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  1. KentuckyFriedCreeper


    Was a good run over the years bro, but you’ll move on to better things I know. A whole lotta history to go through lol, at least we got somewhere with the older gangs, near semi succesful criminals if you ask me, but all good things must come to an end, and hopefully the server will improve enough where it gets me excited to play again and you and some of the other oldies will come back, but until then I wish you luck on your journey. See ya space cowboy
  2. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    yeah so remake anthos rn

    I really like that idea.
  3. The title is pretty self explanatory. When the rule came about that you could no longer modreq to lockpick a chest I was happy enough at the time because there was apparently going to be some kind of plugin to replace the old system and create a more ‘balanced’ one. However this was near about 4 years ago at the end of Anthos (best map we’ve had imo with the fringe coming close 2nd) and there’s been no talk of it, no one even remembers it being a talked about topic. I would link the post if I could however I don’t think it’s available anymore. I’m in disbelief that this has been neglected for so long as it used to be a huge part of many a player’s roleplay, and heists as an ‘alternative’ were an expensive, time consuming and very meta controlled way of robbery that only allowed bare minimum attempts and was heavily in favour of the property owner. If you haven’t noticed which I doubt most people have I make posts on this topic every half a year/few months since and I know I’m only one person but how has the feedback not at least been discussed with the current state of the server and how it has been for quite a while now. Old player retention isn’t great at the moment and many new players simply lose interest shortly after playing, why aren’t we going back to our roots and seeing what worked and what didn’t? The server, imo is a husk of what it used to be and it’s sad to see as LoTC has such a huge amount of potential to be something much more than it is. Minecraft is still played by over 75 million people a month, a ‘month’ and is quoted as still being one of the biggest games in the world so the issue of players LoTC is able to reach out to isn’t the problem, the biggest thing I think that is stopping people from playing this server is the server itself. TLDR change your game up and do the things that the old players joined the server for, take risks and have fun with it, this isn’t a business, it’s essentially a LARPing platform on a tremendous scale. See the potential. Little added extra, minimise the meta of the server rules, the biggest thing that breaks immersion in the server is outside forces preventing you from doing something you otherwise should be able to in ‘reality’.
  4. Can see yall are still snowflakes.

  5. Anyone want lore written for an orphan urchin city/countryside mafia? 

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  6. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    Less rules for roleplay and more opportunities and diveristy for the little newbies to have fun with I say. And I agree with @iMattyz ‘s thoughts on new player integration into the community through groups and nations, and would like to add on more specifically (if not already specified by mattyz) on guilds themselves, and that on the first note that more choice, diversity and freedom in the guild/group for the new player means a wider roleplay audience. Plus making villain rules and rp examples/scenarios more visible on the forums would be beneficial too as it’d be easier to take reference to, additionally being less lenience on rulebreakers as a whole due to the easy access of the page(s). Not much a player anymore but I think this would help.
  7. With the addition of heists will npc banks become viable targets?

  8. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    [Community Review] Heists

    Allow it all, burn the horders.
  9. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    Your View: Raids

    allow raiders to break into locked chests.
  10. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    [Community Review] Heists

  11. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    [Your View] Heists

    Would allowing burglary without the need for a heist be viable if it was done this way, lockpicking chests only being allowed at peak times as to increase the risk of getting caught?
  12. KentuckyFriedCreeper

    [Your View] Heists

    What kind of burglar(s) has 5k minas lying around? Thieves are thieves because they're poor lol.
  13. Is it possible to burgle a locked house with the owners ooc permission?

    1. Hero_Prodigal


      u can burgle someone’s home without their permission

    2. Thornz


      Just wait 6 months for heist rules!