene once more, and themselves decide who shall succeed the Ni’leya. So far no citizen has expressed, in writing, the intention of being considered as a candidate. But such is likely to change in near time. pg. 3 CLIMATE CHANGE UPON HAELUN’OR Disturbing news come out from our very own Blessed City, Karinah’siol. A storm of unprecedented proportions, of yet unknown scientific causes, has, beginning on the 77 of the Second Age, engulfed the entire island of Haelun’or. The entire tropical climate of the region has been undone, with temperatures plummeting to well below the freezing point of water, the lush green pastures being transformed into desolate permafrost. Multiple sources maintain a sense of dread that, should these new climatic conditions endure for much longer, “then the ecological chain of this island is threatened to collapse”. The authorities of Haelun’or, notably the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos urged calm and trust in government, assuring that, through the State, and through the fares coming from the more tame lands of the Rexdom, there is an ample supply of necessities and various commodities to maintain our most Blessed way of life. Simultaneously, citizens of Haelun’or are advised to don warm, thick clothes to protect themselves from the raging blizzard, and to avoid sitting in the cold and late into the hour for longer than it is necessary. In times like these it is important to remember that fashion comes second for Mali’thill, and that first and foremost comes practicality and the preservation of one’s health. “The people of Haelun’or have nothing to fear. The houses of Karinah’siol are true gems, built with the highest of care towards sustainability. All have a revolutionary structure that allows heat to be recycled and stored very efficiently, so that no child of Larihei will ever know frost inside its abode.” declared an architect of Haelun’or for our newspaper. pg. 4 BEWARE, FROST WITCHES Following the recent climate catastrophe, information has been revealed of a coven of Frost Witches conducting operations on Haelun’orian grounds, orchestrating attacks upon our Silver Bastion. In light of this grave revelation, the denizens of Karinah’siol are urged to take increased care as they go about their activities. The Silver Government urges all Mali’thill to move in groups, to avoid unlit, remote locations or narrow alleys, and to report any dubious activities to the nearest body of authority. Frost Witches are devious monsters, exclusively females, that hunt and feed on the blood of males. They are particularly dangerous for their magical and cunning abilities. Some voices within society have entertained the prospect that perhaps these Frost Witches are the cause of the recent snow storm, or that they launched their operation upon our nation following the storm, in a perceived moment of weakness. Whatever the answer, the people of Haelun’or are, once more, urged to trust their institutions and elected officials, and to follow reason and the advice of their representatives, so that Mali’thill may, as has been done so often in our past, weather this storm and further pursue maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. pg. 5 ay'maehr.... PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT pg. 6 Haelunor’itone.... MALINOR BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD In a surprising turn of events, the Elven World witnesses the development of yet another superstate. The nations of Elvenesse, Fenn, Nor’asath as well as the kinslayer’s den, have announced the merging of them all into a High Princedom of ‘Malin’or’. The newly formed nation functions as a sort of confederate monarchy, with its first proclaimed ruler being Vytrek Tundrak, the ruler of the Mali’fenn. The process for the appointing of the steward of this new nation appears as a rather exhaustive electoral process, whose central figures are the ‘Malauriran’, i. e. the reigning monarchs of each of the constituent states. Whether this move comes in response to Haelun’or’s unionship or it was something long in the making, sources could not come to agreement. It remains to be seen what diplomatic moves will both sides make, though it is generally expected that this resurrected High Princedom will appear hostile towards the Silver State. “First Haelun’or and Iron’uzg, now Elvenesse and Fenn. I quit!” declared a disheartened Haelun’orian cartographer, expressing horror at the recent trend displayed by nations situated on polar opposites to merge with each other, to create “border gore”. [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers, more recently equipped with impeccable clothing and daggers, to resist not only the raging frost, but also any potential Frost Witch that may be foolish enough to approach these employees of State.
  7. "maehr'sae hiylun'ehya!" thundered jovially a patriotic Mali'thill, reading this sublime piece of paper over his morning tea, like a true liberal.
  8. "I don't trust prophecies." a Mali'aheral maintained vehemently "Only ancient shamans and rabble-rousers prophesy the future. Anonymity suggests the latter, and these are almost always wrong."
  9. "You know, I'm something of a warrior myself." stated Haelun'or's most adorable journalist, now a citizen of the Horde, with the proudest of smiles. He would fold his right arm, and with his left palm he'd pinch his nonexistent biceps. No doubt an intimidating sight for any puny scoundrels that may seek to harm the Silver State and the Rexdom. "Peace, at last." he would affirm afterwards, with a sigh of content.
