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  1. RP Default as an option?
  2. Was a good run over the years bro, but you’ll move on to better things I know. A whole lotta history to go through lol, at least we got somewhere with the older gangs, near semi succesful criminals if you ask me, but all good things must come to an end, and hopefully the server will improve enough where it gets me excited to play again and you and some of the other oldies will come back, but until then I wish you luck on your journey. See ya space cowboy
  3. Can see yall are still snowflakes.

  4. Anyone want lore written for an orphan urchin city/countryside mafia? 

    Edited by KentuckyFriedCreeper
  5. With the addition of heists will npc banks become viable targets?


  7. Is it possible to burgle a locked house with the owners ooc permission?

    1. 16YearOldBloomer


      u can burgle someone’s home without their permission

    2. Thornz


      Just wait 6 months for heist rules! 


  8. ((IGN)): colaone1 Name: Samson, sire. Age: 16, but I been doing people dirty a lot of my life. Chosen Role: Crook, but I don't mind sir, I'd like to get minas without bloodying someone's nose if I can, but if not... Race: Human ((Do you have discord and/or willing to get it?)): colaone1#8640
  9. Can you use illusion magic to make yourself look and sound different for long(ish) periods of time?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      Oh right like eyes changing back to normal colour, losing hair/growing it back, etc?

    3. Ixli


      Yepp, and in illusions there are always errors. You can read more on what I mean in the guide.

    4. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      Thanks for the clarification, I'll read that now.

  10. where has all my back alley crime type rp gone? ;(

    Edited by KentuckyFriedCreeper
    1. overlord2305


      It's called renatus and renarus is dead

  11. What's the need of such big settlements? So much unused space, not saying they should be made tiny, but more manageable appropriating to the amount of people expected to actually live there.

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    2. KentuckyFriedCreeper


      Idk much about the state but I sure do love the chicken :foreveralone:

    3. devvy


      same! ..

    4. PiousChorale_


      you live there deb..

  12. IRP NAME: Charlie IRP RACE: Human PROFESSIONS IF ANY: Makes an excellent lemon souffle OOC IGN: colaone1 OOC TIMEZONE: GMT
  13. IRP Name: Shagwell Ign: colaone1 Irp race: Human Skype: il.sam.il Time zone: GMT +1
  14. Full Name: Theodore Connor. Age: 19. Residence: Between residencies. Prior Experience: Work as an independent cleaner, doing odd jobs here and there for a quick mina, sometimes big jobs that require a little more time and effort but most times end up sparkling clean. Good at working with others and continue to do so as a temporary basis, usually not commiting to a group, though work's been rough for a while now, near dry when it comes to solo work.
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