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Found 5 results

  1. 𝔅𝔦𝔯𝔡𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔊𝔞𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔡𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔯𝔬 𝔇𝔞𝔞𝔥𝔡'𝔏𝔲𝔯 (𝔑𝔬 ℜ𝔢𝔩𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫) 𝙶𝙾𝙱𝙻𝙸𝙽 𝙲𝙸𝚃𝚈 𝙽𝙴𝚃𝚆𝙾𝚁𝙺 @femurlord
  2. Freyja Ragnarrssdottir Mösu Easing the Growing Pains of Balian Balian is no longer a young nation, and it is past time that it be preoccupied with a young nation’s struggles. Too long have its citizens suffered under threat of banditry; too long have they lived in fear of darkspawn, vampyres, and other such bloodthirsty creatures living in their midst. Now is not the time for our Senators to content themselves with promising its citizens pastries and goodies. Balian is no more a tender yearling; it is a full-grown nation, and you must elect strong leaders who will ensure the safety of its citizens and the security of the realm. Look no further than Freyja Ragnarrssdottir Mösu, Baroness-Regent of Ciavola. Rising to power out of a family ravaged both by vampirism and by Balian’s inconsistent response to the threat of darkspawn, and being a devout Canonist herself, she vows to codify Balian’s stance towards spooks and to strictly enforce this new code. Just as spooks have torn apart her family, so Freyja will not let the same thing happen to her new family of Balian. She will work alongside Balian’s Inquisitors to make sure that no spooks can apply for citizenship within Balian’s walls. Neither will any spooks who are currently citizens be able to rest easy, growing fat and rich without fear of discovery. As Senator, with the help of Balian’s Royal Inquisition, Freyja will launch a city-wide Inquisition to root out the decay in our midst, so that one man need not mistrust his brother within the walls of Atrus. In this way, she will make sure that no child of Balian must lie awake in fear of monsters lurking in their midst. Coming from a line of belligerent warriors, Freyja also well understands the importance of defending Balian’s citizens from bandits and thieves. The camel caravans have made the road to Balian more secure, but danger still lurks between the Oasis and the Stairway to Heaven. Freyja will help to ensure that Balian soldiers regularly patrol the road to the Oasis, so that the citizenry of Balian may feel adequately protected by their rulers. She will also help to arm every head of household, so that the men and women of Balian may protect their own and become feared by every two-bit gang of ne’er-do-wells. In these ways, as Senator, Freyja Mösu will play an active role in the defense and security of the Kingdom of Balian. A woman of action, a fervent patriot, a devout Canonist, a capable leader, a mother and sister to every citizen of Balian: these are but a few descriptors of Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu. Vote for peace. Vote for safety. Vote for security. Vote for Freyja Mösu.
  3. The Bloody Fox’s Log 77 of the Second Age I had found myself increasingly failing to do anything as of late, so I set out in order to rectify this. I first went to the Kingdom of Haense where upon my luck I encountered the High Seneschal. A graying valah by the name of Dracomir Rorikov, he informed me of a unique find in a home that he uncovered. When I was led to it, we found a hole that delved further than my eyes could see. This certainly interested me so I agreed to assist Dracomir in discovering whatever I could about its origin or what might be in it. Undoubtedly to the admonishment of most I figured the best way in which I might be able to accomplish this was to go down the hole and see it for myself. I returned to Elvenesse where I procured the required materials that would be needed in such a descent. Now alone before the pit, I tied off the chain onto a support structure within the basement and made my way down. The way down was long and hard this first time, still clad in all my armor for worry of what I might find thus eventually my feet did hit the ground. I came face to face with a red rift of some sort, a separate mirror with writings in a language I could not discover the origin of, and a coffin made of cork. It does not take a trained Paladin or Druii to understand that this was unnatural. I made my way back out of the hole with haste before sending birds to the few I knew that may be able to help me. Those who came consisted of Sonna Vuln’miruel and Lavi Igne’sae, both of which, when told and shown the unnatural structures, were both as confused as I was. It was at this moment that Sonna sent a bird to Hareven Lorenthus, a wise and old being who may have had some idea on which we had none. Upon his eyes falling on the structure, Hareven instantly became irate, the man bolting up the chain before falling in a field as his skin peeled and mushrooms and other foul fungus grew about him. His actions were enough to call for the mirror's destruction though his words solidified it. “Blood Mirror.” As Lavi and I informed the High Seneschal of