  10. [!] This exhaustive polemic is made public to the citizens of Karinah’siol, as well as dispatched throughout the Continent via courier pigeons. Those foreigners who pick up this missive would also find it inscribed upon the back the following: “You are invited for tea in Haelun’or.” The Truth Unchained It is of no novelty to any citizen of this World, the isolationist nature of the people of Haelun’or. In no small part because of this, it has been perhaps difficult for those foreign to the lands of the Silver State, to grasp the nature and culture of its inhabitants. And indeed, one brief discussion with most foreigners would indeed support this initial supposition. As a consequence, whether unknowingly or with malicious intent, misinformation about the people of Haelun’or runs rampant within the conscience of those living abroad. With the regrettable civil strife within the Silver State still in fresh memory, it has become clear more than ever, that such misunderstandings must be addressed, and that their existence are not only an affront to Truth, but a threat to the security of the children of Larihei. As such, it is the purpose of this issue to attempt to dispel some of the myths and illusions that persist about the society of Haelun’or, in an effort to unchain the truth, and foster better understanding between the Descendants. ON MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, literally translates from Elven as “progress and health”, and constitutes the central philosophy of the Mali’thill (Elven for “pure Elves”). It is one of the few writings that survived from Larihei’s initial realm, and as a result has been of paramount importance to Her followers. In the simplest of terms, this philosophy, or way of life, simply bids to a continuous effort to self-fulfilment. As a result, maehr’sae hiylun’ehya takes vaguely different forms for every person, as each person’s aspirations are different. It teaches that the individual should, through its own efforts, better oneself spiritually and physically. It is important to note that maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is a philosophy. As a result, it can be followed by people of any race. For instance, a human shielding its body from harm, maintaining optimal shape, and dedicating one’s life to the perfection of its abilities, can be described as adhering to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. However, it should be maintained that, and indeed philosophers like Lucion Sullas have pointed this out, that maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is best followed from within the walls of the Silver State, generally because of the excesses and temptations of the outside World, that could impede the efforts of the individual. ON RACISM It is true that the Mali’thill of Haelun’or view the outside people with a certain distrust. One could not hope to do as eloquent a justice on this topic as Lucion Sullas did in his book “On Racism”. But alas, one is aware just how difficult it is to find the works of Lucion Sullas outside the walls of the Silver State. First, let us point out that this distrust, or racism that High Elves may show towards people of other races, is not at all like the deplorable hatred which, for instance, various Valah ethnic subdivisions show towards one another. The sense of superiority for the High Elves is purely scientific, and comes as a result of their genesis. The High Elven people took form when various Proto-Elves, chiefly Larihei among them, bathed in magical pools, Golden Pools. These pools, their effects well documented, enhanced the Proto-Elven body, by making it fairer, taller, improving overall the magical and intellectual abilities of those that bathed in them. For those desiring one more concrete example, the Golden Pools had the effect of elongating the ear lobe of the Proto-Elven body. As such, High Elves have sharper hearing than their cousins. These all aforementioned improvements mean that, scientifically speaking, High Elves are the optimal biological model. Of course, one must with sadness admit that at times this fact has been taken far too much into the extreme. One must admit that the Silver State did have, at times, leaders that, blinded by their superiority, like the tyrant Othelu Orrar, affirmed publicly that “lessers are only slightly better than cattle”. Such a proposition is obviously false. The Mali’thill knows its nature to be superior, but that does not inherently mean that Mali’thill are better at everything than everyone else, or that everyone else is useless. No sane Mali’thill would believe oneself to be a better fighter than the Uruk, or a better shipwright than the Almenodrim, without first dedicating decades, even centuries, to the effort. There are many areas, academically and artistically, in which people of other races triumph, and the Mali’thill are fully aware that all Descendants can store knowledge and be the catalysts of worldly progress. The term “lesser” is more of an umbrella term, designed to describe all those that have not had the privilege of bathing, or not descending from those who had, in the Golden Pools. It is used to emphasise the relation between foreigners and Mali’aheral. It is not intended, however, to downplay the ability or intelligence of non-Mali’aheral, but merely to situate them in reference to the Mali’aheral history. If it is of any consolation to that reader that may be characterised as “lesser”, in recent years there has been a drive within the Silver State to renounce the usage of the term, owing to the contentious reputation it possesses. ON JINGOISM It has been maintained, recently with increased frequency, that the Mali’thill of Haelun’or are jingoists, militarists that seek to wage war upon their brethren. Firstly, let us point out that the Mali’thill originally did not even build walls around their first settlement in Asulon. It was only after their city became the target of frequent raids, that they saw fit to fortify their habitat. For the sake of fluidity, we will skip all the historical details of all the traumas that fell upon the Mali’thill. It will suffice for the reader to know that Mali’thill are not jingoists. Mali’thill generally refrain from warfare. Those that did engage the nation in such activities, like Othelu Orrar or Dimaethor Elervathar, are rare, figures of great contention and division between Mali’thill. Mali’thill would rather conduct their business in