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  1. Do you do commissions for LOTC vods?
  2. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH" Rug would say as hed sharpen his sticks
  3. Rug Bruh Rax, The Impaler, Dominus of the war nation of Krugmar, would begin sharpening his stakes and spears, readying to mount elvish bodies along the road of elvenesse to krugmar
  4. (Disclaimer: I don't mean to be offensive to anyone in this, I can come across rude in writing but if you felt I was being harsh in anyway to any group i'm not, i'm just trying to put my words in a way that makes it seem like a passive statement, I apologize if I offended you in anyway but I just want those who may feel targeted or like I was being negative or hating on a group to know I wasn’t , I just have a hard time with formatting ) I like that you all are listening to feedback and I very much so appreciate that. As for this proposal I feel that having a quest book is a good
  5. Would begin cleaning his toes and then beginning to sharpen his Gladius. Hed smile as hed blow his nose.
  6. Ban Estrosa would laugh, as he set down a sack filled with wood elven ears"Things were just getting fun"
  7. Rug Bruh'Rax Sharpens his Gladius and puts on his paper plate mask"UG BI BI ELVENESSE"As he hops onto his war beast(two pigs) and begins on his path
  8. I know its like all 32 posters appeared out of thin air, Oren must already have a ton of money
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