such a development he thoroughly agreed, ringing the town bell to rally the guards on duty as a group of 3 joined us initially. I will not speak falsely, I am disgusted by valah, I always have been and these 3 were no different but upon speaking to them, these men would rather have died standing then allowed their country to be fouled by the taint that existed within this hole. For that, there is no group I would rather have joined us in the destruction of this mirror. We moved into the home before moving down the chain with the High Seneschal, should anything happen, someone could carry word of the happenings to Haense. Then Sonna Vuln’miruel begun to activate her gifts. The six of us at the base of the hole would silently watch as several swords were drawn awaiting anything that may happen. The ground began to shake, and rubble began to fall from the ceiling just then a blast of energy emitted out from the Blood Mirror. The room began to cave in with all of us moving for the chain, we grasped on and climbed though upon our exit and greeting by several more guardsmen who had arrived, it was discovered only 3 of our 6 made it out and the chain snapped just as he attempted to go down to retrieve them. With the assistance of Dame Emelya Eloise Kortrevich, who brought a rope, I was able to make a descent back into the cave where Sonna Vuln’miruel, Pyotr Ludovar, and Thomund all suffered heavy injuries. Bones were visibly broken, and blood poured out of each one of them. With heavy labor each was tied up by the rope and hoisted by the guard force, Lavi, and Godric Adrian Morovar, who both were able to escape the hole, before I was pulled up with the mirror destroyed in the cave in. We reached the clinic with the 3 heavily injured and there, Meylis Frostbeard and Yelena assisted in stemming all the bleeding and setting any broken bones, all survived the encounter. Signed, [!] Several papers would be folded together to make this report with copies of this report being delivered via wood sparrows to: The New King of Haense and the High Seneschal @GMRO @TheosVult Tarathiel Asul'onn @Valannor All those mentioned by name in the report.
  4. Cognatism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzNcSvKCOyA With the initial connection to the void, scholars were unaware of the untapped potential within the abyss. The only knowledge given was that it is a replacement for substitute power. Unbeknownst to the scholars, the discovery created a pathway to our realm from the void. Each connection pinged the void and the entities within, announcing the mortal realm to those residing in the abyssal void. Discovering that the breach was simple, per new connection grew the intrigue to the horrors, drawing them close. A barrier, however, prevented them from accessing our world. Both worlds separate by a veil neither understood, only able to pass meek connections to either side. Mortality used the void for power, the horrors for consumption. After centuries of waiting, the breeches widened within the void, small voidal pockets filling space within their realm emerged and with this - a pathway. Both worlds, unknowing of each other, finally found an opportunity to meet, the horrors of figuring out ways to aperture the veil could cause a destructive mess, scarring the landscape. Void rifts, explosions, and destruction ensued in both realms. The horrors trying to cross the veil led to explosions that defaced each realm's land. Scholars studying the rifts and void explosions were able to decipher the strange occurrences, this only prompted a further study in the void that ended in two minds meeting. — Evo’lur Tartarus, Cognant. Magic Explanation Cognatism is a symbiosis between twin minds bound at the veil of the void. The connection serves as a tether between two minds fighting for dominance and control over the other, locked between a mortal mind and that of a voidal horror. The binding communion between the two entities is an agreement of protection for an exchange of knowledge. The horror using the mage voidal pocket forms a protective ring defending against outsider attacks, syphoning the host's mana to keep the barrier up. The lesser horror seeks a new host if the reserve of mana and connection isn't grand enough, putting the host in a prismal loop trial. Cognatism is a feat, it can be learned alongside all other voidal rituals. Cognatism can be learned by players with/without magic. Just be aware it takes an initial voidal connection to draw in the horror, described in 'Expanding Ritual'. If you're character/race/magic/alchemical being doesn't allow for this, you cannot become a cognant. To learn Cognatism one must find an applicable teacher or horror stone. You do not get ‘smarter’ for having the twin mind, just access to tools that aid in seeking knowledge. The Horror The void is a split consciousness of many residing horrors seeking consumption and essence to grow in a hierarchical status amongst lesser, greater, supreme and behemoth horrors within; ascending only through the consumption of essence from other horrors may cause one rise