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Found 6 results

  1. The Debate 169 SA 1965 in First Age calculations To the citizenry of Haelun’or The position of elSohaer has been challenged by a fellow citizen. The debate for the next Sohaer will be held on this The First Seed [today 4pm est] to find the next bearer of the mantle of the teacher, to lead our people to a brighter future among Theveus Sythaerin and Eistalyn Othelu’maehr. After the debate, an entire elven day will be devoted to voting. Each citizen would be given TWO [2] votes. These votes can be split, abstained, they can be on the same candidate and once the voting has been done, elMaheral and elSuli’ceru will together count the votes. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Maheral Seth Calith.
  2. ROTTING ROOTS 4th of Amber’s Cold 168 SA “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” pertains to the values that serve as the basis of our culture, first proclaimed by our blessed Larihei when faced with the tyranny of stagnancy, imposed by those who would see the flames of our progress snuffed permanently. Yet through such oppression we prevailed, and the state of Haelun’or was formed from a unified peoples that have persisted for centuries under the guise of Larihei’s legacy. Alas, progress without unrelenting dedication wilts to inactivity and the foundations upon which our nation is founded threatens to crumble to ash. Maheralan Sohaeran’ehya have passed, neglecting their mantle and the responsibilities that are intrinsically tied to their position - with increasingly few proving their worth, in recent decades. Prior to my departure, imposed upon me by dwindling health, I served our motherland as Okarir’mali - which at such a time possessed a variation of responsibilities, including the maintenance of the tavern, clinic, and our most esteemed eternal library. My purpose was defined and I never once faltered in my dedication to elcihi'thilln nor her citizens, as myself and the council of Luthrien Maery’onn sought to combat the stagnancy that had festered within our city. The wind travels and I find myself upon Haelun’orian soil once more, compelled to retrieve my quill in an effort to salvage our dwindling state. Sohaer Theveus Sythaerin, I challenge you for the position of Sohaer - with the intention to vanquish the infection you have allowed to take root in our nation. kaean'leh thilln chul'okarae Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Signed, Eistalyn Othelu’Maehr
  3. " Sharp words have no intrinsic ability to draw blood, though they may very well be the cause of such when met with a dull entity. Those that wield the hammer of blunt statements will inevitably meet an opponent that tests the efficacy of a lexical shield. A barbarous mind is ill accustomed to defending itself with anything but the primitive tools which it can master.“ - Malaurir Dio Astóre SOHAER ELECTION RESULT, 113 SA 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 114 of The Second Age Following the democratic election of elSohaer, we as Mali’thill have chosen our newest Sohaer. elSulii’ceru and elMaheral have counted and recounted the ballots. The most popular candidate was: Luthien Maeyr’onn Art by @puffables We eagerly await to see the progress that her leadership will bring to elCihi’thilln and our kin. andria il'Haelun'or y talar lar'iyulvanae karin’ento. Mali'thill iyatan'leh ay'Haelun'or! Maheral of Haelun’or Seth Calith Ernnir Elarhil Sullas Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  4. "Misunderstanding and ignorance births wars. They that detest conflict show wisdom in their disposition, however to permit truths to be hidden behind falsehoods or to deprive them opportunity to be free of dissent and violence is an affront to wisdom." - Malaurir Dio Astóre ito maehr elthilln annilerih ’May the silver be guided to wisdom’ 12th of Snow's Maiden, Year 113 of The Second Age BLESSED CITIZENRY OF HAELUN’OR, This is a step I’ve long deliberated, and as the cogs that have since faltered begin moving anew, it is time that the first stride is taken. Throughout the years, decades, I have watched our home evolve through many stages; I watched it thrive, crumble, and ultimately resurface into the beautiful Cihi we call home to this day. I witnessed our people beneath the thumb of violence and tyranny, and through it all persisted alongside them. For too long, did this dark period of our history last, and for too long have we fallen victim to stagnation - a congruence conceived from the very peace we fought for. The title of Sohaer has traded hands from the moment we first stepped into this very land, unable to find an adequate place of rest. The responsibility that leading our people and their council entails was never meant for a single ‘thill, and it is time the burden is once again shared between two as was meant to be. I, Luthien Maeyr’onn, announce my intention to challenge the mantle of Sohaer. And though I cannot possibly address all the possibilities, with this missive I intend to shed transparency on my most urgent intentions. To Maintain: It is the very foundation of our history that legitimizes our purity as Mali’thill, something that for long we have neglected. In the pursuit of empty progress, we have forgotten the importance of maintaining those very ideals that fuel our desire for knowledge and longevity. For the sake of betterment - of progress - we must first conserve the ground on which these pillars stand. [I] Education has from the beginning been a vital piece of our pursuit for progress. In order to maintain the integrity of Larihei’s teachings, all who seek citizenship within our silver walls - regardless of race, gender, or species - will be under obligation to attend a lecture before being granted permanent residency. During this disquisition, they will be educated in the way we function as a society; our laws, social culture and etiquette, as well as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. The purpose behind this decision lies in the idea that we cannot expect one