peace, internally through argumentation, debates, and direct democracy, and externally usually through a most splendid isolation. The main military force of Haelun’or, the Sillumiran (Elven for “Weeping Blades”), is designed as purely defensive, and the name reflects the tragedy of war. The society of Haelun’or actively refrains from glorifying combat and violence, through various policies, like maintaining the anonymity of soldiers, because High Elves, once more, are not jingoistic. They are pacifists. The act of joining the Sillumiran is seen as a sacred sacrifice one makes to defend the harmonious way of life of the collective. This attitude is also one of preservation. For the Mali’thill are aware, as a consequence of the Curse of the Most Foul, that all descendants of Malin are doomed to lower numbers among their ranks, and casualties are far more expensive to replenish, than for people of other races. ON ACID PITS The usage of the Acid Pits by the administrations of the Silver State have constituted, throughout time, one of the most common points of those that sought to demonise the Silver People. The actual substance, referred to as acid, was invented by a Mali’thill named Silvos Sythaerin, many centuries ago, and was designed to serve indeed, as a means of exectuing those most vile of criminals, such as murderers. There can be no doubt that perhaps the overzealousness of some past regimes, and the light handed manner in which execution sentences were passed, especially upon foreigners, muddled the reputation of these pits. However, one must realise that Acid Pits remain still, the most ‘humane’ method of execution. Far superior to beheadings, which if executed improperly can last minutes and require multiple strikes, or hangings, which can extend into the half hour, be the rope not properly secured. Acid Pits cause instantaneous death, utterly painless. Further, due to the acidic nature of the substance, these pits are also the most sanitary, requiring no body disposal or further cleaning. From the perspective of suffering, one realises that executions via Acid Pits are the least monstrous of all the methods known to Descendants. Some people have raised the point that Mali’thill condemn to Acid Pits everyone they do not like, a point made more recently by the regrettable A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn, which maintained to witnessing “mali being melted in acid or burned at the stake for their blood, ‘thill and ‘aheral alike”. Such a claim can easily be dismissed upon consulting the recent history of the Silver State. The last recorded execution of a criminal via Acid Pits occurred in 1768, when Aerendyl Lor’demar was sentenced to death for his role in the assassination of the Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal. Thereafter, the Acid Pits would fall into complete disuse. The last mention of them existing can be found on the year 8 of the Second Age, when it is recorded that the adoptive daughter of Nelgauth Maehr’tehral committed suicide by jumping into the Acid Pits of the first city of Karinah’siol. The city of Karinah’siol was rebuilt entirely that very same year, and since then the technology of Acid Pits has been lost to the Mali’thill of Haelun’or. ON HAELUN’ORIAN SOCIETY This section will be dedicated to various other false complaints, less prevalent but nonetheless vexating. There have been Mali’aheral, those that have been at odds with the Silver State, to accuse the society and administration of reactionary thought, of regressive behaviour for insisting upon the importance of tradition. Such an idea is, of course, unfounded. Tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement each other. Tradition, the remembrance of past epochs and leaders, is paramount to the development of Mali’thill society. Not only must one learn of history so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past, but also to learn of the achievements of the past, so that one may strive to overcome them in a continual process of collective progress. On that same trend, some have accused Mali’thill society of misogynism, which is an even more absurd claim. Mali’thill society, since the days of Larihei, has been absolutely egalitarian. It is a well-known fact to all Mali’thill that the intellectual abilities of males and females are utterly identical. As such, within society, within law, within administration and truly within all aspects of life, all adult Silver People are completely equal, since forever. Then there are the talks of Haelun’orian society being unwelcoming to interracial relations. Let us begin by pointing out that, in fact, most nations on this World view such partnerships with unfavourable eyes. There are many moral arguments to bring against such unions. Mali’thill are, biologically, predisposed to have uncommon longevity, so much to the point that it is unclear if Mali’thill are capable of dying of old age. It is because of this that, despite what one may originally think when falling in love with someone of another race, entering a relationship with someone other than a Mali’aheral will bring a great deal of suffering to that Mali’aheral. One will be doomed to watch their love age and die, likewise one will be condemned to watch their children, who will be societal outcasts in most Nations, also age and then die. There is perhaps no greater tragedy upon this World, than that of a parent having to watch its children perish. Then there is the issue of religion. Firstly, Mali’thill are not atheists. Deities exist, that is undeniable. Some Mali’thill have lived long enough to even meet some of them. However, Mali’thill reject worshipping of such deities, in no small part because such practices go against the interests of the Mali’thill. Deities seek to further their own influence upon worldly affairs, only using the Descendant as a means to an end. Further, deities, since they have not bathed in the Golden Pools, are, by definition, lessers. Similarly, the reverence for Larihei is not a religion. Larihei is a concrete historical figure that, through genius and uncommon strength of character, built a civilization that has lasted for millennia. She is not a deity. There are no prayers dedicated to her, nor temples built in her name. Mali’thill only have deep respect for her actions that directly led to the birth of the Mali’aheral race. Issued by the office of the Okarir’san, the Committee of Truth, 2nd of the Sun's Smile, year 74 S. A.