within the standing, following the philosophy/culture of Darwinian on the principle of survival of the fittest. The voidal horrors often seem to form into packs, led by pack leaders of greater to behemoth horror standing, allowing greater intellectual control of the horde to seek further essence to grow and command within the void. Ascension is through consuming weaker ‘superiors’ when the opportunity arises, allowing lesser to become greater or greater to superior standing in the horde of horrors. The evolutionary standing of voidal horrors amongst this hierarchy is dim to lesser horrors, offering nothing but a plaything or food to the horrors above them in constant strife and antagonising nature. Seeking a pass to escape and even protection, they seek the aid of rifts accessing their domain to flee through, or even that of magi to house them. Nevertheless, the outside look on their primitive nature prevails even in this state to consume, grow and evolve. Cognatism focuses on those voidal horrors, opening up a barrier of protection along the veil between the void and the mortal world, forming a psychic link between the two providing a protective barrier within the void pocket of the magi to encapsulate the lesser horror free from consumption long as the connection remains untampered. The Prismal Loop The connection between the two minds is an imbalance of a power struggle between two sides, where if faltered, can subdue either party from a grander force applied to the other mind. It is possible that through no fault of the Cognat, the Horror may issue a test of strength on the connection and the strength of the consciousness it shares a mental home with. Should one fail to push the Horror back, the void beast will stick your mind into a Prismal Loop. The focus will spin round and round, disabling the Cognat from reaching consciousness once more. The Loop forces them into a Comatose state, wherein the Horror will administer a series of tests for the Cognat to achieve. Moving the Cognat deep into the mindscape they create, they must battle the demons of the past and self to defeat and conquer each stage. Once all trials are complete, the Loop will break, and the Cognat will be free. Should such falter, the Cognat will succumb to the mental debilitations threefold as the horror debates to leave you. They are seeking a more extraordinary mind for protection. This occurs if the Horror does not believe that your connection is strong enough to protect it. The Loop can occur more than once. The tests are not easy, not in the slightest. They are hard, and can and will result in damage. The Loop forces the Cognat into a coma, where they must complete trials of the mind in order to get through. This adds some flare to the roleplay, though grants no additional abilities. Whilst in the Loop, the body must still be sustained. Food and water are still required. If wounded inside of the Loop, the Cognat will suffer phantom pain on the body as if it occurred. Accumulating a large sum of phantom pain will fail the trials. Failure of the trials means the horror can leave your mind, breaking the tether. These trials are difficult and will push the Cognat to their limits but will always be within the Cognats ability after the first connection trials. If the Cognat survives, they may still believe they are inside of the Loop even after they have awoken. Mental Effects The voidal horror cohousing within the mind of the Cognat brings an assortment of conditions brought to the single mind they bound to, yours. A Cognat bound by the first connection will suffer from minor debilitations, and the longer one has bound increases to the point, it'll become part of the host's personality. The debilitations can come and go through; some will always be present within the mind at any given time. The horrors’ personality is governed by a teacher or ST melding with your own character. Taking aspects, greed, growth, hunger, ascension, ext. This effect occurs over the duration of the horror being bound. Intrusive thoughts come far more frequently, of the horror's personality. Self-illusions, the mind of the horror might overwhelm the host sending false images across the landscape or area you’re within. Paranoia, a presence is always felt watching you that you can never escape. Despite knowing it is the horror. Sleep paralysis, the horror will wake you from slumber occasionally as it feels threatened by the barrier weakening due to lack of focus. Frequent nightmares, given by the voidal horror to keep you awake of its own experiences. Obsession, when the voidal horror has a set agenda that is right in front of you to get, it’ll attempt to force you to achieve and get it at any cost. Memory Consumption, the voidal horror will actively consume memories which you hold no attachment towards, and root itself further within. The Twin Mind Sharing one’s mind with any consciousness but your own isn’t unheard of, though without a doubt life-altering. Taking in a second mind inhibits you to a tirade of mental debilitations that fatigues the mind, weighing you down without the