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Found 6 results

  1. [!] Artist’s depiction of the grand feast during the Feast of the Wolf FEAST OF THE SERPENT The Feast of the Serpent is a tradition held every 3 years ((a month in real time)) celebrated with drinking, feasting, and a great hunt to remember the founding of Blazengard and the Wandering Flames. The great hunt is an event which begins the feast. Affiliates can participate in the hunting of large beasts in groups up to two. Those who bring back a beast will be rewarded, but the one who brings the largest beast will get bragging rights as “Lord of the Hunt” or “Lords of the
  2. "The sea runs cold, my friend." Sam murmurs, standing on the edge of The Tailor. His eyes pierce the icy waters, waves rocking and jerking the boat. His robes billow behind him, hair flapping about aimlessly. "It'd be in our best interest to go with others, Captain. Our crew is trained, though we can never be too safe." after a short nod of agreement from Ayche, Sam turns, departing the boat briskly. "I'll see to it we're prepared, Captain." Hunt: Giant Squid Ship: The Tailor, Frigate Date: Saturday, August 15th, 8PM EST Posters are plastered all over the Realm, detailing
  3. "Magic is the opiate of both of the practitioner and the plane; One suffers the addiction, the other suffers the sting." WANTED: "Nexus Stalker" DIFFICULTY: "High" DEPICTION: "An eye-witness depiction has been provided" LOCATION: "The horror has been reportedly roaming an area stricken by some form of voidal anomaly- caution is highly advised when treading in said zone. When following the road into the dwarven mountains, veer towards the left as they come into sight. Upon the hillside, the sight of the anomaly may be found - and therein, the stalker" ((PM mth_dew for a m
  4. the heartlander's go for a big hunt on the first day of spring they have dogs to hunt they go with the dwarfs and the dwarfs have axes and stuff.
  5. Edit 4 - My brain keeps on going on and on about this idea, so I'm thinking up more things for it! Like perhaps auctions afterwards, for those that missed out! Certain people go out, and gather as many Animals as they can, and then sell them to those that weren't online during it, or to people that weren't lucky enough ( Since they have limits on how many Animals you take out of the area. Auctions wouldn't be able to happen right after it / a few hours after it since people wouldn't be able to breed to a large amount unless they already had Animals at their homes to breed them with. Also the
  6. THE HUNTSGUARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj_wyw6Xrq4 ~ House Stafyr ~ House Stafyr currently led by Lord Farley Stafyr II, son of Lord Edmund Stafyr is a long living and lasting noble house, one that has stood for many generations and shall continue to stand for many more. The house has been through its large share of tragedies and has suffered and gained greatly in their time. The now great house was once a small family of harmless lumberjacks, friends to Oren after providing their skilled services in the lumberjack trade. After a few years within the lands the house gr
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