  11. "I'll need some apprentices as well..." mused the Okarir'san from his study, throwing a nervous glance at the writing drafts that just kept on piling up.
  12. elparir’thilln issue no. 3 printed by the Silver Printing Press 8th of the Snow’s Maiden, 73 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… BLACK MAGIC WITHIN THE VALWYNN MANOR Early into the month of the Deep Cold of the fateful year of 71 of the Second Age, the society of Haelun’or would be shaken by a most sinister discovery. Within the manor of the kinslayer Ayliana, within the heart of the Silver District, right next to the heart of the Motherland, the Citadel, it has been found out, by the Okarir’tir of the Silver State, that therein existed a shrine most foul, made of an unknown material black and red in colouring, possessing a fiery pit in the centre. Following this discovery, the Silver State was quick to contact a Paladin of Xan, which promptly confirmed that indeed the nefarious construction was a shrine dedicated to the foul Azdromoth, the Drakaar that, much like the humiliated Setherien, seeks to enslave the Descendants and turn the world into its feudal demesne. Soon thereafter, following an even more thorough inspection, there has been uncovered a vast array of secret tunnels, leading to what look like storage facilities. Many hypotheses have sprung about the purpose of these storage areas. Some have speculated that they have been used by the Valwynn to hide the property stolen from Mali’thill families, while others have taken a more extreme proposition, suggesting that the areas were used to hide the dead bodies of those civilians killed by the infamous Blue Berets. In light of these discoveries, the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya was quick to release an official denouncement, asking simultaneously for the residents of the Valwynn manor to present themselves before the Silver Citizens, and stand trial for the suspected moral degeneracy. As expected by many, however, none have presented themselves for a trial thus far, and instead opt to evade justice once more, leaving unanswered many of the queries that exist within the minds of the inhabitants of the Silver District. Despite access to the manor being restricted by the Okarir’tir until further notice, it has been reported that adventurous children often wonder within the haunted grounds to partake in spooky childish activities, including playing a more morbid variant of the game Hide & Seek, wherein one or more Valwynnites, the monsters, have to search for the hiding Republicans and “devour” them. pg. 2 CROWDRAKE ATTACK UPON THE SILVER CITY On the latest month of the Sun’s Smile, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been graced by a most joyous festival, the wedding of two Kharajyr citizens, part of the group that wishes to settle within the Silver State of Haelun’or. The deftly planned celebration, however, was brusquely interrupted shortly after the official wedding concluded, by nothing other than a dreadful Crowdrake. This Crowdrake beast, which looked very much just like an oversized crow, incredibly dangerous due to its sheer size and strength, was probably drawn to the ceremony by the splendid smell of food, which completely engulfed the northern Silver District on the day of the celebration. This flying beast was able to descend and severely injure many attendants, including one of the newlyweds. Of paramount importance in defending the city proved to be the Medi’ir Pamphilos Hyptos, the Tilruir’tayna Seth Calith and the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya, which was the one to deliver the killing blow upon the beast. At the scene was also present the Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn who, possessing extensive medical knowledge, was able to offer first aid to those injured, and prevent any citizens of our Blessed Motherland from perishing. This unprecedented attack has exposed a flaw in the military capability of the Sillumiran patrols to fight aerial beings. To remedy this, the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, who was also present during the struggle, has pledged to begin immediately the process to acquire and equip the Sillumiran with state-of-the-art crossbows, so that such threats are, in the future, neutralised before they manage to harm Larihei’s children. pg. 3 TROUBLE AT THE SULLAS SOIRÉE The latest success of the Okarir’mali, the Sullas Soirée, proved to be not without amusing drama. As the activities were in full swing, allegedly one guest, related to the Sohaer, broke a glass of beverage, attempted to hide the fact and, when discovered, went on to