twin mind speaking to you. The voidal horror paired will send intrusive and controlling thoughts to inhibit your actions, sway mood swings, self-illusions or enact paranoia in the act to weaken the mind for takeover, having no affiliation or opinion on the world around, the horror rather running on its primal urge for ascension. With gaining the third mind, the tri-mind, from either void stalker feat, or another sentience, will amplify the mental debilitations. Although the Cognat and the mind of the horror are linked, the horror wouldn’t share any information given to it back to the Cognatunless learned while bound with the host and imperative on the horror to do so. The exchange of information between the twin minds can only be done if it is imperative to the horror to do so and learnt while bound to the host. You may learn any of the voidal ritual feats, (voidstalker, artificer, scion, eminence). Limited to one, as specified in the respected lore. Losing the Twin Mind/Cognatism, you’ll still suffer from all the mental debilitations if you pass the connection prismal loop (2 IRL Weeks of MA acceptance). The twin mind may not be “tamed” or “befriended”. It is an unbiased entity out for its own survival. The Twin Mind may be purged by a paladin, or cleansed upon a spirit-walk by a shaman. Gaining the Tri-Mind+ doubles exponentionally the mental debilitations, plus the debilitations of the other lore. Teaching https://i.pinimg.com/564x/70/a5/9d/70a59db7195662b7b58b01a3e4fd4efd.jpg Teaching within Cognatism is probably the most strenuous feat in the void archetype; it isn't about learning spells but instead building a symbiosis between two entities. The actual teaching aspect of Cognatism only allows easier access for a student to work on developing this symbiosis, subduing the horror within until the student can take its full strength. The voidal horror is extremely captious when its consciousness is brought from the void into another's mind — often rejecting the new host out of little faults they have unless subdued by the teacher. After the horror has successfully moved into the mind, Prismal Loop trials can begin. The trials are demanding on both the new host and horror, separating their connection to cast any magic until ALL trials are completed. Prismal Loop trials can be incredibly imaginative to the horror or incredibly simple; the trials are here to test the will and drive of the host to form the symbiosis between the two entities. These trials are not without risk. The horror can easily manipulate the host if seen weak and consume the host's memories if the trial is accepted. The teacher must caution the student and make sure they're aware of these risks; otherwise, the student might lose themself to the horror during this stage of connection. The initial connection of the student's mind to the horror is something that doesn't cause pain or torment to the individual, yet a sense of surrealness. While the horror subdued, it won't lash out or probe the mind until the trials have begun. Without the subduction of the teacher on the horror, it can lead to disastrous mental affecting damages to the new host before leaving if not forcefully forced to remain. The Prismal Loop trials on beginning cognatism last for two IRL weeks, the trials happening periodically through this period and dictated by the teacher/ST. While within the two IRL weeks of obtaining, once connected to a horror you’ll be unable to cast any archetype of magic. While connected, all mental debilitations will constantly barrage the host, until full symbiosis is achieved. Failing prismal loop trials considerably will lose you access to Cognatism, dictated by teacher/ST during the period of connection. (2 IRL weeks). Aka - you lose the magic. You can attempt to link to a new horror after two IRL weeks of failing the prismal loop trials. Practising Cognatism https://i.pinimg.com/564x/e0/15/8f/e0158fb401fe4867f5bccddb6e90b97b.jpg The practice of cognatism once passed the Prismal Loop trials after connection can finally begin. The voidal horror begins to dig its roots through your mind, from either empty or occupied space taking over memories feasting on them if needed. The mind would take some personality of the horror unto the person, only amplifying the further tiers you progress through the feat. The horror bestows the feats amongst the host occurs periodically as the beast roots itself deeper into the mind. It shares consciousness by amplifying its grasp for survival and sharing a deep root of knowledge with the host. Voidal Commune (Passive/Non-combat) An endless abyss and the mortal world, the twin mind connection rests in between to commune. While the connection between horror and cognant exists, all information gathered through any senses is collected and stored within the mind of the horror, for them to share back to the cognant if desired. The host cannot do the same, only hearing whispers of intangible moonspeech screeches through the void. The voidal horror is able to translate moonspeech into the common tongue and vice-versa only if the horror