to respect and understand - let alone adhere to - our societal standards without first being taught. This will otherwise serve as a reminder to returning Mali’thill. [II] Just as preserving our history is of utmost importance, we must not forget to ensure the present and future well-being of our citizenry. An open ear must be extended in light of their concerns, for we cannot thrive in the misery of our people. In order to address this matter, public meetings with the mandatory attendance of all members of elHeial’thilln will be held once every elven month. At present, such gatherings are few to none, and so we will strive for an organized and consistent schedule. During this assembly, the concerns of any and all citizens will be addressed and deliberated upon. Should one wish to remain anonymous in their complaints, steps will be taken so that they may be submitted privately. To Reform: In reformation lies progress. One must take that which no longer functions and mold it into something new. It would be dishonest to deny that we as a community have disregarded change when established systems were shown to malfunction. From the beginning, we have held onto discrepancies which have served as the catalyst to long neglected issues. In adapting our policies, we find ways to lead a fluent life as a community. Rather than ignoring hurdles, we shall address them as they beckon for our attention. [I] During my tenure in the council, I observed many ways with which we could improve; ways in which we could strive for a more efficient conclave, one that works with clarity and in collaboration with the Mali’thill that form its very structure. A change that I find imperative, is nothing other than the redesign of our council, something long overdue. Addressing each fragment of its skeleton, I seek to condense, redistribute and redefine each role that composes its anatomy. By clarifying and reassigning responsibilities, we will procure a composition that will harmoniously function. In the process, it is my intention to extend more opportunities to the common citizenry, so that they may involve themselves in the pursuit of progress. [II] There have been times, even recently, where a lack of clarity within our Silver Laws has been the cause of toil. Not only our laws, but the very policies that comprise our government. By dissecting each article, each constitution and system, I seek to expand upon and make additions to the legislations that protect us, and in addition define what their violation entails. In flexibility, we will find the possibilities of addressing what deters us from the adherence to progress and health. To Progress: Progress is one of the two legs on which our ideals stand, never has it failed us, only the way we interpret and choose to pursue it. This is where we have failed; for long we have looked only to a superficial idea of progress, and in the process have neglected a bigger picture. At last, we must finally take a glimpse past our hunger for only knowledge and utilize our tools to forge a legacy, a strong, reliable structure that will ensure the longevity of our society. To seek true progress and see to its success, we must not account only for the present, but most importantly the future and what it might presuppose. [I] It is imperative that we no longer ignore the urgent need to clarify and establish our relations with foreign nations. Holding grudges, regardless of how warranted, will only weigh down any attempts to move past the margins that bind us. Henceforth, Haelun’or will seek to establish its neutrality and resolve long unidentified bonds. With urgency, we will officialize alliances and at all costs refrain ourselves from being involved with adventitious conflict, lest it entails a collective threat. [II] In maintaining collaboration and order within elHeial’thilln, will we find productivity and thus subsequent progress. As a collective, we will not stop seeking ways to improve and move forward without the regression we have often faced in recent years. I seek to create a community that is perpetually evolving, offering a bounty of opportunities to those that seek them. It is here that I choose to conclude my missive. Having offered a glimpse into my mind and the most pressing foundations, all that is left is to await as time unfolds the steps to its conclusion. To my opponents and those that may come in the future, I look forward to our debate. Signed, Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  5. THE CHALLENGE OF THE SUN THE SOHAER OF HAELUN'OR As Issued from the An'asul estate 18th of Malin's Welcome, Year 97 of the Second Age {Art by Pengzhen Zhang} "An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start." - Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Blessed Citizens of our State, our home and refuge… While many of you know me for my rather clamorous ways of ensuring the progress of our blessed bastion, I am indeed a servant of the state, a vigorous one who sacrificed their whole being to the betterment of our kin. Unlike others, I do not seek to abolish institutions to install myself as the absolute power of the State.. Powers and responsibilities should always be distributed among the blessed; ‘tis to allow the ever so progressing mali‘thill to actively participate in the political scheme of Haelun’or but to also prevent one individual becoming the absolute force, a dictator. We have seen this from time to time, the last time Sohaer held absolute power they attempted to erase the most blessed Maheral from our history. The last time someone we called Maheral held absolute power, she ended up being a fraud. This we have seen, and this I promise will never happen under the guidance of myself, democracy shall prevail. This I promise with my ever so dying soul, Haelun’or will be reinstalled as a nation great among the nations of the realm. We shall be the epitome of a functioning democratic society and never shall we be blinded by mundane terms such as “Regent-Sohaer”. And so, this is a promise to the Motherland itself, to the mali’till and citizens