pin the blame on the ancient Seth Calith. This prompted the aforementioned Calith to confront the Sohaer in rather brusque fashion, and ask for a public apology from his kinsman. Fortunately, the party proceeded thereafter jovially, thanks in no small part to the organisational abilities of the Okarir’mali, who has also announced further plans of events, such as a painting activity, to entertain the public of Karinah’siol. Still on a light note, the event saw the sudden return of the twice former Okarir’maehr, the wisened Aiera Sullas, whom many presumed to have perished during the bloody ‘fennic occupation. pg. 4 THE PUBLIC POST OFFICE IN FULL SWING Continuing the successes of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, a State-administered post office has been set up in the public square, near the tavern, now renamed by the Okarir'mali as The Night Owl Parlour. Therein, denizens of Karinah’siol are encouraged to drop correspondence, which, through professional couriers, are then delivered to the specified address or person, in a prompt and secure fashion. This project has seen thus far resounding success, people, like blue-eyed Mali’thill, successfully contacting their peers, like open, yet uncommitted denizens, for various matters of importance. pg. 5 Haelunor’itone… THE EMPIRE OF MAN SHATTERED After almost two decades of constant struggle, following a devastating defeat at Eastfleet, a battle known now as Philip’s Folly, the Holy Orenian Empire was forced to sign a humiliating peace with the Kingdom of Urguan and the other members of the Coalition. Presumably shortly after, Philip III passed away, being succeeded, as per Orenian Law, by his eldest son, Philip IV. However, a succession crisis occurred when his younger brother, Frederick, staked his own claim to the throne. The Empire was torn apart and civil war ensued, allegedly some contemporary historians began dubbing it the Brothers’ War. This bloody conflict was, however, short-lived, and ended on the 21st of the Sun’s Smile, year 72 of the Second Age, when Frederick’s forces battled with the Imperial Army in the Imperial Capital. The Imperial Army was officially defeated, and Philip IV perished soon thereafter. Thusly, the Holy Orenian Empire is no more, with the now king Frederick I proclaiming himself as the King of the Orenian Kingdom. Many hearts within the Silver State of Haelun’or have expressed sorrow at this anarchical conflict, knowing too well how tragic civil strife can be, recalling the not-so-distant attempt of the Valwynn to take over the nation. Other voices have expressed growing anxiety over the ascension of Frederick I, speculating that his reign may mark the abandonment of a centralised Imperial administration, and a descent into a bitter reactionary feudalism. pg. 6 KRUGMAR AT WAR The continent of Almaris knows no rest. Citing alleged instances of “racism” and a failed assassination attempt, the Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal has issued a proclamation calling for the rallying of the Uruk people and for marching upon the Duchy of Elysium. So far have been reported only isolated skirmishes and sporadic engagements within the forest bordering the two nations, with the main assault upon the city of Elysium yet to come. Owing to the fact that diplomatic affairs are a matter of national security, an official statement from the Silver Government, concerning the conflict, has not been made public. pg. 7 EBONWOOD DISBANDED Perhaps as a consequence of the Orenian Empire falling apart, its chief Elven vassal, the land of the Imperial Elves, Ebonwood, has been officially disbanded, by one named Amaesil Vuln’miurel, into whom were vested regency powers following the alleged state of ill health that has befallen Minuvas Melphestaus. As a result, an exodus has been created, afflicting the now former residents of Ebonwood. Reportedly, many have sought refuge in the lands of the Vortice. Reactions to this development, within Haelun’or, have been generally gravitating towards sympathy. In a quick public poll, a citizen declared for the newspaper: “I don’t agree with this cult of Malin that this Minuvas made, but I think the multiple calls for inter-Elven diplomacy on neutral grounds, especially during the conflict with the ‘fennic monsters, however futile they proved to be, were at least noble ideas that were worth preserving. It is a sad day for the Elven people.” [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  13. "This will be a fantastic week." thinks the Okarir'san from his newsroom, his capitalistic mind already thinking of the sensational articles that could come out of this most putrid affair.