wills it. The only exception is a power superior to the horror commanding it to do so. Redlines: This is a passive ability, active once the initial prismal loop trials have been passed. The ability is always active. The horror will not always respond or answer questions, queries or have a casual conversation with the cognant. They’re not your friend. The horror will not teach you moonspeech, the horror will not translate moonspeech for you unless forced by a superior horror. To draw out information stored and gathered from bound, you need to use the ability ‘Notes’ listed below. Infusion (Passive/Non-combat) The link between the twin minds equalises a pool of mana shared between them, the reserve is unusable or able to be directly drawn from by both parties. When a time of need, be for the horror to create a barrier to protect itself from creatures in the void or the cognant drained of all mana, an infusion will commence taking the reserve mana to prevent Thaumburn. When either the horror or cognant is suffering from Thaumburn, exhausting all mana an infusion will instantly commence from the reserve mana collected. The reserve mana is unable to be used for spells, nor does it revitalize the expended pool of mana, purely all it does is prevent Thaumburn for a single-use per IRL week. Redlines: Prevents Thaumburn, one IRL week cooldown. If a mage uses all of their mana, the infusion will save them from death/pass out, recovering faster so they may “walk it off”. Doesn’t refill/refresh your mana to cast further spells. Notes (Non-combat) The mind is a fickle thing, forgoing memory, knowledge lost or minor details left unable to be recollected or traced. The Voidal Commune link can be brought forth by drawing stored information collected by the horror back into the mind of the cognant, able to reminisce the forgotten parts of the mind. While the Voidal Commune link is active, any information gathered/collected by the cognant is stored by the horror, able to be drawn forth and brought back into the mind of the host. Information lost from short-term memory or degradation can be brought back if desired. Emotes: Connection to the horror -> Discuss information to be brought back -> Information sent to cognant. Redlines: The information gathered/collected can only be brought back from when you learned it post horror connection. Anything lost prior to the connection cannot be returned. The information gathered/collected happens passively and is stored within the mind space of the horror to be recollected by the cognant if desired. If your character died in any capacity the information of that death is lost unable to be brought back, following guidelines of death rules on the server. Memoir (Non-combat) Amassing knowledge is something both cognant and horror do best though with some information, it is best to forgo. The wonders of the world or attained memories are something that can harm the overall individual and by will, the cognant may ask the horror to consume these discoveries. While done so without much affliction done to the cognant, they will feel part of them taken as what was consumed cannot come back. Communing with the horror, you may request anything gathered from past events within memory to be consumed. The information of whatever the memory was is lost by the cognant and only known to the horror. Emotes: Connection to the horror -> Discuss information to be consumed -> Consumed memory. Redlines: The information consumed is lost by the cognant, unable to be obtained except through the spell ‘Notes’. The information lost, cannot be sparked back in memory from another party speaking about it. The horror can be deceitful. If a memory contained a prominent/non-prominent figure/item it may consume all information in other memories on that same item. This is consensual, unable to be forced. Scrambling (Passive/Combat) The twin minds are a link bound through the relationship of the horror and host, forming an interconnecting bond that aids in the prevention of interference of outside sources of magic. If one mind is taken hostage from an ability, both are afflicted for better or worse upon the cognant and horror. Both an ability that can be used to detriment the cognant or be beneficial. Detriments with the affliction on the mind afflict both causing both minds to be affected by the spell that may cause amplification on ‘mental debilitations’ listed above. Beneficial would be if someone attempts to search or implant images within one mind finding two instead, potentially not afflicting the cognant but the horror instead. Redlines: Spells that afflict the mind with disorientation, sounds, afflictions affect both cognant and horror. This may double the effects of ‘mental debilitations’ listed above in ‘mental effects’. Illusions/spells that target a sole mind on the cognant will have a chance to fail, doing such unannounced to the horror instead. This can be done through a simple “/roll 1d2” or puzzle. Broadcast illusions work normally. Self-Illusion (Non-combat) Varying abilities cast by the horror cannot be articulated down