of our Blessed Bastion… The Silver News shall be promised full autonomy as per functionality. The editor in chief shall be promised funding to ensure the prosperity of the paper and the government shall not dictate the functions of it. Elsillumiran shall function as always, Okarir’tir will remain as their commander and Sohaer their Commander in Chief. Maheral as the head of state shall rule over the aforementioned. If changes are needed, they shall be directed by elokarir'tir. Magic has long gone untouched within our nation. I promise to start the distribution of magic myself within the blessed bastion, and once my pupils have graduated they shall take upon themselves to teach. Magical institutions will be reinstalled, and Haelun’or will once more be the home of magic as Larihei intended. This includes any and all scholarly subjects we are able to teach to the masses. After a long lasting war, I believe instead of enemies we should aim to befriend the nations within the realms. It is no lie, we were close to extinction and were it not for the miracle that happened we would all be nothing but blood stains upon the silver isles. Never shall we raise unnecessary arms again and under my guidance we shall aim for peace. Certain council meetings shall be made public; the citizenry invited to listen as elheial'thilln converses about the topics of the nation. Public assemblies as started by Sohaer Uradir shall be reinstalled and will take place on a scheduled basis. Many things, but I believe change is exactly what Haelun’or needs as for now. We have had Sohaeran closer to identical to one another, yet no change has happened and now we found ourselves almost extinct. I could write a novel that will take centuries to finish if I was to write everything that I seek to change, however instead of that I wish to have you citizens come speak with me. Come, have a discussion and we shall exchange words and ideas on how to make the nation a better place for all 'thill. I am Usamea An’asul and a vote for me as Sohaer of the Silver State, is a vote for progress and health. AY'LARIHEI AY'MAHERAL MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Laurir Usamea An’asul
  6. The Pretender’s Folly The Silver State, home of tranquility and purity, has found itself at odds with the lesser realms abroad due to their unwarranted support of the deceiver and pretender, Ivarielle - who claims a royal throne that does not exist. Eating the lies of Ivarielle, they know little of our own tradition and culture though they will put themselves against us regardless. They care little for the truth, and they care little for logic. Suffice to say, attempts from Haelun’or have been made to reconcile but it is the prejudice of the lesser realms that blinds them from following the path of reasonable judgment and fairness. They opt to support Ivarielle, for they believe that Ivarielle is the better of us but that is far from the truth as I shall tell you now, dear reader. Sohaer Braxus Ni’leya offered the pretender Ivarielle the chance to debate him and publicly explain her grievances to convince the mali’thill to support her, deriving this from our well-established traditions where a mali’aheral may challenge the Sohaer to a public debate overseen by the most venerated of the mali’thill, the Malauriran, to decide who is victorious and who shall be given legal control over the Silver State. Ivarielle took the offer, but she had arrived with naught but a disgraceful presence. Arriving thirty elven minutes late, she swiftly made her way into the city and up to the Silver Citadel unimpeded. As she entered the Silver Citadel, the citizens of the city were told to move to a bench allocated to whom they supported. The Sohaer, honorable and pure, had his bench filled with mali’thill and mali’aheral. It had become so filled, that some of the supporters had to stand beside the bench. However, if one were to look at Ivarielle’s bench, they would see that it would be mostly empty… with only a crazed lunatic elf who claimed to not know who Ivarielle was after the events, and a blind elf who most likely sat at the wrong bench. Ivarielle asked, talking over the Malauriran, repeatedly and arrogantly if the Sohaer wants to surrender, going against tradition that both parties should be silent until they have been asked questions by the neutral arbiter. Despite being told to be silent, they continued. Sohaer Braxus, unwavering in his support of the traditions, remained silent except to explain to the foolish Ivarielle that tradition states that only questions posed by the arbiter be answered. Ivarielle, failing to coerce the Sohaer into conceding defeat before the debate had even begun, claimed that she had already won and did not need to debate. Still unimpeded by the Sillumir, she fled the Silver Citadel and away from the debate. The spectators stood in shock and awe as the pretender so brashly threw out centuries of tradition in their arrogance, possibly even fear of losing. Despite the coward’s absence, a vote had been put to the Malauriran so that concluding the event would be done as is appropriate to tradition despite the obstruction. It was no surprise that the Malauriran had unanimously proclaimed that Braxus Ni’leya would retain legal leadership over the Silver State. Whether you be a foreigner from beyond the Silver State, or a citizen that was unable to attend. This event has shown that the pretender, the coward, the deceiver Ivarielle, has no support from the High Elven hegemony. They are an ambitious seeker of power and act only contrary to the Silver State’s established traditions of centuries-old. To those who are diplomats from those realms who support Ivarielle, take this to your leader. See that they know the truth so that they may reconsider their position in this debacle, so that they may not be judged negatively among your people for supporting someone who does not stay true to their word. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! Ay’Larihei! - Anonymous Mali’thill
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