  14. elparir’thilln issue no. 2 printed by the Silver Printing Press 21st of the Amber Cold, year 71 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor'ito... THE HEIAL’THILLN COMPLETE Early into this Elven week, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been greeted by the most pleasant news of the occupation of the last remaining open seats within the Silver Council. Following a brief electoral round, Elarhil Sullas ascended to the Okarir’mali tenureship, which has been empty ever since the days of the kinslayer. The now newly elected Okarir’mali has even published, albeit a very brief, list of objectives to be followed during his ministry. Even further, shortly after his election, the Sullas had already arranged for a soirée, which was seen as a promising success, rejuvenating the people of Karinah’siol, so weary of the recent memory of war, and rumour has it he has many more events in store still. It has been noted that even the self proclaimed speaker of Malin’s kin, the lord of Ebonwood, Minuvas Melphestaus counted among the guests of this primordial social event. While not altogether spectacular on its own, such a thing could hopefully herald a warming of relations between the Silver State and the Continental world. Outside of the Electoral world were the offices of the Mediir’an, the Sohaer’s direct adjutants. Following the political reforms of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, to such offices were concentrated the diplomatic efforts of the State. Following a meritocratic assessment of potential candidates, to the aforementioned positions were elevated the Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, and the already famous Malaurir Ikur Sullas, known for his thirty-year Maheralship during the late Arcasian Haelun’orian Republic. While, for matters concerning State security, their current endeavours shall remain undisclosed, this pair inspires hope for the future, and is most certainly seen as a wise decision on the part of the Sohaer to elevate the two. Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, still young on the political scene of Haelun’or, has been described as lacking that unwavering attitude to the dogmas of the past, which some older politicians appear to possess. Further, by trade a sailor, he has travelled to many exotic corners of the world, familiarising himself with foreign customs, thus making him an excellent Mali’aheral to have on the diplomatic arena. At the other spectrum lies the ancient Ikur Sullas, who many believed to have retreated from the world of politics. Perhaps lacking that same novelty that his homolog seems to have, Ikur Sullas is, at a closer glance, a perfect piece to balance the international efforts of the Nation. Possessing much experience amassed over centuries of activity, and establishing many connections, especially in the realms of the Valah, it seems of no question that the wisened Malaurir shall stand sentinel over the international security and prosperity of the Silver State of Haelun’or. pg. 2 THE REVIVAL OF THE EVARIR’THILL IL’CRUAN The latest announcement from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya sees the reintroduction of the ancient institution of the evarir’thill il’cruan. This ancient order, architected by the famous Kalenz Uradir, serves as a guardian of purity, directly under the administration of the Maheral. The duties of its members include the investigation of dubious members of our Blessed society, of those that are suspected of harbouring impure beliefs that may threaten the security of the State and the progress and health of Larihei’s children. While the Maheral’s proclamation does not state it explicitly, it is implied that the members of this order will remain secret, in order to protect the paths of investigation from potential corruption and intimidation attempts upon investigators. To most citizens of Karinah’siol, this reenactment of the order seems most justified, for, it is reasoned, while the bandit pretender may have been expelled from the Silver City, it is believed her evil intentions of subjugation have not disappeared entirely. Thusly, the evarir’thill il’cruan is a most needed mechanism of further protection from the evil plots of the bandit and the kinslayer. “We are facing an oppressive, reactionary enemy that seeks to relegate Larihei, and elevate in her place an illegitimate bandit. They want to do away with our egalitarian social order, and bring about an obsolete one; a feudal caste system that even the Valah have started to abandon. It is unfortunate that we must renounce a degree of privacy, yet it is a necessary sacrifice I personally am willing to make, so as to ensure our societal well-being, collective happiness, Stately security, and the continuation of our most enlightened way of life. Besides, I know I am pure of both mind and body, so I have nothing to hide.” stated a regular Mali’aheral citizen, when asked about the necessity of the evarir’thill il’cruan. pg. 3 THE RETURN OF THE KHARAJYR The Silver Island upon which the city of Karinah’siol is built is healing, after decades of turmoil. As evidence to this stands the expressed desire of a group of Kharajyr to construct a settlement on the island. The Kharajyr are a most noble people, having a long history with the Mali’aheral. Many ‘aheral, in light of this most beautiful friendship, have even voiced their opinions that the position of Tilruir’kha should be reinstated, one which granted the Kharajyr a voice in the Silver Council, last during the last Haelun’orian Republic, some 70 years ago. An official position on the political status of the Kharajyr remains yet unknown, but it is doubtless that chances of such an emancipation would grow proportionally with the actual number of Kharajyr which seek to settle within the Silver State, so far remaining rather small. Hopes are, however, that their numbers will only grow from here on, and a most ancient community