through the link between the twin minds, so much so deciphering objects are pushed to a near mundane level of power to the cognant. Only able to cast illusions the cognant sees themself in a limited capacity to calculations that aid in the feat of discovery. The mechanics of this ability are as follows; the cognant may only procure illusions which they see themselves limited to; 3D Models. A full, and complete three-dimensional model of an object can be constructed. Calculations. Creating a visualization of operations in front of you, like drawing lines/functions on a chalkboard. This, however, will only aid someone who is able to work out calculations normally, as the connection does not increase your intelligence. Another use of this is the ability to project a visual aid such as a ruler to measure an object. Data Projection. A complete projection of data is shown to the user through a visual rendition of a table. This can include numbers and other information regarding the object, such as weight, height and contents should the cognat already know them. Horror Projection. The cognant is able to work with the horror and able to project an illusionary form of themselves or another being to be seen by the cognant. The illusion can move independently but requires active focus to maintain. Alongside self-illusions, if one possesses voidal illusion (sensory illusion), they may be able to see their own illusions. This is optional and to be able to do all the above self-illusion spells you must follow the emote guidelines. Emotes: Connection to the horror -> Charge -> Self-Illusion. Redlines: Self-illusions can only be seen by the cognant. If two cognants are together they cannot see each others illusions. This spell doesn’t increase the user’s intelligence. The spell is similar to if you had a chalkboard writing notes, just now to yourself. Horror Projection is like an assistant to point things out you might’ve missed, although may not provide further help in discovery. Inducement (Combative) The twin mind isn’t without fault and an overwhelming sense of emotions will flood the minds of both, pulling and twisting actions of the horror and cognant alike. When time of complete focus is necessary however to prevent the constant pulls of temptation, inducement can be called upon. Inducement is called on when the cognant feels the need for intense focus and aid themselves without being pressured by the horror or mental debilitations pulling them down. Focusing on a singular emotion the cognant may induce it on the mind pushing all others to the side temporarily. Emotes: Connection to the horror -> Charge -> Inducement. Redlines: Is only to be self-cast. The exception to this is within the ‘expanding ritual’. Once cast, inducement will last until the encounter is over or the cognant breaks focus. Casting the inducement spell temporarily subsides all emotions but the one is chosen and mental debilitations. Once the encounter is over/focus is broken the mental debilitations will come back onto the cognant twice fold for the next thirty RP minutes. Focus can be broken by a forced void connection disruption. Expanding Ritual (Non-combat) A ritual between three, the cognant, the horror and the apprentice to expand one mind through coupling/circling. The cognant pulls mana to feed to the horror, asking it to reach into the mind of the apprentice opening a rift within to the void without a voidal connection made. The mana fed to the horror is used to draw near a lesser horror calling them to the void pocket of the pupil, once one has successfully been drawn in - teaching may begin sending the student through the prismal loop. Emotes: Connection to the horror -> Feed Mana-> Open apprentice to the void -> Call Horror -> Prismal Loop. Redlines: Inducement can be done on the apprentice to lessen the abruption of the void/horror. This is the ritual to call forth a lesser voidal horror, thus creating a cognant. The horror creates a voidal connection, not the teacher during the ritual. A voidal connection is not required to practice Cognatism after however. After the ritual, follows all guidelines/redlines of ‘Teaching’. Cannot be forced. Enchanting Cognatism enchantments have been undefined for the most part, while bringing the feat back I wish to put some limitations and allow only selected spells to be used to prevent abuse/loopholes. This list may expand/retract some spells in the future to be used or further clarified if needed. Overall Enchantment Redlines: Any enchantment made follows the restrictions on combat/non-combat of its given spell. A ‘note’ enchantment cannot be used in combat as per the spell. This can be amended by the creation of a MArt. Possible Enchantments: Notes. Enchanting an item with notes, allows it to work similarly to a ‘voice recorder’. Able to take in information given to it through mana-transfer into the item or vocal command. Notes may be applied to any other voidal enchantment, and do not require MArt to be applied to an already existing one, unlike other enchantments. Memoir. Able to take information from one mind if