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    Baking, dogs, sleeping for 89 hours straight

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    Rug Bruh'Rax The Impaler, Dominus of Krugmar, The forgotten.
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  1. Congrats on grand king @Elite Snipes
  2. latz krugzmar dominus wouldz rememberz howz hez alwayz likez miciez and wouldz talwayz ovfert lat fishiez!
  3. Rug Bruh'Rax The Dominus of Krugmar, Bloody Impaler, would laugh and wink out his tent at the Krughai legion. Though hed think about why they didnt just ask for 205,000 Minaz tiz pocket change for latz.
  4. Do you do commissions for LOTC vods?
  5. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH" Rug would say as hed sharpen his sticks
  6. Rug Bruh Rax, The Impaler, Dominus of the war nation of Krugmar, would begin sharpening his stakes and spears, readying to mount elvish bodies along the road of elvenesse to krugmar
  7. (Disclaimer: I don't mean to be offensive to anyone in this, I can come across rude in writing but if you felt I was being harsh in anyway to any group i'm not, i'm just trying to put my words in a way that makes it seem like a passive statement, I apologize if I offended you in anyway but I just want those who may feel targeted or like I was being negative or hating on a group to know I wasn’t , I just have a hard time with formatting ) I like that you all are listening to feedback and I very much so appreciate that. As for this proposal I feel that having a quest book is a good idea but notifying all within the region about a new player should be limited to those with RO and PRO as a notification to every person on the tile could cause annoyance and possible uproar amongst the community. I also feel as if (and I apologize because I don't refer to everyone, but I do know that it refers to everyone at certain times) certain staff members may see this as there duty but may opt to possibly put it off as having set small events with event actors may cause drawing away from the time they would like to use to enjoy themselves or plan for larger scale events. Which I think is why you made it optional to receive the broadcasts. I would like to say that I do like the fact you made it optional and not a mandatory clause for all the great members of the team. If I could though I'd like to suggest possibly having one set event line that all players must complete for what they would like to do on the server, such as finding a bandit camp near the warp or nation and having to go through to get started or gathering a resource and learning about how to do that. This would greatly help players with little to no CRP/RP experience and may give them a slight edge on having to learn basics on the server. Not everyone may be joining the server to engage in combat and seeing as the new Surge PVP is being implemented I can only see that its greatly advertising more so the combat portion of LOTC and not so much the roleplay aspect. I give all props to @nickrocky213as their work is exemplary and is appreciated by all, but I feel as if there’s not much interaction for those whom don't feel like they would want to engage in combat or grinding ore to make weapons and armor. I understand Vortex originally had other aspects but they are aspects we have been yet to see, and they are aspects that the new players who join should be able to at least grasp and enjoy. So if possible id like to recommend having a implemented choice for the new player when they join that asks them what type of rp are they looking for on there character, and i'm aware this may be a lot of work but you have to understand that the direction the server is going in is heavily balanced on Player Vs. Player combat. Possibly have just a short server questionnaire done with signs that ask simple questions like such. once clicked on that sign it could warp you to another level with a return sign incase a mis-click was made or with another set of questions that would portray to what they answered on the question before. Such as: What are you hoping to do on your first character: A.Explore B.Become a warrior C.Merchant D.Citizen occupation (ex. Baker, steward, government, barkeep, etc.) E.Craftsmanship (Blacksmithing, construction, etc.) If you picked A, what types of things are you hoping to explore? A. Ruins B. Cities C. Caves and Caverns D. The a-cult and mysterious (ex. creatures, mystical/ magical items and locations) If you picked B, what type of warrior were you hoping to start as? A. A guard for a city B. A wondering warrior C. A criminal or bandit of sorts D. A mercenary If you picked C, what types of goods were you hoping to sell? A. Aquatics (fish) B. textiles (custom items, materials) C. Weapons and armor D. Building materials If you picked D, it would lead you straight to the list of nations and settlements. If you picked E, It would show you a list of places known for having good blacksmithing rp like urguan, Haense, norland, Krugmar etc. after they pick those few things it could lead to a few warps that give you quests like, boar hunting, or material gathering, something along those lines that help guide the player in the direction they want to go. Other than that good work! I do like the MMORPG directioning.
  8. Would begin cleaning his toes and then beginning to sharpen his Gladius. Hed smile as hed blow his nose.
  9. Ban Estrosa would laugh, as he set down a sack filled with wood elven ears"Things were just getting fun"
  10. Rug Bruh'Rax Sharpens his Gladius and puts on his paper plate mask"UG BI BI ELVENESSE"As he hops onto his war beast(two pigs) and begins on his path
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