will sprung to live once more in harmony with the children of Larihei. Donation boxes have been prepared by the Silver Government, however, inviting all Mali’aheral that may possess an excess of marble, quartz, sandstone and other construction materials, to donate them to the noble cause of the Kharajyr. pg. 4 THE BANNER OF HAELUN’OR Gone are the traumatising days when the Mali’aheral fervently debated among one another the correct approach to routing the ‘fennic menace from their homes. Now, they turn to more lighthearted matters, yet still with just as much passion. To honour those poor civilians, mothers and children, that were mercilessly slaughtered by the ‘fennic occupiers, as well as to honour those heroes that actively engaged the invaders and thus died in the name of Larihei, the Silver Government announced and temporarily implemented the changing of the colour of the National Standard, from red to black. However, with the period of mourning drawing to an end, and with the beginning of the proper reconstruction, voices within society have expressed their opinion that the new, temporary colour, should instead stay permanently. This has evolved into a proper debate involving all of the denizens of Karinah’siol regarding which colour should grace the Silver State’s banner. Following an ad-hoc voting within the Public Assembly, the struggle evolved between the colour red, and the colour blue. As the main counterpoint to red, some people have expressed that it would herald a return to the more dark pasts of the Silver State, those of the Diarchy, characteristic of their undemocratic society, whereas the concern with blue was that it would make the Standard of Haelun’or too similar to that of the ‘fenn. This has not stopped, however, some people to come with more outlandish propositions, such as having the colour pink upon the National flag, in the memory of Azorella Elibar’acal, the late Malaurir assassinated towards the end of the Diarchy almost a century ago, since then a martyr of the democratic cause. Other people have proposed to return to a system of colour-coding according to each colour’s associated meaning within Mali’aheral culture, each institution bearing a flag of different colour, in relation to its purpose, such as the Library hoisting a blue flag, while the Sillumiran quarters a red one; only the coat of arms is to remain the same. Ultimately, following multiple polls, and the vote in the Assembly, it has been expressed by the majority that the colour red upon the Standard should be reintroduced. This development was announced officially not long ago by the Silver Administration, thusly the colour red shall make its return upon the banners of the Silver State. pg. 5 INTERVIEW WITH THE SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS It is with utmost pleasure that this newspaper editorial team receives the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris’s positive reply to the invitation of participating in an interview for this very newspaper. The Sohaer, not a novice on the political arena, has been voted as the Nation’s steward at a most critical time, and is therefore the centre of attention, for his decisions can potentially ruin, or usher into prosperity, the very nation of Larihei’s children. It is with that in mind, that it has been seen fit to invite the Sohaer to answer a few questions of importance to the public of Karinah’siol, recorded as below: Interviewer: “Sohaer, ahern ito nae’leh, for accepting this invitation and for agreeing to answer a few questions that I think are of importance to the public. Let me begin on a light note. Now that you have ascended to leadership, the invaders have been driven out and the Silver Council is full. Do you have optimism for the future, do you see this nation prosper in the years to come?” The Sohaer: “Well, I am a man of honesty, llir, and I must say I do see a bright future for the Mali’thill, for Haelun’or. This is not to say there shall be no troubles along the way - I’ve no doubt there is still much yet to be done, llir! But as an overall, I do indeed believe this is the beginning of something great.” Interviewer: “Over the past years, it seems that the entire intellectual world of the Elvendom has been captured by one idea, that of Elven Unity. What do you think about Elven Unity? How do you view such a concept, and how do you propose the attitude of the Silver State to be in regards to other Elven realms?” The Sohaer: “It is regretful that, in recent years, our relations with our Mali cousins have been rather strained. In terms of Elven Unity - I am most amicable to the possibility. Ne another Dominion of Malin; The Silver People do not seek a return to the forests of the ‘ame - yet a closer allyship, perhaps a co-elven committee? Should our ‘ame and ‘ker cousins hold a similar view, this is a possibility that definitely sits upon the horizons. It is my goal as Sohaer to branch out and engage the Silver State in the affairs of the realm once more.” Interviewer: “Now, you are of course no stranger to politics. You had a rather brief attempt to guide the nation, during the Republican Revolution. The question arises, then: What have you learned from those days? What did that period of turmoil teach you personally concerning leadership?” The Sohaer: “I expected this one to come up. That time was one of immense stress. As you might know, I held the position of Okarir’tir for an elven year or so prior to my brief first Sohaership; I was placed into the position in a rushed manner, the duty of mediation and stabilisation falling upon me. I soon learnt that the office of Sohaer functions quite differently to that of ‘tir. It is not a position in which you might command alone. After the assassination of dear Malaurir Azorella, there was much chaos afoot within elcihi. Those councillors that had been noted as suspects for possible involvement, many of whom were close llir of mine; I believed their story