they draw mana onto the object. The object can then return the information if siphoning the mana back out through the same process. You may only take/return information from the person collected. The information given requires RP consent. If destroyed, the information is lost. Self-Illusion. All self-illusions can be enchanted with the specifications given to them. You may ‘save’ information on the enchantment if the spell ‘Notes’ is attached. Self-illusion may only be enchanted alongside ‘Notes’ on the same object. Cannot enchant ‘Horror Projection’. Inducement. All inducement enchantments will focus on one emotion bound to it when held/on users body. Multiple emotions cannot be induced even if one has multiple enchantments. Once the enchantment breaks, they’ll suffer heightened emotions of the other emotions for thirty RP minutes. Expanding Ritual. The enchantment known as the ‘horror stone’ will follow all rules/redlines of the spell. If a player willingly connects to the horror stone, they need to contact the Story Team to continue. This is effectively self-teaching. Without a teacher, the initial prismal loop will be extremely strenuous and will most likely fail. Depending on the ST handling the ticket. Single-Use. If you fail the trials you cannot try again with the same stone. Tier Development: T1: - After successful Prismal Loop Trials (2 IRL weeks) - Voidal Commune - Scrambling. T2: - Four IRL weeks to get to T2. Including Prismal Loop trials. - Infusion. - Notes. - Self-Illusions, except horror projection. T3: - Two IRL Weeks from T2. - Self-Illusions, full list. - Inducement. - Memoir. - Expanding Ritual. Purpose: The purpose of bringing back Cognatism isn’t to take over from voidstalker lore, rather be its own rendition of old Cognatism while following current standards of roleplay. Similarities between the two lore pieces do exist, though as voidstalking is more subservitude and cognatism written here is co-existence there is a big difference between the two. I wanted to further address why the list of abilities is mostly self-rp reliant, simply as I didn’t want to cross over the power which other more intensive magics bring, as taking example from voidstalking. That magic breaks the soul and gives access to ‘voidal feats’ previously unobtainable, cognatism forms a connection through the mind so the feats will be lesser. I hope to of created enough differentiation between the two for it to be considered its own piece of lore as I didn’t want to overlap anything between the two lore pieces. Citations: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152537-✓-magic-cognatism-rewrite/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158898-✗-additioncognatism-the-mind-of-a-horror/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197734-✓-voidal-feat-voidstalking/ Credits: Ttwesten / Jenny_Bobbs - Main Writer/Ideas/Conception. Booklight12 - Ideas. Z3m0s - Ideas. Kalehart - Ideas. CephalonAir - Ideas/Edits. ImStuckInHell- Edits. TojoTime - Edits. TwistChunky - Edits. Zarsies - Voidal Horror Help. The intention of Distribution: If the feat is accepted, I will be in discussion with ST members on selected members of the community not aligned with each other to help spread out the magic and not have it gatekept. If you’re interested please reach out to me on discord: E__V__O#0001
  5. Tale of The Boogie Man (A short tale about my character, the Boogie Man. Just for fun while I remember of wtf I did with this server, a lil' quick tale.) „That's so much fun! Let's do it again till more funny noises comes out of them!“ A little annoyance started in Anthos as a humanoid shaped person, wearing multiple spots of clothes appeard out of thin air. Of course thin air is not the case, more a loud explosion in the middle of a well populated town. He was just a annoying man wearing strange clothes and a mask in sick green colors, annoying the nobles of the human realm most of the time or a few elves once or twice. He earned a liking of annoying the people with his jester like behavior, making fun of them, making bad jokes, nothing too serious ever has been released. He called himself, the spooky Boogie Man. Of course the entertainment only started and soon he would be brought into the nasty hands of the antagonist of the realm of Anthos. Corrupted and twisted by the Black Scourge, his body was a mere mystery since the clothes covered the nightmare underneath their thin layers. Green glowing eyes followed the steps of any living being from within the costume, a cackling and scratchy voice occupied the magnificent disgusting look of the corrupted Boogie Man. Spitting bugs, mostly maggots, nasty crawly critters at all times. He became just another corrupted soldier by Setherien, yet of course, the entertainment just began and he would be promoted! Earning the liking of the Drakaar himself, the Boogie Man has been even mored corrupted, but without being too disgusting of course. The touch of a bloodshard and a Harbinger has given him the name of the Puppeteer, a commanding cultist. His body was weak, his frame was unnatural and