entirely. As someone who was not present when the attack happened, I could not fathom that these certain members of the Citizenry were so quick to place blame, to further bloodshed, rather than investigate properly the incident. In my absence, a small mob formed not long after Azorella’s death, attempting to throw the councillors who had been present at the scene into the acid pits for failing to intervene. To this, I hoped to finally make conclusion of the terrible event. Myself and mister Acaele, who was not, began making preparations to hold one large trial, chaired by the Malauriran, wherein those who were accused of complicitness in the assassination might be tried, yet so would those who acted in rashness, causing damage, assaulting the accused without provision of fair, proper trial. Unfortunately, I made the decision within this time to remove mister Maehr’tehral from my Silver Council. A popular ‘thill at the time, spearheading a great deal of the call for the immediate incarceration of all Councillors present at the scene. This, in turn, sparked the call for democracy. Now, llir - you must forgive my acts in this regard. As a young oem’ii, I had seen Okarn’thilln fall - it was in Fi’halen, under the system of Diarchy, that I had spent most of my life. A prosperous time it was, for the most of it. But ti - you can begin to imagine, I did not have the prettiest picture of democracy, nor a great understanding of its strengths. In retrospect, I can see my mistake. It was with this mindset that I put the growing calls for democracy aside - I had thought it to be an issue I might deal with at a later time, after the trials were sorted, after elcihi was back together. I was incorrect; and I failed to bring about elcihi’s confidence in me. I had kept mister Kinahen upon my council, who, I was later informed, whether purposefully or not, directly failed to intervene in the murder of Azorella, standing only a few steps away from her as she died; a bystander, in such a time of great crisis. With these upsets compiling, it came to be upon the date of the trial that the Citizenry declared Acaele to not be, and formally demanded elections. With this realisation, I bowed my head. I felt it was not fitting for me to run for Sohaer at the time. Instead, I took my leave from elcihi for a period of self-reflection; to recount those events, to grow, and to better myself. It is in recent years that I have returned, and in a situation of such crisis, I hope that this time I might redeem for the missed opportunity back then, the chance for progress squandered and the failure to lead with rightful approach.” Interviewer: “You have been denied the opportunity of reaching to the supporters of the bandit claimant, as she refused to debate you. Perhaps among those supporters are people misguided, who had their emotions manipulated and now find themselves in the camp of the ‘fenns, fearing that returning to this Island might bring about their execution. What do you have to say to those people? Do you believe they can be saved, that they should have our mercy?” The Sohaer: “To those Mali’thill who have indeed been misled, I reach out to you as I would any lost kin; fear not to return home, for redemption and progress is always at hand. The Path of Purity is ever open, and I should hope that, much alike myself, you each learn to reflect upon past mistakes and take steps towards improvement. The maehr’sae hiylun’ehya awaits you yet; for all who are ‘thill, a welcoming hand is extended.” Interviewer: “Lastly, I believe you have answered this during the public assembly, but I think it would do well to inscribe it here also. Considering the situation on the mainland, and that the main active treaties still in place have been signed by the kinslayer and her false counsellors, what do you think of the war on the Continent, between Oren and the Coalition? Do you see, as it develops now, a possibility of it affecting Haelun’or, or of Haelun’or intervening?” The Sohaer: “As of current, I cannot see Haelun’or intervening. Whilst I hope to seek friendships outwards, I do not seek conflict outwards. We’ve much work yet to do within the Silver State, and I should not feel it is our place to intervene, this is ne our conflict. Yet, times change, and we shall see what occurs. Despite these treaties having been signed by the kinslayer Ayliana, I am an elf of honour and I intend to stand by these agreements. Nevertheless, I shall say this: Haelun’or is ever good to its lliran, and shall stand by them should they face harm.” pg. 6 Author’s Note To conclude this most voluminous second issue of The Silver Harbinger, it is the wish of the author that thenceforth the newspaper shall accept advertisement proposals. Depending on the number of articles within one issue, it is desired to run at most about one or two advertisement campaigns per edition, so as not to clutter it too much. If it is your desire to make an advertisement campaign, do send a letter to the address of Berr’lin IV. No financial incentive is required, for those advertisements that shall appear on the newspaper will be placed free of charge, to give equal opportunity to the less endowed Mali’thill, and to advance our egalitarian society. The newspaper does reserve, however, the right to reject any advertisements that promote products or services in contradiction with the Silver Law, or situate dubiously within the life philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Lastly, to the same address as stated above, Berr’lin IV, one can also send letters of application, for those that wish to join the newspaper team, ever open to newcomers. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Maenor Aildhuin [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  15. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: thiccpazuzu)) Name: Maenor Aildhuin Vote 1: Elarhil Sullas Vote 2: Elarhil Sullas
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