crooked, at least covered by the cultist outfit and the metallic mask. What once was a simple annoyance has turned into a blood hungry monster and tyrant, following the order of his master at all cost together with the aid of his fellow cultists (Aid as in, slapping them till they do it). Oddly enough, the Boogie Man soon earned a liking in the Druids, he was disgusted by their believes in the Aspects. He was seeking entertainment and the Druids turned out to be a well rounded source of entertaining himself, but of course it would never be enough as it just began with the fun! __________-~*~-___________ -~*~- He commanded and lead the destruction of Malinor and it's Druid grove through the use of a corrupted tree, following the corruption of the Cloud Temple itself, turning it into a twisted slave facility and mine. Rumours has it, that the Boogie Man was commanded to get something from under the area of the ancient Cloud Temple, but of course he was just doing it for his own enjoyment at this point. The connection to Setherien was weakening, the Boogie Man started to feel like himself again, having more control over his own actions instead of following orders. He removed himself from the cultists, following a new step in his life, he founded something new and very amusing! The Boogie Man, called Puppeteer, really earned the title as he created with the aid of a unknown person, the dark art Soul Puppetry. The nasty and disgusting believe of the magic was to control the soul of a mortal being, playing with it like a child with it's doll. Of course for one, who was seeking eternal entertainment, who never had enough and wanted more and new funny ways of exploiting somebody, Soul Puppetry was the perfect tool. His previous disgusting appearance cooled down and he somewhat turned himself into a puppet, a scarecrow, resembling his most favorite tool of enjoyment even in appearance alone. Fear was playing a great role in the Scarecrow like person, he wanted to cause fear instead of death. Dead men tell no tales, was always his main goal, he wanted to get known in order to become a icon of fear in the realm of the mortals, so much fun! Ultimately, the curses he created with his new found magic caused terror among many people. Terrible to imagine how many had their skin turned into chocolate or were chosen to live in their own nightmare, but it was never enough for the now self-made villain. He always wanted more, the more fear the people had, the better and the more fun he had! So he needed another tool and summoned the very first Apparition into the realm of Anthos! A being made through the combination of many bodies, a being of pure hate and darkness slithered out of it's pile of corpses to terrorize the remaining towns. The tale of the Boogie Man continued, from his large lair underneath the canalisation in the dwarven town Vaerhaven into the new realms followed quickly after. His many crimes are unable to be counted in detail, atleast he had one amazing roller coaster in one of his lairs in Athera. Speaking of lairs! Even while the Boogie Man was truly a fearsome and wanted criminal by the holy orders and obviously the Druids, his well made lairs were fascinating. Well hidden, maybe inside a tavern behind barrels was a entrance or underneath pillows, was a lair by the Boogie Man. A long hall with a very small door was always the entrance, entering would reveal a roller coaster or a boat tour through the Theme Park shaped villain home. Within, his tea parties were legendary, forced to drink green tea while eating cookies filled with all kinds of bugs. Not enough? A piano was played by a puppet, the other guests were puppets (or perhaps people stuffed into the puppet outfit, who knows?) and the Boogie Man himself was singing while telling bad jokes. A very fun place, totally. Athera was a prime time for the scarecrow man, but leading up to the end of the realm, he suddenly disappeard! Many years passed, yet his shadow always remained. He was still around in the realms followed after, but more sneaky and hiding in the shadows, lurking for new prey, for new entertainment, his hunger for his own enjoyment didn't cease. He became what he wanted to be, a villain known by anyone, a spooky tale to tell the children if they don't listen to their parents. His terrible crimes have been noticed, but are unable to be counted. He escaped the holy orders and others trying to finally end him, at the end, he won. But did he truly won, who knows? Someone who did so much bad and suffering just for fun, can't be considered a good person and most likely he knew it, he accepted his life and emotionless actions. Once in a while, people might spot the scarecrow man wearing a fancy suit and a top hat, having a grand smile on his face at all times even today. Those people can chat and interact with him how they want, but should never trust him at all cost as they are mostly unable to know, of what he caused in the past. Obviously you should never trust a walking, talking scarecrow. _____~*~_____ ~*~
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